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File: 1523606093065.jpg (30.32 KB, 640x640, dc286372855f143ba10e1cf20681a6…)

No. 241796

For discussing and criticizing nowadays beauty trends.

What i gathered from other threads is that pretty much nobody can stand the "Baddie" look that all girls on Instagram seem to emulate these days.

I simply don't understand why suddenly big lips, small, squinting eyes and a giant butt are considered the ideal.
For centuries, whether it's Greek statues or Renaissance drawings, big eyes and a small cute mouth (often with eyes bigger than mouth) were considered the most attractive - and a lot more realistic, since these are features that a lot of girls have naturally.
(I'm talking about white girls only because this look seems to be more prevalent in the States and Europe. Other races do have bigger lips and/or almond shaped eyes normally, so aspiring to look like this is not as weird and unnatural as it is for white girls.)

It annoys me to no end when i see teen girls with perfectly skinny bodies running around dressed like some cheap wh*s, their hair dyed black, face caked in way too dark foundation and their eyes drowning in mascara.
Don't they get that could look really cute with just simple makeup, yet instead they're ruining themselves just to look like some Kardashian?

No. 241798


Does anyone else find her proportions strange?

No. 241806

Young girls are going to emulate whatever is popular, and maybe some years later they'll come to like the features they naturally have. Like my face isn't cute or pretty, but I grew into it.

No. 241830

I can't wait until its the ideal goes back to looking like a model, instead of a trashy tranny with too much makeup.

No. 241835

Yeah she looks like a bobblehead

No. 241856

Can’t wait for the fucking insta baddie makeup trend to go away

No. 241857

Idk if it's that much better, a lot of girls started developing eating disorders when looking like a model was inspirational in the 2000s…. I really want the supermodel sporty and heatlhy body to make a comeback.

No. 241859

What is better, anorexia or caking your face with makeup?

No. 241862

File: 1523627773034.jpg (74.74 KB, 736x913, f0ae162962756c94e0e79fd959d43a…)

Achieving the typical model look from the 2000s doesn't necessaily include an eating disorder, anon…
It's more about the simple and girly look, without trying to be sexy.
Wearing little makeup, sticking to your natural features, not feeling like you have to be tan and exotic to be attractive.

No. 241865

File: 1523628225356.jpg (46.7 KB, 499x750, bdcf64fba80845b0b64bff1fb3f81e…)

It was Snejana Onopka and Vlada Roslyakova era Anon, Victoria Beckham had a super skinny body with disgusting implants, I don't miss it at all.

No. 241866

But anybody with just a little brain knew, that trying to look like this is not realistic…
And it's not like any less teens get ED's nowadays.

No. 241867

File: 1523628513309.jpeg (89.22 KB, 430x683, 0480AEBB-FB9B-4198-A66B-0530F1…)


In what world? Paris Hilton was considered an “it” girl.

No. 241870

I actually miss her antics

No. 241871

File: 1523628995116.jpeg (779.92 KB, 2062x2039, 82D25ECD-4405-476D-9BD7-A9FF30…)


Yep, the rise of Victoria Bolted on Boobs Beckham. Thank god she got these removed and went back to brunette.

Early 2000s is like the 80s of this century. It ain’t pretty. I’m sure in the future people will pick out a few nice trends, like people are doing now for the 80s. But yikes. Choppy highlights, bad ps, skelly bodies, denim on denim, etc

No. 241874

I can't stand how in most cultures there's only one standard of beauty instead of several. South Korea is probably the pinnacle example of this, most girls in their twenties get plastic surgery to end up with one specific look that is virtually never deviated from. They literally look like clones.

Of course, these beauty standard trends are always fucking changing too. It used to be twiggy bodies were the body standard. Now most people dismiss them as gross and anorexic looking and having unrealistic Kardashian level curves are what's in. I'm sure in a few years that will be considered weird too.

I just don't understand why there has to only be one at a time??? Why do people want us all to be fucking clones so bad? Most men are into a variety of different body types, so I don't think it really reflects male preference.

No. 241889

Because popular beauty standards are made up bs to make you buy things to get closer to the ~goal~.

The concept of having "trends" based around body shapes is ridiculous anyway. Girls like Kylie Jenner that get lip injections, butt implants, etc (basically trying to emulate "black" features) will just look like idiots in a decade or two when the next "trend" comes along, but some people will still like them, just like some people are still obsessed with Paris to this date.

No. 241890

It's to keep as many women as possible insecure at any one time so we'll keep buying beauty products, clothes, fashion magazines etc. in an attempt to reach the current (often unattainable) goal. If there were multiple acceptable looks at any one time then there's a risk of women buying products since there would be a higher likelihood of some of us already being close to one of the standards. Making each look dramatically different from its predecessor also helps sell more products.

No. 241891

buying fewer products* it's late here, oops

No. 241919

This thread reads like "why is MY look not a beauty standart???".
But seriously, I don't understand why people even get angry over beauty standarts. When someone highlights their best features they have and looks clean, they are often already considered moderately beautiful. No one says you have to look like a kardashian.

No. 241921

You guys sound delusional.

It's not like attractive girls with thin frames are overall getting shit on because they're not thicc. The most popular hollywood actresses still have the same body types they did since forever ago. Yes, there is a subset of IG thots and other women who go after the Kardashian look, but it's not anywhere close to being a standard lol.

No. 241928

I think the word you mean is standard, anon.

No. 241935

The beauty standard will change. I'm in my early 30s (oldfag sorry) and I still remember women with big asses being ripped on endlessly in my youth. I mean JLo was mocked to no end for having a "big" ass when by today's standards it's not even that big because people are used to those giant clown fake asses.

These things are trends as much as anything else. The instagram brows and big butts and big butthole brown matte lips will be laughed at in a few years the same way people laugh at 80s makeup and hair now.

No. 241942


I’m in my early twenties and have a friend in her forties (I used to babysit for her in highschool). We were clothes shopping and I tried on some shorts. “Wow you have such a small bum!” She said it like it was a compliment. I ignored it. Tried on another pair, “your bum looks small in any of those!”

I literally had to “wtf” her cause I was getting a wee bit offended. She was shocked because to her small = tight, good, slim. She thought she was complimenting me. But because of prevalent media mocking woman, saying small = flat, shapeless, unsexy, I thought she was being rude.

