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No. 276942

I've come across a minor on a furry art site, checked her dA and her displayed age is 16 yet she draws porn. I used to be a fujoshit back in the day but now that I'm an adult (on the other side of the ordeal) would it be good to report her? I don't know if she can fuck other users over for interacting with her without them knowing her age.

No. 276944

I think you should just leave it. its very unlikely that anything is going to happen since its just drawings.

No. 276945


No. 276946

….. Why are you on a furry art site anyway anon

No. 276952

>on furry art site
>posts dumb quesion
Lolcow thread on OP?

No. 276954

10 year olds are watching porn these days, stop thinking like a grandma.

No. 276978

jfc she's 16, not 12. if you were a fujoshit it shouldn't be hard to realize that getting her banned is only going to incentivize her to lie about her age. therefore making it way more likely that she interact with other users without them knowing her age.

No. 277267

File: 1533662492447.jpg (91.39 KB, 620x679, hello_police____by_ch1_ark-db3…)

anon you should report her and her art. fuck these fags telling you not to.

I remember back in the day when I was into yaoi and found Y!gallery and joined. Started to draw smut between the age of on there 14-16 was also dumb enough to link my da where I had my age posted and used the same screen name, got banned from Y!G, which they had every right to. I was underage and drawing porn. I also ended up having conversations with grown ass adults that I shouldn't have and was exposed to a lot of things sooner than I should have. Also when some of these adults found out about my age I would get overly sexual private messages.

But at the end of the day it may be for nothing. Do what feels right to you anon.

No. 277276

Nah, its probably good advice. I got in trouble as a kid for doing similar stuff. Its better to get someone banned for being underage then to have an overprotective parent discover it and call the cops melodramatically, taking away the kid's pc or something.

No. 277306


Yeah, i think it's better she kind of just waits it out until she's 18, I think her not stating her age could fuck the actual adults over without them knowing, i guess it's a reason why those rules exist you could say.

It could be common to have minors on art pages drawing all sorts of things but laws are a thing.

No. 277320

OP you should report her.
It's not that I clutch pearls over teens drawing or watching porn, it's that I know that adults will accost them despite knowing they're minors in hopes of grooming them.
There's too many predators out there.

No. 277345

I agree. It's not about trying to protect the babs from porn, but from the fucking weirdos out there who can and will manipulate the less developed. They'll probably just create a new account and lie about their age, but at least that would lessen the chance of them encountering predators.

No. 281344

the whole circumstances behind cherrikissu is really creepy.
She's so young yet so skilled at drawing porn which is a dead giveaway she's been drawing this shit since she was 14.

No. 286877

Unless grown men find her. I mean I used to draw nsfw as a teen and had a multitude of creepy older guys trying to groom me. Then I quickly got outta that junk and left that shit behind me for good. So yeah report her. She might be endanger of cyber sex.

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