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File: 1530649744153.jpeg (57.91 KB, 728x485, CF91B4B8-FA3A-4727-B191-2321B3…)

No. 264977

Post examples of how stupid this phrase is. Beautiful mature women, old men who aged badly.

From the celebricows thread.

No. 264978

File: 1530649756880.jpeg (48.5 KB, 615x409, 144C1594-FE65-42A2-9890-E7F45A…)

No. 264979

File: 1530649767342.jpeg (64.92 KB, 600x421, 1C25BEAB-FC59-4534-86EE-AE2930…)

No. 264980

ty anon!

No. 264981

Bless this thread ty for this

No. 264984

File: 1530649974437.jpg (323.94 KB, 1500x884, drake-flaunt.jpg)

hes only 32 and this pic was taken when he was 31. he looks at least 45.

No. 264986

File: 1530650055937.jpg (73.32 KB, 1024x768, e0090f65b4207f014b498f60ee89a1…)


No. 264987

File: 1530650071146.jpg (53.73 KB, 640x400, axl-rose-then-and-now.jpg)

No. 264989

File: 1530650130633.jpeg (53.1 KB, 600x379, 7D182EFA-0FDB-4B5A-806E-99839C…)

I don’t understand this one. His jaw just looks fucked in the after. What happened?? He looks so less manly

No. 264990

File: 1530650276611.jpeg (76.95 KB, 726x545, 95D2C9D4-2D7C-4B00-BD09-B8DF57…)

Poor Monica.

No. 264991

File: 1530650380847.jpg (126.4 KB, 748x883, 57748.jpg)

Eeeh to be fair all that drug use is what ravaged him. This is a more recent pic. I've always though he was a weird looking dude though.

No. 264993

File: 1530650437364.jpeg (324.37 KB, 1333x2000, 4719880B-AD12-40DF-8F47-3AA159…)

Christie Brinkley is in her damn sixties. Looking fabulous. No doubt some well done plastic surgery, but nothing the men above don’t have access to.

No. 264995

File: 1530650544593.jpg (106.71 KB, 662x997, Susan-Sarandon_-2017-FOX-Winte…)

she's 71. this is from last fucking year.

No. 264997

File: 1530650591599.jpeg (57.99 KB, 615x409, 6A677576-90DF-4D27-8426-97C4EF…)

The guy is only 37. Look like he’s in his fities. And apart from that one shot, I can’t find any of him looking that normal. Not as scary as before but still not ok imo.

No. 265000

men just stop giving a fuck about their looks, unlike women who are doomed to since birth until death.

Also they barely take care of their skin or diet, which they should do even while young but avoid because it's "unmainly"
they deserve to look like shit

No. 265001

File: 1530650840398.jpeg (77.62 KB, 634x939, 27B230A9-C82F-47E8-BF26-CE94B9…)

Halle Berry is doing amazing, looking fresh in her fifties

No. 265002

File: 1530650856731.jpeg (147.2 KB, 727x931, 7E51743F-5C4A-41BF-B626-7C3164…)

No. 265003

unbelievable. gorgeous. i'm less than half her age and i look like a bag of shit. this 'youth is soo hot' meme is ridic. i see uglyass men leaving really attractive older women for, frankly, unattractive young women and idgi. not to objectify any women but men obviously just fetishize naivete and pedo baby youth bullshit so much that they'd rather have an unattractive young partner than a knockout equal

No. 265004

File: 1530651252651.jpg (158.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

The most tragic case

No. 265005

File: 1530651298044.jpg (56.51 KB, 663x437, axl-rose-antes-despues-663x437…)

He was such a cutie before…

No. 265006

File: 1530651428199.jpeg (50.01 KB, 432x267, E59459FD-E8CB-4ECA-A24B-3B1CEE…)

Another fabulous fifty

No. 265008

File: 1530651458394.jpeg (199.6 KB, 1440x960, 0F8B56ED-69D7-4788-8C56-75E51B…)

No. 265009

File: 1530651683992.jpeg (61.83 KB, 393x480, F8859858-821B-4631-8039-2D3DB6…)

That’s honestly depressing. As is Ozzy. I fucking hate the drug and party culture of rock and roll which turns cute alternative guys into gross old men so damn early.

No. 265010

File: 1530651815654.jpg (59.62 KB, 620x429, 7533368479257.jpg)

No. 265011

File: 1530651916598.jpg (2.24 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180703_230600066.j…)

No. 265012

File: 1530651923556.jpeg (65.31 KB, 600x451, 8E3CF730-FE07-49FB-BA7A-5154FD…)

Women in the rock and roll scene aged better, despite the drugs and rough lifestyle

No. 265013

File: 1530651936949.jpeg (49.45 KB, 600x450, 92B4CD4D-3C66-438C-902D-20BA35…)


No. 265014

File: 1530652132887.jpg (211.48 KB, 682x1024, hm-ce18-la-event-kate-bosworth…)

35 and 49

No. 265016

Alright but how are we supposed to judge female celebrities fairly when theyre always slathered in make up for photos in public?

No. 265017

>>Implying male celebreties aren't regularly slathered in make up as well

great joke anon

No. 265018

you sound like one of those guys who jokes about taking girls swimming on the first date

No. 265019

File: 1530652652255.jpeg (6.92 KB, 349x144, images.jpeg)

No. 265020

Does it matter? Makeup doesn't conceal the damage done by a lifetime of poor decisions, man or woman.

No. 265021

File: 1530652762400.jpeg (39.14 KB, 450x675, 1306F4F8-3D13-4F2F-8A58-408221…)

Do you really think male celebrities don’t wear makeup cause I got news for you, my friend. They had the exact same fallout from the flash photography kek
Also makeup aint gonna fix hair, weight, fitness, etc

No. 265022

i just don't get this phrase in general when most men end up with receding hairlines

No. 265024

His wife divorced him and raped his bank account with alimony. He’s a shell of his former self

No. 265025

File: 1530653451877.png (1.02 MB, 958x700, snip.PNG)

These two were born one year apart (46 - 47)

No. 265026

he is already in the grave and she is fresh out of college!

