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No. 276564

Share your experiences, give tips to fellow poorfags, and if you have hopes of one day being more financially stable.

No. 276598

Best saving tip I can think of for young people is to live with your parents during your late teens/early twenties, heck even your mid twenties if you're comfortable with it. Don't buy into the BS that you can't be responsible unless you're ~making it on your own~ or feel like you're missing out. You're being smart and you will save yourself a lot of money this way.

Obviously my advice only applies to people who have good/OK relationships with their parents. If your parents are shit, too poor to have you around, or abusive etc. then yes, move out. Otherwise take advantage of the free rent and free food that's being offered to you.

No. 276599

Do not get into debt for luxury goods. Too many clothes, a big ass tv, gaming pc? Yeah please save for that shit and put it off some more months if you don't have the money, the debt spiral from hell isn't worth it.

No. 276614

I agree with this. If I didn't move in with my bf I'd still be with my parents and probably a lot richer haha.

But for my tip:
Open up another bank account(credit union if you have one around you, they have better interest rates for saving) and set up direct deposit with your job (if you didnt already duh) and have a certain amount go into the new bank account and the rest can continue onto your regular card. This is what I'm doing now, it literally takes it out and you don't even miss it because you forget you did it. I literally have 600$ in my savings because I take out 100$ out of each of my check and I forget all about it. I suck at savings so the best I can do is have them take it out 'cause if I had any control of it (doing it manually) I wouldn't have 600 at all lol.

No. 276642

This advice isn't just for poorfags, everyone should take note. The absolute best way to save for a deposit on property is to live at home while working full time. Don't give in to the pressure to move out- that you're a loser if you live at home, that privacy and independence (aka partying and fucking at home) should be priorities, that you need to ~learn to fail~ to become a real adult and learn life skills, that parents are unbearable to live with just because they might be a minor annoyance. Rent is just paying someone elses mortgage, they will own the place and make money off it in the end and you'll get nothing out of it whilst struggling to build your own savings.

But yes this obviously only applies to people who are welcome at home and have a decent relationship with their parents.

No. 276664

I wish my parents were cool enough to let me live with them again.
They effectively forced me out after I finished my undergrad saying they were selling the house and moving out of state.
I panicked and signed onto a grad program in part so I could get a loan to cover living expenses.
I met my bf during my program, he lived with me to help cover expenses that my part time job and loan didn't cover.

I tried moving back in with my parents after my grad degree until I got a job (24). My retired mother made it miserable for us, but mostly me. She said "feel free to relax for a month or so" because I was burnt out from school. Yet that promise only lasted a week before she turned nasty.
>"Dish in the sink? HOW DARE YOU."
>"You're spending $20 to have fun at a park? YOU'RE SO UNGRATEFUL!"
If I wasn't cook, maid, and filling out 20 job applications a day she'd attack me for hours. My bf thinks my mom is a psychotic bitch now. I was only with them from June until November, but they made me feel like a NEET who'd taken advantage of them for years.

I'm wanting to break up with my current bf, and I want to move in with them again for a short while so I can pay off some of my debt and figure out a better job. They have a spare bedroom, and I'd be willing to help out with some expenses. But they dodge the idea and suggest I get roommates, which won't work with what I need. My bf is a glorified roommate if that's how I'm going to look at it anyway. Having a different stranger in my apartment just introduces new stresses, what's the point?

No. 276730

you have shitty parents. i love how parents like this sacrifice their child's future just for the meaningless merit of false 'independence' while you're saddled with debt, that does nothing for no one except your landlord and whoever holds your loan. i can't believe parents like this exist tbqh. parents like this should be ashamed for purposefully setting their children back when they have the means to help them.

No. 276755

Ideally you should try to buy things only when they're on sales or second-hand if you think it's a safe option. I try to see if there are good deals online all the time for things like phone data plans (I managed to get a kinda shit one for 5€ instead of 13€ for some years), electronic devices such as consoles and video games (almost all the games I have are bought second-hand or when there are sales on the nintendo eshop or playstation store), etc. When it comes to clothes I have a hard time finding my size usually so I don't really bother buying very often, even when things are on sales, so I just try to take good care of what I already have and I should probably sell things I don't wear anymore too. When it comes to accessories and shoes I only buy them when it's necessary or when they're too damaged to use. Only buy things that are necessary like >>276599 said, no need for luxury goods if you can barely afford them. Look for things like when you can get 2 or 3 for the price of 1 too.

