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File: 1526770152876.jpg (80.65 KB, 498x586, 117646614588.jpg)

No. 251022

I don't know if this is the place for such a thread or if this thread is even allowed, but I'm curious. Did anyone here ever follow the "glamfur" craze in the early 2000s that was all over the place on deviantart and such? I loved the characters as a teen and the drama was always out there for everyone to see and constant, it was hilarious.

I have tons of pics from that era if anyone is interested.

No. 251029

Sounds funny. Dump away, anon. I love a bit of trashy early 2000s internet nostalgia.

No. 251033

File: 1526773513596.jpg (109.14 KB, 800x703, 117791752629.jpg)

Trashy was right. Here was Kiley, a popular character in the scene, made by Kaz. The whole "severely-arched drag queen brows and makeup" was a staple and often copied.

No. 251034

File: 1526773600765.jpg (109.24 KB, 650x579, 117673953861.jpg)

Kaz and Chair had a lot of ups and downs. They were friends for a long time then stopped, then were friends again, then broke off again. AFAIK Chair is fairly successful in being an artist and went on to do the typical Calarts thing, whereas Kaz is pretty secretive online. According to some journal of theirs I found on furaffinity from a few years ago she couldn't even spot her friend any money for gas to drive back home from her place, lol.

No. 251035

File: 1526773637159.jpg (107.86 KB, 800x641, 117673948267.jpg)

Lots of sexual tension in this relationship I feel

No. 251036

I'm getting hardcore Zeriara vibes.

No. 251037

File: 1526773688676.jpg (110.4 KB, 576x576, 117673121849.jpg)

But it was Kaz and Kur who were BFFsies and their friendship/eventual romance prevailed!

No. 251038

File: 1526773834954.jpg (34.07 KB, 328x452, 117676452242_anonib.jpg)

Oh yeah, Zer rubbed her ass all over this shit back in the day, like she did any popular furry artist.

No. 251039

File: 1526773934563.jpg (90.75 KB, 573x673, 117836662253.jpg)

Seeing these weird edgy colorful characters in relationships with each other was just fun. Though there was always some kind of OOC artist drama attached. I remember things getting kind of heated between people if they dared to draw x character with someone else's who "wasn't theirs"

No. 251040

File: 1526773999527.jpg (16.24 KB, 470x208, leeleekazdead.jpg)

The endless amounts of hate art

No. 251041

I have no idea what the fuck is going on here but it's giving me cancer

No. 251042

File: 1526774192796.jpg (146.19 KB, 772x800, 117791810489.jpg)

Kur and Kaz eventually semi-changed identities and drew more human stuff, including weird pedo art that featured adult men and little girls, which pretty much forced them out of their group

No. 251081

Never heard of this until now, but I wonder what these people are like today.

No. 251086

File: 1526784021321.jpg (73.33 KB, 504x504, 117642062888.jpg)

Kaz and Kur, art pictured here, apparently were going to college for microbiology and something else and… I don't think it ended up working because like I said, just a few years back they couldn't even spot a friend for gas money.

No. 251087

File: 1526784131191.jpg (39.6 KB, 563x441, 117757256842.jpg)

Leelee, art here, left a big "Thanks for everything" note on her FA and seems pretty happy with her life.

No. 251088

File: 1526784181061.jpg (53.62 KB, 718x584, neema_arlo_anonib.jpg)

Chair worked on Adventure Time or something so I'm pretty sure she got into the CalArts lifestyle. She still has art blogs up.

No. 251089

File: 1526784271553.jpg (15.97 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Zeriara is still a fat trashy pedohphile cunt who rips people off for her ugly drawings and gets banned everywhere.

No. 251093

File: 1526784622912.jpg (57.1 KB, 648x482, 117761811489.jpg)

Oh, there was this obsessive creep named Push Tyber as well, who had "multiple personalities" and drew completely hideous edgelord art and would throw autistic rants at everyone she didn't like, spamming up their DA comments lmao. She eventually became transgender and then nonbinary and super involved in the creepy NYC alt-sex scene and does BDSM or something?? Still writes psychotic things in her/his blog and likes to remind everyone about how his/her mom took his/her virginity in the bathtub by accidentally penetrating him/her with a finger.

Yeah it was all out there.

No. 251094

File: 1526784652164.jpg (84.51 KB, 638x500, 11928521164_anonib.jpg)

crazy shit

No. 251099

File: 1526785728003.jpg (82.3 KB, 762x485, Holyfuck.jpg)

zer is also apparently an animalfucker

No. 251102


iirc the dog was a Chihuahua as well.

I don't get this shit. I've had messed up fantasies about certain kinds of lycans (I blame Underworld for this) but for one thing I don't advertise it on deviantart, and for another who wants to fuck an actual dog?

It makes me sick that there's no way for pet shelters to check for this shit before they adopt out dogs.

No. 251106

That is absolutely revolting and now I genuinely feel sick. WTF is wrong with that forum and her?

No. 251118

…Bitch, what. This thread is taking a wild turn, goddamn. Any more tea on this? How does someone this putrid even exist?

No. 251150


Her ED page is still up but only covers a fraction of her crimes

No. 251311

So I wasn’t friends with Chair but other people in the cute “anthro” scene and wow. This hit me with some huge nostalgia.
If any of y’all remember Momo, Kyo, Camille and Kindles, they were my FAVORITES and they were so nice and cool. Damn. I wish I had all my old folders with their art saved.

No. 251312

What the fffffffuck.

No. 251328


It took me ages to realize that they are actually talking about sex with a dog because that so fucking vile and incomprehensible.

No. 251336

File: 1526842147088.jpg (84.4 KB, 550x446, TRIFORCE___not_anonib.jpg)

I remember Momo and Camille (aka sheepy, right?) I have some art of hers

No. 251338

File: 1526842217128.jpg (52.39 KB, 415x460, 117851360142_anonib.jpg)

She had such a pretty style

No. 251339

File: 1526842320243.jpg (113.78 KB, 594x780, 67166.jpg)

No. 251340

File: 1526842395383.jpg (109.21 KB, 609x750, 19806.jpg)

No. 251342

File: 1526842436917.jpg (93.47 KB, 800x792, 418484.jpg)

No. 251344

File: 1526842485434.jpg (66.86 KB, 500x505, 11767385806.jpg)

Stuff like this made me want to make a furry character back in the day, lol.

No. 251347

File: 1526842667678.jpg (34.26 KB, 404x454, fruit_loops_anonib.jpg)

No. 251349

File: 1526842981828.jpg (204.28 KB, 520x747, lemonlime.jpg)

Roux's art was cute af too

I'm glad she kept her gallery up, all these people just deleted fucking everything

No. 251426

This one is so pretty.

No. 251429

this is cute tbh

No. 251502

Shit, at least lycans are humanoid. And fake. These are real life animals and real life sick bastards.

Zer's milk is old and curdled but good lord was there a lot of it. A friend of mine is freinds with her and apparently she hasn't changed one goddamn bit.

No. 251505

File: 1526860054773.jpg (100.44 KB, 622x825, flutterklar_by_klar.jpg)

Klar was very adorable

No. 251584

Yes! Omg, thank you. I idolized her and the others when I was younger (I was 13 and they were 15-19 IIRC) and they were so nice to me.

No. 269119

Whatever happened between moose and Adel?

No. 276947

>>251022 It's been almost a decade, but dramachan had a good art thread dedicated to Kaz and Kur and other glamfurs as well as the "copycats". all that art gone and juicy drama gone.
so OP if you have SUPER OLD stuff share away please.

around 2006-07 is when they went atomic and deleted almost everything (who are we kidding they were constantly deleting). went quiet for 6 years then they came back again with new identities asking everyone to leave "kaz and kur" behind.

tried to revive the glamfur scene in those days for a hot minute before disappearing again. (who knows how much money they pocketed from commissions before going awol)

No. 278310

I’d really love to see the old art too, it has a lotta nostalgia.

Honestly I don’t understand why the people involved in this community all ran away never to speak of it again like it’s so shameful. Like we were all edgy kids back then lol

No. 279288

Wait how do you know that's her? It's no secret she abuses her pets but I had no idea she was abusing them sexually. I heard through mutual friends that she does meth now though…

No. 279942

I remember when she was very adamantly straight edge lol

No. 279946

Her hateboner for anyone who so much as smoked weed is hilarious in retrospect.

No. 283492

Wow this is so nostalgic. I used to look at all these furries art on VCL galleries back in the day. Can anyone link some of their current work if found?

No. 283753

File: 1534876434380.jpg (539.06 KB, 612x948, 7a324733bedfc89bbdf4a8084e8998…)

Kaz and Kur go by Saturnine and Antique now. they havent posted art since 2013. If they do they are extremely private about it.
Tumblr: http://pillcandy.tumblr.com
DA: http://www.deviantart.com/sugarpillrx
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/xsugarpill
LJ: http://sugarpillrx.livejournal.com

Out of their old circle of friends they kept in regular contact with was Silverwing/Gingerpepp who was really active up until her death 2 years ago.

LeeLee is gone too >>251087 dummed it up.
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thecandybutcher

Roux goes by Fern now and used Tomhoshino on a lot of sites.
Mostly active on twitter and FA
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sleepmouth
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tomhoshino

Zer just sits around on tumblr asking for donations to keep the internet on and to buy weed

Moose also disappeared but went by star-mine was close with antique and saturnine before all of them vanished in '13. I only know they use to go by moose, but none of the drama before hand.

No. 284410

Holy shit, Holly/Zer's art hasn't improved at all, can't believe I used to follow her work back in the day lmfao

No. 284412

Oh and LeeLee's goodbye message is so cringey loooollll.
Still can't believe Silverwing is gone.

No. 284482

leelee got me into radiohead lol. i still follow chair/chow mein regularly across her platforms and i think she's a pretty fantastic artist.

No. 284613

Is Holly still dating Panda?

No. 284664

If they are it'a still long-distance

No. 284680

That's the only way I can imagine dating her would be tolerable

No. 286874

I sorta remember this craze. But never really paid much attention to it.

No. 286881

I remember this artist. I believe she is doing alot more cooler looking art now with fantasy type furry creatures. Or I could be wrong.

No. 286884

same here.

No. 330232

Is there any current artists that draw this style? Like legit this style tho, not the current “revival” attempts that look like any other over saturated furry digital art

No. 330501

God the 2000s was so shitty for art. 2010s is even more ass.

No. 331199

I was friends with push.tyber wayyy back until she decided she was trans (and had multiple personality disorder). push once tried to start some sort of internet fight with Jeffree Star on MySpace once. Like wrote huge scathing journal entries dedicated to breaking him down cause he was "one of the Beautifuls" or some wild nonsense like that.

then Zeriara took a fancy to me for a while and constantly drew me gift art until she realized I had no money/gifts to give her (shades of Luna…) I was even invited to her and Panda's apartment they shared briefly in IN multiple times. I remember a chat I had with both her and Panda on AIM where Panda repeatedly made comments about how she wanted to watch me and Zer fuck.

No. 331203

lol i remember following zeriara's antics back in the day and i have to admit i kinda found/still find her hot she's so trashy and awful but i can't help it!

No. 331215

Agreed. I kinda miss the faux anime style, in comparison to the super tumblry art of today.

No. 331758

File: 1543546339919.png (1.13 MB, 500x1011, 991C23CE-5D3D-4FD7-882E-FBDEF2…)

Their art on Instagram right now looks schizophrenic as hell. Like that one artist that painted cats and went insane, except not interesting to look at just fucking weird and bad. She claims to be Native American too.

No. 331767

what's their insta?

No. 331787

File: 1543548920812.png (284.16 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20181130-033152~2.p…)

I literally just Googled Push Tyber and clicked on the first deviantart result and followed through to her Patreon, which has all the other links (pic related)
OT but no wonder lolcow is going to shit when people can't even be bothered to Google to get the content themselves. This is a forum, not buzzfeed, come on

No. 331802

NTA but there was literally no reason to be such a cunt in your response. No one made you google it for the other anon, you decided on it.

No. 331808

>this is a forum

no, this is an imageboard, newfag. an image board where you need to provide caps and milk for your subject, not some shitty unrelated pic and a reaction to something that hasn't been posted.

No. 331851


Calm down, you sound as hyperbolic as push.tyber

No. 332063

why should i have to google something someone else is referencing? calm down >>331851

No. 332166

Because it's faster to Google than to ask?
Either way, you asked for their insta, I Googled it for you and posted a screen cap which has exactly that and additional links for you
Everyone's acting like I kicked a puppy
>image board where you need to provide caps
Did you even look at the cap, anon?

No. 333536

Okay. In other news, Push tyber is really strange.

No. 336086

File: 1544277435116.jpg (43.02 KB, 510x470, gay_nori_anonib.jpg)

Forgot about this thread but I'm back. Have some of the oldest Kazkur art I have saved.

It really is amazing how these two shaped an entire art movement and how much drama came from it

No. 336089

File: 1544277645025.jpg (45.37 KB, 640x480, deity_endall_anonib.jpg)

Push was always very strange. Had a hideous style (you can find their old gallery on VCL still) and claimed to be diagnosed schizo. Was always an edgelord starting internet fights. Was trans but is now genderless or something. Had some weird obsession with telling people her mom took her virginity by accident. Just someone who was mentally unsound and should have been getting therapy.

No. 336090

File: 1544277762659.jpg (151.04 KB, 557x800, sippingteaandchasingrabbitsx_a…)

No. 336091

File: 1544277794879.jpg (56.89 KB, 589x600, mechinn_full_anonib.jpg)

No. 336092

File: 1544277827850.jpg (63.62 KB, 799x337, old_charslineup_anonib.jpg)

No. 336093

File: 1544277912537.jpg (80.59 KB, 800x634, 119242527978.jpg)

From a cute fluffy pink raccoon to this

Also I have photos of Kaz and Kur, let me go digging.

No. 336095

File: 1544278037609.jpg (26.04 KB, 300x200, 117661174217.jpg)

Teenage Kur

No. 336096

File: 1544278099259.jpg (18.91 KB, 284x285, 119551785037.jpg)

The dreads phase

No. 336097

File: 1544278122859.jpg (60.11 KB, 290x649, 119552207896.jpg)

Kaz and Kur

No. 336098

File: 1544278160789.jpg (107.47 KB, 700x525, 11955379661.jpg)

The most recent photos of them I saw online; on the left

No. 336101

File: 1544278540847.jpg (80.71 KB, 432x577, kaz_09.jpg)

Honestly thought Kaz looked cute in this phase.

