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File: 1512441453184.jpg (107.65 KB, 675x1200, DQPwyYmUEAA0YrY.jpg)

No. 214515

Melanie Martinez was just accused of rape. Anyone want to discuss? She's always been super cringey but I wasn't expecting this. Though her aesthetic does scream sexual predator.


No. 214516

File: 1512441547855.jpg (203.27 KB, 694x1199, t1.jpg)


No. 214517

File: 1512441570344.jpg (195.95 KB, 705x1199, t2.jpg)


No. 214518

File: 1512441598245.jpg (212.79 KB, 706x1200, t3.jpg)


No. 214519

File: 1512441620386.jpg (191.98 KB, 750x1125, t4.jpg)


No. 214520

I know celeb rape accusations are the thing now, but… is there anything else to this? This comes off as a tumblr post to me. Do they even know eachother?

No. 214521

im suprised but not really cuz of her creepy ass babydoll crybaby "aesthetic"
she had her defenders on twitter.

No. 214522

it was on the person instagram i think

No. 214527

I'm really curious if this is going to blow up or not

No. 214529

blow up how? cuz twitter is dragging the fuck out of her already.

No. 214530

yeah she seems all about gross ddlg shit

No. 214535

Interesting. Didn't know. I'm not familiar with her and thought she might get a pass from her fans. I'm wondering which celeb isn't a rapist these days.

DDlg is pretty mainstream these days but doesn't mean everyone who does it is a rapist.

No. 214536

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I don't even like this chick but holy shit this is insanity.

This story just sounds like complete bull shit. Amazing how the victim is finally brave enough to share her story right when her first song is released, lol.

I can't believe people are this braindead smh. Anyone can make up a story now days and ruin someone elses life.

No. 214538

You're not netural either, so why should they be?
Don't get all triggered when people are biased and believe one side when you're like that as well.

No. 214542

So a lot of her songs are about abuse and rape etc so I thought it might be because she had some experience with it. Turns out she has none, she said in an interview that she just wanted to "tell a story". So her idea of a good story involves child abuse. If that and her creepy ddlg obsession weren't red flags for the sort of fucked up person she is, then I don't know what is. I completely believe and support the victim here. I always felt like something about Melanie was off.

No. 214543

I mean it's always possible she was abused and just doesn't want to tell the whole world about it. Don't really know anything about her though.

No. 214544

File: 1512469219183.png (302.8 KB, 571x587, 6f5e02abfc8827b1f05f708d48794c…)

Melanie's response.

No. 214545

File: 1512469663181.png (18.1 KB, 96x102, adum.png)

>she never said no
but did she say yes

No. 214546

Relevant post. Consent is not the absence of no, it’s the presence of yes.

No. 214548

She also doesn't address a lot of what was said in Timothy's post, she doesn't address her saying no multiple times, saying her boyfriend will get mad etc….this seems like a very Kevin Spacey response.

No. 214551

There is proof that they have been best friends, she has many photos with her and Melanie has appeared on her snapchat.

No. 214552

But thats literally how the law works. I also have reasons to believe its fake as stated before, other than "b-but you always have to believe the vikdum!! Wimmin never lie!

No. 214554

Read Melanie's response….

No. 214557

> She never said no
Timothy claimed to say no multiple times tho. So who knows.

So when people have sex do they have to have a written consent form? Its your responsibility to speak up if you don't like something. Having sex then regretting it later is not rape.

No. 214558


it was until melanie's response i was ready to give her the benefit of doubt. "she didn't say no!" so in other words, she sure as hell didn't say yes either. interesting how she didn't even attempt to debunk the story, huh?
in a nutshell, not the worst celebrity accusation this year. still gross. and melanie's ddlg/child abuse imagery just got even more off-putting.

No. 214559

I did not say that you need to believe the victim. Just be neutral and objective.

No. 214560

Holy shit, same as what this anon said >>214558 I wasn't convinced until I read her response. This is pretty sick. "she never said no" like wtf did she even read her own post and see how that looks exactly like the texbook definition of rape? Did anyone working for her approve this? It makes her look guilty, rather than innocent.

Honestly, I'm really disappointed because this #metoo campaign was exposing how sick the industry is and was teaching a lot of people about how power differences play a factor in sexual assault. Now MRAs and the likes are going to forever shove this in our faces and claim that this shows "women are rapists too!" to distract from future cases of sexual assault. What a dumb bitch.

No. 214561

Has anyone else been on Timothy's instagram though? Days before she posted the story - she actually did a cosplay of Melanie (or similar) and all the comments on every picture are disabled too.

She's gone from 2K followers on Twitter to almost 25K now. It seems dodgy to me the whole thing…

We will never know though who is the liar. Sure Melanie confessed they did stuff but we will never know if there was a "yes" or a "no".

But people will just jump on this for the sake of disliking Melanie. Also Melanie is the perfect person with the whole weirdo dolly baby adult thing because she's already a freak from just this alone.

For all we know guys these two could have been best friends last week and had an argument on Saturday night.

It's that easy.

No. 214562

Honestly though, all those girls saying "you should always believe the victim no matter what" honey, what? This logic is so flawed. First of all, I can claim that I was raped by, i dont know, John Lenon. Am I right because I'm a victim? Lmao I wasn't even born back then. Secondly that logic would mean that there are no cases that a rape allegation was proven false, which is wrong because unfortunately some people do cry rape in order to frame/slander someone, you also get in jail for that. Of course you should always give the victim a safe space so they can talk and show them that you are listening but its different from saying "I believe you" uncoditionally. I also do realize though that rape is one of the offences that are really hard to be proven. This is an issue, but it's different to say " I choose to believe and support this victim" and say "I believe all victims no matter what"

No. 214563


It's difficut nowadays with all these celebrities being convicted too by random women then another 50 pop up too just to dip their hand in the money pot.

We weren't even there with Melanie and Timothy. None of us will ever know. Yet everyone will just jump to defend Timothy regardless. You should know how logic works online these days, anything to do with rape and everyone goes mental. Fuck murder, cancer ect. People just believe anything when it comes to rape.

No. 214564


She wrote she said no multiple times. We won't ever know if she actually DID say no though. But everyone will side to her just because of the story involving rape and how it did happen. Whether it did or not… who knows.

No. 214565


But thats the thing, MM is the perfect target for something like this and especially if she's been in your bed, had sex together (if it was rape or whatnot we dont know), best friends ect ect.

If you had a friend like this you could thrown them in the shit so fucking easily.

No. 214567

>robot alert

Yup, because there’s absolutely no difference between someone visibly encouraging sexual contact (ie the “presence of yes”) and getting a signed consent form. STFU retard

No. 214581

no, she's a spoiled bitch and her interviews make it very obvious "weh i wrote pity party cause my childhood birthday once was bad"
ddlg is gross.

No. 214582

>we will never know if there was a yes or a no

well, maybe, but >>214544 seems guilty as fuck and there's no yes there.

No. 214584


What is she supposed to fucking say? She admitted something happened but she never said she actually raped her. How do we know Timothy isn’t the liar? Seems fucking dodgy if you ask me.

So it must mean everyone into ddlg must be a rapist then from what you make out? It’s a persona idiot. You could say Nicole dollanganger is not far short the same. Given in another year or two someone might spew that they were raped by her too.

Most people are siding with Timothy because MM is a weirdo with a weirdo act.

The whole thing seems so off to me.

No. 214585

can you calm the hell down? sorry if you're a buttmad ddlg fetishist, but i wasn't talking about that, i was talking about what melanie literally wrote herself. if melanine was a dude writing stuff like 'she never said no' she'd be getting way more flack. women aren't incapable of overpowering other women you know.

No. 214586


I mean does anyone remember that creep from the lost prophets? He was convicted with actual evidence.

There isn’t any with Melanie. So we will never know. It’s amazing how people will agree and side with someone who just pops up out the blue. I feel like Timothy just wants a boost in her own music career tbh.

No. 214587


but what else is she supposed to say anon? If she said yeah then all breaks loose and with her response it’s basically saying Timothy was fine it - it isn’t rocket science.

Timothy can’t be that affected. She seems fine cosplaying as MM and carrying on regardless. Melanie is a scrawny maggot - most people would have shoved her out the bed if they weren’t up for it.

Unless they were fucking about as a joke and things escalated and MM continued. Who knows.

No. 214589

nothing? she doesn't have to respond right now. she should be thinking of her career, which is probably fucked either way now, where is her PR?

No. 214592

File: 1512492262254.jpg (70.11 KB, 720x465, FB_IMG_1512483452090.jpg)

No. 214593

who here hasn't said neeh, nah, mnah, and had it mean "maybe". If it's really no I'll walk away. Unless that would put me in danger, which like, hardly seems likely here

No. 214594

Source is her friend Joshua Goodson on twitter

The whole story is really weird but what I found odd is how Melanie wrote Timothy didn't say no. Giving up on saying no after two days and saying yes are pretty far apart, still.

It also seems like Timothy was emotionally dependent on Melanie. And being emotionally dependent makes saying no even more difficult + you're willing to take the blame for everything

No. 214596

it sounds like she was staying with her at the time.

No. 214598

The story has hit all of the major international news outlets in the last 6 hours.

No. 214599

this matches up with Timothy's version. Technically Mel's "she never said no" is true to the sex part. She said no when Melanie asked her to do stuff, but after a while when Mel touched her, Timothy stopped opposing (I get why, she was coerced into giving up, mentally exhausted, probably thought if she gives her a bit, she'll be satisfied and stop - I can imagine it more or less). So Mel technically isn't lying. That was still rape though. And the "lack of trauma" is explainable, too. Timothy said herself that she realized the seriousness of what happened when her friends started to point it out. She's been best friends with someone she adored, someone way "higher" than her (how do you say it, damn, sorry for my poor wording), such relationships are always toxic. Honestly her story is believable for me, you just have to use some empathy. And if you're still doubting, Melanie basically proved the story to be real with her response

No. 214601

File: 1512493594594.jpeg (213.98 KB, 750x1334, DBCF27F9-9F49-4D56-8D49-42B63F…)

just dumping some pics for those curious as to whether or not they knew each other

No. 214602

File: 1512493639572.jpeg (197.98 KB, 750x1334, A8D376F5-C330-4C2E-80E2-6835D0…)


No. 214603

File: 1512493663254.jpeg (195.34 KB, 750x1334, 7E6F2D0A-D41B-42A4-8D87-EAA7A1…)


No. 214604

File: 1512493684021.jpeg (151.19 KB, 750x1334, D24B205A-6B35-4826-B7D7-189192…)


No. 214605

File: 1512493704634.jpeg (126.26 KB, 750x1334, 5D9A76BA-7FB7-4176-AA66-E676C7…)


No. 214606

I'm pretty sure that people still know how to use Google. :)

No. 214610

I thought so, too. But: I think there is a difference between a rape and being pushed. Rape is taking someones body by force, violently. Pushing and talking someone (who is not a minor of course) to have sex with you is a bit different deal. It's not right, it shouldn't go unnoticed, but it sure as hell ain't rape. If it was, I could say people have attempted to rape me like a hundred times, because some desperate creeps AND sometimes friends(!) might try to talk you into doing something you don't really want to do. The key is to resist being pushed and leave the situation, which of course is always harder when the person pushing you has power over you. That's why it's wrong.

fuck you this is an image board

No. 214611

I find it so weird that she cosplayed MM just a while back. Anyone could think about this situation: if you were raped, would you cosplay your rapist? Seriously.
I think she's just calling it rape, it might be that she was pushed and didn't really want to have sex but also didn't make that clear. Or she just regretted it later for some reason.

No. 214612

Saying no and have someone constantly manipulate, and guilt and keep pushing after you’ve said no until they’ve worked you down enough to finally just give in because they’re ovviously not going to take no for an answer is more than just “being pushed” into sex.
I feel sorry for you and your mentality anon, I personally would still consider it rape - they’re going against your consent by continuing to pressure you into it. Something like that can still fuck someone up for a long while, especially because you’re left thinking it was your fault for giving in, or it wasn’t “technically” rape because you said yes eventually….. rape isn’t always violent.

No. 214613

melanie is so cringy man wtf.

No. 214614

I don't believe it.
This is so Tumblr.

No. 214616

i do feel like melanie broke this person down until she felt like it was pointless to say no, which is fucked up. and which is technically rape - but all this to say i kind of understand what you’re saying. i had someone pressure me into sex but i don’t feel right considering it rape because i felt like i could have been more forceful about saying “no.” also while i do feel bad for this girl it just kind of seems fishy, i don’t know why

No. 214617

anon, please don't think like that…

people shouldn't have to 'say no more forcefully' or something, the people pushing you should be less forceful.

like, i get sex is an instinctual thing, but just go fap or something if the other person says no.

No. 214619


I was not sure what to believe but this response is so rapey.

No. 214623

i can’t really disagree when you put it like that D: whatever i just want some fucking conclusions

No. 214624

They're both such idiots. Timothy drops this story when she just releases a single so she looks like a huge attention whore, and Melanie basically confirms her story adding that creepy rapist vibe. It's hilarious.

No. 214625

i mean, anyone who's friends with melanie has to be cringy herself. melanie is like that one friend who seemed cool at first but is really just super embarrassing.

No. 214626


I agree, it's fucking ridiculous. Unless the pair of them came up with this pile of shit together for attention who knows.

Funny how Timothy is now increasing in followers on her social media. Her music must be so shit she came up with this plan. Melanie is the perfect pal to throw in the mud though - creepy persona and comes across as a dickhead anyway. It's just weird.

I don't believe her but at the same time I'm sure about Melanie because she likes the dolly weirdo act hence her response "we were in a dark age bla bla angel of light save us" and all that shit.

No. 214627

>Unless the pair of them came up with this pile of shit together for attention who knows.

I'm kind of agreeing with this theory.

No. 214628


Yeah but anon - it's all just talk. NONE of us were there and we can speculate as much as we please. We can't believe everything they both say.

I mean how the fuck do we know they weren't dicking about as girls and one thing lead to another. Timothy could have complied and she never said anything. Now she's after a fan base for her music and does this.

Melanie… she just made herself look stupid by saying what she said. If she said "It never happened" or something then maybe she could have gotten anyway with it. None of us were there at the end of the day and something like this is hard to prove.

