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File: 1535709491896.png (7.24 KB, 233x216, cute.png)

No. 288235

Ladies, let's settle this. Pads, tampons or menstrual cup?

No. 288238

pads, i don't have to keep an eye on the clock with them. never tried a cup

No. 288239

Tampons. I'm not a fan of bleeding all over my pants or having the sensation of a little nappy in my trousers. I've never used a cup but I can't imagine they'd work.

No. 288241

I swapped to a cup 3 years ago and it's what I use 90% of the time. I can just forget about it for hours and it only took me one or two cycles to figure out how to work it perfectly and not feel anything. I only don't use it if it's a heavy day and I'll be out in public, I've never emptied it in a public bathroom

No. 288242

Pads when I'm just starting out and my flow is at its heaviest. My cramps make tampons my worst enemy.

Then tampons once my cervix and uterus decides to calm their asses down.

No. 288244

File: 1535711719186.jpg (252.35 KB, 596x1024, sailormoon-crystal-pads-femini…)

Pads most of the time, tampons if my flow gets heavy.

I doubt I can even fit a menstrual cup inside me.

No. 288245

Pads because I'm a loser virgin.
And paranoid.

No. 288248

I broke my hymen myself just so I could feel comfortable wearing tampons. Worth it because I was worried about swimming while on my period as a teenager and tampons made it possible.

No. 288252

Pads, I got a menstrual cup a while ago but I'm too paranoid to use it, I don't want it to get stuck.

No. 288254

I prefer pads and if I’m lucky to be off from work I’ll just wear the largest and longest ones I can fit in my underwear.

No. 288255

Pads, although I’m starting to prefer tampons. Sucks I’m allergic to them.

No. 288259

Menstrual cup by a long shot

No. 288261

I use pads my flow is pretty light and regular. I find pads comfiest and you don't have to worry about the last time you changed it etc

No. 288265

menstrual cup with reusuable cotton pads in case it leaks for whatever reason

being a virgin isnt a deal about wearing a tampon/cup.i understand ppl's concerns but i dont get how so many girls go paranoid about the cup getting stuck or whatever.like even if it does,it cant go anywhere so dont worry.the less chill you are the more difficult it is to get a cup out

No. 288270

Mostly pads but I'll wear tampons also, usually closer to the end of my period. I definitely prefer not feeling anything with a tampon compared to the feeling of a pad. By far.

I've never tried A menstrual cup and don't know much about them but I'd probably try it.

And yeah, being a virgin shouldn't affect being able to use a tampon or not unless the hymen is unusual. If you can get a finger in, you should be able to get a tampon in.

No. 288273

I've worn pads all my life (cannot do tampons at all) but i've heard such positive things about the menstrual cup. I've been wanting to buy them when they're on sale cuz they're a bit pricey. Does the brand matter?

No. 288285


they are more expensive than pads but they save money in the long run(an are also super convinient and comfortable)

i dont think the brand matters but the size and material.usually there are two standard sizes which accomodate either women less than thirty/that havent given birth and over thirty/who have given birth.however,those sizes arent always suitable for all women(since we are all different inside and all)which can cause discomfort.another factor is the material the cups are made from.some types of materials which are too firm may cause discomfort to some women(from videos ive seen at least)

so in general first and foremost you should know where your cervix is so that you dont get a too short/long cup and choose accordingly.i havent really looked into the problem regarding the material tbh since i've been pretty lucky with my cup

aside from looking more into it yourself,it would probably be better to ask a gyneologist if you're uncertain

No. 288287

I've been using menstrual cups for over 10 years and tried a number of different brands (usually I use it a couple of years until I decide it's time for a fresh one and then I try out a different brand).
Recently I've bought the MeLuna, which priced at 15€ I found was very affordable. You can choose between different sizes and firmness and there is a special offer for two cups in different sizes, so I think that's a good place to start.

No. 288288

Haha same, anon. Pads for me! I get scared of sticking anything in my vag (including just my fingers). It sounds really uncomfortable too.

No. 288293

Pads because I hate the feeling of tampon strings. My skin is super sensitive and gets irritated, though, so I'm considering switching to a cup.

No. 288295

Tried everything and menstrual cups are the ones that worked the best for me

No. 288345

My skin's sensitive too, so many brands put unnecessary perfumes and shit into their products. I use natracare pads, they don't have irritants in them.

