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File: 1526732165684.jpeg (61.63 KB, 1280x720, 835b7834d665e7f80ab8f010215e28…)

No. 250847

You muhfuggas watching the royal wedding?

No. 250849


No. 250850

No. 250852

Yeah! The rev was too much tbh so out of place
This was kinda awkward, too much inclusion kek

No. 250856

No. I'm not an unemployed braindead housewife/neet.

No. 250857

I didn't plan to watch it but did anyway. The whole thing was kind of bizarre. I liked the idea of incorporating some of Meghan's culture but they went overboard. Firstly, the weird screeching before and after the ceremony from some group they invited was hilarious. The preacher they had speak was absolutely dreadful, you could visibly see the embarrassment on the faces of the royal family and it didn't seem like he had anything prepared or followed the script. The gospel choir was lovely though.

It seemed from the comments online that the Yanks loved it but the Brits disliked it (don't blame them tbh). Meghan herself looked absolutely beautiful but I hate all the faux "inclusion" or "feminism". Stop trying to pretend it's something it's not. It's such a carefully planned move from the royal family to try to "modernise" themselves and make it seem like Harry has settled down and matured from his schoolboy behaviour. He's a man with a scandalous history, pretending the royal family is now suddenly "woke" because he's marrying a white-passing mixed race girl who obsessively straightens her hair is laughable.

No. 250858

> a white-passing mixed race girl
This must be a joke. She's not white passing at all.

No. 250860

As a mixed race British woman myself - I liked the wedding it was intimate and harry looked besotted.

However I don’t think Megan White passes… she just blows her hair out? She has curly hair, I have curly hair and the same tone skin as her. We both look more like our black parents and we identify as biracial because it’s the correct thing to do.

I dislike it when African Americans claim she is African American and I GET there is the one drop rule bullshit there and the slavery drop shit and all that. But it’s dangerous to say she is African American because she is not what the typical black woman looks like. Reason why there is barely any dark skinned singers, models ect and biracials take the place because of the light skin thing. Saying biracials are the same is just… it is harmful to the black community I personally think.

Plus when Megan and Harry have kids we all know those won’t be black at all. They won’t even be mixed. It’ll be like Halle berry’s kids where they’ve got blonde hair and basically look white except red hair with harry. Quadroons or so they’re called. But I just say they’re white. It’s like getting juice you dialute with water the less you have the less stronger it’ll be and more juice the stronger. The royals aren’t arsed with a mixed woman in toe because their blood line will continue to be white anyway. Let’s be realistic here.

No. 250861

I was only happy that they're getting married so this shit can finally stop appearing in my news feeds.
But now that I think of it, the topic is just gonna shift direction so that the "news" will be critiques of their wedding, and when the royal incubator gets prego. Ugh.

I don't get enjoyment from this, it's too forced.

No. 250862

>This must be a joke. She's not white passing at all.


No. 250863

>did you watch the royal wedding?
No, it's lame.

No. 250864

Isn't she like almost 40? What if she has retarded babies?

No. 250865

no, i've heard way too much about it without having to watch it. the bbc news app puts out alerts for breaking news and i got about 3 to update me about whether or not her dad was going. that counted as breaking news along with alerts about planes crashes and school shootings.

No. 250871

She doesn't look white, therefore she isn't white-passing. At first glance you can tell she has non-euro ancestry.

You're an idiot.

No. 250873

File: 1526744688079.jpg (99.32 KB, 800x1298, 800px-Meghan_Markle_visits_Nor…)

I disagree. I think she might look kind of Greek to some people.

And in this picture she looks very white. Might be camera flash or lighting or something.

No. 250875

I'm black and I'm getting sick of delusional black girls getting all excited because a "black girl" is marrying a prince. It's like …Could you whores be more pathetic?kek, you're making us all look ridiculous and desperate.

No. 250876


This is something I want to say to my black friends but I don't want to be that Becky shitting on them. Why make your main goal a man, even a prince?

No. 250877

What is so scandalous about Prince Harry? Seems like some of his controversies are just non issues, such as him saying he smoked pot. After googling, looks like his worst moments were wearing a Nazi costume and calling some guy a Paki. Obviously he's not woke but he's not some coked up fiend like Dan Bilzerian either.

No. 250880

I think Meghan is really pretty, but that dress was really ugly and definitely not worth the several hundred thousand pounds it probably costs. It looked 2 sizes too big. Kate Midddleton's dress was a lot prettier.

No. 250881

I can’t think of a more pointless way to spend my time

No. 250882

I agree. But, the very women claiming Meghan as black are the very same women upset for light-skinned mixed chicks dominating "black" female reputation.

No. 250883

The very same black girls that were fucking /seething/, when Tyrese called his light-skinned, mixed chick a "beautiful black queen". Is it different, because he's a white man??

No. 250884

As someone who lives in the UK, I'm glad the worst of this shit is over until she gets pregnant. I wouldn't be as bothered if the entire thing hadn't cost the taxplayer around £6.35m at least.

No. 250886

I'm watching their lifetime movie. I don't know why, but is is cute.

No. 250887


No. 250888

She gets British citizenship right off the bat too which is totally unfair considering one of the requirements to apply for a British passport is to have lived here for at least 5 years.

No. 250900

Some research suggests the Royal family is good for our economy. There isn’t a consensus but “my taxes!” isn’t very accurate

No. 250902

anyone who marries a citizen gets that anon, stop nitpicking.

No. 250904

>non-euro ancestry
You must be American. She could definitely pass for a European, especially someone from the Mediterranean. Americans seem to consider darker Europeans another race because they don't fit their blue-eyed blond-haired Aryan fantasy image of europe. I've seen people go as far as to call dark haired Irish people as "black Irish" because they don't fit their image of all Irish being red-haired lmaooooo.

