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No. 209099

So as I am sure you've noticed, Okcupid is absolutely chock full of both "radical nonbinary trans femmes" and general crazy people. See something funny? Post it here!

(Why is Okcupid where poly queers go to find queerplatonic bliss? Who knows?)

No. 209123

>implying that bi-sexual doesn't apply to "binary"
it literally has bi in the word.

No. 209180

"bi is 2 or more genders uwu" because they reaaaallly want to call themselves that without being mean and exclusionary like those nasty terf lesbians lmao. all the bis need to just be pansexual to make people happy lol.

No. 209181

File: 1508217799427.png (76.38 KB, 275x275, 1440502263816.png)

what a catch!

No. 209182

File: 1508217836454.png (73.03 KB, 500x629, join-okcupid-find-better-match…)

No. 209183

File: 1508217852792.png (87.24 KB, 275x262, 1440502651130.png)

No. 209202

meh. nothing outrageous. and there's nothing to catch– it's clearly stated the person is looking for friends only. kinda dumb to do on what is marketed as a dating site, but OKC does have the option to search for people interested in being just friends.

people literally go out of their way to gawk and get offended, SJWs and ~anti-SJWs~ alike– which is what this thread seems like. i don't get why people get their panties in a bunch over meme sexualities. let the polyfluid-pan-ace-romo-homo-blah-blah-blah find a person that works for them and do the same for yourself. trust me, for every special snowflake, there's at least twenty normies and at least one MRA incel or nazi tard on the other end of the political/ideological spectrum.

No. 209207

>weh weh stop caring about things
this stuff needs to stick to tumblr, once it seeps out of containment into every day life it becomes harmful, not that it isn't in the first place, but i digress. this thread is for cringy shit, get over yourself.

No. 209210

You must not know where you are…

No. 209247

why do they all say the same thing?
"actually a mass of bees" "rat mom" etc

No. 209248

We used to have an okc thread that was full of SJWs. seems like it got deleted?

No. 209255

This doesn't seem too bad? I had my OKC profile from 2011-2014 and I remember way crazier shit people posted than this.

I stopped caring about the people on that website when I stopped having a profile though, so…

No. 209259

this just seems like an average 15 year old weeb who uses tumblr. nothing interesting to me tbh

No. 209269

right, but they're on an 18+ dating site.

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