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File: 1423764728993.jpg (148.54 KB, 500x651, 1393416852056.jpg)

No. 2475

What's /b/'s opinion on diapers and ageplay?

No. 2476

File: 1423764743086.jpg (113.07 KB, 422x750, 1393417246288.jpg)

No. 2477

File: 1423764854794.jpg (90.03 KB, 600x800, 8886ddbf7bd3083255fec7f441a180…)

No. 2478

Kill yourself and stop buying brand and wearing it with that shit.

Personally I don't care it just rustles my jimmies when I see real lolita worn with it.

No. 2479

I'm into it, in a non-sexual way. Though I wouldn't wear it with brand tbh.

My general approach on life is essentially "if it harms none, do as you please", so even if I wasn't into it I wouldn't care about it. As far as I see it, it makes people happy and the world could use a little more happiness.

I'll answer any questions anyone has for me too.

No. 2493


These girls remind me of Pixyteri but thin versions

No. 2494

How so?

No. 2495

Bruh the age play and their wearing lolta…how do you not see it?

(also not that anon)

No. 2497

I wear a diaper with every coord. I spray a lot of perfume and use a lot of baby powder in hopes that no one will notice when I go peepee. As for poopie, it's not often I go in public. I just never have the urge, even though I really want to. One thing I like to do is get a little vibrate and put it in my butt or front hole and let it run when I'm talking with the other girls. You might call me perverted, but I honestly don't get aroused by it. I feel the sexual pleasure, but it's nothing sexual, if that makes scenes. I feel like a naughty girl who's doing bad stuff, and the feeling of my peepee and vaginal fluids squishing around in a diaper with a thing inside me vibrating is so much fun. I also love how none of the other lolitas can tell what's happening under the sweet lolita coord.

No. 2504

you need jesus

No. 2505

I bet you wear AP goddam

No. 2521

I love all the cute stuff involved with sweet lolita. I love all the tea parties you can have with the other girls and how childish it makes me feel. I hate how classic has taken over, though. I wish we could have an all sweet comm.
The ageplay came first for me, then the lolita. I have a daddy, he buys me AP and toys and he also changes and breastfeeds me even though he's a guy. I've never felt like an adult woman, so I hate being treated as such. At tea parties, I tell the girls that I'm lactose intolerant so that I can bring my own "soy" milk. It's actually formula milk, and I drink it in my tea cup. My daddy makes me keep a butt plug in when I go out in my AP with diapers. He also makes me go peepee before I leave so he can punish me by making me go out like that. The other girls never notice, though. The bloomers cover the diaper, which gives my dress an extra poof. I just love the feeling with all the ruffles and frills with a squishy diaper concealed underneath. My daddy likes to buy lots of sex toys, then I pretend to not know hoe to play with them. Then we play together and he shows me how to play with all the new toys.

No. 2522

File: 1423964569769.png (170.36 KB, 550x689, 1403771783402.png)

No. 2526

File: 1423976219246.gif (680.88 KB, 370x305, 1345526328106.gif)

Lol nigga I remember you from behind the bows.
ALso if this is real(which I doubt) How are you sure the other girls can't smell your piss? maybe they're just being nice and don't want to embarrass you.

In all honesty this shit sounds like what some sissy would write on about.

No. 2591

I.. don't really have an opinion of this and I don't see.. why I should care. I mean.. just.. meh, keep it away from me?

No. 2636

..I don't know how to respond to this.
I really don't.
But I had to say something.

No. 2637

File: 1424669894368.gif (1.37 MB, 398x212, k.gif)

Ew nasty old lady with a poo fetish

No. 2643

>Implying that anon is a woman

No. 2644

Its true more tend to be men.
Like did mommy not love you enough that you have to act like an adult baby.

Go cry more.

No. 3202


No. 3205

No. 3257

Ageplayers need serious therapy.

No. 3258

idc about ageplayers, but diaperfags are disgusting

No. 3264

I used to be able to avoid ageplay but now half the blogs that follow my tumblr are daddy or little girl blogs. I should just delete the fucking thing.

I really did not need to be introduced to "cummies."

