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File: 1530210912070.jpeg (142.14 KB, 1024x724, 1E7ADF5C-FD56-469E-AE2C-6A8CA1…)

No. 263490

Thoughts on these guys and their fans?

No. 263493

dan needs a better skincare routine, he looks crusty on ig

No. 263512

They're aging fast and they're increasingly becoming more and more irrelevant, their careers are dying. I've always wondered if 'phan' is real though

No. 263528

I like Dan and Phil but the phandom is awful. I don't understand how people can be comfortable shipping actual people. And they really try to push the "They are so totally gay and not just best friends!" thing.

No. 263554

File: 1530224387130.jpeg (39.47 KB, 285x142, B3085AA3-17D5-43EC-807A-F2C820…)

Eyebrows are looking kinda yikes as well.

No. 263583

I really liked their old videos when they weren't this known. Now I think they're trying sooo much just to be kind or funny / relevant. I know most of their fandom are people from 12 to 18 more or less, but I just wish they could be more realistic. Phil's 31 already, I understand that he may decide not to swear on his videos but he looks almost childish to me, sometimes, trying too hard.

Idk, before I liked them because of their content, now I think they're just another Youtube's product who only wants to sell what people want to see…Even if it's cringey or worse.

>And they really try to push the "They are so totally gay and not just best friends!" thing.

I do believe they're dating but not because those maaany videos of people who can't comprehend that friends look at eachother when they talk kek, it just seems logical to me

No. 263586

I watched them 2012-2014 maybe? Then something made me stop watching them. I know their fandom weirded me out because I could never get behind shipping real people (and still can't, tbh).

I haven't watched anything they've put out recently. I think the last video I watched was their first April Fools crafting video.

Don't cry–craft.

No. 263618

I actually still regularly watch (and enjoy) their videos, been subscribed to them since 2012 which is a little weird I guess. I'd never admit it to anyone though because their fandom is just awful. I would have thought maybe their fans would age along with them, but I feel like the phandom is the exact same as it was in 2012/13: mostly the weird irl shipping stuff, could never get behind that.

I do agree it feels like phil is getting a bit old to be putting out the same kind of humour and for such a young audience, I think his peak was back in 2013. At least he ditched the 2007 bangs finally kek. I do like how Dan has managed to more evolve his content with the times, I think it works for him.

No. 263619

File: 1530247544836.jpg (45.01 KB, 470x607, Dan-howell-danisnotonfire-and-…)

Honestly I always thought Phil was dumb as fuck. Dan always came off as smart but cynical. He's getting more insufferable each passing year kek. Also both their looks are fading fast, they don't have this cute emo faggot uwu appeal they used to have

No. 264363

This. I like them,i don't watch their stuff anymore tho but they're sweet dudes. Their fandom is horrible, full of yaoi fangirls who listen to emo music and identify as emo in 2018

No. 264373

i used to watch them, pretty much from the beginning. i was into the uk youtube scene in 2007 so i watched phil back then and started watching dan when he was talking to phil in 2009. probably stopped around 2012/13, check in on them now and then if a video sounds interesting. it was weird watching them going from being openly bisexual and flirting to being silent about it and now being open about it again IF it's something fans are going to find cute.

phil was a bit of a sleaze back in the early days so i find it extra creepy that he acts so santised and childlike now. for a while he'd bang any 17 year old emo youtuber, dan was just apparently the last one.

No. 264392

File: 1530490676375.gif (1.22 MB, 202x181, tumblr_inline_p9ze08w5o91qbrcg…)

i think they have the most obnoxious fandom ever. they never shut up, they're always 12, and they're so goddamn annoying. those guys aren't even talented or anything, they just gaybait and make material for cute-sy GIFS and THAT'S IT. these bitches obsess over them as if they're was anything worthwhile with them and there just isn't. i cannot.

>mfw too stupid to read gay fanfiction of media/relevant people because you have no attention span, mfw too brain dead to read yaoi manga or even watch yaoi anime, mfw so stupid and young you get your fujoshi fix from shit youtubers who are at best 7/10 (actually the guy with the blue eyes is like a 4 or a 5/10 at best).

they make me barf. making a living off teenagers thinking you're gay… laineybot teas. never met a dan and phil fan who wasn't underaged & retarded.

No. 264459

Yeah I used to watch them as well but lost interest. Dan was always less annoying. They are so god damn queerbaity though. They literally turned their most popular series of gaming videos (sims) into forced gay fanfic dreams for their 13 year old girl audience, it’s cringe.

No. 264514

File: 1530529526246.gif (1.12 MB, 320x240, tumblr_nttvmb3Agg1t1n5k9o1_400…)

I used to like them but have lost interest in the past few years. They're stuck in this weird 2006 emo guy limbo that I don't find appealing anymore.

I do hope we someday find out if they ever dated. Or if they've had girlfriends/boyfriends they've had to keep as a secret all these years. Their fans are insane and stalk every person Dan/Phil talks to so I'd think having a significant other in secret would be hard.

No. 264524

this gif made me cringe so much. the obvious pandering of emo gay boy love is so 2006.

i've never made an effort to watch them but they both have very punchable faces.