It’s crazy how much has changed in just a generation or two. But it’ll swing back again. In the 70s, black women and their curves had a moment, in 2010s it was all about the ass. Just like how fitspo is in right now, very 80s fitness trend. Then it’ll be 90s thin all over again in a few years, which itself was a nod to the 60s Twiggy figure.

No. 241947

Being anorexic-skinny looks so much more refined and classy than looking vulgar.

No. 241949

File: 1523650096725.jpg (58.56 KB, 224x645, article-1062504-02CD35FB000005…)

Sure Anon.

No. 241952

>post an unflattering picture of a drug addict

you sure got me there

No. 241953

>shit spoops actually believe

No. 241956

Have to agree. Small boned and tiny, thin women will always be the classiest and most elegant looking compared to your average joe or chubby ladies with gigantic asses and tits. There's a reason why slim women have been revered since the beginning of time and will not change no matter how hard trends hit. Trends aren't timeless. Biology is.

No. 241966

File: 1523654069687.jpg (126.37 KB, 520x792, VINTAGE-WEIGHT-GAIN-AD.jpg)


>being this dumb

That's also why in old paitings we only see ana-chans.

No. 241970

Of course it looks better than 'looking vulgar' but 'look' does that even refer to? Anything other than anorexia? Having t&a at all? Wearing slutty clothing? 'Vulgar' isn't a style and it makes no sense in the context of your comment.

No. 241971

>using the word classy unironically
Also ever hear about a lady named Marilyn Monroe? Her waist was small, but she was pretty curvy or "vulgar" as you put it.

You specified anorexic skinny, so they gave you anorexic skinny. Ffs, even Diana, a literal princess, looked like shit when she had an eating disorder.

No. 241974

"vulgar" means the instahoe look.

No. 241977

thank you for agreeing!

Princesses aren't magically good-looking, so I don't see why it's a big surprise that she was ugly at some point.

>Marilyn Monroe

she wasn't classy at all.

I think this is another case of jealousy. shame that it's so prevalent on this board.

No. 241978

So, women who happen to have tits and ass are just inherently vulgar?

That's some impressive internalized misogyny right there.

No. 241982

>I think this is another case of jealousy. shame that it's so prevalent on this board.
LMFAO this coming from someone who was just shaming women who happen to have breasts and butts. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 241983

yes, it looks vulgar. that doesn't say anything about their worth as a person. Some people actively try to look that way.


No. 241984

>thread about criticizing beauty standards
>devolves into "X look is objectively the best, if you disagree you're just jealous"
Every time.

No. 241985

>jealous of girls with EDs
Oh anon, please seek help.

Not to mention, you were the one who invited the criticism by putting down non-ana-chans. You can't seriously call people jealous for pointing out they find it unattractive when you did the exact same thing.

No. 241986

>the normal human body is vulgar, starve yourselves girls or you'll look like a whore

No. 241987

File: 1523656157996.jpg (450.35 KB, 1085x1217, 1522722735475.jpg)

It's disappointing and embarrassing

No. 241988

the instahoe look is not a "normal human body". if we're going by averages, the "normal human body" is overweight.

No. 241989

File: 1523656251521.gif (991.81 KB, 250x250, 1523463544268.gif)

>having a life-threatening psychological disorder is superior to having curves because it looks "vulgar"
Oh anon, I prefer the thinner side too, but you're being a psycho.

No. 241991

>anon asks "does anyone with tits and ass look vulgar"
>anon says "yes"
>I respond to that anon
Learn to context. Having any tits and ass at all is not instahoe look.

No. 241992

By all means, show us some examples of elegant looking ana-chans. Shopped runway models don't count.

No. 241994

What? If you look at classical paintings and sculptures, it's almost all of women who aren't fat/chubby by any means but have a bit of extra stomach fat and noticeably-sized breasts.

No. 241999

the female beauty standard of 15th to 18th century academic art in the west was that of fat pale white women. It was a standard which was considered hard and unlikely to obtain as starchy meaty foods weren't easy to come by. MOST women were thin and tan because they worked outdoors and ate dirt cheap plant foods in small portions. Being fat and pale was an upper middle class privilege, which was who artists were being paid to paint. Now, it's a privilege to be in an expensive sunny outdoorsy excersise culture area like Santa Monica and eat fresh plants everyday instead of the high energy meals you can get for $4, so you can see why insta models like Madison Beer are thin, fit, and tan; it's something harder to obtain so current west culture tells us: this is who we should want to look like. Standards are arbitrary and will change as our media does.

No. 242002

>beauty standards on Instagram

My solution is to not have one.
I never see the overdrawn drag lips and photoshopped curves in real life.
I literally don't give a fuck because I'm not plugged in to everyone else's online fantasies.

No. 242004

This. So called "beauty standards" will always be more about class and social status than pure appearance.

No. 242013

Maybe the best and only “beauty standard” is being healthy? That’s mine. Focusing on health and happiness.

No. 242014

I find it pretty easy to ignore beauty standards. Though, given the userbase survey thread, I shouldn't be surprised a bunch of young, poor and/or uneducated girls are so anxious about stuff that has no direct impact on themselves.

No. 242016

File: 1523662497139.jpg (150.19 KB, 600x600, Aphrodite-sea-foam-birth.jpg)


> There's a reason why slim women have been revered since the beginning of time and will not change no matter how hard trends hit.

Are you a troll or really that ignorant?

No. 242017

I think so too, but a lot of people are really easily affected by what others think, or what they think others think.

No. 242019

File: 1523663258301.jpg (26.3 KB, 247x400, ruslanakorshunovazi5.jpg)

I'm >>241830 and when I said '''looking like a model''' I meant pic related not anorexic jfc

No. 242021

Way to cherry pick. Pre-raphaelite paintings in the renaissance era is such a short period of beauty trends, (not that it actually depicted the ideal body at the time as most paintings are fiction and based off old mythological stories like the painting you posted which is of Venus) like I already stated in my post and even then, that woman doesn't have huge tits and ass, her body is fairly slim and proportionate. Did you not read my post at all or are you really that ignorant? I'm well versed in the arts and history but good try.

No. 242022

All the criticism was directed at the anon who literally used the word "anorexic"

No. 242024

To be fair, that body type would be considered unappealingly chubby/skinnyfat these days so I'm not surprised anon thought it contradicted your post.

No. 242025

You're a moron.

Then that anon can take a good look at the small woman on the right with tiny wrists by her logic.

No. 242026

That's not how I would describe the subject of that painting, especially by modern standards, but okay.