I know Timothy's friend has a back up or whatever so it supports her case - was he there? Probably not. People will believe their best friends because… they're their best friends. Even friends lie.

No. 214629


Again anon sure she said that but she never fully admitted it. Unless Melanie said "Yeah I raped her" then fair enough. This to me isn't enough - it all seems dodgy. This girl comes out of the blue with a new single and that happens.

I still call bullshit.

They probably fell the fuck out over the weekend on Saturday night and what a perfect way to trash your ex best mate though. Just ruin their career.

Can't have been that fucking damaging given all the pictures they're in together having fun. Course Timothy looks lifeless because it's probably her default expression (she looks the same in all of them including her IG ones).

No. 214630


I've shown this story to a few people I know and even they've said it sounds dodgy.

God help if it is all a lie because I feel the fuck sorry for those who were actually raped.

No. 214631

I have to disagree anon. Having been in both situations way too many times - where I’ve been pressured to have sex when I didn’t want to and having been violently raped - I can say IMO that both are still rape. They both leave you feeling dirty, guilty, used, and fucking worthless. If you don’t want it, and they make you whether it’s with words OR force, it’s rape. Hope that makes sense.

No. 214632

Obviously, I wasn't there and have no idea what happened, but I will say this: that whole overblown idea of the "girl regrets it, so she calls rape" is actually a very real thing when it comes to same sex intercourse. In my personal life, I've known quite a few people who've done this. I even had a friend do something on a lesser scale to me. She didn't say I forced her, but she acted like I pressured her into it and she was so fucked up over it… even though she was the one who pressured me (literally said if I was a good friend, I'd go down on her then proceeded to guilt trip the shit out of me when I refused to go that far) and she was 18 and I was 14, so it was actually state rape on her part.

Plus, not that I think this is a valid argument in general, but… why didn't she fight her off or leave? Melanie is fucking tiny, it's not like she's a guy who could overpower a girl easily and potentially hurt her more if she physically resisted. And the fact that she's writing about the effects of weed as if it's similar to drinking makes me even more skeptical.

No. 214633

have you ever had weed before?

No. 214635

Many times, it's not at all comparable to the effects of getting drunk.

No. 214637

Hey, your icon is showing.

I think it's fine that some of you are skeptical. But to say that women are coming out for notoriety or money from their abuser isn't right. That kind of judgement is the reason why a lot of victims won't tell anyone for years about their experience. Have more empathy.
Timothy admired her and looked up to her and MM took advantage. She also mentions having endured sexual abuse before so it's possible after refusing MM, she froze out of fear.
If this is true, MM is a sick fuck.

No. 214639

File: 1512504126499.png (58.26 KB, 732x596, um.png)

a friend of Timothy is claiming Melanie pulled a similar stunt with her. I didn't dig too deep though so can't verify if they actually know each other (no pics together on insta or anything)

No. 214641

File: 1512504714625.png (291.88 KB, 344x686, oops.png)

oops my bad, I guess they did know each other and madeleine went on tour with her before

No. 214642

honestly, i wouldn't doubt this. i know it's a judgement, but from seeing her interviews and stuff i can see her being a bit narcissistic/arogant about how 'hot' she is and she seems to be doing a similar thing male celebs do, which is being arrogant and using their position to push people to do what they want. "why wouldn't they want to sleep with me, i'm famous" is a mentality they use to justify their selfishness.

No. 214643

sage for OT but fuck man this thread is just making me hate her more. rapist or sex offender or not. ugh how can people stand her?

No. 214648


Yeah but anon if they're friends with Timothy they could just be saying that to back her up alas the other person too.

No. 214649

The thing is Melanie is fucked either way.

If this was say Beyonce for e.g people wouldn't give ten shits if she raped Jay Z with her fucking claw-like nails or curling tongs. Because she's Beyonce, she's god. Nothing else matters. She could bomb half of Africa and still get a pass.

With MM and her weird image - it isn't as easy. Plus her fan base is mostly whiny little hipster feminist fuckers who collect "arm pit hair is natural and my pusseh mi choice" then she's got no hope. They all jump on the bandwagon and will hate her once they even see "MM" and "Rape" in the same sentence. Rape is worse than the world ending as far as they're concerned.

It all seems weird. Plus it's weird that Timothy's music video is coming out in a few days too. Seems as one music career is ending, one is just beginning.

No. 214650


If that's the case anon, Timothy could have just got up and fucked off out the room - slept somewhere else or called her boyfriend and got him to pick her up then tell him what happened.

I think people are starting to reach a bit now with what rape actually is. We've gone from someone forcing someone without saying 'yes' and just fucking them while they cry to "Well they never really said anything, they didn't say anything and it just happened so yano rape and all".

Well we have Timothy who said she said No and MM says she never said no. So we're still stuck inbetween the who-is-lying? part.

No. 214651

damn, i get that timothy seems stupid but come on. obviously melanie isn't going to admit to rape on SM

No. 214652

My theory is Timothy said no for 2 days straight. 3rd day she didn't say anything because Melanie wouldn't take no for an answer and still tried talking her or coercing her into it. Melanie probably thought that since Timothy said nothing about it that night, it was okay.

When Melanie said "She didn't say no." she means THAT specific night. Melanie probably didn't include the previous 2 nights.

No. 214653

melanie being friends with yungelita was enough for me to think something weird about her would come out at some point, i'm surprised it took this long. yungelita liking child porn on tumblr and posting weird loli fetish shit on her insta story never made melanie's "i'm not sexualising kids, it's not a fetish, it's art, you just don't get it!!" line very credible when they worked together and supported each other online. melanie's fucking weird whether or not she did this specific thing

No. 214654

no shit. sage for blog, but i've personally been in this situation with my ex. he was coercing me into sex after we broke up before i moved, and would bother me until i went to sleep and then try the very next day. he'd be touchy and i'd push him off me and threaten him but he wouldn't stop all day. eventually i just didn't say anything, no yes or no, cause i couldn't take it.

No. 214655

whoops, my post cut off…
anyways after he wore me down he'd use it as a defense for next time. "but anon you did it eventually, you must have liked it" no i did it cause i had nowhere to go and i wanted you to stop, fucker.

No. 214656

My theory is Timothy felt bitter after they stopped being friends/envious of Melanie's success and began to regret what they did, then twisted and exaggerated the situation to sound like something much more skeevy than it actually was. I get that some people develop a kinda Stockholm thing for their assailant, but I find it fucking weird that she remained friends with her for so long after and didn't reveal any of this until celebrity sex assault accusations became such a big thing and she just released a single.

Plus, I'm sorry but she wasn't in any kind of position where she couldn't just fucking leave or force her to stop (not that I'm at all saying Melanie wasn't being predatorial IF Timothy's version of events is true). Can we stop pretending grown women are children incapable of control in any sexual situation? Melanie is 5'2 and like 100lbs, she isn't some hulking guy who Timothy would understandably worry about beating the shit put of her if she resisted. It was a situation she easily could have gotten out of if we're to believe her side. I feel like perpetuating this idea that a woman doesn't have the ability to gtfo of there is the polar opposite of empowerment and really bad for women.

Completely different situation. You were dependent on him for a place to live, she was merely having a sleepover with Melanie.

No. 214657

Oh yeah, I totally agree that this discussion doesn’t bring us any closer to who’s telling the truth. It’s most likely in this scenario that neither is quite telling the whole truth.

But I still don’t agree with the “they could have just left so it wasn’t quite rape” stance. If you don’t stab a burglar in your house, should it be accepted that you weren’t really burgled? The onus shouldn’t be on the victim, it should be on the perpetrator - there should be definite signals of encouragement. There is such a thing as freezing in fear… especially if something like this has happened before; trauma response can include dissociation.

No. 214658

Samefag but
I’m not perpetuating the idea that women are children with no power to stop situations. It’s recognising that 1) they shouldn’t have to, because they shouldn’t be being assaulted and 2) that some women do become incapable in those situations, for many reasons. I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole situation here tbh, but in the event she’s telling the truth and she was raped by someone who was supposed to be her best friend, maybe we should cool off with the “well she didn’t do anything to stop it!!1!”

No. 214660

I agee with this. It's all too convenient. No, I don't like Melanie, never had, but I think people WANT to find something wrong with her at this point. The where they're eating up such a story with suspicious timing. "Her apology seemed weird," more like as a celebrity you have to be extremely careful about your public statements and if she's innocent she wouldn't feel the need to justify herself with tons of paragraphs and excuses.

This social media obsession with witch hunts is embarrassing and damaging.

No. 214667

She penetrated her with a sex toy…. that's rape buddy

No. 214669


No. 214670

There is not any evidence of this happening, what the fuck? Do you just believe anything anyone tells you?

No. 214689

Legally a girl cannot rape another girl. Rape is penetration of a vagina or anus with a penis. This is sexual assault.

No. 214690


The current definition of rape according to the US Gov't:

“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

Also weak bait robot.

No. 214691

Sorry your idol turned out to be a rapist, just because you like her doesn't mean you should defend her.
MM's defense was "she didn't say no" which means it clearly happened.
If a man defended sexual assault allegations with "well she didn't say no" you would all be losing your shit.

No. 214695

Not anon you replied to, but how is it not a valid defense to say she never told her she wasn't down with what they were doing? If you're conscious and make no indication you don't want it in the context of two girls fooling around at a sleep over, it's not a sexual assault. Plain and simple. Plus, it contradicts what Timothy said (that she did say no).

There is absolutely no evidence that Timothy's version of events is what went down. Sorry, but "innocent until proven guilty" is a thing for a reason. The only thing confirmed is that they had sex.

Also, yeah, I would say the exact same thing if we were talking about a man she was close to (assuming it wasn't a boss or anyone with real power over her). The fact it's a 5'2 tiny girl just makes it even more ridiculous.

No. 214697

I feel this. This accusation feels too convenient. Who cosplays their rapist? Who cares, because everyone (read: tumblr) is more than ready to bring a shitstorm down on anything remotely ddlg (and god knows Melanie ticks a lot of boxes), and Mel is the perfect target for such a shitstorm.

I don't want to say I feel bad for her because for all any of us know it could be real and I don't want to side with anyone when I don't know jack about what happened, but this just seems off, the whole thing.

Also, what the fuck sort of girls name is Timothy?

No. 214700

cause rapists do that when they coerce their victims into it.

No. 214702

Imagine if this all turned out to be fake and how many people are hoping Mel will kill herself or that someone will beat the shit out of her? Literally anyone could make up a story like this about someone they were close to once. This reeks of bullshit.

No. 214704

File: 1512525216252.png (15.9 KB, 578x181, terytj.png)

I don't want to believe that she'd lie about something this serious, but she really seems to be loving the attention

No. 214706

She wasn't raped. Even by her own admission she didn't reject her the night it actually happened. Should people be that persistent when people don't want to have sex with them? Absolutely not, but giving in to sex you feel pressured into is not the same as rape.

I don't really believe her version of events, though. There's too many things that make it fishy to me, but pretty much all of it has already been mentioned several times by various anons, so I won't bother rehashing them.

No. 214709

It's fucking terrifying to see the huge, huge backlash from it, too. It's her word against Melanie's and this has probably already, in what, 24hrs, destroyed her career.

It doesn't even matter if it's true or not anymore. Timothy got what she wanted. She's destroyed someone's career beyond repair. Even if Melanie is innocent, so many people will still be suspicious and whinge about "uhhh but I always knew she was creepy! no I didn't sing along lol".

No. 214710

This is why I hate these witch hunts so much. These people are out for blood when there's no evidence besides one person claiming it happened.

Not to mention, even if Timothy was to be believed, what she's accused of is still not extreme enough to warrant wanting Melanie's life ruined or over.

No. 214712

The absence of no is not the presence of yes.

No. 214714

I keep seeing that line everywhere in relation to this but how do you know she didn't say yes? We don't know shit. All we know is what she's told us, and we don't even know if that's true.

No. 214716

Based on the comments I'm seeing on various sites, that might not be the case. I'm seeing considerably more people skeptical of Timothy's accusations than those who are blindly believing them. Out of 5.8 million TY subscribers, she's only lost 8k, so this might not damage her career much at all. We'll have to wait and see.

No. 214717

It is if you do nothing else to indicate you're not wanting it, unless there's extenuating circumstances (which there wasn't).

Plus, like the anon above me said- we don't actually know that she didn't say yes.

No. 214718

>Who cosplays their rapist?
It happened very recently too.

I'm not a fan of ddlg at all but I don't understand calling everyone into it a rapist

>i mean, anyone who's friends with melanie has to be cringy herself.

>None of us were there at the end of the day and something like this is hard to prove.
I also agree.

No. 214721

I am genuinely worried about how Melanie is dealing with this. I know her mental health is shaky and she's anxious at the best of times from what I've heard. Melanie's life is destroyed, Timothy maybe regretted having sex the next day and then decided it was a big deal and everyone needed to know.

I'm so conflicted though because I'm admittedly a fan, I feel weird listening to her music now. The bad taste is in my mouth because fuck, what if it's true? What if I'm supporting an abuser? Fuck this

No. 214725

it looks like timothy's friends are both sticking up for her, where are melanie's?

No. 214726

cause you have to side with people who claim rape 100% otherwise you're 'victim blaming' and 'shaming women' and 'contributing to rape culture'.

No. 214727

After reading this thread, it finally clicked. I remember her, she was semi tumblr famous years ago and then released a single with her boyfriend. They were trying really hard to get famous, the song was cute but the music video was really cringy and it just seemed like they were trying too hard. They made two different videos for the same song, like they were desperate to make something popular. She also cited mental abuse as the reason for breaking up the band. It kind of seems like she always sees herself as the victim. I’m usually one to believe the victim, but this whole thing is so publisized and sleazy. I really feel like she threw Melanie under the bus for the publicity. She’s milking the attention, has a new song and single coming up, surely this scheme to get famous will work. She regretted giving into her friend, I get that, the situation was really uncomfortable but I wouldn’t call it rape. I’m sure that Melanie is not a great friend, she probably is self centered and bossy. But publicizing it to this degree with a fresh new single, coming from someone who has always struggled to make her music popular, it makes me wonder.