No. 250905

It’s literally illegal to bring someone over to a the UK/US with the sole purpose of marrying them for citizenship, even if you were to marry a foreign national they automatically aren’t entitled to the citizenship you have. It’s not nitpicking. It’s literally a crime.

No. 250906

I had no idea she's black…? I always thought she's either just a tan Brit or has a little bit of Italian (or maybe even South Asian) in her blood.

No. 250907

>with the sole purpose of marrying them for citizenship
I don’t think she’s marrying the Prince to get a citizenship, anon.

No. 250908

Do you know who we're talking about here? They can do whatever they want. It's not illegal when you're the most powerful and wealthy family in the country.

No. 250909

Thiiis. I'm black and really tired of people thinking half-black or even less = black. Only the most ridiculous, self-hating black people who actually want to be erased (and non-black people with major insecurities and complexes about their genetics being weak) would accept that. This wedding means literally nothing.

If this logic prevails, in a few generations, people who look like the Olsen twins will be considered "black".

No. 250911

No what I’m saying is that it’s unfair that some random American is granted citizenship for marrying some idiot from the Royal Family that no one cares about, when other immigrants have to wait at least 5 years before applying.

I understand she hasn’t married him for citizenship, but it’s not right that she hasn’t even followed the citizenship requirements that everyone else has to follow. What, if she murders someone she gets a free pass because she’s married to someone who’s like 8000th in line to the throne? It’s not right.

No. 250912

>if she murders someone

No. 250913

>I'm black and really tired of people thinking half-black or even less = black.
But if somebody who's only half-black isn't black, then is that supposed to mean that they automatically are the other race, e.g. white?

Is it fair that somebody is placed above anybody else by birth and entitled to living in luxury payed by taxpayers? That's the bigger issue I'd say. lol

No. 250914

meeting someone and marrying them is different than 'bringing them over' she's not a mail order bride.

No. 250915

then you should be pissed at literally any foreigner who marries any of your other citizens. look up your own laws. married couples don't have to wait.

No. 250921

>But if somebody who's only half-black isn't black, then is that supposed to mean that they automatically are the other race, e.g. white?
I just see them as mixed race, and not black. If they at least look way more black than non-black (like Yara Shahidi, for example), I don't mind them classifying themselves as black for practical purposes (though they're not really), but if they're Logic-tier? Lmao, no.
It's not for me to call them white, considering I'm not white myself. I just think if you have to repeatedly remind people you have black ancestry, you need to give it up. Someone like Halsey is not, and never will be a black woman.

No. 250923

Because spending your time here is somehow less pathetic

No. 250925

>You must be American. She could definitely pass for a European, especially someone from the Mediterranean.

Nice try but I'm French. There are many people of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian ancestry here. I know they can have a somewhat dark complexion, especially the Portuguese and Spaniards, but facial features wise she doesn't look like them. In France most people will assume she's either of North African ancestry, or mixed Black/White. Where are you from?

No. 250928

Halsey is different because literally no one would think she wasn't white. Plenty of people, myself included, could tell Meghan was part black or at least some kind of POC.

For me it has nothing to do with marrying a prince. It's just cool seeing a black woman marry a white prince in a context where that wouldn't have even been allowed not that long ago.

No. 250929

You must be American. She could definitely pass for a European

lol, wut
I'm a euro and she definitely does not have white features. She can straighten her hair every day, she can have flattering shots but she doesn't look white. I don't see a problem with that, there's nothing wrong if she doesn't pass for a white person, but let's not kid ourselves here.

I've seen europeans with dark(er) complexions but all of them have distinguishable white features.

No. 250930

Ireland and not one person I know knew she was mixed race before they were told. The only people who seem to know are either African Americans who are obsessed with the idea or racists who have a problem with it.

No. 250931

Do you honestly think if she didn't pass as white a member of the royal family would be marrying her? That's the point.

No. 250932

anyone else notice Kate wasn't even looking at them when they were saying their vows? She kept staring downwards during the ceremony

No. 250933

Amerifag here. All my friends and I could tell and we're white. We live in an area with a lot of POC though. Maybe people who have less exposure can't tell as well?

No. 250935

> African Americans who are obsessed with the idea or racists who have a problem with it.

So, it's racist now to simply point out that she doesn't pass for a white person? lmao
Okay, whatever you say.

I think the point was to take a person that was black or brown, whatever, for public brownie points. I don't care that a prince is marrying a black woman, I have nothing against it, but he is probably marrying her because she's black and they did a good thing because it turned out to be a nice publicity stunt. Being a royalty is business so they calculate everything.

No. 250936

"Some kind of POC who might be part black maybe??" by definition isn't black, though. It's just brown or mixed race, and it should be classified as such. This isn't an all-inclusive club.
If you don't come from two black parents, or if no one actually thinks of you as black with pretty much no mixture/ambiguity in daily life, it's just asinine and inappropriate to insist you are black(tm).

No. 250937

File: 1526760079499.png (4.06 MB, 1334x750, 4709ACE2-B977-4A27-9782-64A15C…)

Yeah that was strange

No. 250938

No one cares. You’re not the ruler of your race and you’re not the gatekeeper. It’s not like there’s guidelines written down anywhere, except the racist laws which counted “one drop” of blackness as being black. It’s all bullshit anyway so who cares?

No. 250939

File: 1526760250501.png (3.14 MB, 1334x750, 74DE0E91-72D2-472C-A8B1-58655F…)

I honestly think she’s really beautiful

No. 250940

Lmao, of course I don't "gatekeep", your genetics and obvious phenotype do. You are not black. Deal.

