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File: 1510440853827.jpg (63.76 KB, 600x600, shib.jpg)

No. 211260

Let's talk about dogs!
- What's your favorite breed?
- Have you owned a dog?
- Do you know any bad dog owners?
- What's your future dogs?
- Dogs that are cute as puppies and then turn meh..

No. 211261

File: 1510440998488.jpg (17.89 KB, 480x480, taylor.jpg)

I haven't watched Taylor's video for a long time but at least from the videos that are older than a year, it seems like she just uses her puppy as a stage tool rather than family.

No. 211262

File: 1510441170767.jpg (42.62 KB, 600x428, tea.jpg)

doesn't help that she probably bought her tea cup poodle from some cruel puppy mill located in hong kong or mainland china. Even if she bought Rosie in Canada, they mostly come from the same Chinese mills…

No. 211263

File: 1510441401343.jpg (420.13 KB, 1536x1536, Cute-Pomeranian-Pictures.jpg)

Pomeranians are super cute but they look really retarded.

No. 211264

File: 1510441713259.jpg (76.7 KB, 750x509, irish-setter-grooming.jpg)

I've had quite a lot of dogs up to this point, now I have a german shepherd and it's a very intelligent race, obedient, and I'm always safe on night walks because I can trust him to defend me. Really amazing when you see how your dog tries its best to understand you. I believe he knows a lot of words I don't even suspect him to. But the best race I've had must be the irish setter. Not only the most intelligent dogs I've met, thinking for themselves, but with such a cheerful and happy personality. To the last breath playing and smiling (very expressive faces). Incredible dogs, I will definitely get one in the future because I simply miss them. True companions and friends.

No. 211265

File: 1510441768443.png (974.8 KB, 640x768, autmn.png)

Must be nice having a dog to go on a walk with..

No. 211266

Yeah having dogs as a companion definitely makes you feel safer. The Irish settler looks like a gorgeous breed. I've never seen them before.

No. 211267

File: 1510441988718.jpg (68.32 KB, 500x522, c68951aca9565670addd2e45c526e6…)

woah, I forgot taylor even existed for a minute. I always got that vibe too though, it's sad

I'm more of a cat person, but I've always loved shar peis

No. 211268

File: 1510442202264.jpg (106.54 KB, 425x282, Chinese_Shar_Pei_Face.jpg)

I can't really get the cuteness of these smushed faces but this breed looks cuter than pugs imo.

Are you a fan of coatless cats too? Like the Sphynx.

No. 211271

File: 1510452977593.jpg (104.63 KB, 540x799, a010137c67e88abf941eb9c3d0be40…)

Yes! Might partially be because I'm allergic to animals hehe, but I think their goblin-esque look is really cute.

No. 211272

There is an old guy that comes into the place I work at that has a mini pom, he likes to bring her to local therapy clinics for the patients. She's adorable and will make sure everyone pets her.

I like quiet dogs, if I ever had the time to take care of one I'd probably foster a greyhound

No. 211274

Mine's a mutt I picked up from the shelter when he was a puppy, and with mutts you don't know what to expect.

And I'm glad that it was me that picked him up, because most people wouldn't be able to meet his needs as he turned out to be an incredibly, insanely high-energy dog, a large one at that.

His favourite thing in the world is swimming. My favourite thing in the world is rowing. I bought an apartment on the river bank some years ago. We're in our own paradise now.

No. 211279

I get all sappy listening to this.

Enjoy this true and heartfelt song.

"I love my dog" by Cat Stevens

No. 211280

File: 1510460860126.jpg (9.27 KB, 500x369, 1433557822664.jpg)

I owned an Australian Sheppard when I was younger, we got her as a pup when I was 5. Amazing dog, when we lived in the suburbs she once managed to follow me all the way to school and onto the recess yard. Incredibly energetic, managed to jump on top of the counter top with no running start and my managed walked in on her eating what was supposed to be our dinner. But we ultimately trained her well, and I could comfortably take her for a walk without a leash if I was ever so inclined (rarely did for others sake). During her later years my mother purchased a pomeranian-poodle mix thing, a bit of a bastard. Would always run away thinking it was a game if we let him out but I figured out I could just tie a 20 foot rope to each of their leashes, so they could both play outside but I wouldn't have to waste an hour or more chasing after him. It's not like we could just leave him out overnight, or the coyotes would probably eat him. Dumb bastard.