Also, not sure what art history courses you were taking where chubby women weren't the majority in paintings for centuries, but again- okay.

I'm team slender ladies (though I personally prefer them with boobs and butts) but to act like that's been the ultimate beauty standard throughout human history is simply factually incorrect.

No. 242028

The woman on the right is chubby though

No. 242029

>tiny wrists
>ignoring her large stomach and ass
At this point I can't tell if people are trolling or going full retard

No. 242030

File: 1523664320401.jpg (17.88 KB, 372x280, women-at-the-table.jpg)

Are you retarded? It was literally hard to get fat in the medieval era and most paintings during that period and older looked like this so where the fuck are you going with your point? Never were fat people seen as desirable which is why no one sees it as desirable now. Read some books.

No. 242032

That's the cut of the dress during that time, moron.

No. 242033

large stomach where? skinny people can have big asses. this thread has turned into salty uneducated fatties

No. 242034

But that's for germanic women.
Women from latin cultures, specially italians, where often depicted as more full bodied.
>it was hard getting fat
That's why chubby was more special back then, it meant you were rich and not a dirty peasant.

No. 242037

File: 1523664765634.gif (2.01 MB, 275x202, 1520117605112.gif)

I know this is a crazy concept, but bare with me…

What if… your personal preferences for the ideal body type were your opinion and not fact? What if… there was room for multiple body types to be celebrated and considered attractive?

For a website that despises sexist men so much, a lot of you in this thread sure are acting exactly like them.

No. 242038

File: 1523664785779.jpg (71.57 KB, 800x444, la_grande_odalisque (1).jpg)

Are you arguing Botticelli was a Pre-Raphaelite painter? He's from the 1480s. The Pre-Raphaelites were a group from the 1800s inspired by the Renaissance. The fact you used that term so incorrectly says a lot. You can't have "Pre-Raphaelite paintings in the Renaissance era."

So the 1400s-1500s Renaissance pieces are out, apparently, because it was "a short period of time" kek

Here's a piece from the 1800s.

Not to turn this into an art history thread, but get a damn clue, anon.

Unless these women with curves, thighs, breasts, and visible stomachs are your idea of "slim" and "anorexic." In which case, I suspect your perspective is way off.

No. 242040

File: 1523664950712.jpg (139.06 KB, 929x700, susanna-and-the-elders.jpg)

Here's another of my favorite paintings, again from the 1500s.


>What if… your personal preferences for the ideal body type were your opinion and not fact? What if… there was room for multiple body types to be celebrated and considered attractive?

Most people in this thread are pushing back against the notion that "tiny, thin" or "anorexic-skinny" women have always been preferred and are more desirable. I think there are only a few people in here being dumb tbh.

No. 242042

File: 1523665070427.jpg (32.33 KB, 502x273, VenusWillendorf.jpg)

What's up with pick related hair tough? Or is it a hat?

No. 242043

File: 1523665094544.jpg (71.74 KB, 420x573, medieval-249701.jpg)

The women were painted just like that down in Italy too. I have more paintings from other time periods as well if you really want them in the same region. Not sure why you're still trying to argue with me with fiction and irrelevant bullshit as if one location mattered whilst ignoring the rest of the entire world.

Obesity has been linked to stupidity. Fat women will always try to delude themselves into thinking they're desirable so they don't lose it while spewing nonsense.

No. 242044

File: 1523665124694.jpg (13.63 KB, 245x245, 1519835946101.jpg)

Oh, honey. Like someone previously pointed out, fatness was considered hot because it was a sign of status and wealth. Since when has the average body type ever been considered the ideal? The fact you say that shows what an uneducated moron you are. And lmfao at the fact you're using one of the minority paintings of thin women to prove your point.

I wasn't talking about the people pointing put historical facts, but the girls salivating over ED sufferers.

No. 242046

That famous statue depicts a pregnant woman and is about mother nature being the circle of life. Troll?

No. 242047

>Not sure why you're still trying to argue
I was not the same anon darling.

No. 242048

Yes the women in the paintings I've posted wearing royal, bright clothing are so fat. You got me. It was never a sign of status or wealth and if you were fat, you were shunned. Go read a history book. You desperately need it. Not only are you blind, but also stupid.

No. 242049

No, I'm asking about her hair.
Hair stykes are relevant to beauty standards.

No. 242050

Never said you were. Why do all triggered fatasses say honey and darling in a condescending way when they're mad? Someone mentioned it on here before too and I thought they were joking but it looks like it's true here. Yawn.

No. 242051

>The Metamorphoses of Fat: A History of Obesity
>For example: If scarcity of food was the chief reason for positive attitudes to fat in the earlier middle ages
Maybe you should read more sources.

No. 242052

Nta… but minority? that was seriously how all paintings looked back then and was the prominent art style. There's other periods where the wome are drawn thin too in more recent styles.

History anon is blowing you guys tfo.

No. 242053

>if other anons disagree they are fat asses
>implying you are not the only one mad in this thread

No. 242054

File: 1523665598445.jpg (23.4 KB, 234x336, 2eaa1f71058cc951f7551e698f3528…)

Sorry, did you want more?

No. 242055

File: 1523665633600.jpg (97.43 KB, 340x950, e723696b63c5ff062a7d005313756a…)

This one good?

No. 242056

File: 1523665656164.jpg (67.05 KB, 537x665, f19fbb2970afd15aa6a827e4b931f0…)

Damn, how am I so easily finding these small, minority images. Hmm…

No. 242059

ok keep believing ur so desirable with ur chubrub. you should work on your intelligence and attitude problems first then maybe someone will love you

No. 242060

You're cherry picking to such a ridiculous extent. I minored in art history and never once have I seen anyone deny the historical preference for larger ladies. It's not even a subject of controversy outside of this thread. I even Googled it to see if I'm just ignorant and this is not a subject of debate at all besides to you.

No. 242061

File: 1523665809225.png (814.04 KB, 750x919, lZTlyViUeD.png)

I hope they find out lip injections cause some kind of serious damage and they die as a trend just like tanning beds did.

No. 242062

File: 1523665840898.jpg (127.27 KB, 707x756, Rubens-The-prey-of-the-daughte…)

I don't understand why anon is so triggered.
Anyhow, some baroque fat ladies.

No. 242063


I don't know why you girls can't let shit like this be, sometimes.

