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No. 246138

Has anyone ever had any near death experiences during their life? What were the events leading up to it, what did you feel/see/etc during the experience, what happened afterwards when you came back?

One common theme surrounding these is a person feeling like they're floating upwards and watching things happen below them and seeing their own unmoving body, or feeling like you're rushing through a tunnel of light and feeling calm/accepting/etc. What do you make of these claims and do you think NDEs do happen or they're just hyped up and exaggerated?

No. 246140

I was 18, I barely even remember it. Its like its all been blacked out with a marker. I can remember getting my blood drawn, I remember a nurse telling me I was so brave because I remember thinking that if I could speak I would say I wasn't, I remember the people rushed into the room but I can't remember how many or who they were. I remember screaming. And then the next thing I can remember, I was lying on my friend's couch eating chicken ramen noodles after being asleep for hours. I don't even remember how we got there from the ER. I think I'd slept through to the next day, but I'm not sure. I was sent home with copious amounts of codeine so the next week was a blur.

There was nothing spiritual about it, I didn't see my body from above, I didn't see a light. It was just fear and adrenaline and exhaustion. And, now, four years later, blackness.

No. 246144

My sister put in gas while the car was stilling running and I was in it

No. 246145

8 or 9 years ago, our bus barely dodged an incoming high speed train.

No. 246154

I had an emergency appendectomy after my mum called another surgeon because she didn't trust the one who was going to operate on me when he said there was no rush and that my appendicitis could be cured with antibiotics.
Apparently it was about to rupture and the other surgeon caught wind of it early enough.
The first guy had accidentally cut into a boy's bladder whilst operating a hernia and put him in the hospital for months instead of weeks but they couldn't afford anyone better (back then I lived in a 2nd world country where you needed to pay a bribe if you want decent medical treatment).

My city was also bombed when I was 5 for a couple of months and when I was born there was a hyperinflation which made it hard to get food and basic necessities.
Few people know about this, I live abroad (have for most of my life) and most people don't even know that these events even occurred. Makes it funny to fuck with people who whine about muh white privilege.

No. 246169

Not sure this counts and honestly it’s pretty funny more then anything. I was having sex and my partner and he decided to grab my throat. He must have grabbed and squeezed just right cause I don’t even remember blacking out. But I had this weird “dream” or it felt like a memory. I was running in a field of tall grass during a summer sunset. I was yelling for my brother to wait for me and then BAM back into reality… He said I was twitching and my eyes rolled back. We finished having sex.

No. 246172

That's not really funny, anon.

No. 246178

I kind of had a really similar experience to you, except I wasn't being choked it just happened out of nowhere. I had a "dream" about a helicopter dropping a ladder while flying over a large snow mountain and inside the helicopter were 3 or 4 people covered head to toe in protective gear. I came back to reality after that.

No. 246182

I lived in Colombia.

No. 246194

I STILL live in Colombia, God anon where are you now? I just woke up today at the sound of a gunshot and a bunch of people screaming that they got their phones stolen. Right in front of my ducking door.

No. 246205

>be 6 y/o me
>vacation with my family
>couldn't swim well
>me and my big sis went to the ocean although there were super big waves
>a big ass wave took me away and I almost drowned
>whenever I tried swimming up another wave came and pushed me down
>panicked but then gave up and became calm
>I was ready to die
>after what felt like an eternity my sister found me and saved me

I didn't feel anything spiritual or an out of body experience. I just got really calm and kinda felt as if I was going to faint/sleep

No. 246206

File: 1525011227581.png (543.12 KB, 743x569, Meramon.png)

One time I did a double balloon inhalation of laughing gas after my boyfriend said he'd 'show me how to do it properly'. Suddenly I was in a world wreathed entirely in fire and demonic flame people were cackling and pulling me down and saying I was never going to see my boyfriend again and what an awful mistake I'd made.

Now I have panic attacks about hell and demons existing :)

No. 246470

I'm sorry to laugh at your pain but I'm laffin
At least you learned your lesson about how chemicals can fuck you up without getting a face tattoo or anything in the process. A therapist would help.

No. 246475

Childhood asthma, don’t remember any of it but a few hospital trips for turning blue

Drowning-shit hurts and it not peaceful. It’s terrifying. Fuck the beach.

Shock-Ludwig’s angina. They put in a saline drip and it apparently was too much for my body to take. All I remember is shaking, asking ‘why is that happening’ and then lots of faces and masks and machines while shaking off the table and not being able to speak or control my movements.

Woke up after emergency surgery and apparently react very poorly to anaesthesia.
According to nurses I’m an iv puller and make threats. Feels bad.

Was a pretty dumb teenager so there were some moderate overdoses here and there that might of taken me out but that’s boring shit.

No lights or mystic shit, just nurses sounding underwater and the repeated thought ‘well fuck’

No. 246546

I have a hereditary thing where I get nose bleeds easily and one week I had a cold.

All the nose blowing made my nose bleed one morning so I did my normal thing to try and stop it.

A few minutes later it's still going but I don't worry cuz it just needs time to clot.

More time passes and its STILL not stopping.

I get annoyed so I try a different way of stopping it but it continues to bleed at full speed.

I was standing up in the restroom and I started to feel dizzy from the blood loss.

Everything was slowly going black and I felt weak.

I called out to my mom but I guess she thought I was exaggerating so she just stood there.

I sat down in the middle of the hallway cuz I couldn't stand and I was losing it.

At that point, I thought I was gonna die so I said a prayer basically saying that if it's my time I'm ready to accept death.

I collapsed right in front of my sisters room and it was like falling asleep almost. Quite peaceful actually.

Sister opens the door and calls the police.

I vaguely remember her talking to my mom about me and mom was like "why did you call the police?".

While I was on the floor I guess the position I was in helped my bleeding to slow down.

I got up and went to my bed and I heard my dad talking to the police saying "It's just a nose bleed haha" so they left.

Dad told mom to get me something to eat and I took an iron pill. later I was back to normal.

I NEVER had a nose bleed like that but I'm glad its over. My mom apologized for the way she acted and that was that. NEVER. AGAIN.

No. 248690

I OD’d on fentanyl once and flatlined in the hospital. Last thing I remember before waking up in the hospital was snorting a line. It was like going to sleep and waking back up, except no dreams. Pretty much confirmed my atheism/

No. 248700

> I was ready to die
Same happened to me when I was 15. I was drowning in a lake and not sure if it was really drowning cause I felt absolutely peaceful and dreamy as I was reaching the bottom cause I couldn't swim.

I heard that drowning is super painful, as if your lungs were being crushed. For me, I was sleepy too as you mentioned, I even enjoyed it cause I heard neighbour kids laughing and I was just like okay guess I'll die, that'll teach you a lesson, fuckers

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