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File: 1524399659255.jpg (5.68 MB, 3180x3644, Chibitalia.full.276995.jpg)

No. 244320

Where are you from, farmers?
Share something about your country, what do you like/dislike?

No. 244324


>what do you like/dislike

Literally everything but good nature and historical sites.

No. 244335

Finland. Absolutely everything here is shit apart from our welfare system and if any goddamn metalhead or other kind of Finnoboos try to argue with me about this I will hunt you down and flay you. Finland is the literal anus of the world.

No. 244344

Tell us more, anon? I'm really curious to know why it's considered so bad, people worship Finland where I live.

No. 244352

The winter lasts too long, literally everyone gets some degree of SAD. People are extremely unsociable/rude/only talk to you when drunk off their tits yet they all complain about people being lonely and the rising number of what's basically hikikomoris. Shit is expensive. University life is horrible (there's basically no clubs, all social events are based around getting drunk, so I guess if you're into that then you're all set), OK sure we don't have to pay tuition and get student benefit money (that's thanks to the amazing welfare system I previously mentioned), but everyone is expected to get a master's degree and if you don't, you're essentially unemployable. The only time I can think of anything positive about Finland is when I'm not in it. I just don't understand why people are obsessed with Finland. Moomins aren't that cute and you can see auroras in tons of other places, which also have more beautiful nature. Finland is a void.

No. 244353

It's okay, really depends on where you go. Paris is a shithole, the North is full of inbreds in tracksuits who listen to stuff like video related. The rest is fine.
A lot of Parisians act like they're hot shit because they're deeply insecure and highly competitive. I'm also not too fond of a certain brand of tourists that show up everywhere, and I think that we go on too many strikes.
But it's where I live and I like that we're not perfect but we have lots of personality, and a healthy attitude towards work that we fought hard for.

Basically, let's nuke Paris.

No. 244354


>friendly people who have a great sense of humour
>rich history
>Irish language, culture, sports
>beautiful, green countryside and rugged coast
>Georgian architecture
>great nightlife
>very mild weather
>nothing in nature will ever kill us
>being European
>being neutral

>shitty, corrupt government
>backwards views regarding women and gay people
>the control of the Catholic church
>the housing crisis means I won't be able to afford a house in my lifetime and landlords are literal scum
>shitty treatment of animals, especially horses and dogs

No. 244359

File: 1524409476090.jpg (489.14 KB, 1920x1280, noreg.jpg)

Norway. With brown eyes and brown hair so people always assume im some third gen immigrant or some shit while my family tree probably is way "purer" than theirs. I like the low violent crime rates, the quiet little towns/villages and the climate, i dislike our drug and immigration policies, the social pressure to be perfect and that there is nothing to do here except muh hiking.

No. 244370


>almost free university in most states
>social security in general
>Castles and forests and shit if you're into that
>endless supply of words
>affordable rent and cost of living
>easy, cheap travel options b/c Europe

>Football and football fans (we have police in riot gear around the stadion where I live every time there is a game because Hooligans run wild, fuck this dumb ass sport lmao)

No. 244371

>Dislike: Germans

No. 244372

File: 1524411499589.jpg (491.18 KB, 1224x1632, Goethe_Schiller_Weimar_3.jpg)


I like…
>or i'm proud that Germany contributed a lot to "world history" with inventors, philosophers, writers, artist and composers (i'm very into literature and classical music, so this probably doesn't mean as much to others)
>even in bigger cities you'll seldomly find any skyscrapers, instead it's full of old and beautiful buildings and lots of nature
>free tuition
>even though there are some poor people, the majority doesn't have to worry about ending up homeless and starving
>as long as it's not too cold people will sit outside in the gardens of cafes or restaurants for ice cream, coffee, normal meals or drinking, which is pretty nice
>in the winter it can get very cold and in summer very hot, so we get to enjoy a bit of both
>as a shy person working in retail i'm glad that most people don't expect any small talk

I dislike…
>that foreigners say that our language sounds ugly, that we're fat and ugly and most importantly - that we're Nazis. Sometimes being a german person on the internet is not easy…
>what i hate even more is that our own politicians (and many people fall for it) push that "guilt" onto us even more, there are some who literally say that they're glad if native Germans get extinct
>same for universities: no matter if the class is about politics, literature or whatever; for some reason our professors manage to turn any topic into "Don't forget what we did!"
>our drinking culture: like i mentioned before i'm very shy, so being expected to get annihilated like any other young person (not even going to clubs, just drinking) is hard
>many people are too much into "That's bad for animals, that's bad for the environment!" etc.
>old people are grumpy and rude, just because you're old doesn't mean i owe you any respect if you treat me like shit, but i guess it's like this everywhere in the world

No. 244374

Saged for samefag; didn't see your post before, but i agree on the many castles and easy travel options.
However, the hooligan situation is still pretty "mild" here in comparison to other countries…

No. 244375

>that foreigners say that our language sounds ugly

I'm American, but have a good bit of exposure to other languages and I've always thought German sounds so beautiful. I've really never understood the "ugly" or "harsh" stereotype. Imo, if any language is ugly sounding, it's French. I've said it a million times on this website by now, but it actually sounds like they have marbles in their mouth. Whether speaking their own language or English. Sorry to shit on your language, French anons. Also, I dislike Russian for the same reason.

No. 244376


No crazy dangerous animals or insects
Irish sense of humour, and other island humour like new Zealand
Beautiful countryside
Beautiful sights if you are willing to travel to them
No extreme weather
Interesting history and culture
I like the Irish language lol sue me
Don't have to travel far to get to a quiet nice wooded area

Shitty perpetual Smarch weather and humidity
Everything is expensive
Healthcare is a joke, shitty condescending doctors and shit
Travellers getting away w murder on benefits while a lot of ordinary people struggle for the dole
Shitty Irish "lad" culture
Still a lot of very unprofessional practise normalised at work (get over it mentality combined with lad mentality combined with that's not our problem mentality)
Anyone from my generation onwards will not own a house p much
The grip of the Catholic church on our lives and welfare even today, and the older generations strengthening that
Our useless government and city councils
The worldwide notion that we're all ugly, inbred, drunk and stupid

No. 244379

None taken, even though I love French and the way it sounds to me, as a French person. I also think we're way funnier than Germans.
French people speaking English is downright embarrassing though.

No. 244382

Americans attempting French is worse, tbh. Even though I don't like the language that much, hearing it butchered is super cringe.

No. 244384

>foreigners say that our language sounds ugly, that we're fat and ugly and most importantly - that we're Nazis
That's so mean! I love the sound of German, I even tried to learn a bit myself in high school. I always never got the equivalence to calling Germans Nazis. Isn't it illegal to even say anything positive about Nazis there?

>The variety of food to eat and buy
>It's safer to be out in a marginalized group compared to a couple other countries
>Buying foreign stuff online isn't very expensive

>Health insurance is expensive, don't even think about asking for gauze at the hospital or you'll get charged like $40
>The weather can be like 4 different things at once
>So many insects
>Most people don't actually care about those in poverty/working class, they just want to seem like they do
>Vast amounts of nothingness when driving on the highways
>Law enforcement hires some people who don't know what they're doing
>College is expensive

No. 244389

Why do you have to 'clap back' at germans saying you're funnier when an american insults your language…?
Rather seems like you took some offense imo

No. 244390

It's definitely not the worst, but it's pretty up there imo.

A lot of people tend to be straight-up Assis or rude as fuck with a stiff upper lip, if they're old it's usually worse. Not a problem exclusive to Germany but it still ticks me off. It's better in bigger cities with more diverse populations, but still.

No. 244392

I don't have to but I wanted to, because I think it's true.

No. 244393


I like:
>The healthcare
>Plenty of museum, castle, medieval and roman cities to visit
>The food, there's something great and unique to try in every single corner of the country
>Rich history and beautiful language (yeah I said it I think french sounds good)
>It's a bit of a meme and plenty of people hate it but I adore la Côte d'Azur (French Riviera) can't get enough of it in the summer
>Surrounded by other amazing country who also have rich history, beautiful culture and great food

Dislike :
>A bit pretentious
>The fucking strikes
>Very shitty movies
>Licking America's ass non stop
>Grandiose sense of self and self hating at the same time lmao

Sorry for my shit english guys, I love farmers from all around the world.

No. 244396

>A lot of people tend to be straight-up Assis or rude as fuck with a stiff upper lip
>It's better in bigger cities with more diverse populations
You're exactly the type of German i hate…
Bigger cities are the worst when it comes to trashy and rude people, also the crime rates there are multiple times as high and yes, that's all thanks to your "diversity".

No. 244398

>(yeah I said it I think french sounds good)

I guess it's a good thing you do like it since you're surrounded by it. lol I've never thought of English (being my Murican native language) as sounding good or bad. I'm neutral af about it, but I do think it's weird how it kind of took over the world as a lingua franca.

No. 244400

How do the French lick Americans asses?

No. 244401

>same for universities: no matter if the class is about politics, literature or whatever; for some reason our professors manage to turn any topic into "Don't forget what we did!"

Are you sure this isn't just a Geisteswissenschaften-related thing?
I'm majoring in computer science and not once has a professor ever mentioned anything regarding the NS-time.

No. 244402

I'm from Northern Italy.

>beautiful, rich history
>quiet and relatively safe
>good healthcare
>our economy is (very) slowly getting better
>lots of cultural spots to enjoy

>People can be rude as fuck, especially to non-northern italians
>school system is bad
>weather is shitty
>food is bad (at least where i'm currently living)

No. 244405

Another Finn here and I can agree to everything you wrote. Though for the past ten years I've lived in a European Banana republic shithole country and I've kinda learnt to appreciate Finland in some level.

Apart from the shit weather, I think the worst in Finland is the mental climate. It's like only the people with academic education are considered worthy, the rest are just subhumans and disposable. Nowhere else have I seen people so obsessed with other people's jobs and education.

Luckily, I've never met anyone who was a fan or interested in Finland in any manner. In here, nobody knows about moomins 'n shit.

