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No. 227964

Post phrases you heard that you found odd, don't get or made you think "what the heck"

I'll start. English is my secondary languages, so when I was visiting my friend her family cooked a big homecook meal for me. I remember complimenting the mom on her stuffed peppers and my friend added "Oh yeah, she put her foot in it! Mmmmm"

Gif related to my reaction

No. 227981

You sure she didn't mean "she put her soul in it"?

No. 227995

Yeah, or maybe "put her heart in it"?

No. 228018

The other day my friend asked me why it's called "babysitting" and I couldn't explain why, I never even thought about it. She was like "Nobody is sitting on the babies, right???" hahaha

No. 228020

One time I was checking out at a store, and the guy ringing me up was like "Oh! I love this jacket. When I see stuff like this I'm like a raccoon with a silver spoon." Still have no idea wtf he was trying to say. If it helps it was down South in the US. Lol

No. 228021

I've heard the phrase before too, but I always assumed it was a southern American thing. But even then I never really understood it myself lol.

No. 228049

lol I love how eccentric Southern slang is but it probably gets old quick.

No. 228053

Maybe meaning he can’t keep his hands off of it?

No. 228092

Britfag: "Putting your foot in it" means saying something embarrassing.

No idea where this other weird use of it has come from.

No. 228093


In the States it means the person has put a piece of themselves into food and given it thier all. It's a postive thing.

No. 228094

I've always found it weird how people call their parners "baby" or "babe". Maybe it's because English is my second language as well but it just seems odd to me.
It's so common that I'm used to it now, but I'd never call my SO baby since it sounds so unnatural to me.

No. 228096

Honestly, I've always found it cringey. And I'm someone who has English as their first and only language. When I hear someone say it it just sounds so dopey and tryhard.

No. 228114

Same here, I used to only say "babe" if I was taking the piss but now I'm around babies and young kids, I've been accidentally calling them babe without thinking! It's such a gross betrayal, I don't know why it's happening. I'm also trying to remember to call little girls strong stuff like champion instead of princess, but it's just hard to remember all the time.

I absolutely hate people using "how's it going" as a greeting, especially when they say it as they walk past or away from you so you have to decide whether to just ignore it or to yell "fine than you and you?!" into the distance between you.
It should be a punishable crime.

No. 228127

It happens in my native language as well and it's bizarre

No. 228139

A phrase that always baffles me is "the devil's beating his wife", which is said when it rains while the sun is shining. It's so weird and backwards to the point of absurdity.

weirdly I'm totally comfortable hearing other people call their SO's "baby" and "babe" but I absolutely cannot do it myself

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