Sadly she eventually had a bad case of cancer, and she was in so much pain that we decided to put her down eventually. I still remember how she was hiding under my chair every time we went to the vets.

I would love to get another dog, but ultimately I don't think it would be the responsible thing to do. Just not enough room for a dog I'd want to get to run around, nor do I have the time to regularly walk them. I'll likely get a cat if I do get another pet in the near future.

No. 211281

>Pomeranians are super cute but they look really retarded.
Oh man I missed this post at first. You have no idea.

My mothers dog will jump off of the stairs and into the door whenever someone comes by. One time she purchased a shock collar for him in an attempt to get him to stop yelping, but when he started his act of running down the stairs to bark at someone it zapped him, causing him to trip and fall down the stairs. His yelp from the fall made it zap him again which caused yet another yelp and it just caused a never ending feedback loop. I swear he has a peanut for a brain.

No. 211283

File: 1510464669393.jpg (99.3 KB, 540x666, tumblr_ofy9uzG4W31qkjwtlo1_540…)

I want a puppy and of course I want to adopt it from a shelter but the shelters around me just have adult pit bulls and I don't want them even if I feel bad about it. It's a meme but I probably would want a shiba inu, they're a good size and adorable. There's just no chance I'd ever find one, much less a puppy, at an animal shelter and I can't bring myself to go to a breeder. It's a shame too because I'm in the perfect position to adopt a dog and I want one sometimes.

Alternatively I have seen pomeranian/chihuahua mixes and they are adorable. Or to go the opposite route, a good guard dog like a German Shepherd or rottweiler.

No. 211288

Neither rotts nor shepherds are guard dogs. They're both herd dogs.

The best guard dog is, ironically, a female pitt-bull.

No. 211294

Both breeds are regularly used as guard dogs. They were originally used as herd dogs but they are good guard dogs, dogs aren't incapable of different tasks just because of their original breed purpose.

No. 211296

You don't want to adopt a pitbull but want to adopt a rott? Rotts are even more aggressive than pits.

No. 211297

As a puppy, yeah. But the pitbulls from the animal shelters are all adults and probably have issues. Pitbulls also attack people at greater rates than rottweilers do (though I do think this is due to other factors).

No. 211298

>Dogs that are cute as puppies and then turn meh..

literally doesn't exist

No. 211299

God I can't stand looking at her dog. Yeah, it's really cute but it makes me so upset knowing that she bought it from a shitty puppy mill and she's so small that it makes me worried for her health.

It's such a shitty lesson to teach her underage fans that it's okay to support people who breed disabled dogs. They all defend her in the comments.

No. 211300

My next door neighbour has 2 massive Rottweilers and they love everyone, even complete strangers. Big and boisterous sure, but not good guard dogs as they just want to play!

Best dog is Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. Had one and he was so loving. Quite a needy anxious dog, but that didn't bother me because same…

No. 211305

File: 1510488903382.jpg (111.53 KB, 1280x1229, 2525bdb43f08d9b6861b1d089f96fe…)

I've always wanted a Chow Chow, a Poeranian, a Dachshund, a shiba inu or a samoyed! Sadly though I've never owned a dog and can't have pets where I live however I live vicariously through my friends that have dogs!

No. 211306

File: 1510489012831.jpg (195.81 KB, 680x453, samoyed-dogs-puppies-5.jpg)

I like Samoyeds and Chow Chows the most because they are semi big dogs and very furry (which is super cute imo) and they seem to have a lot of character. I'm just waiting untill I can save up to move to a place that will let me own pets!