No. 264530

I agree they are cringe but I think that the fangirls find them being real people and not drawings extremely attractive.
Not sure how you know that they are not fujoshits. I bet huge part of the phandom is into yaoi and written slash.

No. 264533

phan shipping is most comparable to kpop shipping, or old ships for bands like fall out boy and my chemical romance. they ship the real people but any time i've seen fanart or fics online it's always like 'au where dan works in a bakery and has an abusive boyfriend and phil is a single dad who loves dogs'. they separate the real people so far from their perceptions of them that sometimes i think they forget that dan and phil are two real people and not characters to project their emo fantasies onto

i think they genuinely don't realise that they're two adult millionaires who don't sulk around in hoodies and listen to fall out boy all day. the phandom really latched onto dan saying he was an emo kid at 15 and don't seem to get that that was a phase, so the pair have been stuck in a teenage phase for years to pander to kids who want them to love twenty one pilots.

phil definitely doesn't fit into the box he's stuck in now. years ago he'd talk about being into post punk music like echo and the bunnymen and then suddenly in his late 20s he only started talking about what the teens were fans of. he was into horror novels and stuff that was less cookie cutter kid friendly than pokemon and mario. he was also a lot less left wing/progressive than dan is or that the fans think he is. having sex with teenage boys doesn't mean someone supports everything they do.

No. 264802

What do Dan and Phil actually do?

No. 264811

I used to be pretty big in the phandom (just writing that word makes me hurt physically) back in 2012 when I was a teen. I made some really good friends there and had lots of fun and I still sometimes want to go back and experience all of that again even though things I did would be considered cringy nowadays.

I never shipped them though and even then thought Phil's uwu emo child act was sort of weird for his age and stopped watching both of them when Dan started pandering to the whole "socially awkward" tumblr humour crowd even more than he ever did around 2014. I guess the reason why I watched them was mostly because Dan was cute (he looks kind of weird nowadays?) and they did have good chemistry and some funny moments together. Sort of weird to see them still being so popular but it doesn't bother me, I think they're okay people who've found an act that works for them (being irl emo fujoshibait) and I can't blame them for that.

No. 264812

I've never watched their videos, but I have to wonder, does the fujobait come up? How do they address it/explain it? It's so frequent and OTT it would be kind of ridiculous if their only explanation was just being really good friends uwu

Fuck I remember early MCR gerard way and frank iero gaybaiting a lot back in the day, but they always had some edgy emo reason for it lmao

No. 264831

they don't address it at all. they all but admitted they were a couple until about 2011, went super quiet and denied it until about 2013, and now just stay quiet about it again.

No. 264836

I never understood how people think they're attractive. Phil's hair is the absolute worst, I hate when people with such light features dye their hair black, never suits them. For some reason it really annoys me every time I see picture of him.
Dan on the other hand looks like he's 12 or something. And no, that's not cute uwu. I find the way the act creepy for their age.

They wouldn't even have their careers if it weren't for fujos. That's the only thing going for them honestly, the endless "are they?!?! are they not?!?!" quessing.

No. 264841

I think there something that went on in 2012 where Dan's family got harassed or something? There was also this video (unrelated, but their hair should be counted as a hatecrime)

I read something recently on twitter about fans finding their house. They aren't even relevant anymore but their fandom is still insane.

No. 264846

dan's brother got harassed constantly for a couple of years because he was a 14 year old version of dan and 14 year old fan girls thought they had a chance with him. towards the end his brother made it pretty clear he really did not like dan so it made it even more uncomfortable. it was like 5 years ago when i saw it happen on tumblr but i think the fans are still just as obsessed with dan's family and his relationship to them since it doesn't seem like he gets on with them at all. i'm sure he said before that his parents had him when they were really young (still students?) and that he was kind of the practice child while his brother was thefavourite they were ready for. that seems about it (+emo teen "they don't understand me!" stuff) but the fans are so out of touch with reality that you'd think they desperately want him to have abused and hated so that it could be a cute fanfic where phil saves him

2012 is also the first the time they had proper rabid fan girls (and why i was put off them and stopped watching them over that year or so). nobody was really watching for fujo shit before then so when they did stuff that made them seem like a couple it's believable and i think it was real. they stopped when they suddenly had more than 5 fics about them and were constantly being asked if they were gay

No. 264912

File: 1530640039179.png (247.31 KB, 500x599, tumblr_inline_o557j75lsG1td9tn…)

tbh after this and other similar replies from Dan I think it's weird that people still assume they're together

No. 264920

File: 1530641660512.png (32.27 KB, 150x150, E112D6A8-F8C1-4F56-80B8-B89FD5…)

Wow when was that posted? I didn’t know he had acknowledged Phan outright before. I wonder how the shippers responded.

No. 264926

I'm guessing it's from 2012 'cause around that time Dan was v straightforward about the subject in tumblr but I can't find a source with a date. that specific screencap is from this tumblr if you wanna check it out:


No. 264930

i always assumed they'd dated in the past and broke up, but i don't know if they could do fake shipping shit if they were exes. i'm just very certain they weren't just friends back when they first started talking.

dan talking about his sex life recently makes me think they're not together too. he talks about sucking dick and getting choked out in a way that seems less like a 9 year relationship and more like hookups. i know people say they can't possibly be dating someone else without it getting out, but people far more famous than them manage it.