No. 265028

File: 1530653691251.jpg (37.4 KB, 768x384, william-zabka-1524682344.jpg)

I second this. A lot of my 40+ female relatives were rockers and party animals back in their day yet all seemed to age well.

Ok but this is really sad

Billy, on the other hand, looks much different now but aged better than his counterpart imo.

No. 265029

File: 1530653803768.jpg (77.05 KB, 634x809, 187371fc95caea98f16527b0c03231…)

They are like the Virgin vs. Chad meme of dads

No. 265030

File: 1530653868838.jpg (61.87 KB, 854x480, 7HdNRkW.jpg)

Not even asian men are safe from aging

No. 265032

Kek. The saddest part about Ralph is that he was in his 20s when he starred in all of those 80s movies and he straight up looked like a teen. How tragic.

No. 265034

File: 1530654464860.jpg (797.36 KB, 1000x1000, royal.jpg)

William's uncle, prince Edward

No. 265037

Are we seeing the same ppl? Ralph aged like twenty times better

No. 265040

File: 1530655493768.jpg (200.28 KB, 750x500, Scott-Baio.jpg)

No. 265041

File: 1530655504586.jpg (228.8 KB, 1200x1800, diane-lane-at-paris-can-wait-p…)


No. 265043

Brendan had an interview in GQ and revealed that he’s had some back issues for the last decade and some old Hollywood weirdo tried to finger his ass at an award ceremony.

No. 265045

File: 1530655763117.jpg (365.24 KB, 1000x563, ralph-macchio-william-zabka.jp…)

No. 265046

i cant look at old pics of axl without feeling sad

No. 265047

File: 1530655919355.jpg (18.69 KB, 360x240, Emmylou Harris O5imA4Qe17Bm.jp…)

one is candid and one is for a magazine. if ralph just covered up his eyebags he'd look much better. his skin, to me, looks a lot better than william's.

emmylou harris is 71. she's not like crazy invested in looking 20 forever, she's a country musician, not a beautyqueen, but she's still so gorgeous. ive had friends that have told me "i dont like middle aged women at all. i dont think any of them are attractive. i don't know what i'm going to do when i get older", and i don't get it. i'm not a lesbian, but if i was a guy, i'd be really sexually into a lot of 55+ women, js

No. 265048

File: 1530655977956.png (375.75 KB, 485x537, 1633.png)

Susan Sarandon, 71 years old

No. 265049

I wouldn’t bang either of them tbh.

No. 265050

File: 1530656230606.jpg (23.07 KB, 300x420, Mary-Louise-Parker_-Red-Sparro…)

from a few mos ago. she's about to turn 54 next month

No. 265051

Male celebs wear makeup too, just not in bright colors

No. 265052

Even Chads aren’t safe

No. 265054

File: 1530656392769.jpg (538.16 KB, 1864x3000, 1487793033-kate-middleton-febr…)

i know she's not THAT old (36) but she looks light years better than wills

No. 265056

36 is not old at all

No. 265057

File: 1530656838651.jpg (50 KB, 600x454, largecd4r39oueaak866.jpg)

well, Araki is

No. 265060

Please tell me no one takes those age-guessing things seriously?

No. 265061

No, but he clearly does look young for 55 (his age in the pic)

No. 265063

I think it should because he drinks a lot of tea, the drink of youth lmao

No. 265065

File: 1530658784050.png (600.97 KB, 462x1044, Cindy Crawford.png)

52 years old

No. 265067

File: 1530659439050.jpg (22.73 KB, 578x373, ab7b2dfa24fc05ad3e95b80ab2a06f…)

I know it's not fair to judge since he's like 97 now with health problems, but Prince Phillip went from hottie to world's gnarliest grandpa real quick. Elizabeth on the other hand has a soft cute elderly face. And their eldest son and grandsons are following in Phillip's footsteps, Charles looks almost the same age as his his father.

No. 265069

File: 1530659728215.jpg (298.49 KB, 1140x655, 1140-karate-kid-cobra-kai-macc…)

and as a bonus, Zabka was 4 years younger than him

No. 265081

File: 1530663949621.jpg (131.22 KB, 446x299, 20150303_200547.jpg)

Fuck I love this thread, thank you OP

Cate Blanchett is 49, I would honestly rather have her face than my late-20's own

No. 265087

File: 1530664695635.jpg (129.24 KB, 740x476, 66548567.jpg)

He might not qualify since his face got fucked up from boxing and not just age, but Mickey Rourke's transformation is just sad

No. 265088

File: 1530664867359.jpg (16.69 KB, 220x312, Sean_Penn_Cannes_2016.jpg)

Sean Penn looks like a used leather bag

No. 265090

File: 1530665011744.jpg (124.7 KB, 600x450, robert-smith.jpg)

No. 265091

File: 1530665125143.jpg (339.3 KB, 2260x2780, Robert_Smith_(musician)_crop.j…)

No. 265092

File: 1530665290916.jpg (101.83 KB, 750x550, Sade_t750x550.jpg)

Sade still looks stunning at 59.

No. 265093

Kek, he looks like a programmer transbian

No. 265094

Exactly what I thought lmao, hontrapoints is probably going to look exactly like him by the time he hits 40.

No. 265096

File: 1530665994304.jpg (86.99 KB, 549x495, broderick.jpg)

No. 265098

He was always ugly and old faced to be fair.

No. 265099

Idk I think he used to adorable. But now he definitely looks like a creepy old pervert who would try to molest his teenage self

No. 265101

aw lmao, that sad little patch of kewpie doll hair. why don't men who are balding just shave it all off? it's not like it'd look any worse.

No. 265106

You sound like the kind of white knight who thinks only dudes are concerned about make up on women

I'm not sure what kind of make-up they're wearing apart from foundation but that's fair I guess

No. 265107

File: 1530671074869.jpeg (99.33 KB, 768x1156, 8D3248E9-1BE7-4831-917F-0862E0…)

Bronzer, concealer, subtle highlight, lip color, brow filler, powder. Male celebs wear a fair amount of makeup and it’s actually pretty obvious.