No. 244412

>Generally interactions with people are friendly. Obviously there's exceptions but I've had better experiences with strangers here than elsewhere
>There's some really nice wildlife/countryside/scenery and you don't need to go that far outside of a city to find it
>I really like the education system here. Everyone I know about my age spent at least some time in high school covering taxes and politics and other things people on the internet complain about never learning and needing in real life. Also free uni tuition.
>The sense of humour, especially with regional dialects and stuff

> The West of Scotland in particular has some absolute bigots. It's an embarrassment telling people you're from a town that has an Orange Lodge, or having an older person ask "yer no a Catholic, are ye?"
>The state of some people's health is shocking. People eat and drink themselves to death, shite themselves when Irn Bru reduces its sugar content and act like their type 2 diabetes isn't causing the problem when they complain about how the NHS isn't doing enough to make them healthier
>Huge wealth gaps mean bars or restraints in cities like Glasgow are either way too expensive or are completely run down. Same with housing, there's a lot of good areas to live and bad areas to live and not a lot in between

No. 244413

File: 1524415953967.jpg (148.04 KB, 900x829, laparmap.jpg)

Everyone can probably guess pros and cons of being from the US by now, but I'm just going to do my likes and dislikes based on my region because, as big as we are, regions are quite different.

Southern USA, Louisiana
>our state specific culture and food
>people can be extremely friendly and helpful
>low cost of living
>it's kind of weird, but I've always liked that we have parishes instead of counties for some reason

>religion everywhere, shoved in your face at any opportunity
>awful, awful educational system
>the state stopped caring about fixing our roads at least 60 years ago, pretty sure they're pocketing that portion of our tax money
>Southern politicians are the actual worst, they hate women and minorities
>ghetto "culture" is absolute trash
>terrible healthcare in general, but especially mental healthcare. Doctors suck here, I suppose due to the aforementioned educational system
>college not as expensive as elsewhere, but still quite high and only our state university is really considered good (mostly because of it's athletics)
>flooding, almost unbearable humidity during the summer
>dangerous snakes and insects
>the way some people go out of their way to run over animals on the road, like turtles, raccoons, possums, and armadillo

I'm sure I could think of more if I had the time, but needless to say, I really wish I could get out of here.

No. 244417

Tfw you're from a tiny country and you're probably the only one from here so you can never reveal it

No. 244419

what part fam? 504 here, it's expensive as hell, but the new mayor is gonna lower the price, I'm assuming you're in a more rural part since that's where all the "the only burning passion you should have is for jesus!" happens, the animals are okay if they didn't ruin everything, the ghetto is taking over and it fucking sucks, it's like reverse gentrification

No. 244420

I'm moving to Louisiana from Michigan in a few months! I visited last months. The roads ARE atrocious, but I found the people very friendly. Ya take the good with the bad, I s'pose.

No. 244421

>>>terrible healthcare in general, but especially mental healthcare. Doctors suck here, I suppose due to the aforementioned educational system
therapists are fucking awful, I've had 4 in the past few years, they don't understand shit and treat you awfully not to mention they hand out drugs like candy
I kinda wanna start an LA anons discord or gc, idk if yall would be up for that though

No. 244423

Post it anyway, it's always interesting to read, especially since you can't usually find much info on small countries from locals themselves

No. 244428


>the diversity of different cultures
>which means good food can be found in big cities
>relatively clean and peaceful
>ok welfare
>"free" healthcare
>i got to learn English

>so boring. So. Boring. Nothing to do.
>bad train systems.
>university is quite expensive especially if you choose to do engineering or a specialized program
>cold as fuck winter, unpredictable weather especially in east coast
>health care is shit if you need to see a DOCTOR NOW.
>high taxes for very few benefits compared to other European countries
>it's cheaper to go to Mexico or the States than it is to go to another province
>terrible treatment of the Natives.

No. 244432

Yeah, more rural, outside of Baton Rouge. I know the religious zealots aren't as bad in our big cities, but there's still an obvious presence as with anywhere below the bible belt.

I use discord a lot. Had no idea there'd be more than one or two of us on this small image board. Lol not to mention transplants.

No. 244437

like ascension or assumption parish? I use to live around that area as well before the flood of 2016
>Had no idea there'd be more than one or two of us on this small image board. Lol not to mention transplants.
same,given,there are lots of weebs too


No. 244444

Nah, West Feliciana. I'll have to join that discord later tonight, so don't think I'm ducking you like people do in the friend finder thread.

No. 244446

o shit that's where myrtles is

No. 244448


> beautiful and for the most part intact nature
> cozy Mediterranean towns with narrow alleys and picturesque stone houses
> cheap real estate
> barely any crimes, burglaries have been rising though
> low costs of living
> free education
> small improvements in terms of bureaucracy(some portion of paperwork has been moved online)
> friendly and helpful people most of the time
> roads are in a great shape and the traffic is all right
> related to the traffic is being close to other european countries like Slovenia, Hungary, and Italy. It takes less than an hour for me to visit Slovenia, about two hours to visit Italy and four to visit Austria so I can plan diverse weekends
> easy going lifestyle

> high levels of unemployment
> the rise of rightwingers and their idiotic obsession with the past
> lots of nationalists
> corrupt government
> dependence on tourism, buildings sprouting in huge numbers every year only to be vacant throughout years because of it
> low salaries compared to the west
> stagnant culture(our movie, music and art industry, in general, are shit and corrupt due to nepotism like everything else)
> large and inefficient bureaucracy, oftentimes they don't even know their own job, they are really slow and sloppy in doing their work. Exceptions exist and make a pleasant surprise.

All in all, I'm happy being here. I don't want to move to another country but many of my friends have. A lot of towns are ghost towns, particularly during winter.
Although if I had to move and if I had the luxury to choose, it would be New Zealand, I keep hearing nothing but praises about that place and all the pictures I've seen are breathtaking. So, if there's a new zealander anon ITT with extra room, pls adopt. I'll probably visit it next year anyway.

No. 244461

File: 1524421178877.jpg (363.27 KB, 2040x1360, MT_HOOD_FOLIAGE.jpg)

I'm from Northwestern USA, specifically Oregon

>the weather
>because of the Oregon Beach Bill the whole coastline is always open to the public for free
>lots of trees (on the Western side of the state anyway)
>no sales tax
>DUNGENESS CRAB. god I could go for some dungeness crab mac and cheese right now.
>legal weed if that's your thing
>some decent colleges

>the weather
>hippies, hillbillies, and really religious people
>no one here can fucking drive
>especially in the snow
>all the fucking meth
>we can't pump our own fucking gas and everyone makes fun of us for it
>expensive college (of course)

No. 244462

Well yes, i guess. But that's what i study, so it's pretty annoying and uncalled for, like going completely ot and venting an hour about how bad it was, instead of teaching us the stuff the class is actually about…

No. 244527

Another Finnmongoloid here, it's just a Finnish custom for young girls to hate your country and screech about everything about it being shit despite getting free education including universities, cheap public health care and plenty of other social benefits on top of living in one of the most safest, cleanest nations in the world. It's probably the same ungrateful bitch from before who was yelling about Finland having a massive neo-nazi army killing refugees when in reality it was a 80-member marginal group getting drunk and shitposting powerfantasies on the internet.

>but everyone is expected to get a master's degree and if you don't, you're essentially unemployable.
I'm sorry your lower arts degree didn't get you a 6k/month salary, anonette.

>Apart from the shit weather, I think the worst in Finland is the mental climate.
Yes. I can tell from your post that you're an active contributor to this toxic "mental climate". Please stay in the "Banana republic shithole" and don't come back.

In reality, Finland is a great country to live in, but due to the impressive self-hatred the natives have learned to internalize after being under the Swedish/Russian rule for centuries they can't appreciate what they have.

No. 244528

Northern Irish. I love that wherever I travel I always run into some from here. We're taking over the world

No. 244532

Northern California

>the coast is pretty
>stuff to do in the cities
>diverse, food wise
>my dog lives here
>my city has a composting program and makes a pretty good effort in waste management
>good universities

>weather is too stable, I like changing seasons
>smug Californians
>smug transplants to California
>smug Silicon Valley people
>bad drivers
>tourists are annoying
>smug people who come to our good universities
>$4 artisanal toast meme is reality
>ungodly expensive to live

No. 244546

Lol, you hate me because I prefer living in bigger cities? Bigger cities will have higher crime rates because there are more opportunities and it's easier to get away with it, it's the same everywhere. If you're assuming that by "diversity" I mean people of different nationalities and implying that higher crime is because brown people also live there in higher frequency than bumfuck nowhere by all means move to Buxtehude or something so you can feel safe.

No. 244561

I hate you because of
>Dislike: Germans
and muh diversity.
Judging by your posts you naturally have to hate me as well, since i'm german, so i'm only giving back the favour.
How much of an edgy sjw can one be to hate everybody in one's own country and say in the same breath that foreigners are
better? You might hate hearing that, but this is so typically german lol

No. 244572


>rude as fuck with a stiff upper lip

Sweetie, not opening up to strangers is just how Germany is, especially North Germany. You can't expect to come to f.e. Rostock from fucking München and expect them to be the same. Fischköppe are incredibly introverted and it only gets slightly better the more South we go.

Seems like it's more of a you problem. Get off that holier-than-thou horse, it's long since left the stables.

No. 244585

File: 1524439174492.jpg (237.06 KB, 1024x768, IMG_3824-1024x768.jpg)


>colorful traditional outfits/dresses
>old town part of cities
>countryside in some parts

>mostly fat cuisine, especially during some small local events
>barely any sun during fall/winter
>dres/gopniks everywhere (especially if I live in their area)
>high influence of catholic church causing teaching kids stuff like how using condoms cause cancer etc
>also many people I would consider fanatic - my grandma who disowned my auntie, because she married a guy who already had a divorce
>post-communist behaviors in society

> the rise of rightwingers and their idiotic obsession with the past
> lots of nationalists
> low salaries compared to the west

this too

No. 244594

File: 1524442817871.jpg (4.63 MB, 2997x2286, 29282818811876.jpg)

Southern California

>beautiful as hell
>nice beaches
>generally people are laid-back and open-minded
>authentic Mexican food around every corner
>fun things to do

>really dry climate, not a lot of rain
>driving sucks and road rage can get fucking crazy

No. 244639

I mean I did mention pretty much all of the same things you did as great things about Finland. I'm forever grateful for our welfare and healthcare system which meant both my parents got extremely affordable cancer treatment and aren't dead/bankrupt. I'm also a self employed oldfag with a master's like literally everyone else, thinking about maybe going into research. I still think Finland is a shithole on tons of levels.

No. 244657

Germans are so fucking annoying. You're only second worse to the French.

No. 244658

File: 1524466007207.jpg (41.7 KB, 420x273, Gégé.jpg)

Sorry you're not from one of our glorious country Anon.

No. 244664


you'd probably be annoying too if you had to live with everyone bringing up horrible shit a leader did over 50 years ago before you were born.

No. 244666

Dear anon, then why don't you enlighten us from which perfect nation you are from?

