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File: 1515527200140.png (55.72 KB, 924x924, 9D4E73DE-A953-43EB-9325-0B66D2…)

No. 221664

AliExpress Thread!

People on cgl love these, so i figured we should have one too.

Post your purchases and/or wishlist items, links and photos of the items are appreciated.

No. 221671

File: 1515527533560.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, 82CB0516-D556-4B50-B25E-B2EEE5…)

No. 221672

oh gosh, i got a lot of links when i get home!

No. 221674

File: 1515527727129.gif (225.96 KB, 500x276, F8091D2F-1118-452F-B1D1-D0DC59…)

Wooo, im already exited anon!

No. 221679

if anyone wants to let me know what kind of things they want to see, please do. i buy on ali all the time.

No. 221684


dump everything lol, I'll love all of it

No. 221687

File: 1515529922487.jpeg (133.92 KB, 1000x1000, 95F9908A-C622-43C3-B389-609A12…)

No. 221688

I tried ordering 3 things from there, and only 1 of them was successful. One was lost in customs, and another couldn't be sent for some reason. I was disappointed. Though I got a full refund for the two that I didn't receive, so that was good.

No. 221690

File: 1515530752537.jpg (329.62 KB, 750x750, Newest-MANSURSTUDIOS-bucket-ba…)

Mansur Gavriel replica bags - r/repladies consider these to be the best knock off bags you can get for the price. I have the small bucket bag and I'm pretty happy with it.









No. 221692

No. 221701

File: 1515531440962.jpg (100.24 KB, 639x640, high-quality-LADuree-Macaron-K…)

No. 221704

File: 1515531950201.jpg (240.9 KB, 1000x1000, HTB1mBJJMFXXXXawXXXXq6xXFXXXE.…)

No. 221712

I'm loving this thread so much. I have a ton of links I can put up when I get home.

No. 221715

File: 1515533884062.jpg (162.01 KB, 640x640, IMG_0510.JPG)

No. 221725

Yo has anybody purchased Liz Lisa from here and what is your experience?

No. 221756

File: 1515545764684.jpg (294.61 KB, 800x800, 3242047471112587426.jpg)

Here's some random stuff -
>gloomy bear kigurumi:
>sailor moon compact mirror: http://s.aliexpress.com/AzuaIvI3?
>store that sells cutesy clothes and some monlily replicas:
>store that sells weebshit/cosplay shit:
>jinbei-san plush charm:
>lots of unif replicas:
>more unif reps:

No. 221784

It's as expensive as real LL in my experience. Much easier and cheaper to buy 2nd hand from fril or somewhere similar. their quality is okay, unless it's anything woven like basket bags, those are terrible!

No. 221790

Oh damn, really? The basket bags are what I wanted.

No. 221792

The one i got was really poorly made, weaving wasn't done properly so it poked through the lining. they also used a super cheap ugly drawstring unlike the picture and it was a total eyesore,. i think most LL knockoff sellers buy the real bag to use as the stock photo to trick you.

tbh, the real staw bags are quite delicate and i only use mine every once in a while.

No. 221794

File: 1515604290141.jpg (159.51 KB, 360x640, UTB81hQmXHnJXKJkSahGq6xhzFXab.…)

Mimco reps - You have to click the listing and scroll through the styles to see everything: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1955004?spm=2114.10010108.0.0.3cbec489XOgRUz

No. 221880

Awww yisss, this i've waiting for this thread too long! I love replicas so if anybody has links for lolita/kawaii/harajuku clothes or sneakers knockoffs please dump!

Store with some unif, lazy oaf and esther loves you replicas. They upload the good stuff from time to time so if you see something you like, it's better to buy it inmediatly. Nice quality despise being knockoffs. https://yourfocus.es.aliexpress.com/store/838268

No. 221895

mimco is so ugly and not even expensive i dont understand how knockoffs are so popular>>221794

No. 223730

File: 1515881009228.jpg (202.4 KB, 800x800, -727569559-76324041.jpg)

Found a store that sells a few Honey Salon and Liz Lisa replicas:

No. 223731

Bags, I mean. Replica bags lol. There's some Samantha Vega in there as well.

No. 223776

File: 1515894430315.jpg (137.93 KB, 750x1094, HTB1077_d3oQMeJjy1Xaq6ASsFXaa.…)

Oh my god I want this bag in black but they don't list it as a color option even though they have it in the sample picture. Gah.
I've been eyeballing the real ones on ebay but I don't want to pay so much in case I don't like it.

If any of you anons happen upon it lmk.

No. 223930

File: 1515923209119.jpg (126.93 KB, 800x800, yee.jpg)

How do you guys find those replicas? I remember buying an awesome Acne scarf replica in 2016 which I wanted to post here, but it's not available anymore & searching for "Acne Studios" didn't work either.

I often find cosmetic knockoffs, though. I tried some of the sheet masks & hand lotions (mostly Tonymoly "inspired") and liked them a lot.


No. 223956

Has anyone bought a decent replica of a Hermes Birkin or a Chanel boy bag from Ali?

Or what replica-selling stores you've found ok in general? I can pay a bit more, but not if all I'll get is cheap latex smelling of glue and chemicals.

No. 223974

Here's two incredibly helpful subreddits for replicas, and not just for stuff on Ali:

No. 224015

anyone have stores that sell sweet/gyaru clothing? I'm having Liz Lisa aesthetic in mind.

Also, has anyone purchased cosplay from aliexpress before?

No. 224067

Why would you buy replicas? Who are you trying to fool?