No. 214728

>What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
This isn't a court of law, it's an internet gossip forum. You're dumb as hell

No. 214730

Here is the video that made me remember her. The other video was just a close up of her face singing, but that didn’t get viral enough for them so they produced this cookie cutter garbage.

No. 214731

Probably trying to not add fuel to the fire. Can't imagine any friends of Mel getting anything other than shit on if they had anything to say. I can already hear the "RAPE APOLOGIST!" and "YOUR FRIEND IS A SEXUAL PREDATOR" posts

No. 214746


literally no one says that anymore, go on facebook or reddit any day and its the opposite. no one believes anything unless theres 100% evidence. like to this day people don't believe that jhonny depp is an abusive asshole even though theres proof and the guy even lost the case about being an abusive asshole. the only place what you described happens is on preteen tumblr.

No. 214749

people are sayin it ITT, anon.

No. 214750

File: 1512535549915.jpg (37.74 KB, 500x363, tumblr_oo08zrr9921ukfom8o1_500…)

this subject is really breaking me, anons.

on one hand, i think its bullshit that Timothy girl didn't fight it or scream Melanie to get off her. on the other hand, i do believe that some rape victims can be too paralyzed to fight the attackers. so i'm at a lost here on who to believe. melanie makes it seems like they both got high and had sex. tim makes it seem like melanie took advantage of her.

personally, i was sexually abused at a very young age. like with timothy, i didn't say "no" or fought back because i was too scared of my abuser and i also didn't even know what we were "doing" together. so, i get where Timothy is coming from… but Timothy is a grown ass woman… I mean sure she smoke some pot but still… i don't know. when i read her story and saw that she didn't really fight it i found it strange since she's an adult who knew exactly what was happening. and, not trying to be a dick here, but Melanie doesn't look like a very intimadating person >>214603

so i really don't know who i should support. this shit about timothy not saying "no" makes everything very tricky.

also, i'll predict that melanie will come out with a statement about being sexually abused too. like the way the rapist actor came out of the closet for sympathy. i don't know, i've noticed that a lot of abuse victims (including me back in the day) deal with their trauma with the whole little girl shit. and the "tag you're it" song too, i honestly don't think she was trying to be edgy. i think she has dealt with a similar trauama and this lil girl shit is a reflection of it. i could be wrong sure, but the fact that she's was so slutty and trying to have sex with her bff (who was in a relationship). idk to me it screams of someone with severe issues. so it turns out that melanie went through something similar i wouldn't be surprised.

don't know guys, just venting itt cause this subject is messing with my head. all these constant rape allegations fuck with me, but this in particular is strange as hell.

No. 214752

she's said over and over again she's trying to be edgy, if anything, girls like her would be more likely to be open with that. she seems more like one of those tumblrs who romanticizes this stuff hard, which is why she does it so much.

also, i've been fucked up on weed so much it was hard for me to remember what i was trying to do or say, so maybe this is the case? idk, if it were alcohol no one would be judging so hard.

No. 214754

There are people who say it and people who don't. Is there a name for the "the opposite views to mine are more prevalent" fallacy? I see it from people of all different kinds of viewpoints and applied to all kinds of things.

No. 214755

Not defending Melanie, but a lot of people are condemning her for the use of the phrase 'she didnt say no' I totally get this, but she does finish the sentence with 'what we both chose to do together' which implys consent. People keep only referencing the first part of the sentence which looks very bias.

No. 214757

but she could have easily said 'she said yes' it's the way she chose her wording that seems fishy. it also implies that consent is the lack of 'no' not the inclusion of 'yes'. if she was just trying to be poetic she chose the wrong post for that.

No. 214760

There's ways to indicate your consent without specifically saying "yes" out loud.

No. 214762

no i get that, i said -melanie- should have said 'she said yes'. why not be explicit for this kind of situation???

No. 214764

Timing is incredibly suspicious. Fuck yall for being so gullible.

No. 214768


More clarifications from Timothy on her initial post.

>In Martinez's text messages, which Newsweek has read, the 22-year-old singer says she recently dreamed about Heller and that inspired her to get in touch. Martinez also suggests the services of a "healer" named Raven

>Heller said Martinez never responded to messages she sent her after that conversation, and that she didn't hear from Martinez again for more than a year. "She saw some psychic who told her she had to cut people out of her life if she wanted to win a Grammy," Heller said.

Even if she isn't a rapist (which she likely is), this basically confirms that Melanie Martinez is at least a fucking wacko.

No. 214769

>Melanie Martinez is at least a fucking wacko
Who could have guessed?

No. 214773

This just helps solidify Timothy's accusations. Mel tried calling Tim shortly after she tweeted about wanting to come forward about her own MeToo story??
Called Tim's bf and told him that she "had a dream about her and wanted to get back into contact"? Fucking absurd.
Mel is clearly guilty of something. She was trying to manipulate Tim so that she wouldn't share what happened. It's clear as fucking day.

No. 214776

File: 1512548947462.jpg (1.73 MB, 2484x2052, gina.jpg)

@Ginafrey on instagram/twitter posted a story and tweet about this incident. She was a friend and makeup artist for Melanie. She later tweeted that she knew nothing about this incident, but this was her comment about Melanie's personality.

I hope this is on Topic enough.
Gina's original tweet has since been deleted, from what I've seen. Melanie always gave me a creep vibe.

No. 214779

File: 1512551431820.png (88.22 KB, 219x260, ner6.PNG)

>Melanie always gave me a creep vibe

Is anyone really surprised tho?
This girl made up this dumb "babydoll" aesthetic and appeals to DDLGs and age players.
I hope it dies along with Martinez's Career

No. 214790

File: 1512563880364.jpg (361.47 KB, 1271x1455, IMG_6913.JPG)

Fyi Timothy claims the make up was done my Melamie by this photo whilst on tour with her

No. 214799

I can believe that. The application is shitty enough to resemble the kind of makeup Melanie wears on herself. The makeup Tim has on in her other pbotos is a lot more… tastefully done.

No. 214800

i hated split wigs 5 years ago, i hate them now.

No. 214801

I believe this. If you see her last videos you can see that she puts her name not only in writting, directing and "conceived" (tf that means) but also to makeup, editing and styling, etc. Also, it's not the first time that rumours about MM being solitaire and kinda diva are flying around her. Maybe it doesn't mean that she is a rapist but it verifies that she is very egomaniac and more prone to have abusive treats agains others, specially against her "friends" that are less famous than her.

No. 214802

If someone wants to have sex with you it won't take two fucking days of pushing to "convince" them. Is Melanie an autist now? Even if it isn't sex lmao two days and hours of asking and asking means the other person doesn't fucking want to. Apply that to any other situation. I'd be fucking embarrassed to be rejected that many times there's no way Melanie didn't know or couldn't tell her friend was uncomfortable.

I've never been a fan of Melanie because her adult baby gimmick grossed me out and I know 0 about her but I was admittedly very suspicious of the timing. Recently my friend got accused of grooming by some wacko who admitted she lied the next day so I never jumped the guilty bandwagon. UNTIL Melanie she said was that it was consentual, not that the begging and asking never happened which is what I found ridiculous. There's no way in hell a situation like that was consentual.

No. 214803

who could have predicted a creepy ageplay nymphet with edgy 2deep4u music and fugly weeb hair and 'living doll' makeup would be a bitch?

No. 214804

She deactivated the comments in all of her youtube videos.

No. 214805

this. she's too much of a nutjob to actually respond in a manner that doesn't make her sound guilty. she just said, "well she didn't say no", then made some flowery post about nothing and ignored everything else. who tf even let her write that response? i hope her shitty career goes down.

No. 214815

File: 1512576710367.png (155.45 KB, 1111x1021, IMG_8316.PNG)

Stella Rose, a clothing designer from NYC used to work with Melanie frequently, even appearing in some of her music videos, but their business relationship dissolved. She posted a vague status on twitter that I think is about Melanie.

If I recall correctly, they stopped working together because Melanie is extremely straight edge and didn't approve of smoking weed.

No. 214817

that cunt isn't straight edge smh.

No. 214818

Actually it might have been the other way around. I tried to find Stella's post but it turns out she's the one who is strongly anti-weed smoking. She deleted the post about what happened to her and Melanie, it was over a year ago so my memory is fuzzy. I just remember the reason Stella gave as being incredibly mundane, nothing worth terminating a long professional relationship for.

No. 214820

considering in >>214768 the article said something about a psychic telling her to ditch people it was probably some dumb reason.

No. 214826

Personally i think the whole thing is made the fuck up to be honest.

No. 214827

At the end of the day - none of us were there.

Why the fuck does it even matter anyway? Timothy seems to be getting on with her career FINE. Especially with her boost now she has made a claim. Plenty of girls dick around and people hate melanie regardless for the ddgl shit anyway.

I still dont believe any of it. Seems too fishy on Timothys part and she can easily get people to be sympathic to turn on melanie and spew a pile of lies anyway.

No. 214828

People will still listen to Melanie anyway.

Remember when Bowie died and people who claimed were raped by him right after his death popped up? It was the 70s and groupies were common. There wasn't any of this bullshit where if you fuck you need a consent form.

People dont care about the victim and still listen to his music.

No. 214830

That was actually cleared up though, and the woman involved was fine with it and considered him a friend. She was just under aged when it happened which caused the shit storm.

No. 214831

Man I don't know what to believe anymore when people come out with rape claims, like the only ones I don't judge are children.
Until there is 100% proof that someone did it, you can't go picking sides.

Ugh I hate to say how I know this but the faggot sitting on the far right is in a official adult baby onesie.

No. 214833

Yeah when I read an article about this they had a few lines on how her new single is coming out, like bitch if your friend really raped you, you aren't going to go on about a new single.

No. 214838

With how skeevy Melanie is I don't get why people would be so willing to be close with her. Like, do these people have literally no other friends in their lives? Do people not have something in their brain that says, "Wow, this person is weird, I need to stay the fuck away from them".

No. 214866

>Until there is 100% proof that someone did it, you can't go picking sides.

melanie admitted it happened. she confirmed the story of her begging and insisting timothy have sex with her when timothy rejected her FOR TWO DAYS happened. MELANIE ADMITTED IT HAPPENED. she just insisted it was consensual. which it was NOT. harassing someone who was telling you no and then raping them once they GAVE UP on rejecting you is not consent. your gap-toothed adult baby goblin queen raped her friend. get over it.

No. 214868

wtf are you talking about? All she admitted to was having sex with her. She said that Timothy chose to do it. How the fuck is that admitting it?

No. 214869

I'm not that Anon but her saying she didn't say no doesn't mean she's saying timothy is telling the truth about the two days things. She's admitting they had sex, not that she waited two days for it. I don't care about either of the girls but it's weird how you guys are really just lapping up whatever that timothy girl says when she's probably using the #metoo thing for music exposure.

No. 214871

not yet sure where i stand on this, but i hope to fuck that it signals the beginning of the end for the DDLG trend that has swept communities of edgy girls everywhere

No. 214877

>i hope to fuck that it signals the beginning of the end for the DDLG trend that has swept communities of edgy girls everywhere

Fucking same

No. 214884

>Melanie doesn't like weed

No. 214885

that anon already corrected themselves

No. 214889

Tbh I'm still going to listen to songs from Crybaby if they pop up on shuffle but I don't think I'd go out of my way to buy new music from her.

No. 214892

>her saying she didn't say no doesn't mean she's saying timothy is telling the truth about the two days things

if someone was spreading a story that i had harassed them for two days straight until they were passive enough to let me fuck them with a dildo while they laid motionless when in reality all we did was have consensual sex, i would have argued against that. i would've explicitly said, "no, that's not what happened. she's lying. her story is made up x and y is what actually happened." i wouldn't have written some poem about how close we were and that i wished her the best lmao. all melanie said was that to her casually dildoing her friend who neither screamed or pushed her away wasn't rape to her. just like she probably doesn't think there's anything pedophilic about getting off on binkies and kids' toys.

No. 214894

this is going so far so quickly when there's still literally just a word against another.

No. 214896

>she probably doesn't think there's anything pedophilic about getting off on binkies and kids' toys.

she's used the excuse several times that whoever thinks it's gross and sexual are the pedos and not her, the ones who's a nasty ddlg ageplayer nymphet.

No. 214901

wow it's like all the other hollywood rape accusations.

No. 214905

I knew this bitch was mentally unwell in a way. She always looked like she was somewhat insane and not in the "teehee so cwazy" way.
She's garbage and her music isn't even that good.
I'm glad the girls at my comm will stop playing her ageplay shit at meets

No. 214906

Same. This would be heaven, you're making me dream anon.
(sorry for forgetting to sage my previous post btw)

No. 214919

To be fair, she made that statement right after Timothy made those accusations. She's no doubt pretty fucked up from it and processing it. I doubt a small paragraph is going to be all she says about it, she probably just needs time to figure out how to go about things.

I don't think it's a situation you can say for sure what you would do in if you've never experienced it. I had a guy friend say I took advantage of him in a sick attempt get out of trouble for cheating on his girlfriend with me (before anyone judges me for homewrecking, he lied and told me they were in an open relationship). Luckily, almost everyone knew it was complete bullshit including her, but I was so shocked and disturbed that I couldn't even form a coherent defense. Turns out he pulled the same shit with four other girls he cheated on her with too. Ironically the one person I know of who had his back was another girl he accused of doing the same thing, but she had no idea he was saying that about her at the time.

Anyway, sorry for blogging, but my point is that it's such a crazy position to be in and I can't blame Melanie for not coming out with a more detailed statement yet. I was so fucked up over the guy who accused me of taking advantage of him even though almost everyone who heard it found it totally laughable. I can't imagine what it would be like to have that happen as a celebrity with thousands of people wanting to crucify me. I would literally be on suicide watch in a psych ward if I was her.

No. 214939

For me personally, her saying "she never said no" really confirmed it and I guess Im not the only one who feels that way

No. 214941

I just think she's clearly guilty of something because another article came out yesterday where Timothy mentions how Mel tried calling her minutes after Tim tweeted about wanting to come out about her sexual abuse story. When Tim blocked her, she called her bf and told her how she "had a dream about her" after not contacting her for a year and wanted to reconnect. It just all seems so shady and I wouldn't put it past Melanie to be a total creep. She's clearly not right in the head. i believe she doesn't realize that what she has done is inappropriate and fucked up..but she clearly has some idea if she's trying to call Tim after seeing her tweets about wanting to come forward.