No. 250941

I think she's ugly, and no, it's not because she's black. She has wide set eyes, awful smile, and potato nose. Also, her personality sucks and she lacks class.
I really think the prince could have chosen someone better looking and more appropriate.

No. 250942

File: 1526760578876.jpeg (206.13 KB, 1110x1866, 9BFE7C01-A506-4327-B8CF-D2F282…)

I know I’m not black. I’m 100% White British. But you sperging about race is annoying and no one cares.
Your jealousy and bitterness is showing.

Why’d Kate wear white? But of a strange choice, no?

No. 250943

File: 1526760691835.jpeg (138.58 KB, 799x1200, 8B59D98E-2CCE-4808-A382-323217…)

Samefagging, but in that case, you should have absolutely no problem with people calling Meghan Markle or Obama white.
I don't get why only white people are allowed to have boundaries for who's part of their race. When black people actually have an identity, it's "No one cares, it's all bullshit!!1" but those same people get their panties in a knot at anyone calling pic related white, and need to correct people with "Uhh no they're mixed, obv not white or white passing". I wonder why.

No. 250944

>So, it's racist now to simply point out that she doesn't pass for a white person?

Did I say that?

No. 250945

How am I sperging? Because I said mixed is not black? Piss off, seriously.

No. 250946


I'm not black but I understand your sentiment. She doesn't look fully European but overall she fits better looks-wise in a group of Europeans than in a group a Sub-Saharan Africans. When you take this into consideration it seems pretty silly to call her black.

America has a history of racial segregation based on the one drop rule so that's likely why people have a tendency to see people like her as black. In the times of segregation she would have legally been a black woman, and it's this view that still lingers nowadays. I agree that it's stupid.

No. 250947

File: 1526761001898.jpg (144.12 KB, 1024x1024, Kate-Middleton-Dress-Princess-…)

It is actually light yellow and it is the same outfit she wore at the babtism of princess Charlotte

No. 250948

File: 1526761035340.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1200x1600, 11B33624-589C-4236-9E10-5595D4…)

This is a thread to discuss the wedding, not your definition of blackness. You’re derailing and spamming.

Meg’s dress was such a misstep. Kate clearly wins best wedding dress.

No. 250949

Thanks, anon. I just don't see what's wrong with acknowledging mixed people exist and are a unique group all their own. Forcing them into one identity is just reductive and unfairly dilutes the meaning of either group IMO.

No. 250951

I'm not derailing, I responded to an anon agreeing with them, and you jumped in and started trying to argue. Just stop replying.

No. 250952

Why should I care about rich assholes who don't do anything useful in their lives? Besides the queen who actually did help during WW2 I mean. And also, why do I always see people on twitter say this marriage is a good thing for racial representation and feminism when we're talking about a rich and powerful family who couldn't be anymore privileged than they are if they tried? Worst part is that it's actual SJWs who say shit like this even though the mere concept of royal families goes against everything they usually believe in.

Although I kind of feel sorry for the couple because I know I personally would hate to see my wedding being so public. It must suck to not have a private life sometimes.

>She could definitely pass for a European, especially someone from the Mediterranean.
Do any of the people who use the "that person looks Mediterranean" argument ever went to the south of Europe? Not talking about you in this case but I see a lot of Americans who never went to Europe say things like this on other websites. She could easily pass for a North African maybe, speaking as one, but not for a European from pretty much any country or region. To be honest though I can see why some people wouldn't guess she's part black, but he really doesn't look like she's just white.

> I'm black and really tired of people thinking half-black or even less = black.
Not really related to the topic here but I don't get why I see a lot of mixed race people say they're only black (just an example, could be anything) instead of saying they're BOTH black and white. Is it because of context or it's just shorter to say or there's another reason? I know it's actually something in the USA when you have to do some paperwork, the one drop rule.

No. 250953

I'm not fond of her but she always looks so classy.

No. 250954

File: 1526761220186.jpeg (219.67 KB, 1176x1763, F0D42D92-A913-4DFD-982F-510B1A…)

It was her Christening, not baptism. And I’m pretty sure it’s white, not yellow. She wore it in 2016 at a birthday celebration as well. Still a poor choice to wear to wedding imo. Unnecessary drama. The dress she wore to Pippa’s was perfect.

No. 250956

If William and Kate have another child Harry won't be relevant to the crown anymore because he will be the 7th in line.. Anyone know if this is true? I mean his marriage truly was "low budget" if you compare it to William's

No. 250957

File: 1526761340510.jpeg (247.7 KB, 980x1357, 0F6F487E-F6CD-4686-A5C2-9F3378…)

I didn’t “try to argue,” I just said no one cares. Because it’s not the point of the thread. Take your race argument elsewhere.

What she wore to Pippa’s for reference.

No. 250958

Nope, you're playing gatekeeper, anon.

Overt racists don't give a shit if people like her can pass, anon. She was one generation away from being impacted by the racial laws of her country. In fact, just a few years before she was born, her existence wouldn't have even been allowed in many states. Even today, there are many Americans who actively want racial mixing not to be legal.

Do you not realize how gross it is for you to say people who can be and often are victims of racism don't get to identify with their race?

No. 250960

File: 1526761482968.jpg (358.08 KB, 1655x1655, Young-Prince-William.jpg)

I remember seeing prince William in a newspaper where he was looking handsome then he grew old and yuck.

No. 250961

>no one cares
You clearly do, though, otherwise you'd have ignored it by now. Stop spamming and trying to push out opinions you dislike already.

