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No. 291235

Who else here is big chested? How do you feel about it? Were you ever made fun of because of your boobs? How do you deal with life?

No. 291236

Can you at least make these stupid boob threads in /g/? christ

No. 291242

The other one is in /ot/ as well, so I figured this is the right place.

No. 291243

The other one belongs in /g/ too, the mods have been too lazy to move it.

No. 291245

c cups aren't big.

No. 291247

They are, especially by lolcow's standard.

No. 291249

Despite what batshit ana-chans say on here, C are not big. They're average.

No. 291253

Why does this feel like a robot made this thread?

Anyhow, I have DD cups. I'm not fat so I can't wear anything that's too tight on the skin. This may sound like humble bragging, fyi I'm lesbian and I don't like the attention that I get from men which is gross.

I even wore a poncho and winter clothes during the heatwave this summer because I constantly got nasty remarks about my chest size (cars honking, men stopping me on the street, unsolicited touching and so fort). Wearing sports bra only helps a little, but more than not, it's a pain to wear. My back itches around the bra area and it's uncomfortable after a longer period of time.

I hate how I look matronly no matter what. I hate how I can't wear anything with a bit of cleavage without looking like a prostitute. Having a bigger cup size makes me look older. I envy my petite friends.

I hate how most lesbians seem to prefer girls with smaller chests.
Most anons on this site refer to c cups and above as cowtits, which is disheartening. I don't like my breasts at all and I do feel like a disgusting cow sometimes but those comments only make it worse.

I'm thinking of getting a breast reduction surgery but I'm afraid and currently have better stuff to spend money on.

Also, I had to work on my back. I used to hunch a lot for obvious reasons.

And to finish, I was groped a few times in school and it was terrible. I have no idea how rape victims manage, I was "just" groped on a few occasions and luckily nothing else, but it took me a long time to recover from that. I felt disgusting and cheap and dirty, if it makes sense?

I kind of don't think about it at work, and aside from some rude individuals on the street, life is alright.

No. 291254


Annnnnd cue the uni-boobed fatties

No. 291257

Call us fatties all you want; your tits are average, not big.

No. 291275


all of this. they're very much average and shouldn't be the cutoff for big. i was c for a while and no one noticed anything about my boobs unless i was completely naked or wearing something meant to amplify them, so no one ever thought to make fun of me or any other "big boob problems"

so they're not small but it's like how a 5'5" girl isn't short but still isn't going to have the same problems as a really tall girl. OP is making it sound like girls with C cups were known as the girl with big boobs in school and have daily confrontations about it or something kek

No. 291297

It's about propotion, if you're very thin with C cups, it will look big, if you're fat with C cups it will look flat

No. 291302

I agree about fatties, but even if you're skinny, Cs still won't look big.

No. 291306

File: 1536166876379.jpg (29.42 KB, 625x288, Cup_size_comparison.jpg)

You sure about that?

No. 291311

File: 1536167453115.jpg (114.86 KB, 800x1400, Hhwoarq.jpg)

Yes. Cup volume and cup size are two completely different things, anon. F cups aren't C cups.

No. 291312

In dept bra ideology aside
Women who wear C cup bras and are very thin will often look like they have large breasts, imo anyway and from what I've seen

No. 291325

they really wont. when i cant get lower band size bras, which are more specialty/hard to come by in burgerland, i will wear a 34C cup tho band is loose on me. i'm 99 lbs and everyone thinks i'm an A or B cup.

when i went to the plastic surgeon to get fake tits (i backed out), they thought i was a small B/large A. the ideas of C cups are warped.

No. 291333

it depends on the shape and frame too, you probably have a wider frame and on the smaller side of C and thats why they look smaller

I know girls who were think and narrow framed but had full Cs and they didn't look huge huge but looked big, even without a bra

No. 291340

i have an average frame. underbust is 26. most women are wearing the wrong bra size. i'm not on the smaller side of C. a C cup is just not large. neither is a d, actually.

No. 291342

>Were you ever made fun of because of your boobs?

no one gets made fun of if they have big boobs, especially at a young age, wizard-chan. they get objectified and sexualized.

i had G-cups in my late teens. even though i'm tall, i'm skinny so my breasts looked huge. they honestly made me hate myself, literally everyone would comment on how big my chest was and it was the only things guys noticed.

i ended up getting a breast reduction three months after i turned 18. best decision of my life. i currently have 34 D/C cups which, thankfully, are proportionate to my body. but the years of having huge boobs, and being sexualized from a young age, fucked my body image up.

sage for woe is me i had huge boobs sperging, but it was honestly awful.

No. 291348

File: 1536170415319.png (278.49 KB, 1440x1112, tiddy map.png)

Are you:
>A) flat?
>B) ana?
>C) asian or just from a flat country?
>D) still a bit foggy on how cup sizes work?
>DD) all of the above?
Not trying to start shit btw, I'm just curious. C is only a bit above the approximate worldwide average (though there's quite a bit of data missing here so it might be more) https://www.worlddata.info/average-breastsize.php

No. 291351

>most of the world is B or below except in obese countries or countries where breast augmentations are common
>C is only a bit above the approximate worldwide average
that's what I'm saying… they look big if you're really small, the same reason why a woman with 37 inch hips may look wide if she very thin but if she's fat they'll look narrow

No. 291358

I got made fun of when I was younger for having big boobs. It doesn't feel nice to be told "You have implants!" in 5th grade.

No. 291360

I'd rather be told I have implants than to be told I wasn't a woman and be stripped of my femininity and barely been able to enter the girls bathroom without joke being made

No. 291364

>they look big if you're really small, the same reason why a woman with 37 inch hips may look wide if she very thin but if she's fat they'll look narrow
Looks like the answer was D)

>grass is greener!
Yeah, yeah. Go back to the flat thread.

No. 291369

oh shut up, being made fun of is terrible no mather how you look. No child wants to be sexualised or laughed at for looking adult. I've heard girls with big tits being called cows and harrassed. It sucks same as being laughed at for being flat. You are looking at the problem with adult eyes: sure big tits are seen as a great thing on a woman, but growing girls can suffer a lot because of how much their body changed. They are ashamed of their huge boobs as much as you were of your flat chest. The extra fun part is being targeted for sexual harrasment by creeps and suffering from back pain.

I understand your teenage experience with boobs sucked but let people share their bad experiences in peace

No. 291427

I'm 30DD and I don't think they look big.