No. 214942

She attempted to call Timothy and her boyfriend when Tim posted the me too hashtag way back, then I think it's safe to assume Melanie was expecting this to happen. If she was smart she would have planned for it especially after Tim and her boyfriend ignored her calls.

No. 214944

sauce? I'd like to read that article

No. 214946

did she talk about any details back when she posted the metoo tag? I guess it's such a sensitive subject that people probably didn't ask further questions but would be interesting to know if she ever mentioned anything that could be connected to MM or was that a different deal

No. 214948


Saged because the article was linked already if you'd bothered to scroll.

No. 214951

no need to nitpick, been following from the start and can't remember every post. thanks anyway

I find it really weird that all that her PR has to say is ''she stands with her statement.'' with the amount of money she makes she should have an A class team working with her, shouldn't she? This is dealt with so badly on her side. the best they could do for damage control is to admit that it happened, make a settlement with Timothy (money, paying for therapy whatsoever) and basically leave the industry lol.

No. 214952

File: 1512638205765.jpg (402.5 KB, 1264x1725, IMG_6917.JPG)

I found this thread on her Twitter around the time the me too hashtag was trending. Obviously about Melanie in hindsight but not explicitly. If this is what Melanie saw and contacted Tim over then it's clear she knew what she did was wrong.

No. 214953

File: 1512638240526.jpg (453.33 KB, 1256x1722, IMG_6918.JPG)

No. 214955

at first I was very suspicious about this whole deal, because it seemed sketchy (timing, that the abuse happened ages ago and she's telling about it right when she made a new song and video is on the way, that she cosplayed her yada yada) but considering all this it just starts to look more and more convincing that Timothy was actually abused by Melanie. I think it might be that Melanie doesn't see it that way, but it doesn't make it better at all.

She might be wrong in the head but I wouldn't drag her style and artistic choices to this, there are plenty of artists who make music about fucked up things and unnerving music videos and don't walk around abusing people. Art is art, not necessarily a picture of the artist's identity or life. Unnerving and fucked up art doesn't mean that the artist has to be some kind of psycho.

sage for blog

No. 214957

Timothy never cosplayed Melanie though. She explained that the look was Melanie's doing whilst on tour out of boredom. And the timing has a lot more to do with the Weinstein cases which has lead to many people having their rape and abuse stories finally heard and believed. Not to mention the me too movement happened in October.
It often takes victims months even years and decades to speak out, Tim addressed this by explaining it was friends and family that alerted her that what she had experienced was rape and was not okay. It only happened a year and a half ago, that's pretty soon if you ask me. It took me 15 years to talk about my rape.

No. 214968

when Timothy says that she loved and still loves Melanie so much that she didn't want to accept, even admit that she was abused,I believe her. This is how abuse works. The abuser in your eyes is a person that because you love too much they could never do anything wrong, and you never realise they mistreated you before it's too late.

No. 214970

Judging from the info ITT, I think Tim is doing this to get more exposure before her single drops

The way that she’s attempting to use something like this for publicity seems a little sick in its own way in my opinion. I’m sure that it happened and Melanie’s behavior is very suspicious, but I can see her not arguing against it outright because if she did, she’d probably get a shit ton of backlash anyway.

This seems more like Tim’s using melanie as a really big stepping stone

Like I wouldn’t want to side with either of them.

No. 214973

Look, I was accused by a guy that I "raped" him. Difference is, I actually did pressure and guilt-trip him into sex in horrible ways multiple times. I did it knowingly and deliberately.

Him speaking out about it shocked me, disturbed me, and I'm still having a hard time processing it. Even though I was guilty.

But it did something. He wasn't the first I did that to, but he is the last.

Don't be sorry for blogging, I am not. The more we compare experiences, the better the human collective.

No. 214974

You can see I still have issues processing it, because I put rape in quotation marks…….

No. 214977

Samefag, just to add that all of the guys I wronged were circa 10 yrs younger than me, plus poor unlike me. I chose them like that.

It's always a power thing. It's why I believe 100% of celebrity abuse claims.

No. 214986

sage your blogpost you sick fuck

No. 214993

File: 1512671474529.png (699.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171207-132653.png)

Why is it that Melanie's defenders seem to all be incoherent 14 year olds who don't understand what it's like to have been raped and the repercussions of it

No. 214994

do you really think anyone older than 14 year olds with ddlg fetishes would be her fans? the way she writes about things she's never experienced is only something immature people can ingest. all of her songs reek of pretentiousness, naivety and martyrdom. along with the weird ageplay visuals she is the perfect mix of cringy and edgy that these kinds of naive girls love.

No. 214997


I hate you and I hope you don't wake up tomorrow, but thanks for giving us some perspective into the mind of a rapist. It's actually important to know how you sick fucks operate, so more of you can be thrown in prison.

No. 215002

I really hope if Timothy is lying that Melanie can prove it and uses her resources to ruin her life by suing her to the point of financial annihilation.

I strongly believe most rape victims are telling the truth, but this one I don't at all for many reasons already discussed. On top of ruining innocent people's lives, girls who make this shit up make it so much harder for real victims. They're almost, if not equally, as bad as rapists.

And holy shit, I've been reading the comments people are leaving on Melanie's Instagram. They're disgusting. So many people are adamantly insisting if you need more than a person's word for hard evidence, you're a terrible person and some even said you should kill yourself. How can these people be so fucking stupid to think no one makes false rape claims ever? Like holy fucking shit.

No. 215003

The thing is about this scenario is neither of them are ever going to be able to prove it, whether it did or didn't happen, because it being rape or not actually only hangs on whether Timothy really did say "no" or even show reluctance at any point. Timothy has detailed the physical act took place and Melanie basically confirmed that was true.

If the truth of the matter is "Timothy felt uncomfortable and didn't want to, but didn't outwardly show that in any way, and now feels it was akin to rape" then Melanie's life has been ruined by Timothy's regret over her lack of action… which is what shitty incels accuse women of doing all the time in pretty much every case of rape. It's not good, any of it.

No. 215004

>Melanie's life has been ruined by Timothy's regret over her lack of action… which is what shitty incels accuse women of doing all the time in pretty much every case of rape

disgustingly enough. a lot of people are mad that timothy came out with this at all, true or not, cause it could possibly reinforce that idea. talk about victim blaming. these are the same people who complain constantly about rape culture.

i hope at the least they understand both sides. how damning rape accusations are, and how shitty incels are about them, AND how victim blaming actually works.

No. 215006

I still dont believe timothy completely but melanies side still sounds weird too

Both arent telling the full truth

How do you believe someone through a text post with no proof?

You cant.

No. 215007

People are actually using this image to defend Melanie by saying that Timothy enjoyed whatever happened to her and she is a vengeful ex

No. 215008

Except that a text post on social media has been enough to damn a lot of men in Hollywood for the last couple of weeks or so.

No. 215009



None of them can prove any of it even took place

All people can do is take word for word. Melanie didn't give a proper yes or no so it doesnt help the matter.

People hate melanie anyway and believe timothy simply just because they hate melanie even if this shit wasnt true

No. 215011


Yeah but again, who was actually there with Melanie and timothy in that room? No one. All this shows is that how fast people are quick to believe anything they read. Timothy has no proof apart from her friend backing her up and he coule lie for her. Stella hated melanie before this anyway.

No one can prove shit. Melanie didn't really confirm it properly and people can only be suspicious.

Remember when Michael Jackson was convicted to raping some kid? Even though he was apparently innocent - how do we even know that didnt happen with some other kid in secret and they havent come out? No one ever really knows. Obv she isnt as big as him or will be now. People still listen to him even if he was guilty. People dont give a fuck - theyll listen to music whether they're guilty or not.

No. 215012


plus its becoming a trend all these online allegations

Ive stopped believing half because most just want to pock cash

No. 215013


It isn't entirely unfounded that maybe Timothy came forward now because she felt that she could with how many women are coming forward with rape allegations. Once one person takes the leap, it makes other victims feel as if they're not going to be gaslighted or alone if they speak out. It's the whole strength in numbers mentality.

No. 215015

i hope this is the case. this fucking ageplayer piece of shit needs to get out of the spotlight once and for all. plus then we can prove to all those shitty neckbeards that women -are- held accountable for stuff too.

No. 215016

I would agree with this if it weren't the convenient timing of Timothy releasing new music. Most rape victims of high profile people go out of their way to avoid any personal gain from the accusations because they don't want it to lessen their credibility. I don't think it was an accident that she went from a total nobody to having her follower counts multiply by 10 on a single day right after she releases a single.

No. 215017


Thats how its become. Rape has become worst than murder and cancer now. Im not being funny but as someone who has been molested (you guys might not even believe me) but you learn to just move on. You cannot ever forget what happened but you get stronger and whats happened has happened sadly. But I wouldn't deem what happened to me as bad as being killed and tossed in a ditch.

Thanks to new feminism of this era rape is like the new thing to make a fuss on. Its disgusting - I agree. To lie about it is also disgusting too. But like you said I just dont fully believe this story. Its hard to when there is no proof. Its gotten that way these days everyone is jumping out pointing fingers and saying they've been raped just for some cash or attention.

Timothys story just seems off. People go off at people victim blaming but the girl knew Melanie was being a weirdo asking her for sex and said no more than once. So if this is all true, its just odd why she slept over and if it was happenint why didn't she just go. Slap Melanie and fuck off to a hotel or call her boyfriend to get her or walk out. I mean I would have floored her before she raped me put it that way. People keep saying "but she was shocked!" Like fuck off, she couldn't have been that shocked if she knew what was happening and was aware of each detail. Rape is still rape yeah - we get it. But it just makes me think… why the hell go? Stay? Get the hell out.

You wouldnt put your hand in fire would you knowing you'd get burnt. I just lack sympathy even if it did happen because of that.

Its like the case with lindsey Hawker - barely knew some Japanese guy and went back to his place then got killed. Why do that?

Sure she trusted MM as her best friend but you would have some kind of alarm bells going off in your head. People may find me harsh but I dont care.

Still I just find the story off and her promoting herself too. Still no proof so I cant say i fully believe another one of these allegations. Sorry but… I cant.

Not just timothy either but some of these others too that are coming out. No proof then… cant take their word.

No. 215018


Yeah but crybaby is her image.

You may as well say everyone who does ddlg are all rapists and that marylin manson is a satanic baby eater.

Its an image.

No. 215020

Has anyone entertained the notion that since both Timothy and Melanie are artists that this could have been a case of Melanie manipulating and sabotaging Timothy so that she wouldn't ever become competition?

It's suspicious that Melanie would suddenly drop Timothy and talk about how a psychic told her to let go of friends if she wanted a Grammy. How are the fencesitters and defenders of Melanie ignoring that? How are they also ignoring that Melanie tried to call Timothy, was blocked, then tried to call Timothy boyfriend and claimed that she had a dream about her recently and found a "healer". Like dude, if that doesn't scream unstable then it at the very least smacks of an extremely manipulative person who fancies themselves a messiah/savant of some sort.

No. 215022

People keep citing that Timothy could have just left even though she mentions in her story that she not only was relying on Melanie for a place to stay for a bit, but that she was loyal to her as a friend.

I'm not trying to jab at you, but you handled being molested in a different way. A lot of victims feel loyal to their abusers. This isn't entirely unheard of. Rape and manipulation isn't some lifetime movie where you get raped and then a month later you start feeling all empowered and shit.

No. 215024

lol no. it's not just her image, she's been into this shit before cultivating a pop image. same with manson, there's a difference between having a pop image and being in a subculture. i suppose you think all those sexist rappers who get charged with beating women just have an 'image'

No. 215025

samefag but it's cringy as fuck in the first place for you to be defending ageplayers in the first place.

No. 215026

I was with you until you started victim blaming Lindsay Hawker. That situation wasn't even comparable to what Timothy was claiming.

But yeah, even if Timothy is telling the truth, I still have very little sympathy. According to her, Melanie came onto her for two nights according to her. Why the fuck would her reaction be to just lie there and take it unless she wanted it? As previously mentioned, Melanie is much smaller than her, there was zero physical intimidation factor that would justify being "frozen". I don't really see it as victim blaming to point out Timothy had the option of leaving at any time and no reason not to.

No. 215027

if rape isn't as serious as you claim why should the victims need to be so careful if it's not that serious?

No. 215028

i somewhat agree that people should be cautious, but on the other hand i don't feel like it's fair that people have to be. lindsay hawker shouldn't have to have assumed anything negative. people should be able to make friends and hang out and even have 1 night stands without fear of being raped and killed.

No. 215029

Timothy is a grown ass woman. It's still on her if she felt "too loyal" to deny Melanie sex. Being reliant on her for a place to stay also doesn't make it rape. It makes it really sad, but Melanie never threatened to kick her out if they didn't sleep together.

I've been in the position of a friend using disgusting manipulation tactics and pressure to get me to have sex with him in a way that's a little worse than what Timothy claims. It's a terrible thing to go through, but it's not the same as being raped. I'd feel like I was belittling rape victims to even consider thinking of it that way.

No. 215030

>I am not like these other rape victims

No. 215032

>Being reliant on her for a place to stay also doesn't make it rape.

are you dense? the point is that she was staying there and probably wasn't in a position to leave. i mean ffs.

No. 215033

>I've been in the position of a friend using disgusting manipulation tactics and pressure to get me to have sex with him
>not the same as being raped

yes it is you fucking moron. rape isn't some violent animalistic act. the thing you are describing is the most common tactic for unwanted sex. and you justifying it by saying that since -you- are fine with it, other people should be too, is ridiculous.

No. 215038

So you didn't handle your situation the same way that Timothy did. What is your point, anon? Timothy was reliant on Melanie for a place to stay and Melanie likely took advantage of that. We already had another former friend come forward about Melanie pressuring her for sex in the past as well.

All I'm getting from your posts is an, "I'm not like THOSE rape victims" vibe and honestly it's a bit condescending.