No. 250962

File: 1526761649404.jpg (66.22 KB, 768x511, kate-middleton-camilla-royal-w…)

When exposed to sunlight it does look white, but It is actually light yellow. I don't believe she would be allowed to wear white, I mean, In my culture it is disrespectful to the bride, but idk about british culture.

No. 250963

I don't care what overt racists think, though. They probably think everyone who's not white look exactly the same. Genetically and phenotypically, someone like Meghan Markle is clearly mixed race.
Prince Harry is marrying a mixed race woman, not a black one. Calling her black is as incorrect as calling her white. That's literally it.

No. 250964

File: 1526761861260.jpeg (53.2 KB, 560x500, 247D5C0E-BEF0-4D9F-A992-D8489B…)

When he was younger, he more closely resembled his Mum. Then he aged into his dad. So unfortunate.

No. 250965

>Do any of the people who use the "that person looks Mediterranean" argument ever went to the south of Europe?

I'm European and I've been to the south many times, yes. She doesn't pass for 100% white but there's no way I would have guessed she was half black. Anyway, it's irrelevant to the wedding. I just don't like that they're pushing this idea that the royal family are now modern and inclusive because Harry is marrying a woman with tanned skin and thick hair. People are freaking out that he's marrying a "black" girl when she's half white and seems to put a lot of effort into making herself look white. If someone from the royal family marries someone who has dark skin and natural hair then maybe I'll be impressed.

No. 250966

He looks about 20 years older than he is now. How unfortunate, indeed.

No. 250967

File: 1526762103936.jpeg (145.06 KB, 1175x1763, BE75B15A-7F05-49DD-B5EE-9178DD…)

Good point. I’m going to go with it being yellow then.

God, Megan’s reception dress was unflattering too. Did she run out of time to get it tailored or was she going for baggy?

No. 250968

File: 1526762214975.jpg (352.19 KB, 1545x2000, e3e88fab483636a2_GettyImages-1…)

Damn he was attractive back then. It's funny because just a few minutes ago I was arguing on reddit with delusional men over the "men age like wine women age like milk" idea.
Yeah right, look at how unattractive mid-thirties Kate and Megan look while their men became so much hotter with age…

No. 250969

File: 1526762685430.jpeg (122.29 KB, 645x1024, 0D092280-DC64-4832-9505-821609…)

Turns out Kate’s with cream/yellow to weddings before so I guess it’s just how she rolls

No. 250970

File: 1526762713939.jpeg (129.61 KB, 505x1024, 224D2478-B5A8-4F02-BE81-2F92ED…)

No. 250973

>kind of Greek
LMAO only if you've never seen a Greek person in your life.

No. 250974

She's so cute and elegant! I hope to achieve that tiny frail frame like hers.

No. 250976

inb4 you get a whiny "No one cares. You’re not the ruler of your race and you’re not the gatekeeper. It’s not like there’s guidelines written down anywhere" etc etc rant

No. 250977

>I just don't like that they're pushing this idea that the royal family are now modern and inclusive because Harry is marrying a woman with tanned skin and thick hair.
I totally agree with that. Regardless of who Harry's going to marry, the mere fact that they're still a royal family goes against being inclusive and modern.

Holy shit that's so unfortunate. He peaked too early I guess.

No. 250978

I remember seeing that exact photo and thinking how dreamy he looked, just like I'd imagine a modern day prince would look.
Maybe that's partly a reason why I have a soft spot for ginger men.

It's a shame he became so ugly early on.

No. 250982

tbh, she is.
I thought she was 100 % white and just tanned. Or italian (or something) descent. Granted, I didnt knew anything about her beforehand. My jaw dropped when I saw her childhood pictures and was like "wait, who is this. This child is black. Why are they showing a black girl connected to white Meghan Markle."

No. 250985

I went to school with a girl from sicilly and she looked pretty much like her except her skin was a little less tanned.

No. 250987

>I liked the wedding
tbh that preacher was hella cringy. And why the fuck did he go on for so long. I had too mute.

Her dress looked ill-fitting. The facric seemed way to thick, but it probably couldve looked really good if it wouldve fit her better (image related). Her hair looked undone.. that fucking hair strain.

It was cute that you could see how emotional Harry got. Im not sure about her though. It felt like she is less into him, than in a usual relationship and seems to fake a lot (she is an actress in the end). But I mean fuck it. If I had the chance of marrying a prince and marry into the royal family, I would to.
But it could also stem from nervousness about being the centre of attention in the eye of the public that makes her looks stiff and cold.

No. 250989


the age cut off at 35 for women to get children is utter bullshit

No. 250990

I dont know, Im not black at all (like 0%), but it even made me happy. The royal family got some color. It's another step towards racial mixing and the end of racism (in a thousand years or so).

No. 250991

I guess you always have to consider the circumstances.
He is scandalous for a royal family member. And one of high standing (regarding the line of succession). There are other rules for royal family member.

Wasnt there this guy that wanted to marry a specific women, but because she was protestant he had to refrain from all of his royal family privileges? It was in the 60s or something though.
And I mean, even Princess Di was deemed "scandalous" in the eye of the royal family (and the queen).

For peasants there is nothing scandalous about any of them.

No. 250993

>totally unfair
top kek
She is a member of the royal family now. It would be "unfair", weird and off-standing if she didnt got the british one.

No. 250994

>tan brit
anon, she is american.

No. 250995

>Im black and Im tired

you cant claim all the victimhood of racism to yourself.
As long as someone can tell someone is POC they face the same prejudice and stereotype, that you face.
Are you black-aryan? Not one white member in your line? What is if you marry a white guy and get mixed children? I doubt you wouldnt call them "black".

No. 250997

none of them looks at them. weddings are boring. vows are too. It's not her brother. Even William didnt look at them.

