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File: 1507501396495.jpg (95.16 KB, 648x960, blade-runner-2049-poster.jpg)

No. 207850

Can we discuss this Kino? It deserves its own thread.

No. 207851

Listen lolcow, quit watching fujo-bait anime and Korean garbage and go and see this movie so we can get Blade Runner 3: The Replicant War directed by Michael Bay.

No. 207853

Fuck I haven't seen it yet because I have nobody to go with and I'm still too insecure to go to the movies by myself. But I'm ready for my lord and savior Roger Deakins to get that Oscar that he should have won decades ago.

I've heard some mixed reviews too. Mostly positive though.

No. 207854

File: 1507503100271.png (19.12 KB, 724x161, ourgirl.PNG)

I couldn't have imagined a better sequel. It is an incredible movie.

Even /ourgirl/ likes it.

No. 207855

Would you go watch it anyway or wait until it's out online?

No. 207856

I would wait, Gosling's autism is top-tier as ever.

No. 207875

File: 1507525455352.jpg (81.47 KB, 600x631, 1507522921618.jpg)

I went to see it like 9 hours ago and my brain is still at the theater. It was so good I can't wait for the digital release because the original Blade Runner made me cry like a baby I know I'm gonna be sobbing at the end of BR2049 once I get the chance to watch it alone.

Would you guys get a holo bf/gf if you could? I think I would.

>tfw no holo bf to greet you when you get home from work

>tfw no sad replicant bf who you can teach to love

No. 207878

Do I need to watch the original Bladerunner prior to watching 2049, or can I go in with having read the book like a decade ago? I'm excited to watch it on visuals and directing alone, but if it's plot reliant on the predecessor, I guess I'll watch Bladerunner beforehand.

>tfw you have no time for your local cinema's $5 Tuesdays because of classes

No. 207879

Never mind, just checked out a non-spoilery review. For other people in the same situation as me, its plot is directly impacted by Bladerunner and having seen the first movie massively enhances viewing experience of 2049 (apparently).

No. 207884

I would ABSOLUTELY get a holo or replicant bf. Not even a question.

No. 207887

>tfw no holo bf to greet you when you get home from work

No. 207888

Kind of fucked up how white it is though, given that it is supposed to be 2049. Couldn't John Cho or Aziz Ansari have played the lead instead of Gosling?

No. 207889

kek I was thinking about this commercial during the movie.

I would have accepted no less than The Goose.

No. 207890

This film is beautiful, for sure. I probably prefer others of Villeneuve's films for emotional impact - Prisoners, Arrrival - but at the same time it's affecting in a quiet but deep way. Robin Wright is excellent in particular. I can see why some people are unhappy with what it does with the characters from the first film, and I wasn't sure myself, but by the end I was convinced.

Go see it on the big screen if you can it looks incredible.

aw anon, you should try it, it's super liberating. I go to the cinema alone all the time and I love it

No. 207891

going to the movies alone is comfy as heck anon. I literally only go to movies alone these days aside from the occasional film with my family.

Prisoners, Arrival, and Incendies all made me cry. I agree though Blade Runner is emotional in its own way.

No. 207892

You're trolling right?

Both of them are ugly as fuck. Goose is both perfect for the role and hot.

No. 207893

I cried hard at the end of Arrival. Really touching film.

No. 207894

I feel like they are trolling because they didn't even name attractive nonwhite actors like Oscar Isaacs or something. goose was perfect for this role if only because it was a perfect addition to the Ryan Gosling Sperg Sequence (Drive, Only God Forgives, Lars and the Real Girl).

No. 207965


I think it was partly about soundtrack, the Johan Johannson music for Prisoners, the Max Richter bit in Arrival… I loved the BR2049 sountrack but it wasn't heart-pulling in the same way maybe.

No. 208112

Holy FUCK, that was mind-blowingly gorgeous. Glad I got to see it on the big screen rather than at home.

Though the ending felt a little… abrupt? I expected the "underground resistance" and Jared Leto plotlines to be resolved, it seems like they dropped out of the movie pretty quickly. I realize they might leave it open for a sequel, and the whole corporate scheming thing was the least interesting part of the movie to me, but it still felt like a loose end.

No. 208129

it was gorgeous, really hope Deakins finally gets the Academy Award he deserves for cinematography.

As for the Leto and resistance plotlines, IMO they're more or less resolved when K intercepts Luv and stages Deckard's death. That way Leto's character thinks he lost his only source of information and presumably has to start from square one, and the resistance leader thinks that the matter of replicant reproduction died with Deckard and leave him alone.

No. 208141

I guess I was expecting something more cliche like, Jared Leto gets murdered / tortured by the replicants he created or the resistance fucks everyone up or something. I am glad it didn't go that route though.

I love how the closing scenes riffed on the "tears in rain" scene from the first movie without feeling cheap or rehashed. Choosing snow instead of rain gives you the sense that time has passed since the first while keeping the poignancy and emotional desolation - seeing Joe slowly buried in the snow is now permanently etched into my brain.

Also, I think the "message" of Joe's character development - that caring for and helping others gives meaning to our lives, no matter how pointless and empty existence seems - is really positive and uplifting despite the bittersweet ending.

No. 208176

Why are there no Asian men in this film?