No. 244669

File: 1524499542178.jpg (33.02 KB, 300x300, 2013013838louis.jpg)

Hate us cause you ain't us tbh

No. 244670

Another finn here. Its a good place. Not going to argue with the self-haters, but I really prefer the introverted nature of finns.
Some other good things:
>lots of weeby convention
>large, varied fandoms
>great, varied nature
>everything just works

Some bad:
>economy lagging behind rest of EU
>politics is shit(but its worse elsewhere)
>large country with too few people, struggling to maintain infrastructure and keep the whole nation alive, everything is migrating to few large cities

No. 244674

File: 1524499865371.jpg (13.45 KB, 200x300, tMppAN9.jpg)

My curiosity is piqued.

No. 244677

File: 1524500701221.jpg (59.52 KB, 400x622, Wm10368a.jpg)


Must suck having to slag a country that's produced a shitton of musicians, poets, writers and artists.


Probably US, judging by anon's superiority complex.

No. 244678


No. 244682

MI anon here: Please do this, I am very intrigued as a Yankee bysander and would relish the advice/kinship. This move has me tearing my hair out with nerves.

No. 244684


Good stuff:
>Education, we get out tuition fees paid and you get an additional bursary to get paid to go to uni if you are from lower incomes, generally quite a lot of options for higher education (college/uni/apprenticeships) for a country with a relatively small population
>Healthcare, all prescriptions are free and NHS dentistry is heavily subsidised or free if you are from a lower income background.
>Some beautiful scenery, castles and all that crap.

Bad stuff
>Deprivation, many areas have never recovered from loss of mining and manufacturing industries.
>Health, we have a really high rate of cardiovascular disease, alcoholism etc. especially in these deprived areas.
>Weather, get a couple days a year of completely dry and warm days, weather changes at the drop of a hat, fucking impossible to plan a BBQ.
>Mental health care, amount of people with mental health issues continues to climb, nowhere near enough services for everyone (all of this is free on the NHS as well, basically need more money invested to be able to give people the therapy and inpatient treatment they need.

No. 244685


>underrated nature and cool (spooky) places all to yourself
>comfy villages
>many animals
>good bread
>friendly extroverted people
>beautiful complex language
>some young people are insanely smart and creative

>shitty politics
>cockroach infested hospitals
>stupid religious people
>men are shit and treat women and children badly
>animal abuse, stray dogs everywhere
>the worst mainstream music and pop culture

No. 244691

I personally haven't witnessed men being shit outside of rural areas, most young men I've talked to are fairly reasonable and well spoken unless they're edgy robots, and of the older ones most are well educated and polite.
Also idk where you live that has cockroach infested hospitals, the ones I've been to are old but still okay. As for racists, I don't think anyone here is particularly racist, even with the current refugee crisis. And we're a predominantly "white" country so I don't even know who you could be racist to in the first place since most people avoid us and think we're a crime-ridden shithole when it's honestly fine.
That said I could understand it if you're from the South or something, I've been to Vranje once and it's tragic, but in Vojvodina things are pretty good everything considered, especially in smaller towns.

No. 244692

File: 1524505797358.jpg (69.4 KB, 639x621, 1489443906653.jpg)

Southern Brazil, Paraná.



>comfy places to travel
>good universities

>politics are terribly awful
>people can be very disrespectful
>crime rates are rising
>nothing to do because i'm poor

No. 244694

Cheers to you, fellow Polish farmer.
Wish I had something to add, your post is pretty much spot on.

No. 244695

I like: Beer and the alps
I hate: almost everything else, Merkel, Naziscum

No. 244704

Is Nazism still prevalent in Germany?
I always thought they passed enough laws to prevent any right wing activities? Kinda scary…

No. 244709

If you're going to hate on Finland, at least hate it for the right reasons like anon here >>244670
listed, such as high living costs with low salaries and infrastructure being an issue in a huge country with only 5,5 million people residing inside its borders. Bitching that "wahh it's a shithole because the people are drunken jerks and m-muh degree didn't get me a job" is ridiculous and makes you seem like a spoiled 1st world hikki brat from the sticks.

No. 244710

nta but shouldn't we all have our pros and cons? Because if not then all the pros and cons are going to read more or less the same and the thread isn't interesting. Even if it's for some less serious matter, it's engaging to see what other anons consider important.
No need to be so condescending.

No. 244711

File: 1524511341710.jpg (114.92 KB, 1463x823, sideeyechloe.jpg)

No, it isn't…?

No. 244712


>culture (arts, literature, architecture…)
>free tuition

>our "celebrities"
>refugees and the people who support them

No. 244716

File: 1524515027435.jpg (507.98 KB, 1280x1079, jXI5V5q.jpg)


>decently warm most of the time
>beaches everywhere
>ugly people that make me look pretty by comparison

>everything else

No. 244718

Another french farmer.

Likes :

>rich history

>beautiful landscapes
>lots of different cheeses
>great culture
>pastries, religieuses au chocolat taste like heaven

Dislikes :

>leftists everywhere

>bad music

No. 244719


It depends, honestly. The North still has "brown" spots, especially Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

But you'd be fucking stupid to believe Nazism is still generally prevalent, lol.
The problem is, a good part of Germans are for the most pretty conservative and we've had a large swing of left-active parties in the last couple years, which failed at their goals. So the last party trying to gain power with right-centred values, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), sadly got a lot of votes in the last election. We're all hoping the next one flushes them down the 5% border like it did with the Piratenpartei.

No. 244720



Remember when germans had national pride? Those days weren't so bad.

No. 244721


You're a fucking fool if you think AfD has anything to do with national pride.

A lot of the younger generation, myself included, are proud to be German. That doesn't mean we have to subscribe to alt-right, exclusionary politics that focus on radicalism and shock tactics.

I suggest you educate yourself and if you are indeed German, I feel ashamed of you.

Sage for smh.

No. 244722


calm down i'm austrian, what are you some kind of new german?

No. 244726

Bad music? I love French chanson and I'm not even remotely French.

No. 244731



>national pride
>those days


No. 244733

File: 1524525669817.jpeg (265.18 KB, 620x465, 71C3EEAD-2978-4420-9601-57ED49…)


>free education
>best welfare system
>pretty good economy
>interesting history for most parts
>clean environments
>Swedes are generally very polite and friendly

>libtard infested government
>sjw mindset has a stronghold on today’s Swede youth
>akbar invasion
>cold, dark and miserable 70% of the year
>traditional Swedish food, see pic related

No. 244734

What the fuck is that?

No. 244735

Ohio, USA

> people are generally very friendly and nice
> not expensive
> lots of nice parks
> plenty of jobs
> actually quite a bit to do here

> I hate football and this state is obsessed with OSU for some reason. Its really annoying how "buckeye" stuff is literally everywhere.
> Somalians
> most people here look like the stereotypical fat American slob.
> lack of high-end shopping, clubs, dining etc

I've also lived in NYC but there was literally nothing I liked about living there.

No. 244736

File: 1524526605142.jpeg (343.48 KB, 1143x788, 548BA884-0CA9-4388-872E-AD2FB2…)

It’s kaviar, not luxuary shit that you drink with vodka more like a sandwich spread.

No. 244740

I googled it and found no information about what this is made of (at least not in english). Is it like… a sandwich spread that mimics the taste of actual caviar?

Northern (?) european food is so interesting, I recently learned that blood dishes are still common and it was both revolting and amazing at the same time.

No. 244745

I love swedish food wym

No. 244746

Sorry about the wording, it is _kaviar_ (fish eggs) but made in a different way here in Sweden.

Here’s an article that explains it pretty well

Haha yeah blood pudding is also a thing, especially served with apple jam & potato buns.

No. 244747

England (London)

>Good for underground/alt communities
>Easy to meet new people if you are even slightly involved in any circle
>Pretty diverse people, friendly despite the stereotype being that we are all rude?
>Easy public transportation, even getting to the airport is simple here
>Nice to get lost wandering around looking at small shops and off-map things
>Free healthcare
>I personally like the mild, rainy weather we are known for
>Good TV shows

>Food is really expensive unless its McDonalds
>School age kids screaming at their friends on the bus no matter what time or day
>UAL, central st martins types running around everywhere trying to make everything artsy
>Tourists stopping in the middle of the street constantly if you're in town
>Mainstream music/radio is utter shite
>No free events or things to do aside museums.
>Unless you have money to pay entrance fees for clubs/art shows, gigs, restaurants and shopping etc, it's actually kind of a dull place to live.
>Traveling out is super expensive
>Vegans and hipsters taking over places that used to be cheap and 'dodgy', (like Hackney) and making living here even more expensive
>No real culture or traditions

No. 244754

Just… Listen to the song the first anon posted and see if you still think that

No. 244756

Blutwurst can be really tasty with some dark rye bread and mustard!

Under Varianten (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blutwurst) you can see the different varieties of it in Germany.

Yum. I'm hungry now.

No. 244781

File: 1524543689578.jpeg (123.13 KB, 1170x1422, floof.jpeg)

Russia, Moscow

> lots of museums, beautiful architecture in the old parts of the cities
> lots of travel opportunities, you've got mountains, seas, rivers and endless forests to explore
> lots of gigs, festivals and events
> really cheap cigarettes if you're into that
> you don't need to do the whole polite smile thing to strangers, everybody is grumpy as fuck
> transportation systems have been upgraded, pretty much European quality subway/buses (big cities only)
> lots of places are open 24/7, you can get all your cravings satisfied even late at night
> free education
> free heathcare
> 3 years of maternity leave
> Borodinsky bread is the best bread ever
> multinational country, lots of different cultures to explore and admire

Dislikes (ohhh boy):
> Russia has 11 time zones, it makes connecting with your friends from other parts of the country really hard
> it takes 7 whole days to go from one border to the other by train
> weather sucks. It's freezing and sad from october to april and boiling hot in summer (greatly varies thorought the country, but overall weird)
> Healthcare and education systems suck big fat ass, anything med or bio-oriented is very far behind modern standards. No equipment, no money, no juice
> tfw Putin
> your paycheck is miserable, but the prices are high. Good luck pursuing science or anything in the governement structures like public medicine, law etc - you'll make an equvalent of 100-200$ a month
> disabled/old/can't work? It's easier to die tbh, you won't be able to survive with the money the governement will give you
> I will probably never be able to afford a flat/a house in my lifetime
> companies don't want to hire you if you're female (see the maternity leave above)
> everybody's noses are in your uterus, lots of very conservative, religious people
> censorship
> the neverending boner for WW2 with military parades every year
> corruption everywhere
> everyone wants to leave, but can't afford it
> all the cities look the same the further from the center you go thanks to the soviet architecture
> villages and small towns are fucking dying with only lone babushkas left to guard their cucumber gardens
> you don't have any faith in your future, nor any hope for stability, welcome to the misery

