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No. 20732

can somebody give me a synopsis of what happened to this chick?

she used to have 100k+ views on videos and last time i checked did a music video in japan and was preparing to be some sort of idol or something. did she get screwed over by managers?

all she has now are tumblr make-up wannabee guru video crap

No. 20746

As far as I know:

>Fell out with her manager in Japan, quit the aidoru scene and went back home.

>Now uses her five seconds of fame to consistently plug the fact that she was an aidoru years back.
>Now hops on the latest video trends to appeal to the masses.

She doesn't seem to do much aidoru stuff anymore, she's become pretty basic over the years. But I digress, people like/watch what they like.

No. 48549

Moved to >>>/snow/66137.

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