No. 3314


No. 7808

File: 1433273139713.jpg (486.56 KB, 1080x1920, 1433270131895-0.jpg)

I have the feeling this girl Koneko could be a lolcow

No. 7810

File: 1433273217129.png (995.54 KB, 538x900, 1433270131896-1.png)

This her tumblr, you tell me http://lovelylittlekoneko.tumblr.com/

No. 7819

I didn't even know they made baby diapers that big….

No. 7832

Oh my god they are so chubby borderline fat.. how does baby diapers this big exist?

No. 7835

Your size standards are hella warped.

Also like every other fetish they make adult sized baby diapers and there are definitely way fatter adult babies out there.

No. 7859

copypasta guys

you sound like a PULLtard

No. 7860

Underrated post

No. 7873

Aren't they just using adult diapers?

No. 7884

Nah, they do make adult diapers printed with baby stuff.


I was dating a guy who ended up being into adult baby stuff. I really liked him otherwise so I told him upfront I was not into diapers and had no interest in seeing him like that but I didn't mind if he "acted little" in a non sexual setting around me or whatever if he really wanted to because I tried to see if I could work around it, but it naturally didn't last more than like a week beyond that.

I did do a lot of research during that time so I could be understanding…and…I just don't get it I guess. haa. He was a normal guy so I imagine a lot of them are just normal guys, I just couldn't really look past that.

No. 7967

tbh i think the "littles" in the ddlg kink have some serious mental issues they need to get over. its like they can't handle being an adult and have warped ideas of innocence and sexuality.

also the doms here probably have repressed pedo desires and are using the bottom's insecure and unstable mind to exploit them for their own use and abuse.

No. 7972

Yeah, I agree. Same anon as >>7884 here. My limited venture into the community left me feeling weird and uncomfortable. They really were just incapable of being an adult, they all "needed an adult!!" But then they were also afraid of "bigs" and didn't want you to talk to them. It was like they saw the bigs as pedos or something yet were constantly crying about needing a mom or dad. They couldn't shift out of the "little" mentality just to have a chat. It was then that I decided I can't really be into that…

The doms were just creepy when it came to the sexual aspect. I mean I get the desire to be a "caretaker" type because I'm definitely into that but I'm not sure why they had to put the "dad and daughter" or "mom and son" layer of pseudo-incest over it. You can just…take care of someone. It doesn't have to be weird.


No. 7985

Parents are the primary caregivers during infancy.
There are caregivers who identifies as other things but those are rarity.

No. 7988

Yeah, no shit??

No. 7993

agreed, i call my bf daddy and im into the cute ddlg aesthetic, so i thought i'd try and make friends with similar girls on tumblr…big mistake, they were drama filled pedos into diapers and pacifiers and obsessed with going into "little space" …what

I just like wearing/buying cute stuff and having a protective, dominant man. not weird age play shit

No. 8007

No. 8032

This. I've called my bf daddy for 7 years now because it's the aesthetic I grew up with, back in the 90s when that thing was popular but because PoC were saying it, not because it was "cutesy little girl shit" and I also like the pastel aesthetics, so I thought maybe ddlg would be for me

NOPE. I do not like wearing diapers, pacifiers, any of that shit. Y'all are fucking creepy if you do. Grow the fuck up. It's one thing if your man takes care of you and treats you like a princess, it's another thing if he imagines you're 10 while he's fucking you. Jesus christ.

No. 8033


I can see why it's probably a turn on though. The nappies, baby clothes and baby things is weird… But during hanky panky its pretty hot

I'm not dating anyone but if I did I'd like to try it at least ONCE ;p

No. 8075

Man this one was a double whammy with it being a trans person and a retard baby.

No. 8090


No. 8111

people of color

I meant that I don't know why the daddies/mommies feel the need to put the incestuous layer over it and seek out that kind of relationship when they can just be into being a nurse or babysitter or something, unless they are kinda pedo-y or into incest stuff. A lot of them go on about how it's "not incest play."

Idk man it's just a weird thing.

No. 8112

there was another adult baby on TLC as far as I remember.

