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No. 212096

Vocaloid thread because why not.
Some questions that you can answer/discuss:
-How did you discover Vocaloid?
-Which Vocaloid is your favorite?
-Are you more interested in the technical side of Vocaloid or the characters?
-Do you own any Vocaloid products? If yes, what are they? Have you produced any songs?
-Are you still into Vocaloid?
-Is there a Vocaloid you dislike?
-Is there a specific type of Vocaloid you wish to see in the future?

Discussion of utau, and utaite is also allowed.

No. 212126

I 'discovered' Vocaloid on Flipnote Hatena, I was going through and there was a Princess of Evil flipnote, searched it on youtube and voila. It's still on of my faves.

There's a bunch of vocaloid stuff I don't really get like project diva and all that but the songs have always been something I love. I'm always looking for new figures, i'm not quite sure where to look which is why I only have the generic Miku one.

Supa Mame was a cosplay vocaloid group I really enjoyed but they haven't posted for like 6 years.

No. 212127

There's already a Vocaloid thread in the catalogue. That's what it's there for. Check it next time, newfag instead of cluttering up the entire fucking board with duplicate threads.

No. 212165

not op but
>see interesting thread that's been dead for a while
>post in it
>get banned for necroing

>see interesting thread

>it's old, don't wanna get banned for necroing, create a new one
>"there's already one in the catalog!!!!"

fuck off

No. 212166

you fucking newfags never shut up about this shit. people get banned on /pt/ and /snow/ for necroing WITHOUT MILK, you don't get banned for necroing old threads here to provide content.

No. 212167

Nope, people have been banned from /ot/ for that. Stop trying to act like a mod.

No. 212168

or you could stop acting like a mod and follow the damn rules and complain when you see people getting banned for it.

No. 212258

learn what necroing means before posting, retard. you dont get banned for reviving the original thread as long as youre on topic about it. THATS why there's a catalogue, moron. what do you think the catalogue is there for, just to look pretty? go back to pull or wherever you came from.

had this been 2014/15, your boring ass weeb thread wouldve been redirected to the old one and locked. learn how to use an imageboard before sperging out at anons and embarrassing yourself.

No. 212310

You won't get banned for necroing in /ot/ if it's on topic. Making new threads like this clutters up the catalogue.

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