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No. 282817

Fandoms thread has been dead for over a year so here's a new one dedicated to the worst fandoms on the Internet (Steven Universe, Voltron, Star Wars, MLP, and older ones like Homestuck)

No. 282915

Nice idea for a thread OP.

How much worse do you anticipate fandom getting? I'm older so I remember when fandom was (mostly) self contained, it isn't just me that thinks fan behavior is getting worse right? Are we gonna get a needle cookie iincident in the West?

No. 282917

Not a tv show/movie fandom, but the absolute worst fandom I've encountered is Dan and Phil's fandom (youtubers). I used to watch them a long time ago, it felt like 95% of their fans are shippers, it's almost horrifying how much they're objectifying them. D&P feed into that mentality themselves, though.

No. 282919

not OP, but i think it can only get worse. i personally don't think fandoms getting larger is the cause for them getting worse (though naturally the more people there are in anything, the higher the chances of coming across "bad seeds" are). i really do think the semi-recent trend of making fandom your identity is to blame, as those types were typically ridiculed back when fandoms were more self contained. now that it's the norm, people get extremely sensitive and are prone to lashing out and acting irrationally when something bad is said about/happens in their fandom, since they take it as an attack on themselves.

No. 282920

Oh for me it is definitely the animation meme community. Young kids try to imitate their idols with their shitty and pr0ny art and it is so disturbing and annoying.

No. 282926

It's going to get worse as long as creators keep encouraging/acknowledging the diehard fans. Echo chambers have also made it easier for the crazies to cluster up and ignore anything they don't want to see or target others who disagree with their doctrines.

No. 282957

SU is such a cozy show, it's a pity that 80% of the fandom is utter trash. Last I've seen of it they were witch hunting people who reblogged Jaspis pictures because "muh abusive relationship supporters"

No. 282966

File: 1534718719101.jpg (114.18 KB, 540x304, undertakermiddlefinger.jpg)

it's small but it's been going on for years. the black butler fandom is the worst. it's like a bizarre combo of fujo and shota.

No. 282987

i really need content creators to stop pandering to fans. of the fandoms the OP listed, it's been done in steven universe, voltron, and especially MLP. the results are always garbage and cringy, yet diehard fans who can't tell quality writing from a pile of shit will lap it up and throw their money at it without a second thought. it encourages their obsessively nerdy behavior AND tanks the quality of the show, movie, book, etc immensely.

anyways… a fandom in particular i dislike is for undertale. and no, i don't mean all the kids having fun with a cool game. i mean the adults that make millions of 3edgy5u AUs where everyone is fucking each other and being yandere or something. and of course i can't find it when i need it, but does anyone remember when people made sans vore audio posts on tumblr?

actually, does vore count as a fandom? going through the tag on tumblr gives me hives. the way they talk about it… "tinies" "teenies" "tummy" "gurgles" "rumblies"

No. 283013

are there more seasons after the circus one? stopped watching a looong time ago

i read the manga, it's absolute shit besides the art. animu shit in victorian england and endless fanservice. perfect combo to attract crazy fans

No. 283034

Not the anon you replied to, but there aren’t anymore seasons of the anime after the circus arc. The mangaka really messed up not having more seasons of the anime made after the circus arc though because the fandom is now pretty much dead. It’s been awhile since I’ve paid attention to the Black Butler fandom but from what I remember it was mostly composed of fujoshis arguing over shipping Sebastian and Ciel or if Grell should be referred to with female pronouns (kek). It’s kinda sad though because the mangaka’s art is actually well done even if it’s wasted on yaoi fanservice.

No. 283040

I had to stop watching MLP because the pandering got so bad. Makes me so sad because season 1 was so great.

No. 283087

I argued with someone once about whether or not shota had any appeal to fujos. Black Butler is a good example in the affirmative.

No. 283090

I really dislike the SU fandom, especially when they pretend that it contains lesbian representations when the non-human characters are technically not even females or some shit like that while bragging about accurate and realistic lgbt representation. The character design looks absolutely disgusting and some Jem and the Holograms bootleg. I can't stand the Voltron fandom when it comes to shipping wars because they're not even fun to watch for afar, but I got curious enough to check the show myself and it's an ok show. I think I would have loved it as a teen or a child but I just find it ok and a good way to pass time, not some soap opera masterpiece that the hardcore fans make it seem like.

>i really need content creators to stop pandering to fans.
It's more like they should exclusively pander to the intended audience and not the most vocal fans, and only if they want to. I think Voltron is aimed at kids, boys and girls who like action shows, but their stunt with gay Shiro and his ex-bf didn't seem like it wasn't made to pander to the intended audience but to the "representation matters!!1!" and fujoshi fans. Can you imagine if this happened with popular manga? We would have actual fujo pandering in the series published in the shonen jump magazine and things would be completely different in general.

I always managed to avoid the fandom while enjoying the manga and the anime to a lesser extent. The anime does have an OAV for the murder mystery arc and a movie for the Campania arc (which would have been perfect if not for the disgusting CGI for crowds but whatever). What should come next is the college arc but there's no news about that so it's basically a wait and see case.

The manga really looks like it's reaching it's conclusion because there has been some crazy revelations that were more or less planned and others that should be coming next such as who the fuck is undertaker, what was up with Claudia, who planned the attack on the manor, why and their connection with the cult but the current arc is super long for no good reason and the chapter are way shorter than they used to be so I can imagine some people are losing interest. I always forget the series exists until a friend tells me to check news scans.

It really depends on fujo and shows. Another example of that is Loveless, I never watched or read it but it was popular at some point.

No. 283091

>the mangaka’s art is actually well done even if it’s wasted on yaoi fanservice.
Eh, I don't think it's wasted at all. Pretty boys and pretty costumes is perfect use of her art because that's what she's good at. The story itself is not bad at all either, sometimes I forget because people make such a fuss about fujos and shota (god forbid girls ever get pandered too right…) but it's enjoyable outside that. It's got kind of an erotic tone to it with plenty of female characters and hetero interactions too.

No. 283097

If I were to decide on the worst fandom I've ever experienced, I think Steven Universe takes the cake because it's a shitty, ugly cartoon with an equally retarded creator and it doesn't deserve the attention and recognition it gets. Voltron is nearing its status as a legendary piece of shit community but unlike with Steven Universe I don't think their body count is over 0 yet.

However it's hard to say which is the worst. The current era social media Tumblr fandom bullshit started with Homestuck, continued with Sherlock, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Shingeki no Kyojin, Undertale, Steven Universe and Voltron. It's the same crowd that is attracted by all these franchises so basically it's just the same fandom over and over again. Bronies were creepy and disgusting but in all fairness they left it at that. I don't think they ever became violent or started aggressive witch hunts to get people doxxed and fired. It was the same with Hetalia and Sonic, their fans are/were autistic and gross but generally harmless.

Another candidate outside of cartoons or tv shows, the k-pop stans can be so fucking awful. I'm an oldfag k-pop listener and I dropped it almost completely after all the retarded BTS Armies took over the whole scene and I simply can't deal with their bullshit. Even worse is when they try to call their precious BTS's rival bands out with stupid ass accusations of racism and whatever, not because they actually think g-dragon is racist for having cornrows (which is a dumb statement in itself), but because they just want to kill all competition for their precious oppa jimin uwu. Good lord just fuck off with your underage sasaeng ass.

If you seriously think Kuroshitsuji fandom was/is the worst, I envy your naivety. It doesn't even exist anymore.

It's because the creators of these shows are approachable on social media and vulnerable to the viewers. They keep caving in under pressure from fans which leads to a clusterfuck of pandering and the show being cucked out of all credibility.

No. 283108

Voltron was initially made for kids. But since the non male child viewership was so high they started taking different approaches with the show. The toy lines have been cancelled and the merchandise is now aimed at an older audience (generally speaking). They are trying to appeal to both audiences at once, the former because Dreamworks the latter because money. Its a weird combo.

No. 283124

supernatural fandom is pretty horrible. I observe them a little bit over the years. Its so god damn cringey at cons when they ask questions about their ships and that Misha Collins dude completely enables it and eggs it on especially when its clear the other cast mates don't find it funny. I lolled when Jensen Ackles said "destiel" doesn't exist. I also get a creepy vibe from that Misha Guy. He's always making sexual jokes and he's brand of politics and performative wokeness actually disgusts me. Worse case of libtard I've ever seen.

No. 283128

too this day there are a decent sized group at every con from Black Butler with cat ears? I've never understood it, why?

No. 283133

true crime fandom aka hybristophilia hell has a massive problem with idiots romanticizing the crimes of killers/rapists, from photoshopping flower crowns onto pics of them to cosplaying as them to harassing survivors to trying to imitate them and become serial killers themselves (usually failing miserably while doing so).

it would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgusting and disrespectful. not to mention how dangerous it is with deranged fucks trying to emulate the crimes of their favorite killers because muh tragic existence.