No. 215041

The problem is that you guys don't seem to understand that being pressured into sex is not the same as rape. By definition, rape is penetration against your will. Being pressured means you ultimately gave consent and had the option to leave. Unless the person got you to have sex with them through threatening you in some way, it isn't rape if you ultimately consent to sex when you don't want it.

It's not that I'm "not like other rape victims", it's that I understand I'm a full grown woman who had the ability to leave at any moment. Were his actions horrible and predatory? Absolutely. But it wasn't rape because in the end I consented when I wasn't forced to. Sorry that it offends you that I acknowledge that sex you regret isn't the same as rape.

No. 215042

>being pressured into sex is not the same as rape.

that's wrong though. that's like saying people who are pressured into admitting guilt for crimes are actually guilty and don't deserve to get another trial since they admitted guilt eventually.

>sex you regret isn't the same as rape.

this refers to drunken 1 night stands and stuff of that nature, not someone mentally manipulating you into doing it.

No. 215043

Anon, Timothy stated that she said no several times over a two day period.
She said no when Melanie pressured her after they both did weed.
She said no when Melanie was touching her.
She said no when she was violated with the sex toy by Melanie.

Its like we didn't even read the same story.

No. 215045

At this point it doesn't even really matter because you're clearly set in your bias. You experienced something and therefore think that is the way that every victim should handle themselves.

No. 215046

Anon, I know it's hard for you to grasp but you are incorrect. Victims often don't understand they were victims at the time, they often don't want to for a long time. You clearly don't want to admit you were sexually abused. Just because your abuser chose to mentally abuse you doesn't mean it is different than violent physical abuse. You keep saying you could have left and walked away, why didn't you? By your logic, if it was that easy, you should have just done it, or you actually wanted the sex which is why it happened.

No. 215048

Sweet defense mechanism.

No. 215049

>that's like saying people who are pressured into admitting guilt for crimes are actually guilty and don't deserve to get another trial since they admitted guilt eventually.

What??? How is that even comparable?

Being pressured into sex just simply isn't rape by definition. The key factor there being THEY HAD A CHOICE. Women aren't children, anon. If a guy (or girl) insists on sleeping with them and they eventually cave and say yes when they don't want to, that's not rape. That's making a dumb decision and people need to take responsibility instead of playing the victim when they always had a choice in whether or not to have sex. If there is no threat, force, or intoxication it isn't rape.

I didn't leave because I was incredibly weak mentally and allowed myself to buy into the manipulative shit he was saying. I didn't want it, but that's irrelevant, I still could have left and chose not to.

I thought she didn't say anything when they actually had sex? Just the first two nights prior?

No. 215051

Didn't you know folks, weakness = asking for it.

How dare you not know better? How dare you not be stronger?

Blame yourself for not being strong and wise enough, not the aggressor for overpowering or manipulating you.

No. 215052

Anon, if you didn't bother to read the full story then why did you even comment? Melanie even performed oral sex on her. And guess why Timothy ~*didn't just walk away*~ ?

Because she had nowhere else to go.
Because she trusted and loved this friend despite this ""friend"" pressuring her to have sex with her for two days and even telling her that she (Timothy) could keep it a secret from her boyfriend.


For fucks sake.

No. 215053


>I didn't leave because I was incredibly weak mentally and allowed myself to buy into the manipulative shit he was saying. I didn't want it, but that's irrelevant, I still could have left and chose not to.

…so by your own definition, you were not molested ? You let it happen, so you kinda wanted it and regret it now.

No. 215055

… What is the point of your post?
I explicitly said I don't consider what happened to me rape. Other anons are trying to convince me I was.

No. 215057

>I thought she didn't say anything when they actually had sex? Just the first two nights prior?

Timothy said no for two days straight and during the rape. She was, as you even described YOURSELF, broken down mentally and defeatist. She just wanted it to be over with and she still loved, as sick as it sounds, the person who was raping her.

Be honest anon, did you even read the full story from her Twitter or did you read the regurgitated synop?

No. 215058

What is the point of YOUR posts?

You're trying to use your experience to define somebody else's. You're either in extreme denial about your situation or you're just being an obtuse cunt for the sake of.

No. 215059

I think people here care less that you don't see yourself as a victim and more about the fact that you're actively trying to shut down someone else's story with hypocritical logic.

No. 215064

Just read the story the whole way through twice, she explicitly states that she didn't resist at all when they actually had sex.

Still fucked up if she's telling the truth, though.

No. 215066

I'm very confused by the way Timothy's post is worded.

When she first describes the rape, she says how she said no over and over when Melanie fucked her. Then at the end, she says she didn't. I can't tell if it's just worded poorly or a giant inconsistency.

No. 215067

Melanie's wording is pretty strategic.

>She didn't say no to what we chose to do together.

Everyone is saying that Melanie should have just said something else, but this wording is pretty telling. Had Melanie went ahead and said that Timothy agreed to the sex it would have still come down to a stalemate. Saying "what we chose to do together" drags Timothy down with her and opens the door for victim blaming and less eyes on Melanie.

No. 215068

Probably poor wording. I can't imagine that its very easy to recollect something like that and then send it out into the world for thousands of people to read. Its also common in court for stories to change as witnesses and victims remember more and more details. Plus, lesbian domestic violence and rape is massively overlooked. She even stated that she was anxious to have put the story out there because of Melanie being a woman. As someone who had a girl consistently make sexual advances towards me in high school only to have the staff not take me seriously at all when I filed a report, its just not a fun ride. People still have this idea that rape is a violent, carnal act that takes place in a dark alley in some Gotham-tier setting between a man and a woman.

No. 215069

Admittedly, I only skimmed it and was mostly going off of synopsis, but it seems like I was right about her not saying no to the sex. Although, it would seem you're also right because she says completely different things at the beginning and end, which is making it almost impossible for me not to dismiss this entirely as bullshit.

The point of my post is pointing out the definition of rape, which you guys seem to be applying your own personal one to.

I fail to see how any logic I used was "hypocritical". That doesn't make sense.

No. 215070

literally no one cares about you, you are just being dumb an annoying at this point. leave.


No. 215071

>someone forced me to say yes
>but i said yes so it's not rape
>even though i had to 'give' in
>but since they didn't put a fucking gun to my head it's fine


No. 215072

Then why keep responding? The best way to not hear from anons that annoy you is to stfu yourself and they'll follow suit.

No. 215073

As a victim of gang-rape I agree with this to a certain extent. I have moved on with my life, but there have definitely been many times when I wish I'd just been murdered instead - at least I wouldn't have to "deal with it" my whole life, and be forced to always have "rape victim" as part of my internal identity.

I do think the best friend thing kind of makes it weirder though. Definitely would be more likely to feel safe challenging my best friend about this sort of thing than some strange scary guy.

No. 215074

NAYRT but if someone isn't holding a gun to your head literally or metaphorically then no one is fucking forcing you to say yes

No. 215075

>I do think the best friend thing kind of makes it weirder though. Definitely would be more likely to feel safe challenging my best friend about this sort of thing than some strange scary guy.

Not necessarily. Your best friend is your best friend and likely knows a lot of things about you, your family, your personal life, etc. We've been told by another former friend of Melanie that she pressured her into sex as well. We've been told by a former makeup artist for Melanie that her staff began to dwindle because Melanie is an incredibly difficult person to work with and was prone to tantrums.

It sounds more like Melanie used the closeness of Timothy and her friendship to her advantage as well as her fame.

No. 215076

>what are threats
>what is violence by using other weapons, hands, etc

No. 215077

Did you not notice me say literal or metaphorical?

The original anon you replied to also said threats=rape

Literally no one in this thread is saying threats aren't rape

No. 215087

Well yeah, not necessarily, but you could say that about anything. Plus it works both ways - Timothy knows about Melanie’s family etc also, and she has far more to lose from something like this coming to light?

No. 215104

This just in folks! Domestic violence can't happen unless there's a gun to your head! Thank goodness gracious!

No. 215105

See >>215077

>what is reading comprehension

No. 215112

you're that idiot from the vent thread again aren't you.

No. 215115

No. And how does correcting your completely incorrect interpretation of a post make me the idiot here?

No. 215118

not the same anon, sorry. you're getting worked up over nothing and starting to chimp out.

rape is forced sex, not -just- physically. if someone is asking you something over and over again despite you saying no, it is harassment and it is them who are wrong for disrespecting you. if you tell someone yes eventually but don't actually want it, it is forced. you don't have to force someone violently or physically. also the whole victim blaming thing has to do more with the idea of telling someone else that they are responsible for having their personal space violated, that's why you can't equate it with stuff like robbery.

No. 215123

>you're getting worked up over nothing and starting to chimp out.
lolwut I literally just linked anon to a post to show that they misunderstood the one they quoted then you called me an idiot and I asked how that made me one. Your delusional projection ability is truly impressive.

And nope. Someone asking you a bunch to have sex and then you caving in isn't rape. Disrespectful, disgusting, and very wrong yes, but rape no. It isn't "victim blaming" to say that yes, there is an element of responsibility on you if you give into the sex when there's no extenuating circumstances that are forcing you like fear of losing your job for example.

However, the thing with Timothy is different from this phenomenon in general because she never formally revoked her initial refusal.

No. 215126

I feel so gross even sharing this story.

When I was in high school, my best friend in the world ended our friendship abruptly and extremely cruelly. I was so emotionally devastated and filled with anger toward her that I did the worst thing I've ever done. I told people she had sexually assaulted me repeatedly throughout our friendship. Everyone believed me and since she lived in a different state, she never found out I was saying these things about her. I felt like she deserved it because she had caused me so much damage at a level I thought of at the time as being equal to if she actually did do those things. I even gave incredibly graphic descriptions. Eventually, I admitted I made it up when my mother insisted on pressing charges after it got back to her.

The truth was that I was cyberstalking her and very obsessed. Not in a romantic way, but I missed her so much. It was a fucked up combination of love and hate. I would say it was the other way around, which from what I've heard is common in stalking.

Timothy's story reminded me so much of how I told my made up one. I too claimed to be unwilling until one night she finally broke me and I just let her have her way with me because I loved her too much. At first, I thought I was just letting my own sins cloud my judgment with the Timothy thing too much, but then more info came out.

Timothy says that their relationship ended because Melanie felt it was taking up too much of her emotional energy. This alone doesn't mean she's lying, but combined with other things makes me feel like she had jilted ex bff syndrome.

She dressed like Melanie several times since the incident allegedly occurred. One very recently. Last I knew, dressing up like your rapist wasn't a thing victims do.

She just released a single and had it as her pinned tweet. Melanie was due to release her new album next month. As someone mentioned earlier, rape victims usually try to keep away from these kinds of "coincidences" that benefit them so it won't be a potential motive to hold against them.

It is very apparent that the two had a very obsessive relationship. The more obsessed you are, the more likely you are to do something psychotically destructive to the person when things go sour.

Between feeling like Melanie abandoned her, envying her success, and needing something to get publicity for her music, I'd say this girl had plenty of motive to make this shit up.

I wasn't there so I'm not trying to act like I know for sure, but this is the theory I lean toward.

No. 215127


Except that the problem is that there is an element of victim blaming. You're placing responsibility on the person who was abused. She explains it in her statement; She felt emotionally worn out. She was high and weed does affect the way your body reacts. Melanie should have fucking understood this after two days of being told no. I see many people even overlooking Melanie offering Timothy weed in the first place, as if Melanie wouldn't have tried something else if Timothy had refused to smoke.

She said no several times.
Silence is not a yes.

Melanie was manipulative. She knew what she did was wrong simply by the way her statement was worded.

People think rape is somehow very specific aka pushed into a dark alleyway. Rape can happen in various settings and its most often carried out by people close to the victim. Rape can be your s.o continuing with sex despite you telling them to stop. It can be your spouse doing something without your consent while having sex. It can be someone wearing you down so much that you end up actually SAYING YES, not because you want it, but because you want to make it all stop.

Maybe that bloganon was raped and is in denial. Maybe she thinks it was her fault and that's pretty common for abuse victims. However, there's a violation of someone's body when you decide to ignore various attempts at refusing you. Consent has to be given explicitly by the other person. If somebody's going limp and unresponsive while you're performing sex acts on them (you know, Melanie doing oral on Timothy and then violating her with a sex toy), that is rape. And, this refusal to acknowledge these terms if just a result of the many, many years of softening and replacing them with others.

Timothy was deeply, emotionally attached to Melanie. One may have a harder time trying to refuse someone you love or she felt pressured considering Melanie was the one providing her with shelter at the time aka she had nowhere else in the world to go.

I get it; This topic became trivialized by rampant femnazis, but don't brush off terms like victim blaming just because you refuse to learn.

And, as for you?

>She dressed like Melanie several times since the incident allegedly occurred. One very recently. Last I knew, dressing up like your rapist wasn't a thing victims do.

Timothy was on tour with Melanie and, as per the caption description of that photo, it was Melanie's idea to dress Tim up as herself. The makeup application is also Melanie's handiwork if you pay close enough attention. Wow, its almost as if victims can and do feel loyal to their abusers.

I don't understand why everybody has been pretending that rape is something you just get over while a Liz Phair song plays in the background as one screams dramatically in their shower.

No. 215128

Anon, did you even bother reading the whole post before wasting your time writing that?

>However, the thing with Timothy is different from this phenomenon in general because she never formally revoked her initial refusal.

No. 215129

Yes, and I'm still allowed to respond to the initial part of your post because we still have people who are eager to play contrarian.

No. 215130

So, a lot of people are clinging to the "she didn't say no" part of Melanie's post as an admission of guilt, but I've seen some people saying they interpret it to be in reference to Timothy saying she said no repeatedly for two nights. I feel like the second interpretation makes much more sense.

No. 215131

>Timothy was on tour with Melanie and, as per the caption description of that photo, it was Melanie's idea to dress Tim up as herself.

… Anon, one of the pics of her dressed as Melanie is from days before she made the allegations. Long after they stopped being friends.

No. 215132

No. 215133

That's not the pic we're referring to, Anon. There's a note recent one from just a few days ago like I said.