No. 291430

Africa is a lie

No. 291452

DD's with a small frame here. I absolutely love them. My bf loves them. I even enjoy the silly memes about "milkies".
No negativity from me, I love my body.

No. 291469

I wish I could be more like you!

No. 291508

>they look big if you're really small
anon that isn't really possible with how bras work. a 32C is going to look the same on anyone with a 32C because you can't have a 32C without your underbust being 32in.

No. 291516

This is what I was trying to say. 26C anon and someone who's 32C don't have the same breast volume, just the same ratio. 26C anon is going to have the same volume as another 26C anon, and they have to have the same frame because they have the same measurements. It's not hard to understand.

If the anon really works at a bra store, it's probably VS or something.

No. 291518

I was always flat chested and nearly anorexic in my teenage years because I did a lot of sports.
Now I sit around because of uni and I gained a little bit of weight, especially in my bust area and people around me don't believe me if I tell them that my breasts are real since I was flat chested before. It's disgusting how men look at me and I want my old small size back… I have a 65F / 30E btw

No. 291533

Bra sizes are different everywhere anyways, the only thing that makes sense is band size. I had big boobs at a rather young age, I don't like how they look, my husband doesn't care for them and if surgery was risk-free and cheap I'd get them reduced to a B or something.

No. 291542

I was the first one in my class who developed breasts & frequently got bullied for it. I am a size 75F in european size and I only wear oversized hoodies. They make me look like a clown but I'd rather look like having a massive upper body than get stared at. I wish I could just cut them off. I also have no idea whatsover how to style them without looking like a cheap prostitute. The last time I put on a swimsuit was in middle school & just the thought of wearing tight clothing on my upper body makes me feel anxious.

No. 291545

well compared to limbs, width, chubbyness and everything else
I knew a girl who was super thin, almost Eugenia cooney thin but had C cups and they looked quite large, I think it had to do with shape too since they spread out a lot and were far apart

No. 291546

being made fun of vs telling someone they aren't good enough to be considered their own gender because of their boob size

No. 291551

i'm not a 26c, my underbust is just 26 and i fit into a 34c by cup volume and i'm telling you that a 34c, even, is not large on a woman with a ribcage that fits a 34, and mine don't even look large. a 34c by cup volume is not large. i guess if you look like a skeleton it might? the fact is that most women are incorrectly sized and that's what's making you think a C is big or looks big. it definitely doesn't unless you're incorrectly sized.

No. 291555

Anon, how can you so completely miss the point of that chart? A very small/thin woman with a C cup will also have a correspondingly small band size, which means the cup has less volume. So a 28, 30 or even 32 C is still going to be relatively small. You just completely are missing how letter sizing works

No. 291560

not IMO, or from what I've seen
I also mentioned shape has a lot to do with it, I have C cups and I get told they're big a lot because they spread out very well and I have a v small waist, when I try to explain I don't think they're that big most men just think "meh look big to me"
I guess it just depends on what you define as big

No. 291566

you probably get told that because people think it's a big cup size. unless you have a tiny waist and huge ribcage they will not look big.

No. 291569

are you stupid? that's literally what they said. also you're wearing the wrong bra size if your underbust is 26 and you wear a 34c.

No. 291570

Sure, lots of people think its a big cup size, ie my boobs are big in some peoples books and they're not big in others, they're pretty fleshy though, I often have men tell me I'm more than a handful but I've seen girls have D cups but most their chest is bone, like I said, there's tons of factors involved that can make boobs big rather than cup size

No. 291598

retard, read my posts. i said when i can't find anything in burgerland that's smaller i'll wear a loose 34.

No. 291607

What 5th grader is worried about being called a woman, lmao? Piss off. And lots of petite girls exist and are acknowledged as women. Most models have small/flat chests. If you were misgendered and "stripped of your femininity", chances are there are more androgynous/masculine aspects about you, but you'd rather just blame your breasts.
Either way, you have a thread to vent about your flat chest woes. You don't see us cowtits butting in and trying to invalidate people, so don't bother us.

No. 291659

1 - wasn't 5th grade it was all throughout high school
2 - no because I have a pretty good h/w ratio, am 5 foot, pretty slim, have smooth pale skin, long hair, and feminine facial features, every girl here just has huge tits so im flat compared to them

No. 291689

I'm a DD. I do wish I had a bit bigger of a chest because despite everything I do like my chest
Growing up, I hated it. Having to wear a full on bra in 4th grade was so embarrassing and guys would look at me even though I was obviously a child. It was so gross. Kids in class would also make comments in gym and stuff. High school too running in gym was super uncomfortable.
As an adult, I came to appreciate my body. I do hate not being able to go braless and wearing graphic or oversize tshirts. It's hard to wear cute fashion when your body is always gunning for sensual. Bras in general are just so uncomfortable even though I finally found my correct size. But if I don't wear them my tits just fly all over the place and it feels so awkward.

No. 291727

I'm a 36DDD (or F cup I guess? I don't know.) It sucks. I have really good posture but I can't stand up straight for long or my back aches. It feels weird to sleep on my chest. I can't find any decent bras for a good price. I have to wear large or XL to accommodate my boobs so I look even fatter than I actually am. On top of that I have stretch marks from going to a B cup to DDD so quickly. Once puberty hit I guess my titties weren't fucking around.

No. 291732

Im only a C-cup but i hate it because it makes me look fatter than i am and it really doesnt go with my kind of masculine edgy style.

No. 291734

36 E and I don't really like it. If I wear tight shirts I look obscene (especially if theyre even slightly low cut) and if I wear lose shirts I look fat because my tits stick out so much that the shirt just drapes. I wear sports bras to flatten myself out a bit under tshirts but can't really wear those with dresses etc because the straps are too thick.

No. 291752

I'm 32D and I thought I was just a B cup for the LONGEST time until I got sized.

32D is not large unless compared to no shape at all, really. I think of myself as small chested and considered myself flat a lot of my life.

Too many misconceptions about bra sizes. OP sounds like a guy..

No. 291755

People are really misinformed on here wrt bra size. Considering the fact that lc is an offshoot from cgl, I really expected that everyone would know that Cs, Ds, DDs, etc, aren't actually huge pornstar titties.

No. 291779

this! they always get so salty and bitchy too when you point it out. it's like the 26in underbust anon. sorry fam, your probably not a C cup if you can wear a 34C bra without any issues. i know she claimed that it's "the smallest murrican size" but even meme shops like VS go down to size 28 in all their bras.