No. 244784

The Netherlands
>you can cycle basically anywhere
>nice art history
>most cities here are quite small
>public transport is quite nice here
>diverse education
>small country in general
>voting system
>nice museums
>everyone speaks English (don't get me started on the accent though)
>the city centre of Amsterdam
>'heuaheueh everything dutchies do is smoke weed all day'
>uni is fucking expensive
>rude people
>rent is pretty high in a lot of cities
>the weather is unpredictable
>lots of overweight people
>people love to complain & nitpick
>not much of an alt fashion presence

No. 244835

File: 1524568562203.jpg (952.24 KB, 1131x1600, BLEU BLANC ROUGE.jpg)


I like:
>there's a lot of cool and different places to visit
>we're next to many countries so it's relatively easy to visit them
>cheap tuition, I wouldn't have even tried to go to college if I were in say, the US or the UK
>social security
>nice public transport, at least in my city
>I'm a weeb so it's nice that there are so many manga and anime available in France
>the main religion is Catholicism but it's not that important and present in our daily lives
>the food is great

I dislike
>French pop culture is so bad. I can't say I like any French singer or musician who sin't Daft Punk. Don't get me started on TV shows and movies that aren't classics or animation movies. French humor is so bad.
>related to that, some French people and institutions act like we're under attack because American and Japanese pop culture is a bit more popular and think just because things are French (or Belgian in the case of comics) there's automatically better. Maybe if you want to compete against Hollywood you should make better movies? I've read about the director of the Fifth Element being seen as "inferior" for making an entertaining movie that appealed to a large audience because it felt to "American", whatever that means. I think that's a good example.
>The weather is a fucking mess and it's getting worse and worse by the year. I'm not going to say from which city I am but when I was a kid it would snow in the winter and it would be hot in the summer, but not too hot. Now it barely snows anymore and in the summer it's so hot there are basically heat waves every year and it suddenly rains (with thunder) every hour or so half of the time.
>a lot of the upper middle class people and above have a stick up their ass for some reason. Same thing for Parisians.
>fucking football. Why is it so popular and attracts the worst fans?
>rent is too expensive in cities where there are job opportunities so it can be difficult to find a nice job if you don't already have money and/or support
>entitled tourists, and that applies to French tourists who visit different cities as well. Foreigners who are here for work or college are pretty cool though.
>society is all about meritocracy but if you want to be successful you better be rich and have rich parents, which is something almost nobody wants to admit.
>too many fucking strikes
>there used to be a lot of movies and series on tv when I was a kid and now it's all replaced by shitty boring reality tv shows.
>there are a lot of smokers. Foreigners I know all told me there are way more smokers in France than in their countries.
>fast food is expensive for tiny portions so it's not even convenient

There are a lot of other things but I can't remember them right now.

I think German sounds cool.
>as a shy person working in retail i'm glad that most people don't expect any small talk
I'm moving to Germany brb.

> but it actually sounds like they have marbles in their mouth
Why? Is it because of sounds like -on, -en, in, etc?

No. 244837


>very scenic
>some very nice universities
>easy to travel through because it’s small
>close to the beach, forests, countryside and a couple cities
>lots of small business grocers, farms, farmer’s markets and restaurants for nice food

>a car is a necessity
>expensive, gigantic income gap
>weather can be very unpredictable
>always a lot of illegal drug use/trade going on, especially opioids
>state budget has been falling apart for the last five years and the education system is in really bad shape because of it

No. 244839

File: 1524572689768.jpg (158.23 KB, 800x600, istock-626837432.jpg)

Washington DC

USA Nation's Capital (obviously)

>the area is 99% liberal so nobody is ever discriminated against at work or in healthcare facilities
>no need for a car because the bus/metro will take you literally anywhere inside and outside the city
>great conventions in the area year round, like Katsucon, MAGfest, AUSA, Otakon, etc.
>Tons of stuff to do, never a reason to be bored on the weekends unless you're snowed in
>if you do end up bored of DC, NYC is a quick train ride away

>Area is 99% liberal so if you don't believe that there are 297395823 genders and have the most SJW beliefs imaginable, you will be shunned by most people unless you keep quiet
>Rent is some of the highest in the country, lowest you can get for your own place is about $950 but all "cheap" rent like that is reserved for poor people only by the city government, which also doesn't allow students or help from parents if you're too poor for poor people rent
>It's possible to find roommates via Facebook groups or Craigslist for cheaper rent but for every housing ad put up there are always 30 other people competing against you for the same room
>weather is absolute garbage, you get a few nice months in the Spring and Fall but most of the year you feel like you're either dying from the heat or cold
>the amount of violent crime that goes on here is disgusting

But generally it's alright, I just hope I can make enough money to move someday.

No. 244840


>free-ish healthcare
>beautiful nature with diverse landscapes and environments
>very safe
>most people are easy-going and friendly
>vegemite, Tim Tams, Gaytimes, Chico Babies and all our weird snacks
>roadtrips and camping are a national pastime
>subtle culture that outsiders cant ever really understand
>really good wine is made pretty much everywhere
>the beaches are beautiful

>cost of living is crazy expensive
>Melbourne and the entire NT just need to be nuked and built anew
>Aboriginals absolutely live up to the stereotype and you must avoid them in public and in professional settings unless you want to be robbed and spat on because you are a "pink-cheeked mong stealin the LAND and lyin bout durries"
>about 50% of my generation will never own a house
>really only 2 political parties
>China owns or profits off all our good exports/land
>terrible public transport
>takes ages to get anywhere
>ice epidemic
>one government speaks for the entire country which is as large and diverse as America
>makeup, alcohol and cigarettes are insanely expensive (bottle of Smirnoff averages $40, Makeup Forever foundation averages $70 and the cheapest dirty 25 pack of smokes costs $26)
>shit weed
>so hard to get a driver's license

No. 244845


>the nhs
>nice humour and wit
>good music, good telly
>the variations of accents; i find most of them really appealing (exception being brummie soz)
>people are generally more down to earth and kind the further north you go
>weather is mild, i like rain which helps
>lovely countryside
>peak district
>rich meaty food

>class structure
>virtue-signalling liberals and the middle classes (i'm imagining a venn diagram of these and it's basically a circle)
>unemployment and underemployment problems

No. 244849

What is the certain brand of tourist specifically?
>healthy attitude towards work
It’s funny you say this, it’s precisely why my boyfriend wants to leave France. He says leadership can’t do anything to workers if they’re fuckups, and you can get away with anything/be lazy and be protected. Maybe this is his experience?

No. 244851

File: 1524579362521.jpeg (62.64 KB, 1280x720, D943F9A2-0C4C-4241-B315-C6BAAD…)

Sorry anon I fucking lost it at the lone babushka

No. 244855

>educate yourself
>i feel ashamed of you
It's because of people like you that the whole worlds thinks of us as stuck up…

I'm >>244372 and just yesterday again one of my professors was ranting about how the newspapers are spreading false information, that we're not as nice to refugees as we'd ike to believe and that there are "many countries that took in multiple times as many as we did". That's right, he's not defending that we took in many, no, he's complaining that we didn't take in enough. Having to listen to shit like this on a daily basis is so tiring… During lessons i also have to pretend as if i think that the AfD is the biggest evil in the world etc, otherwise you'd probably be expelled. I always wonder how many other students also just act as if they're leftist like i do…

Saged for vent

No. 244856

Baguette-fag here

> Food (I'm from the French Alps and the local specialities with cheese are fantastic)
> Wonderful and various landscapes
> Rich artistic/architectural heritage and History (I'm passionate about European medieval culture…might well explain this)
> While I like to learn new languages, I love mine with passion. Especially when I'm writing…

> Mismanagement of public subsidies (funding shitty PC movies which nobody wants to see, funding some newspaper that nobody would buy)
> People are, for the most part, grumpy and rude
> The self-hating
> Kebabs & crazy leftists who love them
> The diversity delights (insecurity, terrorism, radical islamism, being a woman in a dress walking down the street…)
> And yeah…totally agree with >>244718
present pop-music sucks ass (Gainsbourg, Piaf, Bashung, Ferré are, alas, all dead)

Anyway, it was a great idea OP. Thank you. I like exploring the cultural experiences that our diverse farmer provides.

No. 244857

>nice landscape/scenery
>interesting culture, especially further north
>ceilidh dancing is amazing and you usually learn it in school from when you're about 6/7 every december
>good food/drink, i love brewdog beer
>a lot of cool vintage/alt/independent shops even in smaller towns

>shitty weather
>a lot of cons/concerts/events aren't in scotland, and transport to english cities for them can be really expensive for a couple hours journey
>transport within scotland is always shitty and late too
>poverty/drug/homeless problems
>english people

No. 244861

Not that anon and yep, it's true. My hubby is an operating agent in the security sector and he must deal with that kind of bs everyday .
Sometimes workers don't show up at work, take sick leaves like crazy, be late…and, on top of that, they're demanding af.
Why do without? French labor law and mafia-like syndicalists protect them.

Also, the public opinion like to think that workers are pure little lambs and bosses are meanies (far-leftists dumbdumbs are very vocal in here). But the reality is much more nuanced than that.

No. 244863

>From the Alps

This is why we call you guys crétin des Alpes.

No. 244868

Being concerned by terrorist attacks, radical islamism and insecurity = being racist
Ok then. Also, there's no need to insult to prove your point.

No. 244871

Spare me, you called people "kebabs" and equated diversity to terrorism.

No. 244872

File: 1524586819474.jpg (91.67 KB, 800x530, ZANZU.jpg)

And this is the reason why Europe is fucked…

No. 244873

What am I even reading.

There's a difference between calling people "kebabs" without context and rightfully being worried about terrorism in our country though.

No. 244874

File: 1524587326799.jpg (28.95 KB, 376x238, cretins_des_alpes_0.jpg)

>you called people "kebabs"
And what did you call her…?

No. 244875

You'll be relieved to learn that people from the Alps are not victim of racism.

No. 244878

>You'll be relieved to learn that people from the Alps are not victim of racism.
Whut? I don't give a fuck about who you deem a victim.
I just think it's incredible that you don't get that claiming that insulting group A is okay while insulting group B is not, is a hell of a double standard.

No. 244879

I'm just saying this person is racist, she can say whatever she wants but she is going to be called out for it.

No. 244881

> crying abt racism like a dumblrette
> Being that new to internet slang.
Kebab = extreme muslim ppl

No. 244883

> she is going to be called out for it.
Stop derailing with your unsaged virtue-signaling.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experiences not cause some argument over a stupid word.Sorry fellow farmers.
Let's go back to the topic, ok?

