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File: 1529736348504.png (1017.19 KB, 1750x1810, 1529712670492.png)

No. 262084

Laughter stops.

No. 262085

Is this some weird tranny chart?

No. 262087

>having to shove a medical dildo in the rotting, gaping hole where your dick used to be every 30 minutes so it doesn't close itself
just tranny things ♥

No. 262507

Do they have to do this for the rest of their life? I've heard horror stories of them losing a lot of blood doing this.

It just kinda seems so unnecessary, can they have sex and feel it? I imagine that the hole doesn't get that far.

No. 262544

We should probably stop telling people they can turn into women if they just try hard enough.

No. 262621

I think most of them lose their sex drive entirely..AGPs are crying lol

No. 262622

This sounds like hell. Isn't this horrifically painful? It's an open wound at the end of the day

No. 262647

as gross as this surgery is, i wish all men would get it so that the likelihood of them raping women is drastically decreased. i don't understand why they don't just opt for regular castration though, seems like more of a hassle to have to do this every day

No. 262661

>i wish all men would get it so that the likelihood of them raping women is drastically decreased
Along with the birthrates, but would this be for all men around the world?

No. 262674

Castration wouldnt do it, they want to be "real women" so they cant be satisfied with not having a hole there (even though it's a legit wound, in no way similar to a vagina). Most trannies who get bottom surgery regret it, not to anyones surprise.

No. 262677

>Along with the birthrates
Why not just harversting and conserving semen of the more sociable and tame males?

No. 262761

My boyfriend got a cyst on his ass and went to the doctor to GE tit removed and it left a dent. I had to clean and pack it every day while it was healing so it would regain shape, essentially the opposite of the chart. There's a slight dent now

So is a fake vagina just a dent? Is it disgusting to want to see images now of post trans reassignment surgery I am fascinated. Is it just cosmetic and Bruce Jenner wants to be taken anally but he's such a homophobe he had to transition first?

No. 262802


hopefully. i dislike trannies as much as anyone else here does but seeing so many men doing this to their bodies kind of gives me some hope that the male population will eventually die out because of it

No. 262932

I was actually fascinated about this a while ago and looked it up. Basically, they bisect your penis and just flip it inward. The "head" is cut and formed into the clit.

With time, you can feel pleasure. But not completely, obviously. Also, moisture is an issue (because you won't produce it) so lube is a must.

With today's plastic surgery, some of their vags can fool you into thinking they're the real thing. I saw some pics and was impressed, but I also saw some awful ones where it looked like the surgeon hasn't seen a vag in his life.

No. 262933

you can smell the difference from a mile away

No. 262937

I don't think the male population will decrease but hopefully the population of delusional, entitled autistic males will. They're castrating themselves off the gene pool, so as much of a nightmare as trannies are now we should think or it long term and remember that this is a good thing.

No. 262979

Vaginal dilation? But there's no vagina to dilate, even after surgery.

No. 263001

You right.

No. 263055

is autistic trannyism genetic?

No. 263168

what the heck. why are you hating on transsexuals so much? what have they done? I feel really sorry for them because they get so much hate and they have the highest suicide rate.

No. 263178

seconding. jfc even for me that too much salt, i know some are super creeps but leave the others be and mind your own business you crazy bitches
>inb4 you're a handmaiden/tranny fugg off lol triggered!1! xD

No. 263179

not everyone's willing to accept sexist, crazy men in dresses, sorry not sorry. the entire concept of trannyism is too hilarious for me to not make fun of them.

No. 263180

Trannies are hypersexual predators. The majority of them are "lesbians".

No. 263182

Then neither of you have read enough of the anti-trans threads here. We've outlined plenty of times why we dislike them.

No. 263208

While i'll accord you that sadly a majority is like that, there are some that are legit chill and just wanna live as normally as possible, not like those predatory sexist weirdos.
It's a mental illness and tbh that's kinda sick to make fun of that to that point. Chill out.

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