No. 291784

Too many newfags that didn't migrate with /cgl/ or Stamina Rose are here now. It still saddens me that most of them don't even know who PT is.

To add to the discussion. I started growing when I was 10, really fucking sucked and was super embarrassing. My mom didn't believe that I could be growing breasts at that age so she chastised me saying I must be getting fat. Thanks for contributing to the ED Mom.

I'm currently 34G. It's such a bitch to find cute bras in the US, or bras in general that won't make me broke. Every time I go shopping in Victoria's Secret they try to harass me into buying a bra, or get fitted. Every time I tell them they don't have bras that fit me they don't believe me. I've just given up on even going in there since I can't even buy some damn panties without them trying to shove me in a bra that doesn't fit. "You mean even a DD won't fit???" Yes, bitch.

No. 291785

Most women are wearing the wrong size though and often just get whatever fits from victoria secret or Wal-Mart,hence why a lot of them don't have these weird complicated bra analogies on how they're actually a 20ZZ and not a size 32C or whatever

We just go by what we see, but I also feel the same can be applied to most articles of clothing, most people just pick out what fits, not go in debt about how they're actually a size 12 jeans but size 12 isn't actually big or whatever, sure its complicated but when people prefer to women with C, D and DD breasts they're referring to women who call themselves that because that is what fits them, most people don't care about 10 years of bra size research and all that horse shit

No. 291788

i'm pretty big myself and i use shirohato, a japanese site, for bras. they have quite a few options in your size and most of them are pretty cute.
sorry if i'm being creepy…


No. 291791

you sound butthurt anon lol. i don't know why being educated seems like such an issue to you, but okay. i'd rather other anons atleast become curious so maybe they won't have to deal with things like extra back pain or migrated tissue. if you want to get triggered over people telling you your C cups aren't big that's up to you but you can hide the thread if it's bothering you too much.

No. 291792

File: 1536240804201.png (16.36 KB, 1073x531, asdf.png)

they really don't. picked a handful from the 'all bras' section. the smallest they ever carry in store is 32 and is barely ever in stock in more than one or two styles and the absolute smallest they offer online is 30, only on select bras, and i refuse to spend $54 on a meme bra that doesn't fit well anyways. i prefer to order from the UK. it's much simpler to just, when i need a shitty t shirt bra to buy a fairly comparable quality gilligan o malley $4 clearance Target bra and wear it loose or just cut off a few inches and do a 2 minute resew job

No. 291793

The only people here who seem triggered are anons sperging about how d cups "aren't even big!!!" Or whatever, I was just explaining why some people think D cups are big, calm down or seek help

>being this obsessed with bra sizes

No. 291795

but they may be big. she's probably just not a C. a real C cup is small, however. most 'c' women don't fit in their C cups, even. like, not only is american sizing retarded and doesn't fit snugly, but most women just shove their boobs into too small cups

No. 291797

>wearing a bra size that is a millimetre smaller will give you aids, cancer and 3 tumors

No. 291799

NTA but why do people always seem to say 'seek help" when they don't have a good argument?

You're complaining about being "obsessed with bra sizes" in a thread that is literally about being obsessed with breast size. Lmao.

No. 291802

but you're totally not upset, right?

No. 291803

Im not trying argue, I was just explaining why some people think Cs and Ds maybe bigger and anon went into a sperg fest about how "I'm just mad my C cups are small" despite not mentioning my own boobs at all

Again, most women, aren't going to go out and get custom sizing and just pick whatevers snug at nearby stores, I don't see an issue unless its waayy off and compressing their boobs, wearing a sister size or something a little different isn't gonna give you 5 types of cancers and aids and shit, if that was the case most American women would have cancer

No. 291806

why are do you keep bringing cancer up? the bra size thing is not a big deal it's just embarrassing to see so many anons who have no idea about their bodies. it's even more embarrassing for anons like you who have such a problem with anyone trying to teach anons otherwise. it's not going to hurt anyone to know that certain cup sizes aren't big in reality and help them figure out what bra to wear. if they don't want to hear it they can just ignore it. and like anon said the thread is about boob size, if anyone is obsessed over anything, it's you trying to shut everyone up.

No. 291808

>not trying to argue
>accuses anons of obsessing about bra size
>whinging about "10 years of research" and shit
>claiming anons are saying the wrong bra size will kill them

Whatever helps you sleep at night I guess.

No. 291809

No, No and No
I didn't "have a problem" I just explained why anons might be wearing a wrong bra size (sometimes even on purpose)
I wear "the wrong size" out of convenience, it's more accessible and gives better support to me,unless you have back problems bra sizes aren't that serious as long as if you feel snug and its not too tight, after all, bras aren't a necessity, just fashion

>being this triggered, claiming I've said things I didnt say at all

>but but you're obsessed !! We just want to know more about our bodies!!

Getting triggered over me saying that just comes to show what bra size sperging is actually about

No. 291810

>anon gets triggered, goes into rampage about how im just mad over my breast size because i explained why a lot of women wear the wrong size
>but but you're obsessed!!!
>make hyperbole, is taken seriously as as if i actually meant it, but suddenly it doesn't apply to you when you make hyperboles about me

No. 291812

I'm a different anon but can you shut the fuck up? You are clearly upset and have been high-key bitching about it even in your first post. And sage your derailing annoying bullshit.

No. 291814

Anon posted 2 things, that's hardly a rampage. Just hide the thread if it bothers you so much, you are contributing to this argument just as much as anyone else.

No. 291815

>stop infighting!!who cares about the person who attacked you and claimed you were triggered over your own boobs! Youre the one infighting!!

And yall wonder why yall cant stop infighting worth shit and only makes it worse most of the time when you just point the finger at one person, as if others arent just as bad

No. 291816

It doesn't bother me, hide my posts if they trigger you so much, it goes both ways, not just your entitlement

>they weren't rampaging
This was my og post, nothing weird, or mad
Then I got attacked and called "butthurt" and all that, and now you're whining and claiming I'm the bad guy? Ha

No. 291817


people are pointing the finger because you won't fucking sage. either way i can't believe you're trying to claim that >>291785 shit wasn't bitchy as fuck.

No. 291819

are you crazy russian NEET anon? your esl is showing.