Once I sold a lot of books and video games that I didn't want anymore and I plan on doing that with other books and video games, as well as some clothes that aren't my size and that I never wear. It's a nice way of getting more money and more space on your shelves and in your closets. And honestly, I'm actually paying for netflix and crunchyroll but I'm regretting this. I know it's bad for the artists and producers, etc. but if you can find scans or episodes online without a subscription then go for it. I should have stuck with kissanime…

I'm still living with my parents and as much as it helps save A LOT of money, I really wish I had the freedom that comes with living alone. I barely have a private life because of this, my family is unbearable and if recruiters find out that I live with my family they basically don't want to hire me because of reasons unrelated to the jobs I'm applying to. Which makes it harder to find another job, save more money and leave the family household.

>If I wasn't cook, maid, and filling out 20 job applications a day she'd attack me for hours.
I know that feel anon, my parents don't want to help me move out because I can't really afford it at the moment, but they hate that I still live with them at 24. They are horrified that I'm not married with kids yet despite the fact that they absolutely don't want me to have a social life and find an eventual bf who could help me move out because that would make me a slut according to them. They're always saying insane contradictions like that and it's really frustrating. I told them I wanted to get a student loan with no interest rate some years ago so I could study abroad for a year and instead of being glad they could get rid of me and that I could get a valuable degree they said they would never be my guarantors because they just don't want me to succeed so I couldn't go. And when the school year started they would yell at me or insult me almost everyday because they expected me to go abroad somehow. They're just weird like that. Meanwhile, all the people my age who live alone or with roommates were helped by their parents the first years because life is expensive in my city, and it's not even the worst one. I hope you manage to save enough money to move out again and find a stable job, tell us when that's the case anon.

No. 276756

Tbqh parents like that only have kids in the first place because either they're expected to or because they didn't plan to and thought "as long as he pulls out I won't get prego". Then when the kid gets old enough they throw them out of the nest and tell them they have more options/opportunities as a single adult with a shit job and credit in the worst economy ever than two adults with no debt pulling two incomes did 20+ years ago.

No. 276770

Tbh a lot of advice given to poorfags is annoying as shit.

‘Don’t buy takeout coffee or meals everyday’
‘Buy things on sale or second hand uwu’
‘Wait until video games are on sale to buy them’

Anyone who’s been broke for longer than a week and isn’t functionally retarded knows it already.

Really poor people aren’t buying coffee or video games. They need to stretch their pantry contents not be advised for the millionth time ‘cooking at home saves money’

Shit like

‘Don’t buy luxury goods’ as if people scraping by usually spend their last twenty bucks on a lipstick.

Idk, it’s like the advice is coming from teenagers saving their pocket money, not adults who have actually lived in poverty.

No. 276771

Exactly this. Who the fuck buys games and shit? Who the fuck buys clothes more than a couple of times a year? Who the fuck buys accessories? Who the fuck pays for Netflix?

Who even needs any of that, even if you're not poor? What a waste.

No. 276772

As much as I already knew those things, the advice was well intended and there's no reason to be a cunt. Maybe someone will profit from these tips, who knows.

If you know better than provide useful tips otherwise, you have no right to shit on something without providing a better solution.

No. 276774

Not them, not even poor but I hardly think it's 'well intended' to tell self admitted poorfags not to buy luxury items. Does anon think they're idiots?

No. 276776

Some of my relatives do stupid shit like that on a regular basis. They complain that they're too poor to buy this or that and they buy it anyway or they go on holidays every summer and then complain that they can barely pay for electricity and water all year long.

>‘Don’t buy luxury goods’ as if people scraping by usually spend their last twenty bucks on a lipstick.

I actually know someone who does that shit all the time and she recently complained that she can't buy a cheap phone after the one she had for years stopped working.

Also I went from being poor enough that I couldn't even shower everyday and I was only wearing worn out clothes until recently to finally having enough money to treat myself from time to time. Flash news, people's situations can change. And yes, it's absolutely common sense and yet, some people barely have common sense so it's always a good reminder imo. I was also surrounded by rich people at school and in university for as long as they can remember and some of them legit told me that not having my own TV in my room and a smartphone or even just a phone when I was in high school was abusive or worrying when it's completely normal.

No. 276777

saged for mild blogpost ; my neighbor is in his 40s, doesn't have much money yet puts himself in debt to buy video games, some people are just that dumb and irresponsible anon. However I agree that most people with a minimum of self awareness don't need that type of advice bc of how obvious it is.