No. 250998

>Being happy that some bitch who's rich, an actress and who also happens to be of another race gets to marry a prince

No. 251003

NAYRT, but give it a rest. Stop trying to tell black people what they should and shouldn't feel about issues that affect them and their own people, especially if you yourself are not black. Stop trying to force us to accept others when even you wouldn't. Multiple white people ITT are making it a point to talk about how non-white and not white passing she is, but you're only yelling at black people with this "S-Stop gatekeeping" rubbish.

My boyfriend's white. If I have kids with him, they wouldn't be black. It's not a big deal, it's just facts. Only you're getting twisted up about this. Also, if you honestly think being black is solely defined by facing racism, that's fucking sad and pretty racist in itself.

No. 251004

Harry was never relevant to the crown.
Look at Prince Charles of Wales. He is first in the line of succession and we all know what that got him (nothing so far).
For Harry to become relevant, the queen, charles, william and all of his children wouldve to mysteriously pass away (or give up on the crown).

No. 251005

>achieve that tiny frail frame
good luck with that. unless you squish your body into a corsett out of steal 24/7 you will never get that frame, if you dont already have it.

No. 251006

File: 1526767948912.png (1.13 MB, 927x816, Untitled.png)

whoops forgot the image

No. 251007

Nevermind, I actually am that anon. For some reason, I thought that post was a reply to >>250875. Point still stands, though.

No. 251008

>Only you're getting twisted up about this.
I agree to let this topic go, but tbh that was my first post on this thread regarding this issue. kthxbye

No. 251019


I agree. When I saw the dress my first thought was plain.
I understand its supposed to be modest and all that but to me it didn't have that wow factor.

Aside from that I thought her tiara was cute and her beautiful smile really made her look like a princess

No. 251021

It looks like a poorly fitted potato sack. Whoever is telling her that's stylish or modest simplicity is just being polite.

No. 251023

File: 1526770760639.jpg (57.98 KB, 500x750, wedding-choker-necklace-pearl-…)

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought the dress looked horribly plain. I was so excited too because clearly she had the cash to drop in on an amazing ritzy glitzy dress and accessories yet she doesn't even have a necklace (a choker like in pic related would've been perfect) despite that dress neckline. What a disappointment.

No. 251030

They aren’t special. I wish people stopped acting like they’ve ever done anything other than have a fancy last name and big bank accounts.
Royal fanatics are retarded

No. 251043

>Royal fanatics are retarded
This. Have you guys seen those forms where people sperg about all of the different royal families? It's like… A fandom or something. So fucking creepy.

No. 251044


No. 251046

That's still super weird. Vows are the most important part!

No. 251056

Well it's pretty weird but it's not weirder than sperging about kpop bands or youtube lolcows.

No. 251057

File: 1526776647256.jpg (652.39 KB, 3000x2000, hbz-kate-middleton-meghan-mark…)

I think it couldve easily looked very classic, if just the fabric wouldve been a little thinner and if it was fitted well at least.
in my opinion one can see what they were going for… just that it didnt work out. the neckline also didnt do her a favour.

this thread is about a specific wedding. If you feel the need to sperg out about it, open a thread for "royal family critics"

No. 251059

File: 1526776903633.jpg (1.77 MB, 1333x2000, kitty-spencer-1-2000.jpg)

why do I love what Kitty wore?

No. 251061

File: 1526777020746.jpg (1.1 MB, 1333x2000, beckhams-1-20001.jpg)

Victoria looked awful ffs.

No. 251062

File: 1526777046934.jpg (1.66 MB, 2000x1505, royals-2-2000.jpg)

At least the Princesses didn't look ridiculous

No. 251064

At least Princess Beatrice decided to spare the public and not wear her Eye of Mordor fascinator this time around

No. 251068

File: 1526777955021.jpg (138.14 KB, 750x750, M986080.jpg)

No. 251077

>I wish people stopped acting like they’ve ever done anything other than have a fancy last name and big bank accounts.
The irony that you're calling those with interest in the royal family retarded when you're this ignorant on the subject. Look up Elizabeth's role in WWII, the various shit Diana did, and Harry's mental health advocacy (which is a pretty big deal if you know anything about how stigmatized mental health is in England) just to name a few things.

No. 251079

I love what she wore too. I didn’t watch the wedding at all but I saw a photo of her outfit and thought it looked amazing.

No. 251080

I thought that also! But honestly I quite like the dress in all its stupid tacky glory.

No. 251092

tinfoil hat time: maybe so baggy cause she's preggers? Would explain why the rushed wedding timeline.

No. 251100

Not British, so our media just sperging out about oh my god royalty oh my god married.

WWII was decades ago, Diana has been dead for decades, that shit hasn’t been relevant or interesting for a very long time.

The boys are alright, and good on them for their charity work but then getting married is hardly worth weeks of news and everyone and their mother acting as though it’s some monumentous historical achievement.

It’s a nice young man marrying some girl. People crying and making shit and having parties over it are dumb. Anyone who thinks it should be on the news anywhere but the uk is dumb.

No. 251104

I feel you anon.

The media will not shut up about this fucking wedding and the UK royals are not relevant to most average folks here.
I agree that they seem like nice people, but isn't that the bare minimum considering their immense privilege and status? Like they had better have been good!

There's gotta be more newsworthy shit than two rich people getting hitched.

I read how a plane with 100 people crashed in Cuba and the news isn't hardly covering that! Maintenance checks on US aircraft have gotten stricter recently after the incidents with Southwest, and most older planes operating for carriers were built on the 80s and 90s. Old motherfuckin' planes, and the one that went down was built in '79.
How's the news gonna overlook that scary shit?