No. 291820

Why because I said a no no word? Lmao
Explain to me how
>>291791 was only totally innocent and the only big bad person here is me then

No. 291822

you need to sage because you're derailing and you're the only anon who hasn't saged. and you're the only one who's arguing with multiple people and not shutting the fuck up. so yeah, you are worse than the other anon.

No. 291825

File: 1536243429020.png (157.41 KB, 422x437, forfree.png)

No. 291826

>thinking you can shut people up simply by fighting them on lolcow
That entitlement, go away if you hate infighting so much instead of doing something known to make infighting worse and pointing the finger at me when i didn't get triggered over nothing

No. 291827

>inb4 she thinks you are me and accuses everyone of samefag

you have anger issues and don't speak english very well. go to bed.

No. 291828

>make nonexistent arguments to debunk before they're even made

Seek help

No. 291829

This is coming from the anon who is literally incapable of not replying to anyone. What a laugh.

You don't have to reply by the way, but I know you will because you are weak as fuck and don't have anything better to do but reply this even though I am baiting you.

No. 291830

>don't reply!!! As if you have control of me
>you say…as you reply
>but im baiting you!!
My point stands, seek help, you sound deeply mentally disturbed

No. 291833

File: 1536244887349.png (38.36 KB, 499x338, 3a7[1].png)

you tell em, anon! and good job not proving me right about your samefag accusations.

No. 291835

Never claimed anyone is a samefag (???)
What's your point? Outside of proving your sheet paranoia and deeply rooted mental issues
Why are you obsessed with me? You must have a lot of time on your hands to obsess over a strangers infight skills and claim they're a bunch of other people you got in fights with

No. 291836

File: 1536245211208.png (122.25 KB, 500x500, 1985892982.png)

>anons try to talk about proper breast sizing and how to avoid migrating tissue, back pains, etc
>one anon who's too lazy for all that feels triggered and like she's being shamed by anyone who wants to spread knowledge
>spergs out and derails thread by saying everyone is too obsessed with breasts/bras in a literal breast thread
What the fuck? If you don't want to talk about bras and breast size, just ignore it. No one is targeting you personally. This is almost like potentially being unhealthy, entering a thread composed of other people who may potentially be unhealthy, and getting angry at anyone who says "Guys, it's important to get yourself properly tested and checked, and deal with any health issues you might have. Also, here are some ways to improve your health and prevent sickness. A lot of people are ignorant to things like this, and it's sad, so here's an infograph".

No. 291840

Did you even read anything I said at all? Apparantly not, I even mentioned issues would be caused by too small bra sizing, bras are fashion overall, it's not that serious bro and you arent gonna die if you're a 30D and wear a 32C or whatever

Also no one said any of that either, there was no talk of getting yourself checked anywhere in this thread, if it was out of legit concern psycho anon wouldnt have shit their pants and claiming I'm just mad about my breast size
Bringing up my original point, a lot of people wear "wrong" bra sizes out of convenience, if it fits snug and isnt too tight or loose you shouldn't have issues

No. 291841

what kind of drugs are you on anon? they seem to give you really bad short term memory loss so you confuse yourself for other anons. i want to make sure i don't take them.

No. 291842

>I even mentioned issues would be caused by too small bra sizing

This never happened. If it did feel free to point out the exact post.

No. 291843

Oh so you mean like the person accusing me of being anons from other threads and start claiming I'll make arguments that don't exist? Where exactly did I "confuse them for other anons"? I'm actually interested (and concerned for your mental health)

No. 291844

>if it fits snug and isnt too tight or loose you shouldn't have issues
This is wrong, and why a lot of women suffer from back pain, discomfort and migrating fat tissue.
No one is talking about death, just inconvenience and shape. If you're happy with your random store-bought bra, why are you yelling at anyone who wants to be sure, get themselves properly fitted and live well? Why is that bad? No one's talking to you or forcing you to do anything. It's not "10 years of research". Let them prosper, and quit trying to drag us down just because you can't be fucked. Some of us don't want to deal with armpit fat and back pain from bad fitting.

No. 291845

>unless you have back problems bra sizes aren't that serious as long as if you feel snug and its not too tight, after all, bras aren't a necessity, just fashion

Nice strawman anyway

No. 291846

But you are russian NEET anon. This board is too small to have more than person who infights with everyone and argues exactly like this and is also ESL.

No. 291848

>comfy bras cause issues
> If you're happy with your random store-bought bra, why are you yelling at anyone who wants to be sure, get themselves properly fitted and live well?

I wasn't, I was explaining why a lot of anons think the way they do and might wear store brought bras and why it isn't a big of an issue as anons are making it out to be, the fact that the anon attacked me and claimed I was butthurt over my breast size comes to show this wasn't about "uwu we're just concerned and want to be healthy" at all

No. 291849

That's not pointing out any issues, that's infact the opposite, you're just saying only people with back problems are at risk and anyone else is "no big deal".

No. 291850

No, I'm not the russian neet, or samefag, or whoever else you're going to accuse me of being
This board is small yes, but when you start accusing others of being whoever it makes it kinda obvious you're the one that enjoys a lot of infighting and sticks around here a lot

No. 291851

ffs it is russian NEET anon isn't it.

>using strawman incorrectly

>asking for proof as if she doesn't have to provide proof
>refusing to sage
>always replies no matter what

jfc why haven't you been banned?

No. 291852

>bra sizes aren't that issues as long as if it fits good
>OMG you're so wrong and evil!!

Again, prove me wrong with valid sources, that specifically explain why even comfortable or "not exact" bra sizing will cause issues

No. 291855

Or you can, you know, see that this same scenario has mysteriously happened 4 of 5 times in the past 2 days, but go off. Maybe no one would ID you if you saged and didn't bump your bitching to the top of the board.

No. 291857

>using strawman incorrectly
Explain how I use it incorrectly
>obsessing about saging
Get out more, there's more to life instead of fighting people on the internet about if they sage or not
>asking for proof
You claimed wearing wrong bras can cause all these issues, therefore its your job to prove it
My proof is that most women are wearing the "wrong" size but just wear whats comfortable and most women don't have issues like you claim

No. 291858

I didn't say comfy bras cause issues, I said arguing that just because a bra is comfy means it's perfect and not contributing to other breast-related issues is wrong.
If anyone said anything about your breast size, it's probably because only someone with small breasts (or a man) could ever say the following with a straight face:
>bras aren't a necessity, just fashion
In which case, this thread is not for you. It's for those of us with big tits. Bras are relevant, and so is proper fitting. Go #NoBra elsewhere, the rest of us aren't living that life.