No. 242065

I think anon is failing to differentiate between obesity and having some extra pounds. I don't think genuine obesity has ever been desirable, but there were almost no actually blobby whales even among the elites because that would be hard as fuck to do with how food was at the time.

No. 242066

One of the girls who called you "honey" here- I'm bordering on underweight for my height and my body inspo thread is just pictures of Twiggy, but I still acknowledge you're factually wrong and an idiot.

No. 242067

This is the only one that looks genuinely slim.

Her stomach is bulging, she might be pregnant but either way.

These look like average bodies, and the robes are draped around them in a way that doesn't create a clear body silhouette to know how slim or not they are. Clearly not an image that's trying to show off female beauty or the female body especially either.

No. 242068

There's no chill in the Art History fallacy game silly anon.

Also, I hate the cultural apropriation thing because it keeps me from wearing things that would suit my type of hair a lot and make it much more manageable.
I hope we reach a place in history when hair scarfs and brades will be more widely used, regardless of ethnicity.

No. 242069

Why's that anon cropping the paintings? That's so unnecessary.
You don't have to apply yourself so much for a silly tabao image board.

No. 242070

You mean out of your heavily cherry picked examples? Yeah, some paintings had thin women, doesn't change the fact they're the minority. Also, what the fuck kind of history books are you reading? Fatness was a symbol of wealth. This is indisputable historical fact. At the very least Google this shit before sounding so sure of yourself. I am, even though I know this shit already, and it's confirming you have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Samefag, but I meant "folder" not thread

No. 242071

The main problem here might be that anon is confusing "fat" back then and "fat" now days in Murrica.
Maybe chubby or full figure would be better since Americans only consider Obese as actually fat.

No. 242073

File: 1523666795541.jpg (63.99 KB, 645x792, c66ffda3f86738dc7b681cc5c11482…)

It's almost like there were countless pieces of art during a period of several centuries, so finding some paintings of thin women if you look for them isn't that hard.

Sarcasm aside, though, minority=/=nonexistent and you're an imbecile

No. 242074

Why is it that fat Americans don't know history? Big hasn't been accepted until recently even now it's not really accepted. If you're so upset about your weight to the point you have to make yourself change history and belief in false facts, then why not just hit the gym….?

No. 242075

Calm down with the projecting there.

No. 242076

File: 1523667093005.jpeg (143.59 KB, 640x841, 33ECFF5C-5AF5-4215-94A6-1A1BB0…)

Just because someone painted it, doesn't mean it's attractive.

No. 242077

Can't tell if this is bait or genuine retardation.

No. 242078

nayrt but Americans aren't taught history for shit because it would make the white man look bad. It's the land of Denial with a capital D.

No. 242080

Found the projecting fatty.

No. 242085

I don't understand why anon is in such denial about historical facts.

Rotted teeth were also a symbol of wealth. Receding hairlines were also a beauty standard. Medieval beauty standards were fucking weird, why do you need to deny history to conform to them?

No. 242086

How many hamplanets keep derailing this thread even though they were presented multiple in-your-face proof paintings, come on now. You guys are extremely sickly and sound unhealthy mentally too.


Y'all remind me of this thread a few years back and yes I know it's leddit.

No. 242087

File: 1523668243849.jpg (63.53 KB, 552x828, 1893119884be5cee4cda42f39928ba…)

Anyways. Imo elegant, classy and cultured women are the best looking when it comes to all races and ethnicities. Being obese or skelly is not beautiful. But one can be elegant in most healthy body shapes and height.

Also I think both natural and man-made beauty can be beautiful but insta-thot is a big no form me.

I don't understand the discussion with all these old paintings, imo most of them would pass as normal but on the bigger side. Which at least where I live, does not mean obese.

No. 242088

did you mean to respond to someone else or…

No. 242089

Is there any thread that could exist about looks without anachans coming in and calling everyone they see fat?

No. 242090

Stop asperging about this shit SEA anon.

No. 242091

>people who are skinny = anorexic
Wow you sound really jealous. Is there any thread where people can openly admit thin women are the most beautiful without triggered overweight anons screeching about how they're so much more sexy?

No. 242092

No one is saying actual fatasses were considered attractive. But depictions of beautiful women tended to have extra flesh on them compared to today. It's like you have no conception of different weights or body types other than skeleton or hamplanet, and there's nothing in between those.

No. 242093

No one is claiming they're obese, but they're more like "skinny fat", got some extra flesh compared to the very thin look that became more popular in the last several decades.

No. 242094

Anon is implying that your insistence that everyone who disagrees with you is fat and insecure implies that you yourself are fat and insecure, and that's why it is on your mind to this extent.

No. 242095

Neither do you constantly throwing around the word skeleton. That wasn't the original anons point anyway as they seem to have no in between.
Where were the fat men in paintings if being chubby was considered beautiful and wealthy? Why are they all muscular and fit?

No. 242096

One anon said this and I honestly think they were baiting.

Literally no one is saying "big = beautiful and sexy!", they're just trying to make a point about beauty standards in history. I think a lot of them, myself included, think thinner is more attractive.

No. 242097

>beauty standards for men and women being different
What a shock.

No. 242102

What? I just came in here one, it just seems if theres any thread pertaining to looks people throw around the fatty card to anyone
What even are you on about? I call them ana because they seem batshit crazy, and you are further proof of that.
Well true, I see this so much on different threads, the plastic surgery thread, weight gain thread, and now this thread, it seems you can't say anything about bodies or weight anynore on lolcow without having the jealous fatty card thrown at you

No. 242104


Wait, what are the dangers?

Also am I wrong for thinking that being overall /fit/ will always be attractive? I think throughout any decade having a tight body with a flat stomach but cute butt and boobs will always look attractive and healthy.

I do kind of wish there could be support with all body types. I'm so tired of guys praising women for their natural curves when it's a buttlift or two boob jobs.

Makeup nowadays legit remind me of some of the stuff you see on Rupauls drag race. I'm a victim of it myself sometimes where I have so many steps to my makeup but feel like my face would be incomplete without them

No. 242106

>Wow you sound really jealous. Is there any thread where people can openly admit thin women are the most beautiful without triggered overweight anons screeching about how they're so much more sexy?

You're on a website that is almost solely dedicated to calling women fat or skinny fat. Most anons here have eating disorders and BDD. You are not oppressed, on lolcow, for finding thin bodies attractive.

