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No. 219814

Kid gets innocent father killed by police during a swatting, brags about it, goes on drama alert of all places, and gets arrested shortly after.

Listening to this smug fucker top even onision in levels of autistic narcissism is honestly infuriating. Do you like me think he should be charged with murder?

>the @swautistic twitter is suspended, but i think he mentioned his "real/other acc" was not

>https://twitter.com/Xutren/status/946991360455913472 another clip of him bragging about being a "swatter"

No. 219816

>the drama alert where he explains just how little empathy he has

No. 219817

Swatting is just such a shitty thing to do and people do die, so I think there should be harsher punishments so idiots stop doing it. Put the asshole behind bars and broadcast that shit everywhere.

No. 219824

you can look at his eyes and see he has a mental illness. instead of letting him get wrapped up in video games his parents should've redirected him. his friend group sounded like a bunch of people with learning issues.

No. 219825

That motherfucker better get jail time. He knows goddamn well how quick the SWAT teams are to pull the trigger so yeah, he got a guy killed over a bet worth like $1.50.

No. 219827

Agreed. What a piece of shit. How is it even possible that people are STILL doing this? Didn't one asshole who used swatting already go to jail? Seems like more people need to get their sweet little jail time for others to realise that no, you just don't do stuff like this… It's not funny and it's not amusing.

No. 219828

I had no idea faggots still swatted people.

Bring on the jail sentence. Imo, if someone winds up killed for an intentionally false swat, it should be a life sentence for whoever tipped it. And this little psychopath is insane enough to have bragged about it.

No. 219834

Hope he gets tortured to death in prison if some vigilante doesn’t get to him first. Acid baths were made for shitstains like him. Disgusting scum.

No. 219846

I wish swatting wasn't even possible and they'd take a look at how easy it is for little shits like this to do this. There really needs to be a better system in place.

No. 220081

Critikal talks about it

Miruhcle and baperizer should get arrested and charged as well, they were the ones who gave out the fake address.

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