No. 244884

Not her but I've seen people use "kebab" for north africans and middle easterns regardless of their religion or beliefs in contexts where not religion was mentioned or relevant way more often so I can definitely see why she thinks it's racist.

No. 244886

File: 1524590516981.jpg (29.19 KB, 293x420, french-cliche.jpg)

Every single thread

No. 244901

File: 1524592943890.gif (472.15 KB, 508x270, 1519789844056.gif)

Any Greek anons? I may move to my gf after I finish last year of my uni and dunno what to expect besides debt and good food, have been there only for a week (and 2x 2 weeks as a kid).

No. 244903

Why are there so many French anons here? Is it because of our love for complaining? Did the ones from the loser thread actually made a discord?

No. 244915

I'm going to go a bit off topic and use this opportunity to ask french anons where to shitpost in french? I'm learning french so I would like to practice with real french people. I only know of jeuxvideo, the forum to be exact. I know there used to be underfoule and I think 9cable or something like that.

No. 244925

File: 1524594686571.jpg (65.51 KB, 435x610, 56b17978e86827e3f39d0f61f3e554…)

Let's take this a step further: share your tradional fashion and food (what would you recommend?) and anything else

No. 244928

File: 1524595581178.jpg (95.1 KB, 690x460, ad6bHAQ.jpg)

Om nom nom.

No. 244931

I have no idea and I'm French. There are a lot of shitposters on twitter but I can't think of any forum or imageboard.

Is that choucroute with no sausages? It looks weird, good but weird.

No. 244932

File: 1524596059179.jpg (94.74 KB, 564x856, 11819f768c2a21517a2bfd1ed3be7c…)

Sardinia Italy

No. 244933

File: 1524596137786.jpg (53.95 KB, 413x640, a95471a311710f4b1b25fd7f1138c0…)

another one I really like

No. 244934

Northern Ireland

>what do you like/dislike

I like the geography. I like how you can go on spontaneous day trips to Ireland or some other part of the country and still go home if you want to. I like that everyone tries to be a jokester. And I like that we have only one major city. Parts of the country feel very untouched and wild still.

What I dislike is obviously the politics over here. I dislike how we haven't had a working government in over a year and that we are essentially powerless. I dislike that when elections roll around the majority votes in the same DUP/SF way and how bitter people are. I dislike that we're so stuck in this hateful culture that our values trail behind and on issues it always just becomes more about the us vs. them mentality that nothing ever gets achieved.

No. 244936

What if I live in a different country than where I'm from for several years now? Should I assess both?

No. 244940

File: 1524596722042.jpg (70.33 KB, 564x458, b18a26343be0589fd21732a89a4b95…)

An Arlesienne, from the south of France.

No. 244949

French too
>Nice landscapes, awesome for hiking
>Beautiful architecture
>Museums, gardens, castles etc
>Produce is rather cheap and there's a lot of choice for vegan food, as well as vegan restaurants in paris and around
>Cheap af tuition fees
I mean life is pretty good in general.

However I don't like :
>Backwards mentalities from old people but not only, who think their dumb and cruel practices like corrida etc should be protected just bc they are "traditions"
>Public transportation should be privately owned and it would work much better
>Animal agriculture ever present
>wish it was safer in streets
>and cleaner in cities around Paris
Overall I like it here though.

No. 244951

File: 1524597954354.jpg (97.66 KB, 478x640, rrimoci.jpg)

Hungary. We have great cuisine and a rich history but the living conditions (especially in the countryside) suck. There's also corruption.
Posting some folkwear that I really like.
This is a palóc lady from Rimóc.

No. 244952

File: 1524598068763.jpg (132.28 KB, 614x936, a3db9226919ec35db5b1f998fcf0f4…)

Matyó folks.

No. 244953

Ey min søster

Norway here too

>safe (from being raped/shot/kidnapped/harassed. relatively speaking)
>welfare state, and everything that entails
>beautiful nature
>culture from way back when is nice
>decent mental health care
>summer has a lot of daylight
>insects are small and harmless
>low amount of sexism/homophobia (no, I'm not saying it doesn't exist)

>there is nothing here
>winter is too dark and too long and too cold
>even cheap things are expensive
>sports-freaks thinking they are the only people in the country
>people are unsociable and have no manners
>people thinking they're cultured when all they know is kjøttkake & netflix

Please don't be offended by this, fellow Norwegians.

No. 244954

French anon here (wtf why are there so many of us)

> Like everyone said before
> Overall I like my country I think it's pretty neat

> Almost impossible to have a nuanced opinion about immigrants and second gen immigrants without being either a leftie or a racist
> Wish people would appreciate the country a bit more and stop shitting on it at every turn
> Everyone acts like Macron is the worst but I think he's probably one of the smartest / most reasonable president we had in years

I'm gonna deviate a bit a cite stuff I love about other countries :

- Italy
> Insanely beautiful
> Love the language
> Love the carefree attitude some people have

- Germany, Netherlands, nordic countries
> People speaking decent english

- Belgium
> Good beer
> Polite and friendly people overall

> People ready to help a complete stranger
> Americans and even second gen immigrants proud of their country
> Not a lot of smokers

No. 244957

>Everyone acts like Macron is the worst
I'm barely keeping up with the news and politics but I'm so glad I voted for him we don't have Le Pen 2.0 as a president. We dodged a bullet and just for that I'm not even going to complain, at least not yet.

No. 244971

irishfag here and i couldn't believe how many people are grossed out by black pudding (or "Blood pudding"), it's often on the lists of grossest foods from around the world. it's so funny to me cause I mean it is literally congealed blood and oats but god what I wouldn't do for a few slices of pudding with lashings of egg yolk mmmm

No. 244988

Making fun of Germans is always easy, right?

No. 244999

File: 1524602942713.jpg (5.22 KB, 241x209, QhkKN9N.jpg)

No. 245009

>Look at this digusting looking german food LOL

No. 245030

You're the kid at school who always thinks people are laughing at you when actually they barely notice your existence, right?

No. 245033

So, posting something that looks gross and writing "om nom nom" is not meant to be negative…?

No. 245041

>looks gross
Pole here, eat similar stuff when visiting home so don't find it gross in any way. It's not balut or anything of this kind ffs. None of the anons before btw.

No. 245045

File: 1524608999339.jpg (59.61 KB, 800x531, breton-women-headdress-bigoude…)

You can't handle my BIGouden

No. 245046

I'm American but whatever the heck >>244928 is looks pretty tasty.

No. 245047

File: 1524609135438.jpeg (10.11 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)

Galettes saucisse

No. 245049

File: 1524609157810.jpg (105.82 KB, 600x600, kouign_amann_cedus.jpg)

Kouign amann

No. 245050

File: 1524609197096.jpg (31.68 KB, 448x298, img-15973872aa1.jpg)

Crêpes with salted caramel

No. 245051

File: 1524609329385.jpg (606.5 KB, 1920x1440, experience-brest-france-floria…)

Brest, in the far West of Brittany

No. 245052

File: 1524609414940.png (350.1 KB, 1032x774, quimper_town_center_france_by_…)

Quimper, my hometown

No. 245053

File: 1524609480688.jpg (57.72 KB, 630x315, 000_Par7259073.jpg)

And of course, le fest-noz!

No. 245054

>people compliment your country's food
>you think they're making fun of your country
It appears you are indeed the kid at school who always think people are laughing at you.

No. 245064

Canada, in the Prairies

>good nature/city balance
>tons of multiculturalism
>neat street with tons of street art
>many sculptures
>neat architecture
>good public transit, relatively fast
>indoor, year-round farmers markets
>so many walking paths
>bike-specific lanes alongside roads

>potholes everywhere
>spring comes, needles everywhere
>really bad dust problems
>little to no parking
>winter is usually 7 months of the year
>consistent water-main breaks
>roads do not line up, good luck finding an address
>old people riding scooters in the middle of the roads

No. 245067


Calm down. That's ( >>244928 ) Eisbein. And it looks perfectly fine to me as a German. I'd enjoy it.

Klöße… I'd die for some well-made Schweinebraten mit Kartoffelknödeln… Time to visit Bavaria!

No. 245069

No. 245071

File: 1524611594915.jpg (58.95 KB, 1200x800, 549-1200-4.jpg)


Bayerische Creme! Really tasty.

No. 245074

File: 1524611776850.jpg (283.48 KB, 1000x524, 80087-frankfurter-kranz-0.jpg)

Alternatively, to defend the rest of Germany, Welfencreme or Frankfurter Kranz.

No. 245083

File: 1524614215060.jpg (62.93 KB, 400x300, Dobos-cake.jpg)

On behalf of everyone I'd just like to thank you for inventing the best damn cake in the world

No. 245091

File: 1524618143471.jpg (44.32 KB, 598x330, jNKSieR.jpg)

Anon, you are the one who thinks it's gross. I didn't post the Schweinshaxen to make fun of it.

Pic-related one of my favorite pastries.

No. 245102

File: 1524621879761.jpg (80.6 KB, 600x401, 1966870_657557504280221_137109…)

I wanna go back to Florence as soon as possible

No. 245105

File: 1524625371477.jpg (432.08 KB, 640x640, 239226_original.jpg)


>Our food is amazing. The best food in the world. You just can't compare, it's absolutely amazing.

> We take fancy food from other countries and make it a full, delicious meal that could feed a million starving soldiers
>Weather is awfully hot in most places but in my region it's perfect. The winter weather is perfection.
>People are nice to everyone, the atmosphere is so nice and comforting, I could feel at home anywhere here
>Our music is really good
>Sometimes, in some places, the public healthcare system works. I rarely go to a particular doctor
>The. Food.
>So many cultures e different people



>The economy is falling apart
>Living in a capital is fucking expensive
>There is so much corruptions and wrong thing with the government I don't even know how to start
>Our politicians are a nightmare
>Being sexually assaulted constantly, everywhere
>The media is awfully successful on making people blind
>Racism, misogyny and homophobia are rampant
>Social inequality

No. 245106

dunno if you're still here anon but https://discord.gg/WKnF3RU
is the discord, other louisiana anons or southern anons feel free to join pls

No. 245110

File: 1524626608098.jpg (121.24 KB, 720x480, niedersachsen.jpg)

Another German here. Just gonna add that I love all the bread and baked goods we have here. 300 types of bread, 1200 types of small baked goods. Idk that bread makes fat, I'd die for it.
I'm from the northern parts, bordering to the Netherlands. Nice nature with the northern sea, lots of trees and stuff. Also lots of cows and sheep, sheep are everywhere.

