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File: 1516069326487.jpg (148.37 KB, 960x960, dragqueen.jpg)

No. 224291

What are farmers opinions on drag queens and also their fans or fanbases?

No. 224298

Is anyone else watching that RC Uncensored thread on drag queens right now and watching that girl try to relentlessly defend things like this?

No. 224302

Annoying as fuck

No. 224337

I don't get drag queens.

Yeah, they're funny but women are always the butt of their jokes. All of my friends are obsessed with Ru Paul's Drag Race which I tried watching a few times but I honestly found it really sad, especially all the forced drama because that's how women act on ANTM, right?? Also one of the first I saw was the episode where they try to make female athletes look feminine and it kind of made me ill. Eww icky butch women, let's make them into ~real women~.

I also can't stand that now everyone goes around talking like a drag queen "yaaass bitch slay huntyyyy queen" especially all the slang words which are highly insulting towards women like "bitch" or "cunt" or "breeders" or "hoes". They claim it's "empowering" and "reclaiming" but I think I should get to decide what's empowering for my own gender, thanks. I guess when you've never those insults thrown at you, it's easy to ignore their severity.

tl;dr I don't get the hype and I think they're insulting towards us.

No. 224343

Same with all these gay beauty youtubers, constantly calling each other and their fans 'bitches', talking about tits etc (like Kuckian)… Wouldn't it be absurd for girls to talk about their nonexistent penises, so why do they do this?
Like that's not how real women talk with each other, but they are enforcing that and all the little girls following them think it's cool

No. 224346

I used to really like drag. For a long time I looked past how misogynistic the idea was as a whole, but seeing such casual misogyny from queens over and over again really opened my eyes.

No. 224349

File: 1516106614860.gif (271.84 KB, 217x294, F2D35935-C472-4859-9147-A60086…)

I think the moment I realised shit had gone too far was when everyone was applauding an 8year old “drag queen” named after a lactating breast clearly manipulated by his lefty mouth breathing obese mother who was desperate for attention but couldn’t possibly turn the spotlight on herself… the drag, gay and trans community are just a fad, a cute prop for a ‘sassy’ instagram photo or a cute a quirky joke to add more pazzaz to your dialect teehee
>yaaaaas gurl hunty slayyyyy work ittt sistaaa

No. 224353

I understand that I’m totally being innacurate in this statement but in the LGBT community in my area I’ve noticed that they are either really good people or rapey as fuck.

As a girl I’ve had them try to touch my boobs as a joke which is not okay with me no matter who you are unless I agreed previously to it

And my ex boyfriend who was a different at a venue usually got sexually groped all the time by them and the bears.

He repeatedly asked a specific drag queen to stop and his repeated pleas where ignored


Like 2 of them pretty much beat the fuck out of anyone that tries to go home with a clearly underage kid that comes into the bar and they send the kid home safe

Idk why they seem to be the best or the worst where I live

No. 224356

Yeah I'm pretty disgusted that people encourage that. It's like all the grossness of child beauty pageants, plus putting your child into a community and situation that's just plain not appropriate for children. Not to mention it already seems to have gone to the kids head.

No. 224358

Children should really not be sexualised

Being a drag queen is about breaking (sexual) barriers ffs

No. 224371

Like how do they not stop to think that it might be offensive? Imagine walking into a room as a white person and being like "Hey what's up, niggas?" and when someone calls you out for it you're like "Oh no hun, this is empowering for you guys!"

They're insults. It's a cute little buzzword until you've had the word "bitch" or "cunt" thrown at you from someone who wasn't trying to "empower" you and then it's not cute at all. God I hate these fuckers. They only shit on women all the time because women rarely do anything about it. Drag queens and transwomen act the exact same as a straight man and the idiots can't even see that. Even right down to calling objects "she". Fucking assholes.

No. 224372

I never know what to say when I complain about how disgusting children's beauty pageants or pole dancing classes are and someone always says "Well if you think kids are being sexualised, you're the problem! There's nothing sexy about this child being a drag queen!"

