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No. 238996

After seeing the Enzo drama that popped up on another thread I wanted to make a thread on Wrestling. Anyone here follow Wrestling?

Who's your favorite Wrestler? Favorite promotion? Anyone excited for the matches coming up this Wrestlemania weekend?

No. 238998

Lol Mandrama.

No. 239040

haven't been following it too closely lately, but i am excited for wrestlemania lol favourites are shawn michael & jeff hardy

No. 239081

My favourite wrestler growing up was The Rock. I still find it weird that he has an acting career now. Also his daughter is so cute.

No. 239104

File: 1522787176133.jpg (52.3 KB, 720x396, itstruetho.jpg)

No. 239107

Does any woman really enjoy watching this shit? Isn't it staged too?

The most I've seen mentioned are girls liking that one brown haired guy with long hair. He was pretty popular for a few years solely because of his "looks".

No. 239114

Yes it is staged, and yes some women like it. It's like a wrestling soap basically. You watch for the acrobatics and the drama. Not for the fake sport.

My favourite wrestler is Kalisto, the lucha chant is fun and luchas have a lot of acrobatic ability.

No. 239115

I'm pretty new to wrestling and have only been following for about four months now. I've really grown to love it, just signed up for the network to watch older stuff and baby's first Wrestlemania! I'm excited for Reigns vs Lesnar and Asuka vs Charlotte.

When I told one of my friends I got into it, she asked if I knew it was staged. obv I don't want to watch people seriously beating the shit out of eachother. I enjoy how hammy the drama and plotlines are. (+ Pretty much >>239104)

Also yeah some of the boys are cute tbh.

No. 239119

I feel like youre talking about Roman reigns(left),Seth Rollins (right), or Dean Ambrose(not pictured). A lot of girls i know of who are into wwe watch it for the cheesy plot n the guys cos some of them are hot. I personally like watching 2 half naked men in the ring be extra as shit. Everyone knows it's staged, it's entertaining just like 90% of entertainment.

No. 239121

File: 1522791780815.jpg (31.92 KB, 451x364, f5ce988a224fb67515d15f68ee87a6…)

No. 239137

Yeah plenty of women watch it. I mean, just look at the audience. Of course it's staged but we all know it and it's part of the fun. I don't really see how watching wrestling is any different to watching Ru Paul's Drag Race or ANTM.

No. 239169

Not wrong.

Yup, a lot more women now are into wrestling. Becky, Sasaha & Charolette's Wrestlemania match from 2016 is what got me into it personally. So I'm a relatively new fan. Like everyone else said, we all know its staged. You watch it for the drama & skill of the performers at this point, not because its a real fight.

Asuka vs Charolette is going to be great. I'm super glad they went with that over her vs Alexa. I'm really just cringing over the Raw Women's title match at this point.

No. 239209

Thanks for the insight, now I understand better. Maybe I should give it a go myself some time (I love cheesyness and ofc drama)

Yeah I was talking about roman reigns, I just couldn't think of his name lol.

No. 239218

File: 1522805835360.gif (3.66 MB, 320x240, ITS STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT.gi…)

I've started watching since that Rock-n-Wrestling cartoon was a thing. No access to cable for a few years, but ECW (and then CZW) being local meant that it had a one hour slot on public access. Finally got to watch WWF again when the Attitude Era was winding down & have been on-and-off since then. Gonna sound like a typical smark, but main roster WWE has been unwatchable for a few years now. Have heard that there's been some good matches & feuds in that fed and within NXT. Unfortunately, I cannot stand how sterile it is nowadays and the 50/50 booking.

Despite some places like NJPW or TNA (especially during the BROKEN Matt Hardy saga) doing some good things, rasslin' as a whole isn't quite the same for me anymore. That's the downside of reading all the dirt behind the scenes, I'd reckon.

No. 239381

I feel you. If you grew up watching then, its a completely different experience now. There's a lot of really quality performers now though, in the WWE and outside of it.

I wasn't watching wrestling during those times, so reading the dirtsheet stuff now is really interesting for me. But that's also because I love backstage/drama stuff.

No. 239828

Oh, for sure, match quality has gone up over the years in WWF/E. There's a huge disconnect with the performers getting over beyond that on the main roster. If they try to do it on their own, that works against them more often than not.

>But that's also because I love backstage/drama stuff.

Funny how even the wrestling reporters themselves have all managed to attract drama their way, despite having no change in their writing style. Its more entertaining than the damn product itself sometimes.

No. 239860

My cousin got me into wrestling when we were kids. I was so obsessed with John Cena. I would no joke do his little you-can't-see me gesture thinking it was the coolest thing in the world lol. I really wanna get back into it, but I dunno how to jump back in or where to start anymore. I started watching Lucha Underground on Netflix a bit ago but I haven't had a chance to pick it back up. I miss those corny, kayfabe storylines.

No. 239969

Seeing Meltzer's replies on twitter are kind of funny. He gets so argo sometimes. But hard to blame him with some of the smarks that tweet at him.

I'd say just start watching. My first real experience was watching Wrestlemania and I just started watching Raw and Smackdown after. A lot of the stuff you can absorb by watching old matches.
I liked Lucha Underground well enough but ended up dropping it. I really need to start watching NJPW

No. 240038

I am an old; I loved Roddy Piper when I was a little girl because he was such a shitdisturber in the best way.

After a long time of not giving any fucks because I was out living life I’m super into the high flyers rn. Lucha Underground is solid fun. I want to go to a taping so bad.

No. 240157

File: 1522976633629.png (759.17 KB, 433x585, bakersfield bingo hall.png)

I really like wrestling. I watched in the early 2000s as a kid then ignored it until I was 23 and went to a house show for the lulz. Something about hearing the slam of a body against the mat hooked me and I started going to bingo hall shows.

Its pretty cheap entertainment when you can see a 3.5 foot midget wrestle a 4 foot midget for $10 in ticket prices.

No. 240159

File: 1522977088776.png (733.07 KB, 753x454, teeth2.png)

I like it when real life interrupts the match. Pic related screwed up a spot and he hit the metal part of the turnbuckle with his front teeth rather than hitting the turnbuckle with his chest. Despite the blood and the pain he still wrestled another 15+ minutes rather than ending the match and going to the doctor

No. 240313

Oh god I nearly died seeing this. The really messed up part is that his teeth got pushed up INTO his head. Poor Cesaro. He's an amazing wrestler though. But god damn.

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