No. 264934

oh ffs. can you imagine doing constant fujobait to insure your cash flow, and then getting mad at your dumb fujo fans for misinterpreting your gay behavior as gay? I'd be so fucking embarrassed about how I make my living.
I'd be no less embarrassed about that than being a super sexual ASMR channel and then turning around going "noooo it's not sexual at all this is just art!"

If you're going to fanservice for youtube coin just have the strength of your convictions and do it. Don't take out your frustration with yourself on the fans you pander to.

No. 264947

To be fair at that time they were massively avoiding a lot of shipping stuff. They went from encouraging it when the fan base was small to downplaying it when their subscriber counts started really rising. For a while they barely looked at each other on camera and sat about a foot apart. the problem was that the shippers were too stupid to realise that they were real people and took the two of them being visibly uncomfortable as a sign to build enough fantasies on them

Opinions of them as a couple went from
>Huh, are those 2 dating? They're 2 bi guys living together and occasionally flirting and used to be way more suggestive. I think they are, but they're not saying and I don't want to ask
>PHAN!!! OMG did you see the way Dan looked at him at 3:04? They're sooooo gay, I can't believe Dan would say they aren't gay. Dan, you're gay. Are you gay? Tell me you're gay for Phil. Here's a drawing I made of you two fucking.
within about a year because Dan started appealing more to the tumblr crowd and brought along shippers. The original video Phil made for Dan for Valentine's day leaked about 6 months before he started to really take off and the reaction was just like "that's weird, I guess they are a couple then. Let's just not mention it again." It took a couple of years for them to actively start targeting the fujos much, but the fans shipped it even without them trying

No. 265174

File: 1530683720179.jpg (174 KB, 930x1280, tumblr_p1nethgEy71vpnm9po1_128…)

No. 265180

This is gonna sound super dramatic, but one of my friends started watching those two when we were like 15. And I basically lost her as a friend, because ALL SHE EVER WANTED TO TALK ABOUT were those two rawring emo dudes. I watched like two videos with her, never got the appeal, but was excommunicated by her for not loving the """"phandom"""". We couldn't talk about anything anymore because she always got back to the topic of how ka~waii Dan looked in the last video and how gay Phil was for him.

Sage for blogpost, but >>264392 is 100% right about them being one of the most obnoxious communities ever. Maybe aside from BTS or other Kpop. Or Homestuck, but at least that's fictional.

No. 265191

File: 1530685274436.jpg (89.42 KB, 750x754, Y6Btokc.jpg)

No. 265580

dan and phil be the type of cringy bitches that wear cat ears to high school

No. 652000

i wonder what people think of them now

No. 652014

your post made me wonder, I check and IDB still manages to crank out 40 pages threads about them every few months. How is there still anything to discuss about these two ?

No. 652019

Haven't heard their names in years, haven't they faded in total obscurity?

No. 652034

File: 1602340883542.jpg (38.6 KB, 464x544, Dan-Howell.jpg)

Dan's looks continue to fade, Phil changed his haircut which looks better now.

Dan somehow still gets 100k+ likes on his tweets and Phil still gets about 400,000 views on his videos. I don't know what is so interesting about them anymore to continue to warrant such a big fanbase. Are there no modern "cute and quirky" youtube male personalities like them or charlieissocoollike to fill this niche?

No. 652037

They were trending on uk Twitter because they got married.

Well, dan referred to phil as his husband so people made that assumption. It was confusing.

No. 652043

Yeah they didn't get married, Dan just listed things they've been referred to as and people took that out of context of course

No. 652059

The last thing I remember about them is that Dan made a video where he did came out as gay. He said him and Phil were really dating during some time, but not anymore. However fangirls are still building crazy theories n we.

No. 652070

They're honestly so plain and basic, both in appearance and in humor. They would be literal nobodies if they weren't smart enough to cater to the fujos, a demographic already well known for its insanely low standards

No. 652075

Literal whos

No. 652114

>t. 13 year old

No. 652593

I'm a millennial try again sweaty

No. 652836

Phil was lierally so ugly i can't believe all those girls who were into him

No. 658376

Just a pair of faggots. What else is there to say?

No. 658673

I Thought they were so into Dan.

No. 658687

Honestly If I was fujo I'd be heartbroken, cause if they claimed they were straight or made no comments about their sexuality I could easily live in my fujo delusion, but they both came out as Gay and their dating other people that I've never heard of, so my entire fantasy has been broken

No. 658708

So, they are both confirmed gay?
I never understood the hype around them other than them gay baiting

No. 658713

Are they dating other people now? You've peaked my interest

No. 658715

File: 1603043239138.gif (7.38 MB, 400x372, tenor.gif)

No. 658718

Both are legit actually gay, but they've denied ever being in any sort of relationship with each other

No. 658804

Didn’t they hint in each others video about being in a relationship once??

Who are they dating?

No. 713360

They're designing and building a house together last I heard, so I'm pretty sure they're actually still together.

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