What has our disgusting world come to?

No. 224373

> "Well if you think kids are being sexualised, you're the problem!

That's the pedo's excuse right there. Someone did this shit to me when I was commenting (to someone else) on a child's shirt that said 'sexy' on it. But I must be the idiot to associate 'sexy' with something sexual amirite?

No. 224379

i really like drag for proving how gender is an act that one can put on. i also love OTT makeup and outfits. but i also feel icky about its caricaturizing femininity and men acting like women being a a form of comedic entertainment.

No. 224384

It seems that we all agree that drag queens are eerily similar to black face/the nigger minstrel acts that were popular in the early 1900s.

No. 224385

trans and drag are both like that imho. also this >>224379

No. 224388

I was thinking about it too lately. Nothing against drag queens but people go up in arms even if you tan because "Muh blackface, race is not a costume" and yet the same people encourage drag queens which are basically men dressing up as female caricatures? Race is not a costume but being a woman is, huh?

No. 224391

it's ridiculous. a tan person is not trying to be black, they're trying to be tan. and 9x out of 10 these people are just bitter that they can't magically become lighter.

but stereotypes and caricatures of being a woman is okay? it's stupid.

No. 224400

Just tried reading a few articles arguing that drag isn't like black face/minstrels and haven't found a good argument in defense of drag yet. The only arguments that were mildly convincing kind of just dismissed what drag actually is.

No. 224401

>opinion on drag
Nothing wrong with it per se.
I've always taken it as an exaggerated caricature of femme as a form of gender criticism.
Here's the problem: Drag is supposed to be a form of entertainment, yet I see a lot of modern drag as bad because it seems more like glorifying narcissistic personalities (who hate cis females) who get attention for portraying toxic images of women by being raunchy.
It's not cute and I'm not amused by that.

I especially hate it when drag queens (and all those bearded men) encroach on lolita for this reason. The style is just an edgy prop for them. They don't bother to truly understand it or respect the ladies who wear it.
They just see it as something ~controversial~ to exploit for attention. Meanwhile if a cis female were to dare dress in lolita and have facial hair, weird makeup, or have a subpar coord she'd be ripped to shreds. But when a drag queen or a man in a dress does this? Nothing but compliments about how brave they are!
It's bullshit.

No. 224403

it's because people don't give a fuck about women. the argument about drag is the same argument that is used for people complaining about 'blackface' (tanning etc in cosplay usually)

>years of oppression

>traits viewed as negative in society
>can't simply stop being black

it's exactly the same, just replace black with woman. and yet these same people are the 'yass queen' ones and at the same time are quick to define gender roles as rigid unchanging truths and at the same time assert that drag and trans are somehow the same. it's baffling how many logical leaps you must make to get to their conclusions.

No. 224412


Good article about why drag is offensive with many, many comments defending it in laughable ways.

No. 224415

>reading the comments
and yet again mtt have to fucking insert themselves into the narrative. sorry i know this is a different thread, but these things are very closely related.

No. 224416

I saw something about a mtt on celebrity big brother comparing drag to blackface and apparently they've gotten a lot of backlash for it. Unfortunately the backlash is in defense of drag and not in defense of drag being a parody of actual women.

No. 224417

It's kind of funny because it's like they're admitting being trans is the same thing. Also that one comment about "transexuality exists in bugs and fish and shit" what a load of shit, does it exist in bacteria and viruses too?

drag is definitely offensive in the same way blackface would be, and it's ridiculous that people are trying to excuse it. and all the comments trying to assert that it affects people who are only similar to women (gays and trans) are infuriating.

>b-but gay people get shat on for being effeminate, it's their way of empowerment! then maybe work on toxic masculinity instead of using stereotypes. hmm?

No. 224422

This shit is what gets to me.

>I am a drag queen and a fantabulous one at that. Drag can be perceived as "blackface for woman," and understandably so. But that is not its purpose.

That's not the point at all.