No. 215135

No. 215137

I can agree with you that people will be loyal to their abusers, but it always makes me wonder what finally pushed her to come out about it

like, did her and melanie get into a big fight and she threatened to expose melanie? did the theory that melanie and timothy put together this story for publicity end up being true? or did she just want to come clean about what happened and get a refreshing start? I'm not doubting timothy but it can tell a lot about the situation if 1, we find out what her motives are with telling the media, and 2, what pushed her to share her story

No. 215139


Have you been living under a rock during the last 3 months while hundreds of people in the entertainment industry have been naming their abusers resulting in the #metoo movement?

No. 215140

still anon, people always have a motive and what pushed her to share her story, it may be because of #metoo, it may not

No. 215143

What sucks is..none of this is going to get solved just like the others. This is all going to go away in a week or toppled by another rape accusation.

No. 215144

people are already accusing these three of trying to get famous off of melanie lmao

her fans are fucking delusional

No. 215170

Do you have proof of this? I can't find anything

Why can't Melanie stans speaks English. I swear they all talk like they've had a stroke

No. 215171

The two most recent pictures in her IG

No. 215172


Not specifically Melanie cosplay, but she's totally doing her weird ass "let's dress up as a little girl" thing in an incredibly similar style. Read the captions too.

No. 215177

As other anons have said, much of her clan is comprised of 11-17 year olds.

No. 215185

File: 1512756956013.png (87.45 KB, 669x649, timothytwitter.png)

No. 215186

True. I went to a Melanie Martinez concert when I was 19 (three years ago) and I was among the older people there. Most uncomfortable to me was the alarming number of girls way younger than me wearing pacifiers around their necks and in their fucking MOUTHS (some of them in Decoden and kandi style; but most just straight up pacifiers).
I think Ddlg is gross but I’m not one to stop two consenting adults from doing whatever the fuck they want, but it’s really fucking creepy just how much her concert felt like an adult baby meetup/fetish party.
Also there’s undertones of abuse narratives/Toxic relationships in a lot of Melanie’s songs, so it’s honeslty not like this should surprise anyone at all. She’s totally profited off of profoundly edgy “lost innocence” themes.

Not sure if this was mentioned before but Melanie has a history of having hissy fits at concerts because fans are ‘interupting’ her or being too enthusiastic.
She also has the stage present of an undercooked noodle.

Honestly, as someone who’s lived through sexual coercion and rape, she was probably of the mindset that if She didn’t resist, it would be over sooner. Especially since she reports Melanie making repeated advances on her. She was high, and probably exhausted from Melanie consistently badgering her, and just wanted the whole thing to end.
My guess is that because they were close friends, Timothy might be/have been experiencing some kind of Stockholm syndrome or cognitive dissonance that has made it difficult for her to come out about this prior to her friendship with Melanie ending. Especially when a rapist is friends/a loved one of the victim it can be super hard for the victim to blame them for what happened. Melanie might have exploited Timothy’s dependency on her, because it’s so much harder to say no to someone that loves you/you love. Honestly this whole thing sounds like Melanie was straight up grooming Timothy.
Timothy even expressed uncertainty in naming Melanie, which probably came from a residual feeling of sympathy for her.

No. 215187

That’s just fucking sad. Obviously she’s dealt with a lot of internalized shame and guilt. There’s literally nothing worse than having residual feelings of love and empathy for your abuser.

No. 215194

File: 1512757811262.png (73.14 KB, 750x728, supportmelagais.png)

>Not sure if this was mentioned before but Melanie has a history of having hissy fits at concerts because fans are ‘interupting’ her or being too enthusiastic.

Would LOVE to see a video on this.

>Also there’s undertones of abuse narratives/Toxic relationships in a lot of Melanie’s songs, so it’s honeslty not like this should surprise anyone at all. She’s totally profited off of profoundly edgy “lost innocence” themes.

Not a fan of hers at all, but I see this brought up a lot and I've been wondering what exactly IS the acceptable way to go about writing songs/poems on such delicate subjects? It feels as though people claim any attention towards them at all is glamorizing them.

Sadly, it still doesn't seem to matter to her fans. Former staff/friends who worked for Melanie that chose to stand by Timothy are being accused of wanting cash grabs, there are fans saying that any action against Melanie is being anti-feminist (because you're selling out a fellow girl), and just a mess of shit.

No. 215196

Ask and you shall receive! She’s also infamous for standing and shushing fans between lyrics when they yell- I’ll see if I can find a video of that too

No. 215197

Agree with everything you've mentioned about coercion. People seem to also be conveniently forgetting that Melanie had insidious motives by offering Timothy weed and Timothy likely didn't know this. Even if Mel bothered her for two days about sex Timothy obviously didn't think that her close friend would be the type to actually drug her and then try something. Its just not a leap anybody would make if their trust was already cemented with that person.

No. 215198

Not sure why she does concerts when she clearly hates anyone making noise besides her- like girl, that’s why you’ve got a microphone. Fans will be fans-it’s one thing to stop fights, and it’s another to outright shush people. She plays big venues, I don’t know how she expects any sort of noise control.
>I've been wondering what exactly IS the acceptable way to go about writing songs/poems on such delicate subjects? It feels as though people claim any attention towards them at all is glamorizing them.

This may seem like a flimsy response but while some of Melanie’s songs (dollhouse comes to mind) show some potential, a lot of her songs are just kind of flimsy and vapid. It’s not really good writing. Ultimately, I think what really makes it feel off for me is that coupled with her aesthetic. Like she’s branded herself with these themes in a way that they almost feel like they’re part of her IP. They’re integral to her identity and her income. In otherwords, her lyrics lose value when they stop being a social commentary and start being just another part of the ‘brand’ she’s selling.

No. 215199

listen to her songs, anon, especially knowing they don't come from her experience.

No. 215201

Please go back to tumblr.

No. 215202

Please tell me how one is made 'exhausted' by badgering. Are you for real? No one is touching me if I don't feel like it and it is actually real fucking easy to get up and walk away. Stop talking like women are these retarded flowers who can't tell someone to get the fuck off them. Your mentality is so screwed. Wake up.

No. 215203

take your own advice since you're painfully triggered and incapable of explaining yourself beyond a tired 2013 meme

No. 215204

No. 215205

Lol like you're not sperging all over the thread too, deal with it.

No. 215206

nta but since this is an anonymous board, sure we'll 'deal with it' but you also have to deal with it. sorry you can't bully anons out of the thread :^)

No. 215208

Anon, nobody sperged except you.
You replied to a post made almost a day ago by this point and chose to take offense to it. Then in an attempt to cover your own ass cried dumblr to deflect any criticism headed your way.

You obviously felt personally attacked even though they weren't talking to you because you felt the need to reply to another anon immediately after. This isn't your safe space. Unless you're contributing new deets to the thread topic then move the fuck on.

No. 215209

This is kind of derailing, can we simply discuss MM, and not necessarily our personal feelings about how women should or shouldn't act? Asking honestly.

No. 215210

People were trying to a few hours ago, but there still aren't any updates on the story. Who knows if it'll even turn into anything else at this point.

For now it'll be the same one slighted anon returning to the thread to samefag about how everybody itt is beneath them.

No. 215218

>multiple anons disagreeing with me MUST be samefagging
Come on now

No. 215221

File: 1512769610237.png (121.94 KB, 640x986, screeniemel.png)

I didn't say anything about somebody disagreeing with me being a samefag. I'm referring to the one emotional anon over here >>215201 >>215202 >>215205 who initiated everything for no reason.

Anyway, nobody cares. You didn't need to reply to drag it out.

Pic related to get us back on track.

No. 215223

File: 1512771438088.png (12.4 KB, 328x207, lels.png)

No. 215224

File: 1512771571140.png (16.9 KB, 500x273, average melanie fan.png)

No. 215226

File: 1512772277014.png (84.42 KB, 720x538, 20171208_173012.png)

These people are insane lmao

No. 215228

File: 1512772677774.png (104.81 KB, 720x607, 20171208_173358.png)

No. 215229

File: 1512772832184.png (644.95 KB, 720x1121, 20171208_173721.png)

This account though.

No. 215230

File: 1512773583826.gif (1001.44 KB, 200x200, 2r139uyt44.gif)

Wow These people are literal garbage worshiping a DDLG pastel garbage pile

No. 215231

File: 1512773798061.png (28.5 KB, 500x222, please be a shitpost.png)

No. 215234

File: 1512774304418.png (77.99 KB, 540x553, comments on timothy heller's y…)

No. 215235

File: 1512774439993.png (72.58 KB, 540x553, comments on timothy heller's y…)

No. 215236

File: 1512774492002.png (80.83 KB, 540x553, comments on timothy heller's y…)

No. 215237

File: 1512774535802.png (93.57 KB, 540x553, comments on timothy heller's y…)

No. 215238

File: 1512775220392.png (105 KB, 540x337, full circle.png)

No. 215239

File: 1512775691932.png (35.72 KB, 331x601, maybe its marketing maybe its …)

No. 215240

I think the fans defending her and the detractors clearly projecting on Tim are equally retarded and cancerous tbqh.

Wtf is with all the blog posts and victim complexes in this thread? Jeeeez…

I'm indifferent to Melanie cause her shit all sounds the same but honestly both sides here are reaching to the stars to try and have a leg when it'll never be known what happened. Personally, Tim's story sounded made up af and I'm not gonna support that mess just because It's the PC thing to do. It wasn't even consistent and idk what kind of weed y'all smoke but it doesn't do all that was described. It's not a bottle of Jack, the bitch wasn't blacked out and I don't believe any of the other excuses she's making in general. She sounds like a scorned ex lover, frankly, who needs a come up for her garbage music. What part of "she was trying to rape me for 3 days then I gave in" makes sense? At no point in those 3 days did she think "hmm I should probably gtfo lest i take the raping" i guess it wasn't that deep. Ik some of you are doing everything possible to reason this out but sometimes the simple answer is the legit one. She wanted it and now she regrets it.

On the other hand, this shit about "Melanie might have made a mistake" coming from these little 12 year olds who clearly are not being parented… just as stupid, if not more. "A mistake" … jfc.

"She admitted it" is the biggest reach ever though. I thought this thread might provide some insight but apparently 90% of people discussing this shit can't even read…

Though, I'm curious about how she's generally a shit person to be around. Those stories have been circulating for years now and people speaking out on her character is quite telling. Thanks to the anon(s) posting that.

Sage for rage/sperging… this story just got really stupid really quickly is all.

No. 215270

>don’t we all want to get raped at some point in our lives
Well we know what that guy fantasises about…

No. 215298

File: 1512802106104.jpg (143.75 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1512800222985.jpg)

I found this on Facebook. It'seems Mel and Tim's "friend" came out with this.

No. 215299

It's Tim's friend friend not Mel and Tim's.
>>also girl is not me, just saved a screenshot from this fb chat

No. 215303

This, fucking all of this a million times. Well said anon

No. 215318


That's at least four levels of hearsay proving nothing. And the my_account_my_opinion account is gone.

No. 215320


If you insist on posting screencaps which amount to nought, at least sage.

No. 215369

What exactly do you want, anon? At least three people have said that there hasn't been any updates. You're on a site for nitpicking and gossip. You aren't going to get a smoking gun.

No. 215376

I said something similar on a different website and I 100% agree with you.
Something about the inconsistency and poor logic of Tim's narrative, plus the timing, rings awfully fishy to me.

No. 215551

File: 1512888409352.png (1.46 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1603.PNG)

She made another statement

No. 215562

did her lawyer read over this before letting her post it? five days to write this dumb vague shit. if someone came out with a story that i fucked their dog i wouldn't be whining with dumb vague uwu nymph shit like this. i'd say explicitly what happened if i didn't pot alibis that prove i was never even there.

the only reason she's being so vague is because she'd have to make up a lie about what really happened, and she's afraid of a case being opened up in court where she'll have to tell her bullshit story on the stand. obviously it'll never happen but she's clearly paranoid. she's not some state senator in a position to pay off lawyers and judges lol she actually has no one since she's so keen on burning bridges.

No. 215567

Ugh, this vague shit a week later?

>my intentions with everything I do in my life are always pure

Let’s not…

No. 215590

>why would a mentally ill celebrity whose friend came out with probably made up rape allegations that might destroy her life take five days to make a statement???
I mean, it's not like this would be a highly traumatizing thing to go through or anything. Clearly she MUST be lying.

Kay, but sarcasm aside- that's even more dumb than the logic of saying "well, why did Timothy take two years to reveal what happened if it's true?"

No. 215591

This statement actually makes me believe her side more. It's still she said/she said, but most of the evidence is on Melanie's side. I genuinely don't understand how people are taking Timothy's side as if it's definitely the truth if they're aware of the facts we have so far.

>released a single right before

>posted pics clearly inspired by Melanie's style right before
>was obviously very obsessed with Melanie when they were friends and by her own admission was the one dumped
>describes the effects of weed as if they're the same as alcohol, which is a classic misconception among people who are clueless about it
>has a history of playing the victim with past musicians, claims her band was very abusive to her mentally because they didn't understand her depression
>very mentally ill (this alone wouldn't mean anything, but coupled with everything else increases the likelihood of being false. i know it's an ugly fact to accept as it's been used by rapists to discredit women they victimize, but people with intense mental health issues are more likely to make false rape claims)

Also, why are people not talking more about the giant inconsistency in her Tweet in regards to saying no during the sex? I've only seen a handful of people mention it on various sites. At first she claims she said no during the act, but then later says she never did. That's a pretty huge thing to mix up and that alone discredits her story. I noticed as I was looking over the thread that earlier there were anons really emphatic about the fact she said no during the alleged rape, but then when a couple people pointed out she says it both ways, they went silent.

I feel like most of the people siding so adamantly with her are intentionally ignoring or twisting anything that discredits her.

No. 215602

>This, holy fuck that line had me rolling my eyes. Still rolling with her soft sad girl uwu act.

No. 215603

>has a history of playing the victim with past musicians, claims her band was very abusive to her mentally because they didn't understand her depression

And, Melanie has a history of anger problems and mistreating her staff until she became the one doing her own makeup, directing, wardrobe, etc. She also had another friend come forward about being coerced into sex.