No. 245124

File: 1524636315031.jpg (74.73 KB, 576x432, baumkuchen-auf-ungarische-art-…)

Hell yeah! You're welcome lol.
Kürtőskalács is great too.

No. 245131

I'm going to visit Belgium soon, can someone pleeeaase post Belgium's bragging rights

No. 245133

Not from Belgium but I'd say comics, the capital is supposedly very pretty and the food is good (I only know about french fries and waffles though).

No. 245135

They border Holland and Germany

No. 245136

where in Belgium are you going anon?
our food is pretty great yeah

I'm sorry your geography sucks so much you can only make obvious jokes about small countries

No. 245138

I'll be going to Leuven!

No. 245141

Leuven is really nice! It's the student city and people are really friendly. If you're looking to party, you should do so on a thursday because it's the night before the students go home.
Belgians tend to go out until very late compared to most countries.
Leuven also has some nice historical buildings but Google will be a better help with that than me.
If you get the chance, you should defenitely go to Antwerp or Gent, they're both very beautiful cities but Gent is much friendlier than Antwerp.
If you love rural stuff, you can come to Limburg where you can usually find the friendliest of people.
Don't drive in belgium if you're not used to wild traffic, we've had an American girl in our car once and she was terrified while for us, it was a quiet drive.
When will you be going? I could look up some nice festivals if you like those.
If you like special food, food truck festivals are great too.

Euhh..I don't know what else to tell you so ask away.

No. 245142

aw thanks a lot anon! I'm actually going as an exchange student from ~December to July. I'll probably try my best to travel to other parts of Belgium/EU on the weekends through cheap flights or train.

I was wondering what type of clothing should I bring to prepare for the weather? I'm not sure if I should pack light or bring more clothes, because I heard clothing/generally everything is a bit more expensive in EU.

Also should I focus on brushing up on my French or German prior to going? I think I only have capacity to focus on one language lol

No. 245143

for travel inside Belgium, the train is a good idea as you get discount as a student, be sure to ask about it in your school. Neighbouring countries are also do-able by public transport, we don't take the airplane a lot since everything is pretty close by.
The weather here is very moderate, we can get the occasional heathwave during summer and sometimes very cold during winter but nothing too extreme. I suggest layers because then you're prepared for anything. Where are you from if I may ask? Maybe I can tell you how the weather compares to it.
Defenitely choose French.
We speak Dutch, French and a bit of German in Belgium but almost all of the dutch and german speaking people know English, the French speaking people not so much. Leuven is dutch speaking but because it's a student city, you won't have much trouble getting by on English (you could try learning some dutch but the grammar is really difficult)

No. 245144

appreciate the advice! I'm from Canada, so the winters are extremely long but summers can also get notoriously hot. For reference, it just recently stopped snowing and winters can go to -20 degrees and summers can go to 30 degrees.

I also wanted to bring some of my girlier clothing that could be consider a bit weeby, would I stick out like a sore thumb?

No. 245145

File: 1524649926173.jpg (265.28 KB, 1024x680, 196_943.jpg)


The good:
>basically free healthcare and education
>beautiful nature and towns, easy to travel around, easy to travel aboard
>healthy openmindness in bigger cities, no extreme SJW or any of that bullshit
>is a part of the EU and situated close to the "west"
>cheap beer
>very safe
>barely any tourists, streets never get crazy full
>nightlife is okay when you know where to look
>I have a good feeling that things will get a lot better here with time

The bad:
>"backwards" mentality in majority of the older generation and in less educated younger people
>rise of the conservatives, nationalists and people terrified of "those immigrants", casual racism
>bad customer service, I suspect we need another 10 years to learn how to properly deal with customers
>food & goods cost exactly the same as in Austria just around the corner but our wage is 3x lower. Also we get the special "eastern version" of the goods in lower quality.
>needs better animal rights activism, slowly working on that though
>the cuisine won't leave anyone impressed tbh

No. 245148

File: 1524652226563.jpg (257.22 KB, 740x493, IMG_5839-hanna-soderstrom.jpg)


>Nature is very clean and people respect it, large areas of untouched forests and lakes everywhere
>No pollution whatsoever
>Free universities
>Free school lunches in school, except universities which have affordable, cheap food too
>People respect your space
>People are generally polite and mindful of others, selfishness is looked down upon
>People are extremely trustworthy and honest, the Finnish take pride in it
>Everyone speaks English and most Finnish people are genuinely fascinated by foreigners
>It's amazingly peaceful and safe
>Cheap health care
>Lots of social benefits to help those in need
>No corruption within most state officials, the police won't accept bribes
>Not a lot of crazy SJWs, people are usually level-headed
>Contrary to the popular belief, the food is actually pretty good and fresh ingredients are held at high value

>Food is ridiculously expensive compared to other countries
>Housing is expensive too, especially in Helsinki (the capital city)
>Driving a car is also expensive and if you can't afford to live in a major city with public transportation, you absolutely need a car
>Salaries are low compared to the living costs
>Taxes are high
>Even though the public health care is cheap, you might have to wait forever to actually get treatments
>A lot of elementary schools lack funding
>The weather is terrible 50% of the time and from November to March it's pitch black all the time, especially in the south where it doesn't snow as much
>People get jealous easily and tend to be passive aggressive and petty
>In smaller cities people tend to be openly hostile towards newcomers
>Alcoholism is a real national problem
>More and more young adults tend to become isolated from the society without education or a job
>Big politicians and other higher-ups frequently show signs of corruption

summers are the best part of Finland though, the sun doesn't set until midnight and the nature looks amazing

No. 245154

File: 1524655611758.jpg (1.01 MB, 1218x1827, 005da5e9df147f1876a050a083d101…)

Bavarian anon here,
i'd recommend:
>Semolina dumplings soup
>Pichelsteiner (stew)
>Rohrnudeln (sweet, but eaten as a main course)
>Magenbrot ("cookies")
>Cakes: Bienenstich, Prinzregententorte, Zwetschgendatschi
>"Salads": Potato and cucumber salad, Bavarian sausage salad
>Spezi (mix of orange lemonade and coke)

No. 245160

Semolina dumplings soup is originally from Austria though.

No. 245161


Hello fellow Northern Irelander

> What do you like/dislike?

The Good:

The Antrim Coast - most beautiful place I've ever been, try to drive up there at least once a month. There are lovely towns and forests and beaches - and the sea just looks wonderful even if the weather is shit and grey.

Our food is perfect for hangovers. The Ulster Fry - soda bread, potato bread, pancakes, white + black pudding, sausages, bacon, eggs, tomato, mushrooms. So fucking good and delicious. Also I've never been to a chippie anywhere else in the UK or further afield that does a good pastie or sausage supper.

People generally are friendly to each other and have a very relaxed sense of humour.

The Bad:

Shitty, unbelievably bad infastructure. Our airports are terrible, there's hundreds of empty or blocked up buildings in the cities, the roads are fucking piss. Trying to get in or out of Belfast at rush hour is hell on earth. Too many cars, too many people, not enough transit room. One car accident on the motorway shuts down the whole network.

No appreciation for culture or history. Smashing down old and important architectural structures and building ugly concrete and glass blocks in their place.

Horrible attitudes to women's rights.

General bible-thumping across the board.

No. 245166


>from Nantes and can relate

>pls no bully

It makes me sad people forget we were bretons until 1941 and Pétain…

No. 245170

Scottish food is underrated
>square sausage, black pudding, square sausage with black pudding in the middle
>soor plooms, Edinburgh rock, macaroons

worst thing in Scotland
>English people
you think you're safe then you hear one of those voices

No. 245178

J'ai un ami Nantais qui appelle les crayons à papier "crayons de bois", thoughts?

No. 245180



fucking nothing



take me away fam

No. 245181

Pas de Nantes, mais on dit "crayons gris" chez moi.

No. 245183

On dit bien crayons de bois oui. Ca m'a étonnée la première fois que j'ai entendu crayon à papier parce que ce genre de crayons sont par définition…hum…pour papier. No hate though !

No. 245193

File: 1524674542790.jpg (384.1 KB, 1200x900, Cesky_Krumlov.jpg)

czech republic reporting in. basically the same tbh, especially
>beautiful nature and towns
>cheap beer

nečekala jsem, že tu jsou nějací slováci (nebo češi), zdravím!

No. 245200

File: 1524676881255.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1280x1280, 870A7785-766B-4A40-B515-0C70EC…)

Y’all posting insanely delicious looking baked goods and all we got in Sweden is this dry af thing that’s basically bread with cream on. (And a piece of marzipan in the middle which makes it even more awful)

No. 245201

I also love cullen skink and the occasional pizza crunch

Their voices just stick out, always seem louder than everyone else.

No. 245262


I like:
>I'm sure there are things but I cannot think of any currently bc I'm in a bad mood

I dislike:
>The way we treat everyone else in the world, either through fetishization or xenophobia if not both at once. It's like we can't be fucking normal when interacting with someone from another culture.
>Our politicians on both sides are so extreme and embarrassing.
>The way we idolize ghetto culture, and I'm not referring to any race. It's like everyone here wants to be as trashy and low brow as possible, just awful.
>Shitty healthcare that everyone else has already mentioned.
>We can't stay out of other countries' business.
>Shitty education unless if you're rich enough to afford a private school.
>The way universities work in general, they're just giant money pits and a lot of majors have little to no real world application so they just feel like huge scams.
>How high strung and entitled people are (I've noticed this more with middle age and old people but young people also like to act like fucking royalty sometimes)
>All of our history is only 200 years old at the most, and it's all very boring.
>You need a car to get anywhere which sucks for poor people who can barely afford one that works.
>Actually life for poor people seems to be getting worse and worse, especially as the middle class disappears
>The way we're always threatening war with someone.
>The insane number of cults that we have, it seems like no other country has as much as we do. Actually,
>The obsession with religion in general.
>The stupid fucking gun obsession.
>How boring and repetitive our movies and tv shows are.
>This is more about the South in particular but when I lived there there was litter EVERYWHERE. It was gross.
>Also we created Twitter, which is the worst thing ever, so there's that.

No. 245264

Czech Republic is so beautiful!! I'm a fan.

No. 245266

File: 1524686093289.jpg (216.7 KB, 792x1188, IMG_4819-792x1188.jpg)

Don't worry, Sven. We also got something pretty similar in Poland (minus the marzipan).
Remember when mom used to buy them as a child instead of normal pastries which made me hate them.

Speaking of pastries, posting my favourite simple pastry aka Jagodzianka.

No. 245304

Do want! I'd try to make them on my own but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to restrain myself from eating at least 3, especially when it's fresh from the oven.