No. 288351

File: 1535729812461.jpg (23.21 KB, 450x455, 26047407_457515614646269_19797…)

pads. i can never get tampons to sit comfortably inside me, and on the off chance they do, it ends up just being a mess anyway – my period consists of huge clots and it never gets soaked up into the tampon very well so it hurts to pull it out because it's still mostly dry. changing pads doesn't leave me with blood all over my hands like fucking with tampons does, and i can wear overnight ones and not have to go check/change/readjust every 45 minutes. i'd hate to think what fucking around with cups would be like (i have endo, having things inside me actually kinda hurts sometimes).

No. 288354

I use tampons and pads because I'm old and have a super heavy flow that cannot be comfortably or safely contained using one product. I get these humongous clots and I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have that sitting in a pad for hours. I also don't shave with a razor so it would get all caught up in my pubic hair. I can overflow a super tampon in only a couple hours, hence why I wear a pad too because I'm tired of ruining my panties. Always wanted to try cups but I have a weird canal that is shaped irregularly

No. 288358

during day - pads
during night - tampons
I don't want to worry about my sheets.

No. 288363

I bought a Mooncup for the first time during my last cycle after hearing such positive things about it but I couldn't get it in no matter what, it's so firm it wouldn't stay folded while I put it in, it kept unfolding half-way and it felt like it was ripping my vaginal entrance. I'm also a virgin and this whole experience upset me so strongly I'm starting to wonder if I was ever molested and don't remember. Tips, anons? Should I just buy another cup? I want to use cups but the thought of going through that pain again after 3 tries kinda deters me.

No. 288366

I use the ladycup, it is nice, smooth and easy to insert. Never going back to rashy pads or dry tampons.

Plus it is eco and wallet friendly.

No. 288408

i'm scared of penetration so i've never used tampons. periods were always a pain since i was guaranteed to stain my underwear and sheets, and i'd have to change these ugly bulky pads rather often. but always infinity flex foam pads are a godsend. i don't know what voodoo technology they're using, but they're so thin and absorb so much. i ran out and had to use a different kind of pad today and i stained my underwear for the first time in a while, and also stained my pants for the first time in a long time. i cannot go back

No. 288420

you need to work on your technique on getting it in properly. watch youtube videos. it sounds like you're not pushing it in far enough so you're letting it go too early.

No. 288436

we already have this thread on /g/ go there.

No. 288439

yeah but it devolved into retards bashing anons for using pads because it's "age play". how about we not bring that shit back.

No. 288441

I have the exact same problem with penetration and stains as you. I will try the pads you've mentioned, thanks :)

No. 288444

lol no? it's active rn.

and you think that a thread in /ot/ isn't going to be raided by incels? lmao.

No. 288449

then i'm thinking of a different thread. there's so many menstrual threads i stopped caring but there was definitely one where people went insane over girls who wear pads which is funny bc sounds like majority here wear them.

No. 288596

File: 1535763240115.jpeg (42.3 KB, 488x488, 13369055.jpeg)

hell yeah, they're great. if your flow is heavy, i'd recommend the overnight ones. they're just a bit longer so they're still super thin but will make you feel more secure about stains. they typically look like this

No. 288651

Menstrual cup for 2 years now. I'll never go back to tampons. It's actually not that difficult to use, and there are a lot of videos on YT how to insert it. I use the diva cup, with the stem thing cut off since it is rather long. I find it much more comfortable than tampons, don't have to worry about TSS, and my periods have gotten shorter since I started using it.

No. 288652

Tampons + pad during heavy bleeding, then tampons during day time and pads at night. I can sleep forever so I'm not going to risk TSS.

I'm not too squirmy about my own blood so I like OB tampons, I honestly think they absorb better than most tampons even if they're smaller. They can be a bit hard to find around here. They're also cheaper and more environmentally friendly although idc about those things.

No. 288653

None. I just use toilet paper lol

No. 288655

you a tranny?

No. 288656

I've never understood women who were afraid of tampons or their body in general.
I mean, it's your body. You're going to live in it your entire life.
Are you not the least bit curious about your physical self? Some women have sex and have never even looked at anything down there, but it's okay for some dude to go in… Absolutely fucking mind-boggling.

No. 288658

wtf anon, just use pads you are going to ruin your clothes and your sheets, probably some furniture too

No. 288659

Ew no. I just don't care anymore, have no money, don't want to ask my dad, can't go into shops etc etc.

I'll probably start using pads again when I care about myself and have money.