Do I even have to mention how that school shooting in Texas was a literal blip for a day until this stupid wedding? Like damn.

No. 251105

Every nose is a potato nose on this site

No. 251107

but Diana shook hands with a man who had aids thirty years ago! Her millionaire kid manages not to be a raging asshole and does some charity! The queen contributed to the war effort like everyone else did! They’re s p e c i a l

No. 251110

File: 1526787861448.jpg (94.13 KB, 660x901, 9a4d0441cb4d8c1834988728e72817…)

>WWII was decades ago, Diana has been dead for decades, that shit hasn’t been relevant or interesting for a very long time.
Spewing some ignorant shit, anon. WWII had a profound affect on British culture. And the Queen was amazing for morale as a symbol of British perseverance and grit.


Yeah and worked to help remove the stigma of AIDS and being gay. She also had a campaign to ban land mines around the world. She helped launch the Child Bereavement org, which Will is a patron of now. There's countless articles out there, if you wanna read more.

No. 251113

>>251110charity work and British culture don’t have shit to do with the rest of the world. Only the fuckin poms would care this much about doing some basic community service and charity.

They aren’t internationally relevant, nor newsworthy for doing some humanitarian work decades and decades ago. British culture doesn’t belong on international news.

No. 251184

What's with her lips? Is she pregnant, again?

No. 251211

Her headpiece looks so perfect. I saw a closeup and couldn't believe it was a real person out in the sun. Whoever did her makeup and hair, and whoever designed that fascinator, deserves a big reward. The dress is great too - but her head is stunning

No. 251226

They're reading the order of service.

I'd like it if it was tailored just a little differentl around the waist and hips.

No. 251233

File: 1526812493674.jpg (20.17 KB, 512x288, 9BD0C78D12B54A7E96336716637EA1…)


No. 251234

kek, la creatura has found its way to the royal family.

No. 251235

If he really had to get a token black bride, why didn't he choose an attractive one? He's a prince, surely he had plenty of choices. And why an american bride out of all places, aren't there lots of black people in the UK?

No. 251236

fucking kek

No. 251240

File: 1526818890777.jpg (22.31 KB, 648x365, UhODnCM.jpg)

she's been looking pretty terrible since.. forever. Ever since she quit spice girls she's gone anorexic and emotionless. I wonder if she's depressed or has domestic issues.

No. 251241

File: 1526819088983.jpg (98.32 KB, 682x1024, Lady-Kitty-Spencer.jpg)

She looked absolutely flawless

No. 251242

File: 1526819298767.jpg (34.5 KB, 350x467, becks-wedding.jpg)

I really like her look in a weird way. She has this dark minimalistic style. But what I like about her, even more, is her work ethic. She's one hell of a workaholic.

Davis was looking classy as always.

Agree, she has this ethereal vibe about her. A true English rose.

No. 251249

Maybe he actually likes her and is in love with her, and didn't want to just pick a hot woman to be his wife? Shocking right?

No. 251263

When did he go from a sultry handsome young dude to an egg with teeth? Is it against ~royal values~ to invest in some fucking hair plugs?

I’m really disappointed in Megan’s dress. It added 20lbs to the poor girl and made er look like a linebacker. Kate’s was so classy and beautiful without being OTT so i had high hopes.

No. 251301

File: 1526831643772.png (382.89 KB, 469x515, ks.png)

I was so impressed by her appearance that I went to her IG to look at more pictures… and she looks like a basic IG tramp. whoever did the photography deserves a raise

No. 251306

File: 1526832470175.jpeg (31.28 KB, 428x308, 50B4C586-90C7-4172-865B-85A126…)

Not everyone has the same tastes. Obviously he thinks she’s beautiful. And she seems to make him happy. Why so bitter?

No. 251316

She could actually pull a guy that looks better than Harry. If he weren't a prince, idk if she'd be so quick to marry him tbh.

No. 251320

I like how she looked tbh :\

I actually think kate and megan are pretty anon, these men just look basic and average but id vomit if i ever had sex with them

No. 251321

she is, but I'm not as nitpicky as farmers who think any woman who doesn't look like a bjd is an old ugly hag

also ot but I hate how /pol/ tards are pinning women of different races against each other yet again, and using the royal wedding as proof "everyone hates ugly white girls" or something, their projection is through the roof, just let people be without turning it into a white women vs x race of women thing

No. 251329

The Royal Family is the figurehead of a malignant class system that has caused misery in the UK for centuries. You're probably American so it's not like you'd care.

No. 251333

File: 1526841770115.jpeg (49.78 KB, 600x400, 8AB649FF-FDCD-43FC-A91F-0398E1…)

No, I’m English. I’m studying history at an American university. And I’m proud of my country, our figure heads, and our people. Travel and see what other countries deal with before sperging about the class system in England.

I think the couple looked lovely

No. 251337

Many of those class systems that you're speaking of were exported by English colonialism.

No. 251351

File: 1526843158008.jpeg (155.94 KB, 1200x752, F85DC0B5-460B-4235-9F7D-C9C95F…)

I didn’t say anything about other class systems, I said see what other countries deal with. If you don’t like the Royal Family, that fine. But why are you in the thread for their wedding then?

No. 251353

File: 1526843200959.jpg (56.33 KB, 500x651, bbtss.jpg.cfcdfaf56d1f3fc16da5…)

>I actually think kate and megan are pretty anon, these men just look basic and average but id vomit if i ever had sex with them

I'm >>250968. Was my sarcasm not obvious enough? Should I put a little disclaimer next time I'm being sarcastic?