No. 211307

File: 1510491923939.jpg (73.92 KB, 509x600, wiki_pd_Shiba_inu_taiki.jpg)

I probably sound like a weeb without explaininy why.
But ever since I played Nintendogs at thr age of 8 or so I wanted to have a Shiba Inu (it was my first and favourite dog in Nintendogs).
If I ever get one I'll name her Lily since that's the name I gave the one in nintendogs.
Probably won't happen until i'm retired bc I won't have time before then.
One day tho, one day…

No. 211308

File: 1510492072768.jpg (82.93 KB, 1024x1001, Mops-5.jpg)

Oh yeah also a pug.
I think they look super cute and a friend of mine had two very energetic.

No. 211309

File: 1510494120428.jpg (4.41 MB, 6016x4016, AdobeStock_101373148.jpg)

I'd love to have a dog that doubles as a running companion. I run about 5km almost everyday so I was thinking a husky or a German Shepard.

No. 211310

File: 1510495332308.jpg (351.78 KB, 680x455, rottweiler-puppy-9.jpg)

I love rottweilers. I've grown up around them and they are the sweetest giants. They have so much personality and are so understanding. And they are patient and good with kids.

But when I'm getting a dog, I'll get the oldest and biggest dog at the shelter. I want to adopt the dog that nobody else wants and give them a good life.

No. 211316

File: 1510500695627.jpg (4.82 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_7224.JPG)

I've got to show you my Pei and her best pal. Mine's the black one. Peis aren't my all-time favorite breed, but I love having one. She's so sweet and loyal and goofy.

No. 211322

Just dropping by to say hi, other Pei-anon! Are we the only two or are you not the person from that pet thread a while back?

No. 211331

File: 1510510625843.jpg (209.37 KB, 900x675, IMG_7889.JPG)

Yep, that's me. How's your dog doing? Mine seems to be on her way out of her adolescent phase, thankfully. Still a big sweetheart.

Pic related is my all-time dream breed (Czechoslovakian wolfdog) but I doubt it'll happen. I don't think I'll ever have the resources to properly raise a dog like that.

No. 211337

Mine is 4 years old now, so she's extremely chilled out. We moved to the middle of the city and her allergies have cleared up! I guess there aren't any plants she's allergic to around here. Did the entropion ever get better for yours or did you opt for the surgery?

No. 211338

I'm so glad her allergies cleared up! That must be a huge relief. We've taken her to the vet and have had her eyes looked at, but they insist she's fine so she just gets eye drops everyday. We're still keeping an eye on it, though, since I believe it's ~60% or more of Peis that wind up needing the surgery.

No. 211340

File: 1510517786871.jpg (128.8 KB, 500x389, 4032304034432.jpg)

I used to have a Papillon. She was my first pet that was truly mine and not just the "family dog". We were super bonded to each other, I never had that wonderful feeling before with any of the family pets. I miss her a lot. I just have cats nowadays because they're so low maintenance.

I would like to get a dog or two in the future when I have a bigger place with a backyard. Honestly, I really do want a Shiba. They're so cute and the perfect size. I'd also consider a corgi, schipperke or norwegian elkhound. Actually, most spitz breeds are right up my alley.

I'll never understand the appeal of flat-faced dogs. I prefer dogs with a fox or wolf-like look to them.

No. 211343

Because of their legs problems, it's not really recommended to run long distances with Sheps, but Huskies are the best for it. If you can manage a Husky, and if you're running regularly - you certainly can, go for this race :)

No. 211344

File: 1510520552309.jpeg (22.03 KB, 443x332, EAF5665C-E123-4C71-8742-2F23E3…)

At the moment I have a vv handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback x Labrador, and a Bull Arab who is the sweetest girl ever. They’re good with kids and cats but will fuck up possums/foxes/rabbits/pigs etc etc.

One day when husband and I are older we want a Caucasian ovcharka or to rehab dumped dogs and find them permanent homes. Ideally both.