No. 265108

i say this all the time, but a common excuse is that "not all men look good bald because of their head shape". yet if you're already balding that much we can pretty much already see it? lol. i guess their fragile masculinity wants to hold onto what's still left of their hair. looks like shit tho.

No. 265113

I have seen SOME men that I think look better balding than pure bald. It's less severe sometimes.

No. 265114

File: 1530674548276.jpg (94.69 KB, 640x557, photo_verybig_184999.jpg)

Ozzy looks fine for 70. He can also sing really good still. He looks on par with other singers of the 70's. In fact he looks better now then in the 80's with his frumpy blonde overweight dad look. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards look worse in my opinion.

No. 265115

File: 1530675379597.gif (1.35 MB, 498x223, tenor.gif)

ugh this makes me so sad. i was so in love with him when i was a little girl. that floppy hair. the squint.

i feel like a lot of the early to mid 90s teen heart-throbs either died young or aged horribly.

No. 265120

File: 1530677021907.jpg (33.98 KB, 540x360, 7a67167817e495ea7aeec059dbcd9d…)

Addiction is a hell of a thing.

No. 265122

Oop, forgot to mention that's Aaron Carter by the way.

No. 265125

File: 1530677766571.png (1.17 MB, 1013x763, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 05.1…)

Reese Witherspoon, she's only 42 but I think she has aged super well.

No. 265133

File: 1530678732453.jpg (629.76 KB, 1205x906, vkei.jpg)

made a shitty collage to show the difference

No. 265136

File: 1530679036927.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, ava-phillippe-reese-witherspoo…)

If you search for her daughter, there's multiple results on how she and Reese could pass for sisters. Some photos are more convincing than others but I agree

No. 265144

bald-ing i can understand being better than purely bald, but if you have one little baby bird tuft of hair on your head like >>265030
i dont see the point in keeping it.

No. 265155

File: 1530682442911.jpg (271.88 KB, 720x720, 20180703_223220.jpg)

Mariah looks amazing for being in her late 40s. I feel like I don't hear enough about it.

No. 265163

45 my ass

No. 265165

File: 1530683008413.jpg (62.12 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-130620182507-1024.…)

Christina isn't particularly old and admittedly she got some really bad ps recently, but I definitely think she looks best in her 30s rather than her teens or early 20s.

No. 265168

File: 1530683372485.jpg (605.45 KB, 1575x2362, c3d86b55ac4fe899f90df3deee5a40…)

I also think Paris Hilton is aging really well. Which is unexpected considering her party girl rep.

No. 265171

File: 1530683430406.jpg (434.35 KB, 747x748, elizabeth-hurley-bikini-beae5d…)

This is a 52 year old woman.

No. 265175

File: 1530683848999.jpg (811.59 KB, 1287x1930, Stephanie Seymour29 (1).jpg)

i would trade places with a 47 yo stephanie seymour yesterday

No. 265185


Wtf they looked like a real fairytale prince in the first pic, now they both look like depressed history teachers. We need to seriously check a man's genetic before bearing his childrens.

No. 265189

File: 1530684894393.png (259.21 KB, 562x322, Mike.png)

dropped my pic.

No. 265193

That's not him in the first pic though

No. 265195

File: 1530686670003.jpeg (16.51 KB, 443x332, images (27).jpeg)

she's immortal

No. 265196

File: 1530687236993.jpg (78.77 KB, 867x1024, e8777ec3983f69ee919be32c2604be…)

Joaquin Phoenix was my first celeb crush.

No. 265197

File: 1530687255786.jpg (41.62 KB, 807x468, joaquin-phoenix.jpg)

Fine wine version.

No. 265201

File: 1530687959569.jpg (104.04 KB, 1143x600, zoe-kravitz-lisabonet-e1495078…)

Must be nice to look at your 50 yr old mother and know you've got a good chance of aging like that and bagging a hot younger dude like Jason Momoa.

No. 265208

This is so sad. He just looks like this because of all his worries. I feel like if he'd be happy again, he'd start to look better.

oh man fat old goths are the worst

Wasn't that just a rep though? I've seen that show where she was finding a new best friend and she was pretty mad at one of the girls for being drunk. She said it's her duty to be decent and sober for her fans, made me see her in a whole different light. I could be wrong ofcourse, don't know much about her.

No. 265209

Nah I think you're right, she was known as a partier but I don't think she drunk or did drugs a lot. I heard a rumour she encouraged it in her friends though.

No. 265210

I love this thread but half (if not all) women aged fine because they have access to surgery. Doesn't justify rich men like Depp or Gackt looking like shit, but doesn't give hope to commoners like anons. Sigh

No. 265214

Lots of celebs age like absolute shit because they have a bit too much money and opportunity - that means easy access to the party lifestyle and too much pressure to look good. Don't forget that plastic surgery can often do much more harm than good, for every celeb who has used it successfully there's probably one who's had something botched.

There are plenty of regular women who look great and it'd be nice to see them instead, but it's not really convenient or appropriate to post random people on here. I like to look at skincareaddiction posts for examples though.

No. 265224

File: 1530693318396.jpg (132.36 KB, 540x1046, tumblr_nfvu2yevVG1qawplno1_128…)

The only man safe from the curse is Sakurai, but it looks like it's starting to catch up on him now.
I wanna say Toshihiro Nagoshi, the guy who made Super Monkey Ball, is a close second, but his entire aging timeline is like watching rocks move in the sand.

No. 265241

File: 1530694610338.jpg (97.33 KB, 634x423, 42B05B5B00000578-4730842-image…)

Probably to make her party girl persona more convincing, maybe her friends were even in on it?
I've always been convinced Paris' dumb blonde party girl thing is all just a persona.

What, how does he look younger at age 44 than age 23

No. 265251

File: 1530695853508.jpg (28.78 KB, 306x360, IMG_2355.JPG)

He gives me the worst creeper vibes.