No. 251354

the things other countries "deal with" are the outcome of the uk's violent and aggressive imperialism and colonialism.

fuck the uk

No. 251358

I feel like Meghan must be a massive bitch. Who ONLY invites their parents to their wedding? I'm like, if someone is estranged from their family EXCEPT their parents, maybe they should take a long hard look at themselves and think about what caused all of the issues. If the majority don't like you, then you are likely the issue!

No. 251359

Yeah googling her is a huge letdown. She is very average outside of the wedding pics in which she looks stunning!

No. 251375

Her half siblings are media hounds she didn’t even grow up with. Her maternal grandparents are dead. Her dad had a heart attack. Who did you expect her to invite? Her cousins and uncles she doesn’t know? Not everyone is close with their blood relatives, especially when they live in different countries.

No. 251380

I have a sister 20 years my junior who I did NOT grow up with and I invited her to my wedding. She and I are not close, but it is the right thing to do. I also invited all my cousins, aunts and uncles AND I live internationally from my family. Tell me how that is any different apart from the fact that I don't have millions of dollars at my fingers like Meghan does? At the end of the day, if you are a good person, you should invite your family members. If you have no relationship with them, like I said, maybe she should think about why that is and not blame everyone in her family.

No. 251382

Also, I would be very hurt if my half sister doesn't invite me to her wedding one day. I can understand why they are talking shit. Think about how you would feel. She may be a half sibling, but you share a parent. Specifically we both share a father and I would be hurt.

No. 251385

File: 1526846866286.jpeg (81.09 KB, 1067x600, 5BE2B147-C15D-45F0-B140-DBF0FE…)

Your choices and way of life are not the only way. Just because you did something, doesn’t mean everyone else should do it too. I would invite my half siblings because I grew up with them and I know them. But not because we share blood. Family for me is an action, it’s having your back, knowing you, being there for you etc. it’s not something like blood or last name. And I wouldn’t be hurt if a family member I don’t know didn’t invite me to the biggest wedding of 2018. It doesn’t make them a bad person, it just means their values and perspective is different than yours.
>maybe she should think about why that is and not blame everyone in her family.
Her sister and dad literally arranged candid photo shoots with paparazzi to drum up attention. Why are you so eager to defend them?

No. 251387

If you think racial mixing will end racism then you might have a few screws loose.

No. 251388

Umm I'm pretty sure she knows her siblings lol.
It is very rude not to invite your siblings. It reflects badly on her as a person.
I believe that her sister and brother reacted out of hurt. I don't blame them personally. If my sister did that, I would be pissed off too.

No. 251389

Also not inviting her nieces and nephews is pretty cruel if you ask me. They look like they are still kids! Have a heart and have some respect for other peoples feelings. She invited strangers and had enough money thrown into even that hideous wedding dress to instead invite a few family members and make people happy.

No. 251393

some people have shitty families and know when inviting them to a big event is a mistake. her dad and siblings seem fucked up and looking rude is worth not making your life harder by having shitty people around. they've already done what they can to get attention, nobody wants narcissistic people around to have an opportunity to make things even worse

No. 251397

>Umm I'm pretty sure she knows her siblings lol.
Except the multiple reports which say she doesn’t. Besides, have you seen any interviews with her sister?

No. 251398

When asked about her shit talking she responds
>I think anyone who understands the English language and looks at what I’ve said will see I’ve said lovely things about her
Classic dancing around the question.

No. 251403

This. How are there people not considering that maybe they're terrible and she rightfully doesn't want them there? Pretty sure she would have just invited them to avoid all the speculation if she didn't have a good reason.

No. 251404

Her sister literally says that her dad had a “moral obligation” to take money for fake candid photos of him googling his daughter, getting a dress fitting, and reading a book. And she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it because he “had to set the record straight” and “shame on” those who were portraying him differently. Not to mention she hasn’t seen Meghan for a decade, but is writing a tell all book now as a sleezy cash grab.
And her brother has flip flopped on her, probably for money as well.

No. 251410

Stop talking about things you know nothing about. Someone who didn't grow up with her HALF siblings and who talk shit about her to the media has no obligation to invite them to her wedding. I haven't heard them say a nice thing about her. You choose your friends, not your family. Anyway, they're American and have no class. They've been trying to milk as much money and media attention from this event as possible by staging photos and publishing nasty books and haven't done anything decent with their infamy. They would have been a huge embarrassment to the royal family who are very private and have had years of training to carry themselves in a certain way.

If she feels that she shouldn't invite them to her wedding, maybe you should be asking why they didn't deserve an invite?

No. 251423

Nah, it's a majority thing. If the MAJORITY of her family didn't get an invite or are estranged from her, then she is the issue IMO. Also, how can you say that she doesn't know her siblings hahahah there are literally photos of them together. You seem a little slow anon.

No. 251424

The “majority” of her family? Who else did you want her to invite? Her grandparents are dead, her siblings are trashy, and she invited both her parents.
One of the clips above has her sister admitting they haven’t seen each other for over a decade. How can you know someone when you don’t see or talk to them?

No. 251430

Just because you haven't seen someone in a long time doesn't mean you don't know them LOL.
Oh I don't know… just the entire rest of her family apart from her parents. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

No. 251432

Why do I get the feeling that your family hate you too?

No. 251434

I'd hate to be invited to the wedding of the anon who keeps complaining about Meghan not inviting her extended family who she doesn't like. Imagine going to a wedding full of people who hate each other just because "we're blood and I had to invite them". At least Meghan chose to leave the family drama out of such an important and heavily televised event.

No. 251435

No. I’m really close with my sisters, we always have each other’s backs and there’s no one else I’d want at my wedding. I’m very lucky to have a stepdad and a biological dad, so both would be there too. Just my deceased grandparents wouldn’t be. But this isn’t about me or my family. Do you have trouble empathizing with others or “walking in their shoes” or something? You can understand why someone does something without being like them.
Not everyone knows their aunts/uncles/cousins, and if you’re not inviting your half siblings, why would you invite their kids?