No. 291859

File: 1536246665506.jpg (83.84 KB, 640x626, blogger-image-637195939.jpg)

>sperging about someone not saging on /ot/

No. 291860

nta but no one needs to prove shit to you, you can look it up yourself if you care enough. you're important enough that anyone cares about your opinion on this, you just seem to care very deeply about what everyone else is saying, which is why you have been arguing with people for an hour when you claim you don't actually care. take your own advice and go get out more.

No. 291861

semi blogpost but, when i was younger i hated that my breasts were growing. i always had issues with my self image so i thought they made me look fat, and some past abuse didn't help with the discomfort and disgust i felt towards my own body. parents that didn't care didn't help either, i was given whatever bra they found at walmart. i hated my breasts and wore a bra all the time, even while sleeping. i know not everyone has nice perky tits, but i think it's fair to say my boobs wouldn't be so saggy if i'd taken better care of them. now that i'm okay with having breasts, i still hate them, because i think they're so damn ugly.

No. 291862

I just can't with you. Anon didn't even say she cares if you sage, just that it makes it easy to watch you have a meltdown if the thread is at the top.

No. 291863

Lol big tits still don't need bras, its fashion most of the time, also jfk if everyone is so small who isn't a G cup then what are you on about
Like I said, you need proof that wearing a size that's even a smallest bit off is awful and can cause issues, which was my original point

No. 291865

Oh so you don't have actual proof and just cling to "no one needs to prove things they claim are facts to you!"

No. 291866

Iktf. It makes me depressed to think about this. I'm planning on getting a lift as soon as I can travel, because it hurts to think about living with my breasts like this.

No. 291867

>if you didn't sage your bitching!!!
>she doesn't care if you sage

No. 291870

no, anon i don't need proof because i am a different anon, hence why i said that. i am not arguing with you so i don't need to do shit.

also you should stop using adhom and acting like you don't need to prove the shit coming out of your mouth anyway. no one is going to spoonfeed you.

No. 291872

>big tits still don't need bras
You wouldn't know that, considering you obviously don't have big tits. This isn't your struggle.
If you can comfortably go through life without wearing a bra, with no sweat, chafing, getting hit in the face, nobody noticing and staring/commenting, and your nipples not poking far enough to stab someone, you don't have big tits.
You will never understand, you can't relate, and you need to stop thinking everyone should totally buy random shit from the Wal-Mart rack like it's no big deal just because you can. You'd probably be the type of parent who screws over your developing daughter like what >>291861 went through.
Please see yourself out of the big tit thread.

No. 291873

>im not arguing you, as you argue me
>i dont need proof!! You say, as you defend people I asked for proof from for the claims they made

Oh so you just wanted to infight all the while you weren't involved at all, good to hear

No. 291875

god, me too. it's done a number on my self esteem and i still can't take my bra off for a guy. i either want a lift or a reduction, most of my family have perky A-cups and i'm so damn jealous.

No. 291876

i'm in a similar boat as you anon, my mom's boobs are tiny so she never taught me about bras and i got sized at vs with my friends and wore a 38B up until i was 23. now i wear a 32E and i still wonder what the hell the bitch at the VS was doing. i had back problems because the bra was acting like an illfitted backpack. my boobs are also kind of wonky and have a weird crease almost, and i still get pissed off and wonder if they would look different had i gotten fitted properly.

No. 291877

>girls without big tits don't sweat, chaf or have nipples now

See what I mean and why I can't take you seriously

No. 291878

i feel you. my mom has tiny A cups and has probably never worn a properly fitting bra herself, but they're still perky. so unfair. i totally get the feeling of wondering what they'd look like if i could do it over.

No. 291881

>deliberately misquoting others when you've been BTFO
If you don't produce more sweat, get chafing and have your nipples poke through very noticeably whenever you go without a bra, you are a girl without big tits. These are facts.
You really must be the ESL Russian NEET, or we just have multiple autists this week for some reason. Either way, I hope your ass gets reported and banned. This is a thread for women with cowtits, and bras (as well as proper bra fitting) are important for us. Go to your chestlet thread, that's where your brethren are.

No. 291882

What do you think of anons that call any larger than average breasts, cowtits?

It seems to be such a strong opinion, and if you have large breasts, it is immediately assumed you're fat as well.

I haven't heard any vocal farmers calling small cup-sized breasts as planks or whatever insults are for those.

No. 291883

I dont have big tits and I still sweat, chaf and have nipples lmao
I even went without a bra once and people noticed, guess I have big tits now, you said yourself its facts
Even anons in the chestlet thread are talking about their nipples showing, those are facts
And if you have such an issue with infighters why not fuck off instead of continuing infighting

No. 291884

even if anon has big boobs she's not welcome here considering a huge complaint has been that many of us were sized wrong and suffered for it. but sure, we're the ones who were wrong. i guess it's cause when we were teens and literally just grew breasts we should have been experts in knowing if our bras fit well rather than listening to people who worked at stores.

No. 291886

>I dont have big tits
Thank you for clearing that up. Exit the thread.

No. 291887

small breasts don't chafe because they don't rub against eachother.

No. 291888

No, I just explained why if the size was a tiny bit off it wasnt a big deal and people twisted my words to hell and back and I got attacked by some psycho claiming i was just mad about my breast size

You'd realize that if you actually read instead of mindlessly joining in the argument like a bunch of cattle

No. 291889

i love how anon confirmed herself for what she seemed like all along, a small breasted girl who was upset that her delusions of having big breasts were shattered. now hopefully she can go back to wearing illfitting c cup bras on her a cup boobs and acting like it's any big deal.

No. 291890

File: 1536248083153.jpg (107.77 KB, 640x640, cleavage1.jpg)

Big breasts sag more and that's the truth. But if you train your chest muscles, nothing will sag or look like cow tits in the slightest. Look at Emily R! Her body is great and nothing sags!

No. 291891

Neither do big tits unless they're pretty saggy (emphasize on "unless" before anyone claims I said big tits dont rub together)

Sagginess causes chaffing, I have nipple chaffing issues and I dont have big tits guess I have big tits now

Its for C+ right? And I'm a D, I'm welcome here, bye now
They say in a thread filled with girls envying small boobs, yet because I talk about bra sizing I'm just a big mean jelly chestlet somehow

No. 291892

Which exercises would be useful to follow?