>inb4 edgelord

No. 283135

File: 1534758659852.jpeg (52 KB, 408x379, 1975CE8D-ACAE-4A20-8B6D-D44DF0…)

The furry fandom is the most cringe fandom in existence, everyone else go home

No. 283140

> from photoshopping flower crowns onto pics of them to cosplaying as them to harassing survivors to trying to imitate them and become serial killers themselves
People like this exist? I'm somewhat interested in crime community but always fuck off after people start coming up with cringeworthy over-thinking theories completely ignoring the occam's razor (i.e. "maybe the murdered prostitute was an undercover Russian agent and faked her death to cheat the reptilians!!!") so I always miss whacks like these.

However I do remember one girl who was obsessed with a school shooter to the point she took photos imitating him, visited his grave religiously, brought gifts there and stalked the deceased shooter's friends. Fucking crazy town, man.

No. 283144

the thumbnail alone already makes me wanna vomit

No. 283146

No. 283158

Harry Potter has the most irritating fandom of all time, it's like a religious cult that's never going to end

No. 283185

File: 1534764604116.png (564.71 KB, 1600x1670, not_a_piece_of_cake_by_yeagar-…)

The furry community and animation meme community are interwoven btw

No. 283264

I'm not sure if it's considered a fandom but I absolutely can't stand Beyonce's fans. Beyonce's solo career has been terrible and they're all so freakishly obsessive. I actually bet one will respond to this. Actually any music fandoms are terrible but for the most part I feel bad hating on them because they're made up of very young girls.

No. 283291

Beyonce barely even looks black to me.

No. 283301

I hate Poppy stans. They're all either idiot children, or basic bitches with no taste or aesthetic sense.

No. 283303

they treat you like an idiot if you aren't also a fan too.

"What?!! You HAVEN'T seen and read every single movie and book?! THE BEST SERIES TO EVER EXIST?"

harry potter just gave weird kids and outlet for being weird and now those people are adults who think they're "quirky and different". 9/10 probably have a shitty harry potter tattoo and 9/10 are probably still acting like cringy teens.

No. 283321

Holy shit, anon you're spot on especially with the tattoo part. I had a friend just like that and it's just so immature ugh

No. 283347

I hate how the fans I know are all praising her for representing the struggles of women, especially black ones, when she has been a celebrities for so long now and she barely looks black anyway as >>283291 said so her being treated like shit based on that is possible but most likely not representative of your average black woman's experience. She's actually privileged but good luck telling that to her woke fans. I used to like her but her fans kind of ruined it for me and I don't care about her more recent songs anyway.

Harry Potter gives me the same vibe as Star Wars, saying this as someone who was really into HP but never watched SW. The current fans seem to be really into it because of the nostalgia more than anything and still think they're the biggest nerds on Earth for liking any of these series even though they're some of the most mainstream pieces of media nowadays.

No. 283361

Ive mentioned in other threads the HC HP fans are always women in their late 20s, severely overweight if not morbidly obese, and always obsessed with Disney and gay man.

No. 283389

I really hate the Star Wars fandom. Capeshit fandoms are always trash too. Any predominantly male, nerdy fandom is guaranteed to be shitty. Male autism makes me cringe harder.

No. 283391

File: 1534783804501.jpg (31.65 KB, 480x516, 8273f8db29393e50a029c155161692…)

Supernatural fandom on its own sucked, but let's not ignore the unholy abortion of a fandom that was SuperWholock.

No. 283394

File: 1534784270792.png (898.73 KB, 912x910, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.5…)

definitely represents the average black woman. lmao.

No. 283395

The Ru Paul Drag Race fandom is so toxic. For a show that showcases a bunch of men from different backgrounds all just making stuff as best as they can, the fans sure seem like a bunch of racist little girls with no mental flexibility.

You've actually seen poppy fans? This is weird to me because I only know about poppy from various YouTubers that take the piss or 'expose' Poppy, and threads here, maybe it's because I'm nearly 30 but I've never run into an actual fan or even seen her music shared online in a positive way. I'm not attacking you but I'm really curious, where are you running into her fans?

I feel like since all the hype died, the HP Fandom has just been bubbling away in a inoffensive and even cute way but the next films could change all that.

No. 283398

HP fandom annoys me the least but I might be biased cos I love the films but not to the point I'd get a fucking tattoo or even care about it beyond the end credits. Thats so childish and cringeworthy.

No. 283401

File: 1534784821609.png (496.47 KB, 604x612, cringe.png)

>becoming serial killers
it's actually trying to become mass murderers in my experience, like that Lindsey girl in Halifax who was a columbiner/neo nazi and tried to shoot up a shopping mall. It's always inspired by columbine (virginia tech, randy stair, ect) but never ever other tragedy. If someone tried to imitate somebody like Dahmer wew……. they're completely forgetting the point that his crimes were personal and sexual to only him.

No. 283403

jfc i have a friend who is a normal person but once it's about hp or disney she goes crazy. she's always been judging me (and everyone) for not having watched hp and all the disney movies. i've recently started reading hp books but only because she grew up and stopped forcing me to, otherwise i wouldn't be able to enjoy them. what's so fucking important about it anyway? yes, it has influenced literature for kids/teenagers, but it doesn't mean that everybody will find something interesting and valuable in these books.

No. 283405

>people make such a fuss about fujos and shota (god forbid girls ever get pandered too right…)
nothing wrong with critizing shota wtf

No. 283406

File: 1534787070997.jpg (115.08 KB, 594x586, Z7qaOzBpSFHl.jpg)


The difference between those two album covers tho.

TBH I understood why people loved her when she went full solo, she was kind of cute and glamorous and hat catchy songs but meanwhile I feel like all her fans try to sell her music as some kind of modern day art or shit like this because muuh our queen did it and look she took a pic in front of the Mona Lisa #queenbee

This overhype killed any kind of interest towards her. Last good song of hers was the collab with Lady Gaga. And that was back in 2009.

No. 283407

>Last good song of hers was the collab with Lady Gaga
What about Lemonade? Nearly all the songs on that album were better imo.

No. 283411

No kek Beyonce is sooooo damn overrated and Lemonade was really really bad. I prefer Riri

No. 283413

Going ape was such a huge piece of shit. She IS shit.

No. 283414

Lemonade was fake woke pandering.

Yeah I think thats actually the problem with Beyonce "fandom" they pretend like she's this modern artistic genius who REALLY cares and not just another industry puppet created to make as much money as possible. So delusional.

No. 283417

Dear god, that album was shit. I thought it was a joke. You can't even criticise it because teenagers will scream at you for not being woke and "You don't get it because it's not for you reeeeeeeeee"

No. 283419

Apeshit/Everything Is Love just came and went despite the good reviews from critics. No impact whatsoever. Not even Beyonce stans cared for it because of JayZ's presence.

No. 283421

THANK you. she's mediocre but gets so hero-worshipped that it puts me off any of her stuff. and shes not a feminist icon or whatever, shes a pop singer.

No. 283422

Staying with Jay Z after he cheated on her with anything with a pulse makes her look like a complete fool. I can't take her seriously.

No. 283425

I don't even judge Jay Z for cheating on her, she's beautiful but she seems like the kind of woman who hate sex.

No. 283441

Yeah, the mass shooter wannabes may be more common. I honestly don’t follow the wannabe cases too closely because it’s always about boring, shallow people with zero depth to them. Yawn.

I’m 99% sure the one I was thinking of was a serial killer wannabe, though. I just saw the article, declared ‘ew’ and kept scrolling lol.

Either way, true crime seems to attract some of the most bottom-of-the-barrel degenerates who want to justify their degeneracy. Tragic.

No. 283444

can we just piss on fandom culture in general?
if so lemme say i h8 the people that will assume just because you enjoy something fictional you'll love it in reality. . . or that you're even supporting that irl

as someone that loves reylo that amount of people i've had claim i'm ~advocating~ for abusive and toxic relationships irl is just . . . shocking.

i don't know how the internet became so sensitive to shipping and shit

No. 283450

>but unlike with Steven Universe I don't think their body count is over 0 yet.
Please elaborate? Oh my god please tell me more I need the full story (stories?) do this for me anon please

No. 283466

Can we please talk about the fucking Osumastu fandom. The fandom is filled with degenerates such as that one chick named "Stinky" who litterally swallowed cockaroches and fucked dogs.

No. 283467

I still think Sherlock fandom is the worst of them, not because they behave the worst but for the sheer fact that you MUST be fucked in the head to be attracted to and ship two fugly old men. Seriously, the thought of those two fucking is gag inducing.

No. 283476

File: 1534799508521.png (65.54 KB, 588x570, YXhszy4.png)

The Super Smash Bros Community is such a clusterfuck.