No. 288661

I just wear black underwear to bed and even though I got expensive linen white sheets I never get them stained (except when I scraped my knee and kneeled on the bed changing them thank fuck the stain came out). The blood doesn’t actually ever run out of my vagina area usually lmao. But if it does slightly that’s why the black underwear.

Not a tranny I just have light periods.

No. 288662

>The blood doesn’t actually ever run out of my vagina area usually lmao

ok wow that's super light. if i tried just tp it would be eviscerated by a torrent of blood in no time.

No. 288663

>>288363 The first time I tried it was the same for me. I ended up ordering another set of cups from a different brand. They were two sizes, both alot tinier than my first cup, and also softer. It was still a little difficult to get in, but not painful.
After using them for a while I tried out the big one again, and I got it in without any hassle.
Both types of cups were made for virgins, btw, so you might want to read further reviews. There is a youtuber, Precious Star Pads, who makes videos comparing all kinds of cupy. There you can see how big they are, maybe that can help.
My second set was the virgin starter-set from Meluna, and if you can get that where you are from, I would recommend it.

No. 288666

I don’t envy you except for when
>use the light lubricated ob tampons
>think I’m going to need them for my heavy day so insert
>been 8 hours so need to take out to avoid TSS
>only bled 1/4 into it
>have to pull dry tampon out of vagina and it’s painful as fuck

No. 288668

It's normal to be afraid of having any type of foreign body inside of you for the first time. Those same women who are scared of tampons are also scared of dicks believe me. Just because it's my body doesn't necessarily mean I want to see what it looks like six ways from Sunday without any prior reason to do it. That's my gynecologist's job. And also, tampons are scary because of TSS.

No. 288672

Pads, sadly. I hate using them because they allow leaks during my heavier flows, they start to smell at some point and sometimes they even cause a rash. They even feel super uncomfortable. But tampons are way too painful to me, I've never understood how people can use them. Pushing a dry wad of cotton up your cooch? That's like trying to fuck a cactus. I've been looking into menstrual cups recently though but I have the irrational fear of it getting stuck inside me due to the suction.

No. 288680

my bff has had sex a number of times but she is afraid of putting anything inside her.also my mom wonders how the hell i use this thing even though im a virgin.using it isnt my fav thing but nothing scary either.just a neutral experience.im not a fan of my genitals but there's no reason to be afraid or feel uncomfortable.also it's better to know your body than not,to whatever degree that is

No. 288682

I can't pull out a tampon unless i pee first with it inside me.Anyone else experiences this?

No. 288683

Love Always Infinity here also. The scented kind is actually nice too imo. I've never used overnight pads though (to my knowledge).
I posted upthread though and use tampons as well sometimes during the day.

Isn't this the opposite of how it should be? Using tampons overnight seems very risky for Toxic Shock Syndrome. I thought you're supposed to change them every 4-6 hours?

I use the Nuvaring birth control which sits inside the vagina for 3 weeks and is supposed to be inserted on the first day of your period when first starting it, and there are women who think that's too weird/gross to deal with. It blows my mind too. I agree with being ok with your body - god forbid something goes wrong or you need to see the gyno (which you ultimately will) and are still uncomfortable to that degree.
(Blog but I once had a monthlong period. I had no idea why. I was on Nuvaring at the time. It has never happened before or since. I had to go to the gyno and be examined WHILE bleeding. That wasn't fun. Anyway they couldn't figure it out either and it eventually stopped.)

If your bladder is full then this makes sense. I have to do this as well, just only if I HAVE to pee. It is easier to remove a tampon if there is less pressure (similar to it being more difficult to insert one if your muscles are not relaxed).

No. 288684

My flow was so hellish as a teen that I could only kind of control with a combo of high absorbency tampon+overnight pad, but after using bc and having a much lighter flow I found I prefer tampons. I've only ever felt discomfort when I was using the wrong absorbency (my constant leaks as a teen left me traumatized lol). I just don't feel as gross with tampons because I don't have to sit in the blood or smell it. I respect anyone who prefers pads though, it's just a preference thing at the end of the day.
I kind of want to try mentstrual cups but I'm so scared of having to dump it in public, it just sounds like potential to be really messy and I'm a clumsy bitch.

No. 288709

I hate getting my period in the first place, but I've had a Mooncup for nearly 3 years and love using it. I hated sitting in pads and feeling gross for a week, so now I just use lighter flow pads combined with my cup because I get a little bit of leakage which doesnt happen to anyone else I know of. It might help to try different brands/sizes but I'm not sure whether my cup is too small or too big.
Usually if I cant wait to empty the cup at home I go to a disabled bathroom for extra privacy and do it there, but I'd much rather do it at home and be happy that I've got a pad on just in case it's full.