No. 8145

>people of colour

Tumblr pls

No. 8152

My mum thought poc was some type of drug

No. 8171

Probably because the other roles don't feel the same, those lack the authority or emotional depth of parenthood.

No. 8223

File: 1433563203305.jpg (23.55 KB, 499x499, smug.jpg)

so it is all about incest

No. 9490

File: 1433961102402.jpg (116.7 KB, 500x667, 500.JPG)

I'm into but not in a sexual way, and I hate diaper people, I fucking hate them so much. I can't even hint that I am a little without one of these fags asking me if I wear nappies.

I have a "babysitter" but no mommy or daddy, I never had parents but I still don't really like the idea of having a relationship with someone like that.

I like lolita and sometimes I wear it when I want to feel pretty and dressup or on a special occasion but for the most part if I am just drinking juice coloring and watching cartoons I wear shorts and a sweater or pajamas.

No. 23137

Janny y r u delete my posts in this thread? They are on topic and I want to attention whore about what I do in my diapees (:

No. 23298

is this supposed to be like….cute…or sexy cute?
I know some men have loli fetish

No. 23315

She needs to see a psychiatrist and solve some problems in her head

No. 25268

Just cute, it's more of a stress relief thing for people than a sexual thing.

No. 25377

>I'm into but not in a sexual way

sorta same. I wanna feel like a kid sometimes again for all the happy feels. I don't see it as sexual at all. I understand people are into whatever weird shit so I try not to judge, but it's the least arousing thing for me in the world.

No. 25933

Wow..And I thought I was fucked up in the head…

No. 25942

No. 25949

I'm a very calm, tolerant person but can somebody explain to me how this sick sick fetish works?

No. 26495

as someone who is, no, I'm not going to explain it to you because it's my business what I do in the privacy of my home. maybe read a book, watch the news, why ask questions about things when you're not even going to into it unbiased.

No. 26579

You need to get some help

No. 26606

the psychology behind this stuff is confusing please explain

No. 26609

you're using the word "aesthetic" improperly and i'm tired of you tumblrinas doing it

No. 26611

an entire generation of subhumans now believe the word aesthetic can be substituted for any other fucking word

No. 26613

people of color is an all encompassing term to refer to blacks, hispanics, asians, and middle eastern people wtf is such a big deal with that?

No. 26615


No. 26616

I like some gentle caretaking, but without any ageplay, diapers or incest stuff. I wish that caretaker element alone was isolated and turned into another kink of a similar popularity.

No. 27030

I have somewhat of a DDlg fetish, some of it is swxual and some not. I was really weirded out by the idea of calling my partner Daddy and I like it now but honestly part of why I enjoy it is because it just developed that way. I don't think I'd do it with anyone else. Diapers and pacis and shit don't really get me off and I don't associate cute jfashion or lolita with being in little-mode. I try to mostly keep it to myself because honestly I dont really care for what the ageplay/DDlg tags on tumblr and other sites have community-wise.

No. 27054

File: 1439842366013.jpg (1.68 MB, 1500x1124, 045.jpg)

Can we get this thread moved over to /g/? Thanks.

I'm dissapointed by the lack of ageplayers on this chan. I was introduced to lolita from ageplay.

No. 27056

Youre the worst kind of lolita.

No. 29081

I'm not a lolita, I'm a creep

No. 29330

>Can we get this thread moved over to /g/? Thanks.

No. Keep your disgusting fetish on /b/.

No. 29340

Lol no.
Lolitas who get so mad about ageplay are fucking stupid.
theres nothing wrong with lolita being used in ageplay.
why do you care so much about what someone do in private?
Lolita fashion is considered a creepy child fashion to most of normal people lmao

No. 29341

incest play is amazing tho
i don't get why ageplay is frown upon but all of you worship BDSM and stupid books like fifty shades of gray which romanticize rape and abuse?
all fetishes are seen as creepy but who cares
theyre harmless

No. 29348

To start off, it's not necessarily a fetish. Typically it's a stress relief thing and not sexual in any way. Everyone has a different mind, and what brings peace to some may not bring peace to others.
Usually this is about embracing the kind of person you were when you were young. Getting into that mind set allows one to relieve themselves of the stress of an adult life, even to the point where they forget about it in "little" mode. People with this usually have stressful lives, wether that's from mental illness, military experience, or a job in something such as politics.
The "accessories" -such as sippy cups, pacifiers, and crayons - are usually to help coax this state out of a person, so that they may relax. I would almost relate it to a form of deep meditation, honestly.
At the end of the day, it's makes people happy and they're not harming themselves or others. With that in mind, I hope that your open, tolerant mind can see that this is not harmful or sick.
I hope you have a wonderful day, anon.