No. 336102

File: 1544278564535.jpg (56.38 KB, 586x441, nummies_012.jpg)

This was all during the weird pedo art drama time

No. 336103

File: 1544278589367.jpg (69.62 KB, 504x377, nummies_01.jpg)

No. 337083

Wasn’t there some kind of weird drama about them moving in with Moose and Moose not being best buddies with Adel/Jenn anymore. Like Adel moved to Cali and then back home to NY after them having some kind of falling out.

No. 337132

I can’t recall who any of those people are, though Adel sounds familiar. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, given how dramatic these two were.

No. 337767

File: 1544509520137.jpg (299.45 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pj1donhB9t1ritvzro1_128…)

fucking lmao at zer's tumblr. she looks as terrible as she always has and her art looks like it honestly got worse, and it gets like 5 notes per post. what a sad bitch.

No. 337875

Wow she’s looking rough. She draws all this weird fetishy fandom shit nobody cares about that’s why she’s getting barely any notes. People loved her furries though

No. 337953

I like how she’s wearing that fursona shirt out in public as if she believes she’s still relevant.

No. 337996


Can you link where this person is still posting art? It was good!

No. 338011

File: 1544553971896.jpg (77.54 KB, 601x853, rainyday_mooses_by_MooseODoom_…)

Moose was going by star-mine on FA and dA when they all came back for the ~glamfur ressurgance~ but everything's been deleted off those accounts lol. Moose was doing the weird pedo medical experiments looking art with them too.

Moose's old art was really pretty

No. 338012

File: 1544554029128.jpg (130.62 KB, 662x853, 594b1c81b2f77181.jpg)

her more recent art

No. 338013

File: 1544554067935.png (425.51 KB, 527x675, jkl.png)

Adel's art was really colorful and cute too imo

No. 338032

File: 1544556685011.jpg (557.16 KB, 611x960, 1772640_mintcollage.jpg)

right around their comeback in 2011-12 kaz and kur did had some lookbooks


No. 338117

FUCK, LOOKBOOK. Good times.

No. 338609

she seems to be doing well. i'm happy for her. she was one of the only people in this furry circle that wasn't dramatic or bitchy at all and actually had a cool style.

No. 338611

…… is that kaz? did she get some work done? her face looks nothing like >>336101 these, and she was in her mid 20s in these pictures so it's not like her face would change that much. wtf.

No. 338617

Her face looks thinner and lips look fuller, everything else looks the same though. Might be shopped tbh

No. 348365

Fucking LOL, I was Holly's flavor of the week for a while too. Lots of gift art and shed randomly IM me asking if I thought whatever fictional character she wanted to fuck at the moment was hot. No invites for sexytimes with her & panda tho…woe!
Anyone else remember when she got kicked out of her house and a bunch of big name artists did a charity auction for her that got cancelled when it was found out that she was regularly hacking the email of one of the girls organizing it for funsies? The fallout was hilarious.

No. 349161

I wonder what her life is like now? She shitposts on tumblr but doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence anymore

No. 349190

i just hear a lot of rumors but it's legitimately probably just same old. Lives with panda, her crazy mom, or some other undisclosed unfortunate in her orbit. Draws whatever fetishy fandom stuff gets her and Panda off. Smokes a lot of weed and does psychedelics and other things for fun. Works at some retail outfit or other drudgery type job part time. Probably still gets a few cheap thrills that anyone still talks about her if she bothers to look up from fandom wank and shlickin.

I'm not sure what you really want lol she's never been that interesting and i followed her dumb ass for years.

No. 349377

File: 1546669470913.jpg (57.03 KB, 532x689, AsHotAsTheyCome_anonib.jpg)

More old weird art

No. 349378

File: 1546669551173.jpg (69.02 KB, 582x799, sucka.jpg)

Always thought Chair's style was cool though even if it was furry stuff.

No. 349379

File: 1546669635223.jpg (53.55 KB, 551x600, 119320330129.jpg)

I have a bunch of their awful human art too

No. 349380

File: 1546669746979.jpg (75.87 KB, 707x700, wes_human.jpg)

these proportions…

Wes was one of the actually cute characters Kaz had though, I liked his anthro appearance

No. 349381

File: 1546669791705.jpg (59.74 KB, 385x700, 119286545964.jpg)

SUPER old kur art

No. 349382

File: 1546669825408.jpg (95.78 KB, 511x734, 119279016166.jpg)

Kind of like the style/color scheme here

No. 349383

File: 1546669863210.jpg (85.1 KB, 634x685, 117674075384_anonib.jpg)


No. 349385

I ran into an old mutual acquaintance of hers a few years ago who suspected she'd gotten into meth, which would explain the steady degradation of the quality of her "art" but who knows. She used to brag about fucking dudes for E back when I knew her like 10 yrs ago despite insisting she was SxE lol. She's gotta be in her mid 30s now?

No. 349400

File: 1546671975925.jpg (81.59 KB, 500x667, tumblr_pj8sb8GNTO1ritvzro1_500…)

wouldn't surprise me. zer's art was never amazing but i was definitely of better quality than… this. she's getting sloppy and lazy and probably into some kind of drugs since she lives in bumfuck nowhere and isn't e-popular anymore

No. 349403

File: 1546672121074.png (194.22 KB, 899x674, tumblr_phjd5zgN6M1ritvzro1_128…)

and holy fuck her face? i don't recall her ever having bad acne in the past but these look like scars, could be meth scars from picking?

No. 349408

Christ, she didn't draw that did she? It's pretty fucking ugly even by her standards.

No. 349445

YES I loved this aesthetic omg <3

No. 349762

lol yes

No. 349806

What is that hand holding the stick cigarette thing?

No. 350268

It looks like wadded up toilet paper lol. Can't unsee. Glamfur art never was known for an understanding of basic anatomy…

No. 350696

File: 1546928378736.jpg (33.19 KB, 500x347, 117755966223.jpg)

speaking of pedoshit and push.tyber

i distinctly remember this horrible livejournal post she made where she was talking about her girlfriend at the time fingering her under her skirt while she (push) watched a playground full of kids playing at a park. fucking creep.

No. 350697

File: 1546928420980.jpg (96.27 KB, 800x694, nomoretears.jpg)

and lmao yeah zer's art was miles better in the past. not amazing but at least easy to look at as opposed to all her recent slop

No. 350761

I never interacted with PT but by all accounts she was insane. Her art was hideous as fuck too I'm not sure how she got as popular she did in the glamfur scene.
Yeah it's ugly but at least there's effort put into this one. I discovered her art while she was living with Pandadox who's style really rubbed off on her for a while, some of the art she made when they lived together was kind of cute but it all had huge anatomical errors. She still constantly draws boobs growing out of armpits lol.

No. 351448

File: 1547010635358.jpg (123.1 KB, 784x612, Iamthemanonthemoon.jpg)

push just sort of inserted herself obnoxiously into everyone's space and business and made herself popular by being annoyingly Present everywhere.

a lot of zer's old art was a guilty pleasure of mine, i liked her trashy and self-indulgent designs and seeing her sperg out over copycats.

No. 351470

lol I remember this drawing and how she shit her pants when she saw someone else draw a character with black sclera hahahahahah. The no fat chicks shirt is funny considering that now she dates a fat chick.

No. 353835

File: 1547411460739.jpg (32.08 KB, 412x335, 11835786865_anonib.jpg)

i remember there was a forum just for glamfur, anonib, for awhile. shame it's not on some kind of old archive site

No. 353836

File: 1547411484224.jpg (26.4 KB, 375x600, Mosquito_by_Kaz_Coloured_anoni…)

kaz's style got so damn ugly

No. 353837

File: 1547411519822.jpg (74.05 KB, 331x800, 117792146070.jpg)

No. 353839

File: 1547411593812.jpg (73.76 KB, 780x393, 1284589033.artofbanrai_kazera_…)

SUPER old kaz art lol

No. 353840

File: 1547411798586.jpg (50.99 KB, 374x799, ghostupdate_anonib.jpg)

No. 353841

File: 1547411857068.png (909.63 KB, 627x800, 1326125051.xsugarpill_antiquel…)

kaz's reinvented loli-esque furry thing

No. 353842

Did Zer /friends of zer start this thread? It feels very oriented to that group (2000’s was my life and I was into the lurking of this style of art)

No. 353843

File: 1547411925387.jpg (204.89 KB, 458x534, 82917ec46a1d7f4d577bd72054ec19…)

lookin like drag queen furries

No. 353844

zer just sort of came into the thread because she was popular at the time but the focus is the "glam fur" style that kaz, kur and leelee started in the 00s and all the drama that came with it.

No. 353845

File: 1547412049807.png (452.32 KB, 800x483, 1339919347.xsugarpill_kickinit…)

No. 353846

File: 1547412084427.jpg (102.36 KB, 800x351, 1326711250.xsugarpill_headshot…)

No. 353874

Is there any archives of old glamfur stuff? Would any anons dump their collections?

No. 353939

File: 1547429155511.jpg (33.44 KB, 370x476, 117757285721_anonib.jpg)

i've been dumping what i have. afaik the anonib site is all dead

No. 353940

File: 1547429229228.jpg (45.02 KB, 440x588, noribychar.jpg)

No. 353941

File: 1547429254282.jpg (67.05 KB, 425x469, Asphyxiate.jpg)

No. 353942

File: 1547429290717.jpg (70.82 KB, 480x800, 117792120661.jpg)

No. 353945

Dramachan? It's been dead for years. I do have some GF stuff saved but not much from the main players (Leelee, etc). I'll try and find where I saved it and dump it here when I can. I was never into the main Glamfur artists but liked the stuff of some of their orbiters.

No. 353946

File: 1547429352812.jpg (67.9 KB, 600x401, 117646606651.jpg)

No. 353947

File: 1547429449781.jpg (41.8 KB, 444x600, together_anonib.jpg)


No. 353948

File: 1547429608900.jpg (149.8 KB, 510x800, i_watched_youChange_into_a_fly…)

go ahead and dump, i liked a lot of art from that time. i remember this person was from finland or iceland or something and drew a lot of intensely suicidal pictures, it was kind of creepy.

No. 353949

File: 1547429710301.jpg (82.73 KB, 612x800, 119308472256.jpg)

No. 353951

File: 1547429766060.jpg (127.46 KB, 747x800, 118343420070.jpg)

No. 353953

K I'll see what I can find.
Artists in that circle were always threatening/depicting suicide. I was really depressed back then too which is why I stopped following a lot of them, lol.

No. 353954

File: 1547429825302.jpg (111.39 KB, 800x686, KazRef3.jpg)


No. 353955

File: 1547429873149.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.58 KB, 390x545, Wear_it_down_anonib.jpg)

yeah something about inhix's art was just extra unsettling to me

No. 353957

File: 1547429895731.jpg (97.36 KB, 800x718, mechinn_old.jpg)

No. 353958

File: 1547429995399.jpg (61.95 KB, 580x405, 11924199366.jpg)

kaz's old shiny sparkly style was rly cute imo

No. 353959

File: 1547430030360.jpg (62.55 KB, 410x410, 117760772212.jpg)

No. 353960

File: 1547430112822.jpg (70.41 KB, 588x662, 117660406126.jpg)

No. 353961

File: 1547430139715.jpg (159.42 KB, 615x800, 117674119152.jpg)

No. 353963

File: 1547430166320.jpg (63.15 KB, 565x466, 11930850159.jpg)

No. 354589

anybody have art saved from the many "copy cats" kaz and kur use to throw hissy fits over?

No. 355009

File: 1547619408942.png (195.21 KB, 468x605, 1355449363.xsugarpill_heyprett…)

i don't have any myself and sadly a lot of it is just purged, and most of it truly was shitty. i can't remember any specific names though.
also kazkur's style got so fucking ugly… i'm getting kaka vibes from the art on their dead furaffinity

No. 355430

Ew this looks like Jeffree Star fan art. Didn't he have some drama with some big players in the glamfur clique back then? I could have sworn some shit went down.

No. 355698

File: 1547837129732.jpg (228.01 KB, 682x750, No.We.Arent.jpg)

does anybody know what happened to Lurid / Nymie? she used to be tight with Roux, but they seemed to have had a falling out at some point… I was always curious what happened. any infos?

anyways, it seems lurid has dissapeared from the internet. Deviantart account is deleted, wonder what she's up to…

No. 355765


i used to love lurids art. i was trying to find it recently but yeah - it's all purged. even the vcl is gone

No. 356054

I think lurid is still posting on FA


No. 356111


nice find; Blut unfortunately not the real lurid. it says on the page info: (Not the Lurid from VCL – sorry :P)

any info why there was drama?

No. 356416

Idk anything about Lurid but sometimes people just lose interest the fandom. I stopped posting fur stuff ages ago but still keep in touch with a lot of people.

No. 356741

yes push tyber especially harassed the shit out of jeffree for being “a Cheshire” or some other autistic shit and he mostly just ignored her

i have some lurid art saved i think. i will look. also loved roux’s style and her vcl is still up

No. 364533


If I remember correctly, the girlfriend at the time was LeeLee. push was obsessed with LeeLee during and after they split for years. I remember friends-only livejournal entries push writing about how LeeLee helped her realize she was a sex addict and had pedo tendencies. Like it got pretty detailed and rough there for a bit, she was heavy into “little girls”.

Zer also was into some sketchy shit. It’s referenced in her ED entry that she also was into the pedo thing, forced a kiss into her friend’s younger brother while taking a picture (which caused said friend to then distance himself from her), as well as dating a very young Nessa (who was going by Spookaboo last I heard) when she was underage and Zer was not. There was also a lot of bestality rumors that came out at the same time which were shortly proven to be true from photos and chatlogs.

Dramachan had an excellent thread on Zer. I wish that had been saved somewhere. Apparently when Sabarika and some of her friends came to Zer and Panda’s home at the time, Zer sucked a guys dick in the shower high on ecstasy while Panda chewed her shirt and watched. I mean some crazy ass shit came out back then. Those were the golden years for Zer drama, lol.

No. 365041

I have a .zip file of glamfur art

There might be some miscasts and I don't know each individual artist either.
Some are from the old dramachan website that was mentioned earlier.


I've also got a collection on devart in my favourites which has some other glamfur art in some artists are active most, sadly, are not.

No. 365343

File: 1549037007903.jpg (182.21 KB, 564x473, moth_dream_anonib.jpg)

thanks anon. lots of nostalgia here

No. 365561

Doing god’s work anon! Thank you!

