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No. 234633

Anyone else hate themselves for coming here and feel extremely pathetic?

At first I came here because it made me feel better about myself. I'm very much someone who obsesses over whether my life is "Instagram Worthy" or whatever and feel inferior when I see people my age or younger doing all sorts of cool shit I wish I was. Lolcows obviously have the opposite effect. Seeing someone be a train wreck on social media made me feel much better about myself. Plus, there's some influencers that drive me crazy and I felt the need to rant about.

Now, almost three years later, I get no more enjoyment out of it. I feel even more pathetic than before. No amount of making fun of them will actually improve me.

No. 234644

I think it depends on how much time you spend here and what you post.

Some comments here are valuable - like the anons that check in to offer helpful advice, useful links or interesting comments - so there's no reason to feel pathetic if you're leaving those posts.

Some posts are nitpicky bullshit about nasolabial lines left by anons who wil stay in that thread for six hours to defend their shitty post and clog up the site. Posts like that won't make the poster feel any better about themselves, they'll just sink lower.

No. 234647

I never came here “to feel better about myself” like a lot of anons claim. I’m here for the stories, basically, and the occasional cute insta pic or whatever. I don’t feel bad because I don’t see anything wrong with why I visit or how I interact with the site. I think maybe some people do it for the wrong reasons, though.

No. 234653

Are you me, OP? Although part of it for me is knowing I could have easily been a lolcow, had the Internet been more popular when I was younger (oldfag). I sit watching my kid sleep and thank my stars I avoided having my dramu chronicled. But yes, I hate that I do this sometimes.

No. 234654

Wtf, you sound just as embarrassing as the lolcows we gossip about.

No. 234753

I'm kind of in the same boat, coming here to shit on people when I'm no better than the people I rip on. I wouldn't say I obsess over being Instagram Worthy but I do kind of get down on myself for not having achieved more and sometimes come to lolcow to remind myself that I could be way worse.

No. 235204

I wouldn't let anyone find out I browse here but I still don't have guilt about visiting the site, because like other anons said I don't come here for the wrong reasons.

I actually really like being able to share stories, questions, advice, and just general comments with a bunch of women from around the world who share similar views and were all raised by the internet like me. We have a lot in common, and that's not easy to come across.

Anon, spend more time in wholesome threads and maybe post helpful threads and posts. You might feel better.

No. 235205

I don't have any shame, I don't come here to feel better about myself. I come here to read about autistics and drama, kind of like reading a celebrity magazine except with more autism. It's interesting to see what these people get up to.

No. 235206

To OP- yes and no. Years and years and years back I found encyclopedia dramatica,then guru gossiper then moved onto pull and then lolcow with the odd browse of kiwifarms (i never made an account on kf though)
I did the same thing, started reading for guilty fun, but the more time I spent there, the more I would feel guilty. Like if I only checked in on the sites every now and then, I'd not feel so bad, but it got to a point where I was spending whole days on lolcow on my days off from work.

I also got a little too in my head and self aware of my actions and personality because I thought I might be lolcow worthy and quieted down irl of fear that I was becoming like these retards I had read so much about and spent my time bitching about.
I thought it was kind of pathetic because in real life, I'm very self aware and well groomed but then here I was being a toxic individual posting about bizarre people all day on an obscure message board.

I have found that people often bond over bitching and it's weird because I used to be one of those types in real life, but soon realised it was toxic as fuck and tried to rationalise it as 'at least it's d-list internet celebs and not real life bitching'

Honestly I've learnt that it's all about balance. People complain that people here are unstable and crazy but apart from a small few who like to dox and be obsessive, coming here and posting is no different to those ladies who buy gossip mags and bitch to their mates about the celebs inside. I know it's toxic, but bitching is a normal activity of everyday people and I think it's extremely hard NOT to bitch.

No. 235208

Samefag but basically what I was trying to say is that it's fine to post anon hate or gossip as gossip is human nature, just don't do it everyday or obsessively as to harm your mental health. If the idea fucks with you too much, perhaps refrain from coming here for a few months and see if your mental health improves.