No. 283481

File: 1534800860858.png (895.61 KB, 2123x3334, cf5.png)

I think its about that 13/16 y/o killing herself(she failed iirc) because of harassment from adult fans, over drawing Rose thinner than what she is in the show(or it might have been a lighter skin shade) and even one of the story board artist or something had to step in on twitter saying to chill tf out and let people draw the su characters how they want. At the end of the day nothing was learned and its still a shit show of a fandom.

I believe this covers some of it. Im sure there has been more, but honestly try to stay away from that shit and just enjoy the show.


No. 283482

File: 1534801420824.jpg (66.9 KB, 556x564, tumblr_nwypdpNof51tekds0o1_640…)

Holy shit…
There even is an anti blog http://zamii070factkin-blog.tumblr.com/

No. 283488

sounds like a troll lol

No. 283489

File: 1534803095653.jpg (178.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1522033786799.jpg)

seriously i don't get the insanity about a show where the main characters look like muppets

No. 283496

It makes this song pretty funny now actually.

No. 283497

File: 1534806286608.jpeg (69.84 KB, 250x369, 07E5B251-3E37-4D36-8F94-D45392…)

The dude bros in the JJBA fandom are honestly the worst, at this point, they are even more annoying to me than the fujoshits.
Like these assholes raged hard over David Production (the company making the anime) over choosing the pink color palette for the protagonist. Keep in mind that the mangaka always draws this character with this color palette.

Like seriously? Does the pink color easily hurt their masculinity? What a fucking joke

No. 283498

File: 1534806922946.jpeg (97.75 KB, 900x726, 8F090099-62A1-4DEC-8352-DD29D1…)

I’m gonna be honest they are pretty cute, especially Ichimatsu. Also twincest. People who want to fuck Karamatsu are the worst kind of people though, they are truly cancer.

No. 283499

i don't understand what language you are speaking.

anyways I don't consider it a "fandom" but like with Harry Potter, adults who are obsessed with Disney are terrible people in general with their heads up their own asses. It's funny that most of them are very left/progressive, but become obsessed with things that are very white and have surface level morals. Vid related, it's one of the many brands of Lindsey Ellis-esque videos where someone tries to "deconstruct" a film made for children. It's like these people can't understand that a large corporation won't cater to your every whim (like with The Last Jedi controversy from fan) and is instead literally making movies they can sell in China for money. China is literally the reason why every other minority is represented in Disney movies but LGBT people.

No. 283504

jesus yes. i went to CEO to support a friend playing in smash4 brackets and have never been so many socially inept people in my entire life. melee community is also cringe, but i feel like a lot of them are somewhat self aware

No. 283513

Excuse me for being clueless but what exactly is this Osomatsu thing? I see it all the time. Is it a manga? Why is it so popular?

No. 283520

Fujos are weird. Anyone else remember the huge South Park yaoi fanbase on deviantart?

No. 283521

some manga from the 60s about sextuplets that they rehashed and turned into fujobait. all the characters look like they were drawn by the garfield artist

No. 283523

File: 1534814605504.png (633.37 KB, 1000x777, 1490193732474.png)

I just want all the psychos like stinky out of this fucking fandom.

It started out as a show in the 1960s about some grown ass man with huge teeth and his adventures that included the sextuplets.
It was then rebooted in 2015, and focused more on the sextuplets as adults. It was very popular when it came out because it was funny and the different personalities of the sextuplets were very endearing.
I honestly miss when it was popular, at least all the shitty content was drowned out by the good wholesome content.

No. 283527

If you stop caring what Fandoms are screeching about in the first place and also stop typing like a retarded child then all your problems would be solved.

No. 283535

>China is literally the reason why every other minority is represented in Disney movies but LGBT people.

sorry if this is stupid to ask, but why? does china hate lgbt?

No. 283546

I'm one of the people who dropped it during its popularity crash when S2 airing. S2 seemed like shallow pandering, the skits weren't as funny as they were in S1.

No. 283547

You're cringy as fuck.

No. 283552

File: 1534819106581.png (109.44 KB, 640x362, Tweek_and_Craig;_Reverse_Lotus…)

It's still there anon. Was one myself when I was 14-17 but grew out of it, now it's just another groups of teen and young adults kinda crazy to see it.

No. 283553

China is the world's second largest movie market, so Disney is pandering towards them. LGBT is highly restricted by the authorities in China btw

No. 283554

china has laws against playing movies with homosexuality in theatres, selling them, streaming them online, etc. and china is a HUGE market for disney

No. 283565

File: 1534823320495.jpg (47.51 KB, 960x540, south-park-s19e06c01-intro-to-…)

I used to be a part of both fandoms at one point in my life lol.

While the art is still there, some of the artists are now flocking to twitter, tumblr, and even pixiv to post their art.

I remembered there used to be some negativity towards the SP girls in the SP fandom because it gets in the way of the yaoi. Looking at it now, the girls are way more appreciated. I never really liked the hatred for the girls, but I'm glad it's changed.

No. 283568

File: 1534824390553.jpg (611.18 KB, 900x640, 1529282816986.jpg)

i'm not really sure why SP has so much nip fanart but i don't mind.

No. 283609

>I just want all the psychos like stinky out of the internet.

No. 283616

File: 1534839257215.jpeg (21.99 KB, 283x280, E7AD1CD3-41B0-4908-BF17-2382F0…)

The danganronpa fandom is pretty bad desu, not gonna lie. V3 attracted a bunch of stupid, vapid people who only care about annoying meme characters like Ouma and try and act like the ending to V3 wasn’t the worst thing in video game existence. Also the over abundance of trans headcanons, people making every single character a strong independent gay/lesbian, and the fact that the V3 characters weren’t even good and people aren’t acting like they have immensely deep backstories. SDR2 is one of the best games ever and had some of the best characters ever, V3 was such a downgrade. It is sad the fandom has gone down the gutter as well as the series.

No. 283617

i've never played a fire emblem game in my life, but i've seen some of the cringiest people emerge from that fandom. a majority of the time i ever become aware of them is because of the Hot SJW Takes they regurgitate. they're pretty misogynist overall too. most of the time their shenanigans aren't even about fire emblem, they just have a fire emblem profile picture.

yes! oh god it gets on my nerves they think Beyonce worked hard to be on top? her dad owns a record company. she was born rich lol. the fans think she's literally God and i'm just like… alright calm down. i actually did love her stuff when she went solo. i was in elementary school at the time, but i still listen to Crazy In Love every once in a while.

No. 283620

Fair enough
They’re literal scum and I hate that it’s easy for younger people to be exposed to them.

Rip Dangan ronpa
It’s full of edgy underaged kids more than ever now. Even when the first one came out I recall people fighting about chihiro being trans.

No. 283621

that’s what i was thinking of at first, but because anon said ‘body count over 0’ i presumed they were referring to a different case where someone actually /did/ die. glad if that wasn’t the case, though.

No. 283623

wow that is so embarrassing but at least they're not obese like that other anon said every adult who is obsessed with children shit is

No. 283624

The "chihiro is trans" discourse was ironically the most sexist fucking thing ever.
>Chihiro dresses up as a girl and hides his identity because he got ostracized for being an effeminate and physically weak male
>Chihiro asks Mondo to help him become stronger so he doesn't have to disguise himself as a girl anymore

No. 283625

Yeah you know how people say shit like "Beyonce didn't go to college/doesn't have a high school diploma and she's a millionaire so you don't need to pursue and education" all the time? It pisses me off because she was set for life as soon as she was born, she's an exception, not some example to give to teenage girls who don't want to do their homework.

I'm not even going to read the whole post because I haven't touched V3 yet but the fandom was always shit and I have no idea how a series so problematic with actual controversial content attracted SJWs so fast with the first game. I haven't finished SDR2 because I lost interest after the 3rd chapter so maybe I missed interesting drama within the fandom?

Same shit with Naoto from Persona 4. She hides her identity as a teenage girl for practical reasons (because she wasn't respected at work and deemed incompetent for being a girl) and if you complete her social link she says something like "I'm proud of being a woman" but I still see people saying that she's a transboy and that her character arc was transphobic and homophobic.

I think it also has to do with Kanji who has a crush on her, fans desperately want him to be gay because "representation matters!!1!" so him having a crush on a transboy would still make him gay to the fans instead of bi or ambiguous.