No. 224429

all the comments from trans people asserting it's offensive are so stupid. taking a page from terfs i guess…

No. 224432

>Even right down to calling objects "she".
This bothers me so much!

No. 224433

>But that is not its purpose.
And the purpose of blackface isnt to mock black people, it's to make people laugh!

No. 224437

Thanks for the great article anon. I totally agree with the author; all these gay/trans men coming in with "no sweetie…"

No. 224438

yea of course. and mistrals weren't stereotyping blacks, they were just acting like stereotypes and putting on a show as a form of cultural expression!

trans people seem to be getting more offended over it (because it reinforces the fact that they're doing the same thing)

No. 224568

I like drag queens who don't just mock women, and are doing it because they love make-up, looking pretty etc and actually have talent as performers. Adore Delano and Courtney Act are two examples I can think off that seem like really nice people, aren't mocking women and are both very talented. I think for a lot of drag queens it may just be men expressing a side of themselves that they like, an alter ego if you will. From watching drag race and knowing drag queens irl, when they talk about their drag persona it comes across more like it's a side of themselves that can do things they feel like their masculine side can't, it's a creative outlet and a way to show their feminine side.

However I do agree, that there is some sexism in the drag community especially from older drag queens, in terms of just straight up mocking women and femininity.

No. 224570

>it comes across more like it's a side of themselves that can do things they feel like their masculine side can't

Likr what?! Being a slutty and catty bitch, because that's something one can only while looking like a woman?

No. 224584

there's a huge difference between playing with gender roles and simply masquerading as a woman, which is what drag is. even if you want to be more feminine, plenty of men express femininity without associating it with stereotypical behavior.

it's funny because that's also what mtt people do which is why they kick up a fuss about drag

>you can't pretend you're a woman i'm doing that it's a ~medical thing~

No. 224621

>I like people in blackface who don't just mock black people, and are doing it because they love the color of darker skin tones and actually have talent as performers. Rachel Dolezal is one example I can think of that seems like a really nice person, isn't mocking black people and is very talented in her career. I think for a lot of people in blackface it may just be them expressing a side of themselves that they like, an alter ego if you will. When they talk about their black persona it comes across more like it's a side of themselves that can do things they feel like their white side can't, it's a creative outlet and a way to show their racially ambiguous side.

You sound ridiculous.

No. 224624

Poor thing, you didn't realize you're posting in an anti-drag thread and that actually voicing your opinion where you're not completely trashing it makes you wrong.

No. 224638

Maybe come with some actual good, plausible argumemts?

No. 224646

I didn't say I posted an argument, nor does it appear I was replying to you.

No. 224649

oh wow, what a badass.

nta but what the hell do you expect posting a passive aggressive comment ITT. literally no one cares who you replied to. all posts are free game.

No. 224651

File: 1516211613740.jpg (81.17 KB, 645x729, 1514995507409.jpg)


This isn't PULL nor tumblr. Go back to whatever retarded echo chamber you came from.

No. 224654

File: 1516212253997.jpg (243.23 KB, 1080x1305, _20180117_190326.JPG)

I don't mind Drag Queens that just do their make up & lip sync and keep their mouth shut about female issues aside from that. Can't really stand Comedy Queens because they get really misogynistic sometimes.

No. 224666

What a baby.

No. 224687

Nta but you sound like a dumb cunt who doesn't understand how imageboards work.

Seriously what's with the influx lately of people who sound as if they're fifteen or some shit?

No. 224690

RPDR is cool but drag culture seems to be drenched in sexuality which is why it's so odd to want to involve children.

Everything is becoming grossly streamlined now, you can watch reality tv porn on netflix now right next to children's cartoons.

Redefining the boundaries and interests of cultural groups opens markets :(

No. 224692

>throwing this much of a tantrum but accusing other anons of being underage(infighting)

No. 224699

There are parts of drag I love. I like the questioning of the rigidity of gender, the costuming, the makeup, the breaking of social norms. I've watched some RPDR and enjoyed it. I think it's really fascinating and impressive to watch people transform themselves with clothing and makeup, and often to play larger-than-life drag characters who are far removed from their actual selves.