No. 224070

fool? well, it's more about putting money into things that are actually important instead of wasting money on the ridiculous surcharges of designer… but not to mention, your cynical bitch self when you're passed in the street and wondering about a ~good~ replica, HMM IS THAT REAL? gtfo

No. 224076

File: 1515982624047.jpg (22.27 KB, 480x463, LOVESUN-Echarpe-Luxury-Brand-B…)

Acne scarf, as mentioned by >>223930 Has reviews with photos, looks okay.


I get most of mine from ali threads on r/repladies and reverse image search on the app. I've gotten a few gems from fb groups but they're mostly full of crap. It used to be much easier to find reps but they've cracked down over the last few years. I only had this link because I've had it saved in my favorites for months.

No. 224131


Bought one a few years ago, quality was good but I had to pay too much to make it come earlier for a con. If you buy cosplay from a store with good reviews and enough time for the package to come you shouldn't have any problems to get a decent cosplay

No. 224225

Why not just buy something generic or something similar? Knock offs are so tacky. I'm not even being nasty I just don't understand why, it's considered a real trailer trash thing here

No. 224227

you don't have to have the design, why not just get a cheaper nicer bag like >>224225 is saying. most knockoffs have the fake hardware logo or logos printed all over them too. people buy brand name explicitly for conspicuous consumption purposes so you can get off your pathetic high horse about ~impress who~ and all that.

No. 224324

File: 1516089650574.png (501.98 KB, 473x491, pan.png)


That's the one I meant, thanks! I highly recommend it, even my mom (who hates cheap clothes and usually knows when something is not high-quality) complimented it. And wow, I've been addicted to AliExpress for soo long and I didn't know about the reverse image search. Will try it asap!

To contribute: I recently got interested in cooking Japanese and ordered lots of bento & onigiri utensils from AliExpress. Last thing I got was this Tamagoyaki pan.

No. 224328

Is it safe to buy cookware off ali with heavy metal poisoning being a possibility?? I thought makeup, food, and cooking utensils and stuff like that were a risky buy. pls be safe anon

No. 224341

Rule of thumb; Never order anything from AliExpress if you need it within 3 months
Otherwise it's fine

No. 224345

what about when the shipping states it will take only 1-2 months? is it true?

No. 224366

i usually get stuff in 1 month or less.

tbh buying stuff from rakuten or ebay also runs you that risk. i've never bought anything made in china like that really, but places other than aliexpress have the same unregulated stuff, shipped from china. idk about buying a takoyaki pan tho tbh, they cost like $10 for japanese brand. no clue how much anon spent on hers…

No. 224440

Does anyone have any links to cute phone cases for Samsung?I have the galaxy 8, and the only thing I dislike about having it is so hard to find cute cases for it.

No. 224469

cute how?

No. 224475

I have it too anon! I haven't tried alixpress but I just saw your comment while scrolling threads. I can send you some links that I got through wish if you like. I have 6 or 7 silly silicone cute cases for my s8 now.

No. 224632

File: 1516206092905.jpg (1.87 KB, 50x50, 1KIkInE.jpg)

Yes, please Thank you.
I like cutesy yet simple
pic related

No. 224633

I also like the cases with fruit on them.

No. 224639

Here you go

No. 224653

I need advice regarding dispute. My buyer protection run out and I didn't get the item. The seller claims they will resend it to me if I cancel the dispute. They either can't or unwilling to extend protection. The item was less than 4 dollars but I can buy it locally for pretty much same price and I don't want to lose any money. I also don't want to be a dick to the seller.

No. 224655

they're lying. this just happened to me and i had to chat with customer service and they checked to see i got a bogus tracking number. just buy it local. you do have to be careful and go with your gut. i have experience with mainland chinese in hong kong doing the same shit, no respect.

No. 224656

I feel I should stand my ground, but the seller claims that they wouldn't cheat me for so little money… Am I not being an asshole for not trusting a random Chinese seller? I feel so bad, I would hate them to have problems cause of me

No. 224657

$4 USD is 25 yuan and for reference 25 yuan can buy a nice meal that you'd spend $10-15 on in US. I know it's not -that- much. but they'll make a lot by saying the same thing to every customer.

No. 224782

File: 1516283650719.jpeg (104.5 KB, 800x800, F93F5529-6079-41AF-A64A-8DDEA3…)

No. 224798

I've been checking the feedback and apparently they're really good! Right when I needed a brush set. Thanks anon

No. 285766

File: 1535331933486.jpg (1022.56 KB, 3056x2196, wishlist.jpg)

bump. Items in my cart currently.

Jiji piggy bank:

Glitter cases for Moto E4 Plus (EU Model): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/32883683822.html?spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.289.74863c00QcHfCs

I've never had a popular enough phone to get a glitter case before so this is exiting.

Eyebrow shavers:

A4 Frieda Kahlo Canvas Print:

Labrys pin:

Phone holder:



No. 285921

Anyone has experience with hidden links and replicas?

No. 285930

I got two kanken reps from facebook groups and they're fine. A lot of the reps of higher end items look iffy though. I'm not that knowledgeable about luxury goods and I'd clock them immediately.

No. 287091

No. 287106

Is it safe to use cosmetics and skincare from aliexpress? Im kinda afraid but i also feel like chain stores buy it in bulk

No. 287164

File: 1535548387137.jpg (228.07 KB, 800x1889, Chinas-Animal-Testing-Laws-201…)

I would check reviews first to see if people's experiences are good. It depends on how your skin usually reacts to cosmetics since the materials won't be very good
However they may not be cruelty free (and most probably they aren't vegan), as pic related explains

No. 287280


Don't recommend the resin pigment as one I had leaked everywhere and dyed everything the other one dried up.
The UV resin is excellent though and I'm still happily using a 18 month old bottle. The decoden whip was also absolutely fine.