No. 283628

File: 1534844764183.png (199.74 KB, 400x427, 13CE1784-71C7-4967-80EF-B0AFED…)

I love Chihiro and it pisses me off so much seeing people do hunch dirty like this. What is wrong with a guy being effeminate and this being a guy? He didn’t even enjoy cross dressing, unlike most of not all trans people, he felt forced into it. But yeah, can’t have a gender nonconfroming character, nope he must be a trans girl sugoii uwu
I would highly recommend finishing it, the 5th chapter has one of the best cases in all of the games. It also improves dramatically in the final chapter, Hajime gets a lot of character devolpment and it is quite emotional

No. 283632

It’s a huge pet peeve of mine how all HP fans I personally know act like they were totally bullied for liking HP in middle school :((( when I know for a fact that that’s complete bullshit. HP was so popular at my school that you’d get shit for not liking it. For years I pretended to like the books because any kid who didn’t was excluded and made fun of. Some of my favourite fantasy authors were accused of having copied Rowling despite their stories being published years, sometimes decades before hers, and people would mock me for reading these “copycats”. A few of the most popular kids in our year even tried to have it added to our school’s English literature curriculum alongside Dickens and Twain. And now these people are in their late twenties and acting like being HP fans made them unpopular nerdy underdogs? Fuck off. They might as well pretend they got bullied in elementary school for liking Disney movies.

Please note that I’m talking about people in my personal life with whom I grew up, not every HP fan ever. I have no problem believing that some kids did get bullied for it. Just not the people on my feed who act like they’re being so #brave and #nerdy for being fans of one of the most popular media franchises of all time.

No. 283636

I can believe that some HP fans are actually huge nerds, not the ones who just read the books or watched the movies and occasionally buy merchandises. More like the ones writing fanfics, lurking in communities online like kink memes and getting involved in shipping wars. They tend to forget that what's off-putting to normies is that they're nerds/otaku in general, not that they like HP by itself. I'm sure some kids were bullied for liking HP or reading in general at school though, you can literally be a target for any reason whatsoever anyway, but it's really exaggerated.

No. 283644

>I'm not attacking you but I'm really curious, where are you running into her fans?
I had two girls in my friend group who were huge Poppy stans. They were really annoying about how ~*aesthetic*~, ~*deep*~, and ~*artistic*~ she is, and both were very cringy, Tumblrina dd/lg types (except one turned out to also be racist).
Aside from that, I see them on Twitter, Reddit, etc and even occasionally on 4chan. They're either underagers with too much unsupervised internet, teen (or adult) women who just discovered the tags "kawaii", "pink" and "aesthetic" on Tumblr/IG, or grown men who are waifufags and/or think of Titanic Sinclair as an alt-right, redpilled /ourguy/ who implants anti-leftist messages in all of Poppy's videos.

No. 283722

there are poppy stans? why? her videos have the most basic social commentary you can think of, and considering that she actually is a part of the entertainment industry, the "messages" ring hollow. i'm of the opinion that someone being a hypocrite about something doesn't automatically render their message incorrect, but i can only see it as a flimsy attempt on poppy/sinclair's part at seeming deep and not like those OTHER celebrities to attract a different audience so people will still talk about her.

No. 283789

there are people that legitimately believe shes a "plant" to expose leftist celebrities and the illuminati lol

No. 284093

Witchhunts and morality virtue signalling bullshit in female/gay dominated fandoms is out of control and unless it's an obscure fanbase of like 5 people then nothing is safe anymore.

No. 284094

Reminds me of the Life is Strange fandom. Some of them are SO pissed that the new main characters are male,mexican and siblings so they can't ship them and also because there are no Max and Chloe.
The devs stated that their story is done and that they won't be in LiS almost a year ago.

No. 284097

As an LGBT person myself, I'm tired of fandoms using our community as a way to make characters more "special". I can understand making headcannons to feel more represented but I feel like nowadays it's just used as some quirky uwu trait.

No. 284099

If it makes you feel better, they're basically not allowed to exist vocally anymore because apparently fiction = reality now and liking anything questionable means you support it in real life. Fujos are also the next big target on the SJW hitlist and they've completely changed the definition of the word fujoshi to fit their agenda.

No. 284107

>siblings so they can't ship them
when had this ever stopped shippers though

No. 284108

You have to be very careful about that kind of shit in Western fanbases these days.

No. 284114

File: 1534955835088.png (205.33 KB, 540x489, 064A2D83-EF82-4C2E-8431-834AA6…)

The persona 5 fandom. It’s so, so bad. Why so many braindead ‘woke’ people drawn to it I don’t understand, they don’t usually get into things that are actually good and not pandering garbage.

No. 284118

>actually good and not pandering garbage
>persona 5
pick one

No. 284121

The Persona 5 fandom had the bad luck to be dominated by fujos obsessed with boring Akechi and straight dudes who do nothing but post “I want to lick Ann’s armpits!” over and over again.

No. 284122

So exactly what Atlus intended.

No. 284125

To be fair, Akechi’s character has a broader appeal than just fujos, he also appeals to edgelords and memelords STOP WITH THE STUPID PANCAKE MEME IT ISNT FUNNY ANYMORE
He is also kind of cute ngl

No. 284127

This. That's the exact the exact demographic they were aiming for. P5 110% is pandering garbage with a side of Woke™ social commentary.

No. 284130

>Woke™ social commentary
Does P5 have that or is it just Western fandom reading too far into shit again? I've only played the other Persona games and they just have generally positive messages for a Japanese audience that get hijacked by retarded Western fans with an agenda and spun into something more than it really is.

No. 284139

It has a lot of social commentary, yeah. Generally very sjw friendly too, more so than the ~possibly terf-y~ stuff in P4 they desperately tried to twist to fit their rhetoric. The only things that rustled their jimmies in P5 were the lack of a gay romance option and the homophobic jokes.

No. 284140

Wow. It was really interesting to read everyone's opinions so far.

I'm an oldfag and haven't been into fandoms since the late 90s/very early 2000s when things were a little less intense, but damn. A lot of these batshit crazy fandoms have made it to my radar over the years since I use twitter/tumblr/instagram (not for fandom though ofc), browse here + 4chan, but most alarmingly…a lot of the people I used to know where in them.

The majority of the people I've met at cons/through cosplay/online who are heavily in one or many of the fandoms listed so far seem to share severe social/mental issues that are eerily similar to one another. Now that I think about it, they all had such strong traits that could literally be generalized like the fandom's reputations.

They all dedicated so much emotion and money into a lot of these *~problematic~* fandoms listed here, specifically steven universe, voltron, yuri on ice, omotesando, superwholock (and all individal fandoms), danganronpa, south park, rupaul, my little pony, and also death note/homestuck/hetalia/naruto/sonic, and more. Almost all of them liked every single one at some point and followed them closely over the years.

I have been rethinking a few of those lingering friendships that I have been trying to maintain but I am struggling with the fact that I just don't like them as people, and probably never did. Low and behold, they have the same tendencies as the extreme cases listed here. Almost all of them treat others horribly, are extremely self centered, go on witchhunts, virtue signaling, shaming, overly aggressive and pick fights, bully, take advantage of others, e-beg online, victimize, physically and sexually abuse others (slapping, hitting, grabbing body parts), and are never, EVER wrong and will put anyone on blast who crosses them. The way most anons described these shitty fandoms act in general could be directly applied to most of the people I knew. What's wild is while some were from the same friend groups, others were completely separate friend groups yet they acted almost exactly the same.

This is actually extremely interesting. I don't want to derail more after blogging but has there ever been any research on harmful fandoms like these which become echochambers for really disturbing and damaging behaviors? I know that is rampant these days with non-fandom things too, but it's kind of amazing how it has spiraled out of control for a lot of fandoms and they are attacking creators, fans they disagree with, resorting to some dangerous behavior, etc. and there is little to no actual pushback, so they keep going further and further.

No. 284143

I think that nowadays people make fandoms their identity, which is quite sad. Maybe this explains why some people get really agressive when they are involved in controversies like shipping wars. I remember that one weird cult centered around Final Fantasy which ended damaging a lot of persons and was sort of fucked up?

No. 284148

Wow, anon, can you tell us more about this?
I've only run into a cult of Midna from LoZ but it was basically a board of retarded waifufags hoping heaven is real and a furry waifu is waiting there to fuck them

No. 284149

I’d recommend looking into the voltron fandom if you are interested in batshit crazy loonies go apeshit over a cartoon. Seriously they are a prime example of how a fandom can make people go nuts (case in point: klance shippers vs sheith shippers autism)

No. 284150

File: 1534964593950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.35 KB, 640x480, the-final-fantasy-vii-house-is…)

It's called the FF7 House and some news outlets (plus Kiwifarms) have covered the topic. Basically their leader believed that she was the reincarnation of some characters of said game and forced the members to do things such as give her money and go shopping for her and isolated them from the rest of the world. The house where they lived was dirty, untidy and full of rotten meat

No. 284155

watch this

No. 284176

>tfw you're so old people either don't know about this or only saw the down the rabbit hole video
No but in all seriousness the Final Fantasy fandom used to be a massive trainwreck of all this proto-otherkin (then called soulbonds or whatever) bullshit in the early to mid 2000's. The Sailor Moon fandom had it to some extent too, it's a shame pockybox has been dead for years now but thankfully archive.org has some of their vintage drama articles archived. The most elaborate ones have to do with Usagi Kou who's still a crazy cunt and even has a thread in /snow/ even today. Highly recommending reading through these.