What I hate is that if a woman played out any of the humour a lot of popular queens use, they'd be torn apart or slammed as unfunny hacks. So much of the humour is in really shitty taste. "Reading" people (being nasty about people to get a laugh) really falls flat for me and just seems weird. Calling queens "fishy" if they look too convincing is fucking disgusting (I mentioned how dodgy the phrase once in an LGBT soc in college and I got shouted down because I just "didn't get it" and I was being "overdramatic". Never went back). Queens who support gender equality are fantastic, but so many make it about themselves because they play a woman.

For an art that can really bring gender roles into question, question masculinity/femininity, and honestly be good fun, there's a lot of nasty stuff that is completely overlooked because "yass queen slayy".

It's not real, I know. But it's making huge shockwaves through popular culture. It's hard to talk to gay guys I know about RPDR because they view so many things so differently because it's not their gender being lampooned.

I have so many conflicting feelings.

No. 224706

i totally disagree that it questions gender roles. drag is sophomoric at best and it simply takes the already existing gender roles for the opposite gender. i have more respect for beard lolitas than i do standard drag queens.

No. 224713

Agreed. I don't understand the point of involving children in drag when its hypersexual. Its just weird..

No. 224716

I actually really wish there were something like drag for actual women. I love elaborate fashion and costume design, and how surreal the makeup can get. I wish there were a subculture of women who played around with that, pushing it to weird and elaborate places, and involving dance and theater and stuff. I think that'd be just as boundary-breaking as drag claims to be–women taking the things meant to make them beautiful to places that are odd and strange and even purposefully off-putting. Women are definitely not supposed to use beauty and fashion to look strange and off-putting.

But we don't really have that. I see some female queens trying, but….they have to operate in a space ruled by men, and have to abide by the humor the men do, and it's just not great. And I like drag kings a lot, but there are just so few of them, and I'm more into a feminine look. I guess I sort of wish we had something like the cosplay scene–just a lot less concerned with looking conventionally pretty.

No. 224717

it might not be relevant but i felt that way about gyaru tbh. ganguro stuff, hime gyaru, etc. it really inspires me because it's such a showy ridiculous thing, i know it's not a show type of thing, but it really pushes the limits makeup and attractiveness, which is hella cool. i wish more people would pursue that.

No. 224727

There's faux-queens, but they're not as accepted as drag queens are and are subject to job discrimination for clubs.

No. 224741


Oh wow, that's a really good comparison anon! And also, the fact that I was really into gyaru/ganguro back in the day suddenly makes a lot more sense….I remember getting really mad at people being like "ew why would you do that" at the really out-there looks. The POINT was to look strange!

No. 224744

The thread said, "What do farmers think of drag queens?" not "Trash drag queens thread" if you wanted an echo chamber, make a thread purely to trash drag queens instead.

No. 224754

You might enjoy Takarazuka, anon. It's not really "off putting", but I think it's definitely an all female space within theater, so costumes and performances as well. That's sort of like my refuge from the male-dominated drag queen scene. It's way more beautiful and tasteful when you just omit the worst of male performers. Make sure to turn on english subs for the video.

No. 224809


Lol, everyone's got my number in this thread between this and the gyaru. I've always been sort of distantly interested in taka, anon, but unsure of where to start–I'll watch this right away! Do you have any recs as to where to go to learn more? Any good sites that have more videos or anything?

No. 224897

It makes me so angry that they're "faux" and given such shit, like sorry they're exaggerating their OWN gender, which they've experienced and understand, but nah we'd rather have a guy in a dress who has no understanding of the female experience. Ugh.
I'd love to be a queen. I love theatre but I don't know if it'd be worth being accused of invading gay male spaces or some bullshit.

No. 224899

ALL. OF. THIS. bless you anon. I never got why so many women like drag queens, they're always misogynistic as fuck.