No. 365734

File: 1549083067522.jpg (67.87 KB, 390x362, 119308538414_anonib.jpg)

… guess they always were into weird ddlg shit

No. 365773

Yeah I remember that, Zer went on a huge drug binge and was fucking dudes in front of panda for all kinds of substances. There was huge drama with Sabrika too that led to a charity auction for Holly being cancelled. She also got caught hacking Huskie's BFFs email and bank account for fun which contributed to the cancellation. She was definitely a pedo and got some popular artists at the time (such as lily fox on DA) to draw child porn of her Gorillaz fan char (who was elementary school aged?) for her.
I also think she bragged about jacking off dogs? She's currently crying on her twitter about being cyber bullied, lmfao. Oh also she was obsessed with a trans (FtM) artist called Rensis and used to contact people he'd commissioned behind his back, bribing them with money & art to draw his character with tits and eyelashes.

No. 365775

Kinda wish Zer had a thread here, most of the pics in the ED article are gone

No. 365862

I can put a zip file of the Zer art I have together as well, will take a couple of days though as I’m away from the laptop.

No. 365959

What is her twitter?

No. 366017

zer was maybe my first lolcow along with snapesnogger i encountered online back in 2005/2006. she makes me feel weirdly nostalgic lmao.

No. 366058


I don't know if there is anything worth writing home about in here, but a .zip of the Zeriara art I have kicking about.

No. 366094


No. 366237

No. 369200

File: 1549591997568.jpg (154.13 KB, 901x476, hockey.jpg)

A couple of vintage Zer nuggets from my old HD from Dramachan. Here's Zer throwing a fit after a bunch of her old friends ignored her at a con even after she left them voicemails of herself crying and left notes with cryptic song lyrics for them all over the con lol.

No. 369204

File: 1549592299050.jpg (192.42 KB, 934x552, zing.jpg)


No. 369206

File: 1549592385390.jpg (274.7 KB, 528x2479, memories.jpg)

Sperging out over weed

No. 371125

File: 1549836605308.png (38.24 KB, 678x541, Lolrant.PNG)

oh man i VAGUELY remember the rensis/reno shit. not any details just that she really was obsessed with him and drew tons of hate art. fucking psycho.

No. 371500

Zer sent a bunch of her glamfur artist friends to stalk/harass/follow Reno around a con that she wasn't even at to try and expose him as FtM and they followed him into the bathroom and burned a bunch of his art in front of him to piss him off. Zer used to have a ton of minions back in the day who would do anything for her but she eventually stabbed them all in the back(s)

No. 371921

File: 1549930172617.jpg (191.39 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_pi86i5WMpO1ritvzro1_128…)

what a horrible bitch, glad she's some irrelevant loser who can't draw and is on meth or whatever and stuck in the south now

No. 371930

>this image

No. 372875

Just FYI Holly is at least a year older than she claims, this was confirmed on that glamfur imgboard years ago, so she is near 40 and still drawing 'sexy' duck tales fanart. I usually don't give a damn about what people do in their spare time but she has ranted several times about how she is too creative for a "real" job and I guess creative = fanart porn…lol

No. 374368

damn i didn't know she was THAT old
what a sad person

No. 376387

Y’all better cap/ archive that shit, zer is a known serial deleter

No. 376854

File: 1550677235567.jpg (317.22 KB, 1446x807, Untitled.jpg)

imagine being almost 40, having no job, pumping out shit "art" and hanging out on secondlife with bronies all day.

No. 377708

Yeah. That isnt zers art, its by one of her naive lackeys. She spends her time trying to get chummy with young 20-somethings that dont know about her history of being an awful cunt so they can worship the ground she walks on.(namefagging.)

No. 377815

Do you have anymore of Chair person's stuff? Are they still doing art?

No. 377834

but those pics were on her tumblr posted by her?

yes they are. afaik they are the only person from this group who made a career out of art http://charmainevee.tumblr.com/

i have more of her old art but my storage site is being a butt so i'll post it when i can

No. 378015

File: 1550889632681.jpg (46.08 KB, 656x712, chairs_anonib.jpg)

chair stuff

No. 378016

File: 1550889677653.jpg (34.72 KB, 458x600, gigi_chair_pink_anonib.jpg)

always loved her style the most and thought it was the most interesting of all the popular furries. glad she did something with it

No. 378017

File: 1550889703138.jpg (41.93 KB, 687x481, kaz_is_oldskool_anonib.jpg)

No. 378019

File: 1550889746882.jpg (52.02 KB, 432x544, char_castro_whor_anonib.jpg)

No. 378020

File: 1550889773124.jpg (70.29 KB, 800x472, character_refs1_anonib.jpg)

No. 378021

File: 1550889828291.jpg (59.13 KB, 800x412, character_refs2_anonib.jpg)

No. 378022

File: 1550889885654.jpg (34.63 KB, 362x643, vendettahangin.jpg)

No. 378023

File: 1550889963595.jpg (131.98 KB, 453x800, spot_of_milk.jpg)

No. 378024

File: 1550889985745.jpg (84.4 KB, 648x529, omg_marry_me_anonib_zpsuiek8es…)

No. 378025

File: 1550890007061.jpg (101.46 KB, 393x800, ARUSH_anonib_zpsifp5oxqu.jpg)

No. 378026

File: 1550890050043.jpg (42.31 KB, 656x600, chair_funky_anonib_zpsn1l4obgq…)

No. 378027

File: 1550890091861.jpg (101.6 KB, 711x489, crewinbtwt2_anonib.jpg)

No. 378140

They were submitted to her tumblr by a "fan", when you repost submissions on tumblr they just show up as if you've posted them yourself. Honest mistake though bc Zers art isn't much better.

No. 382187

File: 1551494272453.jpeg (217.21 KB, 518x800, D71DAD7D-F10C-4969-AE81-336404…)

Does anyone know what happened with Razerz? Last I heard she got married but that was well over five years ago it seems. She just disappeared.

No. 383017

File: 1551645304142.jpg (78.62 KB, 400x733, 2a3ed3181383ef4cf2bc26af896a08…)

i figure she just grew out of it and had no desire to post a goodbye message. probably just kept in touch with a few people but ultimately moved on with life.

No. 388861

I feel like most glamfurfags did that. It’s weird some of them tho are still grasping at this nostalgia trying to bring it back even tho it never works lel

No. 388923

File: 1553145274870.jpg (79.21 KB, 480x600, 010731bhic8.jpg)

yeah, this kind of stuff isn't as fun and magical as it seems when you're a teenager and seeing it for the first time. the "renewal" art never had the same vibe.

No. 388924

File: 1553145295289.jpg (46.38 KB, 426x594, ShinnyLoveART_zpscb9cupsl.jpg)

No. 388925

File: 1553145336084.jpg (51.23 KB, 540x392, wes_anonib_zpssd4jpiwm.jpg)

No. 389953

It’s that and also that people’s art isn’t the same anymore. Digital art used to be so rudementary and the was more of a focus on super shiny saturated trad art. Also the style a lotta artists have now is more “normie furry” it used to be this weird invader zim mixed with how to draw anime books as a furry style kinda vibe that was so unique that just isn’t a thing anymore

No. 390112

Just went through this thread, actually thanks for bumping it because it was interesting. This pulled things from my memory I forgot, because I know at this time I didn't know what a furry even was.
I was thinking about invader zim the whole time!
This art was super nostalgic looking but also some are actually extremely unique? And some were actually good? It's crazy it's something that doesn't exist anymore. So weird that this was such a specific style of art that happened just because of teenage angst, invader zim, and the beginning of furries. Like, this just isn't going to happen anymore. I feel like teenagers don't really go through that edgelord, awkward phase anymore because of all of the mainstream stuff and styles, youtube, and instagram now. There's also not really anything specifically like deviantart nowadays I guess

No. 391774

>the beginning of furries

Lol The furry fandom has existed since the 80s, maybe even longer…crazy to think about

No. 391802

File: 1553783505007.jpg (308.51 KB, 398x700, 119479273379_anonib_zps3emwkji…)

Yeah, this wasn't the beginning of furry fandom, but it WAS the beginning of "edgy furries". Everyone just sort of borrowed ideas off each other and made it into a subculture that was pretty much 99% women (I recall very few male artists in this circle, like I can only think of 1 single person). It's fascinating to look at as a piece of internet history that won't ever be replicated.

No. 391804

File: 1553783537100.jpg (54.48 KB, 360x368, 117792056479_anonib_zpss81rqrq…)

No. 395295

File: 1554450142211.jpg (76.89 KB, 395x600, d2nzp0-f56a73ef-198f-463a-b1a2…)

anybody remember dana copes? (aka hi*c or starC on deviantart) whatever happened to her, did she also just dissapear?

when roux entered the furry scene she quickly befriended her and they even moved in together? (this was back in the day when everybody had a livejournal to show off their lives for…)

anyways, her art immediately became a carbon copy of roux's. she did get more efame by association. wonder what she is up to? and if they're still friends?

No. 395349

File: 1554475283221.jpg (307.54 KB, 607x1000, tumblr_mpogl7CN8e1qh0zv6o1_128…)

it is so hard to tell their old art and Roux's apart sometimes.

they lived together back in OH with Roux and then moved out together with a couple other friends to Chicago in 2011. Roux and Opiumrevolution (and a shit ton of other furs) then moved out to Washington State either in 2013ish and have been out there ever since. Looks like she's in Texas?

her old FA and DA haven't been updated since 2011.
FA: www.furaffinity.net/user/donavexx
DA: www.deviantart.com/starc
Insta: www.instagram.com/donavexx
Tumblr: xxevanod.tumblr.com

can't find any recent art past 2013 so maybe she's moved on from the furry/art community and moved on from her friendship with roux.

No. 395393

Whoa, I can't believe I missed this thread for this long!

I was fully part of the early glamfur thing. I didn't even know it was called 'glamfur' until just now, thanks OP.

I was in it when I was 14-15 and idolized the likes of Roux, her sister Zombi, Lurid and LeeLee. There were a ton of others, but those were the main ones I was obsessed with. Being so young I kinda copied all their art styles n such to the point of getting an angry email from Roux at one point ordering me to stop jacking her style. Lmfao.

I got kinda close to all of them via LJ. I eventually somehow got a few of their AIM names and we'd chat on there. I ended up talking to Zombi and Lurid quite frequently for a time - at the time they were dating and lived together and would always tell me about the fucked up shit they were doing. Looking back on it now it was probably exaggerated or made up to freak me out because I was so young (I was 14-15 and they were all between like 17-21) - what sticks out to me most is Zombi told me her and Lurid had some murderous sexual encounter where Zombi fucked Lurid with the handle of a big kitchen knife and secretly wanted to turn it around and use the sharp edge on her. There was also another time where Zombi told me she and Lurid BEAT THEIR DOG TO DEATH and then left the body festering for several days in their bathtub. Zombi talked to me about this so casually but said something like "every time Lurid walks by the bathroom she bursts into tears because she remembers what's in there" like, what the fuck? I kept my cool at the time because I was talking to my idols but why was Zombi making up all these fucked up stories to tell a young teen? Anyone know what happened to Zombi? Somehow she was the edgiest of them all.

I also talked to Silverwing (who I was VERY shocked to learn has passed away), Zer, and Push Tyber. Push and I made some fan art for each other but I always wondered why she was so popular too. She couldn't draw at all, her art was terrible but she was one of the pillars of that community somehow. She also wrote very TMI things on her LJ. Even as a young teen I found her kind of cringey.

Thanks for posting all this art OP. I didn't save anything from that era and I wish I had because everyone deleted everything. Understandably. I got such nostalgia seeing some of these images again though. I really used to think these people were the coolest people on earth, haha.

No. 395428


whoa, thanks for all the Tea! i really appreciate it. I'd love to hear more! lurid was very close to roux at one point but it seems they have had a falling out at some point… i don't know. it was always very intriguing to me. i was very inbolved in the furry art community back in the day and they were like VIP.

the story with the knive… eiter zombi or (rather) lurid drew a picture of that event (called "fuck you with a knive" i remember) it was quite graphic, bloody, full cg and proper work put into it. and it caused a major uproar at that point; so funny you mention it, bc i still remember that picture! the comments never stopped; and they kept defending it; lol.

and funny roux personally emailed you about copying her style, I'd lo e ro reas more about it. i remember EVERYBODY copying her style back in the day, so it's funny she singled tou out? she was SO famous in this community.

No. 395524

File: 1554521337906.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.57 KB, 550x756, CS_SexmeupColor_anonib.jpg)

i liked both of their styles, hic's most recent stuff at least had its own style but i thought both of them had really cute fursonas. though hic seemed like a rude asshole while roux was nice and cute.

agreed, thanks for the tea. zombi was a total edgelord so they were probably fucking with you, but given how often furries are disgusting sexual deviants… who knows. i put some nsfw relevant art under the spoiler.

push was only popular because she would get into everyone's space and comment obsessively and involve herself in all the drama. she was a psycho. she's still around, but is now ~nonbinary~ and still over shares everything and makes shitty art.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYBHyGQdeNs kek

No. 395525

File: 1554521427484.jpg (85.33 KB, 800x567, 118275061811_anonib.jpg)

No. 395526

File: 1554521456956.jpg (37.38 KB, 432x314, XOXOloveyou2.jpg)

No. 395527

File: 1554521489029.jpg (39.28 KB, 475x574, stitched.jpg)

No. 395529

File: 1554521535164.jpg (54.94 KB, 573x799, ixirix.jpg)

No. 395544

File: 1554526915564.jpg (207.33 KB, 800x732, cotton_candy_delusions_by_icea…)

i wasn't really in this scene so i'm not sure if this artist (iceandsnow) was actually part of it, but the look/time period lines up. i used to worship the ground she walked on. most of the designs in this thread would be considered objectively bad in 2019 but i have a lot of nostalgia for the shamelessness of it all

No. 395548

Thats right lol! The knife story she told me was supposed to be the ~story behind that picture~. Sooooo edgy.
Also I thonk Roux only singled me out bc I was actively trying to talk to her/her friends lol. I was probably annoying as hell considering how young I was.

Yeesh, looking rough there Push. Also their art got worse..

No. 395567

that's fucked up

No. 395568

OMG THATS what Push looks like these days?! l m a o

No. 395569

Some old glam fur convention drama:

No. 395570

the characters these people belonged to were sisters in real life, to make it more fucked up

No. 395572

File: 1554537373258.jpg (138.88 KB, 574x800, Worthy_by_blastkannon.jpg)

>Silverwing (who I was VERY shocked to learn has passed away)
Are you fucking kidding me?? I never really was into her art but I liked her characters when other people drew them and she seemed like a genuinely nice person. Holy shit.

No. 395573

It was sudden, a blood clot I'm pretty sure. I knew her, she was one of the few genuine and kind people in the scene.