No. 29351

I found out my ex is a furry with a diaper and/or ageplay fetish. He keeps telling me he's asexual though. I really want to fuck him (but without the ageplay crap), he's timid and has somewhat feminine mannerisms and probably submissive. He is exactly my type

No. 29357

You can probably fuck him normally, but I wouldn't try to get into a relationship again if you were planning on it.

No. 29379

He keeps saying he's asexual though. Now I haven't told him I want to fuck him or even implied it. Nor have I brought up the fact that I know about his fetishes. And I don't plan on re-entering a relationship with him. I'm interested in him for purely sexual reasons. I normally prefer girls but he's in the 0.1% of guys I would date and/or fuck

No. 29395

It's the same way I see most fetishes: if it's not harming anyone then it shouldn't matter. Especially if they are being safe and mature about it.

Yes, some might find it odd, but is someone wearing a diaper or treating their bf/gf like they're younger/older really harming anyone?

I personally am not into diapers but it doesn't effect me enough to care.

I'm kinda irritated by the current "trend" of age play. But I can find that attractive sometimes (in terms of mindset). Like, I enjoy a man who is patient and supports me in my goals. Somebody who takes the role of a mature figure well. But I think when most people think of age play it's just the sexual aspect of it.

No. 29404

Update about him: he just sent me a snapchat video of him saying "look at all these stuffies" while showing some of his plushies
i sent him back a message saying "don't do that's what ageplayers call it"
And now he's sent me 6 messages and I'm scared to check them

No. 29406


No. 29473

Freaky. Were there any signs?

No. 29493

Not until after we broke up. When I was at his house about a month ago, and we were in his room, I saw him shove some shit under the bed and there were kids coloring books and toys in there. He told he was a furry a while ago though. Like almost a year ago. He said he knew for a long time but was in denial

No. 110838

Who would not like to go back to when they where a child? All goes downhill from there. No real responsibilities or worries, just having fun and feeling loved. Easy friendships, you could just walk up to somebody near your age, exchange a gesture and start chasing each other.
Your father is a superhero, your mother a queen, your house a castle, the garden or park a forest, pools seas, beaches oceans.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 110853

Also being able to shit your pants in public is awesome.

No. 110861


No. 110863

go to a therapist and tell them why you want to fuck your parents an shit your pants.
theyll give you some meds.

No. 110864

>Who would not like to go back to when they were a child?
I agree but not to the point of being completely helpless like ageplayers seem to. I had a shitty wartorn childhood and would love to go back and be happy and carefree but ageplay is fucking mental. I realise I'm an adult so I just do my duties and indulge in high fantasy and LARP in my off time and try to hide it the best I can.

No. 110866

you grew up in a country at war :( ?

really young I guess would be nice, but I swear anytime after about the age of 6 is when you become more self-aware and things can get not so nice.

like I was gay, and it suddenly dawned on me one day that I'd probably given the game away already just through being a oblivious child, it gave me overwhelming anxiety about the future and being able to fit in etc.

I think that's the beauty of being a child, it's the obliviousness to the adult world's application of symbolic meaning

No. 110871

It's a piss/scat fetish dressed up in a bad interpretation of Lolita. (The novel, and the ugly weaboo dresses)
It's fucked up that people think it's okay to let this shit see the light of day instead of keeping it hidden. Y'all need a sense of shame and to get your baby-fucking fantasies away from the public.

No. 110886

I just don't 'get' how you can get off on a girl sucking on a pacifier and wearing a diaper and calling you daddy, and still deny that you aren't a fucking creepy ass pedo.

British documentary added for visual cringe.

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