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No. 228649

I'm having a rough week so I just want some wholesomeness and faith in humanity.(read the usage info)

No. 228653

lol give up now jesus christ

No. 228657

Is this a troll thread? I'd like to legit post but I won't waste my time if this is some idiot trying to drum up trouble.

No. 228673

No this is not a troll thread, I genuinely want to read wholesome stuff about cute boys okay? Jesus.
Also I'm a newbie so I don't know really how these sorts of sites work

No. 228745

Uhh just my dad and this one older man at work who mentors me because he identifies with how I was at his age (being a little lost and uncertain.)

Both are rare examples of good men who use their masculinity to protect, defend and lift others up. Not to subjugate or impose their will on others.

My dad asks me every time he sees me if there’s anything he can do for me. He does the same thing for all the women in his life, and he feels restless if he isn’t helping his loved ones. And he sees my mom as so valuable that he puts her before absolutely everyone else including himself.

The man at work keeps a very respectful distance but often checks in on me, gives me meaningful life advice (usually regarding finances or education) and advocates for me in a male-dominated work environment.

No. 228746

“Boys” are usually not wholesome and in desperate need of guidance.

No. 228776

>good men are subservient and pampering
good to know lmao

No. 228780

one of the main reason my long-term boyfriend is "one of the good ones" is because he's legitimate independent emotionally and spiritually.
if you notice, most of the misogynist fuckboys around don't seem to love themselves even little bit, constantly whining about wanting sex and a gf like they're baby birds in the nest, but then as soon as they get what they think they want, the gross raw real life details repulse them to the point of violent words and even actions. they're incredibly childish and need EVERYTHING from women, so if women don't deliver, they feel destitute.
with me and my bf, we're both extremely comfortable being alone and have filled our own emotional voids, so to speak, so a relationship is icing on the cake and he actually appreciates what i give him, it's not just what he feels entitled to and can't live without.
he's comfortable in both his masculine traits and feminine traits so he doesn't keep his natural aggression and virility bottled up until it becomes a problem, like a lot of modern guys. it just translates into a general toughness and confidence that doesn't hurt anyone unless the situation actually calls for aggression, like standing up for himself/others.
also helps that he's very intelligent and compassionate in general.

No. 228784

File: 1518475889767.jpg (297.07 KB, 837x1300, shy-kid-891902.jpg)

Sure there are a lot of assholes but personally I've had many wholesome moments.
Just the other day, I was walking to class and this underclassman blurted out "You're so pretty!", normally I just feel kind of weird
and awkward receiving compliments but I replied, "Thanks! You look good too, your outfit is sick," and he immediately looked really flustered and smiled shyly then said, "Thanks, you made my day, I wasn't sure if I looked lame or not wearing this but now I feel a lot more confident!"
You can't tell me that shit wasn't wholesome as fuck.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 228787

he sounds like a pathetic fag

No. 228825

Meh. Sad if you read into it that way but if it causes you too much cognitive dissonance to believe a man can be both a strong member of society and legitimately helpful to others then do what you need to cope boo.

No. 228827

I've been feeling extra shitty about men and misogyny lately but your coworker sounds lovely anon. I always like seeing the more experienced guiding those who are just starting out or struggling. I really hope one day I have enough of my shit together and have learned enough lessons from life to help other people in my field like that.

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