Basically, yes. It's the same fucking idea yet here we have all the SJWs applauding these guys demeaning women.

No. 224906

too many women just want to fit the status quo.

No. 224984


There's actually been quite a few Taka threads on /cgl/ not long ago. Just look through some of them by searching "Takarazuka" through /cgl/ archiving sites and there's a lot of helpful information there. I really hope some of the Taka anons come back and discuss it, since it's been a while since I've seen one.

No. 224986

Why not make one here? I'd happily participate.

No. 224994

File: 1516425894939.jpeg (546.6 KB, 1242x1237, 1C099FA9-B446-43F6-B4C9-A4AC05…)

I use to really like drag queens and dislike female/bio queens, but then I realised they were men who thought just because they tucked their dick between their legs, wore heels and make up it suddenly gave them free pass to be completely fucking disgusting towards women and everything women have gone through is a fucking joke to them.

Female queens are better because they know not to treat women like fucking dirt and they pull better looks then a lot of the men because of how heavily they are scrutinised and trashed and don’t rely on ~~~being fishy~~~ (I fucking loathe that term)

The only “women” not called faux queens are trans ones, trans drag queens get a pass and are accepted as full, real drag queens.

Pic related is one my favourite female queen’s named Creme Fatale.

No. 225004

Can someone give me some good articles or criticism on why drag queens are misogynistic as fuck? I want to send some to a local aspiring queen and any future drag loving women I'd find. I feel like anyone with eyes and two brain cells can understand it, but the cognitive dissonance with them is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's honestly scary how something so perpetually sexist and male dominant can be celebrated by women.

No. 225007

I like the makeup and transformation part of it. I also like the club kid drag where they dress more like…aliens than women.

But the misogyny ruins it.

No. 225044

SO it's an actual woman but she just does drag over the top make up?

No. 225045

Gay men in general tend to be misogynistic as fuck, so this is just an extension of that imo.

No. 225046

so it's just a woman doing drag makeup–she isn't a drag queen. they're two different things.

No. 225047

In my opinion they are drag queens with the current definition, but not the original definition. Since its changed a bit seemingly to pretend its not as misogynistic as it is. And to include TiM while not invalidating them I guess.

No. 225222

I have mixed feelings about drag. On some levels, I enjoy it, and have been to a fair amount of drag shows over the years. The costuming and makeup is neat, and being entertained by good entertainers can be fun. But at the same time, I see the problems that have been stated in this thread as well. There have been times where I wondered "Isn't this a bit like blackface?" Which also ties into my views on transgenderism, and how "feeling like a woman" is okay, but transracialism is a punchline for people. You can "feel" like a woman, but not like a black person? It is a massive caricature of women. The performers themselves claim it's "exploring and undoing gender stereotypes" and that they are "playing an over the top character, who is usually some aspect of themselves". But it does come off less like challenging gender, and rather reinforcing cliches about women.

The misogyny of gay men is a massive turn off too. As others in the thread have pointed out, calling one another "bitches", and "cunts", or using the gross term "fishy" for a drag queen who looks really feminine, is disgusting.

If there was a faux queen (why are the actual women the faux ones, by the way?) show near me, I'd love to go. Women actually experience those gender stereotypes, so women seem more fit to satirize it to me. It's pretty gross, and sadly predictable, that there are multiple articles about female drag queens asking if they can exist though. I saw one about how it's "cultural appropriation". Wouldn't gay men acting like female stereotypes be the original appropriation?

No. 225252

Drag has always been underground, gritty and hypersexual. The fact that Ru paul wants to market it more towards children and underage people in general is because he wants more exposure/money. Ru paul didnt invent drag, but so many young people who watch dragrace deem him as some god. It's creepy tbh

No. 225339

Being trans isn’t just about “feeling” like a different gender, there are actual differences in brain structure.

No. 225341

no there is not, that's been debunked.