No. 287342

I wouldn't. There's a lot of knock off makeup on there so that leads me to believe there's no regulations on what cosmetics they sell. I don't buy anything on there that goes onto your skin, into your body or holds food or water.

No. 287410

the cream is probably fine.

I recommend below resin pigments which I own already. Well packaged and don't leak/dry out. https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/KiWarm-13Pcs-10g-Epoxy-UV-Resin-Coloring-Dye-Colorant-Pigment-DIY-Handmade-Crafts-Art-Sets-13/32826561487.html

To get the pearl color you're better off getting some of that opal nail powder instead since it's way cheaper.

The UV resin you linked is pretty good, but a little on the thick side so you need to shake it and having an emboss heater to smooth it out is important.

Let me know if you need anything else! I have good links for bezels and molds.

No. 287415

>or holds food or water

this is a bit of a meme honestly. makeup yes but dishes and stuff are safe.

No. 287484

Thank you so so much !

>>287410 I'd love to see them good links anon, even though I already have a lot in my wishlist.
such as :

>shaker molds : https://bit.ly/2oimAXc


>various bezels : https://bit.ly/2wofBk0

https://bit.ly/2olhJ7C (bezels with hoops)
https://bit.ly/2NvIO33 (dem bunnies)
https://bit.ly/2PemWJY (galaxy shit)
https://bit.ly/2wroEkb (sakura)
https://bit.ly/2C0EE1S (pikachu)
https://bit.ly/2wpnwgM dinosaurs

>stuff to put in resin : https://bit.ly/2oimRtc (metal)

https://bit.ly/2MAELWA (transparent stuff)
https://bit.ly/2PLNeUO (fake sprinkles)

>molds : https://bit.ly/2okgBRB

https://bit.ly/2N1Ueyj (bats, halloween)
https://bit.ly/2NuCFUL (bats)
https://bit.ly/2PjnY7E (heart box)
https://bit.ly/2POqm7m (animals + dinosaurs)
https://bit.ly/2PjmDO4 (individual sakura petals)
https://bit.ly/2NyqxCl (cats+hearts+stars)
https://bit.ly/2LFgwBz (rulers)
https://bit.ly/2wxnwuz (beads square + round)
https://bit.ly/2LEC9Sf (crosses)
https://bit.ly/2wxnZgj (crosses)
https://bit.ly/2MzsHVH (comb)
https://bit.ly/2om3RtG (basic rectangle ruler)
https://bit.ly/2NwpUJa (mini gems)
https://bit.ly/2MBjhJf (small boxes)
https://bit.ly/2wohSM4 basic shapes

I have an absolute shit ton of others, I also did not include whip , nor fake jam and such, didn't want to post too many links and making things unreadable.

No. 287500

Here's some good stores:

DCC store you linked in your post.

This store is good, they have a lot of design sheets. Though I've found the sheets are too thick for a clear background. Search resin because the categories are hard to follow.


Also really good for resin stuff and findings/jewelry making, just search resin because I can't figure out the term here either.


This store has a ton of stuff too really nice antique style settings, charms and bezelz and other cool metal parts for resin work.


Good for sweets deco and stuff because it has tons of mini cups and polymer sticks.


Also, anon, would you want to add on discord? I'm super into both sweets deco stuff and resin and would love to share stuff without shitting up the thread.

No. 287890


I really, really want this compact mirror and I would love to have this but I never ordered something on AliExpress, so I wonder how safe it is? Any tips for a safe shopping spree there bc they really have some cute stuff tho.

No. 287895


Their trustpilot score is pretty good. Aliexpress is the western version of alibaba, which is (one of?) the biggest online retailer(s) in china. They're legit. It's like amazon, but with only marketplace sellers. Individual sellers can be shitty but as long as you look at their store feedback and only buy from reliable ones, you should be fine.

I've bought dozens of things and the few times I've had problems I've been able to settle it directly with the seller over dms, or have gotten a refund from aliexpess.

No. 287921


I see, I will give it a try and order something and see how it goes. Thanks for the info!

No. 288013

aliexpress is the same as ebay or rakuten. just order from sellers with feedback on either the product you're ordering or their store/other products. it's not that scary or unsafe.

just don't order makeup/skincare. everything else is fine.

No. 288482

I'm a noob when it comes to ordering things that aren't hair on aliexpress, is it safe to buy nail stuff like gel polish?
I do nails as an hobby and the supplier i use for gel polish is kinda pricy and I've seen a lot of cheap polish being used by local nail salons so surely cheap aliexpress gel polish wouldn't be that bad right ? Also has anyone ordered makeup brushes, nail brushes, false lashes etc on aliexpress? what's the quality like and any good sellers for those things?

No. 288664

File: 1535783920550.png (114.54 KB, 1000x1000, 73AB41F2-A2AE-42D0-B18B-D50EEF…)

Soooo am I the only douchebag who disputes everything and gets refunded for most of it?

This stuff is actually expensive for how poor quality it is if you actually paid for it lmao.

No. 288665

kek is the refund policy really that lax? with sites ive used you only get a refund if the item arrived damaged and you provide a photo, otherwise it's return or tough luck.

No. 288667

File: 1535784944845.gif (23.13 KB, 200x200, 3DBD5B67-5831-4798-8CBA-60E665…)

Most of them don’t track right to your house and buyer protection is like 60 days and they usually legit take longer. It helps if you never spend over $15 and only buy cheap shit so they don’t pay for tracking to house.

No. 288673

You're an asshole. When they start limiting their western customer base because of idiots like you who can't play fair, I'm coming after your ass. You're really no better than the shoplifting addicts on Tumblr. I hope you get banned.