No. 291893

agree! i'm >>291876 and have been benching to try to strengthen the muscle under there to hopefully fix some wonkiness.

No. 291895

You don't have to pretend you know anything about anything anymore. You're free! Now if only you could come to terms with your very clear autism.

No. 291896

She's probably the type to buy bras that are technically too big and are slipping off, just to claim "I wear D cup ;)".

No. 291897

File: 1536248601334.gif (2.99 MB, 300x231, goodbye.gif)

The OP begins with an image of a big-breasted anime character, and the words
>Who else here is big chested?
You said yourself that you don't have big breasts. Buying D-cup bras won't make you one of us. You are not welcome here. Goodbye.

No. 291900

Can existent sagging actually be reversed with exercise, though?

No. 291901

I mean, they're bitter ana-chans. Not much else to say about it. They've been on this site since day one. Some are weebs who exclusively like smaller breasts because most Asian girls have them, some are obsessed with youth and want smaller breasts because they're associated with it, some might just be jealous of girls with bigger tiddies and try to put them down at every given opportunity, but they're all pretty much the same at the end of the day. Many of them call average breasts cowtits too.

>inb4 lol u think everi1 who likes smol tits is ana?? hamplanet not everi1 wants ur disgsting cowtits

No. 291906


i don't think it can fix sagging, but the tighter muscle can make them look better for sure. personally i want to see the results and then decide on getting a lift or not.

No. 291910

They're not too big at all, I thought all women wore too small sizes except now im flat because it fits your argument
C+ cup, you even said D cups werent big and thats what I said, I dont have big boobs, but they fit the sizes in the thread, bye now

No. 291914

>all these anons obsessing over my tits

Kinda creepy, sorry I said wearing a bra that was a cm smaller wasnt a big deal and lots of women do it out of convenience of not getting custom bras that wouldn't have that big of an affect anyway and triggered everyone into insisting I was some evil jelly chestlet lmao

No. 291915

itt. A bunch of unhinged titty monsters.

No. 291916

the plank thread is the other way, anachan

No. 291918

I honestly can't even consider "cowtits" an offensive term. It's too silly. I use it and "chestlet" facetiously a lot.
I think those anons just see any mention of having larger breasts as humblebragging, and feel the need to take the person down a peg by saying "Y-You're probably fat, anyway". It's more of a thing they tell themselves than a substantial insult. Just a cope.
The reason large-breasted anons don't try to shame small-breasted anons is because we're mostly not envious of them. The same is simply not true the other way around.

No. 291919

Small breast can look elegant and cute but huge tits always look sexual, I think that's why people have such a strong opinion over it. Also breast kinda ARE disgusting, they're soft and jiggly and having a huge soft jiggly thing right under your face can disgust some people.

No. 291922

No one cares about your tits. You came in here, to a thread for big-breasted anons, and started obsessing over ours and how we wear our bras like some sort of insane, perverted weirdo.

No. 291924

Go back to your circlejerk, ana-chan. You sound like a troon.

No. 291925

you forgot the ones that are sexually repressed so they try to make big tits sound as animalistic and slutty as possible and they want small boobs because they think having no secondary sex characteristics makes them transcendent and pure

No. 291926

If anything loving ginormous tits is more of a troon thing, but whatever helps you sleep at night, fatty-chan.

No. 291928

What's with all the sperging? C/D/DD cups may look bigger/smaller depending on the person, but never look as substantial as is implied in the OP pic. If you wanted a thread for noticeably large breasts probs should have left the average sizes out of it.

No. 291929

Not wanting to look like a jiggly cow is about as much being sexually repressed as not wanting to suck every guy you see's cock.

No. 291930

the OP doesn't know how tits work and only made the thread based on the small tits one, which also doesn't know how tits work. a-d is small DD+ is big.

No. 291932

ignore the baiting ana-chan pls & thx the thread doesn't need to get shit up more than it already has.

No. 291933

File: 1536250729784.png (341.16 KB, 605x570, Emily-Ratajkowski-6.png)

>breast kinda ARE disgusting, they're soft and jiggly and having a huge soft jiggly thing right under your face can disgust some people.
The cope. Maybe ana-chans and gay men think that way, but sane and/or straight people don't.
Notice the small breast thread doesn't have shady anons going on about how having minuscule, or even non-existent looking secondary sexual characteristics can disgust some people and make them think you're malnourished, or a child.
We keep to our own, and you still have our names in your mouths. It's sheer jealousy.
Good luck convincing anyone but yourself that this is a disgusting image.

No. 291934

>a-d is small DD+ is big
I don't get the insistence on not having medium sized breasts. I'm DD and my breasts are neither small nor big.

No. 291936

File: 1536250776416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 343.14 KB, 1600x2096, 98308RHN.jpeg)

She's one of the lucky ones and her breast still look like udders without a bra on.
People aren't criticizing small breast because they know they look the nicest.
Now Imma fuck off and stop shitting up your thread.

No. 291938

Her breasts look perfectly fine. Actually, quite an enviable shape for larger breasts.

No. 291939

Where did this meme of thinking everyone thinks small breasts look the nicest come from? I've never heard anyone say that IRL, or off lolcow for that matter.

No. 291940

>equating just enjoying the appearance of big boobs, even in clothes, with wanting to fully put the cock of every stranger down your throat

yeah that sounds pretty repressed anon

No. 291941

File: 1536251084442.jpg (69.31 KB, 480x641, 700500.jpg)

Her breasts look great, though.
Keep obsessing over us, you won't be missed. Friendly reminder that boob jobs are the most popular plastic surgery procedures as of 2017/2018. Hope your implants don't get botched.

No. 291949

I didnt "obsess about your tits" last time I checked i was just saying most women wear incorrect bra sizes simply cause its easier, then I was attacked by an anon obsessing about my tits, nice try though

No. 291952

No. 291955

Lol. Sure anon, every person with small breast really want to have monster tits, just like every farmers secretly wishes to be / have the life of one of the cows. Get a grip.

No. 291961

They're pissed and bitter "chestlets" can go braless and their nipples won't touch their stomach

No. 291963

>What do you think of anons that call any larger than average breasts, cowtits?
It makes me quite sad tbh I was really shocked when I read anons unironically calling everything above a B cup "udders". That's something some dumb little boy would say.