No. 245307

File: 1524689328650.png (65.88 KB, 500x533, mmmm-grayons-31350775.png)

>ce genre de crayons sont par définition…hum…pour papier
T'es sûre, anon?

No. 245313

That dirndl is stunning

No. 245324

No. 245349

England, UK

> I like how people aren't overly friendly with strangers, are quiet on buses/trains (unless drunk :P), but are generally polite
> I actually like the rainy climate
> The sense of humour
> I LOVE historical stuff about england, like from the medieval times and arthurian legends to Victorian England and even in the 50s/60s/70s, I've seen old pictures from my city around 60-100 years ago and everyone was dressed in a hat and looked so proper and dignified :D people used to dress this way in most of Western Europe
> I love the food, I know it has such a bad reputation but all the traditional English food like roasts, english breakfast and tea like pic related, I also love the afternoon tea 'aesthetic' like with imported flowery china and teapots etc etc im a real sucker for it
> Also love visiting historical sites and how we've got a wonderful National Trust to help preserve them and help people to experience them

> London
> People in London
> How expensive a lot of things are here like University and especially rent
> English soap operas and gossip rags they are so cringey
> Public transport in London
> The fact that we've had so much immigration in such a short amount of time, it's great that we can experience others' cultures but I feel like its eroded our own traditional culture a bit and theres less of a community feeling
> How expensive train tickets are

No. 245350

File: 1524703345171.jpg (150.52 KB, 1024x772, FullSizeRender-4-1024x772.jpg)


forgot the pic related like an idiot

No. 245534

No offense, but i really don't get why everybody likes dirndls so much or why it's so well known, when nearly every other country has better traditional clothes.
Imo these
are much more beautiful, >>245154 looks nearly boring in comparison.

No. 245536

File: 1524751016930.jpg (270.34 KB, 1600x1200, zeppole-di-san-giuseppe.jpg)

zeppole are supposed to be seasonal but you can find them all year round

No. 245542

come here tbh
Chilean anon here (i think I might be the only one?)


You can actually afford real estate here
Beautiful landscapes and it's very diverse (you cand find deserts and forests)
The food is great
Education is finally more accesible if you don't have money (some people can opt for free tuition)
September 18 (independence day) basically many days off to eat
Comfy and nice (only if you live in a nice neighborhood tho)
bike friendly
Nice pet culture in general


Stupid communists
Left wing ignorant young people doing strikes all the time just to be annoying
People will kick and punch you if you're not a leftist
Too many SJWs
Unsafe in general (unless you live in a nicer area, you can get robbed pretty much everywhere)
Most people are fat, lazy, and selfish
Graffitis everywhere, trash everywhere
Basically lack of culture

This country has a lot of potential but sadly, the lack of work ethics and overall culture, ruins everything.

No. 245564

File: 1524759532419.jpg (49.75 KB, 720x480, 4ac89704b1db81b7351837006d1578…)

USA, Western North Carolina since it makes more sense to do regions

>phenomenally beautiful
>no urban sprawl
>some aspects of redneck culture including practicality and resourcefulness
>law enforcement is very local and the police have a close relationship with people and are generally friendly and approachable
>people are very friendly
>great food
>people don't really care what you do on your land as long as it doesn't effect them
>almost no violent crimes, and the few that do occur are between family members and are not random
>great arts scene, with a lot of value on traditional crafts and skills

>huge wealth and consequently respect disparity between tourists, people in resort towns, and the locals
>crushing poverty
>abysmal public education
>healthcare is prohibitively expensive, and while the doctors are surprisingly decent in my county, facilities are far apart and the hospital no longer does births
>family clan culture, your last name really matters and sometimes family alliances can effect the justice system for better or worse.
>meth and opiod crisis
>little sexual health and pregnancy education leading to a lot of teen pregnancies and birth defects from drinking
>homophobia is prevalent
>takes a very long time for emergency services to arrive after a call
>nothing gets done during deer season
>patronizing and disrespectful view much of the rest of the country and the media has of us, when they actively deny services that would improve lives
>understandable but still toxic mistrust of outsiders and things like academia
>racism, but not nearly as much as I have seen in supposedly progressive towns up north
>fucking dip

No. 245605

File: 1524773268913.jpg (2.71 MB, 2927x2104, IMG_5058-1.jpg)

Christmas cookies are probably my favourite

No. 245613

Hmmmmmmmm Husarenkrapfen… Yum. My mother used to make them every year, and my father made Schwarz-Weiß-Gebäck.

No. 246007

File: 1524927137856.jpg (2.43 MB, 2783x4167, dafnjsefh.jpg)

I guess dirndl got popular due the oktoberfest. And yeah some dirndl are boring tbh but there are also nice modern designs.

No. 246163

Imo those two you posted are rather ugly though lol

No. 246197

What kind of dirndl do you find pretty, then?

No. 246234

File: 1525023131377.jpg (27.88 KB, 340x512, tumblr_lfqt92AzZM1qfx1z0o1_400…)

I also am French and most of the people i know and interact with are non-stop spitting on America's face (me included, sorry guys). It must come hand-to-hand with the "chauvinistic" thing, i'ts about social status, not country, only les gros beaufs likes american culture as a whole 9:

No. 246242

File: 1525025010775.jpg (221.85 KB, 1000x1500, Noh_Nee-Dirndl-Anna-Schwarz.jp…)

The dirndl linked is basically semi-fancy Sunday wear with a trad touch, that's why it's comparatively boring. The other traditional costumes will be more for actual traditional festivities and very special occasions.
I like the dirndl silhouette (long or midi ones, not the thotty cheap short ones), many trad women's costumes have that feminine silhouette, it's so pretty!
Pic related makes dirndl out of African fabrics, and they're gorgeous.

No. 246254

File: 1525026716593.jpg (60.37 KB, 760x380, 180424-trump-macron-touch-oval…)

>I also am French and most of the people i know and interact with are non-stop spitting on America's face (me included, sorry guys).
Yeah right, you really showed them, especially when you immediately fired missiles after Daddy Trump said so lol

It feels like this thread is a gigantic circle jerk of "my country is better than yours!"

>Pic related makes dirndl out of African fabrics, and they're gorgeous.
Not sure if to laugh or cry… Is this supposed to be a joke?
Imagine what a field day SJWs would have if somebody altered a traditional african dress into something european, holy hell…

No. 246261

What's your point anon, the equivalent would be African designers making an African costume out of European fabrics (idk Scottish tartans? featuring fleur de lis?). noone would care, or they would think it's kinda neat.
Dirndl are so much common wear that only autistic identitarians would be butthurt about this.

No. 246266

File: 1525029067847.jpg (277.25 KB, 725x1600, IMG_1036.jpg)


Keep you casual racism in check. If you were german you'd know that the dirndl is no longer anything 'special' to us, it's not like the traditional dresses in other countries, anybody here can wear it and they can also alter it however they wish.

No. 246268

File: 1525029705649.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.76 KB, 610x407, belinda-the-sexy-dirndl-137676…)

Saged for samefag, but there's even porn with it, so let's not act as if it's something sacred that no woc should be allowed to touch lol

No. 246286

My new dream is to get plowed on a beautiful green mountain top someday…

No. 246392

>Keep you casual racism in check. If you were german you'd know that the dirndl is no longer anything 'special' to us, it's not like the traditional dresses in other countries, anybody here can wear it and they can also alter it however they wish.
You sound indoctrinated as fuck. No surprise if you're a German, then. Those "reeducation" programs really did a number on you people. Have a modicum of pride please, it's just pitiful when you guilty fuckers act like you're less than dirt compared to the rest of the world.

No. 246415

File: 1525064176339.jpeg (379.87 KB, 640x960, juanjo_olivaS1005-ciaafrique-p…)

Except, you know, it happens all the time and there's little to no backlash because no one actually gives a fuck.

Imagine being a bitter, racist American who tells people from other countries that they should be offended by things lol

No. 246424


>agree with this anon about the food though I've never been in any other country to compare
>free university that otherwise would be impossible for me to pay
>god tier musical and literary tradition, considering it's a third world country
>hot weather so I can wear light clothes at night
>people are generally nice to interact with

>violence, it's by far the thing that bothers me the most, I live in a city from a poor region and every time I go out I'm legit afraid of not coming back alive, also people getting stolen and even kidnapped is not uncommon, I could deal with everything else really
>insane taxes and prices
>entire country is rotten to the core with corruption, from the president to the poor
>nowhere to run to or to hide on politics, old fucks who spent their whole lives stealing keep getting elected, the more progressive parties are either confirmed corrupts or extremists, the conservative parties are a brazillian version of Trump who doesn't even understand politics and is being idolized by edgy teens and old people in the middle class, and parasitic religious groups who have too much influence on a population with low levels of education
>there's another party that has literally no redeeming qualities and still holds power in most states

No. 246455

I am telling you to stop being a self-hating slug and stop demeaning your own unique culture.
Germans were literally trained to act like battered housewives when it comes to their own culture and heritage
>racist American
Funny that your self hate and zealous anti-racism was forced into your people by Americans.

No. 246460

>Except, you know, it happens all the time and there's little to no backlash because no one actually gives a fuck.
Sorry for being dense, but what happens all the time?

No. 246469

File: 1525079096961.jpeg (65.52 KB, 644x429, 3CFAA49A-A9B9-46CF-881D-AD6EAB…)

I’m not Czech but I live here as well. Love it. Beautiful country. Very safe. Lots of nature and art and historic buildings to fawn over. Plus, yeah, the beer.

No. 246472

Kutna Hora is so beautiful

No. 246476

File: 1525081033681.jpeg (982.27 KB, 1772x1772, 5E3FD317-F6DE-4DFB-AA66-4C5EC5…)

It’s my favorite! The ossuary makes me want to travel to see others in Europe, and the church is one of my favorites. I love that so much natural light comes in.

No. 246479

Yeah we get it anon. Your town with a population of 20.000 is extremely beautiful…

My best friend is Czech and she said that on the countryside they have to lock churches (unless there's a mass), because otherwise people would steal the stuff inside, safe my ass lol

No. 246484

Oh, I don’t live in KH. Too small.

As far as the country not being “safe.” I mean, petty theft exists everywhere so that’s kinda moot? Czech is much safer in terms of violent crimes and was ranked the 6th safest country in the world in the 2016 Global Peace Index. I lived in big cities in the states where I carried pepper spray with me at all times. Here, my only fear in public is getting pickpocketed in a crowded space.

No. 246495

That "index" also placed Russia lower than North Korea, India and most african and arabian countries…

No. 246513

I'm not even German, your
>Let me tell you about your culture, you are clearly wrong and self-hating for not being a jaded fuck like me!!
BS is just pathetic, and your "But if they made African clothes look European…!" comment was just ignorant nonsense that could only come from an American with no real experience.