No. 265253

Of course ordinary people aren't going to age as well as celebrities, no one is disputing that. That's not the point though. Despite having access to the same treatments that help the women posted here maintain their looks (makeup, surgery, whatever) men can still "hit the wall."

No. 265277

File: 1530698654366.jpg (67.36 KB, 550x794, 201805190826051611639_20180519…)

Paris looks absolutely gorgeous
Why did Kim K have to take over? She was so much more entertaining…

No. 265287

File: 1530699660129.jpg (166.56 KB, 2048x1149, Nagoshi-Taiwan.jpg)

You should have posted higher quality pics anon…
Of what use is "good" skin if you're ugly to begin with?
Also, I'd say he definitely looks unnatural, kind of swollen.

No. 265292

Phillip was very handsome in his youth. I can see why the Queen fell for him.

No. 265295

I know he's asian and not even Korean but this guy has got to have some plastic surgery done

I mean isn't it just common sense that shit lifestyles will make people look like shit, rich or not? I don't understand why there has to be some moral or "double standard" call-out behind this thread. Let's just post pics of male celebs that aged like shit. I doubt they give a fuck about maintaining a sex symbol status anyways, they're filthy rich

Also I'm surprised no one's posted Hailey Joel Osment yet

No. 265299

Why is this such a foreign concept to you?
It's a pretty common sentiment that women's looks peak in their 20's while men age like ~fine wine~. The purpose of this thread is to dispel that myth for both genders. If you still don't understand, you're more than welcome to make a new thread devoted to posting ugly old men

No. 265308

>I don't understand why there has to be some moral or "double standard" call-out behind this thread. Let's just post pics of male celebs that aged like shit.

That’s the thing - you don’t understand this thread.
There is a myth that women age poorly while men age “like wine” - hence the name of the thread. People are posting male celebrities that aren’t aging well to prove the myth wrong. That’s the entire purpose of this thread.

No. 265335

lots of women can access plastic surgery. it's not that inaccessible now. celebrities that get ps constantly look terrible. there's a difference between light botox (i dont think a lot of the female celebs get a lot of bodily surgery. i see a lot of older women that have really nice bodies irl, so it isn't impossible), and getting face lifts and eye lifts and nose jobs every few years. a lot of women can swing shit like botox, realistically. it's not that expensive.

No. 265347

File: 1530716488029.jpg (42.11 KB, 640x405, Gandy.jpg)

Correct. Being a Chad won't make you age like wine.

No. 265351

He's still handsome IMO but he would have aged way better if he took better care of his skin, he's only 38!

No. 265355

Ah yes, Crepe-Chad.

No. 265385

File: 1530727062988.jpg (80.29 KB, 1024x582, tumblr_pbb3grGc7x1vs2hvvo1_128…)

how is that possible?! did he live outdoors and not go inside for years?

No. 265386

His photos get touched up a lot. He looks around his age in candids.

No. 265415

as much as i love robert smith and all older artists who still go all out with makeup and their signature look…i do feel like he would be 10 times better looking without all the shit on his face and if he combed his hair

No. 265417

File: 1530735141967.jpg (52.77 KB, 401x600, Brendan Fraser 2018 Winter TCA…)

honestly brendan fraser will probably never look good again. that being said, i am happy he is going through a little bit of a career revival with that trust show on fx. i was essentially raised on the first two mummy movies that came out in the late 90s, so i've always liked him a lot. hopefully his life turns around a bit, for the better

No. 265442

This thread is making me sad, do these men not know they can afford good skin treatments?

Should I plan on becoming a cougar?

No. 265445

I would cry myself to sleep every night if I were him

No. 265450

Just.. what did they do to themselves?

No. 265459

File: 1530741699544.jpeg (414.1 KB, 2000x1387, 7548AABA-AFB3-4110-8F66-CFC258…)

Only 17 years difference but he looks like her grandpa.

No. 265464

File: 1530742700277.jpeg (754.95 KB, 2560x1920, DD27BAA0-048E-4B4E-8662-04B0D2…)

Jason London is another one for me, he was so cute in the late 90’s early 00’s and now … yeesh, but granted his brother did pass way during like his major weight gain iirc

No. 265471

>only 17 years

He graduated high school before she was even born, no shit he looks like a grandpa well before her.

No. 265477

axl rose was such an alcoholic he would drink bottles of wine each and every day.

No. 265483

File: 1530746093077.jpg (248.67 KB, 1325x1600, WN_clooney_amal_ml_161021_5x6_…)

>He graduated high school before she was even born, no shit he looks like a grandpa well before her.

Haha what? That's not how age works. It looks like he was settling down with kids when she was born, not graduating highschool. He does not look like he's in his fifties and she does not look like she's in her forties. It looks like a seventy year old with a thirty year old.

no shade on their relationship, I don't know shit about it, just commenting on how they're aging.

No. 265485

it's George Clooney, hes been looking old for like the last 20 years, yeah he is going to look ancient next to his wife who is nearly 2 decades his junior. he already looked like her dad when they first started dating. he's just an old looking dude.

No. 265486

ha ha yeah
that's the point of the thread
are you confused?

No. 265488

I'm still not understanding why you're amazed that a guy who wasnt aging well to begin with and is nearly 20 years older than his wife…looks older than her. She's always going to look fantastic compared to him.

The point of the three is to point out dudes who aged like shit, not go "oh wow he looks worse than his much younger wife, I wonder why that is…mysterious"

No. 265491

File: 1530747650690.jpg (150.11 KB, 1120x630, 00-social-amal-clooney-best-lo…)

> he already looked like her dad when they first started dating
>The point of the three is to point out dudes who aged like shit

Wow. Again, are you confused? Let me walk you through this.
>Clooney has been aging like shit.
>His wife is aging amazingly.
>I posted them pointing out they look like completely different age ranges, rather than both in the same middle-aged range.
>She looks a decade younger than she is, he looks two decades older (and like you've mentioned has for a long time).
>She looks amazing, he looks like shit.
>At no point did I say I was amazed or that it was mysterious.
>And yes, she's younger than him, but she's still looking amazing for her age.
>I posted them because she's an example of a well aging woman and he's an example of a poorly aging man.
>Because that's the point of the thread.
Are you following this now? Like how much do I need to spell this out.