No. 395574

Looks like there are some mentions of the Reno drama mentioned earlier in the thread there too…

No. 396263

This was more during the late 2000s early 2010s and kinda a different crowd, I&C and doomdawg and somewhatcrazy and whatnot were all more sparkledog artists than glamfur

No. 396266


She draws hella jojo fanart now


No. 396271

No that's Kim aka heavyteeth on DA and FA

No. 396287

Oh wow I remember her toom she always seemed cool actually.

No. 397065

File: 1554873164864.jpg (342.38 KB, 1031x1170, tumblr_pnmljdgXSz1r7b948o1_128…)

roux is still around. cute style even if i hate furries now

No. 397441

Not sure what era of glamfur artists are involved in this, but it feels relevant


No. 397614

looks like it's run by felix who was late to the party of the 2012 revival that kaz and kur tried to start up again before they went awol.
so maybe this is an attempt to try and get them out of the woodwork again.

they're kind of close with kaz and kur, but not on the Silverwing level.

No. 398702

File: 1555275458819.jpg (64.47 KB, 700x800, 117757273892_anonib.jpg)

i just don't feel anything when i look at "new" glamfur shit. even kaz and kur's stuff. part of the appeal of old glamfur was that it was drawn by teens/young adults and when you were that age you had the same aesthetic. it's kind of messy, there's a lot of technical/anatomical errors but you never noticed or cared back then. there's no magic for me in nu-glamfur

No. 401476

File: 1556005633217.jpg (228.13 KB, 487x621, shes_so_obscene.jpg)

Any good?

No. 401511

i never heard or saw this kind of art in the early 2000s. were you guys all furries or was this shit just popular everywhere?

No. 401635

I used to go to deviantart.

No. 401861

File: 1556077740404.jpg (215.75 KB, 650x699, joeycoreytwiggs_anonib.jpg)

this style is from the super edgy animu furries or as they always argued to be called "anthros" (it's all the same bullshit). some of these artists bleed into the glamfur circles.

Sun aka devilkittiejr from dA (now deleted) was popular and threw hissy fits about copycats. i mean almost every 'popular' artist did that the time. she went from edgy goth to PLUR RAVER to weird demon Nazi's…the mid-late 00's were a trip. her art was pretty good and super cute at times, even if all the characters suffered from same face syndrome.

turns out down the line Sun was copying a lot of kaz and kur's and leelees weird catholic, loli-lolita, medical shit they were into. everybody threw a hissy fit. there was a good thread on dramachan RIP

i wouldn't say it was popular everywhere. it had it's little pockets/circles of artists on Side 7, VCL, deviantart and furaffinity. but there is a kind of "six degrees of separation" for all of these artists. almost the equivalent to the "steven universe/cal-arts" shitty style that is so prevalent now.

and to be considered "popular" by deviantart standards in those days you had at least over 15-20kviews. SUPER popular if you were over 100K+views and well then there was Snapesnogger popularity which was the rare 1million.

No. 401895


This is Sun now.

I used to worship these artists when I first started drawing. Their edgy art had such a pull on me as a tween. If you have any more of their (long deleted art) I’d certainly appreciate seeing it as the artists I recall have purged all their galleries in hissy fits of “Bawwww, someone stole my art I’m going to kill myself over it”

No. 401918

Holy fucking shit. I've met Sun a few times in the dance scene here. That's nuts.

I think these days she's a stripper, but she may have stopped that work.

No. 401934

i don't know if she's still stripping or not.
outside of instagram she's very quiet/private on social media. all i know is last few years have been rough, but she seems to be in a better stable place right now.
she was obsessed with undertale and magic the gathering. Current obsession are these archangels so she's still churning out art. rambles about opening a gumroad/patreon, but who knows.

still has same face syndrome

No. 402217

Holy shit their old art was so nostalgically cute but this current shit looks so generic tumblr with the weird squished faces

No. 402250

File: 1556145449284.jpg (234.16 KB, 580x723, slavesoftherave_anonib.jpg)

Sun was a big influence too so i'll dump what i have from throughout the years

No. 402252

File: 1556145530228.jpg (208.86 KB, 600x840, candyland_anonib.jpg)

No. 402254

File: 1556146035618.jpg (302.79 KB, 600x774, in_the_dark_by_devilkittiejr_a…)

No. 402256

File: 1556146271342.jpg (486.95 KB, 1048x803, Ultra_Heavy_Beat_Deluxe__by_de…)

No. 402258

File: 1556146496096.jpg (309.61 KB, 700x912, angst.jpg)

No. 402260

File: 1556146637567.jpg (403.93 KB, 700x728, orgasmicwaste.jpg)

No. 402265

File: 1556146978185.jpg (231.71 KB, 600x662, eropop.jpg)

No. 402276

File: 1556148720251.jpg (154.75 KB, 600x459, detail2.jpg)

late '07 and early '08 she started experimenting with a less animu-anthro style while in the early stages of discovering lolita

eventually dropped whatever story she was working on about demons vs nazis

No. 402283

File: 1556149630540.jpg (324.31 KB, 1100x862, example_0.jpg)

kaz and kurs weird religious lolita pedo-art was an influence on Sun and it really shows.
all of her female characters were aged down to lolis and lost the anthro/fur ears entirely.

No. 402288

File: 1556150040267.jpg (599.25 KB, 1352x1696, example_1.jpg)

(bonus leelee example)

No. 402291

File: 1556150332307.jpg (823.88 KB, 1352x2198, example_2.jpg)

some of kaz and kurs pissfits over copycats were just stupid, but I don't blame them for getting pissed at Sun specifically.

but I don't think Sun ever kissed their asses the way other artists did so they probably found her more of an artistic threat, who knows.

No. 402411


Sun's old art was a lot better. I've been watching her art for years and she's just never grown. :/ Everything is so stiff now and it even seems like the proportions are getting worse.

No. 402494

File: 1556185892358.jpg (68.83 KB, 400x363, dookie.jpg)

It's pretty hilarious seeing these comparisons, especially seeing as this is something that Sun used to go off at other people about.
If I recall right she used to get really mad at an artist that used to go by MintehFreshness/Falling-away-from-me and BloodshedRed (Both from deviantart) for both daring to draw anthros like hers and/or nazi stuff.

And here she was doing exactly that herself.

No. 402530

I was a furry as a teen. It was…interesting

No. 402547

File: 1556197055966.jpeg (62.6 KB, 453x676, 444EBCC8-716B-4A96-AF09-2BAA94…)

Oh man this thread has reminded me just how huge Uriko44 was back when I was in middle school - an art friend I had was absolutely obsessed with her and would draw furries all day long in a bastardised version or Uriko’s style

No. 402548

File: 1556197397429.jpg (441.43 KB, 633x800, Mechisexual_anonib_zpsdranrjrw…)

not a furry, but i was 13-14 when i saw this stuff and thought it was cool as fuck. i didn't have a concept of "furry fandom". i just thought it was cool and cute animal people.

oh my god i remember devilkittiejr, i tried to copy her style so much. kind of amazing how well over a decade later her art hasn't… improved, really

oh yikes

No. 402550

File: 1556197537928.jpg (37.55 KB, 398x479, facedown_anonib.jpg)

i have to say all the casual lesbianism also was appealing to me since i didn't know i was bi yet, but it was cool to see girls drawing female love like this since i didn't get into yuri made by women or anything

No. 402551

Congrats on not being one now and what made you stop?

No. 402552

File: 1556197663308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.65 KB, 697x722, 73411.jpg)

I can relate to that, bringing it back to Suns art again, lmao.

No. 402631

File: 1556220074804.png (559.57 KB, 700x775, d4km8bn-71358786-a677-4129-997…)

i remember uriko's art blowing up around 2010 she was CONSTANTLY uploading, had a shit ton of OCS and bitched and moaned about everyone copying her color palettes. She was a lot like Zer with her self inserts too.

absolutely hated the stupid tippy toe poses

No. 402639

File: 1556222278166.jpg (591.11 KB, 744x2033, example_3.jpg)

i feel like Sun found a consistent style between 2010-2013.
but again her same face syndrome, you can only tell characters apart from hairstyle or if it was colored.

her current method of coloring is ATROCIOUS.

No. 402690

I'm surprised no one mentioned Kaz and Kur were behind the cruxcommissa/belle-bete scam

No. 402757

File: 1556239809817.jpg (308.41 KB, 945x589, ddscssstdet.jpg)

doesn't surprise me. they've scammed in the past when they pocketed a bunch of peoples money on commissions before disappearing in 2013.
someone complained on artists beware and they gave this sob story excuse.

No. 402863

what a coincidence they both have shitty computers that break to the point of being unable to finish commissions and also both have cHrOnIc PaIn that also makes it unable to finish commissions

No. 402893

Would you mind giving us a rundown? I’m curious

No. 402903

Some of the people were too crazy for me. Some were cool though and I've kept in touch with a few

No. 403256

File: 1556333560109.png (669.99 KB, 684x496, kaz kur lolita.png)


So this anon posted >>402757 about the art commissions. Kur went by the name cruxcommissa and had some lolita brand with Kaz but they ended up not sending anyone their stuff, and then made a huge deal about how sick they both are all the time and how they will refund everyone. It's a shame, their stuff looked nice

https://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/4868311.html Initial posts for their brand
https://getoffegl.livejournal.com/298119.html Callout for scamming
https://egl.livejournal.com/13846614.html review of their clothes
https://belle-bete.livejournal.com/ The account
https://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/7207180.html?view=113967628 and https://egl.livejournal.com/13078501.html?thread=265143781 Drama

https://twitter.com/sigilsaturnine this is Kur's twitter but she hadn't posted in a while

I stalked them a lot actually…
I want to know more about where Lee Lee went, I wish she posted as much. I loved her style and ocs so much.

No. 403420

File: 1556382834744.jpg (15.98 KB, 300x225, 139375.jpg)

lol, i stalked those 3 too, i have some super old pics. leelee seemed like a genuinely nice and good person. whenever she acted bitchy it had to do with kaz and kur's influence it seemed like.

No. 403422

File: 1556382902403.jpg (42.06 KB, 600x591, l_05e1a6f233cafb6f06497b676e83…)

No. 403424

File: 1556382946895.jpg (17.04 KB, 400x300, 119555546420.jpg)

No. 403425

File: 1556382979856.jpg (36.71 KB, 375x500, 119554021358.jpg)

kur was kind of hot in a butch gf way

No. 403462

Even with those eyebrows she was so cute.
She does have a FA that was updated kinda recently and a private IG I’m not friends with her so I don’t what’s on it.



No. 403473

File: 1556391056682.jpg (562.75 KB, 761x811, 1574144_91511look_iguess.jpg)

No. 403515

Man I was obsessed with Lee Lee too. Seeing this picture again threw me into such a wave of nostalgia

No. 403586

File: 1556408393365.jpg (179.79 KB, 697x960, 1993362_lb_medicatedsaint.jpg)

oh wow

No. 403587

File: 1556408520951.png (926.08 KB, 499x778, lol.png)

these two must have insanely rich parents to be able to buy all these clothes and apparently never work and go to school for useless majors

No. 406526

File: 1556991561602.jpg (339.1 KB, 1080x1080, 20190504_133020.jpg)

looks like Zer and Panda made a joint Patreon.

No. 406640

File: 1557019666217.png (2.27 KB, 106x136, Untitled.png)

No. 406766

Lmao thats more than she deserves.
Zer is hilarious on twitter with the way she's constantly sucking up to the few people who still tolerate her and begging for money because she can't afford dinner. Also Panda is a better artist than she is but their collabs all look flat and lifeless.

No. 406878

File: 1557080251135.jpg (68.91 KB, 824x223, iconsImade.jpg)

how the mighty have fallen. she used to be able to get people to pay her out the ass for ugly headshots like this and was easily one of the most well-known in the furry community. now she's a complete nobody, and only remembered for how wanky she was.

No. 408007


dana (or starC / HiC) always had subpar art but ahe sucked up to a lot of people like roux, lurid and barachan and had a lot of friends/connections. they always would draw each others fursonas and whatnot.

i tried chatting with her back in the day, but she always came off holier than thou and kinda bitchy shrugs she doesn't seem to be drawing anymore.

No. 408307

god zer is a riot, shes extremely paranoid and thinks everyone new she meets has read her ED page and knows everything about her entire life. she wont answer very normal questions because she expects everyone to already know because "the answers are in the ether" like what her social media links are, names of her oc's, species, what country/state she lives in. you know, normal small talk stuff.

she hangs out on second life in dying MLP sims expecting special treatment from admins because shes "internet famous." and gets weirdly competitive with other artists that enter the space. i have lots of stories but theyre borderline blogposting.

No. 408331

Spill it anon, I don't think it counts as a blogpost if it directly involves someone mentioned in the thread?

Zer is asking for money for her & Panda to go see Endgame now despite the fact that they can't afford food or gas lmao

No. 408358

Yes please give us your Zer stories.

No. 408748

whiplash, i was obsessed with sun. that whole scene i lived vicariously thru.
weird times

No. 408829

it was so fashionable to be angsty back then. (well it still is, but) these glamfursonas are always bleeding somewhere/are wearing bloody bandages and are beyond skinny. interesting how fucking interchangeable everybody's art was back then, hurrrr…

was this just another form of fashionable self pity?

No. 408973


I would also like to hear them. I was a friend of Zer’s for about a year and there’s so much shit I am just now learning from this thread.