I honestly miss the time when people documented drama on websites instead of image boards, it was much easier reading through articles by a single author instead of 70 threads of derailing and infighting.

No. 284184


Thank you so much! Indeed, I was to young to be on an English internet when this crazy stuff was happening. Will read those links. Love me some vintage milk.

I was disappointed to find that the main cult chick didn't pretend/believe to be a reincarnation of Aerith.

No. 284308

I remember enjoying SU while it was at it's first season when it was exploding on tumblr, but I became so tired of the SJWs complaining about anything that they didn't enjoy of the show. Adults whining about the story and characters of a children's show pisses me off so much.

I wonder how the fandom is now. I'm sure the writers ave tried to please those fans who want every thing to be el-gee-bee-tee. People always take shit too far.

No. 284310

>thinking these shows aren't aimed at tumblrs

No. 284610

Is there anything funnier/slightly concerning than seeing extremely inclusive games like The Arcana or Dream Daddy still get thrown shit at for daring making a character complex or play around with trophes in order to not make the storyline boring as fuck?

No. 284615

Its quite halarious as fuck to me tbh. For the first time, today i actaully watched a Dream Daddy letsplay just to at least get the just of the game. The game panders so much with the fact you can have "binders" to your dad character and all that extra shit. The dialouge was corny but friendly and "non-offensive". But EVEN THEN, there are post upon post upon post on Tumblr that complain about how ~problematic~ the game is. No matter how much pandering you do to these people NOTHING will be enough.

No. 284616

I don’t know very much about dream daddy but I know it had a nutty fandom full of fakebois. I hated it honestly, DD was boring and so obviously made to pander to GG’s already awful fan base.

No. 284859

This is why pandering to Tumblrinas never pays off. They will never, ever be satisfied with anything and even one wrong move from the creators pisses them off so much they go on an excessive witch hunt. And even if you avoid all drama and make a bland as shit super-inclusive virtue signaling product, they might signal boost your project but at the same time they forget you in 10 seconds, never buy your product and continue to support some more successful franchise while demanding them to cater to their every whim. And for some reason companies and game studios in particular never fucking realize this and keep going on this wild goose chase. Tumblrinas live off of controversy and escalating it, they don't really care about the subject matter.

No. 284878

Most of those so problematic things are just turning points or conflicts in the plot. I swear that some people on Tumblr don't understand how morals work and think that everyone is designated to be a savior of the oppressed.

No. 285059

This is the cringe I seek. Thank you for the cringe anon.

No. 285060


Honestly, people always give the sonic fandom shit for being autistic, etc. But the worst we have is Chris-chan and he's just an internet meme. At least we don't have a body count. Like SU/ Gorillaz.

No. 285068

wait wtf have gorillaz fans done?

No. 285112

just search gorillaz rule 34. that's all I know of within the fandom

No. 285114

Lemonade is shit. I will never understand why it's so praised, but then again, the same goes for Beoynce in general.

>next films could change all that
I actually really hope so, because I fucking love HP drama, even though I wasn't there when the original books were being released.

No. 285117

Beyonces best bops were pre 2009

No. 285165

She has talent, but I can't get into all this woke BLM stuff.

No. 285288

I have maybe two songs that I like by Beyonce and both songs have guests in it that I like more. I can accept she has talent but the second I mention I'm not into her music, I get chastised by my friend group saying "you just don't know how to appreciate it". I don't like Mariah Carey, new Christina Aguilera, and Ariana Grande for the same reason as Beyonce: overhyped, talented but does the same shit with their voice, and feels the need to show us their range in EVERY. SONG.

Like, I get that she's talented but none of what Beyonce does sounds different from shit other mainstream pop singers do.

No. 285332

In all honesty it's mostly the western fandom reading into it too much. It's very Japan-centric with its commentary and has to do with the very current issue of how late teens/young adults are treated in their society. I thought it was pretty well done to an extent but I guess it requires some familiarity with the subject matter. I often see Americans complaining and clearly not getting the point that something like Akechi's character arc is trying to drive home but people from countries with meritocratic societies with a noticeably lesser emphasis on individualism similar to Japan seem to relate to it better. inb4 reee shut up weeb ur just a retarded fujo reee

No. 285366

Can we talk about the lovelive fandom? The anime is shit and so is their fandom

No. 285444

Between the seiyuufags and the delusional lesbians, I don't know who's worse.

No. 285522

Dont even mention the dudebros and weebs that defend their precious anime until death,those anime girls look all the fucking same and has a personality of a rock

No. 285530

I accidentally started to enjoy Supernatural, and I'm the type of person who enjoys reading episode discussions and such after each one. I mostly stick to reddit since most blatantly awful comments get downvoted, but still there's some doozies even there.

HP fandom is kind of awful lately as well, sure it was always divided - hhr/rhr or pro/anti snape, but lately the extreme sjws seem to have gotten their claws into it and I've honestly never read a decent HP fanfic ever despite recommendations. I'll stick to Buffy and Daria.

No. 285600

can someone tell me why fujoshi are so hated all of a sudden? i get men hating them but it seems like all of a sudden fujoshis who dont label themselves as such hate fujoshi, seriously what the fuck? even people here seem to hate them, whats the problem with wanting fictional guys to fuck? im just really confused at how passionate some people are, when did it become such a dirty word?

No. 285601

Western (female-dominated) fandom is currently in a race to out-woke each other and fujos just happened to be the next victims on the hitlist.

But yeah it's fucking hilarious seeing all these fujoshi-and-fudanshi-in-denial shitting on them all like "I'm totally not like the other girls!".

No. 285603

People think it's "problematic"

No. 285629

even ignoring any of the discourse surrounding it (since i only agree with maybe 10% of what's being said) it's honestly just cringy to label yourself as such. the only people who don't blink at those who broadcast their love of gay sex are weirdos themselves. see self-described otaku, weeaboos, whovians, potterheads, the list goes on. imo it's about time fujos started getting made fun of too.

No. 285630

There's also a lot of fakeboys complaining about fujos ~sexualizing mlm~ as if they didn't decide to pretend to be men out of reading too much yaoi.

No. 285632

If they're not being retarded about it like it's the only part of their identity, I don't see the problem. Putting something like that in an online profile or whatever is just another way to find others with the same interests, or a warning to people who don't like BL/whatever.

>imo it's about time fujos started getting made fun of too.

Unfortunately it's gone far beyond "getting made fun of" to full on witch hunt and policing.

No. 285639

yeah i don't agree with anyone being harassed for it. if you've made your point about something and the person keeps doing it, it's time to let it go since there's nothing you can really do aside from bringing it up over and over again, which is just pointless. tumblr users in particular find that concept to be very hard to grasp.

>If they're not being retarded about it like it's the only part of their identity, I don't see the problem.

i would agree with this but in my experience the only people who label themselves as such really do treat is as their core identity. referring to your example, wouldn't putting "i like BL" in a profile suffice?

No. 285643

The fakeboi hatred for fujos is so blatantly insecurity and projection.

The MLM and Anti-fangirls\yaoi threads on Kiwifarms are good reads for this shit.

No. 285644

Fujos have always been hated due to bad apples which exist in every fucking fandom but fujos always get singled out. I'm unironically sure it's because they're women attracted to something men can't enjoy. Nobody ever gives as much shit to the thirsty ass DDLG weeb girls lusting after lolis and idol girls. But these days it's because of the current year wokeness shit, fujos are seen as "fetishizing homosexuals" which is the dumbest fucking thing in a while as many fudanshis enjoy the genre as well and a lot of fujoshis are lesbians/bisexuals themselves. Ironically the people calling them out are usually fakeboys and transmen who just want to be better than "le other girls" like >>285601 mentioned.

No. 285646

>wouldn't putting "i like BL" in a profile suffice?
That would suffice yes, but when there's a convenient label, people will use it. In context of Japanese fandom there's also the history of it being a reclaimed word. Similarly I'm probably not wrong in guessing there will now be a number of people in English fandom using it as a "fuck you" to people trying to police them.

No. 285674

I feel like the fakebois who hate on fujos are actually fujos themselves, who just use identity politics and gender special bullshit to deflect criticism. Also a mix on *~not like other girls like anon said.

No. 285691

> treat is as their core identity.
Chances are they're doing it on a fandom centric tumblr or profile, of course it's going to be a significant part of their identity there.

Honestly if you're annoyed with the label fujo but ok with 'I like BL', you're just splitting hairs and reaching for things to pick on. I call myself a fujo (in my head since I don't use tumblr or anything) because I am one, because I think it's kind of funny and self deprecating, because I DON'T like BL. I like m/m shipping in various media, but not the BL genre of manga.

