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No. 257175

what is your hobby?? share them with us

No. 257176

video games

No. 257178

reading books

No. 257183

music, movies, video games

No. 257188

My hobby in to play video games. My favorite is CS:GO. It is an old and interesting game. I found nice place on https://dreamteam.gg/csgo/teams where I can play CS:GO with other teams or can became a member of ones. I think in such places I can find new players and friends.

No. 257202

Can someone recommend a hobby for someone who isn't very talented? I spend most of my free time just browsing the internet.

No. 257204

My 2 main hobbies lately are antique + doll collecting and skin care. There are many I’d die to pursue if I could find the time and money

No. 257206

Blogging could be up your alley. Start a blog focused on a specific interest/topic

No. 257208

That actually sounds like a really nice idea, anon! Thank you.

No. 257394

I like playing video games but it has been months since I played anything. I still try to read about new releases though. Something I always wanted to do was travelling, especially since I finally have the money and free time for that now.

Not her but I'm considering starting a blog or a tumblr to talk about my hobbies or a specific hobby, but I feel like I'm going to be ignored and it won't be worth my time.

No. 257421

I make shit. Quilts, clothes, pillow cases, gem carvings, trinket boxes, decoupage, small wooden jewelry or toys.

I can’t handle just sitting. My hands have to be busy or I’m miserable.

No. 257440

That sounds very interesting, anon! I used to make a lot of stuff when I was younger; then I suddenly stopped and now I'm completely bad at doing anything hand-made ;_;

More on topic, my current hobbies are drawing, collecting things (usually toys/dolls/anime figures), and playing video games.
Collecting has being kind of difficult lately, tho. Specially anime figures, wich are extremely expensive where I live. Also it's very hard ordering figures on your own, and the best thing to do is buy them through shops, wich I really hate since they sell you already opened figures -that may contain damaged boxes- at the price of a new, unopened figure. I don't like it, but I prefer that instead of going though the annoyance of ordering them myself, and risking not recieving the figure.

No. 257473

I got into most of it because of unemployment. I figure I might as well learn some skills while I’m stuck at home. Having the time is one of the biggest parts of learning any of that sort of stuff tbh. It takes hundreds of fuckups and hundreds of hours to get anything good but if you have time to invest it’s worth it.

No. 257535

I like finding shitty furniture, tchotchkes, holiday animatronics, mass-produced paintings, etc., from thrift stores and updating them. Pictured is a ceramic ram I recently repainted, and I'm currently working on decoupaging a IKEA-tier bookcase with photos of cats.

When I used to volunteer for the NPS, I would take found animal bones (typically from possums and raccoons) and either mount their skulls or make necklaces with their spines. Yes I know this was technically illegal, but I don't do it anymore, and everything would've been thrown in the garbage anyway. I consider my tiny collection an appreciation of life and I'm proud of it.

Very recently I started getting into animation and video editing; by chance I found a program (my computer's second hand) that allows me to manipulate some of my artwork in weird ways and I'm working on seeing if I can create anything interesting out of it.

I'm tempted to get back into sewing, except now for home decor like curtains and couch covers instead of intimidating clothing.

Also I am complete shit at all of this but keep doing it because it makes me feel happy and productive.

No. 257536

File: 1528522335760.jpg (95.7 KB, 843x1124, 10150539299150061.jpg)

Fuck I dropped the picture

No. 257549

Drawing, digital art, illustration, trying animation and learning 3d.
Will be on 3rd year of graphic design soon and need to think of my thesis.
Would love to go comics/animation, but my country sucks in that matter.

No. 257550

I draw.
I've been sick for two weeks and couldn't get much done, but usually I'll shoot for cutesey stuff with lots of pink because, well, why the fuck not? Plus it helps me feel nice.

I feel I'v gotten lazy with my tablet so I'm practicing more hand drawing and pulling out my watercolors this weekend now that I'm better.

I also read lots of YA. I enjoy sewing by hand. I used to roleplay a lot on tumblr but got tired of everyone's ooc melodrama so I quit.

honestly wish I had more female friends so I could indulge my other hobby of dressing up just to go out and take lots of cute pics.

No. 257555

>wish I had more female friends so I could indulge my other hobby of dressing up just to go out and take lots of cute pics.

I feel yr pain anon

No. 257571

Playing video games, collecting anime figures/pins/keychains/etc, cosplaying, and drawing. I haven't really cosplayed in a while due to not having money and, really, the large friends group to cosplay with, since I like going to cons with a group of people and not by myself. And with art, I'm getting back into it after I was pretty discouraged by people around me.

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