No. 235220

It's a guilty pleasure but I don't feel that bad because coming here to feel better about yourself is a losing battle. As soon as I start to feel smug about being so much more accomplished and interesting than some cow, I remember how compared to many people I haven't done shit and they'd probably laugh at me for being proud of myself for anything.
Other than it just being stupid indulgent fun, the main thing I take away from this place is that there's no way to win when you compare yourself to others. Someone's always going to talk shit, and they're probably right. You need to learn how to judge yourself against your own life and your own goals, not out of fear of being considered a loser by some people, because you always will be unless youre like a superhuman.

No. 235356

>I actually really like being able to share stories, questions, advice, and just general comments with a bunch of women from around the world who share similar views

I haven't found anywhere else with women who are honest, open about their lives and primarily not competitive or aggressive

Long live lolcow

No. 235584

File: 1521582557612.jpg (24.67 KB, 540x389, 1516475871571.jpg)


I guess there's crystal.cafe?

Anyway, I don't feel bad for coming here (I don't come here to feel better about myself lol), but I do feel guilty about how much time I spend on this shitty site.

No. 235591

>feel inferior when I see people my age or younger doing all sorts of cool shit I wish I was.

I'm the same op. I'm still mad at the opportunities I lost as a kid to do things I'd like to do now and I resent people who actually do those.

My primary reason to come here was Venus kek I didn't really want to feel better about myself, but his life seemed so nice (little did I know) and I just enjoyed seeing what she was up to.

Now I don't really care about the cows anymore, I pretty much just come here for /ot

No. 235595

I like the weird shit on here but sometimes it feels like /r9k/ with vaginas

No. 235596

i feel that too
>inb4 500 people come in telling us off

No. 235623

So, when was the last time y'all actually went on /r9k/? For starters, we don't have daily porn/pro-trap threads and most of us aren't kin with Shinji Ikari, don't get salty abouy anyone who isn't a pathetic NEET, and don't blame males/normies for every single problem in our lives because parental issues.

I still don't understand why people compare this site to /r9k/ so much. I used to go on there pretty regularly a few years ago and the differences are night and day.

No. 235635

similar =/= the same

Both sites are full of lonely weirdos who spend all day online wondering why they're lonely and how to meet people they don't know how to talk to.

No. 235643

I dunno. Personally it sounds like you need to work on yourself and find out why you desired this validation in the first place. Get some more hobbies or whatever the fuck lol. I think it's pretty normal to get a bit jelly when you see people doing so good/doing stuff you wish you could…but obsessing about it or putting yourself down for it is totally unhealthy. I am really bad at this myself but I am working on it. It's not easy but it's possible, just don't get mad when it doesn't disappear immediately.

I came here because honestly, I got sober and the amount of drama in my life went waaaaay down. I was addicted to heroin for almost 10 years and obviously was all over the place. Reading about cows lets me enjoy drama vicariously I suppose (and vent about morons I have wanted to vent about for ages). I acutally came to enjoy OT discussions. Lots of people here have good advice and interesting opinions.

No. 235705

I don't really see that many anons complaining about tfwnobf or how lonely they are. I think it's more that we're similar with the autistic sperging. But even then we sperg about different shit.

No. 235712

>Both sites are full of lonely weirdos who spend all day online wondering why they're lonely and how to meet people they don't know how to talk to
Since fucking when? I haven't seen any posts like that on here. Women have a lot more self awareness and. lot of the posters here seem to have S/Os.

Also, the implication that fembots exist in any capacity is funny. Closest thing you'll ever see is bisexuals crying about how lesbians won't fuck them.

No. 235718

Idk if this is just a general guilt thread.
but I'm in my mid 20s & have been trying to improve my shitty weeb art because I like to draw.
& usually when I see really nice art I try to feel inspired by it and practise techniques I notice.
but tonight I saw this beautiful art with really nice colouring technique by a 15yr old. & I felt this overwhelming sense of ineptitude. like I'm too stupid to understand it & why should I bother.

No. 235723

Keep trying anon. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques. Art is a wonderful journey and you can only get better!

No. 235730

This. I don't come here for validation for my self-worth, I come here to read about shitty people because they're interesting in the same sense as a good news story or a documentary. OP, if you are here just to nitpick nasolabial folds or shit, you should seek help. Protip to all the pullfags: stop taking everything so goddamn seriously and stop wanting to wear a cow's skin.