No. 285727

> i get men hating them
I could type an essay on this. It's because mlm fakebois want to seem like men so they say they hate fujoshi for fetishizing them so it's related. Actual gay men into nerd shit don't care nearly as much. Funny how these fakebois are usually the ones who are gross and fetishising gay and bi men. So it's killing two birds with one stone; these nerds get to look more manly AND more oppressed at once.

They also don't know the real definition of fujoshi and why it's a pun with the kanji for "rotten girl". They think "rotten" is a reference to fujoshi being secretly homophobes who watch gay porn on a regular basis when it's a reference to women being into porn and sexy men being rotten in general. It's the same with when teenage girls are saying they're sinning for shipping slash and reading BL. The ones who hate fujoshi are so retarded they don't understand that it's a reference to the fact that teenage girls are expected or asked to be pure and innocent even though these teenage girls are fantasizing about hot guys on the internet and writing fucked up porn on ao3 (straight or gay for that matter). It's so obvious, and yet you still have idiots who think fujoshi as a whole want gay men to have gay sex just for them and then rot in hell for their sins. So from that angle it's the typical "teenage girls are laughable" justification.

No. 285730

the word has evolved (or degraded) to mostly mean the type of fujos who turn into fakebois and are annoying af.
tumblr even hates reasonable fujos for muh fetishization but i'm pretty sure at lolcow the word is just like incel, cuck, or NEET
as in it's based on the original definition but people overuse it and have a specific stereotype in mind.

like i doubt most farmers care if you're a reasonable non-snowflake young lady who happens to like your porn gay, when they throw around the word fujo they're talking about larping fakebois who wanted to BE the uke and go on grindr to find seme.

just like if you're techincally NEET because you can't afford college and you're between jobs and you have some savings or something, probably no one cares, but when people throw around NEET they're picturing a shutin with no ambition and no skills

No. 285736

>the word has evolved (or degraded) to mostly mean the type of fujos who turn into fakebois and are annoying af.
It's been deliberately distorted into that. I've been pretty careful how and when I use the word now and only use it for its original meaning. People are even starting to harass Japanese fujos because of Westerners changing definitions and being misinformed and I think a line has been crossed.

No. 285739

thanks for the tip! i got used to seeing it in gendercrit communities to basically mean fakeboi but that's so fucking niche so i should keep that in mind

No. 285746

well japanese fujoshis aren't respected in japan at all. it's really taboo and shameful there.

No. 285747

Being an otaku is shameful in general.
Talking about BL in public should be discouraged though, it's like talking about porn in public. I see people from time to time with yaoi hats and pins and it looks really embarrassing.

No. 285748

i think that when people say fujoshi they're talking about those people. like fujoshits are the same as otaku. they're shameless about it and shouldn't be. like yaoi all you want but don't take it out of your room.

No. 285750

And that warrants Westerners harassing them on social media, how?

No. 285752

Japanese fujos are hated because they're seen as "ruining" shows with their gay shit. Japan doesn't really have an equivalent of stuff like yaoi pins and paddles and whatnot as far as I know. There's itabags, but unless you're aware it's a BL series on their bag then you won't know if they're fujo or a regular female otaku, and they don't really take them around with them outside otaku spaces.

No. 285779

A society that hates women and homos hates women who like homos, shock fucking horror.

That said it's not any different to how regular otaku are seen, and they all feel comfortable enough with it to shop for porn in public so…

No. 285823

Actually, fujoshi is used as a slur these days by the fakebois you're referring to. The fakebois wanting to be put above the ~ other girls ~ use "MLM" (Male loves male) to refer to themselves because they're too good to be fujoshis despite pulling a gay blackface.

This. Japanese fujos don't go around screeching with yaoi paddles. They're hated because they "ruin" shows with icky homosexual stuff and because they're women.

No. 285828

lmao no. they're hated because japan has ridiculously high standards for people. people aren't allowed to be weird or have interests like that.

No. 285836

Tumblr's true crime fandom has already formed a David Katz fanclub.

"Buut we don't condone violence, we are interested in who he was as a human beinggg"

Yeah right, you disgusting bitches get obsessed with anyone who mass shoots innocent people.

No. 285848

Can somebody explain to me why the anime fandom is so disgusting please? Thanks

No. 285849

Because anime encourages degeneracy.

No. 285854

Because animated genres are more likely to attract immature fans.

No. 285855

I think it was meant as "hated within other otakus".

No. 285869

This is a crazy fandom thread, not a fujoshi discussion thread. The fact you all know so much about it and are so quick to defend it pretty much outs you all as fujos ayy lmao

No. 285885

>The fact you all know so much about it and are so quick to defend it pretty much outs you all as fujos ayy lmao
Is this… supposed to be like the ultimate mic drop? Yes, I'm a fujoshi and I defend the right to be one without fetishist fakebois shitting on "the other girls" with their faux MLM wokeness. Not everyone is a self-hating teenage girl who chickens out the minute they're "outed" as a fujo, this isn't tumblr you know. The anons in this thread pretty much outright said they're fujos for godssakes. And I definitely think the fujo issue is related to awful fandoms the thread is about because the BL community is a fandom in itself.

No. 285908

I rarely use the term fujoshi these days because of how it’s been distorted and is easily misused even if you don’t mean to and tend to refer to the obnoxious ones specifically as fujoshits lol. I see nothing wrong with being a fujo as long as you’re not obnoxious about it- like another anon said, a reasonable, non-snowflake-y young woman who happens to enjoy porn of the gay variety.

Also, I know a lot of fakebois attack fujos but most of the ones I’ve seen are shamelessly into fujo stuff. I’d say it’s an equally mixed bag.

>A society that hates women and homos hates women who like homos, shock fucking horror.

No. 286593

Am I the only one here who's getting tired of fandom discourse? I'm all for legit criticism, but it reaches a point where you're tired of people saying that everything is racist/homophobic/ableist. It ruined one of my favorite fandom's (TF2).

No. 286664

I watch Steven Universe, so I'll let you guess… I only look into the fandom to save cute fanarts, and the Japanese fandom is really nice with many good artists that don't pander to anyone, some even do doujinshis. Meanwhile in the US fandom if you like a Jaspis gifset you're a horrible person who supports abusive relationships, lmao

No. 286671

team fortress?
how the fuck do you discourse that

No. 286676

moral grandstanding is honestly the worst, yeah.

No. 286688

It's Dragon Age for me.
People take video game way too serious. I once posted how I sided with the templars (they're sort of the "bad" guys in game) and I actually got death threats and got called racist etc lmao

No. 286707

File: 1535478841071.jpg (819.83 KB, 2386x990, demoman 911.jpg)

Are we thinking of the same tf2?

No. 286713

File: 1535479639594.jpg (58.94 KB, 720x641, IMG_20180828_200602_872.jpg)

Saying that apparently shipping miss Pauling with men is homophobic and refusing to headcannon Medic as a POC (when he's whiter than mayonnaise) is racism (pic related)
Yes, Team Fortress 2. Great game, good fandom but terrible discourse

No. 286719

File: 1535480223776.jpg (67.53 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20180828_201601_999.jpg)

Their reasoning behind that is that Medic is a POC because he has tan skin

No. 286720

File: 1535480282478.png (377.73 KB, 699x1101, Screenshot_20180828-201441.png)

No. 286726

Meanwhile, vid related is an eternal classic and will be remembered long after people forget that tumblr whined about the medic being black.

No. 286740

>shipping miss Pauling with men is homophobic
I guess Valve is homophobic because they made an entire short about Scout trying to ask Miss Pauling out and she pretty much says yes at the end of it.

No. 286769

File: 1535489045069.jpeg (658.11 KB, 1043x2048, 2714564E-8EAB-443C-A9EB-D155A7…)

not only Japanese but also Korean fandoms are pretty chill about what they like and produce amazing art constantly. Source of the fanart is from https://twitter.com/enaa97/status/1021295983500582912?s=21
I watch SU too but I don’t dare get near it’s western fans, they kinda scare me

No. 286770

File: 1535489104318.jpg (72.33 KB, 600x600, hesnotwhite.jpg)

this is so woke….i headcanon alex jones as a poc now

No. 286771

>this video is not available in your country
FFS really?

No. 286817

Beautiful! Meanwhile the western fandom would draw her as a fat woman with vitiligo lol

No. 286838

Never forget the six million engineers who were brutally bonesawed in the holocaust

No. 286841

Based. I always play as a warrior human in those games- at least for those playthroughs, it just makes more sense to choose the templars. It's just a videogame, no one is suffering.

No. 286915

holy shit anon is this oc it's amazing

No. 288067

File: 1535672319475.png (11.04 KB, 200x202, chucklefuck.png)

Ugh me too, well I originally picked templars thinking it would affect my relationship with Cullen later finding out it doesn't.