What about trying to call Timothy, being blocked, and then going as far as to call Timothy's boyfriend and make up some bullshit about how she ~*had a dream uwu bout her and sought the advice of a healer*~ ?

What about Melanie's statements about how she needed to drop friends at the advice of a psychic if she wanted to win a Grammy?

Why do you and other anons ignore those facts?

No. 215615

Also low key thanking her fans for going after Timothy.

No. 215629

>Why do you and other anons ignore those facts?

Most likely DDLG bitch stans. Don't want to admit their precious idol raped someone.

No. 215639

you keep pushing this 'cosplay' bs, either Timothy deleted a post I missed or you've been samefagging all week. you realise that people tend to be friends because they're into the same stuff, right? MMs style is so overdone in the alt fashion community, it's one of the many reasons she's so popular. It's not original to her.

Sage for pointless contribution

No. 215646

Being manipulated into sex when you're clearly uncomfortable is technically rape. I feel like people are not taking this seriously because she isn't a man.

No. 215668

This. Nothing about MM's image is unique. She's an amalgamation of pastel, wannabe lolita, and kinderwhore. All concepts which predate her existence even. Even her two-toned fried to shit looking hair isn't special.

No. 215670

>who cares if she raped someone

>a true fan will still stand by her

what the fuck is this trash

No. 215685

Original or not, if she sexually abused her why would she dress in an ageplay style the same way she does it? Especially when Melanie dressed her that way in the past? This isn't Timothy's normal style at all.

I'm sorry, but no rape victim would ever want to dress up in a style so close to their abuser when they never even wear it themselves, especially when the only other time she wore it (at least to our knowledge) was when said abuser DRESSED HER UP TO LOOK LIKE HER. That would be so horrifically triggering.

No. 215688

>And, Melanie has a history of anger problems and mistreating her staff until she became the one doing her own makeup, directing, wardrobe, etc. She also had another friend come forward about being coerced into sex.
diva=rapist? Biggest fucking reach of an argument I've seen against her so far. As for the other "friend", she's Timothy's friend, not Melanie's and is probably making shit up because she thinks it will help Timothy's credibility or is trying to hop the bandwagon. If it were Melanie's friend and she wasn't close to Timothy, I'd buy it.

>What about trying to call Timothy, being blocked, and then going as far as to call Timothy's boyfriend and make up some bullshit about how she ~*had a dream uwu bout her and sought the advice of a healer*~ ?

She probably saw Timothy's post, could tell she was going to try to pull some bullshit, and wanted to talk to her. Almost anyone in that situation would want to talk the person about it. Or it was unfortunate timing. Also, keep in mind we don't even have receipts for that call, which would be the easiest thing to provide.

>What about Melanie's statements about how she needed to drop friends at the advice of a psychic if she wanted to win a Grammy?

… That proves anything against Melanie how??? That just shows their relationship was too intense for Melanie and fuels the "scorned bff" argument about Timothy.

>Why do you and other anons ignore those facts?

Because none of them are evidence in any way to a reasonable person except the other girl who accused her? And even then, said girl was Timothy's friend and might be lying on her behalf? The other reasons you listed mean absolutely nothing and some of them make zero sense.

Lots of people are bringing that point up on various sites. She might not specifically say it's Melanie, but a rape victim would not feel comfortable dressing up like their abuser. If they were both into it then why is their only one other pic of her wearing stuff like that, in which she specified she was cosplaying Melanie?

No. 215689

That's a reach, anon. She just thanked them for actually looking into shit instead of just listening to Timothy's story because that's the PC thing to do. That's not the same as going after her.

No. 215690

stockholm syndrome is a thing too. sometimes someone thinks the "abuse" was okay especially from a friend until something like what's going on in the media makes them realize it was wrong +if they were just dropped that could offset it too.

I'm not really defending Timothy but I mean we don't know anything either so . . /

No. 215691

File: 1512961490564.jpg (20.73 KB, 275x267, mm.jpg)

well when most of them are like this it doesn't seem like too much of a reach

No. 215733

>most of them
That's not true and you know it, don't be fucking dumb. Plus, I don't see how a couple idiots are Melanie's fault when she's said nothing to condone that bullshit.

No. 215734

Have you fucking read through this thread at all? People already acknowledged several times that being a diva doesn't equate to her being a rapist. We're asking why the anons who seem to support Mel ignore shit like her behavior which drove her staff off.

No. 215735

>its not true

Anon, I've spent the last five days trawling Instagram and Tumblr and what you said couldn't be further from the truth. At this point you sound like an asshurt stan who can't handle the fact that a deranged cunt got called out for being a deranged cunt.

If the shoe fits.

No. 215777

I actually hate Melanie. You don't need to be a fan to realize this story has a high chance of being made up.

I've also been reading comments like crazy since this happened and the ones you've capped are far in the minority.

No. 215778

>We're asking why the anons who seem to support Mel ignore shit like her behavior which drove her staff off.
Because it's irrelevant to the situation, which is what the thread is about? Like, I think she's a dumb bitch, but that's not what I came to this thread to discuss?

No. 215788


She's dumb as fuck for keeping all of this vague. Everyone is talking about the story and her (2) statements are nothing. The people who got turned off by the rape allegations won't care or hear about any of this.

Timothy's story (true or not) was super detailed. It went on and on for three pics. It gave enough material for articles etc that people could cling to. Melanie just wrote two paragraphs of jackshit. You can't do anything with this. You can't debunk anything with this. Its not helpful whatsoever to her side. The only people who are reading this statements and believing it are the FEW die-hard fans she has left.

It bothers me because i do believe she's not a rapist. I think she just had sex with an ex friend and that was it. And now the ex friend who is clearly hurt, is (aware or not) twisting into something else.

Her career is dead and she's not even fighting this shit. No surprise if her label drops her next. PWR BTTM got ruined because of a rape accusation too. She ain't coming back after this. Such a shame.


>Wtf is with all the blog posts and victim complexes in this thread? Jeeeez…

is it really that surprising? the only milk is timothy statement and a vague post from Melanie. Theres not much to discuss. No need to be a dick to us who know about rape from experience.
>Personally, Tim's story sounded made up af and I'm not gonna support that mess just because It's the PC thing to do
you type like a teenager and seem sound super angry for no reason. You claim is basically that both sides are shitheads and we should believe no one…ok.

I think people are jumping to Timothy's narrative because its what the media keeps discussing. People who aren't fans of Melanie just read headlines that called her a rapist and went along with it. Which is not cool, but you shouldn't expect anything else from most people. But then again you're also mad at Melanie's fans defending her because they are bad too? Well, of course the hardcore fans are the ones defending her actions with dumb excuses. they are hardcore teenfans for a reason. Whats your point? Both sides are bad meme?

Anyways she's a bitter ex who is twisting the story to fit into something beneficial for her. No need to claim that Timothy, Melanie, Melanie's fans, Timothy's supporters, and all the anons itt talking about this are dumb and that you're the only one who is right. seriously

No. 215824

I cant believe her fans are buying her vague ~so innocent baby uwu~ shit

No. 215829

Actually, her career might not end up that damaged after all. From every website I've seen, it seems about 60%-70% of commenters don't buy Timothy's story and Melanie only had two days of losing YouTube subscribers, now she's back to gaining them.


I agree with you on everything else, though. I'm also in the camp of being pretty sure Timothy's lying, but being frustrated by Melanie's lack of a real response. I understand she's probably traumatized and being told by her team to keep it vague until they figure something out, but still.

I wonder if one of the reasons she's not saying much is because they're planning legal recourse against her and don't want to fuck it up. If I was her, that's exactly what I'd be looking into. Not the back and forth Twitter war bullshit.

No. 215830

>and being told by her team to keep it vague until they figure something out, but still.

first off what team? kek. second, both of those posts seem like things she decided to do herself. no PR is going to allow that shit.

No. 215833

… Anon, all celebrities have PR people. They probably told her to keep her mouth shut about the details of what happened that night for now.

No. 215849

Her response has me enraged. You can see through the lies. How does one say "I am really happy my fans did the dirty job for me and dug out "evidence" themselves" like, girl, if you actually have evidence why couldnt you defend yourself? Her wording is so vague. And the proof that has been dug up is irrelevant cause Melanie confirmed that they had sex. So what's your excuse, Felony Martinez, "oh but she didn't say no" what does that even mean? Y'all tripping. I have unstanned.

No. 215853

Agree, but people are eager to see her as oh so innocent soft grill.

No. 215855

What proof?

No. 215856


about how they were in different towns during the rape. Melanie however confirmed herself they had sex.

No. 215861

File: 1513023099533.jpg (38.52 KB, 480x854, melanie-martinez_0.jpg)

This is a picture from the night in question. (It was a sleepover. So who do you think took this picture?)

i saw a point earlier about how being "exhausted" and "worn down" is a crap way to describe this situation and I completely agree. It's not hard at all to say "Quit with the annoying shit, I don't want to have sex with you, I'm leaving." And if she was bothering her so much the first night, why spend he night with her again the day after? Her releasing a rape accusation the day she released her single is far too much of a coincidence.
Don't get me wrong though, Melanie is weird as shit. It's obvious she's into BGDD, but according to this picture and other past pictures on Timothys insta, it's undeniable that Timothy also has a fondness of BDSM. They're both equally into fucked up sexual shit. Neither are innocent.

No. 215862

There is Stockholm's. Also what do their fetishes have to do with rape? When practicing a fetish it's consensual between the 2 parties.

No. 215863


I remember in her accusation her specifically saying that Melanie wanted to play "a flirting game with handcuffs" but that she said no?
Looks like it is all a publicity stunt afterall!

No. 215864


Because Timothy said that she said no to all of Melanie's attempts and requests,which she obviously did not. Why would you play a flirting game with someone you said was down your throat about having sex with you the day prior?

No. 215865

"Practicing a fetish is consensual"
MY POINT EXACTLY. This was consensual. Why would they be practicing fetishes the day after she says she "was feeling so uncomfortable, so scared, so confused uwu"

No. 215873

god you guys. it's possible to agree with foreplay but not the sex.

No. 215888

plus since their friends, they could have been messing around with the pictures, especially if it's both in their image to be into that

No. 215994

Yes, it is possible to consent to foreplay and not to sex. But would you consensually indulge in sex play with someone who had already made you feel sexually threatened? Because I wouldn’t.

No. 216025

Lol, thats like saying “she asked for it”

No. 216027

I just don’t understand why you’d bring it up right before you just so happen to be releasing your first song/album/whatever. Regardless of whether it happened or not she herself has made it look like a publicity stunt. If it really happened, why would you refuse to resolve it privately? Why would you feel the need to make it a public shitshow unless you had ulterior motives?

The way she’s gone about this whole thing makes it look like she’s just trying to ruin her popular ex-friend’s image in exchange for a few seconds in the limelight so her shitty content will sell.

I don’t know what happened or what didn’t and I’m not here to say she’s lying or innocent. But the way she’s gone about it makes her look like a nasty back-stabbing opportunist and the damage she’s done to both herself and her former “friend” is irreversible. Let’s just hope it was worth it.

No. 216030

ugh. please don't bring up 'cat person'. that garbage is so stupid. i hate when media places do that shit. it's such a poor example of how that stuff works and escalates.

No. 216031

why don't you ask all the other women who have been accusing hollywood men of this shit?

No. 216033

Not that anon but it doesn't seem like most of those women have anything at stake in gaining the publicity though. Would think a bit different if they were about to drop a book, a single, or something else where the timing would look convenient though…

No. 216034

Why are you assuming I don’t? Many people have pointed out many ways in which her story doesn’t add up. I’m not saying she’s lying for that, only that we should wait for solid proof and wait to pass judgement until we know more.

Last year some kid killed himself over a rape allegation that ruined his life only for it to be revealed to be false AFTER he had already killed himself; excuse me for not treating rape allegations lightly.

You shouldn’t instantly believe nor disbelieve anyone without any kind of proof in either direction whatsoever. Rape is a serious allegation and needs to be treated as such.

No. 216035

Yeah I did, because I don’t spend my life on the internet paying attention to everything that goes viral. Cool story bro, I’m just saying I personally wouldn’t keep a “friend” in my house who kept badgering me for sex then indulge in sex play with them. That okay with you anon?

No, if I said “well she asked for it by doing that” - that would be saying she asked for it. I was questioning why you would do that, because it’s not something I would do. Stop being butthurt.

No. 216049

are you even paying attention to -this- story? timothy said she was staying with melanie, like living there, what are you talking about.

also, blaming someone for not assuming someone's intentions is saying they were asking for it.

No. 216050

I don't know why everyone keeps saying this, she released the song 2 months ago

No. 216052

Because people apparently don't understand how a pinned tweet works and this thread is evidence enough of that.

No. 216053

She is about to release the video for it, though, and was even advertising it on her insta.

No. 216056

Does a person's life stop because they were raped or sexually assaulted? The lives of the women that Bill Clinton assaulted didn't stop. People are acting like she's supposed to have been found emaciated in her closet, covered in her own piss and feces.

No. 216075

>Why won't that rape victim just shut up?!?!

Shit like this is why women don't come forward. Maybe she just wants to warn other people, so they aren't alone with a possible rapist?!

No. 216101

I'm not the anon you're replying to and I absolutely agree with you generally speaking, however in this very public case involving a famous person, of course their point is valid, ffs.

No. 216142

I again refer you to my comment that I don’t live on the internet memorising every detail of people’s lives, but even so I personally wouldn’t continue staying there if that was the case. Your indignance isn’t going to change my OPINION on what I would have done differently.

I’m not blaming someone for not assuming someone else’s intentions? It’s apparent Melanie made it pretty clear what she was after, and while it’s not Timothy’s fault in any way that she (supposedly) turned out to be a rapist, if you place yourself in risky situations you open yourself up to that risk? Therefore I wouldn’t engage in sex play with someone who was making me feel sexually uncomfortable. Why is that such a radical concept? Or do you live in a world where you assume everyone is nice and good, and are surprised when they do bad things? Because as a rape victim who put herself in a risky situation and got raped - but still isn’t to blame for her rapist being a fucking horrific human and raping her - I don’t share that view. /sage for blogpost

No. 216144

Idiots like you are the reason people tend to disbelieve victims and assume they lack credibility. Where the fuck did I say she needed to shut up? If she decides to speak up publicly, instead of resolving such a private matter privately, at a time where the public can find a reason to suspect she’s doing it for publicity (re: releasing content), of fucking course she’s going to receive backlash regardless of whether she’s telling the truth or not. I’m not on either side I just pointed out that she chose the worst possible time to make it public.

