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File: 1720621275812.jpeg (150.59 KB, 736x736, IMG_1661.jpeg)

No. 2083983

You wake up one day with (insert any superpower here), what do you do next? Rob a bank? Turn invisible to spy on others? Look into the future for lottery numbers? The power rests in your arms.

No. 2083994

File: 1720622083349.webp (43.57 KB, 1200x799, rapexbix.webp)

i gain the superpower of having tentacles like the vectors from Elfen Lied come out from my back with thingies at the end that have retractable thorns on the inside like an organic Rapex, that i use to rape prettyboys or dedick ugly scrotes

No. 2083998

you crystal.cafe faggots can’t behave for more than one second

No. 2084007

>fantasizing about mutilating genitals and rape
This post is so scrote coded.
Weak thread OP, it should have gone into the mundane thread or else home into the questions thread.(scrotefoiling)

No. 2084009

I want my power to be able to conjure money out of thin air

No. 2084012

No. 2084016

Only a troon would dream of having dicks on their backs

No. 2084018

Make the entire world population mute except for myself.

No. 2084029

I wake up with the power to kill myself and finally rest in peace.

No. 2084031

That's a really nifty power, I was originally thinking of teleportation so I could take vacations anywhere in the world whenever I wanted but money would fix that lmao

If I would have the money conjuring power you mentioned I would be living my best life somewhere in Belgium and have solo coffee dates with cute outfits on

No. 2084038

File: 1720624453231.jpeg (14.19 KB, 217x232, images.jpeg)

that's a very funny image but that's not what i meant, these are the vectors from EL, and Rapex isn't a dildo, it was a proposed anti-rape reverse-condom type thing that you're supposed to put in your vagina and if a male tries to rape you, the barbs in the Rapex dig into his skin and he can only get it removed at a hospital, that's the proposal anyways.

No. 2084043

I’d use my super powers to physically restrain every man in the world from ever being able to access lolcow

No. 2084055

what can we do to help you attain this power

No. 2084214

I'd have shapeshifting powers and turn into a bird or a rabbit or something and live a peaceful life away from society. Or infinite money would be cool too I guess.

No. 2084240

Psychokinesis powers to make my enemy's heads explode and implant intrusive thoughts into their mind. Nothing worse than a little voice in your head you can't erase!

No. 2085108

I'd like to enter people's dreams and communicate with them that way. I would be a dream girlfriend to my favorite celebrities. I'd also really stress the poeple I don't like out with bad dreams and dreams that tell them to do stuff like give money to charity of my choise or they will suffer every night. Maybe I could get someone to do crimes for me because they would think I was God telling them to do stuff.

No. 2085131

Power to control people's minds when I want to, even from afar. I wouldn't use it for anything evil, I'd just make as many rapists, abusers (including animal abusers), etc as I can stop (though I might be tempted to make the most abhorrent ones kill themselves or something), and I'd make it so myself and my loved ones can live or visit anywhere in the world without stress about money or visa stuff.

No. 2085252

stop time and catch up on sleep debt whenever i want to

No. 2085256

I have super human knowledge and the people know me as a supreme justice leader and I end up conducting a mass trial of corrupt judges and implement a world wide judicial counsel and rapists get the death penalty.

No. 2086683

I would have the power to convince anyone of anything, like the Voice from Dune but more subtle. I would use it to change the world by making ideas go viral or making world leaders listen to me. But I would also use it to go into people's houses to see what they looked like kek. It would be like having infinite VIP pass for the whole world.

No. 2086688

My power would be to have insanely good luck all the time.

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