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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 236049

Can we discuss the shit show that is Canada right now? Jordan Peterson, Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, etc.

No. 236051

is anyone a part of the bunz groups?

No. 236078

/pol/ pls

No. 236115

Jordan Peterson has turned every white male ages 18-35 into an insufferable pseudo-intellectual that is physically incapable of shutting the fuck up about him for five minutes and for that, I'll never forgive him. If I hear one more dweeb say "sort yourself out" I'm going to snap and they'll see what ~Chaos: The Eternal Feminine~ really looks like.

He's good for some laughs though.

No. 236566


i actually really liked peterson like 5 months ago when he was fairly well known but not selling carpets for 2k to his retarded fans. i find him kind of insufferable now but i do agree with his general message of making the most out of your life. his sjw critics are insane though

No. 236578

not a tranadian and as an amerifat I honestly have no room to talk, but holy hell all your shit appears to be fucked

No. 239846

Just sit back, let it all rot and enjoy the ride.

No. 239853

I've taken a collection of random useful thoughts from JP, his worldview isn't revolutionary enough to turn into a religion but ironically for a guy who decries ideology his fanbase has sure given rise to one.

No. 239857

looks like you haven't sorted yourself yet anon.

No. 245072

Why do non-americans keep making threads for themselves as if the 4 people who live in their country is going to give a shit where they're from.
But america's self centred. Okay.

No. 245109

File: 1524626499639.gif (5.48 MB, 570x321, YRx5Q.gif)

My canadian bf Justin Trudeau is a madlad. nothing is wrong with him u disgusting dykes. fuck off with your h8 - I love Justing Trudeau

No. 245119

Are there any farmers here who also go to McGill?

No. 245139

I would pay to do this, seems fun

No. 245140

No. 245182

Excited to see the shit show the next Ontario provincial election will bring.
Any Ontarians here? Who is your favourite to win?

No. 245254

uoft here. i have a really high gpa in my shitty arts program might want to apply to mcgill law cause it doesn't require LSAT.

what do you study? and how much french do you need to know?

No. 245256

i'm voting for doug ford, my entire family has met him and his brother and have nothing but praise for them.

No. 245339

File: 1524698722461.jpg (6.94 MB, 4373x3280, jp.jpg)

Alright, what's everyone's thoughts on him?

No. 245340

pepe welfare queen who doesn't know how to read theory

No. 245653

his taste in movies is trash

No. 245659

pray tell, I'm curious. I'm imagining some real /tv/-tier plebism

No. 245661

McGill law has pretty high standards, just warning you.

I'm studying physics. You don't need to know any french at all, but if you want a casual job here you'll need to be bilingual.

No. 245670

Uses highschool level logic in order to justify his old time sexist values. He's kind of right on the trans problem though.

No. 245927

How do you feel about him skipping the Toronto's black community meeting thing that happened? I barely paid attention to it, but I remember people from the Liberal and NDP parties were shit talking him for not going.

I'm kind of leaning towards the Green Party because the candidate for my area is so far the only one that actually gives a shit about my town.

No. 245928

I hate how I cannot escape JBP. I used to think he was alright as I agree with him about the government being able to compel speech. Now I think he is just trying to scam his fanbase. Anyone hear about him selling those $2,000 rugs? I feel like he just panders to whoever donates to him on pateron.

No. 245930

Planning on applying to McGill for life sciences. Do you enjoy the school?

I took a tour at McGill and I was told that the school offers a lot of jobs to students that can just speak English. Also was told that the school and some places in the community like the YMCA offer free beginner French classes. If you stay in the McGill bubble you could probably get away with not knowing any French, but I would be concerned about co-ops or getting a job outside of the McGill bubble.
I was thinking of applying to uoft too. Do you like it?

No. 246416

McGill really did a huge fucking number on my mental health and on the mental health of quite a few of my friends. If you can't handle being severely depressed, having an ED, and an alcohol problem while still maintaining a good GPA then it's probably not right for you

No. 246428

Not that person but wow I've heard that a lot about UofT but never McGill, interesting. Sorry you and your friends went through that.

No. 246760

lol U of T is a piece of cake compared to mcgill, based on friends who have been to both

No. 246832

Shit that's fucked. Did you reach out to the counselling support they have? I suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder so while I was taking a tour there I asked about mental health accommodations. I was told they have lots of social workers and psychiatrists to talk to if you're struggling, but maybe the tour guide just overhyped their services.
Hope you and your friends are doing better.

No. 246921

Wow damn… I have a dear friend who's studying Linguistics there. I've never heard of this so now I'm a bit worried for her.