No. 211446

Oh my god anon I love shar peis too. I'm more of a cat person as well but I just can't resist their wrinkles. Awhile back I was at a vet's office and a lady walked in with her two shar peis. She let me pet them and they were just so soft and gentle! They're the only breed of dog I'm really fond of but I don't mind Jack Russels either.

No. 211447

File: 1510537228917.jpg (120.07 KB, 1280x720, ve1pZAz.jpg)

My dream dog is a husky~ I had a rat terrier who died a year ago of really old age. My mom has been crazy about getting another dog, she goes nuts when she sees literally any breed and actually stops anyone walking their dog to comment on how "beautiful" they are lol. I'm a little afraid she might bring home whatever she finds at any moment. she confessed to me that she was about to surprise me with a Chihuahua not long ago but somebody else got the dog first. I want to wait for a husky.

you're wrong. coming from someone who does watch Taylor, she loves her dog and absolutely considers herself, her boyfriend, and Rosie to be the whole family.

No. 211448

I also like great danes, but they're a complete NO for me because of their short lifespans. less than half the average of most dogs. i'm not up for dealing with that

No. 211450

File: 1510539291723.jpg (72.4 KB, 495x415, 4364564.jpg)

If I didn't have OCD that made me freak out about dog hair, my dream dog would be a Caucasion Ovcharka as well. I love the darker colored ones the best.

No. 211451

I have had ovcharkas/sarplaninacs, do not get them before you have a permanent Partner and kids. They do not take well into new members of the family, kids are okay but new partners being introduced will not happen.

They are hardcore dogs that will fuck you up if you are bad/mediocres with dogs, but when you are respected by them they become ride or die.

No. 211452

File: 1510541089920.jpeg (9.17 KB, 266x189, images.jpeg)

I would love to have an italian greyhound because they are known for being couch potatoes and being active when they are outdoors. But don't know are their personalities exactly. I also love dachshunds, I have owned three and they have the best personalities plus they are really intelligent.

No. 211453

File: 1510541635515.jpg (23.51 KB, 411x308, SMASHED SLAMMED 300 PERCENT IN…)


No. 211455

File: 1510542970708.png (973.19 KB, 585x899, zeetus.png)

I have a beautiful finnish lapphund girl. It's my first dog and i really feel like she was a perfect fit for me. Finnish lapphund can be a little stubburn and mischievous but they're also really smart and great watchdogs. Pic related is my pride and joy <3

No. 211456

File: 1510543871694.jpg (131.66 KB, 1024x889, Leonberger_Norway.JPG)

I've seen Leonbergers on a fair a few years ago and have been in love ever since. Right now I live in a small appartment in a big city though and I definitely have a thing for giant dog breeds, the poor thing would probably get claustrophobic in here.
There's a forest I like to go to some metro stops from my place, and a huge park with a dog walking area a few stops into the other direction and I considered getting a smaller dog from the shelter at some point. But it'll have to wait until my life is more settled, I'm still in university and don't have a stable income right now.

One day I'll have a dog and give him the home and the love it deserves.

No. 211457

I have a Shiba and a German Shepherd/Malamute mix. In the future, I want an Akita and another Shiba.

No. 211460

File: 1510545127665.jpg (2.06 MB, 5152x3864, beast.jpg)

r8 my dog

No. 211461

cozy boy/10

No. 211467

File: 1510560511953.jpg (49.83 KB, 740x494, brit.jpg)

tbh anon, there's no shame in supporting breeders, as long as you do your homework. a responsible/ethical breeder has the best interests of the dogs (and breed) at heart, and can be a good resource for things like questions and when you need recommendations and advice. adopting rescues is a noble cause but there's nothing wrong with wanting a certain breed for their specific qualities either.

anyway, i'm really attracted to shibes and samoyeds tbh, i think spitz type dogs are gorgeous. i also would love to have another brittany spaniel in my lifetime, i grew up with them as a kid and they're some of the most beautiful dogs. they're so gentle and loving and affectionate, and so incredibly clever. GSPs, flat coats, and goldens and labs are all also lovely dogs too. i have a real soft spot for working/gun dogs.