No. 288676

I thought about doing it for some items but they tracked them (and I would've felt bad anyways)

No. 288679

Because of assholes like you, accounts that claimed a refund even once are at risk of being terminated, and address banned. There are too many people who do that now

No. 288711

This. Fuck every scummy cheapskate who just has to scam sellers to get that $8 blouse for free. It's just messing up things for the people who honestly got the wrong/defective product and want a replacement or a refund.

No. 288733

I love tang dynasty hanfus, does anyone know a seller that has nice quality ones?

No. 288767

You sound like the same piece of shit that claims their food sucked at a restaurant to get discounts. There's no need for that. these are usually tiny sellers and they cant risk having their accounts set down

skin care or makeup should be off the table. this is something you are putting on your face. it's always better to check and get quality from an approved seller, even if it's western or korean. I would not trust aliexpress anything for face

No. 288790


do you want like a super traditional one anon or one of the more modern ones?

also don't worry about "refund anon" she's probably lying, those cheap shipping methods don't actually let you dispute against them and aliexpress is super seller friendly unlike amazon and ebay and such. it's extremely hard to win disputes.

also, chargebacks are what get your account banned, not so much disputes.

No. 294703

File: 1536753194570.png (364.83 KB, 497x496, 1.PNG)

Got this set of cute pens in a whim today.
I could waste all of my money buying stationery on Ali tbh

No. 294712

same anon, there are so many adorable things, here are some from my wishlist :

Doraemon pens https://bit.ly/2x55lgZ
Totoro pens https://bit.ly/2NawpW0
Hello Kitty pens https://bit.ly/2Nad47g
Doraemon other pens https://bit.ly/2Qp760w
alpaca pens https://bit.ly/2CLaVKs
molang sticky notes https://bit.ly/2NH3doW
marshmallow pen https://bit.ly/2xgiKCf
molang pens https://bit.ly/2CLcmsk
milk bottle pens https://bit.ly/2QtV322
sumikko gurashi pens https://bit.ly/2CMQQU6
mamegoma pencil cases https://bit.ly/2x6QXVf
sumikko gurashi pens https://bit.ly/2QobuN2
gradual rainbow pens https://bit.ly/2CPFYVM
kaonashi pens https://bit.ly/2x7VkPn
shiba sticky notes https://bit.ly/2NCB7eA

Are there anons who bought some manual hand drill for resin from ali ? I can't choose so if anyone has a good link I'll gladly take it !

No. 295159


I had to stop buying stationery from ali because I ran out of space to store it. I have so much washi tape that I don't think I'll ever use it all up. Here are some recommendations of if anyone cares. A lot of the links for my favorites are dead unfortunately. I've had bad luck with unbranded pens so I hope yours end up being good.

Muji mechanical pencil: https://bit.ly/2x9KB6L
Double sided tape roller: https://bit.ly/2x8Wb2X
Index post its: https://bit.ly/2N9VjFl
Blank planner stickers: https://bit.ly/2N9UHzD
Transparent animal stickers: https://bit.ly/2p4Rse0
Cat stickers: https://bit.ly/2CQulhd
Moon stickers: https://bit.ly/2p0VwMm
Film reel washi tape: https://bit.ly/2Og39tm
Blue water drop washi tape: https://bit.ly/2Qr8gZb
Sun, moon and stars washi tape: https://bit.ly/2p2nK9N
Cat paw washi tape: https://bit.ly/2OaTPqK
Rolly decorative tape pen things:
Totoro pencil case: https://bit.ly/2N6vWnQ The lining on this is poor but it's cute and has lasted for over a year.

No. 295213

bitly links don't work, shit. we'll have to post them as they are

No. 295254

I posted some links earlier in the thread that took up so much space so I thought using bitly was a good idea when I saw >>294712. The link is there when you click through, you just have to copy and paste it.

No. 301657

File: 1538096941033.jpg (318.67 KB, 1024x768, 9754786383_6f5639299a_b.jpg)

Does anyone know a good replica for Disney animator dolls?

No. 301707

Please, post your favourite AliExpress shops for room items (storage, hangers, rugs, whatever) and just home items in generally.
I'm finally moving for a better life and I want cute items! Thanks

No. 301734

File: 1538115607373.jpeg (97.95 KB, 665x661, 72BD819E-80EC-4BE2-864D-F3799C…)

Cheapskate anon here. I’m not lying. As long as you spend under $15 aliexpress will always give your money back. But tbh I don’t really use aliexpress anymore so it might have changed.


I have thousands worth of free shit from eBay. My whole house is full of free eBay shit down to my security camera system.

>no better than tumblr shoplifters
Morally? Sure. Irl stealing is fucking retarded though.

No. 301904

Recommendations for cute lingerie/sexy things? I loooove lingerie and getting impractical sexy stuff but I think a lot of it is overpriced.

No. 301905

>i-i'm not lying, b-but i don't use the site anymore h-heh!

No. 301906

u want weebshit?

No. 302384

Weebshit is good, yeah. But not just weebshit.

No. 317199

File: 1540734990886.jpg (109.99 KB, 897x890, 1b0e58e8091fc72fe0611e2afb0d2a…)

Reviving this thread now that 11-11 prices are out. What will you be buying this year anons?

No. 317247

Real clothing and not wasting 5 bucks on ugly, half assed chinese quality shit.

No. 317257


enjoy your "boutique" clothing that's actually just re-branded $5 chinese shit.

No. 317268

God that's some real fuckin salt lol…

Are you like some rich girl that has a personal tailor? Because unless you are…

Most shit is Chinese made crap. Even fancy H&M "boutique" shit. Actually, especially that fancy "boutique" shit. Its all marketing. Some mass manufactured designs are definitely better than others. At the end of the day, its all shit from China or guatemala or wherever the fuck probably made by child slaves.