No. 296085

Out of curiosity have you noticed fandom being any worse or better in other languages? I've been opting to follow in Spanish fandom circles and at minimum it is less politically charged.

No. 296094

File: 1536994462001.png (28.02 KB, 1012x305, undertale-main-cast1.png)

Oh god yes. It is so annoying.

It is the same in Undertale.

I like Undertale, I really do. I like the game and the character, but the fandom. It is just terrible.

No. 298585

No. 300027


I don't really care abt the SU fandom but iirc it was found out/highly speculated she was was faking about attempting suicide due to the videos she uploaded in the 'hospital' not… looking at all like a hospital.

She was your average tumblrina who was trying to make everyone feel bad for picking on her.

No. 300049

Fake or not, it's good that the authors stepped in to shame the SJW side of the fandom.
It's especially funny now because it's been discovered that Rose is Pink Diamond… a thin character.

No. 300051

She was also 20 at the time, definitely not a teenager. I think people did go too far harassing her especially with the SJW virtue signaling but she absolutely milked the hell out of it for attention.

No. 300076

Yeah, Undertale was such a cute game. Seriously crazy how the fandom made it into something embarrassing to like openly.

No. 300523

In addition, it wasn't just the Rose Quartz thing that set people off on her. She was friends with and drew fanart for a guy name Griddles, a convicted pedophile who got kicked out of the air force for sexually soliciting a 14 year old. He was friends with Bleedman, aka that creep on Deviantart who draws the loli PPG comic.

The Griddles thing has been out for years now, so there's basically no way nobody who knows him now couldn't know that he's on the sex offender registry.

No. 300528

>It's especially funny now because it's been discovered that Rose is Pink Diamond… a thin character.

If SJWs or anyone would think about that: It does speak for something that a giant, in-shape alien with power would opt to reshape herself as a smaller, chubby female with soft features.

But yeah, I guess we have no choice but to be angry that she was thinner once even though she saw beauty in what she transformed into. And saw beauty in fat man Greg.

No. 300544

Is Rose even chubby though? She's a Quartz, and Quartzes are muscular soldiers (see Jasper and the normal sized Amethysts). In the episode where she was wearing the Quartz gear she looked pretty buff rather than chub/fat, so it's possible that the fandom got up in arms for nothing

No. 300587

Everyone's called her chubby from the beginning. She has a round face. Yes.

No. 300613

where'd you get that from? zamii's in her 20s and works for frederator

No. 300670

Undertale actually had a good story and lovable characters, and while it wasn't the best game I ever, I have a bunch of good memories from it. But at this point we all know what the fandom did to it.
Anon, I am both a Spanish and English speaker and yes, things usually change in fandoms depending on the language. I've noticed that the Spanish-speaking side of fandoms usually hasn't got as many discourse as the English-speaking one, specially the discourse centered around identity politics.

No. 300741

zamii was 16 when the SU fandom on Tumblr bullied her to the point of attempting suicide.

No. 300817

Allegedly. All they had were claims from her.

No. 303200

are you…really trying to justify her being bullied? even if she was lying about attempting suicide, the amount of bullying and hate she received was absolutely fucking absurd. she drew some shitty fanart for a shitty tv show, that's it. even her family came out and confirmed she attempted suicide. why is this even in dispute.

No. 304646

File: 1538599754507.jpg (46.97 KB, 540x507, 835.jpg)

From what i can remember some of her callouts were as follows

>Drawing a human verison of pearl as an asian caricature

>drawing human flutter shy as a native American caricature
>drawing sardonyx w an afro
>drawing characters in homestuck in bikinis (this was when the whole anti and pedophila accusations were becoming a thing even tho the pics werent sexual in nature)
>Drew a comic that joked about one of the characters being blind.(muh abelism)
>was accused of drawing some homestuck characters naked because she only drew the bust.
>tagged a gifset from drammatical murder (a yaoi vn) that contained the bad end involving to of the mains as my otp.
>tagged a black butler thing involving Ciel as and the blonde kid as shota
>When talking about her pansexuality she said she dated girls and trans girls.
>She did commision w she was a minor for this popular deviant art artist that turned to be pedophile and like called him her friend. even though she said she call all the people who commission her friends and they didnt have any kind of close relationship.
>cosplaying as damara from homestuck(since her character was saying sexual innuindos in broken Japanese people thought her character was racist and that cosplaying her was yellow face)
>drawin ryokou in senkitsuu
and probably other minor shit no one should really care about while she was a pretty mediocore artist some of the things she got shit for were flat out ridicules

No. 304652

god it's like she was just born too late. literally all of this just sounds like the average semi-edgy fandom kid in 2003, if not more tame. also

>>She did commision w she was a minor for this popular deviant art artist that turned to be pedophile and like called him her friend. even though she said she call all the people who commission her friends and they didnt have any kind of close relationship.

wouldn't she be some kind of victim in this case if anything happened?!

No. 304654

tumblr community is insane.

No. 304655

Alot of the stuff she did in regards to homestuck was around the area no one cared about all this shit honestly.

No. 304717

File: 1538610215471.gif (712.75 KB, 300x300, YC1kyBC.gif)

I'm fucking amazed that this is the first time someone brought up Homestuck in this thread. Back in the day, that fandom was a cringe machine.

There are a lot of people who conjecture that the whole "forced diversity" headcanons started there because the guy who wrote it made the mistake of saying that the race of the characters was up to interpretation. Hence all the fanart where Dave is a fat black kid with Macklemore hair. I honestly don't recall seeing the race-headcanon-drama before social justice and Homestuck collided in 2012 or so. But yeah we basically have Homestuck to thank for all the "this white character is black now I don't make the rules uwu" crap that pervades fandoms like a cancer.

Then there was all the other drama, most of which pertained to how Homestuck cosplayers acted like wild chimps at cons. By the time the body paint, horn, and bucket drama was dealt with in the community, the damage to the comic's reputation had been done.

This is also to say nothing of how the guy who wrote it basically pissed away two million bucks getting into legal trouble and trying to fulfill expensive Kickstarter reward tiers, then treated the employees on the video game like shit. I'm fucking amazed that the game project survived after all that.

That said, now that the comic is no longer "popular", the now relatively small fanbase is pretty pleasant. I was shocked by the lack of drama in the wake of the new dating sim.

No. 338913

File: 1544731532584.png (156.97 KB, 800x566, 1532245857695.png)

Voltron season 8 is about to come out, I'm looking forward to the fandom making a fool of itself again and ship wars getting worse than ever, it's going to be fun. What are your expectations?

No. 338929

at least it's almost over and the autists can move on to some other shitty fandom.

No. 338984

>Back in the day, that fandom was a cringe machine
>Back in the day
They're still extremely cringey. Half are fakebois with self dx'd autism, the other half genuinely have autism, and they all make terrible videos on tik tok and worse art on tumblr.

No. 339193

Thank god it'll be over. I'm just fearing which property the crazies are going to attach to next.

No. 339262

As long as they don't get back to spitbuckets-at-cons level again I'm happy to pretend they don't exist.

No. 339290

>but also Korean fandoms are pretty chill about what they like
hahaha no

No. 339297

The Castlevania (Netflix) fandom is starting to piss me off, did anyone else notice all the fan pandering and obvious quality drop in season 2? That seems to happen with a lot of Netflix shows once they become popular though, stupid fanservice becomes a priority over having an interesting and coherent plot.

No. 339298

I love DA, but the "mage rights or mage fights!" crowd is insane. I called Anders a terrorist, and you'd think I insulted their mothers. My favourite DA drama was definitely the straight Dorian mod, and the white Viv one.

>tfw you secretly can't wait for the new game because DA drama is hilarious

No. 339306

>straight Dorian mod
Also the bisexual Morrigan mod. The creator got so much hate they had to pull it off nexusmods.
Fuck them, I just wanted to romance my salty witch

No. 339334

I was okay with the Castlevania Netflix series until they completely changed Issak into a random black dude with a carribean. Accent. What the fuck was even the point of that

I played the original games, so I wasn't sure if he was an oc or not at first.

No. 339335

File: 1544816249247.png (1.69 MB, 881x1280, Isaac_-_01.png)

Dropped image. I apologise

No. 339373

did they make him a fucking slave too? i've heard people say theres a scene where he's seen whipping himself on the back.
like is that really necessary? diversity, but racist.

No. 339392

Female dominated fandoms are almost always more demonized than male dominated fandoms which are usually filled with more degeneracy, bullshit, weirdos, misogyny, etc. which fandom do you think is worse? Steven Universe or Love Live?

No. 339415

I did not like the drastic change at first, but I thought their version of Isaac was great. Disturbing and engaging character.
People keep whining that his character is forced diversity or actually racist, but I liked this version more than the original.