No. 211478

I love jack russells and greyhounds but my boyfriend really wants an English bulldog or a French bulldog. I also like staffies and border collies, I like walks and exercising dogs so I don't think I could deal with having a dog that gets out of breath two minutes in

No. 211600

I'm definitely a cat person, but a calm lap dog would be nice. I like how pugs have those squished faces, they look so dumb in a cute way. And a yorkie, maltese, or tiny pomeranian would be cute

No. 211601

I've always wanted a Saint Bernard, that breed has always been my dream dog.

No. 211605


I had a springer spaniel until like two years ago; your pic made me think of him.He looked very much like that except liver colored instead of lemon.

>they're so gentle and loving and affectionate

He had an utterly vile temprement toward anyone who wasn't me or one of my parents. He would growl and nip at children, smaller animals, and sweet old ladies.
He hated black people with the fervor of a fox news-loving grandpa. it made having friends and neighbors over awkward AF.
He would growl and bare his teeth when being groomed
He would pull on the leash with all of his hate-filled, bitter might.
If I brought over someone I was dating to introduce to my mom & dad
he would wait until she leaned in to baby-talk him or try to pet him (despite the repeated warnings), standing stock still and quiet until she was nice and close, then bark in her face at 8000 decibels.
If you played fetch with him, once he tired of retrieving the stick or tennis ball after 4-10 times he would troll you with it, holding it juuussst out of your reach while wagging his tail and prancing around smugly…
he reveled, I mean reveled in being an utter asshole

We talked often of putting him down, in fact, my mom would call me and tell me to set up an appointment with the veterinarian but neither of us ever had the heart so I cancelled on them three different times during his life

Despite all of that, he had an almost supernatural sense of when you were feeling shitty and would turn into the perfect dog until you felt better, obeying every command and pushing his wet nose into your hands so you'd have to pet him.

he was smart and could pick up any trick. I could make him dance on his hind legs and even do backflips on command until he got too old. That's the thing, he trained easily. He didn't ever pee in the house or chew things he wasn't supposed to. he came when you called, stayed when you told him. he groomed himself constantly and only mildly smelled like a dog at all

He was very well trained. He just actively chose to behave like a complete asshat to the wider world. I still don't get it.

He knew if your hands or feet were cold and would instinctively move in to warm them up for you. Everyone knows dogs are happy to see their owners, but he was always ecstatic. When I came back from Iraq he lost his shit completely. Like he was old and gray but was so happy that he attempted an unprompted backflip then and there. He was way too arthiritic and fell down but he got right up and never stopped wagging his tail the whole time. it killed me to watch him do that.

He might've saved my life once, too: After th war I had to live with my parents for a year and a half like a failson, plus I have an MTBI. So my head goes some pretty dark places and I have ptsd/flashbacks. Like, I was alone and got my dad's revolver and cleaned it and loaded it and I was sitting there spinning the cylinder. I wasn't going to do anything but I was, y'know kinda thinking about it a little bit. That damn dog pushed the door open and just stared at me until I felt bad. Then he made me feed him. then he made me take him outside. then he decided he wanted to play. by the time he was done I put everything away again because I was over it.

He distracted me on purpose and I knew what it was but I didn't care so I let him. Life is goddamn weird.

Anyway, for being such an awful shithead he was a very good dog. I miss my stupid springer spaniel terribly. ;_;

sage for massive blogpost

No. 211616

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would suit you really well, I think. Only downside is grooming in the autumn and the fact that you need to be super careful to pick a reputable breeder because they're really prone to heart disease.

No. 211634

File: 1510784519871.jpeg (567.17 KB, 1600x1200, 4B9C8055-2D43-4C4F-8E29-E7C8D4…)

I love doggos of all shapes and sizes, but dream doggo is definitely a greyhound. Love people, love cuddling, like to go outside, love being lazy. I love these elegant gazelles that can turn into dead cockroaches when they sleep.