I'd rather buy a piece of "knockoff" Chinese crap that looks and feels pretty much the damn same as the shit i have to spent upwards of 50$ on because its "nice" instead of waste my life on being salty about one Chinese piece of shit over the other.

Aliexpress has a lot of problems and a lot of things are definitely "fall apart as soon as you touch it" bad, but you spend like, 3 bucks on it, vs. The mark up of some of this shit and then having wasted 100 bucks just to find out its shit. And some of it is really nice!

Now if anyone has some nice, cutesy but sort of sophisticated clothing and accessories, I'm game for recommendations instead of shitting up the thread with salt that's basically "lel poorfag."

No. 317276

i'm >>317257 and this is basically what i was trying to say. like, just the other day my friend came across this jacket she just had to have, allegedly from a small "boutique" in montreal, cost $150, found the same jacket on aliexpress for $20, just without the fake fur trim, added a few snaps and there you go, same jacket.

people just don't understand that much of the shit on aliexpress isn't cheap because it's crappy, it's cheap because that's how much it costs before i buy it and sell it at my shop at the mall for 4x the price.

No. 317282

No. 317296

Oh man read that wrong sorry about that lol.

People just get so mad about things like aliexpress and it really comes off as this like weird thing that they have to because if they don't they wasted a shitload of money for basically nothing.

Get used to it babes that's capitalism.

No. 317298

So what are you guys buying? My mom always buys Chinese crap online and it's literal cheap ass shit that doesn't fit well. Do you have examples of H&M-ish quality clothes?

No. 317404

File: 1540761016273.jpg (96.03 KB, 800x801, HTB1El.jpg)

take clothes that are oversized on purpose. The site has many Harajuku inspired pieces, and they're so damn cute! You take an xxl and it fits however it comes, just with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings

No. 317416

I feel like I KNOW which boutique it is lmao. I live in mtl, and walk by it all the time!

No. 317417

I'm dumb for forgetting to sage, but now that this thread is once again active
Post your favourite aliexpress stores!

No. 317418

I'm dumb for forgetting to sage, but now that this thread is once again active
Post your favourite aliexpress stores!

No. 317470

it's not a fault of the website your mom has shit taste and can't measure herself tbh

No. 317533

Sage but you don't have to be rich to not buy from China. Especially if you live in a rather big country, you can easily find locally made stuff for slightly more than what you'd buy from H&M but nothing outrageous. And on top of that you'd support local business.

Or you can buy high fashion second hand. I got a nice brand bag for a fraction of the price (~100€) and it's lasting me forever, compared to a bag I'd get for 20€ that would start to peel and turn grey super fast.

Of course if you want a kawaii heart bag with pompoms or a burger shaped beret you'll wear twice, go for it and buy it on aliexpress.

No. 317581

the bragging thread is on /g anon, not everyone can spend 100 bucks on a bag you know

No. 318561

never trust the sellers. i got a bogus tracking number, it said "delivered" so when i filed a dispute, i lost. The thing is, normally the tracking will say when it reaches customs or something but it just said "arrived in destination country" and then delivered. No city names were stated. The seller kept saying to check with my post people and that maybe my neighbors picked it up but here i need the senders info, which they refused to give and instead claimed they were refunding me but never did. So i lost $16 and because i disputed it and lost the dispute, i couldnt/cant even give a negative feedback.

To be a little fair, it really could have been my lazy post people leaving it next to mailboxes and one of my neighbors stealing it, but because i was home the weekend it said it was delivered and the fact delivery date was sunday (which is not possible) and never stated any city names really makes me think it was fake or someone else tracking number.

No. 319132

I feel so awful rn. Local post is the most absolute GARBAGE and we have countless stories of orders being lost or purposefully not sent to the right adresses and workers re-selling them or giving them to their kids instead, I ordered 2 packs of incense and it never arrived so far (unregistered tracking so chances of local post losing it or having it's workers doing shady stuff were very high) so I got a refund from seller. Over a month later today, I got it into my home and I feel so bad about it.

It's not like I did it by purpose like the asshole anon in a few posts above, and I ordered back a few more incense packs with the refunded money

No. 319161

Don’t feel bad, this happens a lot. Refunds are routine for sellers (especially bigger sellers). You didn’t know your package was going to show up, so you took the appropriate actions that anyone would have done. Just give them a nice rating.

No. 319173

File: 1541092248360.png (3.13 MB, 1500x1500, Aliexpressshiet.png)

I dont think that anon is trying to brag, they've got a point. It's better to invest in a good sturdy bag than a cheap $20 one that would fall apart after a couple of uses.
I think aliexpress is really good for stationary and socks etc.., but purses are super hit or miss. With that said here's some weeb stuff that I ordered a while ago if anyone wants links/reviews

No. 319202

How is that wig? Is it lace front?
I really want to buy a wig on ali but I don't know where to start kek

No. 319210

File: 1541098157813.jpg (250.01 KB, 960x960, -2090909845281616677.jpg)

My wishlist is filled with keychains, oversized sweaters, jewelry, and stuffed animals. I make sure to at least buy from sellers with feedback that includes photos, but I'm not afraid to wing it for a cheaper option of the same item.

These look cute I might pick up one of them during the 11.11 sale
Pocket Monster Anime Pikachu Mew Gengar Eevee Poketto Monsuta Rubber Keychain

No. 319218

I like that wig. Do you have the link?

No. 319257

File: 1541110888494.jpg (88.2 KB, 1000x1000, HTB1oBoLbKKAUKJjSZFzq6xdQFXah.…)

I have bought quite some things


A humidifier. It works pretty good, looks just like the picture. It does make noise and I can't sleep with the thing on, but with earplugs it's fine.