No. 235744

Have you seen the amount of anons with significant others and jobs? You can't say the same for r9k.

No. 235769

I remember coming on here for like, gossip about people I and my friends know. I only come on here like once a month now. Talking about people fucked with self esteem, cause all the people that’s call ugly and fat are a lot Better looking and skinnier than me, so I think “damn I have absolutely no room to talk” so I guess that’s more self pity than guilt, but I digress.

No. 235923

> the implication that fembots exist in any capacity is funny.

of course they exist.

No. 235927

here we go again…

Fembots cannot exist because males are too promiscuous to let that happen, etc. etc. If a real woman is a virgin or doesn't have a boyfriend, it's by choice.

No. 235931

File: 1521676955323.gif (2.83 MB, 420x223, giphy[1].gif)

fembots aren't incels. incels and robots are different for one. also that's your reasoning wtf? you're insane.

No. 235940

They are the same. Femanons exist, but fembots don't. And my reasoning is true, i don't know what to tell you (except learn how to sage and not use such shitty reaction gifs)

No. 235973

lol are you autistic?

No. 235974

>giving this much of a shit about internet jargon

Anyway the original meaning of bot just meant someone who went to r9k often and adapted their behaviors hence the entire reason the board was named robot9001, recently they tried changing it to just mean incel but its dumb to try to change the meaning
Just like how theyre trying to change the meaning of roastie to mean "unbearable bitch" like no

No. 236017

File: 1521709917100.jpg (61.96 KB, 500x500, tumblr_p5l3npkhbA1qe6aq9o1_500…)

Oh my! You are telling me there exists a man sad enough to have sex with this thing? Really now??

Yes, it's a biological SHE.

No. 236056

Yeah. Even mama June got dick on a regular.

>you made 2 posts, obviously you're obsessed
Anyways, their behavior includes involuntary celibacy, misogyny, and screaming about normies/roasties, so…

No. 236060

Isn't the problem men then, as men are the one's willing to fuck just about anything?

I believe this is just a matter of supply and demand.

Do explain it to me, why is it the womens fault that men are willing to stick their dick in just about anything?

If you believe looks are the crucial part, wouldn't it made sense if men stopped having sex with these Chaugnar Faugn, to even out the playfield ya know? You could call it a trade embarg, restrict anyone from exporting their dick into Chaugnar Faugn.

Why should I pity men for the actions of other men?

No. 236066

Are you retarded? I said "they can't be incels because of men." What part of that implies that I think it's womens fault or that men aren't the problem?

No. 236068

>Are you retarded? I said "they can't be incels because of men." What part of that implies that I think it's womens fault or that men aren't the problem?

I'm making fun out of you.

You have no idea what an incel is, and claimed that women can't be incels as being an incel is about looks. That's why the fat things picture.
>incel aka involuntarily celebate, a person who has a horrible personality and treats women like sexual objects and thinks his lack of a sex life comes from being "ugly" when its really just his blatant sexism and terrible attitude

Women can be incels, because being an incel is about being an intolerable human being that is deluded that they can't have sex because of their looks. In reality it's their own behaviour, including never going out of their mums basement. The major part of inceldom is that it is all self-inflicted through their own BEHAVIOUR. The looks have always been their scapegoat and is what makes incel an incel. All behavioural aspects of the person can be included as to why they don't get laid. 90% of incels would get laid if they picked up their act and behaved better. That's what the problem with incels is.

No. 236072

>Women can be incels, because being an incel is about being an intolerable human being that is deluded that they can't have sex because of their looks
Wrong. Women can always find a man who will fuck them with relative ease no matter how terrible or a person they are, but not the other way around.

No. 236132

Men and women can pay for sex or relationships, I don’t understand why robots imply that women are making a choice to not have sex while waaa waaa they can’t when it’s entirely because of their own standards. If you have it so bad go get a mail order wife and buy her a purse every month.

No. 236158

I'm not a robot, I'm a girl. Most incels either can't afford that or don't want it, and considering how many thirsty men there are girls really don't have to pay for it unless they want to. But it feels better to have someone genuinely be attracted to you, which robots will never experience lol. Any woman can though.

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