I always hated my body, but thought of my chest as pretty cute, probably my best body part even. I never wear any revealing clothes, always a high neck and never thought I look weird. My nipples are smallish and a light pink and they're not saggy at all but since anons started with the whole big tits means you're fat, you have a mom bod, it looks vulgar etc I actually sometimes start to wonder if it really does make me look fatter and unattractive.

No. 291969

I think people should stop engaging with clearly mentally ill ana-chans. It's about time they and the people who engage with them get banned. This place has really gone to shit, huh.

No. 291970

Peoole should stop engaging with pissed fatties, why arent these baiters banned

No. 291971

Big tiddy bitch here and i love it, mostly because I can wear all the revealing outfits I want lol. No shame in my game. Sometimes it does hurt my back and laying on my stomach is very uncomfortable. Though going braless with a small chest sounds cool. Everyone gets something, just gotta see the good things.

No. 291972

File: 1536253979916.gif (1.14 MB, 480x358, BNCLx4b.gif)

>comes to a big breast thread
>calls everyone fat
>calls others baiter

I don't know what is going on your life that makes you incapable of not being retarded and arguing about absolutely anything that goes against your lifestyle and tastes but I hope you get help for it and grow up.

No. 291973

Good luck with that, most of lolcow are ana chans or ex ana chans.

No. 291974

No one has put down chestlets itt, iyt, or even on /ot/, yet you fucks constantly feel the need to bitch about how fat and disgusting you think we are all over the site anyways. I think we have a right to be pissed about that. It's annoying and pathetic. Why are you so bitter if not because of pure jealousy, ana-chan?

No. 291976

By what you've said you sound beautiful anon! People are just bitter, especially on here kek. The grass is always greener, right? People with small breasts which they had big ones, and vice versa. There's advantages and disadvantages to both.

The real thing here is that sadly most people are not perfect, and it's just the truth. Not everyone has perfect perky tits with perfectly sized pink nips. Most women are far from that. But it doesn't matter. I personally have smallish breasts and they aren't the greatest shape but my boyfriend loves them. I think most men (and women esp) don't really care. Obviously they're going to lust after dumb shit on movies, porn, whatever…but even if you're not "perfect" they still enjoy it.

No. 291977

Lol the irony, the fact you say that literally under a post calling everyone anachans, or is uwu body positivity only for fatties

No. 291978

File: 1536254246533.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.62 KB, 200x183, co-pe-npg.jpg)

I think people think about pic related when they say huge tits are disgusting.

No. 291979

Every loser with small breasts who can't stop themselves from invading a thread for big breasted people is envious, yes.
I thought you were going to stop shitting up the thread?

No. 291982

Okay who let tumblr in

No. 291984

Are you blind or purposely dumbing yourself

No. 291986

What's disgusting about those?
The woman in pic is overweight but the breasts themselves are fine.

No. 291987

>deformed breasts are normal to cowtit chans
Yeah we're all secretly jelly of you

No. 291989

Idk they manage to look droopy and like they're about to explode at any second, not my idea of nice looking breast.

No. 291990

> Yeah we're all secretly jelly of you
wtf is wrong with you?

Also, what's so deformed about those breasts?
I really want to know.

Oh okay.

You know what, I can't take seriously any anon that talks about men with unrealistic standards when you are so persistent to make normal looking boobs, a deformed monstrosity.

No. 291993

If not jelly of the size, jelly of the attention we get from both men and women. Having big breasts is universally considered to be one of the most attractive physical features a woman can have.

No. 292000

>jelly of the attention we get from both men and women

What I'm really jelly of is never experiencing the look of disappointment in dude's eyes when I take my bra off and show them how saggy my huge tits are.

No. 292002

Isnt it funny when fatties will preach body positivity when it comes to gross huge tits but stay silent when men are forcing their girlfriend to get implants

No. 292005

If you've actually ever been with a man, you'd know that there never is a look of disappointment when that moment happens.

How delusional do you have to be to make such absurd statements?

Also, I hope you know that with aging everyone starts to look less attractive, big breasts or not.

No. 292013

There are plenty of features waaaay more important than having cow tits, anon. There's a reason people say big tits on a fat girl don't count.

No. 292015

Pretty sure most of us here (besides you, probably) aren't fat, though.

No. 292019

Sure fatty chan, this doesn't sound like projection at all.

No. 292021

Just stop interacting with her. She's actually batshit and she'll probably get banned once the mods finally get off their asses anyways.

No. 292048

>women with big boobs don't know what its look to hook up with a man while having big boobs
And you'd be surprised at how many men expect G cups to be perfectly perky round anime tits

No. 292049

Nta but I disagree, its only popular in places like America, even then most men world wide don't really care much and care more about shape, yeah a flat chest isn't attractive but neither are huge tits, ask most men and women everywhere else what their ideal breast size is and they'll say average sized boobs

No. 292808


i was definitely made fun of for it while i was going through puberty and oversexualized by boys and adult men alike, but now i basically live in minimizer bras and big sweaters so they aren't noticeable to people. i like mine and there's nothing wrong with them but small boobs are sexier and classier looking to me while sometimes i feel like a blow up doll or like i owe the whole world sexual favors bc of how my body is. i've learned to accept them for right now but i'm going to get a reduction when they start sagging.

as a side note idk why so many farmers even value men's opinions of boobs so much, they're all too pornsick to understand what's normal. emily ratajkowski was mentioned/shown earlier in the thread and i've seen men online saying that even she had nasty saggy grandma tits, they're clueless when it comes to what acceptable female bodies are. learn how to validate and love yourself, with whatever it is you have.

No. 292836

VS only goes down to 32. They have 30 bands but it only goes to a C cup

No. 292864

I have E and I look hot naked but that’s the only good thing about having big titties

> feminine figure

> must wear bras all the time
> good bras cost money
> exercising feels like you are getting punched by your own boobs
> wearing sports bra helps a little but it’s still uncomfortable
> back pain
> cute asian clothes don’t fit
> lolita dresses don’t fit
> even regular blouses are hard to find
> they get ugly when you get older

I’m getting rid of those udders as soon as I had my kids.

No. 292896

Do guys really even care that much about breasts anymore? isn't ass the current trend? I'd be more worried about having no ass than no tits

No. 292911

If you have any self respect, you'd be wanting to look good for yourself and not for some random slime and what the "internet" thinks.

consider necking yourself for being a submissive herd-following retard

No. 292939

why did you feel the need to reply to that for one, and 2 read the post they're talking about someone who said they're a 30C but wears 34C? ffs, read!