This thread is embarrassing and I think some of the anons on here need to step away from the internet and social media and pay attention to how the women in their lives dress and look.

No. 242108

In the original X Files series from the 90s there's a scene where a prostitute is in the street (a guy kills her/saves her from being killed?) and her makeup was very similar to what's fashionable now. Watched it a few years ago like "huh…so it's literally prostitute makeup"

Also was another episode where Mulder/Scully are staking out a location frequented by prostitutes (watching out a window to look for a particular guy) and they are quite disparaging about it all.

Interesting to see how things change

No. 242109

>where people can admit thin is the most beautiful

That's never been a problem on this website and it is, in fact, a common opinion here.
Why don't YOU work on not being so triggered whenever fat figures are brought up in conversation? Nobody here said obesity today is sexy and beautiful, you just got mad when anons tried to calmly explain how full figures back in the day were a class status and considered desirable.

Nobody oppressed you.

No. 242110

File: 1523671366130.jpg (95.72 KB, 1200x675, henry-viii.jpg)

>forgetting about this iconic fat fuck

No. 242112

Did anyone actually think he was hot though. He just got painted because he's rich and powerful.

No. 242113

They did, lol.

iirc he had big obese man calves and it became popular to say that was attractive.

No. 242114

>is there any thread
Uhh anon do you not remember the several thinspo threads, underweight weight loss goal thread, goal body threads, etc etc
Its not about "not being able to call thin women attractive"
Its screaming "JEALOUS FATTY" anytime anyone says something you disagree with
I dont know what "overweight anon is screeching" at you like you insist, but the screeching fatty at everyone and everything is ridiculous and becoming a problem

No. 242116

Man this thread is to DIE for

No. 242122

Why are there still women nintendo-mii-maker their eyebrows on?? Why do they want to look mad all time?

No. 242123

in order to fulfill my own beauty standars I have to chop off my tits

No. 242200

Speaking of beauty standards:
Forgive me because I've vented this awhile ago–it makes me really pissed that transwomen in many cases are covered by insurance or sponsored by charitable (and gullible) people for fake tits, plastic surgery, hormones, etc.

Usually they excuse this as trying to look more feminine in order to be comfortable in their 'social role.'
But who defined bolt-ons and certain facial features as the 'true' female look anyway? Afaik many adult women have flat tits, masculine faces, deep voices, man hands, unwanted hair, etc.

I'm sure some are insecure about not fitting societal beauty standards, so where's their money to "fix" these issues?
Most mainstream trannies are getting instathot looks done too, so it's not even about finding what feminine features fit them. Just what's trendy.

No. 242213

I don't think anyone should get insurance coverage for aesthetic surgery, including trannies. If you want to be prettier or fuck yourself up to look like the opposite sex then go ahead, but do it on your own cash.

No. 242236

but anon muh dysphoria, they'll literally kill themselves!!!

tbqh i'm just waiting till this seeps into other forms of cosmetic surgery, because that's all it is, and other forms of dysphoria do exist, and they're exactly the same, only the delusion is less ridiculous than trannies who need to look like the sex they believe they are even though they already feel like it. kek.

No. 242245

Exactly. Either all dysmorphic conditions are legitimate enough to warrant the 'corrective' cosmetic surgeries, or none of it is.
Because frankly, none of it is technically essential to live.

No. 242259

File: 1523679977994.jpg (110.44 KB, 800x994, Andreas_Moeller_-_Erzherzogin_…)

I believe the Venus of willendorfs face is curly hair that represents fertility.

Actual women in power is rare to come by but most are chunky during the enlightenment period.

Nigger you failed AP Biology.

No. 242266

The anon who sparked the conversation straight up used the word "anorexic", retard.

No. 242353

yes, I did.

btw thanks everyone for all the discourse, I love seeing arguments on here

No. 242370

Ugh, I'm all for being slim and all, but medieval idealization of slender women didn't actually stem from material status, but from the religious views of the time, that is that ascetism and fasting are virtuous things to do. Slightly protruding bellies vere also in vogue, because they brought pregnancy to mind.

Admittedly, some female saints famous for their fasting habits are nowadays considered early examples of anorexics. This phenomenon even has a name now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anorexia_mirabilis.

No. 242371

This is the most embarrassing lolcow thread ever.

No. 242470

lol thats sad. if i had a daughter and she did her makeup like that, i'd kms.

Honestly, it looks horrible on everyone, young and mature. It can look good on photos, but in real life it's so ugly. I'm happy that most girls don't do their makeup like this

No. 242547

True, edgy fatasses who can't handle the truth always ruin these types of threads.

No. 242560

Lmao no, as always on this retarded website a bunch of ana-chans are acting like fools, getting their panties in a knot because no one find their concave ass beautiful.

No. 242561

File: 1523730071439.jpg (46.3 KB, 600x562, 1501273247645.jpg)


It's ruined because you fuckwits always gotta play this tribalistic argument of ~*~*~*FATTIES VERSUS SKINNIES~*~*~ while the rest of us sane folk recognize that it's fruitless. You get your emotions involved because the reality is you come to these threads to low key neg who you personally feel is ugly, instead of discussing actual trends.

No. 242565

No one was arguing fat>skinny. Did you read the fucking thread? We were simply stating historical facts because we understand that our personal preferences don't magically change history. We were also pointing out that anorexic bodies don't look good because unless you literally have a psychological disorder, it doesn't.

No. 242567

This place is a literal nut house, anons obsess over other anons and the most obscure shit, a lot of infighters have the same writing style and attitude, I wouldn't doubt if it was the same few people

No. 242568

High fashion models at certain agencies are still hounded to ana themselves into early menopause but thanks to the negative media coverage of people DYING, their look as an ideal is now rightly restricted to a small demographic of freaks on skinnygossip and morbidly obese fashion editors and creepy photographers sadistically living out their sick fantasies of other people's bodies.

As much as I shun fatties in denial/HAES and try to not associate with them, ana-chans are infinity worst in every possible way.

No. 242570

>No one was arguing fat>skinny. Did you read the fucking thread?

You're both insulting the fuck out of each other. Do you think readers are blind? Knock it off.

No. 242580

Who was insulting skinny girls? We were explicitly insulting the way anorexics look. There's a difference.

No. 242582


Yeah seriously. I was the anon who posted Botticelli’s Venus, explicitly replying to people saying “anorexic” and “tiny thin” women were the most attractive of all time always.