Get your head out of your ass and grow up. No wonder people tend to doubt victims when retards like you are running around.

No. 216318

you can see the guilt in Melanie's statements. They are vague, short and just bring nothing to defend her except the hilariously pathetic excuse for an arguement "but she didnt say no". I didn't believe this story completely at first but after Melanie's responses it's just too much not to believe Timothy.

No. 217982


EXCLUSIVE - 'I had already said no to everything': Former best friend of The Voice's Melanie Martinez opens up to DailyMailTV about how she was allegedly raped by her in 2015

No. 218037

the thing that bugs me most about this article is melanie's phone case with the stolen peko-chan imagery.

No. 218041


No. 218100

Just because you accuse me of something, doesn't mean you're entitled to a response. Melanie didn't have to say shit, it's this entitlement culture where now someone putting your name in a sentence means you have to release a clapback at it or you must be guilty. That's a horrible pretense to setup.

I hope every woman on the planet's biggest hurdle in their sexual assault is feeling too lazy to get the fuck up and leave because "weed lmao". Timothy's reaching for attention and her story is the biggest insult to rape victims I've read during this #metoo movement. Classic "replace 'regret' with 'rape' because I'm personally embarrassed now with my obsession with her then".

Melanie's clearly a nut job, but Timothy didn't really think about the situation until after people started saying it was weird, wow, hmm.

I would've tried to call my nutty exbest friend too if I see her about to come out with a story about a public figure abusing her and literally regurgitating her new self-education about abuse a line at a time on twitter. The girl is a moron, she did moronic things with her best friend, and now that people are making her feel badly about it and she's got embarrassing photos on instagram, NOW she's been the victim of a master manipulator.

Regret = Rape

No. 218176

Whatever. At least she can't get pregnant. Believe it or not but that's why she's not being taken as seriously. I hate people who act like man on man sexual assault and woman on woman sexual assault is the same as a man raping a woman. She can fuck off. Weak bitch. No woman scares me

I'll see myself out

No. 218184

Good for you, don't let the door hit your lame-ass on the way out.

No. 218214

lol you should see yourself out like >>218176

No. 218221

No, fuck off, this isn't a Timothy hug-box, go to PULL if you want that.

No. 218226

I'm not allowing modern feminists like yourself to continue painting this picture that Women are actually Children, incapable of being responsible for themselves and therefore not worthy of being held ACCOUNTABLE.

If you want people to believe you, respect you, find you capable and trustworthy, it starts with not blaming weed, your "mental exhaustion", and your best friend for situations that years down the line you suddenly decide are worthy of labeling someone a Rapist. If you can't be trusted to manage yourself, that means you expect others to take care of you. If others have to take care of you, you're not an able adult, you're a child.

No. 218232

i know this is likely a robot but i'll bite.

wanting someone to respect your personal space is not implying you are a child. if someone is being pushy at you for sex or anything, that implies -they- are the child, cause they can't take no for an answer and fuck off. people who associate personal boundaries with muh feminism are usually robots, or idiots.

No. 218249

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm a woman. this incident is the kind of shit that cheapens rape and sexual assault.

Being an incapable child and not GETTING UP TO LEAVE because "muh feelings" "oh she wore me down" not FORCED, not COERCED, just too tired to actually do something and then whine about it years later are fucking this up for ALL Women.

This wasn't an abusive partner holding food, shelter, or a gun over your head, it was a 100lb girl. Sorry if having to ASSERT YOURSELF STRONGLY to defend yourself is tough, but for fuck's sake, if you won't bother to help yourself, who the fuck do you think will?

This all reeks of petty girl bullshit we're so famously stereotyped of participating and encouraging.

No. 218250

>This wasn't an abusive partner holding food, shelter, or a gun over your head

actually timothy was staying in melanie's apartment at the time, not just a sleepover. try again.

No. 218251

also, cheapening rape? hah! right…

No. 218254

We know Melanie didn't stop her from leaving, or threaten to abandon her.

We know this, because Timothy didn't try to do anything, she just sat there like an idiot. I really wish every woman was so lucky to experience this level "rape" vs the kind that come with mental abuse and physical assault.

Give it up. This new wave of "I'm a victim in a complex way that I decided was rape now" is not empowering, it's not "the truth", it's
"better handle me with kiddy gloves or I'll ruin you with a blog post".

Vile shit.

No. 218275

why are you even arguing about this? it's very clear you just want to trivialize someone's experience because it doesn't mesh with your view of something. you're never going to understand how someone else feels. and it's sick you compare shit like this to a college girl lying about the guy she banged raping her cause he isn't as hot as she thought.

No. 218276

Well I never made that comparison did I? Sorry you need to put words in my mouth to defend a situation that's so clearly AVOIDABLE because you want women to be perceived as having mental health issues that disable them across the board from making good decisions.

Fuck your Victim agenda. Why are you even responding to me? You should start apologizing to real rape victims, not victims of regret. I'll never stop defending myself and who I am and capable of as a woman because having SERIOUS and REASONABLE doubts about this "rape" is toxic.

Do you ever feel responsible for yourself?

No. 218277

if you aren't capable of having sympathy for others then you are worthless as a woman.

No. 218278

You're not 'defending yourself', you are trying to force others into your ideal, you're overcompensating also. We get it, you're insecure, but no need to take it out on others.

No. 218279

So, no one gives a shit if you don't believe timothy's story. The issue is that you are saying if her story is the truth then it's her fault, which is totally shitty. You keep speaking so highly of yourself too, which is cringy, no one cares who you are, or what your opinion of yourself is. If you have to keep sharing you obviously are trying to make yourself believe it.

No. 218280

Oh I have loads of sympathy for real victims of sexual assault, hence why I don't have any for attention seeking Regret-having children. You're not being a particular good ally to woman if your claiming that this situation is "rape". It's fucking not. She didn't fight back, she didn't leave, she blamed everything on weed and "mental exhaustion", which is purposefully undefinable and vague and gets tarts you idiots to support her claims, which are otherwise dubious at best

And yet here you all are, rushing to disarm me with how much you don't care, call me names, make up things I never said.

Who makes women look bad?
Oh you.

No. 218281


Stop answering the robot, it's very obviously one of them.

No. 218282

either a robot or that super autistic bitch that shits up every thread.

No. 218283

Just don't give the time of the day to idiots.

No. 218284

I know girls like you in real life, and they resort to the same name-calling and shame tactics. You won't silence me, and you can't help yourself but to be agitated and assume whatever would make you feel better about your extremely misguided sense of justice in the world.

I saw the way you all commented on real rape victims in this thread and tried to shame them into your narrative that allows any woman, for any reason, for feeling uncomfortable, to garner sympathy and attention as a "rape victim. It's sick, it promotes victimhood as a way to ensure being heard, even if you have nothing to say, and keeps real victims pigeon-held to this notion that this is all one category and to say anything else other than black-and-white is heresy.

Go fuck yourselves.

No. 218289

>broadening a definition narrows the definition

kek. okay nutball.

No. 218509

Melanie just came with a new song that judging from the lyrics was apparently inspired by what happened. It's on twitter.

No. 218513

Was that a wise move? That's going to lead to some backlash since she's arguably capitalising on being an abuser, even if it isn't directly monetised

I mean, obviously a songwriter is going to write about their own experiences but this is slightly different to her usual fabricated stories of abuse

No. 218519


Context aside, this is an awful song, musically. Its utter crap who can people enjoy it seriously?

No. 218525

I like it musically. It's different from her usual stuff, has a more hip hop vibe. As for the content I won't comment but it's obviously shade against people who came out against her.

No. 218531

>rhyming shit with shit

Okay Remy

No. 218563

I like it because it's different however..she could've wait til the new year to release this song or wait until this blows over.

No. 218598


both of them are in on it and it's an elaborate scheme.

No. 218605

This thing ruined Melanie's career, I doubt anyone would come up with such a self destructory stunt

No. 218610

i mean did it? she's not dropped from her label like she would have been if she were a man.

No. 218625

Her fans are turning out on her. She chose to pander to dd/lg tumblr snowflakes of all people, most of them being the ones who always claim to be CSA survivors, rape survivors etc. so the moment they hear the word "rape" they won't even check if it's true or not, just take her cds and merch and burn it down. And it's exactly what they did.

No. 218637

regardless of what's true i'm kind of glad that the controversy is going to knock her career down a few notches, solely because melanie is at least 90% responsible for the disgusting ageplay trend. kind of deserves it for enabling pedophilia imo

No. 218645

90%? I say a good 5%. I would even say since the book Lolita came out, that kink/fetish shit started and manifested. Melanie just makes music based off that…if you could make money off a damn kink..why not lol

No. 218661

You could blame LDR for that too, honestly. She really popularized the Lolita (not girly dresses, but the pedo book) aesthetic and always made dating old men sound like a cool, fun thing for Teenz™ to do.

No. 218737

>if you could make money off a damn kink..why not lol

some people care more about not romanticizing pedophilia than they do money wow

No. 218747

Saged for ot; as a fan i might be biased, but i see many of Lana's song more as a girls gone wild/have fun thing in a more friendshippy way? Like you can dress up like that but not actually be with an older men?
But MM has definitely crossed that line, for her it's only abuut those ddlg relationships

No. 218748

was her career ever really thriving? critics shit all over her album when it came out, her songs never really got radio play; it seems like her following is pretty niche.

No. 218786

As much as I love this they really could've just sold it all. All looking underaged too whichs means their parents probably bought it all for them

No. 218803

Lana has songs where she literally calls a guy "daddy", and a song called "Lolita", but hey somehow nobody talks shit about her for it to the extent they do MM.

No. 218806

They have though? Back when she first blew up Tumblr had feuds between her fans and users who saw her as problematic.

No. 218807

>i see many of Lana's song more as a girls gone wild/have fun thing in a more friendshippy way
wow, the reach. it came across as very sexual and weird in her music, her videos, everything. she romanticizes abuse and pedophilia quite a bit in her stuff from ultraviolence and before, idk about her newer stuff because i don't listen to her music. not as bad about it as, say, nicole dollanganger but about equal to melanie tbh. terrible influence for naive teenage girls, that "let me put on a show for you daddy" type of shit absolutely played a part in the ddlg trend.

No. 218809

Has anyone seen this song that Melanie released on her sound cloud? It’s apparently a diss track to Timothy. It’ kind of fucked to respond to a rape accusation with the fucking diss track

No. 218811


Yeah I get that her contributing to it is bad enough but saying that she's a lead cause for that is pretty reaching imo when there is literally other people doing the same shit but even worse.

No. 218828

Timothy's initial accusation is just as fucked. They're perfect for each other, this whole thing is a mess.

No. 218829

It's particularly weird since Lana got huge mainstream attention, if she didn't dress normie af I'd say people would have the kneejerk reaction.

No. 218842

MM fans are almost all underaged

She's the dd/lg version of Ricegum, lmao

No. 218927


this is her best song so far imo. rip her career tho

No. 219299

Lana gets away with it because of the prostitute/vintage vibe. DD/lg isn't her WHOLE aesthetic, the way it is with Melanie.

Not saying she hasn't done some questionable stuff though. Anybody remember "put me in a movie?"

She's so lucky that hasn't come back to bite her in the ass yet lmao

No. 228743


Actually Timothy is 150lbs. and stands at 5'7" while Melanie is 100lbs. and stands at 5'2". So the possibility of Melanie "holding her against her will" in any way is just out of the question. She's got other friends, if I was raped you better believe i'd get my shit and stay at someone elses place. I'd sleep on the STREETS before i'd sleep in the same building as my rapist let alone dress up like them afterwards??? Try again lol

No. 228766

>try again lelz

Why don't you take your own advice, sis. You necro'd this shit without any real contribution and people stopped giving a shit about the MM/Timothy drama ages ago.

No. 230908

>If i was raped you better believe i'd get my shit and stay at someone elses place

>I'd sleep on the streets before i'd sleep in the same building as my rapist

shut the fuck up

No. 230911

right, she'd sleep in the streets, what so men can rape her? better run from my retard friend with a dildo than a gross dude who can get me preg.

No. 230913

File: 1519535319866.gif (1.62 MB, 397x223, F012C77A-D9CA-4419-9C74-EC0F04…)

You sound like a guy “what was she wearing, why did t she leave lol”

No. 230914

There's a thing where people try and justify an attack or abuse by someone they know, by continuing to be friends/relationship/whatever, caring about them. Similar to Stockholm syndrome. A street rapist (statistically the rarest kind) you have no reason to justify. Someone you know, you may even tell yourself you love them as a coping strategy.

No. 230941

Comments that annoy me the most despite me being a skeptic of the rape are "well she didn't do what I would've did therefore it's a lie!" Or using her being friends with melanie until she came out about it, obviously it will take her a while to process it, hell most people in those types of situations don't process it until sometimes years later so no not a good excuse

Anywho I feel the situation is true in a way, as in maybe they got drunk and high together and had sex and because timothy didnt say no or yes, she knew she can easily turn around the situation to make it seem like melanie raped her

It is shady however she told the date and that same day melanie was leaving, but if she was unsure she could have given a timeframe however its shady but not saying she's lying or anything

Melanie however, I wouldn't put it past her to be a molester because of how much she glamorizes abuse, so even if this situation wasn't true, it wouldn't surprise me if she did this to other people as well

No. 243823

File: 1524160002099.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 1EECE5BC-4DE6-4390-91CC-354E5F…)

The main thing that’s been REALLY getting under my skin after this whole rape allegation are the blatant Martinez carbon copies swearing up and down “this is own unique style, I’ve never looked up to her or taken influence from her, I don’t even follow her lol” when they clearly followed her prior to the allegation but just don’t want to take the heat for buying and owning anything similar to what a now controversial artist would own. This bitch for a clear example.

No. 243825

yes anon, i too pretend that my idol's shitty, already 6 years out of date style is mine.

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