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No. 276072

Lolcow seems to be very US-centric despite there also being quite a few European farmers, so I thought having a thread to discuss the current happenings (political, social, …) in the EU would be nice.

No. 276086

French anon here, we thrive on this website kek.
Right now, Macron is at the center of a scandal bc one of his closest employees disguised as a cop and hit people topkek. The dude's name is Benalla, and he's also been working while he was supposed to be suspended and shit bc he's friends with the Macron. It has been the top subject for weeks but two days ago, two famous rappers (Kaaris and Booba) got in a fight in an airport so it's taking over the news.

TLDR ; Macron and his collaborators are pieces of shit (what's new ?) and news are all about two POS fighting in an airport. Pathetic

No. 276119

Also Usul, a ( former ? ) video game reviewer from a famous French website was spotted in a porno with his then-girlfriend, some edgy camwhore named Olly Plum. Then they broke up because she wanted to become a man, iirc.

No. 276125

never checked said video myself, but I heard of it, it's quite old news ?
Olly Plum seems like an edgelord but if Olly is truly trans there's nothing to say about it.
However I always found it weird how Usul got recognised by some random dude recognizing a MOLE like wtf

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