No. 319258

File: 1541111063373.jpg (223.22 KB, 1000x883, HTB1xkIxSFXXXXayapXXq6xXFXXXc.…)


Nail oil pen. I saw the one SimplyNailLogical made, and I wanted one too but I can't easily get the products to my country so I bought this one.

It sucks.

It's not really oil I think. It feels really nice when you apply it and smell alright, but when it dries a bit it dries your skin out so much. I quietly stopped when I saw it made my cuticles worst.

No. 319261

File: 1541111328211.jpg (61.36 KB, 1000x1000, HTB1wTEcIpXXXXazXFXXq6xXFXXXk.…)


thigh high tights. I bought them because it said they had a reach of 173 cm. I'm 170 cm so I thought these would be tall enough (I bought ones before but they where too short). They do fit after some squeezing. I'm probably too fat because when I sat down and folded my legs something ripped. Not really the thighs fault.

I will not buy any tights any more because Asian sizes just don't work for my fat-ass. I bought other thigh high tights from ASOS which fitted perfectly.

No. 319262

simply nailogical is a fucking hack, anon.

also you only should use cuticle oil when you push and file near the cuticle while doing your nails. it's not meant to be used more than once every week at the most.

No. 319264

File: 1541111658896.jpg (66.95 KB, 800x800, HTB1EdgSMVXXXXcVaXXXq6xXFXXXA.…)


I fucking love this dress. It was so cheap but it's perfect. It made from this kind of weird fabric (it says cotton mix, but it's more viscose-like). But because of that it falls perfectly on me. Because of the fabric the dress pulls down a little bit and that makes the chest area come out real good and shapely. For me the dress widens around my stomach, so perfect for hiding all the ugliness.

I can't seem to pair them with leggings, I don't know what it is, maybe the fabric clash but it always looks bad when I do. Summer dress with nothing under it looks best.

No. 319266

I didn't know that, thanks!
Also, why is she a hack?

No. 319268

sorry for ot. but she has a ton of reliance on products and promos rather than giving general tutorials. i don't really like nail channels that focus too much on only being able to use specific products.

a good example is her "why you're using loose glitter wrong" video, where she's just promoting a product (a shitty one at that) and doesn't actually explain how to do it without the product.

No. 319304

to be fair she acknowledges the running meme on her channel that she hardly does tutorials anymore and she's never confessed to being an expert. most people like her for her personality and humor, not nail art.

No. 319352

NTA but that's fucking retarded. There's no to be fair about her having a nail channel and leaving her shitty sponsored tutorials up to confused new nail artists.

No. 319355

If you're blindly just following the advice of one nail channel that has clearly evolved into something different you're the retarded one lmao.

No. 319530

I got a fake Restyle tshirt 2 years ago and when it arrived I thought that fabric was really weird (stretchy and thin) and wouldn't last long.

Turns out that after many washes it's still the same and barely got any damage unlike some cotton tshirts that are newer and already washed out and stained. Yesterday I got another shirt with strange/cheap fabric but I'm not really sure how long it will last

No. 319544

File: 1541180050335.png (291.33 KB, 498x495, Capture.PNG)

Recently got this hoodie ! It's absolutely awesome I love it. I didn't expect it to be so soft and thick ! I'm quite tall (177cm) , it's a bit short on the back for me but it's only noticeable when I crouch and shit. Recommand it 100%


No. 319547

dude that's ridiculous, her channel is popular and all those videos pop up cause of youtube's shit algorithm. this isn't even the thread for this, but stop defending her cause you like her. her shit tutorials are shit.

No. 319560

File: 1541183581773.png (610.23 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20181103-053113~2.p…)

this is the one of the only things I've ordered from Aliexpress (ordered with a friend who swears by it) and it was pretty disappointing. I love big loose off shoulder sweaters and this thing was basically a normal sweater. it didn't have all the reviews about how small it ran back when I ordered.

oh I also ordered a dragon hoodie like a year ago which did actually fit well and looked nice, but lost it moving.

stop shitting up the thread with your unsaged posts.

No. 319678

any bigger girls have luck with plus size clothing on aliexpress? any items at all? i know the sizing for sites like these are all over the place so it's hard to find any clothes that might fit my fat ass.

No. 320379

Lots of the plus size clothes I've seen on ali are knock offs of cheap brands like boohoo and f21, and sometimes are more expensive than the original. I've gotten printed leggings that were unpleasant to wear but looked okay, and a crochet cover up that's cute, but I know is going to be ruined when I wash it. I wore it once during the summer and it's still hanging up in my closet. link if you're interested: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Plus-Size-2015-Womens-Casual-Vintage-Boho-Kimono-Cardigan-Lace-Crochet-Chiffon-Loose-Outwear-Blouse-Tops/32305951457.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dUFdA1J

No. 320401


er, anon, most of them are the same as F21 entirely, made in the same factories, only with no tags.

do you seriously think F21 is better quality??

No. 321659

This is an image board, why are you like this anon.

No. 322103

File: 1541701121970.jpg (428.59 KB, 850x850, -807789168-1028682223.jpg)

The D-day is coming closer anons! Hope your basket is already filled with cute items like pic related.

Ali clothing may not be worth it but stationery and home stuff totally is

No. 322876

Can any goth/alt anon recommend some good stuff?

No. 322931

NTA, but yea. Lol I've gotten literal garbo from AliExpress, ill-fitting or shit in this weird cheap polyester shiny fabric. Forever 21 isn't great, but at least I know what I'm getting. Sellers on Ali either leave details out or lie outright.

