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No. 219454

Hey y'all, I am trying to start an instagram/twitter/social media persona. I'm not sure how to go about getting traction and sponsors… How do I become "famous" or get noticed like anzu, himeahri, or any of these flakes on this site?

I plan on using shoop because I need some anonymity for my personal life's sake. But ultimately, I'm just looking to get some free shit and internet fame. pls help

No. 219463

use the catalog. this topic comes up almost every month.

No. 219464

>I need some anonymity for my personal life's sake.

Be prepared to lose some because I assure you, people will start to dig to find out who you are. Be that former acquaintances who innocently leak information about you, or anons who get obsessed with online personalities and do the digging.

No. 219550

That's true, I think I was being too naive with the anonymity thing. Shoop cant solve everything.

Not sure if some internet fame is worth ruining my reputation or professional life lol

No. 219586

Get instafamous, then pick a fight with Onision.
That's my plan anyway, I'll let you know how it goes

No. 219587

be careful, his fans are batshit crazy

No. 219692

Thanks anon, but that's what I'm counting on!

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