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No. 286663

Anyone here like collaborative story writing? Lets talk about it!

And do any farmers know of good sites to RP? That aren't forums or tumblr.

No. 286682

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Op just reminded me how much I miss rping, but it’s easliy been 8 years since the last time I rped. I used to use livejournal, greatestjournal (RIP), insanejournal, but I think they’re dead or not worth returning to tbh.

No. 286736

Oh man back in highschool I used to rp in on gaia and deviantArt groups (don't @ me) I miss it but I always felt awkward and like I wasn't doing it correctly? Either my partner and I got on well but we just fell out of sync or the other was too young/cringey or a power moddder type and I was just too awkward to deal with that. Neither of us involved would actually like, plot, so it just became aimless and boring quickly. Was fun drawing fluff of our characters though.
I'd like to get back into it. Most fun I had online in a long time.

No. 286797

i used to use thekeep and some place nicknamed "cc" (i think it was like, cyberchatrp or something). i miss building stories and i miss my old buddies on it.

No. 288545

I did it for a while with my friend from elementary school on Neopets but rping ultimately wasn't for me.

No. 295667

The best site for collaborative writing is probably https://fiction.live

No. 295740

most RPers from LJ migrated to dreamwidth after LJ changed the site. the community isn't as big as it was a few years ago, but there's still a good number of games. the variety is nice, there's at least one game for every type of writer/player.

No. 296028

File: 1536976907187.png (504.95 KB, 737x667, tumblr_ntcv9no7pP1uxb4l2o1_128…)

I've roleplayed on and off for over ten years, just recently got back into it and it feels like I'm coming home. Unfortunately, forum roleplay is all I know.

If you like one on one roleplaying, there's a few places you can try to find roleplay partners like Reddit. I forget which ones it was, but there were also some affiliates of RPG-Directory which helped people find writing buddies depending on favored genres, etc.

No. 296080

the roleplay groups on livejournal and dreamwidth were amazing. why aren't those communities around anymore? you'd think they'd migrate to another website or something

No. 296096

Oh god some friends and I used to roleplay being in a rockband on MSN together. It was really fun tbh. We would design outfits and collaborate on shitty lyrics in school.

No. 296153

I know OP said 'not tumblr', but I used to run a very successful rp blog when I was 14-17 (I'm 21 now).
I miss writing, because I'd choose partners that wanted to write the same length as me, and I avoided the shitty ones.

Now where on tumblr would I go to rp? Are there any active rp communities there? I really want to get back into it, but I'm not sure how. I miss unleashing my creative side, since my current line of study is so methodical.

No. 296173

I've been roleplaying for over 10 years now and it's saved my life, I swear. I started off on Yahoo chat and AIM and then moved onto Livejournal. I was roleplaying probably regularly through gmail (because they have a good format) until 2013 and i'm dying to get back into it.

It was such a nice stress reliever to roleplay with a nice friend or partner and pretend to be someone else for a few hours a day.

No. 296174

File: 1537026463813.jpg (145.26 KB, 900x415, 900x.jpg)

Oh man, anon, are you me? I did that too! I made up a band with friends who lived across state and we designed outfits, drew stuff and made lyrics. None of us knew how to play, but i learned the bass guitar later on in life and did music for a very short period of time.

No. 296239

Same, anon. I've gotten through extremely rough patches with roleplaying because it allows me to vent out my feelings in a safe environment and cope with negative events. I'm nearing my 30's and still roleplaying obsessively even though I'm what you would consider a normal, functional adult. I'm just 4everalone and it definitely helps me deal with my loneliness.

No. 296241

communities exist on discord but a lot of them are shitty or filled with elitists.
you might want to try out 'corpse bloom'. i left after they migrated to discord but the people in there seem to love writing, so. give them a try

No. 296244


you might like storium.com ?

No. 296248

Thank you but I'd rather not do discord, I really really liked tumblr's layout. I had a quick look and some of the people I used to rp with are still active, even though it's been years. I should give it another shot, I thought tumblr roleplay completely died?

No. 296313

It hasn't! Plenty of people still use tumblr.

No. 296327

Awesome, thank you!! I can't wait to get back into it. I want to use my old blog but I don't want to associate myself now with my crazy teenage self.

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