That being said, I love AliExpress for cheap crap, like stickers and ankle socks. Stuff that is hard to screw up. Everything else is a mixed bag, and I honestly prefer buying secondhand brands to buying new on Ali.

>er, anon, most of them are the same as F21 entirely, made in the same factories, only with no tags.

Eh. Not true, but kinda true. Just because they both come from China doesn't mean they come from the same factory. I've seen crap from older collections of Zara/ASOS/H&M get sold on Ali, stolen photos and everything. A lot of Korean brand stuff too get their photos stolen. You can tell by the specific brand's photography style and because the product is even shittier than the original photo. But I've also seen known Taobao/Ali generic brand stuff being sold at a markup in malls. I usually do a lot of searching and shopping around before I commit to a buy, including reverse image searching, so I hope that makes me less likely to get ripped off.

I've been buying from Ali for years, so I would hope that means I know a thing or two…


No. 322934

Idk if it matters, but just letting you know it's not just you. The stockings on there are pretty awful. I once got a pair of "thigh high" stockings that were over-the-knee at best (I'm 5'5") and I had pretty skinny legs. They got a fucking run in them just from walking around and sitting.

ASOS is ok, but also check out Sock Dreams and American Apparel if you're looking for stockings or thigh highs.

No. 326760

Hope this isn't a dumb Q but I recently watched the Ted Talk about counterfeit items and terrorism. Does anyone know if the profit of the sellers on AliExpress funds any sort of terrorism?

No. 326805

I don't know about terrorism but it's illegal business, that is for sure. There was a warning from the Finnish customs here some time ago about buying copies from Asian sites - especially down jackets. They found rotting parts of birds inside some jackets because who cares about quality and ethics when they are made by slaves.

No. 327715

Rosetic store and Punk Rave have storefronts at ali.
Sorry for the late reply.

No. 407090

im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but what taobao agents do you guys recommend? Preferably ones who accept paypal and the best fee rates and shipping. As well as reasonable customer service.

No. 407519


also interested

No. 407567

Personally, i use taobaotrends. Never had any problems with them. Fast, cheap and nice. Also, they send you pics of stuff that you bought before they send it to you, so you can be sure that everything is ok.

No. 407795

This is so late but how was the seifuku? I've wanted to order one from aliexpress for a cheap cosplay but always been hesitant bc I'm super petite and I'm worried it wouldn't fit right/the quality will suck.

No. 412245

Yikes to this thread infighting.

I've yet to have a very bad experience, and I've bought quite a bit of stuff. Most of my problems have been from clothing, which I was already iffy about buying in the first place. I bought a sweater that had the seams spit the second time I wore it, and it was "one size fits all," so it wasn't me being too big for it; it was actually really comfy. I also bought a t-shirt with a meme printed on it. The fit was very weird, the material was see-through, and the print was really weak and faded. I haven't worn it and it still sits in my closet, it also came with a small stain I didn't mind, but it's actually become darker and very noticeable now that it's been sitting there. I think I might sew it into a shopping bag or use the print as a patch.

I also bought a bra set, it was decent quality but stunk chemically. It was also too small, not my size. I could get in on, but it clearly fit differently than on the model, darker material too. I sold it for a dollar less than I paid for it, so no major loss.

I mostly just buy those dainty necklaces, enamel pins, and keyboard covers with different languages on them for Duolingo.

No. 437982

File: 1563825387160.jpg (38.54 KB, 225x350, 222699.jpg)

soft weeb goth anon here, is Aliexpress good?

No. 437990


Yeah the best keyword for that I think would be best to use is harajuku.

Btw anyone has anyone found some cute small fabric bags, I would like to stop using plastic ones

No. 437991

Has anybody bought an SD card off here? I wanna load up on some expandable storage for my phone and don't want to spend $20 on a 60gb micro SD at Walmart.

No. 437992

I think it's good. I dunno about goth stuff, but I've bought a lot of art supplies from Aliexpress and my tip would be to make sure you order from people with lots of reviews and/or star ratings. Also make sure you check the shipping costs and method before you order. Most sellers use "ePacket/Speedpak" which is pretty slow so you'll need to be patient. Customer service is a joke tho.

No. 438003


thank you, I love and use yesstyle so wondered if it was similar!

No. 438007


I use the yesstyle as well, but aliexpress has some products for cheaper and you don't need to reach the certain amount to get free shipping.

No. 438010

seconding this question… wanna know too.

No. 438033


I know people who regularly buys phones, laptops, tech parts and even myself bought vape from there. Just make sure you buy from seller with good reviews and you'll be fine.

No. 438039

I bought 2 micro sd cards a few years ago. One of them still works perfectly, the other one not so much. I have the 32gb version by Sandisk and if I connect it to my computer, only 14gb are available although I formatted it beforehand. I looked at reviews and I'm not the only one with this issue apparently.

No. 438057


If you take them out, do you do it correctly? digital storage tends to lose its capacity if taken out incorrectly.

No. 438078

actually that's a common problem with cheap SD cards.

No. 438110

yeah, if it's displaying a different capacity than what it's specified for it's probably fake. I prefer to buy tech stuff from Newegg or Amazon to be safe because if it's fucked up I'll get my money back. Most sellers on Aliexpress don't do refunds and for the one that do, what's the point? You'll spend more on postage sending it back.

No. 438217

If you get a wrong item (broken, not as described, not the one model you ordered, etc) you just open a dispute and ask to get your money back. You don't have to send anything back. All of sellers give refunds back, that's the site policy. You might only have a problem if the store gets deleted but this has never happened to me.
Have you ever purchased anything on Aliexpress?