If you know how to make stuff, wether it's sewing, jewelry making and such, you can earn some bucks by selling stuff on etsy, storenvy and shit. stating the obvious but only do this if you like creating and feel like you can own a small business

I also think the Konmari method can help, I decluttered a lot thanks to it and put old clothing on sale and such

No. 276783

Then they aren’t poor, just too stupid to handle money.

The suggestions basically say ‘hey dumbass stop blowing your money on luxuries and pay your bills lol’

It’s exhausting to be told this same stupid shit by people who think they are being helpful. It’s not helpful it’s just a little way for the “advice” giver to feel like they’re helpful.

If you assume poor people buy treats all the time you’re an idiot and nobody should coddle you for that ignorance jusy becaus the stupid advice was meant nicely.
It’s not nice to assume all poor people are stupid.

No. 276784

No, they're poor AND too stupid to handle their money.

>If you assume poor people buy treats all the time you’re an idiot

Well, sorry if I gave the impression I thought you were all idiots when it wasn't my intention. Obviously I know I know that's not the case since I never bought treats when I couldn't afford it either.

No. 276787

Righto mate. Idc about your life story. Sorry you’re so cut I pointed out that your advice was worthless to anyone who’s smarter than a four year old.

No. 276788

Calm down and get a job if you're so triggered by being poor

No. 276790

Lol dat reaching.

I get it, you’re mad cause your stupid post was called out as stupid and now you feel embarrassed cause you really thought that ‘buy clothes on sale’ was revolutionary to poor people. It’s an embarrassing situation.

Next time, just use some critical thinking instead of getting so mad you pull out the ‘oooooh triggered lel’ defense.

No. 276792

I'm the one who posted the advice but I didn't post this >>276772 or >>276788 so since you're so confused by who's posting what we might as well drop this conversation and go back on topic. I'm looking forward to other advice too.

No. 276802

I resell stuff I find at flea markets/used book stores on eBay. Their fees kind of suck at the end of a selling period but I can make a decent amount back considering what I bought the items for. I also buy shipping boxes in bulk and get packing supplies for free at my job.

I also use book downloading/torrenting sites extensively for the reading materials I need at college, or to check out a book to decide if I really want it or not. During my first year at school I had zero idea of what I was doing and spent a few hundred dollars on books…now I try to contact the professors early to see if we actually need the reading material or if it’s ok to use an older edition.

No. 276804

Libgen has saved me thousands on books.
.pw still works if .io isn’t working.

No. 276817

If you do photography as a hobby, or film something, and that material being of decent quality, you actually can monetize such hobbies, it may bring some passive income.

My friend works in a lab and he makes videos of bacteria when he gets the chance. It actually sells on sites like pond5.

No. 276818

I’m >>276614
And i have a few more tips.
I started using Appen online, its really not much but i truly adds up. There’s different things they do (youknow surveys etc) but sometimes they stick you on jobs thats monthly. For an example i’n doing a job now thats helping them with some GPS thing, i just mark down where i go everyday and they give me money every month for doing it. Depending how many ‘minutes’ it takes you to put it in (you can record your own time, you cannot go over 15mins each day though I usually lie and say 5-6 minutes you get more money that way). Its like 1.50-2$ a day, you’re only required to do it 5 days a week but i do it every day cause more money. Its only about 25-27$ a month though buts its honestly better than nothing and you can do multiple jobs at a time so you could possibly make more.
I also use an app called Qapital and it rounds up pennies and put it in their app for savings. I know not a lot of people trust apps like this but ive been using it for a long time and I literally saved 300$ at one point from just buying shit like coffee every once in a while.
Idk I hope this helps someone.

No. 276831

That sound awesome! I have a dslr camera (Nikon) that takes decent photos, but I don't know if quality wise it's good enough for the site?

No. 276832

Sorry to ruin the party but the market is flooded and it takes a great amount of work to get minimal money out of this. I would not count on income, but you can try it if you like the process of it and see for yourself

No. 276835

Oh well. I'm going to give it a shot anyways, there's nothing to lose. Thanks though!

No. 276848

I've seen a lot of sites/apps that offer money for surveys etc. but they're all for people in the US so they're useless to anyone living anywhere else in the world. I've tried some while giving false information but they caught me out, I don't feel comfortable telling some American company my exact location and my income details and my political opinions, creepy af.

No. 276852

I'm not sure if Appen is US only. But with the GPS job thing, that's just one thing I do, it gives you different jobs to do you don't have to accept them if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

No. 277566

>If I wasn't cook, maid, and filling out 20 job applications a day she'd attack me for hours.
this hit me like a train because iktf exactly. i would also do freelance work from home but was told nonstop that its not a real job and how i should do all housework because i'm "doing nothing all day". sorry if this is weird to say but thanks for sharing. its comforting to see these same feelings put into words

No. 277681

Yeah nothing to lose, I'd look for a niche just like that guy with bacteria.