George Clooney = look bad for age
Amal Clooney = look good for age
Got it?

No. 265496

She's only 40 years old. How busted do you expect her to look?

No. 265503

File: 1530750005281.jpg (55.66 KB, 728x485, celebs-didnt-age-well-emgn-6.j…)

god, what happened? I thought his baby face would save him.

No. 265504

File: 1530750770363.jpg (168.52 KB, 1280x1920, VVemSVq.jpg)

she's 63 in this pic and looks better than I do in my 20s

No. 265517

in my unscientific opinion, babyfaced men are less likely to age well, not more. a lot of the examples in this thread had boyish handsomeness mostly based on facial features, but because their bone structure was just average, their facial features just get lost when they get old and fat. the men who age well tend to be the ones that have strong, masculine bone structure that remains apparent even when they get wrinkly and bloated. if your attractiveness hinges on looking youthful it has a definite expiration date, but if it's more about features that you get to keep as you age, like bone structure, proportion, and symmetry, you have a better chance of aging well.

No. 265523

File: 1530759485046.jpg (257.29 KB, 852x1000, bernadette_peters.jpg)

70 years old, looks like she's 50

No. 265526

sage for OT but what's up with her eyes? it's freaking me out

No. 265527

File: 1530760804710.jpg (62.43 KB, 590x860, oscars-2018-helen-mirren-nippl…)

Helen Mirren (72) will forever be my oldspo.

No. 265528

She had an eye injury as child, so her left eye is permanently dilated. Rumor has it that she often uses dilating eye drops on the other eye to even them out.

No. 265582

I keep fucking forgetting shes secretly ancient. She has to have the secret to immortality or something…I've seen 40 year olds look way rougher than her

No. 265593

File: 1530772506443.png (365.91 KB, 360x455, fwtf.PNG)

her and susan sarandon are honestly still so attractive, and not "attractive for 70", like, just straight up attractive, wtf. she was 69 here. gives me so much hope.

No. 265595

File: 1530772736712.jpg (103.4 KB, 650x1458, 7b6ddf6fd1d408b6548feee742c72b…)

total fox tbh

No. 265627

this is the most inspiring thread ive seen

No. 265628

Are you fucking kidding me. Hitting the gym today lol, I want to look like this in my future.

No. 265718

File: 1530807581026.jpg (57.88 KB, 620x460, 90s-vs-today-9-1412181005-view…)

Queen Latifah looks as beautiful as she did years ago

No. 265737

File: 1530811306483.jpg (151.2 KB, 817x1222, mariah-carey-bryan-tanaka-gold…)

As was mentioned above, Mariah Carey.

No. 265738

File: 1530811458476.jpg (66.77 KB, 373x740, fran-drescher.jpg)

still got it at 60, and nigella

No. 265744

ridiculous how great she looks. she has always been so stunning.

No. 265748

File: 1530813313648.jpg (32.98 KB, 333x500, Bianca Lawson.jpg)

Bianca Lawson, 39 and still playing teenager roles

No. 265772

File: 1530816445021.jpg (74.44 KB, 662x892, 662x892.jpg)

I'm just going to slip 67 year old Jane Seymour in here.

No. 265789

What the fuck? What fountain of youth did she drink from?? She looks younger than most people in their 20s.

No. 265791

File: 1530817792808.jpg (78.35 KB, 400x600, Sofia Vergara 2018 Vanity Fair…)

Everytime I see her and her son I still can't believe…

No. 265837


The phrase that men age like wine isn't regarding their physical appearances, at least not exclusively. It regards their status socially. As men age, so the saying generalizes, the fruits of their labors become more apparent and they are more likely to have a wider array of resources, both financial and social, at their disposal from their experience. Can the same be said for women? Yes, women become more valuable in both regards as they get older, too, if they are professionals and focus on those gains.

But the primary aspect by which women are judged initially is their appearance. Most people age like shit, but since outward appearance is the first impression society gets from women, the ravages of aging impact their social standing more than that of men who tend to be judged by a completely different metric. Men age like wine specifically because people stop caring about how men look just around the time their looks begin to decline.

No. 265838

i dont think so, anon. men are talking about men's appearances when they say this.

No. 265839

I've only seen haggard looking upper-middle class guys say it, but I wouldn't be particularly surprised if it were coming from a lack of self awareness.

No. 265843

File: 1530824946064.jpeg (35.76 KB, 448x299, 83BEC349-8CEA-43F2-B9FC-75A9E1…)

Kek what? No.
People use it to mean that men get better looking with age while women get worse. That’s it. That’s the extent of it. Just google “men age like wine” and look at the pictures. They’re not talking about all the shit you did. They’re talking about looks. Full stop.

No. 265845

She’s so elegant

No. 265848

He literally looks like >>265503 except not fat. How anyone could call this "aging like fine wine" is beyond me.

No. 265849

Idgi, is aged cheese supposed to be a bad thing? Because I can assure you, it's not a bad thing at all… And I say that as someone who comes from the land of both cheese and wine.

No. 265862

What you're saying is right in general, but you're wrong that it's what 'fine wine' refers to. That is literally about appearance, it's just that people are delusional and brainwashed about how men look as they age. Even if an older man is ravaged with wrinkles, he will be considered more physically attractive and aging better than a same aged woman with a few fine lines because people's perspective is warped and the demands on women to look youthful are so extreme.

No. 265957

File: 1530840362972.png (393.95 KB, 998x434, IMG_0251.png)

mike's alcoholism really did a number on him.

No. 265973

File: 1530841360999.jpeg (61 KB, 468x374, B919AB7A-47D9-4443-BF47-B5122D…)

The breakfast club

No. 265974

File: 1530841377711.jpeg (261.14 KB, 1200x800, C79C87BA-79BD-4B0E-A618-EDA15B…)

No. 265975

File: 1530841465613.jpeg (413.99 KB, 1000x1000, 0CBD0A51-9B0E-42BA-8DF0-7AD4A8…)


No. 265986

he still has the most kawaii-est eyes

No. 266000

Damn she went from a 7 to a 9,5!

