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No. 237933

I'm curious, why do anons nowadays want to cowtip so often? Like those weird anons who pop up in onion threads and talk about how they want to be the next sister wife, for the lulz

Or the ones who post about DMing a cow on Instagram or @ing them on Twitter and getting banned.

This behavior isn't exclusive to lolcow either. There's always some sperg wanting to take it to the next level and poke the shit, and I don't get why.

What do you hope to get out of it?

No. 237938

File: 1522362595749.jpg (29.83 KB, 480x367, onision.jpg)

obviously they want the grease peen, thats why. no but seriously i agree with you, especially the circlejerking ''let's call cps of lainey and greg''…

No. 237973

Not saying cowtipping here is acceptable but lol, atleast it's not as bad as PULL.

No. 238052

They probably hope to stir some shit up for entertainment but don't realize that it's only going to either cut the source of milk or get them pity points for being "bullied". For example a few years ago when people cowtipped Haku (the tumblr/instagram fakeboi) by sending herhim the link to the thread we got a flood of billion underage tumblrinas here first defending the cow (and fakebois in general) and then leak over to other threads. It was a mess. The same happened with ana-chans, there was a period when we had a new self-post ana thot thread like every other day.

No. 238127

Do you know if those old Haku whiteknight threads are still up?

No. 238273


No. 238278

honest to god, i think some people take this shit too personally and get way too involved. They become obsessive and feel like they can freely interact with the cow. They are hoping to make the cow upset or whatever. Anons, if you ever feel like this is you, take a week away from the site. youre getting too invested.

No. 238289

underaged cancer and people who want to selfinterject in to dramu

No. 238747

more milk

No. 242366

I found one of our camcows on a hooker forum arguing. i'll be if she wasn't tipped right when it got good.

some people just want to be apart. so as soon as they see a behavior they jump on it.

No. 242367

None of that is cowtipping though, anon.

No. 242509

I don't understand why people report twitter account to get banned or report other things or whatever
See it happen and think they did so great
But complain when the milk dries up because said cow isn't posting as much

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