No. 292954

You sound as salty as the incels kek, did I strike a nerve or something muffin top? You're right though how dare I want to look attractive to other people

No. 292980

Butts are irrelevant in Europe and Asia.

No. 292990

Does it really matter the size of your butt when it’s full of cellulite and stretchmarks (which everyone can get unless they spend $$$ on ps)?
The shape matters more than the size.
Huge ass/breasts are literally for men to just look at cause they attract so much attention

No. 292991

No they aren't, I am European and I know guys here like ass just as much as american blacks on twitter do

No. 292992

I live in germany and nobody here gives a fuck about asses, guys only care about boobs. Having a big butt is regared as an insult.

No. 293000

Of course there are exceptions but guys are pretty vocal about these things and it's always boobs over asses.

Having a huge ass is seen as gross.

No. 293247

You know a man can care about an ass without liking HUGE asses, right? I don't know a man who doesn't like at least a perky toned ass with nice legs to go with it.

No. 293248

t. skinnyfat flattie

Imagine being mentally ill, stupid enough to make yourself anorexic, AND retarded. You should just kill yourself.

No. 293249

What's with delusional autists conflating Europe with Asia like Europe isn't culturally closer to America

No. 293251

File: 1536499222146.jpeg (6.71 KB, 318x159, 5D24BB0E-1366-4FEC-B375-EBDFC1…)

>study finds poorer men like bigger breasts, while the richer like them smaller
cow-chans on suicide watch lmao

No. 293254

> metro

desperate, aren't we?

No. 293256

This doesn't surprise me at all.

No. 293263

>a study conducted in Malaysia and the UK, composed of 390 men
How very relevant to those of us in the rest of the world, and to humanity as a whole. The chestlet cope is strong.

No. 293264

are you kidding? i WISH my boobs looked like that, my boobs have always been 'naturally saggy' my boobs are e cup but i have a large band size too coz im fat, my actual boob is likely bigger than other e cups. even 15kg lost their size doesnt seem any different or the cups dont seem emptier. my boobs are also low set which makes them even uglier honestly fuck my life.
can any other ugly big tit anons relate?
hoped to feel comforted by this thread came out feeling shittier

No. 293266

NTA but I see where they're coming from, I have average sized breasts and I find that less motivated and sloppy men are interested in big breasts, hence why hooters tends to be filled with fat white trash dudes, and more motivated, successful type men tend to be attracted to smaller breasts

I'm "in the middle" when white trash dudes are attracted to me they'll try to claim my breasts are big, when successful dorky dudes are attracted to me they'll claim my breasts are small, truth is they're just average and proportional

No. 293267

Still sperging after all this time, ana-chan?

No. 293282

I know this thread has gone to shit, but does anyone else sleep with bras? I have always done it since my boobs started developing but apparently it's not something common?

No. 293283

I mean it's logical that the kind of men who like weirdly oversized body part would be on the poorer dumber side.

No. 293285

I guess because many women wear bras with underwiring, I wear those seamless ballerina bratops and it feels like wearing a warm hug. I don't take them off when I sleep.

No. 293286

The only moments I don't have a bra on is for showering and sex.
I don't even that much breast (about a 32C/D in US size) but if I'm not wearing a bra, they feel heavy as fuck. I feel them bouncing the whole time and it's so irritating.
I honestly don't get why it's a meme that women don't like bras 'cause I feel so bad without one.

No. 293287

i used to sleep with bras, and i'm pretty sure it's one of the reasons why my breasts are as saggy as they are. wearing a bra for too long also hurts my ribs, so i can't imagine it'd be good for you to continue. then again when i did this i was wearing ill-fitting bras, and i'm not a doctor, so who knows.

No. 293288

To be honest I don't care if they get saggy. They are already wide set since my shoulders are so large in confront to my ribcage so whatever, I'd rather sleep comfortably than agonize over it.
I should definitely discard my small and old bras though.

No. 293291

Yeah, my nips chafe really easily and I don't want to waste money on pasties, tape, extra bandages, etc.

No. 293299


yep, it's much more comfortable to sleep in one for me. i wear bras pretty much nonstop, a lot of people don't get that when you have big boobs it's often more comfortable to wear a (properly fitting) bra than it is to go without, the only time i don't wear one is when i'm showering. i'm almost obsessively scared of mine getting saggy so i try to take care of them as much as possible


>thinking people are only capable of caring about one issue at a time

No. 293432

I think it's funny that one of the first arguments made in favour of small breasts usually is
>You can go braless!
Like no, I couldn't? In most societies not wearing a bra is simply not okay, no matter what size your tits are.

No. 293435

Where do you live? I'm itty bitty titty and basically never wear a bra. Even when I wear extremely see-through shirts, because I'm an attention whore. It makes old women give me the dirtiest looks but guys fawn over me and give me special treatment, and younger/my age girls don't give a shit. Never even wear a bra to work.

No. 293445

…why aren't you posting this in the chestlet thread?

No. 295387

Is 28FF/G "cow" status?

Going from a BMI 30 to 20, I feel my cup volume hardly changed, while everything else is completely different. Does that mean I have a lot of breast tissue as opposed to fat and they won't go much more if I lose weight.
>tfw curvy hourglass figure but prefer androgynous, willowy clothing styles.

You can't tell someone with small breasts is not wearing a bra unless it's a see through top or something.

No. 295389

Even if you have smaller breasts the outline of your nipples will still show.

No. 295437

is this a larper? i really hope it is. this is gross.

No. 295500

No. 299931

Does anyone know how to go about finding big cup sizes for smaller backs? I’ve lost a lot of weight and am losing much more, but my cup size hasn’t decreased in the slightest.

I went from a 16GG to a 12/14 GG (AUS sizes) and it’s near impossible to find bras where the back isn’t too large and the cups actually fit. The bras I do find that are GG will have extremely wide cups that chafe my armpit.

If anyone can give some tips on finding proper fitting bras I’d really appreciate it! I’m only in my 20’s so I don’t want to have to wear old lady bras, just want something that’s actually cute and it seems to be a lost cause

No. 299932

Sorry, meant to say that I went down from 20GG no idea why I said 16

No. 299933

as an interim fix you can alter the band or try rixie clips to make the band smaller

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