No. 408981

File: 1557612589813.jpg (232.09 KB, 561x800, 1303747917.carbonmonoxide_youk…)

yeah basically

No. 409550

File: 1557757704906.jpg (82.96 KB, 800x507, 117793369083_anonib.jpg)

gonna post some more art since i'm realizing a lot of these might be the only copies still on the internet, and the site i'm hosting them on is on its way out

No. 409551

File: 1557757748236.jpg (16.27 KB, 262x600, 117967619661_anonib.jpg)

No. 409552

File: 1557757778101.jpg (84.52 KB, 529x667, 119339910832.jpg)

No. 409553

File: 1557757819000.jpg (106.19 KB, 800x632, 117792109832.jpg)

No. 409554

File: 1557757887829.jpg (47.41 KB, 362x520, 117792072275_anonib.jpg)

No. 409555

File: 1557757939009.jpg (87.23 KB, 527x800, 117760828385.jpg)

No. 409556

File: 1557757969606.jpg (37.81 KB, 363x800, 119648643162_anonib.jpg)

No. 409557

File: 1557758175951.jpg (10.4 KB, 198x184, 117757249440.jpg)

No. 409559

File: 1557758266518.jpg (65.6 KB, 600x755, 117791862991.jpg)

No. 409560

File: 1557758360590.gif (118.35 KB, 742x406, wonderland_anonib.gif)

No. 409561

File: 1557758445085.jpg (41.86 KB, 534x343, 117646789374.jpg)

No. 409562

File: 1557758581005.jpg (107.01 KB, 747x510, 117650983679.jpg)

No. 409565

File: 1557759126116.png (11.31 KB, 300x300, 117792179526.png)

No. 409568

File: 1557759350938.jpg (53.3 KB, 360x508, 117673854288.jpg)

No. 409569

File: 1557759383351.jpg (67 KB, 459x703, 117756181147.jpg)

No. 409572

File: 1557759510536.jpg (72.51 KB, 399x800, 119279044381.jpg)

No. 409573

File: 1557759531168.jpg (52.66 KB, 570x691, 118059453780.jpg)

No. 409575

File: 1557759553015.jpg (260.16 KB, 559x645, Silent_Hill_Dress_Up_anonib_zp…)

No. 409577

File: 1557759661246.jpg (56.5 KB, 648x549, 117791746224.jpg)

No. 409578

File: 1557759717273.png (13.95 KB, 400x400, tourncurrent.png)

No. 409579

File: 1557759746782.jpg (30.93 KB, 309x400, 117792167440.jpg)

No. 409593

Thanks so much for these

>on it’s way out

Haven’t that anonib dramachan been shut down for years now or is it still up? Post a link please if it’s still there

No. 409622

Whoa. I remember this one! Thanks for sharing, anon. I feel super nostalgic for this era again.

No. 409713

File: 1557795343542.jpg (46.9 KB, 622x562, 117757165526.jpg)

no, i saved them off anonib in a photobucket account lol. and PB keeps getting slower and slower but i haven't found a site that lets you store as much shit while being able to view it like PB.

No. 409714

File: 1557795368509.jpg (76.21 KB, 557x650, 117756059872.jpg)

No. 409715

File: 1557795391722.jpg (39.96 KB, 309x544, 119277216643_anonib.jpg)

No. 409716

File: 1557795425805.jpg (13.37 KB, 315x294, jillfox.jpg)

No. 409717

File: 1557795464342.jpg (107.24 KB, 514x732, karen_gunderson_kazera_anonib_…)

No. 409718

File: 1557795491244.jpg (112.42 KB, 800x470, 117673983927.jpg)

No. 409719

File: 1557795518530.jpg (34.91 KB, 384x420, 119306549198.jpg)

No. 409720

File: 1557795540870.jpg (75.05 KB, 789x586, happyfamily.jpg)

No. 409721

File: 1557795582409.jpg (36.98 KB, 409x590, umwhat_anonib.jpg)

No. 409722

File: 1557795788817.jpg (52.1 KB, 392x612, 11779494412_anonib.jpg)

No. 409723

File: 1557795815914.png (29.5 KB, 300x400, 117642096646.png)

No. 409725

File: 1557796073781.jpg (82.31 KB, 417x799, 117642973520.jpg)

No. 409726

File: 1557796095430.png (15.54 KB, 400x400, 117760780890.png)

No. 409727

File: 1557796117693.jpg (28.77 KB, 381x421, 119306536858_anonib.jpg)

No. 409728

File: 1557796158974.jpg (35.19 KB, 376x362, allisee_anonib.jpg)

No. 409729

File: 1557796193052.jpg (50.45 KB, 500x409, comming_soon_by_starc_anonib.j…)

No. 409730

File: 1557796351498.jpg (29.85 KB, 400x497, leeleelollipop_anonib.jpg)

No. 409768

File: 1557806404974.jpg (41.17 KB, 396x480, hug_puppies_anonib.jpg)

No. 409770

File: 1557806492401.jpg (214.2 KB, 583x800, coolranchroditos.jpg)

No. 409772

File: 1557806614626.jpg (56.38 KB, 470x683, business_as_usual_by_starc.jpg)

No. 409773

File: 1557806655208.jpg (266.42 KB, 692x637, 117800087366_anonib_zpseksfnv8…)

No. 409774

File: 1557806810012.jpg (240.99 KB, 340x760, gauze_is_cool_anonib_zpsl6hlvb…)

No. 409776

File: 1557806932379.jpg (33.62 KB, 376x611, 982a1e63f5202dfd88c94138a71792…)

No. 409777

File: 1557807028485.jpg (168.68 KB, 779x800, akashi_anonib_zpsmn1beiqc.jpg)

No. 409778

File: 1557807086416.jpg (44.61 KB, 460x535, gimme_some_tail_anonib_zpsl3iz…)

No. 409779

File: 1557807136027.jpg (102.23 KB, 487x534, idunno_anonib_zpsch3v8zgt.jpg)

No. 409780

File: 1557807160177.jpg (279.61 KB, 794x709, kaz_anthro_anonib_zpsnozxdwyx.…)

No. 409781

File: 1557807181731.jpg (43.09 KB, 460x391, kiley_mike_anonib_zpsoy1tjxjf.…)

No. 409782

File: 1557807202213.jpg (65.81 KB, 526x467, rensis_anonib_zpsetua5xma.jpg)

No. 409788

shame kaz never worked on her anatomy or drawing things beyond just furry stuff and weird wonky humans. her coloring is amazing. even at such a young age, esp with traditional art like the first one, the detail on the tail and hair and such is so pretty

No. 409810

File: 1557817882422.jpg (348.31 KB, 700x698, d3k34i-a9ed5fe3-e870-4ccb-aead…)

Does anyone know anything about this artist? I think their oc's name was Andy and their most recent da is horrorqueen. I loved their art but they weren't too popular

No. 409822

Thanks for all of this. What site are you hosting them on?

No. 409823

Oops sorry just now saw the comment where you said PB.

No. 409956

File: 1557857342760.jpeg (105.19 KB, 603x703, D362BB3B-C435-467B-88DA-173316…)

I always really loved Jenn/Adel’s (deleteadel, motorcitylovelife, redmotel on dA) art. Her anatomy wasn’t great but something about her characters and style was always so cute and endearing to me. I wonder what her art is like now. Does anyone know what happened to her?

No. 410090

File: 1557882006071.jpg (112.16 KB, 497x750, 11927899856_anonib.jpg)

no problem

don't remember this one unfortunately

i remember adel. don't have any of her stuff though

No. 410091

File: 1557882136944.jpg (84.66 KB, 500x630, 117646590397_anonib.jpg)

more stuff

No. 410093

File: 1557882188578.jpg (96.97 KB, 500x696, 117646601285.jpg)

No. 410094

File: 1557882232094.jpg (105.13 KB, 566x650, 117650991598_anonib.jpg)

No. 410096

File: 1557882286577.jpg (40.71 KB, 509x489, 117757263791_anonib.jpg)

No. 410097

File: 1557882349774.jpg (108.13 KB, 521x800, 117858549087.jpg)

No. 410098

File: 1557882425395.jpg (18.81 KB, 271x274, 119243476175.jpg)

No. 410099

File: 1557882461396.jpg (42.76 KB, 305x705, 119277234633.jpg)

No. 410100

File: 1557882491351.jpg (69.83 KB, 500x500, 119277259085.jpg)

No. 410103

File: 1557882529189.jpg (56.23 KB, 460x650, 119277268486.jpg)

No. 410104

File: 1557882558633.jpg (70.12 KB, 424x600, 119278946570.jpg)

No. 410105

File: 1557882593608.jpg (91.23 KB, 558x596, 119278992018_anonib.jpg)

No. 410106

File: 1557882629241.jpg (43.81 KB, 524x401, 119324742883.jpg)

No. 410108

File: 1557882669246.gif (916.82 KB, 635x799, 119326690633.gif)

No. 410109

File: 1557882703015.jpg (40.78 KB, 648x389, just-cant-wait.jpg)

No. 410110

File: 1557882739048.jpg (56.67 KB, 583x800, REKaz.jpg)

No. 410111

File: 1557882761503.jpg (80.22 KB, 518x682, worship_anonib.jpg)

No. 410113

File: 1557882928011.gif (6.6 KB, 100x91, 970385.gif)

and here's something really fun: https://xglamdollx.livejournal.com/

a bunch of them had roleplay journals for the characters but it was mostly just them being mouthpieces. featuring casual racism from kaz dropping the n-bomb with a hard R and kur talking about "filthy mexicans". lol

push was the insane one though, her writing for her characters was fucked up: https://gitsome.livejournal.com/

No. 410260

This just looks like edgy Arthur fan art to me

No. 410846

File: 1557994638916.jpeg (202.04 KB, 750x1052, 448079B0-C4E6-435D-BBCB-88AAC6…)

Anyone have a spare Cintiq just lying around?

No. 410847

File: 1557994677121.jpeg (180.51 KB, 750x1051, 9C3932B4-4A00-4EE9-8F8E-823F2B…)


No. 410912

File: 1558010991804.jpg (98.64 KB, 400x497, 11775734436_anonib.jpg)

These characters were so cute, quirky and interesting.
Nothing in the Furry Fandom these days stands up to it.
This is a great thread and it's giving me all sorts of wonderful nostalgia.

No. 410914

getting an actual fucking job might help more than begging for a tablet in hopes people will still pay you for your lazy, shitty art. protip: they won't.

unless she draws really niche porn that some furries pay out the ass for.

No. 410926

File: 1558014021843.jpg (23.06 KB, 300x345, 11767387693.jpg)

No. 410928

File: 1558014048017.jpg (123.17 KB, 620x620, 11767392963.jpg)

No. 410929

File: 1558014075328.jpg (140.08 KB, 539x750, 117642004273.jpg)

No. 410930

File: 1558014108470.jpg (24.78 KB, 337x307, 117646747366.jpg)

No. 410932

File: 1558014149895.jpg (41.01 KB, 450x335, onemomentplz_anonib.jpg)

No. 410933

File: 1558014177643.jpg (310.26 KB, 536x717, LLRouxJ_anonib_zpsnirhlhv8.jpg)

No. 410934

File: 1558014200405.jpg (68.74 KB, 624x800, 11775719818_anonib.jpg)

No. 410992

File: 1558019489224.png (390.11 KB, 654x858, 1297979470.shinquan_gigertrade…)

Does anyone have any of Shinquans older artwork? I recall it being really pretty but not seen it ina fair few years so could be totally wrong!


What was Moths 'story' as a character she's always interested me and I've never known anything about her.

No. 411035

It’s so wild how the shirt says “rape” which was so lol glompz u to everyone back then and now it would cause you to be canceled for eternity and have a buzzfeed article written about you. everyone was so racist and sexist and edgy and it was seen as so le quirky. It’s not good at all and super cringe but it’s so wild how the times have changed like nobody had any self awareness back then

No. 411101

I remember fangirls (especially yaoi, but also ~cool girls~) making the 'no such thing as rape, just surprise buttsex you did not know you wanted xDDD' and the like. I always found it horrifying, glad that's no longer acceptable.

No. 411220

File: 1558056622423.jpg (2.7 KB, 100x100, 119243539041_anonib.jpg)

from what i remember, moth was a sort of guardian figure, her themes were soft depression and astral space-y stuff.
mike was the glamboy, though less of a bitch than kiley or hysteria/marilyn.
and lee*lee was the murderous brat from hell child.

No. 411221

File: 1558056733970.jpg (333.47 KB, 643x800, 258003_1_anonib_zps4fw82j7t.jp…)

No. 411223

File: 1558056941698.jpg (117.8 KB, 677x800, 117791696073.jpg)

i remember that era well. threatening rape all the time like it was a synonym for "hug" lmao

No. 411224

File: 1558056981091.jpg (368.3 KB, 650x622, 119693323989_zpswhleqqy6.jpg)

leelee's glam-ified candyland guys lol

No. 411337

Why do that when she can ask for handouts? It’s the Zer Way. Actually I’m surprised no one has stepped up to buy her one yet, furries used to do anything for her back when she was popular

No. 411364

there are just much better artists, who are much nicer people and don't have a rep of scamming/providing shit quality commissions now. furaffinity has boomed since the years that zer was popular. so many artists wised up to the fact that furries will pay tons of money for the most inane kinds of art and they set up shop there.

No. 411930

File: 1558233164017.jpg (296.43 KB, 1078x1552, 7e18054f6b44658f1d2ea44fec2510…)

No. 411931

File: 1558233213550.jpg (122.84 KB, 800x785, 4ad3a7ca0e710994bf54cb47bad1d4…)

No. 411932

File: 1558233262506.jpg (468.42 KB, 650x925, 6907bc39350446832cf6d7ab0414f0…)

No. 411935

File: 1558233561086.jpg (293.77 KB, 671x605, f436d82e5319209f53c5678bdcdce1…)

No. 411938

these 2000's nostalgia threads make me nostalgic and sad and bitter and confused and angry

No. 411980

Same…we’re getting old, anon.

No. 412078

I wasn’t into glamfur but it isn’t that much different to the anime art that was popular at the time. Deviantart and “lolz so random XD” humor was a wild ride.

No. 412264

File: 1558312918332.jpg (54.15 KB, 544x325, 7d6be947ce4c1b5195e87fcbd49b2e…)

No. 412265

File: 1558312945647.jpg (668 KB, 7441x442, 10ab3a08b80168e1eeadde20fc171f…)

No. 412266

File: 1558312988984.jpg (418.08 KB, 658x2784, d26cb3d6c2366b7f2aa7fc6d6ce8d9…)

oops, you'll have to open that one in a new tab to see it all

No. 412307

Has anyone else started to draw their own glamfur stuff because of this thread? lol

No. 412322

I've been tempted, it's a neat aesthetic.

No. 412368

I was involved with the revival period of Glamfur and am half betting with myself that half of us here know/know of one another already!

I’ve recently stopped drawing furry (cause the fandom is full of self entitled asshats mostly that have killed the enjoyment for me) but if I ever felt the urge to draw furry again, it’d totally be Glamfur.

No. 412390

You’re probably right. I was active in the fandom for years and friends with several people mentioned ITT, met many IRL even. Left the fandom for similar reasons to you but still think about and miss a lot of the people in the community.

No. 412418


I miss the activity and the art (especially the art) even some of the decent people in the community - but the decent ones are getting so few and far between.

I tried a couple of times to drum up some interest in Glamfur on dA (DA is a cesspit though) and didn't really get much interest; then I left the site anyway. FA isn't much better and there's no 'love' in the furry community like there used to be.

I just keep an eye out for threads like this for the nostalgia factor.

No. 412427

I really liked FA back in the day, met some really cool people on there but the whole administration team is fucked so i abandoned my acct and never looked back.