No. 288714

I want to try a moon cup but I'm scared of it getting like "lost" in me? like what if it goes up too far and I can't get it out? My friend had to get a tampon taken out by a doctor when she was 14 and I've scared of that ever since.

No. 288722

It is way too big to get "lost".It can indeed go a bit deeper,and,in this case,is a bit more difficult to get it out,but it's not like vaginas are huge caves or anything like that.I believe it's extremely unlikely someone would need to go to a doctor to get a cup out.Only panicking about it makes it harder to remove

No. 288724

File: 1535807918909.png (5.67 KB, 232x216, download.png)

It's anatomically impossible for the cup to get lost, pic related, so no worries there!
I'd recommend you look up Precious Stars Pads on youtube, her videos on menstrual cups really reassured me.
Sometimes the cup rises higher and I have to reach for it and sort of push it with the vagina muscles, break the seal and it comes out. But the key is to stay relaxed and know that it'll be okay.

No. 288765

How old are you? Cups will not get stuck in you. They are designed to be removed when you need to dump the blood…

No. 288815

>without any reason
See >>288714 for why you should know what your body looks and feels like.

If something is inside of you where you can't reach, you can push it out using your vaginal muscles. Your friend probably had to see a doctor because she got scared and didn't know what to do, but the vaginal canal is not that deep.

No. 289121

File: 1535859566012.jpg (134.17 KB, 1024x1024, MenstrualCup-Pink-Small_1024x1…)

Man I want a lena menstrual cup but I still live with my parents and they track every package I get and what's inside it and will open it without my permission. My mom is super against menstrual cups and tampons for me and says I can only wear them once I lose my virginity, but I'm a lesbo, so not really an option. Don't really have any irl friends who could have it sent to their house either.

No. 289126

I don't understand how so many women and girls are this clueless and terrified of their own vaginas. Even if you think it's gross it's YOUR body, you should at least know what's going on with it.
This thread reminds me of that OITNB episode where everyone discovers that they have urethra lol

No. 289131

I mean if your an adult you mom can't really do much about you using whatever products you want, it's your vagina.

No. 289139

Pads. I don't think a tampon would even fit tbh something is wrong with my vag, the hole is tiny. I probably can't even fit a finger up there.

No. 289150

File: 1535870140525.jpeg (30.28 KB, 604x438, D9745B2A-A8A1-46D3-AFD1-32ED63…)

Mirena so you never bleed. Haven’t bought feminine hygiene products in years

No. 289153

I usually use pads for the first day or two (the foamy always ones or, if they aren't on sale, just whatever cottony feeling ones) and then tampons for the rest of the period. can't use tampons on the first days because I get horrible cramps and tampons make them worse. (like a year ago I used a tampon on the 1st day because I had nothing else and the pain was so bad I threw up), however pads tend to give me rash so I can't use them for too long either.

the normal plasticky feeling always pads are the worst, however they're mom's favourites so I had to suffer with them for many years of my childhood

No. 289157

Well for me, it isn't. I'm very afraid of dicks and I'm a virgin in my late 20s. But I'm not afraid of my body and no I still don't get get why you'd be scared to know what you look like or how you function down there. How the fuck is is a stranger's job? I just don't get it.

No. 289197

What pad brands do you use/recommend? I've used Always most of my (period-having) life because it's what my mom bought as well, and I figured it was just how all pads felt.
Just in case relevant: I use Normal absorbency at any given point in my period. Also wings are an absolute must.
(I posted above I like the Always Infinity pads though as they feel much better than other pads I've used.)

Also I didn't even think of the rash thing until you mentioned it, but I have the same issue later into my period if I am wearing pads too much. Not every time but often enough that it's really aggravating. So I like to switch it up using tampons as much as I can. But I never feel confident in using a tampon on any of my heavier flow days (and normal pads work just fine there but idk if my normal tampons would).
I also have pantiliners which I recommend for light end-of-period spotting and in possible combination with a tampon if needed (to ensure no accidental transfer stains to your underwear).