No. 278675

learn to be crafty. i'm a little bit of a hoarder, but when i don't want something or it's too worn down to be used anymore, i can usually find a use for it/its parts. i find uses for a surprising amount of the junk i keep around.

i'm also trying to learn how to sew so i can one day make clothes. i suck at it but i'll keep trying in my spare time.

No. 279487

i guess this is more of a vent than anything but if college weren't like 23k at nearly every school in my state life would be sooo much easier
i'd probably have been able to afford it lol

No. 279501

gonna be salty and vent for a bit, buy being a poorfag sucks when you compare yourselves to others who claim they're poor too.

i have a friend who talks about how they grew up poor and they go on shopping sprees every couple months and spends like $250 each time… like the most i've paid for a single item of clothing was $40 but 99% of the clothes i get are either hand me downs from my family or from salvation army and goodwill lol, and i only go there 4 or 5 times a year and STILL i'll be spending no less than $25 each time i go. another thing they revealed about themselves is that they have $7k saved up. i would LOVE for at least a steady $3k for myself.
i've had some other friends act like they're "literally poor and dying" and the kicker is they have their parents paying off their rent and they get to go out of town/vacation every couple months. god, i wish i was poor like them.
the last time i got to go on vacation, my friend paid for my plane ticket and i camped in her apartment for a few days. tbh it was actually fun and i enjoyed it… but these people i knew who still say they're poor and beg for money all the time are able to go to out of state anime conventions like 3 times a year? hilarious.

honestly i hate seeing articles about "surviving when you're a poor young adult" and right off the bat you realize these only relate to people who've been to college and are now in student debt. like, be glad you were even able to go to college in the first place.

i grew up with parents who made me poor because they couldn't figure out how to stop buying useless shit and put the burden on only me and not my other sibling as well. when i got my first job, my mom started demanding i help her pay off her new car and the thing is i wasn't making half of what she was asking for each month lmao and when i would tell her i don't have the money she'd tell me to just get a better job or a second one or go back to college (i dropped out because my parents wanted me to make money & kept telling me the classes i took were somehow stupid so i never understood the college logic and still don't, they probably just saw me as a money making machine once i turned 18). this is a rare case where living with your parents in your early 20s can actually make you poor, who would've thought…
i remember when i moved in with my boyfriend and finally got a full time job where i could start saving i freaked out about spending too much on myself when a majority of the stuff i was buying was actual things we needed like groceries and paying bills. heck, even when i do treat myself with some non-necessities, i feel bad when something's over $25, and i only do this about twice a month. meanwhile my boyfriend who's also a poorfag can get himself something $10 or $15 every 3 or 4 days and he's not worrying. He tells me every once in a while he can buy an item I've been wanting, but i just feel so bad accepting his offer.

i can't wait to be financially stable, my job is getting a new site closer to my house with better pay. right now i drive an hour away from my house to get paid decently. i don't know how i'd be able to afford anything without my boyfriend helping. honestly, i want to move out of my state soon, i've heard from many friends who moved out from where i lived and they're doing well just on their own. i can't even imagine myself and my boyfriend being not poor, we're just so used to it. i long for the moment when i can go on a yearly week long vacation where we can pay for our own hotel rooms and plane tickets without worrying about breaking the bank.

No. 279541

I feel you on this. My friends got married recently, they are always going on about having no money but own a house, doing massive unneeded renovations to it and go on vacation multiple times a year. They wanted money as their wedding present to go on honeymoon to another continent. My bf and I scraped money together every month so we could give them something, and after the wedding they told us they upgraded their flights to first class. It cost 10 times what we gave them and I was so mad but didn’t say anything. I dgaf what people do with their money but just don’t pretend to be poor and then pull shit like that. They are constantly bitching about other friends who have more money than them and who are more generous too.

No. 279543

does anyone here use any apps or survey sites to make (a very small amount of) cash? i'm wondering if there are more legit ones that i haven't tried yet. i know it takes forever to accumulate anything but if it's something i can do passively or in my spare time i don't see why i shouldn't try them again

No. 279569

You could try being a mechanical turk on Amazon. There's people who reward you a couple times to type down what's on a coupon and other things. I've gained about $14 doing it. I've only spent a total of about 4 hours total doing tasks.

No. 279968

first time i've heard of it, thanks for telling me. waiting to get confirmed

any other sites or apps you guys use?

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