No. 246929

do NOT go to mcgill if you have mental issues.

my close friend is in the process of suing them because she was diagnosed with ADHD during her schooling and the school's response was to kick her out due to her major being medicine. the residing professor claimed that hospital professionals can't have ADHD because it's dangerous. she played me a tape and the bitch sounded fucking nuts and was being super racist to her.

No. 246949

They don't have nearly enough resources to deal with the level of mental health issues that are on campus right now. It takes at least two months to get off a waitlist and see someone. the ED program got cut very recently. they will legitimately turn you away unless you've actually attempted to kill yourself. many many suicides are covered up every year.

we don't get any reading week in the fall, though most universities do. when we fail a class, we can retake it, but the old grade will forever be on our transcript (I've heard that it gets replaced at other universities). We can have final exams worth up to 70% of our grade in the course, and the option to have a 100% final. (I've never had one below 45%.) It's completely insane, but I'm glad I came out of it quite a bit stronger than some of my high school friends who went to easier universities

Not to insult your friend, but linguistics is an easy degree. I'm talking more about people in STEM. My arts-major friends haven't had that many issues.

No. 247006

i don't really care about him skipping the black thing. funny enough a lot of of ford nation supporters are minorities. so i don't believe he's racist or whatever

No. 247007

honestly with FPTP you might as well not vote green and vote strategically

No. 247008

what do you plan on studying? uoft is harder than other unis in ontario, assuming mcgill is also harder.

but it's not impossible to do well. you would need to go to all your classes, go to office hours to consult profs/TA about assignments, and review and study a week before.

unpopular opinion but i hate fucking toronto and go to the smaller campus in mississauga, it's literally the size of like 3 high schools put together. i like it cause i know everyone and i don't feel like a number. courses are a bit easier than the downtown campus. the Scarborough campus is the same but is a fucking dump. the only good thing is that it offers co-op. i'd highly reccemend a uni that offers co-op like waterloo

No. 247259

idk if anyone cares, but queen's has pretty accommodating mental health resources. i'm able to get some extensions/accommodations on my shit because of my depression and anxiety. I would like to imagine that transfers well into grad school

No. 257607

is anyone else totally unbothered by doug ford/the PCs winning the election? toronto SJWs are going insane right now

No. 257630

i'm concerned about the lack of accessible abortions and the possibility of minimum wage being bounced around but it's (hopefully) not the end of the world

No. 257739

I'm primarily worried about OSAP and university funding cuts (raising tuition). I hope they won't be affected too much.

No. 257746

Most people I know who voted for him, voted because they wanted the strikes to stop so they can graduate in their lifetime.

No. 475497

File: 1571712247995.jpg (56.39 KB, 810x445, FEDERAL-ELECTION-PLATFORMS-810…)

So who's watching the federal election?

No. 475517

Damn that BQ third place……
I expected Liberals to win with a minority government, though I'm a bit surprised at the NDP's poor results. Still in shock at how many seats Scheer won, even though his personal stance and the Conservative's stancedidn't match up… himself as a politician was wishywashy. Also, I don't know how the Conservatives fucking manage to win any seats, but I guess rich people want to keep their money..

Lol @ Bernier losing his own riding tho

No. 475628

reminder that Singh supports a religious ethno-nationalist movement

No. 475630

Honest question, is there a candidate that didn't do some shady shit? Not trying to be nihilistic just wondering if there would'v been a "morally pure" choice so to speak, sincerely.

No. 475634

Singh supports the creation of a religious ethnostate,If any politician believed in that they would never be allowed to run for office

No. 475637

I hated everyone so a minority government was honestly the best outcome for me personally…. bunker down 4 more years and try again lol

No. 475657

File: 1571761984067.jpg (63.33 KB, 500x634, Jarnail_Singh_Bhindranwale.jpg)

this is the man he was defending,a domestic terrorsit and religious fanatic


No. 475673


Imagine ending up with a ethno nationalist theocracy just because you are too woke to be against in fear it might sound racist or culturally insensitive.

No. 475678

File: 1571765730805.png (513.74 KB, 1280x1023, Punjab_region_2.png)

The Khalistan movement only applies to the Punjab region between India and Pakistan

No. 475722

File: 1571772660225.png (30.74 KB, 546x245, 1571118946979.png)

I'm wondering to what extent seats were lost from the NDP because people voted Libs to keep the CPC out of power. I really expected them to get more seats.

Some more interesting results are a new Green MP in Fredricton and Jody-Wilson Raybould (who left the Liberal Party after the SNC-Lavalin affair) getting elected as the only Independent in Vancouver. And also kek at the Meme Rhino Party sending their own guy named Maxime Bernier to that riding to confuse people.

There might be a new election in even less time than that. Interesting to see what's going to happen, wonder if there will be a coalition.

No. 475837

I'm honestly shocked they were allowed to run a second Bernier, considering how open they were about their intentions behind it.

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