No. 289210

i have a tinfoil it's some sort of adult lady diaper rash, but yeah, i feel your pain!

from always (which unfortunateley is the brand dominating the market here hence why my mom swears by them) i like cotton soft and infinity lines, from other brands i like naturella and bodyform pads. you can sometimes really luck out with weird dollarstore-tier brands (as long as they are just pressed cotton and aren't covered by that hard plastic mesh) but that's a gamble. if your periods are very heavy/for overnight on the heaviest day, I'd recommend to just stick to always infinity, the absorbancy is absolutely insane. this probably isn't much help if you aren't a eurofag, sorry ^^;

No. 289211

samefag, bodyform pads are apparently branded as libresse internationally!

No. 289217

Tampons, haven't used a pad since I first mustered up the courage to try tampons.

I want to start using the cup, but I'm so scared that I won't know how to insert it and take it out properly. It took me 3 years to switch to Nuva Ring for the same reasons D:

No. 289220

Maybe consult with your obgyn? Sounds to me like the cup could help you. I'd try it out on a day I was at home and wear a pad for safety like you do now.

No. 289254

better wear panty liners in this case. pulling out a dry tampon can do damage and increase risk for TSS as well as leaving the tampon in for too long

No. 289485

Thanks! I actually like the scented Always Infinity a lot (I wrote this in another post above actually). I'll keep these other types in mind. I actually have to go to the drug store today to restock…

Nuvaring is AMAZING and I love being on it. I'm sure with the cup it's just a matter of trying it personally and figuring it out (research helps too of course). I'm sure that, like Nuvaring and tampons, if it's not comfortable it isn't inserted right/well.

NTA but I've never heard that removing a dry tampon can be dangerous before. My experiences doing so haven't been quite as bad as what that anon wrote, but I do wear tampons on lighter days and the amount absorbed obviously varies. I always pull tampons out fairly slowly though.

No. 289523

it's true though, i'm not an expert on the topic so i'm just going to cite webmd but if you want more on the subject just google "tss superabsorbent tampons" :/ there was an alleged case when a company created superabsorbent tampons with some crazy chemical which led to an tss epidemy

it was later established that superabsorbent tampons are linked to higher risk for tss regardless of the chemicals used, but that company still had higher risk

>The way in which bacterial poisons enter the bloodstream may also be related to tampon use. Sliding a tampon into place in the vagina may make microscopic tears in the walls of the vagina, rupturing tiny blood vessels. A super-absorbent tampon – especially if it's left in place too long, or if it is used when the menstrual flow is light – can dry out the vagina, making such tearing even more likely.


i also read somewhere that organic cotton tampons being safer is a myth

No. 289525

it said using them in general at all makes the tears though, so anon shouldn't even be using tampons.

everything makes microtears in your vagina anyways, including sex even with lube, it's just how it works.

No. 289526

.. that's what i said in my first post

No. 289546

it's not but i am not going to argue. my point is that no one should use tampons in any capacity if they don't want microtears. being worried about them on the way out and not the way in is silly.

No. 289961

Isn't that where TSS was first occurring? It was because a company made tampons advertised as so absorbent you could wear them overnight and all that business.

I only use regular for tampons and pads. Claiming "pulling out a dry tampon can cause TSS" is completely different from "superabsorbent tampons cause TSS."

Idk how common TSS is nowadays or what, it seems like it's pretty rare. I'm sure it still happens, but it's no epidemic.

Also your quote uses "may" (twice), "can", and "likely" - nothing about it is concrete or a definitive conclusion. Sounds like scare tactics. Girls/women shouldn't be afraid of their own bodies or of tampons, but if they choose not to use tampons, that's fine also.

I agree with where you're going with this because ultimately the microtears are unavoidable unless you remain celibate, never penetrate yourself with anything (not even a finger), never see the gyno (which is a much, much worse risk for your health), and the list goes on.

Also web md is notoriously laughed upon as a source.

No. 290736

Request it to be hold at location?

No. 291091

OMG, what a bunch of nonsense. That this bullshit about "losing your virginity when using tampons" and misunderstanding about basic female anatomy is still being perpetuated in the 21st century by people's parents is fucking depressing. It's not like you have a wall of tissue in your vagina and have to break it by inserting anything in it - the fact that you're bleeding means that there's already a hole in there, for christ's sake. You insert a tampon into that hole that already exists. If you had an unperforated hymen, you would find that out pretty quickly by having huge issues during periods, as the blood wouldn't be able to come out.
Sorry for the rant, but I'm sad that people are still being fed this misinformation I was fed myself when I was a teenager. It caused me a lot of issues, as I thought the hymen always had to be perforated during sex, etc. - the concept of which stressed me immensely. I thought that now the correct information should be more widely available, but apparently people are still telling this bullshit to their kids. And monitoring what are they using during their periods. Sigh.