No. 251436

Why do I get the feeling you weren’t invited to a wedding and you’re still upset about it?

No. 251440

Why are you so pressed about this? It’s HER wedding, HER big day, and she can invite whoever she wants to HER wedding. Make of that what you will but not everyone has to invite every single known blood relative that they’ve never interacted with to their big day. I personally didn’t want a bunch of near strangers at my wedding just to fill out my side of the seating. You sound pathetic.

No. 251441

anons from the UK, I heard that the reason some people don't like Megan isn't because she is biracial, but because she is from the USA/ a divorced woman. Which one do you think is the biggest turn off for some brits?

No. 251447

I’m English and my entire family loves her, except the few who dislike the Royal Family in general. We all have a soft spot for Harry, having seen him grow up without his Mum, and are just glad he’s found someone to be happy with.
People who are weird about her being American, black, or an actress are just snobs.

No. 251449

I haven't heard anyone complain about her being divorced but definitely the first two. There are a lot of prejudiced people in the UK and someone from the royal family marrying a biracial person is a big deal. There aren't many people worldwide that admire the Americans, they're usually seen as rude, aggressive, uncultured and idiotic and usually for good reason. Once again, someone from the royal family marrying an American would be a big deal but I think Meghan is a very classy lady.

Her being biracial and American don't really stand out because she's pretty pale for a mixed race girl and carries herself well. She's just passable enough for the very traditional royal family and just "exotic" enough for it to be a little exciting for some people.

No. 251460

the royal family is a bunch of inbred ugly fucks that bald at 30. they should be glad for some “exotic” blood.

No. 251462

yeah I agree

No. 251467

>usually seen as rude, aggressive, uncultured and idiotic
Well, they're not wrong. The general populous are all of those things and then some. Be glad you don't live here, though I'm not sure if you consider the UK better at all.
t. American


No. 251517

She invited her friends and her castmates from Suits (the tv show she was on). That counts.

No. 251545

I guess we differ because I am a nice person and I invited all my extended family to my wedding because it made them happy and brought everyone together and didn't cause family arguments.
>>251436 Never not been invited to a wedding. No one in my family would ever be rude enough to leave off their siblings or cousins. It is just plain rude.

No. 251546

Are you serious? Nobody thinks you're a nice person.

No. 251547

We have very different definitions of nice, anon.

No. 251549

Hahahaha certainly no one thinks that YOU are a nice person. I can say that much for sure!

No. 251550

you don't even know who they are. There's been like 4+ anons telling you off today. There's only been one anon sperging about Meghan not inviting her estranged family.

No. 251553

And they, or you don't know who I am. So what's your point?

No. 251554

Why is everyone sperging in every thread?
Stop infighting and stop insulting each other. None of you know each other, and when you finally get over yourselves 12 hours later you'll never know which anon you argued with from the next and carry on with the next topic of the day.

I don't know when we started getting this militant about opinions but I assure you this is all unimportant shit.

No. 251555

>typing in all caps
You need to calm down anon.

No. 251556

This thread is full of nitpicking and infighting. Worse than most threads honestly.

No. 251562

Agreed. I don’t know anyone who even cares about this stupid wedding anyway.

No. 251583

lmao so true

just stopping in to say that her dress and styling was horrible. it feels like they were given a crap budget and tried to make the best of it, but that 'simplistic' givenchy gown didn't fit her figure right at all. looked too loose, fabric was horrible, and looked like a David's Bridal clearance item. just awful.

really disappointing bc what with all the racist bullshit thrown at them/her for her being biracial, you'd think they'd really want to turn her into a showstopper that looked undeniably glam/elegant. her bouquet looked like a handful of wheat and babys breath. just sad.

No. 251613

File: 1526887830066.jpg (392.04 KB, 1600x1485, 1526830770251.jpg)

she had a real potato nose before the nosejob

No. 251619

Damn, I never really cared about the royal family but this guy used to be so attractive and had gorgeous hair, it's scary to think you might get yourself a really cute dude and end up with an Albert de Monaco looking mofo.

No. 251627

I caught the wedding live on youtube just at the vows. I love fairytales etc so this was right up my alley.

Prince Harry is pretty irrelevant to the throne, so their wedding was going to be plain compared to William who is most likely to be King so that wedding was very grand. Kate's dress was beautiful.

I did like Meghan's dress although it seemed ill-fitted. The tiara was stunning I was obsessed with that. I thought she looked a very understated classic beauty.

The grounds looked amazing I was fangirling during the carriage ride. Must be nice to be a royal.

I didn't understand any of the naysayers around the wedding. It's not like Hollywood and Royalty haven't mixed before and William and Harry had Diana as a mother, we're moving away from tradition. And with the bleeding disease Meghan's blood will be a welcome breath of fresh air to that bloodline.

No. 251638

File: 1526893730773.jpeg (50.06 KB, 800x400, 3DF73FF1-52DA-4D80-892F-493AA7…)

Looks the same to me.

No. 251651

I think she got subtle work done to her nose, but the other anon is reaching. Both noses look fine.

No. 251654

Late to the party, but it’s so common for mixed race people to “morph” as the age. Especially from childhood.

No. 251659

They spent over 180k on that dress! It was under no budget lol. That dress was all Meghan. I thought that I read somewhere that royals aren’t even supposed to show their shoulders or something? It was just ugly, but entirely her own choice/fault. For 180k she could have gotten a gorgeous dress!

No. 251660

I agree, her nose is the same. It is the only feature of hers that I really like.

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