No one was arguing for fatness or obesity. They were just arguing against anorexia. Only here would that be a controversial opinion.

No. 242583


Only a mental illness would make someone believe that painting portrays obesity. Some people really act like cows here sometimes and would benefit greatly from therapy.

No. 242586

A lot of farmer anons seriously seem like just as bad as cows and using them to invalidate their insecurities like "I'm not as bad as x" kind of thing.

No. 242593

I totally do that and it's clear from all the threads I'm in that I'm far from being alone.

A thread like this is especially gonna be a magnet for that kind of shit.

No. 242594

"Concave ass" for one. Yeah, it's one thing to point out bodies begotten from mental illnesses shouldn't be glorified. Yet I don't see how shit like that is any different than an ana chan reeeing about cottage cheese thighs on overweight people just because she doesn't think they're healthy, when high key it's really about her not finding them attractive.

Some people are attracted to anas.
Some people are attracted to obese people.
It really doesn't matter.

No. 242598


No. 242629

But no one said it portrays obesity. It portrays a woman with a bit more flesh than would be considered the modern ideal even when it's not anorexic tier. Visible tummy flesh =/= obesity.

No. 242662

original anon here who got everyone upset.

Anorexia counts anything below a 17.5 BMI. Technically someone 5'2" at 95 pounds, which is a totally acceptable weight for that height, would count as anorexic and wouldn't look sickly.

I believe that if you're going to be that thin, you should take care of your hair, skin, and nails. it doesn't look nice to have any of those look bad, even when you're skinny. so if you're thinking of sickly-anorexic – no, that's not beautiful at all. think more "heroin chic", twiggy, audrey hepburn, etc.

No. 242680



>Anorexia nervosa, often referred to simply as anorexia,[11] is an eating disorder characterized by low weight, fear of gaining weight, and a strong desire to be thin, resulting in food restriction

>The severity of disease is based on body mass index

Just being skinny doesn't make someone anorexic. It's an eating disorder, the BMI is just to establish severity.

No. 242820

File: 1523771735615.jpg (214.26 KB, 1936x1936, `.jpg)

I personally think Twiggy looked like a drug addict and Audrey Hepburn wasn't anorexic skinny, her upper body was very tiny but she also had some great toned legs, very little people actually look good at such a low weight.

I think it's dangerous to say shit like "bing anorexic skinny is beautiful and elegant and anything else is vulgar" the natural body of women is not vulgar, it can be beautiful, sexy and elegant, on the other hand an anorexic body might look alright dressed, but naked… Come on it's not a nice sight.

spoiler for blogging. I'm acting triggered because as a teen I gave myself and ED like an idiot because I wanted to be skinny delicate and elegant.

No. 242823

File: 1523772188416.jpg (80.97 KB, 493x604, Bk28vUoKLXM.jpg)

Don't want to sperg but another pic of Audrey's pretty legs they're just full enough and very feminines.

No. 242824

File: 1523773217864.jpg (66 KB, 564x810, 72394193eb5c32f4e30af7c15f7a61…)


Yeah Hepburn was thin up top, but she had lovely legs. She did ballet and walked over five miles everyday.

She also survived WWII by eating nettles and tulip bulbs. She almost starved to death when she was pre-pubescent. Starving during puberty can permanently stunt your growth.

No. 242833

there's a reason why instagram is the worst social media for mental health. this is a great example of why!
get off there, ladies. it's ruining your spirits.

No. 242851

Wanting recognition and approval from your peers affects people in every age group and social bracket. Considering women get judged largely by their appearance, it's not surprising.

That said the constant "lol fatties u all ugly!!" "No u, anas!!" is embarrassing as fuck.

No. 242861

She's obviously fucking tiny. She's just wearing a coat.

No. 242864

Why is everyone arguing? Can't we all just agree that there are shitty standards placed upon us by men and encouraged by other women which often include dangerous, expensive and excessive trends such as plastic surgery, shockingly thin and tall heels, eating disorders, heavy makeup, skincare products with dodgy ingredients etc. and that's bad? It doesn't really matter what the trend is, does it? It's always guaranteed you'll fork out a lot of money or do something invasive or something that risks your safety/comfort.

It doesn't matter what standards are in your culture/nation/circle of friends. Whether it's big asses/lips or heroin chic, it's all over the top and dangerous. Even in circles where "body positivity" and "loving your natural self" is promoted, there are still ott trends like being dangerously overweight and dressing what some might consider "slutty" in order to "prove" that you're comfortable with yourself.

You're being hit from all sides with stupid standards and *you'll never meet any of them. That's the point. Trends will constantly change, especially with regards to weight (during the world wars and the ancient times, it was positive to be overweight because it meant you could afford good food but in recent times it's seen as positive to be skinny because it means you can afford all of this organic/gluten free/vegan shit and a personal trainer but the most recent trend of having a big ass/lips with a tiny waist means you can afford lip fillers, lipo and implants all over your body). Can't we all just agree that no matter how fucking hot you look by some people's standards, there will be people who think your lips are too thin and you're too pudgy and your eyebrows aren't "on fleek" and Forever 21 looks shit on you because you don't have Asian proportions???

If you think your standard of beauty is the "correct" one and everyone else is "jealous" or you have some magazine or old paining that proves your standard was popular at some point in time for one part of the world, then you're part of the problem. Help your sisters by showing that everyone has features that can be considered beautiful or exotic or coveted. Bring some positivity into this thread. Assume anyone who expects you to adhere to some stupid, dangerous trend is part of the robot infestation and ignore.

Let's get back to talking about why ott standards are bullshit.

No. 242866

Nobody had been arguing for several hours, and it was already proved to be the work of a sperg with no chill. Calm yourself. All that bold and italic text isn't necessary to get your point across.

No. 243070

Underrated post.

Being skinny does not equate healthy.
After years of constant restriction, I have finally reached the maturity to say “I’d rather be a few pounds overweight and mentally sane than underweight and batshit neurotic using thinness as a competition because I have nothing else to bring to the table.”

All in all, who fucking cares. Trends come and go, it’ll always be like this, but focusing on your own health both physically and mentally beats obsessing over what’s going on around you

No. 243728

I don't really know what's going on these days. I mean I go outside and I have an instagram, but I don't really know what the big trends are right now, can anybody fill me in on what's big right now? Besides the baddie look?

No. 243741

Thicc trend absolutely destroyed my confidence as a natural skinny girl.