No. 266001

the juxtaposition of the great looking women vs the ugly middle aged fat men lol

No. 266010

File: 1530847921322.jpg (103.41 KB, 1280x720, fqpk4l5hz3sx.jpg)

poor rich evans

No. 266017

not sure if this is a cope thread or not

No. 266018

Rich was cute when he was young, but obviously Mike is the real tragedy. Jay just goes to show what taking care of yourself can prevent.

No. 266020

mike is still cute in his own way though! at least i think so lol

No. 266026

how did she only get cuter..wtf
this is so tragic lmfao

No. 266031

wtf is he a priest now

No. 266034

File: 1530857861396.jpg (121.59 KB, 696x1037, image.jpg)

Zooey Deschanel is 38

No. 266038

H-how?? God damn. Anyone know? Is this a result of lifelong super healthy lifestyles or just genetic luck? Or combo?

No. 266039

Just because you like someone's personality it doesn't mean they are less ugly anon.
I love the hitb guys but, come on, the only one that doesn't look like a trainwreck is Jay, and he's just average.

No. 266042

she is not aging well and she looks older than 38 lol

No. 266044

File: 1530860051539.jpeg (73.27 KB, 625x886, 85CB5E0C-8837-479D-8571-3F9DF8…)

She looks so much better now than she did when she was younger imo. Styling can do so god damn much

No. 266052

WHAT. This is straight up witchcraft.

As much as I love the thread though, I hate how most anons post middle-aged women who just look younger. In my opinion, aging beautifully is letting the signs of age show but embracing them. Don't get me wrong but I was kind of hoping to see foxy grey-haired ladies who still have it. Monique Parent from youtube is one of my favourites, she's definitely had some work done but doesn't try to hide her age. Her personality is so refreshing as well!

No. 266056

lol anon have you ever seen a 38 year old?

No. 266058

she's gorgeous

No. 266060

Helen Mirren didn't have kids so I'm sure that helps. I'm sure genetics play a part but taking care of yourself (Diet, exercise, and avoiding the sun) does help.

No. 266064

She looks amazing. I fucking love long silver hair and hope to have it when I'm older, but honestly for now I find middle aged women more inspiring. I fully anticipate not giving a fuck by the time my hair is grey, but middle age is that awkward transitional period I'm more concerned about.

No. 266071

ugh i'm so jealous of ladies with perfect silver/grey hair. both of my parents have salt and pepper hair and i'm not looking forward to that lol

No. 266075

File: 1530870098888.png (266.4 KB, 501x372, 5815415158185741851.png)

Alexandra Lamy, 47 (a French actress, Jean Dujardin ex-wife) and her daughter (right).

No. 266138

File: 1530882598391.jpg (42.68 KB, 780x526, 9358356ak.jpg)

Rachel Weisz, 48

No. 266140

I love gray hair so much, she looks so classy.

No. 266163

File: 1530899356534.jpeg (180.52 KB, 750x829, 6C3561A8-F16E-49D1-B090-794EC0…)

She’s so classy.

No. 266164

Mike only retains some modicum of cuteness because he still has good facial features, but at this point he's too bloated for it to help much. He still looked okay when he was at the beginning stages of fatness but at this point he's likely a lost cause (though he is funny and has an interesting personality and all that which goes a long way, so I get why you like him).

Me too, I think it's beautiful.

No. 266174

File: 1530905204899.jpg (117.04 KB, 940x545, Golden.jpg)

How did his face got more square? He's busted.

No. 266189

He's okay imo. I don't think he's aging too bad, still looks good to me.

No. 266209

File: 1530918291284.jpg (57.16 KB, 1200x630, 12-zooey-deschanel.w600.h315.2…)

yeah i'm dating one. it's not like she looks bad, but a lot of 38 year olds don't have visible wrinkles like this, and her face looks way harsher than it used to. i know it's nitpicky but i just don't think she's aging BETTER than average, especially with the resources she has. But maybe my so just has exceptionally good skin i guess.

No. 266216

File: 1530919974659.jpg (124.93 KB, 1400x1050, yasmina-rossi.jpg)

I got you fam, have some Yasmina Rossi.

No. 266221

File: 1530921099148.jpg (28.88 KB, 543x425, 569702f8eb96a172b7523c5d35d8cd…)

I like the look of Jo Ani. Very mature but still ethereal.

No. 266224

Damn she looks like a Daedra priestess, I like it

No. 266314

This youtuber is in her 60s.

No. 266321

He's still hot as hell

No. 266327

File: 1530972744255.jpg (46.01 KB, 736x920, 943537c6954e988a0f17dc36e9d9bb…)


No. 266328

File: 1530973262123.jpg (81.83 KB, 450x675, tn-500_tson10-450x675.jpg)

No. 266376

that already receding hairline though

No. 266402

No. 266641

Wasn't he a major piece of shit back in those days though? Like just tormented Molly Ringwald on set? He had it comin.

Good for Molly though. She aged better than all the sexual assault/racist jokes in John Hughes movies did.

No. 266828

He seems to be making a comeback now days, I hope him all the best

No. 267492

It's the receding hairline/balding that fucks most men up aging.
Kinda scares me in terms of relationships, tbh, because I'm not too picky with men in terms of looks as long as they aren't on the pudgy side, but bad hair makes them look awful and there's not much you can do about it.

No. 267493

My problem with men is that I see aging as a natural thing and I don't expect my future hypothetical bf/partner to remain young forever, I don't even care about balding and a bit of pudginess but it's men that have these unrealistic expectations of women remaining flawless and youthful and even then that's not enough.
Incels and bots can say whatever they want, I see much more irl examples of a guy or a family man throwing away years of relationship or marriage for a young bimbo.

No. 267497

become a cougar anon

No. 268091

Oh I know men generally care much more about looks, but what can I say, I'm that shallow lol.