No. 412439


hi anon Adel here, thank you! I have none of my old art saved and looking at this makes me feel dizzy but thank you for posting it lol

No. 412446


Hey anon Adel here, just to clear the air after all these years…I moved to CA to go to college/live with Moose since we were in a long distance relationship. Alas, we were teenagers, and he (Moose/Sebastian,) broke up with me a couple weeks after I arrived.
Cue my emotional pain and disappearance from the internet.
While living there he became close to Kur and Kaz via the beginning of his interest in religious drawings which is what the two of them were totally into at that time (summer 2006 specifically lol…)
After breaking up we were good friends for a bit but eventually I had to go back to NY because I couldn't mentally recover while being there.

No. 412450

just posted about it anon (Adel here)

No. 412467

Wow thanks for clearing this all up. It’s a shame you don’t have any of your old art saved but at the same time it’s totally understandable. You moved on from the style and culture and after the drama involved. You really were one of my favorites when I was a kid I really loved your character designs. I had a few of your drawings printed out and on my walls in middle school lol. I was too dumb and young to ever really talk to you and didn’t post at the time but I really admired you for some reason. don’t want this to sound weird just wanna let you know you had people out there that really enjoyed your work.

Are you still drawing or are you posting art anywhere?

No. 412478

don't namefag here

No. 412514


Aw hello, I don't think it's strange at all, and think that this comment is very sweet. I think about this time period often but never have a chance to talk about it since disconnecting.
I'm flattered that you had my drawings on your wall!
Thank you for your answer.

Yes I draw! A different style but it's still quite extravagant….lol. Mostly fashion illustration and comics. Do you draw?
I kind of post on Instagram but feel that I shouldn't share that info here.

No. 412601

The big thing with the glamfur revival thing failing is that people arent applying the old style or techniques. we could revive it. just keep the memories of being 14, invader zim and 2003 mallgoth stuff in mind for inspiration! like, modern super polished art doesnt translate to it at all. It made a huge impact on my art then, so i still miss it a lot…

Yours was one of my favorite styles. Nice to see you here. I'd like to see your more recent art!

No. 412663

I totally understand and yes! I’m posting art very often but I rarely draw furries it’s mostly people now. I made a burner ig account called “glamfurlolcow” if you wanna dm me on there I’ll follow you on my real one. I’d really love to see your art now

No. 412882

Just saw this post and messaged you!

Aw thank you! Have we ever spoken before? I took a cue from the other user and made a burner account if you would like to connect

No. 412968

I was never a part of this scene, but this is one of my favourite threads because I loved that time period on the internet, and this is the cutest thing ever.
I hope you guys have nice chats, bring us back any old images or memories you uncover together!

No. 415740

File: 1559101865869.jpg (45.63 KB, 304x460, -_s_u_i_s_o_u_-.jpg)

more old art

No. 415742

File: 1559101891725.jpg (54.06 KB, 602x602, audience_killer_loop.jpg)

No. 415743

File: 1559101917120.jpg (61.56 KB, 800x590, so_far_away_two.jpg)

No. 415744

File: 1559102099161.jpg (63.67 KB, 679x642, cunt.jpg)

No. 415745

File: 1559102142303.jpg (52.57 KB, 723x646, whoareyou_whatareyou.jpg)

No. 415746

File: 1559102305819.jpg (67.94 KB, 463x810, melancholy_babydoll.jpg)

No. 415747

File: 1559102616557.jpg (64.18 KB, 392x807, nurse_leech_37564_zpsezii0zwh.…)

No. 417569


These are so cute! Who is the artist?

No. 418069

That was Kur

No. 423867

File: 1561002555571.jpg (132.9 KB, 447x450, dj7uzr-59ceb706-0655-45c0-aa6c…)

anyone know the drama between roux and jisuk? was one of the only times i saw roux being a bitch

No. 423960


do tell! this drama completely passed me by, but I'm very interested. not even the drawing seems familiar, so I hope somebody can supply information.

roux got rather cunty after some time of e-fame got to her head, I remember rather aloof lifejournal entries made by her back in the day (she seems to be alright now though?)

No. 434319

op/person who posted a bunch of art here. photobucket has pretty much locked down my account because i'm not paying for it, so i can't access anymore art ATM. i posted most of it already but be sure to save stuff you like or it might be gone forever. i will keep checking PB to gather what pieces i missed.

No. 465220

File: 1569282444126.jpg (127.83 KB, 462x749, bginger3.jpg)

stumbled across another artist i loved back in the day

No. 465222

File: 1569282506417.jpg (151.64 KB, 650x650, bapfel1.jpg)

No. 465225

File: 1569282574780.jpg (55.56 KB, 342x350, shifhic2.jpg)

No. 465383

Woah, I had no idea Barachan did glamfur stuff. It's very cute, I just wasn't expecting it, hahaha.

No. 465627

File: 1569372737274.png (3.26 MB, 1508x1394, Untitled.png)

lol yep! lots of people have furry beginnings

No. 469307

File: 1570246987522.png (173.42 KB, 400x500, 1484_anonib.png)

No. 469309

File: 1570247257447.png (1.78 MB, 1280x954, tumblr_ojzjo1yvfe1r7b948o1_128…)

love hilary's art

No. 469324

Who drew this? It looks really familiar.

No. 469698

No. 478716

File: 1572421958717.png (136.63 KB, 772x1280, 1572402435.fleshcube_newcanvas…)


I get the feeling we should know who this is?

No. 478770

never seen them but they are definitely lifting off kur and leelee's old styles

No. 479017

don't know who they are exactly but
they're mutuals on twitter along with others in their circle (zero and silvertiger)
so the rip is intentional

No. 499207


Hayyyyy, Hi*C/Dana Copes here.

The drama was that I was obsessed with JiSuk, and Roux hated it, because JiSuk basically treated me like garbage and catfished me before cat fishing had a name.
So, Hilary would retaliate with pics like this bc she and I both had a viciously dark sense of humor back then.
It was never intended to be taken super seriously, but I can understand how it could be, taken out of context.
JiSuk was bewildered, but ultimately, unmoved by such depictions.

Dang ;_; I'm sorry I came across that way, ya'll.

I sincerely apologize.

I was pretty warped through my late teens and early twenties.

I never felt like I was better than any one; I was desperately grasping for validation… and I didn't think I was sucking up to any one ._. I just thought I was making friends… I still talk to a lot of those folks.

Roux and I did have a falling out shortly after we moved to Chicago.

She has always been my biggest source of inspiration; her style was, and still is, distinct, unique, and just… indescribably magical.

Back in the day, she told me I was her biggest source of inspiration, too, so our styles sort of merged for a while.

Hilary always did have more charisma than I did.
She was a good influence on me, though. I learned a lot about how to not be an asshole from my time with her.

Actually, I found this thread while I was desperately searching for a picture that Roux drew back in the day… I have it on a back up disk but it is saved as a .psp file which I can't open now bc I use Mac and PSP is Windows ONLY… SIGH. And I've tried GIMP and Canvas and every other program under the sun with no success.

It was the one that had Rainbow Brite Roux running along side a blue Hi*C kitty and the finished, colored version had the lyrics to Rainbow Brite and Me from the end of the Rainbow Brite movie.

VCL seems to be broken??? Is that just my computer/phone?

If any one could reunite me with this image, I would be forever in their debt. .____.'

I know I don't deserve help bc I was such a twat back in the day, but. Idk. Maybe I can make it up to ya'll…? Some how?

No. 514440

i am pretty sure i don't have that pic but i'll check my archive (thread op here)
thanks for explaining some things!

No. 538462

This thread brings back so many memories. Thanks for posting it!

No. 538479

Wholesome. Thank you for coming to add to the thread, if you have any of the older lost art from your peers that you think would fit here then please share with us. I hope someone can find that image for you
For future reference you don't need to put anything in the email/subject fields

No. 538722

File: 1586407041820.jpg (101.37 KB, 356x512, unnamed (2).jpg)

Sure! It's so fun to see all this old crap.

And I'm glad I uploaded most of my album before photobucket went to shit. Not sure when I'll be able to access it again. I think this thread contains some of the only copies of many of these pics left on the internet.(namefag)

No. 538827

You'll probably not read this anymore, but there's online tools that will let you convert a .psp file to different file format you can open on your computer. Just google psp image file converter or something similiar.

No. 538904

I have a few, but I think you uploaded them all here! I'll have to have a dig through.

No. 538969

I love/loved this art style so much and never got into furry stuff it's not like explicit furry porn lol… its just colorful and spiky and edgy and cute? I think the best ones are on paper or only partially digital. sage for no contribution but one more vote for please post more

No. 539528

I hate furries but love this stuff. It's just reminiscent of the Hot Topic teenage years.

No. 550131

Here is a dump of some old glamfur art and the albums are sorted by artist


No. 550270

File: 1588668093093.jpg (62.61 KB, 714x679, PinkHug.jpg)

if we're sharing PB galleries I came across Jolyn's (Silverwing) awhile ago

there is A LOT of stuff,mostly galleries of her OCs from some of the bignames in the glamfur days, but worth a walk down memory lane

No. 550780

File: 1588737386959.jpg (52.55 KB, 548x785, 118059425676_anonib.jpg)

Does anyone have anymore photobucket dumps? I'm going to buy a chrome extension that will let me download whole albums and I'll zip them and post here for everyone

No. 551276

File: 1588843076417.jpg (104.75 KB, 552x601, suechanvoice.jpg)

Same, anon.
Didn't think the art in this thread would make my eyes tear up over missing these days and lost online friends I met in this era but… here we are.
(Sorry that the drawing attched isn't super glamfur but I have most images saved somewhere else, I still love the more typical cutesy anime inspired furry art from the time though)

No. 551285

this is so nostalgic, thank you for posting the pic

No. 658233


one of my all time favorite moments when i was still in the furry scene was posting art and having Jolyn leave one of her huge comments about how good my art was. it was a highlight of my art career back then. Jolyn was truly an angel and she is missed every day.

No. 658249

Reading the glamfur livejournal entry was a nostalgia trip.

No. 666053

lmao this one is literally my comment:

some to add:

- striped tongues
- absolutely enormous ears
- stitches
- useless tiny wings
- fishnet
- medical theme!

No. 666055

File: 1604429716684.jpg (8.27 KB, 179x281, download.jpg)

can't find these in a better res but luve-vexzeklium was another fave furry artist of the time, though she had no drama as she was a fairly normal person. she now makes children's books i believe.

No. 666057

File: 1604429754526.jpg (8.22 KB, 158x318, download (3).jpg)

i loved her character. simple but well-designed.

No. 666059

File: 1604429834440.jpg (10.08 KB, 214x235, download (2).jpg)

No. 666060

File: 1604429861263.jpg (9.27 KB, 223x226, download (6).jpg)

so sad these are lost to the internet. i'm so glad this thread was allowed to stay up. many of these images probably only exist here now.

No. 666061

File: 1604429893346.jpg (7.74 KB, 178x283, download (5).jpg)

No. 666063

File: 1604429927326.jpg (8.35 KB, 297x170, download (4).jpg)

No. 666088

popping in to say i absolutely love this art

No. 666646

File: 1604506976756.jpg (55.73 KB, 395x645, LuveRainART.JPG)

I'll check to see if I have any of the others.

No. 666648

thank you! i can't access the storage site i was keeping all my old pictures on

No. 666655

File: 1604507716738.jpg (65.53 KB, 833x568, SinnyLuveTaleART.JPG)

No. 666659

File: 1604507935021.jpg (25.14 KB, 346x564, MissSilverwingART.JPG)

No. 666665

File: 1604508247129.jpg (33.35 KB, 404x550, NandoLooksMopeyART.jpg)

No. 666667

File: 1604508312899.jpg (60.79 KB, 508x611, LouveComparison.JPG)

No. 666669

i love you all for keeping this thread active.. always takes me on a trip down memory lane.
not sure if people considered tooth's old art glamfur, but i have all of her stuff archived. lots of cross overs/characters with/of artists posted here.

rip. i really miss seeing her around.

No. 666672

File: 1604508441578.jpg (34.8 KB, 403x641, CanYouGuessLuvesFavoriteColorA…)

These are all the ones I can find - if I come across any more I'll update.

No. 666680


I found a heap more but rather than upload spam, I checked them into a dA stash.
Hope it works.

No. 666685

Thank you, this artwork is lovely. I don't really know how DA works but is the stash supposed to show your profile? It shows it in the top left corner.

No. 666692


Yeah, it's fine by me as long as it's not breaking any lolcow rules?
I figure this way if any of the artists see this and want it taking down, I can respect that and do so.

No. 666696

global rule #4 requires you to stay anonymous at all times, so as long as you don't dox yourself anywhere on the dA profile i think you're good

No. 666699


I think the account is pretty much blank. Thanks for the heads-up.

No. 667033

that's not a name i recognize from the big ones

No. 667329


If you think it's relevant, share away.

No. 667622

As thread OP, this. Please don’t just post regular furry art. This thread is for the old glamfur era that had a very specific aesthetic.

No. 669065

Cracks knuckles.
How do we go about reviving this genre?

No. 669190

its been tried but never pans out. glamfur captured a really tiny and specific window of the internet that cant be earnestly replicated

No. 669471


There has been a Glamfur magazine in the works for the longest time, hosted by Felix. Who is the closest thing we have to an active glamfur artist, but their style is weird, the faces look all melty and gross.

No. 669664

File: 1604881470089.jpg (369.79 KB, 1122x900, felix.jpg)

Yeesh, it's very… Tumblr. Never expect quality from someone with baby brows

No. 669672

File: 1604881804322.png (Spoiler Image, 467.61 KB, 582x408, felix.PNG)

Samefagging to say damn, he really tried to charge 100 bucks for that?

No. 669990

these are really gross

No. 670018


This style is really hideous and messy and like anon said, really tumblr kek

No. 670020

File: 1604931488981.jpeg (765.31 KB, 750x936, 9EFE6B17-96C2-454A-9A36-FF7C44…)


This was 60$

No. 670056

Now I'm curious to see what this person looks like. I'd be willing to be money that they're a dumpy transbian with terrible fashion sense.

No. 670059

File: 1604935615042.jpeg (363.05 KB, 2048x1152, EluBhtTXYAUcbAr.jpeg)

I'm not a furry so I don't know whether or not this qualifies as Glamfur or if the artist is some kind of lolcow, but someone on my timeline retweeted it and I thought it was cute.

No. 670068

this shit just doesn't have the genuinity and the soul like these >>666665 >>550780 >>469307

No. 670079

File: 1604937174522.jpeg (11.78 KB, 207x244, download.jpeg)

No. 670080

File: 1604937197820.jpg (464.36 KB, 1536x2048, EioyKQuWsAEfgx8.jpg)

He's FTM, but god damn is he dumpy.
His art doesn't read as glamfur at all, it reminds me of Hushy / 4lung's old comic… He'd probably get more customers for his adopts if he tried shilling them as rainbowcore / nu-scene, but I guess they're too mainstream.