No. 243755

I feel so bad for you then I remember as someone "thicc" I have been hating my body for decades since the trend has always been skinny bodies. It sucks for everyone.

No. 243757

File: 1524144124126.jpeg (499.54 KB, 2000x3000, 83856519-3CFA-4E9B-B31A-9A9788…)


There are plenty of thin celebs who are held up as sexy and beautiful. Ignore Instagram trends. As this thread shows, there isnt just one beautiful body type.

No. 245776

File: 1524838039791.jpeg (458.88 KB, 750x1201, D0328571-CFB5-474B-AD00-431F61…)

is this waist even possible? this was posted by a pretty well known photographer (clint on IG) and it doesn’t seem like he usually photoshops his models’ waists so I don’t know why he would shop this picture. This is like my goal hip/waist ratio but I can’t tell if it’s even real.

No. 245779

She looks emaciated.

No. 245780

lol you know there are so many thin people who are popular on ig right? and even then it's "slim thic" that's really the trend. women who have amazing curves and flat stomachs aren't really that thicc.
i might be bias but growing up i always felt fat, just because im a bit wider, and didn't really see a lot of curvier/bigger girls, so i think it's nice to see more representation.
no offense tho, on every single picture/meme about thic girls i see this comment, like every single photo there is some lame skinny girl saying "omg what about thin girls" i just want to know…..why?

No. 245782

File: 1524839082313.jpeg (550.82 KB, 750x1158, A1EF6008-A302-497E-B712-E60F59…)


Yeah based on the other pics and her page, it’s real. It’s not a look you should strive for anon, it doesn’t look healthy at all

No. 245783

File: 1524839142061.jpg (145.37 KB, 640x340, womanf.jpg)

It's her pose; the lumbar lordosis pose, which makes her waist look tiny, since she has that IG model look I assume she has had fat placed on her hips or ribs removed/liposuction, she is stretching her arms up, which makes her fat more stretched out.

Thick in my language just means that you're a fat bastard. I think it's weird how Americans can willingly and proudly call themselves that. Pic related is what comes up when I write thick in my language.

No. 245784

I think it's possible but it's all about bone structure, you can't achieve that just by working out and dieting.

No. 245785

I was originally delighted about the big butt trend as a pear shaped girl, but then the standard got so ridiculous with plastic surgery and shooping that I feel like a rectangle compared to everyone else. I also hate current makeup and thot fashion, it's gross and only looks okay in photos. irl they look like trashy hookers. But that said, opular fashion in general has degenerated, at least where I live.

Anyway, most trends only benefit the few genetically gifted and the rich, no matter the era. So I've decided to just focus on my opinion, which is that all healthy bodies (and even some chunkier ones) are smokin. I also think the thin vs. thick competition is ridiculous because of this. You're all cute!!! Dammit!!!

No. 245786

Yep. "Muh representation" is bullshit. The "thicc" girls are fake and not actually representative of normally thick people.

No. 245788

The thicc trend never caught on with me because of all the cosmetic surgery and photoshop.
Getting liposuction on their 'problem' areas like double chins, arms, and thighs. Fat transplants on their hips and ass. Breast implants. Fillers.
Photoshop for the rest of what these procedures don't cover.

It never felt like homage to being bigger. It's done nothing except heap on more unrealistic expectations.

At least they look like real people. As far as I'm aware, thicc is often used as a tongue in cheek way of saying someone's fat.

No. 245811

She looks normal and attainable, have you guys never seen a skinny person before? My body looks similar

No. 245820

Real but horrifying.

No. 245824

>looks attainable

With copious amounts of restriction and cocaine, surely. But the posing does help too.

No. 245830

Calm fatty-chan, sorry your insecurity makes you believe any girl capable of being thin with boobs and curves is unnatural, hit the gym for once and you'll see girls with body's like that all the time, hell most girls here are all thin with hip bones and big round perky bopbs naturally, leave your hicktown for once

No. 245831

>leave your hicktown for once
You already sperged about this exact subject not too long ago using the same exact wording. (about that ugly photshoped instahoe violet-whatever)
You're so fucking embarassing.
I'm so over people calling each other ana chan and fatty at the drop of a hat.

No. 245832

Uh no? People can have same opinions here, threads like these accusing all women who arent fat or skinny with boy bodies of being fake just do nothing but show massive insecurity, you sound crazy

No. 245833

File: 1524850601264.jpg (42.87 KB, 640x480, tickles.jpg)

Awwwww. Called me a fatty. Feel better now?
Sorry you're delusional, but the only way you get rib bones like that is if you're starving.
Overweight people eat a certain amount of calories for their bodies to be how they are, and it's the same for people who restrict to be underweight.

No. 245835

She isn't even that skinny anon, you're acting like she just escaped Auschwitz, her ribones are just from posing

No. 245836

She has bones ON HER CHEST. She's clearly underweight. That's like every ana chan's hallmark, even Aly had the same bones poking through back when she wasn't eating.

Again, it's 'attainable' of you restrict and eat like a bird.

No. 245839

Thats because she was stretching back, even then I knew girls who were that skinny 100% naturally

No. 245841


Obesechans claim genetics and metabolism because they either don't realize how much they're eating, or they don't want to admit it.
You either eat enough calories, or you don't. That bitch ain't eating and it sounds like neither do you.

No. 245847

She isnt even that thin, if you really think those thighs are "deathly thin" then…

No. 245850

>deathly thin

Your words, not mine. I hope you recover.

No. 245851

How does she have those bingo wing biceps while being a skeleton? No exercise, just starving?

No. 245853

No exercise. If she had muscle definition her arms and calves would look defined.

No. 245857

File: 1524854253712.jpeg (778.27 KB, 750x1135, B86FA9B2-DC06-4517-BF73-3024E8…)


I didn’t say it wasn’t attainable, I said it didn’t look healthy, which imo it doesn’t.

And if you’re honestly claiming you have this body naturally while eating a healthy amount, I’m sorry but I highly doubt it.

No. 245858

Agreed. "Attainable" is a dumb word anyway.
I mean it's 'attainable' to be morbidly obese or anorexicly underweight, it doesn't mean that's the common standard.

