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No. 219885

How do you gain social skills if you are a shut-in and have been since the age of 12?

No. 219887

No. 219894

benzo's usually

No. 219918

Fling yourself into it. Speaking as someone who is a complete social fuck up, you'll always be playing catch up at this point.

No. 219926

It's OVER unless you're absolutely gorgeous.

No. 219933

this is p decent advice tbh. it isn't hopeless but you need practice. just know that this means many awkward imperfect moments.

No. 219953

Emphasis on many awkward moments. And try not to beat yourself up about it, it will only make you not want to do it.

No. 219988

File: 1514747814703.gif (1.13 MB, 400x225, Paul-Rudd-Oh-shit-im-okay.gif)

couldn't agree more. you're going to feel embarrassed, don't beat yourself up about it, just keep going.
ime most of the embarrassing awkward shit i said was because i said something that wasn't really how i feel, but something i said out of anxiety or trying too hard. being direct and honest makes some people avoid me but when people like me i know it's legit.

before saying something i give myself a second to give it a final "approval." Saves me the embarrassment of blurting out some untimely shit out of confused eagerness to please.

No. 220340

If you have zero friends, what are you supposed to fling yourself into? Start chatting up strangers in public?

No. 220343

Small talk with whoever you encounter during the day. Like cashiers for one. And you can always try to branch out online too and use video chat.

No. 220355

Why can't you just admit that it's over for people like OP? Just say it like it is. I know you people are trying to be nice, but come on. It absolutely is 100% over unless she's extremely attractive.

No. 220375

Join a local Toastmasters group.


No. 220376

if she's looking for platonic friends, her appearance doesn't matter. if she's looking for romance, you have to be a rotting hog corpse washed up on a beach to not find a man at least willing to pretend to listen to you for a chance to lay you. slag off with that negativity

No. 220400

OP's only as fucked as she thinks she is. There's always progress to be had but only if she takes the necessary steps and keeps on track. It may take a while but whether it's worth it is for OP to decide.

No. 220405

It is not over. I was a social recluse for years and stayed in my room. It's no easy fix but after making small talk with cashiers/taxi drivers/anyome you can, and joining in on groupa on facebook, talking to people on dofferent social sites, phone calls or skype calls. You slowly get the hang of it and confidence. Shit i even managed to get a boyfriend, not have to use self service check outs and phone for my own appointments now

No. 220407

Samefag. Excuse the typos im doing this on my phone with one eye open at half 5 in the morning

No. 220430

because i'm a shut in and i know that's not true from experience? yeah some people will never be social butterflies with tons of friends but going from shut in with no social skills to someone who's able to get along with people and make friends here and there is extremely fucking possible. she's a shut in, not genie the feral child.

your attitude is actually kind of snowflakey if you think basic self improvement towards interacting with others is something only for extrovert stacy.

No. 220481

you just have to start going out and talking to people tbh. you'll catch on soon enough. also try seeing a therapist.

No. 220483

You get a job where you get to interact with customers, duh.

No. 220504

Going to concerts of bands I like helped me a lot. Usually I would just get to the venue early to get on line and just practice small talk there.

You're not obligated to talk to anyone if you don't want to, but you all share a common interest (the band) and can easily meet people of many different backgrounds and ages. And even if you embarrass yourself, you're probably never going to see those people again.

Plus it helps with getting used to large crowds, singing/clapping/cheering along with everybody helps with a sense of connection. Hell, you could even try moshing or dancing if you're into the music enough.

It's basically a fun way to capitalize socially on a hobby you do alone (listening to music).

No. 220505

Also, it gives you experience with going to different places you haven't been before. I've been to parts of my town and neighboring cities that I otherwise would've never gone to. It gets you into a habit of exploring, and it can also figure into some conversation you might have with people.

No. 220572

free chatlines. some phone companies block them but use skype.

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