No. 225350


Unfortunately due to the rules we can't discuss the ten-year-old who is starting his own haus of drag for kids and who has appeared in the Daily Fail and has Instagram and Facebook accounts managed by his mom.

No. 225351

we can discuss his mom tho right?

No. 225368

i think drag is shit not only because it uses stereotypes, but it also reinforces gender stereotypes. it's just a man dressing in woman's clothing, with makeup and long hair, all of that implies that men cannot do those things without being or looking like a woman, which is super regressive in it's own right. it also gives a reductive take on what it is to be a woman, which is gender roles apparently.

No. 225394

Personally I couldn’t give a f*ck about the existence of drag, but this is still very true. It is essentially gay men parodying that old attitude that homosexual guys are somehow partially/closer to being female. The only thing that does genuinely annoy me is them describing very feminine queens as “fishy” - that’s been used as a way to insult and humiliate women for a long time, and it’s not okay for them to take that. It would be like me dressing up as a stereotypical gay guy and then calling myself a faggot or something.

No. 226831

I think there is good and bad about this art ( like a lot of thing obviously ) I think that there is more and more queen that are less a caricature of woman like raja or sasha velours ( the kind of model/ high fashion queen ) and still be funny. And big wig bold makeup, funny dance and ott dress will always make me smile !

I don't know a lot of shit about rupaul because I'm not american and drag from usa aren't really well know were I live but in rpdr he look really respectful but still a little bitchy if I can say so.

But on another side there is most drag's fan who are yelling' YASS QUEEN!! GURLLL!!!" and talking like tweaking brainless kids. They are generally attacking every body that say something remotely bad about their idole.
we can kind of see that with jeffree star and even women and kids acting like that now !

( video related is a infamous french youtuber that is straight but pulling the queeny card for his underage viewers )

sorry for the wall of text

No. 228013

As the above anon said, you do get queens such as Sasha Velour and Raja who are more about fashion/art, rather than trying to parody women. I have no issue with those sorts of drag queens.

An issue I do take is how drag queens and the gay community in general treat bio/faux queens. They say they can't do it or are stepping on their turf, you're literally taking inspiration directly from women and femininity but want to exclude them? Drag nowadays isn't just about female impersonation clearly, they praise drag queens for doing looks with beards etc but a woman exaggerating her femininity is apparently not allowed.

No. 228102

I don't particularly care for them unless they're misogynistic/hypersexual. I really love Bianca del Rio though, he's more of a comedian in makeup and heels than anything.

No. 228388

Queens like Bianca and Bob the Drag Queen make me happy. I love their comedy and they don't take themselves seriously.

Queens who are obsessed with being feminine and a woman annoy me a lot. Like Farrah Moan.

No. 257972

Was about to make a thread about RPDR before I found this thread hanging around in the catalog. Anyone else keeping up with season 10? Who are you rooting for? Any thoughts on this season's latest episode?

No. 257973

trashy, 2016 basic bitch taste tbh

No. 257982

now that monique heart and monet x change are gone i stopped watching. everyone else is kinda bland, not that those two weren't but they were at least fun and entertaining

No. 257983

I'm verybirritated by the fact that Kameron is still in the running. Like, why? For what? For who?

No. 257984

Very irritated* oops

No. 257990

It's been awful. Literally none of the contestants are likable aside from Monique Heart.

The show's getting worse with each passing season and it's clear at this point that it's becoming what it once parodied.

No. 258013

Super interesting that the vixen's been portrayed multiple times in coverage of the show as 'bringing up important issues around race' when it was quite transparently just her being a total cunt and living out some mean girl fantasy.

currently 9 on dazed one hundred for 'promoting conversations on RPDR around the ‘angry black woman’ narrative'


No. 258014

i think when she called out aquaria she was pretty spot on but all the other bullshit was unnecessary and her clearly just pissed off she was doing bad. that being said i liked some of her runways (mainly the peacock one) and she definitely utilized her time on the show well.