No. 245859

I think when people say "attainable" they mean attainable without surgery and keeping a fair or healthy diet

Her tits look fake though, at least in that picture

No. 245868

File: 1524861480204.jpeg (178.29 KB, 512x750, 3C3C7A66-0687-418E-9EF5-C4338E…)

>have you guys never seen a skinny person before?
uhh yeah, I’m the one who posted her and I’m just as skinny as she is, I wasn’t talking about that I was referring to her hip to waist ratio. She has a tiny tiny waist and full hips that jut out. I don’t consider that “normal” most skinny girls are less curvy in that area like pic related (not to say it’s impossible to have a hip to waist ratio like that but most women do not)

No. 245879

My exact thoughts. She was the one that tried to make us believe that all Los Angeles girls religiously take care of their perfect bodies while we non-american villagers are lazy fat fucks, right? lol

No. 245910

Lol, I went to UCLA for a bit, the place was far filled with "skinny girls with big round perky tits and hip bones", they had their fair share of fatties chubs as any college does, especially girls who hit the freshman 15 but acting like LA is some special magic place where all girls with perfect bodies live is a straight up lie

No. 246431

It's because she photoshops. She really thin with no curves whatsoever, her makeup is cakey and she wears lacefronts. She's also only 17 and had been lying about her appearance, age, and lifestyle for years.

No. 247315

File: 1525356765383.jpg (603.93 KB, 1275x1920, 50a2d7d5-aee1-4c2f-bdc1-d90ac9…)

Seeing a pic of Vlada in the Cute Girls Thread make me miss the 2000s aesthetic even more.
I kind of feel like it was destroyed by pc culture: nowadays everything has to be "exotic" - tan, dyed hair, big boobs, ass and lips, way too much and unnatural looking makeup… Just so that nobody feels offended by white or thin or whatever priviledge.

No. 247317

Eh, I don't think it has anything to do with pc culture, it's white people who made looking exotic or mixed race trendy anyways by starting to emulate black american fashion and features (mainly via Kylie Jenner).

No. 247318

File: 1525357847304.jpeg (118.71 KB, 620x850, 33BB2174-1500-43F0-BF70-CE798F…)

>t nobody feels offended by white or thin or whatever priviledge.
I don’t think that’s it, anon. People have different tastes and fashion is cyclical. Being a thin white woman will come back around again, as it has before

No. 247321

File: 1525358802848.jpeg (85.03 KB, 501x700, 508E65B0-F3F1-4B72-BD03-6D1B35…)

Samefag to add
Right before the 2000s aesthetic you’re talking about and concurrently with the start of the heroine chic look, Latinas like JLo and round asses were in, songs were made about big asses “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” etc. but this goes even further back. The 1920s had thin flappers in response to curvy Gibson Girls. Then we had the slightly curvy Hollywood Golden Age, then the angular bodies of post-war, then back to curvy for the fifties, then Twiggy of the sixties, and so on.

No. 247333

She literally looks like an exhumed corpse here. I like whippet-thin models, believe me, but this picture is terrifying.

No. 247338

Except kylie aint white. Shes middle eastern. Jewish media made the degenerate shit today popular.

No. 247339

Kris Jenner is not Armenian, Robert Kardashian in.

Kylie's parents are two whites - Bruce and Kris

No. 247384

Oh, sorry about that misinformation then. I was thinking about Kim and don't know the whole details of the family. Thanks for letting me know, anon.

No. 247385

You’ve never seen a corpse, clearly.

No. 247390

File: 1525387472823.jpg (35.68 KB, 299x450, vlada-roslyakova-profile.jpg)

nta but I think its because of the makeup, styling, and dead gaze in her eyes. And tbh I think that was part of why she was so popular. She usually got really strange styling and they always emphasized that "dead in the eyes" intense look. I think she's really beautiful when they're not styling her to look so stark.

No. 256197

File: 1528131829452.jpg (116.9 KB, 1080x1344, ohttomom.jpg)

Speaking of hip-to-waist ratio, is this girl's waist real? I've never seen an asian with a waist like this and since she's Korean I'm suspecting she's done some kind of surgery, just not sure what.


No. 256199

Looks like removed ribs and maybe fat redistribution through lipo, looks very uncanny valley on her Ig profile

No. 256205

File: 1528133635445.png (578.82 KB, 478x592, weird.png)

Weird waist to hip ratios are a trend on IG
I think it looks too creepy and uncanny valley tbh
Who would actually want to look like this?

No. 256221

Her bf% is way too high to have a small waist like that, very obvious shoop

No. 256222

File: 1528137701291.jpeg (696.31 KB, 750x1037, 86A4A9CD-85F8-46EF-B15E-3BF8A4…)

She has videos and it’s the same waist. It’s surgery not photoshop imo.
She looks like a cartoon. And every photo on her insta has her waist center frame so I’m betting she wants to get her money’s worth out of the surgery.

No. 256239

File: 1528141668160.jpg (36.69 KB, 454x580, 1234567.jpg)

The way her waist is shaped looks weird and unnatural…considering her thighs are somewhat soft, I don't think her waist should have these straight, harsh angles?

No. 256244

File: 1528143983721.jpg (63.32 KB, 583x813, Clipboard45678.jpg)

very obvious shoop. her waist also looks different every picture. her finger slipped off in this one kek

No. 256245

File: 1528144205837.jpg (153.63 KB, 898x682, Untitled.jpg)

No. 256254

Maybe I am the crazy one but I think it looks great and would love to look similar.

No. 256256

lmao those skinny ass legs. probably has a flat ass too.

No. 256257

File: 1528147482080.png (1.64 MB, 922x1194, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 5.24…)

i stand like this as well

No. 256263

Isn't a shoop she has videos up too

she's clearly sticking out her ass in this pic, she doesnt have much of a butt, if it was natural wouldn't her ass be more wider to fit the hip line?

What kind of surgery would get you these results, do hip implants exist?

No. 256264

she doesn't have wide hips, just look how small they are compared to her shoulders when she's not shopping herself to death >>256245
she just got surgery on her waist.

No. 256272

Huh, did she make her child take this picture ?

No. 295714

That makes no sense because bone structure and fat distribution indicates whether you have a small waist or not.

No. 295770

>>256239 To have anything close to this proportion naturally she can't be taller than 5'1. Also there is evidence of shooping in quite a few of her pictures albeit minor. The harsh angles can be a sign of waist training/corsetting.

No. 295796

why can't she be any taller than 5'1, just curious?

No. 296155

This picture looks still OK, compared to the other ones I see on insta. She should stop making her head look so small. I seriously don't get why Koreans keep doing that type of shoop, it just makes them look like they have a giant body instead of a small head..

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