No. 339419

Perhaps anons here are more likely to be a part of and come across female dominated fandoms.
What is Love Live fandom like?

No. 339422

Yeah, they made him a slave and it was pretty awkward. Every other character stayed the same with a little alter here and there (design wise) but Isaac was the only one drastically changed.

I have zero idea why they thought it would be a good idea, esp for fans who played Curse of darkness before this shitty netflix series came out.

No. 339423

Why couldn't they make a new character though? it seems lazy to piggyback off the pre-existing Isaac when no other character had such a drastic change. I didn't mind that character on his own, but he wasn't Isaac.

No. 339424

Any female demographic fandom that gets heavy male attention is doomed. MLP RIP. I never watched Steven Universe, but didn't mind love live too much. The waifu wars are insufferable, however.

No. 339428

Sure, they could. I don't really mind though since I was never a fan of his original look (Trevor in CoD though, what a hunk, unlike hobo netflix version) and season 3 will be very interesting with so much original content. I wonder what they'll do about Julia.

One thing that actually bothers me is how the official creators will like and retweet cringey shipping fanart though. Is the main trio a confirmed poly threesome now?

No. 339429

How is the MLP franchise doing? Haven't heard about bronies in a while. Wish they would tire of it and leave it to the 6 yo girls.

No. 339432

nta, but apparently the show was changed to appeal more to bronies.

No. 339440


>poly bullshit in Castlevania

Ew, what? I hope that isn't true. What the hell happened between season 1 and 2 with the writing quality?

No. 339442

This is why I hate when westerners and netflix tries to do anything 'original.' All they're doing is piggybacking off an already established franchise and ruining it with bullshit pandering and 'ships.'

I know Konami isn't doing anything but pachinko machines, but still. As a fan of the games since the NES era, this kinda sucks.

No. 339443

I like red heads, so i'm sad they changed Isaac up. I didnt mind the darker skin, but the accent threw me off. (Also, not into bald dudes, so i didnt get the huge redesign for him versus the other cast.)

I don't like Trevor in the series either. haha

No. 339444

File: 1544832434412.gif (134.13 KB, 287x344, 2ee.gif)

>men steal away a show meant for children, mainly little girls

>sexualizes it heavily

>makes a con in america and calls it bronycon

>the creator begins to pander towards these degenerate men


No. 339450

I never saw the male side of the Love Live fandom as I usually followed the tamer more female side. While there is no mysogyny, there was a lot of fanart depicting µ's in all types of body and skin types because muh representation and self-insert. One thing I can say is that both sides really love the girls in their own way. With the girls they are usually typing in all caps screaming for their fav.

It ended up happening from the 3rd season on as there is so much you can rehash… I won't judge people for enjoying something not in their demographic, but the show is meant for young girls.

No. 339454

If you want to talk about western Love Live! fandom, I don’t think you can really compare the two.

Japanese Love Live! fandom (the more male dominated side) has examples of fanboys destroying their merch because there were rumours of one of the seiyuu being in a porno (it wasn’t true btw). Otaku dominated fandoms are always bad really.

No. 339456

honestly the only "western anime" i liked was totally spies because it was an original idea. martin mystery was pretty good as well.
actually… the totally spies fandom now is full of fetishists and troons. i hate it.

No. 339460

>(the more male dominated side) has examples of fanboys destroying their merch because there were rumours of one of the seiyuu being in a porno

Why are men so pathetic? Wow. That's some Perfect Blue shit.

Totally Spies was my after school cartoon when i was in high school. I completely forgot about it

No. 339463

I used to love TS! I did not know there was a fandom full of fetishists until I watched this video on it. I did not think much of it at the time since I thought it was the wacky gimmick of the week or whatever and never thought twice. After watching that video I got sick since there is seriously a fandom dominated by fetishism… People can have their fetishes, just keep it in dA (like the rest of the fetishists) and don't make a fandom surrounding it…

No. 339479

There is nothing in the actual show that supports it. However those involved in making the show are into shipping fanart, either because they sincerely want that shit or because they want to pander to shippers for more popularity.

Belmonts should be noble Kojima beauties or barbarian hunks not literally smelly drunkards imo. But gotta have that edgy dudebro american appeal. Alucard you cockwart!
I'm just amazed that despite the grimdark gore and compulsive swearing, there was no obligatory objectification of women. Good job dudes?

No. 339490

OT but holy shit I hate that guy so fucking much. I wish youtube would stop recommending his videos to me.

No. 339612

>>338913 a shitstorm to be honest, i love the show and i have a certain ship that i enjoy but i dont get my hopes up to be canon and i dont think id rather want it to be canon cause in the end, it's going to be a typhoon of shipwars and more death threats to the creators and those who are working on the show… to be honest i dont think voltron is going to have a peaceful closure once the last season is out… it's going to be the talk of the week cause a lot of things and it would be hated by "ex-fans" and etc

No. 339620

I've been seeing sheith shippers having a mental breakdown all over twitter since yesterday and it's fucking hysterical

No. 339622

File: 1544873614972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.93 KB, 1200x675, tfw u changed species through …)

I've seen more klance shippers complain, it's like they were even more salty because of Shiro marrying a random guy instead of Adam than the Sheith shippers. A lot of people complained about pic related but that seems more understandable.

No. 340065

Didn't really notice any pandering, but season two was slow. The vampire politics could have been done in half as many episodes, and most of the vampires there were just window dressing, with no actual lines. A big part of that, I think, is because they saved all the budget for episode seven, which did look amazing. Seven and eight were good episodes, but one through six were a bit of a slog.
I agree. That doesn't change the fact that those female dominated fandoms can indeed be cancerous though.
Yeah the fandom is sperging hard, and the saltiest of them are shilling "stan She-Ra" everywhere. I have a lot of strong mixed feelings about season eight, but I still enjoyed Voltron overall, flawed show that it was. Whatever, fuck this shit fandom. I'll just sit in my corner posting Sendak and drawing him.

No. 340214

it was pretty fucking clear that allura gave him something of "hers" to keep with him when she left. he isnt altean at all it is just the glowy marks.

i though s8 was great because honerva was a good villian. the fandom literally only cared about shipping.

No. 340237

>he isnt altean at all it is just the glowy marks.
Good luck convincing others of that, because pretty much everyone I saw was pissed that he changed species.

>the fandom literally only cared about shipping.

That's nothing new in this type of fandoms, I've never seen the fans talk about the mecha or the villains, when I watched the first seasons I only knew of the weird fan interpretations of the characters so I wasn't too bored watching the show.

No. 340241

The best discussion has been on /co/ IME, though it depends on the time of day. The earlier in the day the more shipshit. At night people actually talk about plot, don't know why this is the case.

No. 340314

People talk about the villains, and to a lesser extent, the mechs on /co/. But /co/ threads are a mixed bag. Sometimes they can be good and have surprisingly decent plot related conversations, and other times it's just the same shipping outrage you see on social media.

People on Tumblr will talk about the villains and plot too, but good luck finding them in the abyss that is the main Voltron tag. But you are right, a large portion of the fandom only cares about shipping. As someone who actually likes the show for the action, plot, and worldbuilding, as flawed as those things may be, I just surround myself with people like the show for the same reasons I do. They generally tend to like the villains too.

No. 340335

Wait what? Why the hate? Were the straights mad about it?

I mean I dislike these mods too but it's a fucking game and as long as no moron screeches around it's canon I couldn't care less.

Uh oh, now I'm getting worried about the possible Devil may cry and Castlevania crossover. The dmc fandom is full of edgelords but it's mostly funny memes and stuff, so far there is no "sjw/tumblr" bullshit. This could end up pretty bad.

No. 340346

>Wait what? Why the hate? Were the straights mad about it?
I think it was straight/confused SJWs arguing that "changing a character's sexuality is problematic and if the creators made it this way it has to stay this way".
Looking again now, someone did a "everyone's bi" mod for Origins though. All's well that ends well.

No. 340389

>Devil may cry and Castlevania crossover
Pretty sure it will be a separate series, no crossover.

No. 342179

hah, im in the FGC and I went to CEO a few years back when they had the fighting games in a separate room from the smash games. The fg room was fine but the smash room smelled rancid.

No. 342265

Smash seems like such a normie game, I've always thought it was weird that it attracts the worst of the worst.

No. 342566

It really is odd how Smash attracts such smelly, socially awkward men, when it caters to the most casual audience ever.

No. 343430

>nintendo characters and childhood nostalgia characters
>a normie game


No. 343432


That's exactly why it's normies, anon. Everyone and their mother know Pikachu and Mario.

No. 343442

What? It's one of the most popular video game companies in the world's most popular IPs. It's about as normie friendly as it gets, on the same level as Mario Kart.

No. 343461

Anon thinks it's not for normies anymore because fire emblem characters are half the roster now

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