It's not like I have sky high standards for looks though, having a healthy body fat % and a full head of hair is enough for me. Hardly 2/10 pointy elbows level

I put effort into my appearance and body, so I would expect the same from my partner. I wouldn't be with someone that didn't look after their body. Which is why the hairline thing bothers me, because it's out of their control, but it genuinely matters a lot to me in terms of sexual attraction. Maybe that'll change as I grow older though.

No. 268113

File: 1531596840412.jpg (61.53 KB, 785x506, Kurt-Russell-Aged.jpg)

probably one of my favorite actors of all time, but kurt russell did not age as well as i wish he did. he's better than some of the actors mentioned but he looks like a hot mess when he doesn't have facial hair

No. 268128

File: 1531600134802.jpg (93.24 KB, 720x720, contrapoints.jpg)

Lol, as if all these Hollywood men didn't have surgery as well.

This "women age worse" meme is entirely cultural. Women actually age much, much better than men and are in general more neotenic (childlike) in their features. You may have noticed how a lot of trans women end up looking older after switching from male to female attire. A 20 year old man instantly makes a 45 year old woman. This is because male features do look older and it stands out immediately. We just don't cut women as much slack.

No. 268129

Fillers and possibly a facelift, that's why.

No. 268141

non-weeb here, which sakurai are we talking? there seems to be quite a few

No. 268153

boxing and several botched plastic surgeries.

No. 268154

this is the biggest shame of them all. he was so damn fucking hot in The Secretary. I mean he still might be if he wasnt fat.

tbh I dont understand how any man (or basically anyone with money) in the US does still marry someone without a prenup. Alimony regulations are fucking insane (and rumored to be one of the reason Robin Williams committed suicide.. RIP)

No. 268159

File: 1531611925738.jpg (46.88 KB, 780x520, People-Brendan_Fraser_50377-78…)

same… i loved his 90s movies so freaking much and im so sorry for him but he just looks like a prepped corpse.

No. 268164

I've noticed that when men age, they end up entirely unrecognizable. It's like their very bone structure starts melting.

No. 268268

Shitty lifestyle caused by lack of social pressure to look youthful. Most of these men would age way better with more self care/diet/not smoking or drinking. But they don't feel the pressure to so they slowly detoriate until they're unrecognizable and really unattractive.

No. 268292

That doesn't really explain why trans women always look older than their age after transition.

No. 268662

File: 1531744209894.jpg (110.28 KB, 650x977, WtupRxO.jpg)

Dita Von Teese was brought up in another thread and I just found out that she's 45! She looks fantastic, even without make up.

No. 268664

Her mother looks extremely youthful as well. Or did at one point, at least. Perhaps it runs in the family.

No. 268665

I think the reason why trans women end up ''looking old'' is because they are still men and have masculine features and feminine hair, make up and clothing really accentuates that. Bio women with very strong facial features can look older than they are as well. It's often the strong jaw + low brow ridges + big chin combination that can age you quite a bit.

No. 268674

She's so timeless, literally looks the same as when I've first heard of her like 10 years ago

No. 269850

i think it's a lot of plastic surgery too though.. pretty sure she's talked about having it done. whatever it is, she looks great for her age.

No. 269984

i think she had surgery only on her breasts because she had used drugs heavily and they were ruined.at least she got pretty natural implants and they arent those massive unnatural lumps many women go for

No. 270931

This thread is bad in so many ways. You all completely missed the point of the saying. The thing is that men only want young looking women, so old women can only look attractive if they look young. Women on the other hand have other standards of beauty, mainly the idea that they want successful men, which doesn't depend much on looks and biology in general. I find the woman preference theory dumb and sexist, I don't know, maybe it was true for older generations of women, but that's definitely not my standard and of my friends my age of what attractive men are. But men wanting young women is very much true, read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoteny.

1- aging well for women: looking like you didn't age
2- aging well for men: acquiring mature traits that actually make you more attractive, something that young men can't have

Like I said, it's not for me, I don't like old men. The theory goes that men prefer young women because more pregnancies and more successful pregnancies, which means more reproduction success. Woman's capacity of carrying out quality pregnancies decreases fast with age, but modern medicine mostly fixed that. Another theory says that neotenic women might trigger men's paternal instinct of protection and nurture, pretty dumb IMO.

Notice how most cases of women who mature well in this thread is precisely about women who still have good skin &hair and tight body at old age. Also, posting men who had drug problems or bad life experiences overall, like this:
just goes to show that you're dumb.

No. 270932

File: 1532346214955.jpg (125.57 KB, 1920x1080, 9S51m6D.jpg)

Scrotoid out.

No. 270933

What the fuck are you talking about? Why are you pretending this is an established scientific theory and not just some brainlet incel mantra to defend their own hebephilic tendencies and cope with their unfortunate genetics? We've all seen the images they create, use and disseminate. You think they care if an unattractive older woman has a history of drug abuse (which, let's face it, all celebrities have)?
I can't with these male-aligned posters. Go back to /r9k/.

No. 270936

thank you, exactly.

No. 270937

>mature traits in men


No. 270938

Also forgot to talk about the other side of the coin: men of any age will prefer young women, while women of any age usually prefer men their age or a bit older.

I didn't say that the theory is true. Both theories that young women means higher reproductive success and that young women trigger male paternal instinct sound dumb to me, or at least incomplete. But trying to deny the common knowledge that men prefer young women is just dumb. It is simply common knowledge, and it is backed up by many studies, now the theories behind it are something else, none of them convinced me.

As for the drug thing, it is only a side commentary. And I doubt that most hollywood women are drug addicts, like a good deal of the men are or were at some point in their careers. Brad Pitt is a legit case of a man who aged like milk due to bad genetics, but Axl Rose or Fraser are not (Fraser probably partially).

No. 270939

Nobody denies that men want young women. We're laughing at scrots who think they physically age better.

Old men with status have utility, but they aren't attractive. Having resources and thus being able to buy someone's willingness to tolerate your ugliness is not a "beauty standard", it's pragmaticism.