No. 670084

No. 670098

The thing I loved about glamfur is that it was all made by edgy brooding sexually frustrated teenage girls and so they made all their characters these flashy gay dudes without it pertaining to gender at all, nobody had to list their pronouns or their characters pronouns, they were just androgynous fags and it was stupid and fun. Now these wannabe nu-glamfur artists that weren’t even in the OG scene are bringing that tumblr cancer to it and it doesn’t belong in glamfur. I guess it just the sign of the times though that the gender shit is pervasive in our culture especially for outcast retards

No. 670963

File: 1605031998502.jpg (102.86 KB, 400x320, glamwhorzz_anonib_zpsg2lomcyq.…)

photobucket finally let me back in so let me cleanse the thread of this disgusting individual
trying to post stuff i haven't yet

god, this. glamfur literally can't be replicated because it was all teens who loved industrial music and jhonen vasquez and jrock and all other sorts of of-era things that they put into their rainbow animal characters. it will never happen again. adults trying to bring it back just isn't the same

No. 670964

File: 1605032042824.jpg (78.52 KB, 668x585, forever_DIRT_anonib_zpsz28ppky…)

No. 670965

File: 1605032069936.jpg (69.35 KB, 504x780, 117795035453_anonib_zpsjf9oxd4…)

No. 670966

File: 1605032127259.jpg (82.75 KB, 800x373, new_mech_ref_anonib_zpsfu9fpgw…)

No. 670971

File: 1605032284697.jpg (40.56 KB, 415x677, glitter_kazera_bam_yo_yo_yo_an…)

No. 670972

File: 1605032360665.jpg (24.24 KB, 315x234, 117793396749_anonib_zpspshxecy…)

No. 670977

File: 1605032464962.jpg (102.7 KB, 626x747, GLAMOUROUS_DECAY_anonib_zpswq1…)

kur's humans i think

No. 670979

File: 1605032486792.jpg (43.4 KB, 689x343, whores_anonib_zpskhihnuvy.jpg)

ah the era before troons were actually like this

No. 670980

File: 1605032522967.jpg (134.09 KB, 684x585, 119326384477_anonib_zpsgah5brn…)

"we just really like marilyn manson"

No. 670981

File: 1605032577170.jpg (85.88 KB, 626x800, Ref_Nerve_anonib_zpsdgkfugzz.j…)

No. 670982

File: 1605032615421.jpg (55.64 KB, 440x773, wes_n_marilyn_anonib_zpszktv6r…)

No. 670983

File: 1605032689437.jpg (43.29 KB, 800x178, 118385308875_anonib_zpsb4su9ru…)

i believe endall was the basis for kaz and kur's later creepy old guy who had sex with the underage child characters

No. 670986

File: 1605032757122.jpg (64.67 KB, 500x615, gauze_anonib_zpssx9pkven.jpg)

No. 670989

File: 1605032816831.jpg (46.88 KB, 463x574, Kiley_zpsuigc7fzf.jpg)

No. 670992

File: 1605032968925.jpg (34.98 KB, 345x483, goin_to_canada_anonib_zps6wran…)

No. 670995

File: 1605033037526.jpg (51.89 KB, 533x585, 119479277221_anonib_zps7dcosdb…)

No. 670998

File: 1605033125552.jpg (55.7 KB, 600x600, 117792014865_anonib_zpsyelicen…)

No. 671001

File: 1605033292969.jpg (136.27 KB, 710x710, 117651005168.jpg)

No. 671004

File: 1605033460144.jpg (59.93 KB, 399x800, 119279044381.jpg)

No. 671015

File: 1605033922599.jpg (39.91 KB, 389x590, 117791992782.jpg)

oof sorry for reposts seems they aren't being picked up

No. 671017

File: 1605033957223.jpg (80.98 KB, 504x728, 117673004130.jpg)

No. 671021

File: 1605034017117.jpg (36.18 KB, 400x400, okiley_anonib.jpg)

No. 671023

File: 1605034055760.jpg (29.04 KB, 300x450, faggo.jpg)

No. 671024

File: 1605034079937.jpg (44.65 KB, 720x381, Click_Click_BANG_anonib.jpg)

No. 671028

File: 1605034120652.jpg (49.29 KB, 480x602, 119326579338.jpg)

No. 671029

File: 1605034151437.jpg (31.85 KB, 326x600, 119278974415.jpg)

No. 671030

File: 1605034182748.jpg (105.6 KB, 700x700, 117760820049.jpg)

No. 671032

File: 1605034209203.jpg (84.58 KB, 504x723, 118342992336.jpg)

No. 671033

File: 1605034231899.jpg (36.33 KB, 502x488, 117673881258.jpg)

No. 671040

Doing god’s work anon, thank you so much for the dump. I don’t remember some of these and it’s nice to see them. It’s wild how we all have little photobuckets with these hidden gems and almost no public photo galleries or websites with these pictures. Thank you for sharing, I love you

No. 671045

sure! i'll go through again later and check stuff i missed, i have like 500 images in there. it's just a pain to sift through them on the new photobucket

No. 671094

this is actually quite cute

No. 671181

File: 1605045238646.jpg (69.14 KB, 410x525, ar-max01prog.jpg)

I'm not sure if she had any relation to the artists or groups mentioned here, but much of this art reminds me of Angel Ravenell ("Arphalia")'s art, a furry artist whose early 2000s work I love. She's done plenty of standard anthropomorphic work but her work from this time period seems like it would belong in this thread. Her style is a bit more dark and gothic, less colorful and scene-kid-esque. I'll dump some here and sage it, feel free to let me know if it doesn't fit, though.

These drawings are from 2000-2004. I'm not sure what she's up to now.

No. 671182

File: 1605045267474.jpg (30.45 KB, 311x575, arph15.jpg)

No. 671183

File: 1605045364018.jpg (27.77 KB, 241x500, arph30.jpg)

No. 671184

File: 1605045470275.jpg (56.12 KB, 427x500, arph77.jpg)

No. 671185

File: 1605045566430.jpg (44.58 KB, 495x450, arph92.jpg)

No. 671186

File: 1605045665475.jpg (83.81 KB, 459x621, ar-tizzrahcomdetail.jpg)

No. 671187

File: 1605045728974.jpg (62.05 KB, 421x331, ar-b-gothkitty02.jpg)

Also some convention badge commissions.

No. 671191

File: 1605045865495.jpg (43.18 KB, 405x300, ar-b-heartwood02.jpg)

No. 671195

File: 1605045959118.jpg (71.71 KB, 425x338, ar-b-tizzrah.jpg)

No. 671197

File: 1605046130329.jpg (31.96 KB, 310x259, arph94.jpg)

Here's an archive of some of her other early work.

No. 671200

File: 1605046387169.jpeg (177.54 KB, 580x950, 064B2934-E786-43F6-902B-3F1B90…)

I don’t think that she was in this scene but thanks for sharing anyways, super nostalgic art style.

Btw bara-Chan’s old art is also hosted on that site


No. 671281

File: 1605054682877.jpg (157.01 KB, 511x694, bat1jpg.jpg)

No. 671282

File: 1605054711031.jpg (82.75 KB, 580x933, batness.jpg)

No. 671283

File: 1605054734439.png (646.26 KB, 514x915, Devonglitter.png)

No. 671284

File: 1605054772335.gif (115.92 KB, 840x1094, AntiluvBethy.gif)

No. 671286

File: 1605054802219.jpg (35.94 KB, 332x526, antithesis.jpg)

No. 671287

File: 1605054840430.jpg (135.86 KB, 387x633, Ash.culurd.jpg)

No. 671289

File: 1605054863581.jpg (97.33 KB, 457x914, Battylicious.jpg)

No. 671290

File: 1605054895860.gif (46.93 KB, 278x583, bethybunny_flower.gif)

No. 671291

File: 1605054932808.jpg (124.52 KB, 574x743, CariKitty.jpg)

No. 671293

File: 1605054982410.jpg (81.82 KB, 454x642, damnpunks.jpg)

No. 671294

File: 1605055008182.jpg (55.68 KB, 472x652, demonpuppy.jpg)

No. 671295

File: 1605055055662.jpg (60.25 KB, 477x610, Stitchlove.jpg)

No. 671297

File: 1605055080186.jpg (27.75 KB, 239x203, Bister.jpg)

No. 671407

not quite glamfur but it's old and edgy, so that works for me

No. 671462

File: 1605081806190.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.63 KB, 388x622, your_childhood_was_over.jpg)


I agree.
What I loved about this era as well is that people could get away with drawing edgy stuff and it didn't mean anything. There was no backlash or cancel culture for it, it was just 'lulz we're so hardcore'

Image not quite glamfur but still emphasises my point.

No. 675010

File: 1605504989280.jpg (66.79 KB, 660x660, leeleecreepy_anonib_zps0hkoacn…)

No. 675011

File: 1605505041468.jpg (98.62 KB, 714x592, 3_anonib_zpsd6bdc40c.jpg)

No. 675013

File: 1605505491498.jpg (93.94 KB, 692x554, We_plants_are_happy_plants_ano…)

this goddamn font lol

No. 675015

File: 1605505537545.jpg (51.36 KB, 679x511, 117757364673.jpg)

No. 675016

File: 1605505597381.jpg (82.1 KB, 573x800, 11927725565.jpg)

No. 675017

File: 1605505810965.jpg (20.15 KB, 242x528, 119326678224.jpg)

No. 675020

File: 1605506030402.jpg (44.6 KB, 482x516, 11775603637.jpg)

No. 675022

File: 1605506190321.jpg (30.49 KB, 472x384, kileylovesmike.jpg)

No. 675023

File: 1605506220443.jpg (71.97 KB, 450x450, 118384861273.jpg)

No. 675024

File: 1605506247204.jpg (40.56 KB, 500x453, 119473945342.jpg)

No. 675025

File: 1605506277324.jpg (21.27 KB, 240x375, 118342940616.jpg)

No. 681191

So glad to see this thread still getting filled with art! I've saved so much stuff. Thanks OP!

No. 681945

File: 1606377184377.jpg (155.46 KB, 692x916, Wonderland.jpg)

No. 681946

File: 1606377212621.jpg (89.64 KB, 542x744, Wermmouth.jpg)

No. 681947

File: 1606377233774.jpg (116.55 KB, 566x788, Trenthyenalove.jpg)

No. 681948

File: 1606377272212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.59 KB, 507x559, SSSSssspores.jpg)

No. 681949

File: 1606377293731.jpg (231.56 KB, 625x875, SqueekbatinWTFland.jpg)

No. 681950

File: 1606377320394.jpg (112.29 KB, 691x705, ShinLove.jpg)

No. 681951

File: 1606377357601.jpg (105.11 KB, 499x537, PromPussyCloseup.jpg)

No. 681952

File: 1606377380618.jpg (122.27 KB, 1971x465, poofyspook.jpg)

No. 681953

File: 1606377404628.jpg (125.1 KB, 491x900, Lollypop_Lane.jpg)

No. 681954

File: 1606377436527.jpg (199.46 KB, 950x1075, LOLLIKILL.jpg)

No. 681955

File: 1606377465015.jpg (173.22 KB, 1000x763, LETS_DO_ITminuslyrics.jpg)

No. 681956

File: 1606377490288.jpg (246.24 KB, 1750x622, Heads.jpg)

No. 681957

File: 1606377519892.jpg (196.45 KB, 628x870, Groupies.jpg)

No. 681958

File: 1606377551048.jpg (123.99 KB, 584x776, Ghostie.jpg)

No. 681959

File: 1606377576623.jpg (148.83 KB, 780x549, GhonaherpasyphilAIDS_cr.jpg)

No. 681960

File: 1606377604100.jpg (68.41 KB, 368x464, Gangrenebleedybleed.jpg)

No. 681961

File: 1606377631952.jpg (151.43 KB, 658x1024, GangreneKILL.jpg)

No. 681962

File: 1606377653498.jpg (171.54 KB, 790x1106, Comishfinished.jpg)

No. 681971

As of recent, I've mainly been dumping art in this thread, but while looking for information about Zeriara I found this 2007 YouTube video tribute to her. It's basically a bunch of old pictures and selfies of her (and some of her friends) with her art spliced in. Worth posting just for nostalgic reasons.

The account's name is "zer sockpuppet" and joined YouTube in 2007, maybe it's an account of hers? (It's age-restricted, so you have to be signed in to watch.)

No. 681977

File: 1606379579364.png (325.06 KB, 428x867, 943a69a51a5cf0b05b8c3a71c11b06…)

No. 681979

File: 1606379662346.jpg (442.73 KB, 1008x592, 33104.jpg)

No. 681980

File: 1606379782331.jpg (163.88 KB, 337x436, 59ae23bd7e2624121b336bdacc0434…)

No. 681981

File: 1606379807541.jpg (367.04 KB, 900x1004, 494c29418787860cde0e27f6a88212…)

No. 681982

File: 1606379831140.jpg (149.88 KB, 578x671, ee9e16c7f57c258b7ef66c4af8b970…)

No. 681986

File: 1606380200448.jpg (534 KB, 1364x826, d308e65dd213b350445692a9ec857b…)

No. 681987

File: 1606380264843.jpg (248.68 KB, 863x685, 6659473ef139282b5eaa2757088c53…)

No. 681988

File: 1606380310318.jpg (153.36 KB, 720x606, 86ba2d516fac916aa86059630834c8…)

No. 681989

File: 1606380359497.jpg (682.84 KB, 1660x1157, 4765c1c2efc80014d176fdc2b7db5f…)

No. 681990

File: 1606380398117.jpg (88.91 KB, 504x728, 23be5458a3e3eca0357f140336690b…)

No. 681991

File: 1606380448630.jpg (183.74 KB, 474x604, 0d02813171d61e315df83736fb2843…)

No. 681992

File: 1606380490379.jpg (69.1 KB, 655x624, 0aacbe5544c942ab98dc3cb093313e…)

No. 681996

File: 1606380711649.jpg (137.3 KB, 524x401, 80c9cabd8400dcc2db23e4a2593796…)

No. 681997

File: 1606380757221.jpg (414.6 KB, 802x1217, 4ff3a311120566bde11a5215355e09…)

No. 681999

File: 1606380803123.jpg (500.9 KB, 706x867, fcaaee9ac17082a048dfba6ad94c02…)

No. 682000

File: 1606380854049.jpg (340.72 KB, 3360x766, 3d41b5a43a2f19bdacdc2026cf9a9d…)

No. 682005

File: 1606380930464.jpg (261.54 KB, 825x567, 9475d75babcdb924430633eeea89e6…)

No. 682011

File: 1606381061874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.08 KB, 463x337, b443ebd760716f68b45127f040ddf2…)

(spoilered for cartoon peepee)

No. 682013

File: 1606381162747.jpg (112.06 KB, 493x687, 9d41898256130c9b900df5dbc20a1d…)

No. 682014

File: 1606381212221.jpg (276.69 KB, 436x531, b04e3e465903e04165466e44174323…)

No. 682015

File: 1606381262572.jpg (134.66 KB, 534x343, 392334de7d8ff35b5d049e164c36a2…)

No. 682017

File: 1606381441681.jpg (729.15 KB, 3000x667, 732390b6d0a2928969f8b500a7720a…)

Higher quality version of this one.