No. 291093

maybe you could get one of the menstrual cups they have at cvs/target instead? don't know anything about mentrual cups so not sure if they're any good

No. 291095


TSS is extremely uncommon - there were 323 cases in the US in 2016 (meaning 0.0005 percent of the population was affected). 1/3 of TSS cases are in men - it doesn't exclusively affect women who use tampons, but tampon use increases the risk for the bacterial infection which constitutes TSS. TSS could occur in any part of the body, for example in an open wound.

A lot of the information about TSS is frankly overblown after there was an "outbreak" in the 70s. Yes, super absorbent tampons which could cause micro tears were partially to blame but also the introduction of a tampon containing carboxymethylcellulose which could supposedly be inserted for the entirety of your period was also a main culprit. CMC itself is not harmful, but obviously having that inside you for days on end is a bad idea (bacteria city) and it is not used in tampons anymore. If you're unlucky enough to contract TSS via your tampon, you can typically treat it easily with antibiotics unless you let it fester for a long period of time.

Overall, though, I'd say TSS is not worth stressing over.

Source: https://www.popsci.com/toxic-shock-syndrome

No. 291096

Good info, thanks.

No. 291111

I just started using a cup (meluna) a few months ago and I love it, though it definitely has a learning curve and I still need pantyliners, this last period was the first one that I didn't really need them since I finally got it right (another potential issue with my cup is that I might need a larger size as my period is very heavy, but I don't want to invest in another so I might have to stick to pantyliners). I'm glad I made the switch, other than having to figure things out it's really great and far better than feeling gross in pads.

No. 291112

not only this but most girls tear their hymen far before they have sex. Using a tampon can tear it. Masturbating. Almost any activity that is physical and you're moving in weird ways. Plus the hymen tearing doesn't mean you're not a fucking virgin. What is this, Medieval times? I don't know anyone personally irl who bled during their first time.

I might try the cup but I don't know. Like I said I have an irregularly shaped vagina and I also have vaginismus so it can get really tight and tense. I'm not afraid to mess around with it seeing as I'm a grown as woman and often times I push the tampon string into my vagina so I don't piss all over it and have to put in a new one every single time I piss (protip lol). I will give it a go and see if it helps. I also really enjoy the fact that it's less wasteful than tampons.

No. 291128

Yeah, the hymen doesn't even need to tear (in the sense that there's bleeding or pain). Like the hole basically just gets bigger by inserting stuff in it - that's it. If someone told me that as a teen, I would have had much less phobias regarding sex and inserting anything in my vagina, including tampons. And wouldn't have had suffered so much pain down there from being scared and tensing my muscles involuntarily.

No. 291131

i only use pads. i've never tried menstrual cups but i've had terrible experiences with tampons.
any other anons ever had nausea or feel tired after putting in a tampon? actually more than just tampons i've felt nauseous and tired after using sex toys as well.

No. 291139

black panties (x2), period panties, or a cloth pad if necessary. does anyone else here use cloth pads, and if so, any recommendations?

reading this thread makes me think that i've got lighter periods than most tho, hmm.

No. 291146

This sounds really weird. Do you have some kind of condition?

I used to use tampons and then panty liners after the actual period is over, but I switched to a cup. My husband thinks it's gross, I think it's pretty genius.

No. 291155

i have pcos but i don't think it would affect the way my body reacts to tampons

No. 291199

There's so much false information when it comes to the vagina and sex. A lot of it is spread by severely misinformed men. I fell for the same bs too when i was 12 and got my period. I didnt use tampons for years because of it.

No. 291259

Exactly. OT, so saging, but my asshole ex (the same one I lost my virginity to, which was just horrendous because of the pain and I'm jealous of everyone who had a nice first-time experience) inserted a finger into me, told me "Btw. you're not a virgin", and then proceeded to ask me if I was sexually abused as a child. What makes it even more revolting is that he should've been informed. He was a psychologist and a sexologist. So he only added to the trauma by making me doubt myself and thinking someone must've raped me as a kid (and I just didn't remember it). Looking back - like, who the fuck does that to someone they supposedly "love". I'm so ashamed for ever having anything to do with that person.

No. 291543

Shit threads like this belong in /g/

No. 291637

novel red cloth pads are my fave, especially the ones in crushed velvet

No. 291716

Moved to >>>/g/94321.

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