No. 258391

I love the drag queens in my town cause they're actually super sweet and use their shows to do some form of activism or charity in some form. The shows are also super fun and the performances are great. However I find the mainstream drag queen culture pretty toxic. Obviously they're going to put the most dramatic people on shows like RPDR but it makes the whole culture look bad and encourages people to imitate this behaviour as if it were part of being a drag queen which it really shouldn't be. Drag should almost be a form of burlesque, all in good fun. Toxicity isn't fun
Also, Trixie Matel is so overrated and honestly not nearly as talented as the others. She's really just one look. The other drag queens have a signature look or face base but Trixie is nothing but that look with basically no variance. I think she gets praise because her one look is a very dramatic and different one, but it's still only one idea used many times over

No. 258452

it grossed me out when she called aquaria's crying disgusting. the vixen's tantrums when she got emotional were really childish and not much of what she said made sense in any argument, she was just loud and tried to get the last word so it seemed like she'd won. her obsession with eureka just seems petty. yes, eureka's annoying and obnoxious, everybody knows. and i don't like how she talks about being labelled an angry black woman when she isn't a woman. she chose to go on a show, perform a female illusion and stay ready to argue with anyone. actual black women don't get to take off their costumes or force arguments to happen for attention on tv. she's not brinig attention to an issue, she's bringing attention to herself

No. 258535

File: 1528755245451.png (210.93 KB, 332x358, sfd.png)

It's just astounding to witness such irresponsible and dumb use of language for the sake of appearing 'woke' and elevating yourself morally above others. Isn't the original term used to describe the way institutions and mainstream media portray black women? Here is a man veiling gross behaviour by accusing other people of only making it appear that way. + Media outlets easily justify the narrative for virtue points because those buzz phrases are so highly distributed now.

and for what? So he can call himself an activist whilst simultaneously plugging merchandise and posturing in different outfits?

Actual activism like JUSTICE4GRENFELL that is in the same list as that dazed 100 vote isn't shared by him, nor does Munroe Bergdorf share it. Both would prefer you to focus on their own purely representational forms of 'activism', so they can continue to live out their odd fantasy of simultaneous superficilaity and moral elevation.

No. 258579

You guys put down exactly why I dislike The Vixen and her victim complex so much. I’m not gonna deny the atrocities that black people in the United States regularly face, but The Vixen seems think that anyone who criticizes her must be a bigot/racist when she’s the one being a loudmouth who’s always instigating petty drama.

I’ve visited some places like r/rpdrdrama and r/rpdrcringe that are full of edgy contrarians who circlejerk how much more woke/educated they are for liking unpopular non-white queens. You have so many people on there worshipping The Vixen and Tyra mainly because they’re unpopular and non-white even though there are so many instances of them displaying awful behavior. It’s ridiculous.

No. 258918

It's like blackface except it's womanface instead.

No. 258919

File: 1528872787971.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, bait.jpg)

No. 258930

I both like and dislike drag.
I think it's really entertaining and like another anon said, queens like Bianca del Rio and Bob the Drag Queen that are more or less real comedians that just wear heels and dresses and don't take themselves too seriously are a joy to watch. I really like some of my local queens, too, because most of them are doing it purely for the entertainment/artistic aspect of drag or using it as a way to test out makeup looks or outfits that they have designed themselves. I know one queen who is using drag as a way to promote their clothing brand, which I think is a really smart thing to do because it gives her the opportunity to take commissions from people who come to the shows.

But, what I really don't like is this new trend of having drag queens be the models in magazines like Vogue instead of professional models. I don't remember how recently it was, but I remember seeing one of the contestants from RPDR modelling women's lingerie. WHY? Like, I get being all PC and whatnot cause thats what companies have to do now if they want to see any form of profit, but there is a point to where it gets ridiculous. And using them instead of biologically female models is taking jobs away from women.

But, no. Drag is super empowering for women, too! /s

No. 258963


drag queens are still men, anon.

No. 258968

Shit. That was a typo. I meant to type "his"

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