No. 270945

who gives a shit what studies say when men develop specific sexual preferences and paraphilias with the slightest bit of social conditioning? beyond recruiting a team of bubble boys to study, all of the data is going to be flawed

No. 270946

I don't even buy into the resources thing personally. What I'm saying is that the wine/milk aging thing is not about who ages less, but about who can still look attractive while aging. Like I said, men of any age will want young women, and if you're an old woman trying to look attractive, you're going to have to look like you're in your 20s. Women on the other hand tend to prefer men of their age or a bit older. The resource thing to me is complete bullshit, might have been true in the past, when women didn't have their independence, but to me at least I wouldn't want an old guy just because he's rich (probably because I have my own money), I never liked men much older than me, and as I said, at least in my circle of friends (my age) this seems to be the standard.

Most of the theories explaining both male and female preferences to me are bullshit, but trying to deny that these ARE the preferences is dumb, you're going against common sense and knowledge. Women "don't age well" because woemn can't look like they're in their 20s forever, men can't do it either, but women don't mind that, and would in fact prefer men their own age range. This is what I'm saying.

No. 270948

Women prefer older men (as potential life partners, not for purely sexual pursuits) because they will die sooner, leaving us more time to enjoy our lives as merry widows, in some cases with inheritance. It's a strategy.
If you male want a woman who loves you for you and actually enjoys spending time with you, you should go for someone of the same age or older.

No. 270951

eh. I think most women want love, but some will marry just for money. If a woman has a lot of money, she'll go after handsome young men like Madonna does, because handsome young men are the best kind, and women tend to chose them when they have the power to make that choice

No. 270953

Like I said, all theories trying to explain it to me are dumb. And women only prefer slightly older men, you all seem to be bothered too much about female preference. The thing is that men's preference seem to be absolute: they want women in their early 20s and that's it, but with women things seem to change, it changes with age and it also seems to change with social organization, and this is why I said that the female preference thing to me makes no sense. It might have been true in the past, but to me at least it's not true now. Women of older generations, or parts of the world where they still can't have their own money, will probably weight in male success, but I just don't, I have my own money, and as long as the guy isn't a dead beat, he's game to me. I woudn't mind dating a guy somewhat younger than me… so long as he isn't a dead beat.

No. 270955

That's not true for all women, not even most.
It's women that are not willing to take agency over their lives that look for older men, or ones that have daddy issues.

No. 270961

Men don't understand that women are also attracted to young handsome men but they don't understand the reasons we usually don't date them. We don't go after younger men not because we aren't attracted to them…
1. We have nothing in common with them. I'm 26 and I feel like I'm talking to someone from a different world when I have a conversation with a man in his early 20s. I know to men they don't care about this because they will marry some chick from Thailand who can't speak a word of English.
2. We go for people who we actually will have a stable future with….Not someone who is just hot and young and good for sex.
3. We don't want to be some guys mom. We don't want to have to raise our partner. Men don't mind this because most of them have pedo fetishes anyway.

If I could take the maturity of a 50 year old man and put it into the body of a cute 18 year old guy…that would be perfect. I don't want to feel like I'm someone's mom 24/7, i have that issue bad enough with men my own age.

No. 270963

it's very wishful thinking that if you date an older guy you won't have to mother him. A good friend of mine dates only guys 5-10 years older than her for that reason, and the guys she dates are usually huge immature babies. Older men often like to go with younger women BECAUSE it gives them an excuse not to act their age

No. 270966

I only date men in my age group and I was holding out hope that maybe they get better as they age. I feel like I'm more of a mom to my bf than a gf. Younger men are more cute but if men in their late 20s are this retarded imagine how a literal child would be.

No. 270968

Also, older men that chase after young women tend to have more controlling and narcisistic tendencies. I speak from being raised in a household with a 30+ year gap.

No. 270973

Damn, why did you all get worked up because I started talking about the preference in age difference thing? That wasn't my intention. I tend to see both men and women who go after much younger partner as disgusting, doesn't matter if it's Madonna or some pedo KV 40 YO neckbeard. I'm not trying to legitimize men who go after women 20 years younger than them, my whole point was to criticize the bad interpretation of the wine/milk meme in this thread so that you all can realize that the healthy way of preferring things, in an ideal world where men and women aren't drastically unequal in financial independence, is that both men and women prefer partners of their own age range. I was just criticizing these posts that show 50 or 60 YO Hollywood women with good skin, hair and curves as good examples of women who aged well, because that isn't aging well, that is just not aging, this is basically about trying to hide your age (and I personally don't intend to do that), and if you think that this is aging well then you're the one absorbing male standards. I don't buy into absolute biological preferences like "all men prefer young women because they are biologically hard wired for such", I recognize that at least in our society today this is what happens (and apparently many women seem to have this beauty standard too, at least for other women), but I don't think it will always be like this no matter what kind of society we live in.

No. 270974

File: 1532355030239.gif (1.08 MB, 200x176, 707.gif)

>Mfw when scrots unironically believe in women hitting the wall but my grandma married an handsome engineer younger than her who makes 100k/yrs at 65 yrs old.

No. 271074

Absolutely agree.
Men that are middle aged or older that luster after young women are fucked in the head 9 times out of 10

No. 271201

>dat waistline

I love her so much

No. 271202

This thread scares me, how can I keep my guy looking qt for years to come?

No. 271448

ya can't, dump him when he gets old

No. 271510

Some of it is inevitable but some of it is caused by hormone imbalance and bad habits. He could get his hormones checked once in a while and consult a specialist about how to balance them.

No. 271516

Why do so many people misunderstand the purpose of this thread? Your guy is going to get old and so are you. Preventative measures like exercise, diet, and sobriety are not not exclusive to gender.

No. 271666

File: 1532514105060.jpeg (124.34 KB, 750x600, D7294C06-914B-4003-B398-7BDD0A…)

Any glam/heavy metal band ever, goes without saying.

No. 271667

Let's be honest, most of them weren't lookers from the beginning. But they had ~eye liner~ and ~alternative style~ to hide that fact when they were younger.
Also most of them got really fucking fat once they stopped doing drugs/stopped touring

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