African print clothes being adapted to European aesthetics. It's not a big deal, cultural exchange is common.

No. 246532

File: 1525098984937.jpg (26.52 KB, 580x422, elle-canada-dashiki-post__oPt.…)

Well, I am Bavarian and I don't like it at all.
You sound like an American trying to order us how to feel…

>African print clothes being adapted to European aesthetics. It's not a big deal, cultural exchange is common.

If white people wearing Dashikis or whatever is racism, then why is it completely okay for black people to wear and even alter Dirndls however they want?

No. 246534

>Tfw an Senegalese friend gifted me a dashiki and I've been wearing it a lot lately.

I wonder if people think I'm racist or insensitive, but don't dare to say anything. The only comment I've got was from a black guy and he told me I looked great in it.

No. 246536

>If white people wearing Dashikis or whatever is racism
It's not. Just because you saw a crazy person say something on the internet one time does not mean it's true. Go out and experience real life, where people have varying opinions and aren't pissy about everything.

No. 246540

File: 1525100384665.jpg (447.96 KB, 1278x853, Würgassen_vom_Weser_Skywalk.jp…)

>Go out and experience real life, where people have varying opinions and aren't pissy about everything.
Seriously though, nobody gives a shit about Dirndls or Dashikis here and most Germans won't even know what cultural appropiation means. The only people I've seen talking about it ever are far-right trolls that think Breitbart is a reliable news outlet and triggered German-Americans that think they have a say in German politics because their Grandma was born in Pomerania in 1898. Go sperg in the Germany-thread if you really need to.
Have a picture of a cute German village to soothe you.

No. 246555

File: 1525103548324.jpg (89.51 KB, 1200x800, 186205801599002750132552287997…)

I'm from Chile, specifically from Santiago.

>You can buy almost anything at a good price
>lot of commerce and malls
>economy is pretty stable
>diversity (al least in Santiago)
>lots of immigrants
>completos and choripan
>Just 1 time zone
>Buying real state can be sort of cheap
>fresh vegetables and fruits are cheap and can be found almost in any market
>if you are upper middle class person you can have a happy and quiet life

>the incels and altright "culture" is increasing
>public transportation is shit
>obesity levels are rising
>chilean people
>huge poverty and wealth gap, the social inequality it's nuts
>earthquakes i guess?
>chilean food is horrible
>public healthcare is basically nonexistent and bad
>private healthcare (the good one) is very expensive
>racism, homophobia and sexism is in a everyday basis (massive media in general)
>corruption (classic latin america problem)
>women rights are pretty fucked up, like, abortion wasn't legal 5 months ago.
>the level of misogyny it's a fucking nightmare
>almost the 90% of the economy and companies are held by 4 or 5 super millionaire families.

No. 246556

Chile looks really nice. Out of curiosity, what would be the monthly expenses to live there? I always wanted to visit it but I'd like to be there for at least 3-4 months. I'm a huge fan of Isabel Allende, and her descriptions of the landscape and the people fascinated me ever since I was a little kid.

No. 246559

Swede here! Representing Stockholm
the good
>incredibly easy to get around the city, cars are a total redundancy and you don't need one
>inner city architecture is very pretty
>great nature, despite living in the city you won't be far away from great escapes in beautiful forests and pretty lakes
>swedes will leave you alone and mind their own business
>welfare stare, free education, great climate for those who of us who aren't wealthy since you still have a fair chance
>you can subsist on even the lowest paying jobs and still save up a lot if you don't spend money like a jackass
the bad
>cultlike political thinking, god forbid you for being a person, you wield your political belonging and replace your entire identity with it or you will be ostracized and hated, it's completely tribal
>education is shock-full of actual propaganda coming straight out of extremist parts of tumblr
>the "contrarians" to this are all tryhard wannabe nazis
>politics are depressing, you have 3 real options and none of them do their job well
>full of aggressive gypsies who will harass you/try to pickpocket you in the metro, every street corner and outside of every shop
>have fun even dreaming about owning an apartment/house
>smug swedes living in gated all-white communities looking down on the world around them, completely delusional pricks with a superiority complex
>outer parts of the city barely has Swedes and is increasingly dangerous, youth gangs/drug dealers everywhere
>people are timid and civil courage is nonexistent
>police care more about 17 year olds drinking than violent crime, rape, etc
>incompetent doctors without proper background checks that sexually exploit people
>terrible psychiatry that treats everyone like the same textbook case and gives up all hope on you if shitty pills don't magically fix your life
>the food is unpredictable, some of it is great but a lot of it is either lackluster or outright bad
all in all, sweden is racially and ideologically segregated and if you manage to somehow forget about the people residing here it has some good parts that shine through

No. 246593

Hey! That's nice, where are you from?
About the rent it depends of where do you want to live. For example, neighbourhoods like Providencia or Las Condes (safe, clean, lots of commerce, centric, you can walk or cycle to almost anywhere) the rent can start from $650 USD for apartments with one room, one bathroom. It's kinda expensive but you can easily cut down the expenses if you use bicycle (the public transportation is like 1 US for a single metro or bus ride). The food is cheap tho. I spend monthly like $90 - 140 USD in groceries and food in general, including some nice restaurants almost every weekend and good ingredients for my daily cooking. Of course you can spend a lot less. Also, if you are northamerican or european you can easily get a job as a bartender or waitress in a hip bar or restaurant.
If you like Isabel Allende, I hugely recommend you Hernan Rivera Letelier (any book) and Arolas Uribe (specifically "Quiltras") some nice chilean literature if you are interested in our country.

No. 246598

File: 1525114484369.jpg (14.7 KB, 400x300, cat_heart.jpg)

Your post makes me dream, anon. Yeah, I'm european so hopefully, I will be able to visit Chile rather near in the future.

> I hugely recommend you Hernan Rivera Letelier (any book) and Arolas Uribe (specifically "Quiltras") some nice chilean literature if you are interested in our country.

Thank you so much! I will go and get them in my library first thing tomorrow!

No. 246627

>is the dashiki the new kaftan?
What does that mean? Were kaftans ever trendy in the west as casual wear? I'm only used to seeing kaftans when they're super fancy during weddings and important events.

No. 246649

File: 1525131984670.jpg (79.24 KB, 600x400, CIté-médievale-Carcassonne-2…)

Medievist frenchfag here.
Just wanna share a pic of the next site that I plan to visit soon.
The medieval city of Carcassonne. Hope you'll like.

No. 247071

Quebec, Canada

I like
>Having a pretty distinct culture despite being in NA
>Free healthcare
>Lovely architecture in older parts of cities
>Education is relatively cheap
>Socially liberal without going full sjw

>Welfare culture
>Quebecois music is for the most part awful
>The weather is atrocious, sure our summers are hot but so humid as to be unbearable
>A lot of really racist people

No. 247113

What's bad about Montreal ? As a French person, I only hear good things about Quebec, it's a place a lot of people want to live in !

No. 247228

It was mostly a joke, but I would never live there and imo it doesn't represent Quebec very well. Big cities rarely do though.
I didn't know French people liked Quebec, though you're right the few I've met were very kind.

No. 247465

I loved Carcassonne - and whole region in South France. One of my best trips ever.

No. 247467

there are lots of other ossuaries in Czech, just hidden from main tourists groups spotlight

No. 247677

I lived in a charming little town in the South Shore of Montreal for 2 years (French here) and it was fantastic!

>Ppl are chill, nicer than french in my opinion

>Traditionnal food is great (I learned to make blueberry pie, "pouding chomeur", "pâté chinois"…etc)
>I love Quebec accent and typical speaking (even if, oddly, living there emphasized my weird southeast french accent. Idk why)
>Dollar stores, convenient stores and 24 hours drugstores
>Music is meh but movies and some tv shows are cool
>Rich cultural life
>Public transportations were pretty confusing at first (especially buses…) but once I've familiarized myself with, it was perfect
>Friendly hobby communities (Role-playing game and Jfashion)
>Cheaper living costs than France

>I agree, neverending winters and hot af summers are awfuls
>Being a smoker (yeah, I know, I'm a walking stereotype…I shave my armpits, I swear) it was impossible to find Marlboros and Rooftops were atrocious

Long story short: I love you and your province…and I'm feeling nostalgic now.

No. 247925

File: 1525614164813.jpg (135.68 KB, 596x900, gros-horloge-rouen-france-four…)

another baguette-fag here (Normandy, pic related is from Rouen)

like :

>wonderful landscapes (gorges du Verdon, Auvergne in general seems heavenly)

>strikes , I like the fact that we fight for stuff.
>universities are cheap
>museums are great and a lot are free on special days(where I leave)
>Healthcare system
>many Japan related events, J-fashion is big (especially lolita here)
>Normandy related : D-Day related museums and a lot of historical landmarks and time capsules (Bunkers, Pegasus Bridge, Sainte Mère l'Église, batteries de Merville, cimetière de Colleville etc)
>lots of curiosities like the church of le Puy En Velay, It's on a high rock in the middle of a valley, or cut heads on statues since the revolution
>memes about France are generally well received

dislike :

>this weird and hypocritical stance about France during WW2, like "resistants everywhere" , when everyone was licking Petain's ass. blogpost but my grandpa's uncle got shot by Gestapo troops bc he was a resistant, and I hate when people are still like "everyone was a HERO, don't you understand how brave we were"

>littering. people have no respect for nature it's infuriating
>strikes are good imo, but not when it's only for BBQs insoumis et CGT, coucou
>Macron, who says "we have no money how sad" yet cancels Fortune Taxes and want to make everyone else pay for everything, and launched an expensive missile weeks ago
>it's hard to get a job even with a diploma nowadays
>universities lack money for a lot of them, and science is clearly preferred (money for science campuses but none for human sciences like psychology)
>people have a stick up their asses
>you can't be moderate about politics, you're either a leftist or a fascist, no in-between
>sooo whiney and desperate for attention
>a lot of French ppl are assholes, vain and egocentric especially in Paris where they think they're the hot shit
>Normandy related : glorifies the American soldiers to feel better about Petain (sorry it just makes me mad)
>money is a taboo, you can't be well off cause you'll be automatically categorized as an asshole, and if you're poor no one will try to understand
>train system : only one and paid by the government but still ridiculously expensive and slow
>people sharing their opinions when they don't even know 10% of the issue discussed (national sport on facebook)
>people not wanting to learn other languages, can barely understand shit in English

That moment when you complain about French people being whiney but you're just as whiney and a mad WW2 history-fag
>feel ashamed

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