No. 682036

File: 1606384242671.jpg (70.12 KB, 706x420, leelee-head.jpg)

Some of Camille's art is still up here.

Here's some fanart of hers, of Lee Lee.

No. 682037

File: 1606384266858.jpg (25.26 KB, 281x293, Push.jpg)

And a little fanart thing she made for Push Tyber.

No. 682038

File: 1606384295308.jpg (161.33 KB, 750x459, slightlybent.jpg)

No. 682041

File: 1606384728516.jpg (101.1 KB, 489x800, Dimitri.VCL.jpg)

No. 682042

File: 1606384763446.jpg (116.4 KB, 653x400, blue.kyo.jpg)

No. 682043

Oh I love how it looks like a collage

No. 682056

File: 1606387667230.jpg (170.68 KB, 571x866, 1400637929.silverwing_massacre…)

I know her art was posted up thread, but it's still worth noting anyway that silverwing's FA is still up!
(I also went to archive it on the Wayback Machine, & was pleasantly surprised to see that it's been saved from as far back as 2007! A lot of the images are broken, though)

No. 682057

File: 1606387821497.jpg (162.86 KB, 942x673, 1402283561.silverwing_schism.j…)

According to the description, the cat in this was her RL cat Ace

No. 682058

File: 1606387884297.jpg (150.56 KB, 603x709, 1403140778.silverwing_angryani…)

No. 682059

File: 1606387985336.jpg (71 KB, 505x584, 1425014992.silverwing_todd_and…)

There's also a lot of guest art up on her profile, was that a big thing back in the day? I only found out about this subculture from this thread

No. 682060

File: 1606388224744.jpg (140.87 KB, 643x901, 1443224970.silverwing_lullabye…)

No. 682062

Idk what sort of art I expected a tool fan to make but this sure wasn't it

No. 682066

Fucking Zeriara. I used to play TF2 a lot and some friends in that fandom used to roleplay and write fic. Apparently one had a run in with Zer, she wanted to roleplay with someone (SniperxSpy if you're wondering) where the Spy fucked the Sniper but instead of using normal lube, he used gun lube/grease and blood after torturing him. I distinctly remember my friend coming to me and saying how weird she found it, linked me to the gun lube persons tumblr and it was fucking Zer. Sage'd for blogpost. Please keep posting the art though. I'm so nostalgic for it!

No. 682068

File: 1606389942268.jpg (497.69 KB, 450x694, 1266104807.ghostnoise_shiet.jp…)

GhostNoise spam incoming!

No. 682069

File: 1606389990916.jpg (336.18 KB, 600x946, 1195583769.ghostnoise_sekhem.j…)

No. 682070

File: 1606390020775.jpg (314.54 KB, 600x640, 1208158365.ghostnoise_kurkur.j…)

(This one's my favorite)

No. 682071

File: 1606390108315.png (561.09 KB, 586x777, 1297239063.ghostnoise_marinfin…)

No. 682072

File: 1606390229260.jpg (154.76 KB, 300x443, 1266999173.ghostnoise_razerz.j…)

No. 682073

>bottle half empty
>it's spilling out anyway
hmmmmm what

No. 682074

File: 1606390362831.png (1.85 MB, 800x1036, 1377127285.ghostnoise_voeca.pn…)

No. 682075

File: 1606390447313.jpg (192.68 KB, 400x577, 1208281042.ghostnoise_coelpant…)

Posting all this is making me want to get back into watercolor ngl

No. 682076

File: 1606390512961.jpg (433.32 KB, 700x974, 1195242308.ghostnoise_mikepain…)

No. 682082

All in the beautiful nonsensicality of glamfur art.

No. 682287

Yeah she was always that kind of super gross retard, and still is. She draws sexy darkwing duck OCs now or something lmfao

No. 682515

if anyone has an EXTREMELY similar pic like this that barachan did i would be forever grateful. it was another drawing of this character, but she was looking over her shoulder. it was literally the first piece of furry art i ever saw and i fell in love with this era of art because of it even though i never got into the furry thing.

No. 682517

File: 1606445727113.jpg (112.62 KB, 500x600, dgn6xo-bc36b3a8-363e-4732-9616…)

No. 682518

File: 1606445879858.jpg (26.79 KB, 200x300, bchords1.jpg)

also some more barachan/rose besch even though she's not exactly glamfur, her style was iconically early-00s

No. 682565

File: 1606456681118.jpg (104.22 KB, 449x459, 1f2b0cf122f7e2528050dca0615629…)

No. 682573

File: 1606457821947.gif (22.96 KB, 417x219, cardsyay.gif)

No. 682584

File: 1606461423642.jpg (35.5 KB, 325x308, 839cb35b5b5daa91e0238a0010334a…)

No. 682585

File: 1606462117114.jpg (56.42 KB, 355x428, 1cbb2f10184309d4b6055add91f70f…)

No. 682588

File: 1606462191415.jpg (122.23 KB, 677x816, 281a40be3649c4a23f1c530e8e1bda…)

No. 683116

It’s been so long and I don’t remember, are Chair and Chow Mane the same character with two names or something?

No. 683125

yep. she went by charmaine, char, chair, chow mein and variations

No. 684621

File: 1606727875734.png (391.87 KB, 469x488, 0ba251e62ea9bf8b9992d7212e9025…)

No. 684622

File: 1606727910512.png (215.67 KB, 363x473, 2.PNG)

No. 684624

File: 1606728006666.png (848.93 KB, 433x795, 2ab8e3bba208e9912b2c54db8926e9…)

No. 684626

File: 1606728085667.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.27 KB, 537x599, 03d41a8240c438e6fa0238e98ed0cc…)

No. 684627

File: 1606728113521.jpg (158.56 KB, 850x596, 3af8c1c3524b429c0c8975d3ffae50…)

No. 684629

File: 1606728151887.jpg (134.99 KB, 424x542, 4d6496f6c1283b8be5729567bcb9c3…)

No. 684630

File: 1606728199499.jpg (198.27 KB, 668x651, 19f1226bc577d42890d0a15472cc53…)

No. 684631

File: 1606728283289.jpg (151.25 KB, 530x548, 62bff37b2613da269e9c2dbbd711c4…)

No. 684632

File: 1606728316022.jpg (97.43 KB, 626x876, 62dfd72ffbe72e643800dade24999d…)

No. 684634

File: 1606728406783.jpg (92.62 KB, 384x750, 1231740511.kingofdunces_nikkou…)

No. 684635

File: 1606728441483.jpg (451.22 KB, 704x693, 1283797866.kingofdunces_glamfu…)

No. 684636

File: 1606728576681.gif (87.06 KB, 480x451, alter.ego.gif)

No. 684638

File: 1606728714451.jpg (121.5 KB, 512x726, badlycoloredporn.jpg)

No. 684639

File: 1606728789064.jpg (83.59 KB, 364x817, bigben.jpg)

No. 684640

File: 1606728868748.jpg (74.25 KB, 405x782, buckleboi.jpg)

No. 684641

File: 1606728910980.jpg (265.54 KB, 550x523, c0b3f71227551951bcd25709949c04…)

No. 684644

File: 1606729100187.jpg (119.51 KB, 540x866, comeintoblack.jpg)

No. 684646

File: 1606729145202.jpg (163.11 KB, 518x577, contrabandcolor.jpg)

No. 684647

File: 1606729244811.jpg (493.05 KB, 668x861, d23qlnl-1d196b15-deae-4be8-bae…)

No. 684648

File: 1606729280264.jpg (120.99 KB, 755x563, damaged_roses.jpg)

No. 684650

File: 1606729415200.jpg (47.41 KB, 300x444, ein_sontag_by_angstronaut.jpg)

No. 684651

File: 1606729551832.jpg (97.57 KB, 635x841, floatingupsidedown.jpg)

No. 684653

File: 1606729623063.jpg (309.76 KB, 702x1086, greymal.jpg)

No. 684654

File: 1606729663755.jpg (357.11 KB, 1182x861, grouplinesfini.jpg)

No. 684656

File: 1606729745267.jpg (114.79 KB, 549x575, harliequinscolors.jpg)

No. 684658

File: 1606729877266.jpg (96 KB, 542x992, helen.are.a.cat.jpg)

No. 684659

File: 1606729921689.jpg (73.32 KB, 450x788, i.d.jpg)

No. 684660

File: 1606729960438.jpg (42.51 KB, 427x456, he'sbluedabadeedabadii.jpg)

No. 684661

File: 1606729986025.jpg (60.48 KB, 481x557, i_love_mechinn.jpg)

No. 684662

File: 1606730059367.png (148.92 KB, 380x850, iglet.png)

No. 684663

File: 1606730082310.jpg (74.91 KB, 578x578, ihaveapinkglitteryspoon.jpg)

No. 684666

File: 1606730257845.jpg (141.2 KB, 850x744, chow11.jpg)

Found some work from an early 2000s furry artist, it's quite odd and distinct but it reminded me of Chair's old style.

No. 684667

File: 1606730294136.jpg (128.95 KB, 335x314, aryana.jpg)

No. 684670

File: 1606730356319.png (616.13 KB, 623x902, 1452115558.pierogies_sugarpill…)

And some 2010s glamfur.

Sorry, forgot to sage the first time.

No. 684671

File: 1606730388250.jpg (449.13 KB, 850x654, 4f1eab1ad33ec68f108560c8984f19…)

No. 684674

File: 1606730474995.jpg (248.6 KB, 534x800, 8b6f543c8986905d4642213629beda…)

No. 684675

File: 1606730512937.jpg (175.47 KB, 634x800, 00e09ed5a7e0e971e8c32f85ef74f1…)

No. 684676

File: 1606730556187.png (661.77 KB, 688x750, 56d047f65754c2d9d5b536cf3b33b7…)

No. 684694

File: 1606734545118.jpg (136.42 KB, 562x550, 35389af8fde5dcd677b1dddf8106b0…)

Just realized these had already been posted, sorry. I checked the thread before posting but thought I didn't see them.

No. 684739

File: 1606741892804.gif (5.89 KB, 50x50, kazera.gif)

Just a wee thing, Kaz's old DeviantArt icon.

No. 685191

File: 1606791591568.jpg (387.02 KB, 518x805, dlx4v2-f936cc03-73be-4d7b-ae31…)

they were definitely trying to copy chair's style
ugh. their art style got so unappealing

No. 685549

Besides Zer who had an extensive encyclopedia dramatica page and was known outside of this little niche community for being a psychopath, who was the biggest lolcow in glamfur? I was fairly young and don’t remember any of the drama when this style was at its peak

No. 694784

probably push.tyber, for consistently going out of her way to cause arguments with others and also spilling the fact she was sexually attracted to little kids on the regular

No. 696522

File: 1608260223276.jpg (73.31 KB, 288x507, zesiro.jpg)

No. 696523

File: 1608260246647.jpg (95.9 KB, 436x675, zesireqlinessmallcolor.jpg)

No. 696524

File: 1608260291021.jpg (120.06 KB, 613x800, youallwanttolickme.jpg)

No. 699370

File: 1608606958166.jpg (136.75 KB, 416x433, 496d96a7ed0f5609ddc074c94c305c…)

No. 699372

File: 1608607087689.jpg (61.57 KB, 504x411, f1ac8da4c96e12972faf838e67bca7…)

No. 699374

File: 1608607118906.jpg (77.22 KB, 432x535, fc2c8f3f1d5f87f51219809ca39bcc…)

No. 702767

File: 1608939992603.jpg (166.76 KB, 468x579, 22706.jpg)

Alternate version.

No. 704596

This thread is my favorite on this while site, tbh. I feel so inspired every time I look at it. I miss this era lf the fandom so much.

No. 704853

File: 1609266921714.jpg (33.48 KB, 396x554, 509d0180772a36719d0ce27e8c4ef8…)

Same, anon. As someone who grew up on DeviantArt and LiveJournal, this art makes me incredibly nostalgic. I'm enamored with it and have yet to find something that really encapsulates this specific "early-2000s colorful edgy internet teenager" scene as well.

No. 705088

i have no clue how to use sites like these but i was wondering if anyone knows Zerriara's current age? i'm curious how old she was when she kissed that little kid. Also, how do we know that the "Snuffles" person who wanted to fuck their dog is her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 705101

Is there any tutorial for this kind of art?
It looks like a strange mix of both traditional and digital but I have no idea how to replicate it but I really want to.

No. 705118

File: 1609300567889.gif (38.71 KB, 100x100, 1098421.gif)

Been doing some more Wayback Machine spelunking. It's surprisingly difficult to find glamfur art on the platforms it was originally uploaded on, but at least I can find old LiveJournal icons from Kaz/Kur and their friends.

These are all from 2004 to early 2005.

No. 705119

File: 1609300589991.gif (10.01 KB, 100x100, 1005168.gif)

One of Kaz's old icons.

No. 705120

File: 1609300619931.jpg (11.42 KB, 100x100, 846037.jpg)

No. 705121

File: 1609300720656.jpg (7.28 KB, 87x100, 1921355.jpg)

No. 705128

File: 1609301378844.gif (6.24 KB, 50x50, 951.gif)

Kaz's old icon from SheezyArt, a DeviantArt clone that's now gone.

I've started drawing glamfurs since discovering this thread. It's difficult to settle on a style since each popular artist in this scene added a little bit of their own personal touch, but a good rule of thumb would be to contrast dark colors with (many) bright and neon colors, use lanky and exaggerated anatomy, and go heavy on the accessories.

No. 705140

File: 1609305125813.jpg (90.34 KB, 450x617, tammy.jpg)

>characters covered in rainbow vomit
>not a gender flag in sight
they took this from us
pic is more goth than glam but I loved this artist on Yerf back in the day.

No. 705330

Moved to >>>/m/119852.

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