No. 211635

File: 1510785217473.gif (1.95 MB, 500x281, tumblr_ni0zjgqfzI1u0cjqco1_500…)

I know that a lot brachycephalic breeds are genetic disasters especially when they get a bit older, but I really, really, really love Frenchies. I'd love to have one, but my heart is conflicted.

No. 211648

CKCs are amazing. they're seriously the sweetest dogs on the planet. i groomed for 4 years and never met one that wasn't an absolute delight.

the grooming aspect isn't that bad - as long as you brush them daily, you don't have to have them professionally groomed that often, unless you want their coats really short.

No. 211696

File: 1510853327851.jpg (149.71 KB, 640x480, pupper.jpg)

I've always wanted a blue Great Dane. Something about a huge lazy ass dog is so cute to me. They're also giant lapdogs and sleep like cats.

No. 211700

My heart anon. I have a whippet, which is pretty much the same type of personality just smaller. He really is the best cuddle bug you could ever find. With some of his mannerisms I always say it's the closest you can get to having a cat without getting one.

My boyfriend got a blue Great Dane puppy earlier this year! He's so damn cute, though drools all over the place. But I can't help but love his smooshy face and all that loose skin. Too bad I constantly have bruises all over my legs now, darn thing doesn't realize just how big he is.

No. 211790

it doesn't work that way anon–a little ankle biting chihuahua is more aggressive than most pit bulls.

No. 211899

Lots of people who have small dogs assume they'll be "easier" than larger dogs and don't bother training or socializing them properly, so they turn out to be super shitty. It sucks, because a well-trained chihuahua can be cute and sweet. But I've met too many little dogs who were little shits.

No. 211967

File: 1511058892497.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3264x2448, 2874AAD7-2584-4129-9143-1BBCAE…)

I love Australian working dogs and huskies. I have a kelpie, my partner and I adopted her from the RSPCA and she is the sweetest, most loving and intelligent pup. A little too high energy (we take her on a 10km walk a day and she still isn’t tired out) but she’s helping me get more fit and helping me get outside more which is great. Picture is of my kelpie puppy. My ideal breed is a husky, I’d like to adopt another dog in the near future so my pup has a playmate and then I would have 2 of my favourite breeds.

No. 212015

If you have a kelpie, adding a husky shouldn't be the only hard for you. Just remember they're near impossible to train off leash (not sure if you ever let your pup off leash) and so freaking loud haha. Your dog is super cute btw.

No. 212027

File: 1511107529019.jpg (31.84 KB, 450x339, 599b514de1866db095db7b2547d371…)

>What's your favorite breed?
Pomerianans! And Samoyeds bc they are like a bigger version. Also Huskies and Chow Chows, any big fluffy dog tbh. I have a soft spot for English bull terriers too, they look so goofy i love it

- Have you owned a dog?
Yes! I currently own an Irish terrier and I love her to death. Had her since I was a kid and she's getting senile now sadly. Whilst they are not the 'prettiest' dogs to me she is cute (they have lovely red fur, pic related looks a bit like my girl when she gets her hair cut, but her ears are not folded like most Irish terriers for some reason) and has a pretty funny person. Also since they are not very popular there is a friendly, small community for people who own them.

- Do you know any bad dog owners?
They are a few dog owners in my area that have had their dogs taken/put down for training them to be violent, breaks my heart.