No. 438227

Yeah I usually sort things out by 4 stars and up waiting and most orders, just some of the store names for the SD cards sounded sketch.
I ended up buying a micro SD card off Amazon because it was about the same price as the one I was looking at on Ali, about $2 more total, but will ship way faster. My next SD card I'm gonna try to get from Ali so fingers crossed the quality is at least decent! I've heard of people saying they got the right amount of data but the writing speed is just abysmal.

No. 438229

nta but they changed their policy and now you need to actually prove the item didn't arrive/doesn't work.

No. 438285

How long ago this was? I got my money back like 7-8 months ago. I provided pictures of the item of course (it was not the one I wanted).
I've heard about assholes abusing the system and claiming that no unregistered item arrived to keep the item and money so I am not surprised the policy changed.
How exactly do you prove that an untracked item didn't arrive?

No. 438305

So i don't know if this question belongs here but it's related to buying things from china so maybe someone can give me their opinion on this situation. So i ordered wigs from taobao and the package arrived some days ago at the local customs and they couldn't gave me the package because it had no label where the name of the manufacturer and the material it was made of was written and thus will be send back to china. I contacted the shopping service site and they only answered that they could try to ship it with another method. I'm thinking of doing a refund but the site mentions in their policy that they don't do such things. Would it still possible to do it, i mean even if they shipped it with another method it wouldn't gurantee that next time that it wont get stuck at customs again, it would be kinda like a vicious circle and i probably won't get the package. So how big are my chances?

No. 438332

As a goth myself, I would recommend Regalrock jewelry. They are a bit more pricy by aliexpress standarts (still very cheap compared to popular gothic brands) and have a ton of cool unique designs.
There's also Rosetic Store with pretty good clothing, tho the sizes can be iffy (check the reviews) and Punk Rave has a storefront on there.
Really, there's plenty of gothic stuff if you look it up. I bought a ton of Halloween decorations there super cheap, because we don't have them in my country at all.
You can also find some copies of Killstar on there for cheap. I haven't bought any myself yet, but people who did are saying it's exactly like the real thing and may even be surplus stock. I found some bags and phonecases on there.
The only issue is - not a lot of things are tagged "goth" even if they technically are, so including "goth" as a searchterm greatly limits your results sadly. There's no proper way to look up dark alternative stuff all at once.

Weeb shit is ok too, but it mostly has stolen art or is bootleg/recast from the original merch. I myself am against buying things like that and prefer official merch, but if you're okay with it, go for it. At least the pins/badges and bags from there are ok. Wouldn't recommend actual figures tho.

No. 438432

Is there a masterpost on how to buy clothes from aliexpress? Like, how do I avoid getting mangled shit that looks nothing like the picture?

No. 438448

The only thing you can do is look at reviews. Even then there's really no 100% guarantee you're getting what you see in the picture. There can be multiple versions of an item by different sellers, using the same pictures for listing. A lot of the listings are copies of an original item that's in the picture. A lot are just photoshopped straight from google images.
Your best bet is looking for long established shops with big sales numbers and good reviews and even then you might get something shitty. Looking for places that provide a lot of pictures of the actual item and proper measurements/sizings can be good too.
Sadly, buying clothes online is kind of a crapshoot in places that don't really have customer support beyond "we'll give you your money back if it's damaged". If it doesn't look like the picture, you can ask for refund too, but that doesn't work sometimes.
Most of the clothes I got from ali were actually okay. Usual fast-fashion quality with some skimping on the seams or cheaper fabrics. But then again I paid fast-fashion prices.

No. 438452

File: 1563909727944.jpg (72.9 KB, 1441x248, ali.JPG)


>>438110 , here. I shop on Aliexpress a lot.
Stores can set their own return policies (Pic related). Perhaps you should do more shopping there before spreading false information.

No. 438503

i guess that's up to the sellers, but i think it changed this year. i had a small issue earlier this year because i got a fake tracking # and aliexpress took a bit to step in and help.

i'm >>438229 and wasn't spreading false info. stores can select their own return policies but policies for issues with damaged goods are universal on the site.

No. 438530

i used to love aliexpress until i realized buying shitty clothes off there literally directly contributes to slave labour.

maybe think about the consequences of buying these garbage clothes and shit yeah?

No. 438622

>i don't know how china works

lol you can moralfag all you want but most of these factories aren't the slave labor shock video kind you see from the 80s. stuff is cheaper because china's living expenses are cheaper. in most areas making 500$USD a month is enough to put you in the middle class.

No. 455490

How's that any different from shopping at ZARA or H&M? I don't know if what >>438622 said is true but the clothing you buy in generic stores here is DEFINITELY made by slave and kid labour.

No. 455494

AFAIK China is at the point where it's outsourcing labor to shitty parts of India anyway. Honestly the whole huurduur slave labor thing is a meme from 1st worlders that don't understand how economies work. It really amuses me that americans especially (what with mexican immigrants/migrant workers coming here) still don't understand how shitty jobs help stimulate economy and can actually save peoples' lives. It's like people don't get the reason these slave wage jobs can pay so little is because the areas they're in are shit.

No. 455498

Yeah a lot of people can literally live off of single digit dollars a week. Westerners, like to compare that to their dollar, which $1 is like $10 in a lot of places.

No. 455543

>maybe think about the consequences of buying these garbage clothes and shit yeah?
No, fuck off, moralfags are retarded, etc.

What's funniest to me is that t-shirts that have some sort of woke buzzword or title in it are most likely slave labour. Nothing like making poor third world women slave over a shirt that says "proud feminist".

Late as hell, but I've bought 2 128gb SD cards for my switch, they work just fine. If you find the right seller, you can get away with a good price. I've ordered more electronics from aliexpress than I'm willing to admit.

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