No. 208195

I loved 90% of it, especially the visual techniques used in the hologram overlay and gunfight scene, but for me it ended on the bad bit so it was kind of like the final bite of a delicious apple being rotten.

I know the idea is that nobody will know Deckard is alive or go looking for him but for them to just head straight to the daughter that he spent his entire life protecting, undisguised, seemed stupid. I know it's just a film but we saw the police use all sorts of tracking and forensic technology so it's hard to imagine Wallace would just accept Deckard's body as missing. Or that the building his daughter works in doesn't have some kind of surveillance that could pose problems for her later down the line if Deckard is seen going in whilst a blade runner dies out front. I can understand Deckard is acting as a father with his emotions instead of seeing her as an asset to the rebellion but even then it just doesn't fit that he would do that. Same goes for how K just dramatically plopped himself on the steps, like a big beaten-up arrow of flesh directing someone to investigate within.
I also struggled with Wallace because he just looked like Jared Leto being his usual self to me and it really pulled me out of the film, but that's my own personal issue.

The contrast between the sexualised yet barren female imagery and the focus on womb-based birthing gave me maddona/whore complex vibes that I couldn't make my mind up about.

I keep seeing people call him Joe, but from what I understood 'Joe' was just the name of the fake child and coincidentally a generic nickname used interchangeably by the Joi product?

No. 208196

>The contrast between the sexualised yet barren female imagery and the focus on womb-based birthing gave me maddona/whore complex vibes

What's wrong with that? Most cultures venerate motherhood and hate whores.

No. 208216

Because Denis Villeneuve wanted to cast actors who had an acting range beyond varyingly thick cardboard.

I'm sure when he requires that in another movie he'll use some idol "talent" agency to fill roles though. LOL

No. 208229

Just compile your misogyny and racism into one post so it's easier for us to ignore next time

No. 208232

Nothing racist about finding asian acting quality terrible (which it is).

No. 208262

I just use "Joe" because it seems a bit more "humanizing" (which is paradoxical given the origin) than K. It would've been interesting if he went back to being called K near the end of the film, like accepting his identity or something.

I have a similar problem with Leto, though I found him competent enough in that role. He showed up seldom enough not to grate on me.

As for the ending, I didn't really see those things you mentioned as story-logic problems - they all very well COULD have happened after the end of the film, there just wasn't a decision to show any of it. IMO, they didn't really need to. And I think Deckard acting a bit irrationally adds some more depth to his character, as being actually capable of tenderness and not just constant suspicion.

No. 208263

>It would've been interesting if he went back to being called K

Er, actually, I know he introduces himself to Deckard with his serial number. I mean to say if there were some indication that he embraces that name over "Joe".

No. 208272

I suspect this is bait but I do think it's weird there were hardly any East Asians in the film considering the prevalence of Japanese and Korean, and considering how many Asians were in the first Blade Runner. Maybe I'm just biased though because some of my favorite scenes in the first film were the ones were Deckard was just chilling and eating noodles in the Asian street market, it seemed really comfy.

I saw someone make the point that having cultural influence doesn't necessarily mean that the influencing culture needs to be present – McDonalds is decidedly western and there are plenty of McDonalds in Japan but you can probably go days without seeing a Westerner there – but I don't think it applies to Blade Runner's universe considering there ARE foreigners present, just none of them seem to be Asian. It didn't detract from my enjoyment of the film but it seemed like an oversight from a worldbuilding perspective.

No. 208289

>and considering how many Asians were in the first Blade Runner.

What? There isn't a single Asian in the main cast, you underage b& moron. Have you even seen the film? There are a few background extras who are Asian, seen for a few seconds. That's it.

Please go back to watching your terrible Japanese and Chinese live-action movies if you cannot appreciate the Goose and Harrison Ford working alongside each other.

>but I don't think it applies to Blade Runner's universe considering there ARE foreigners present, just none of them seem to be Asian.

Bautista is half-Filipino and a great actor. Go back to your Rain's greatest hits box set.

No. 208296

The original Blade Runner was filmed at a time when Japan was buying everything.

2049 feels like what Die Hard 4.0 is to the first Die Hard movie.

2049 has a terrible poster.

Gosling was Hollywood's mentality to using him as bait for those likely female viewers.

Leto seemed forced.

Not a stinker but feels like a glossy piece of shit that has yet to rot.

Lastly, Ford looks like he came dressed from a Bourne movie.

No. 208302

>There are a few background extras who are Asian, seen for a few seconds.
That's what I meant, I thought it added to the "authenticity" of the film's universe. Like I said it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the film I just liked the detail. I also don't watch any Japanese or Chinese films and The Goose is /myboy/ so you're reaching. I dunno how my calmly worded post blew you out so hard lol.
>Bautista is half-Filipino and a great actor.
I specified East Asians. Bautista was really good though.

No. 208642

File: 1507847929103.gif (31.7 KB, 500x500, a56eb505e043cba170985211b5a191…)

What a great movie. A solid 9/10 for me.

No. 208670

File: 1507849833534.jpg (535.98 KB, 910x798, 1507833507097.jpg)

No. 208710

File: 1507858484149.jpg (58.4 KB, 552x855, 1507834446794.jpg)

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