- What's your future dogs?
English bull terrier I think, I live with my family and its the one breed we all like. I would like a Pomeranian but it seems unlikely

- Dogs that are cute as puppies and then turn meh..
labradors, adorable as pups but they look like old men when they grow up kek

No. 212031

File: 1511115396229.jpg (119.14 KB, 595x960, 42c536089c9277590a456004599cf3…)

>What's your favorite breed?
shih tzus, took me a while to see their cuteness but now i can't get enough of their stupid faces. not sure if it's a shih tzu personality, but my dog is really quiet and can stand being alone for a long time by herself. difficult thing is the grooming, we have to wash her once every week or so, wipe her eye gunk, give her eyedrops. Also despite us walking her everyday she's still very chubby (possibly due to her age idk)

i also like Pomeranians and long haired chihuahuas. large dogs i like border collies and samoyeds. but i tend to like most breeds (just not very used to large dogs), however i do think corgis are overrated

>Have you owned a dog?

yes, fortunately my childhood dog (see above) is still doing well. had to beg for a dog for years before my parents decided to finally get one.

>Do you know any bad dog owners?

not really, but i do wish more small dog owners would train their dogs better/ treat them better.

>What's your future dogs?

probably something other than a shih tzu. maybe a Pomeranian, but i've heard that they're really yappy. (or are they yappy because of bad owners?) But next time i would like to rescue a dog

No. 212032

hi, i owned 2 shih tzus and i can tell you now it's all in how you raise them/how they were raised.
the first one i had she was a rescue dog and was previously abused in a shelter. she was very reserved, didn't like people all that much, but she was drawn to me so we called her lady. she was years old so we tried to help her grow out of it and develop, she became more social as we introduced her to more people. we gave her to a new home when we felt she was ready.

years later we got another dog to keep, this one we got her at 3 months. she was painfully shy with humans, and with most other dogs. as she grew up i took her around more people and she'd just return back to me, hide behind me, and so on. this changed a little bit when my brother brought home his boxer/pit puppy. it's like my dog was reborn, she became more social, more sassy, sillier, and even more lovable.

shih tzus are amazing dogs and i hope you enjoy your shih tzu puppy if you ever get one

No. 212034

File: 1511116898476.jpg (59.09 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ocy6saLdLg1u2ypawo1_500…)

>What's your favorite breed?
Chow Chow!
I like fluffy dogs, even though having a fluffy dog would mean that I would have to vacuum constantly and brush them at least once a day. Would be worth it for me.

>Have you owned a dog?

We used to have a dachshund when I was little, but he sadly died 13 years ago. She was a real baby and even though I majorly annoyed her when I was little, she never hurt me

>Do you know any bad dog owners?

I don't, thank God

>What's your future dogs?

Hopefully a pomeranian once I get a stable job. They're fluffy babies and I loved every single I've ever meet. Getting a Chow Chow would (of course) be a dream, but I don't think I could give a Chow Chow enough exercise and I wouldn't want my dog to be unhappy just because I'm a lazy fuck

No. 212051

File: 1511127970808.jpg (169.38 KB, 500x337, BORDER-COLLIE-608.jpg)

anyone here own/owned a border collie?
Are they really as difficult as people paint them? We can definitely handle an active dog but some owners say that without professional training border collies become bad dogs. Is is true? Is it a race only for people into dogs sports, agility, running etc or long walks, jogging and frisbee can do? Will appreciate much if someone answers!!

No. 212055

Border collies are beautiful, but I lived next door to a family who owned one and it was a major asshole dog. The dog kept barking at everyone in the neighborhood and would go after people. It attacked my cat one time, too (my cat had to go to the vet). I don't blame the dog because I know it was just acting like a dog. The owners didn't do a good job training the dog. So I would suggest that if you get a border collie, you definitely need to train it and don't let it go outside unsupervised.

No. 212084

My ideal dog would be obedient. NGL but I had a shih tzu as a kid that was inbred and he was the most ill-tempered, disobdient, stubborn, idiotic little retard I've ever met in my life. I wanted a dog so badly but after having that little shit head for 15 years I've decided to never, ever get another dog.

No. 212139

They tend to be neurotic and need tons of physical and mental stimulation. Agility, puzzles, nose work, and so on. I'd recommend hiring a trainer just to make sure you're going about everything the right way. They're the smartest breed and can therefore be the biggest headaches if not properly trained and stimulated.

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