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File: 1503697799846.jpg (87.31 KB, 640x640, Childhood before the internet …)

No. 203299

What are some fond memories you guys have of being on the internet as a child? They can be cringey or not!

One of mine was when I was in 8th grade I joined an Animal Crossing forum and some of the members would organize saturday "sleepovers" where we would stay up all night playing video games and chat via skype. the last one awake won and everyone had to trade good items in animal crossing to the winner. sometimes i wonder what all those people are up to now.

No. 203305

File: 1503699727100.gif (18.44 KB, 250x200, pollypocketroomdecor.gif)

My first forays onto the internet when I was about 10 were on various girly game sites, like Polly Pocket, Barbie, and Bratz. I have pretty fond memories of staying home sick from school with some chicken soup and Sprite just playing dress-up/house decorating games for hours. I also liked Newgrounds, though I don't remember most of the flash games I played (except for the porn lol). That plus reading HEAPS of fanfic is all I really used the internet for – I once spent a good chunk of my summer vacation when I was ~12 curled up in my bed eating snacks and reading fanfic and webcomics on my PSP. Good times.

No. 203315

File: 1503705238226.jpg (72.22 KB, 759x421, my_scene_screenshot_1.jpg)

omg this fucking screenshot! i wonder just how many combinations of furniture i put together…

No. 203323

File: 1503708235238.gif (162.61 KB, 625x581, tumblr_oefq7ulLk21vgdl7uo1_128…)

>various girly game sites, like Polly Pocket, Barbie, and Bratz.
I must have spent several hours a day on sites like EverythingGirl and Kiddonet! I remember being so proud of myself when my boutique was featured on the front page of GirlSense for a week.

I was devastated when Kiddonet/GirlSense shut down. I still miss it.

I also spent a lot of time on Neopets, Club Penguin, and miscellaneous dress up games.

No. 203332

myscene was my absolute shit. I half want to see if it's still up and free, I loved the dress up games and I think they're what made me want to explore a lot of different styles of fashion through the years.

No. 203340

File: 1503720598648.gif (24.61 KB, 280x210, Hi.gif)

Forgot about me, huh?

No. 203342

Wooooooooooow kiddonet just brought back so many memories. Wow.

Speaking of girly websites I remember I used to browse beinggirl.ca, it was sponsored by always or something, and had all sorts of advice for young girls. I remember I used to read period horror stories and all the relationship advice columns when I was like 10

No. 203345

File: 1503722283997.gif (9.46 KB, 150x150, shoyru_yellow_baby.gif)

Neopets. Neopets was the fucking shiznit when i was a kid. I could never do flash games back then because dialup, but exploring worlds, playing solitaire, trading items, caring for a pet, that was all wonderful. I've still got an account there but half the time the flash games won't even load. The adverts seem to work just fine every time tho. Priorities, m8.

I was on some Star Trek BBS once and got invited to an RP thru email, but I was an edgy 13 year old in a group full of adults and got tired of it, and they probably got tired of me too.

No. 203347

File: 1503722866919.png (20.3 KB, 363x177, Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 9.46…)

The catalyst to us playing dressup games into adulthood. Guess the cows (and one snowflake)

No. 203349

File: 1503723040722.jpeg (227.22 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-der-Internetplattfo…)

goSupermodel. Roleplaying as scene girls, begging my parents for goMoney, all the drama, dressing our avatars up in pjs and having slumber party threads.. It was so innocent, and no boys allowed.

No. 203352

i completely forgot about those dollmakers wow thank you anon

No. 203354

apparently a ton of them migrated to a newish site called virtualpopstar but the forums is sjw echo chamber so it's not the same

No. 203372

>tfw still mostly using the internet for fanfic at 20

No. 203384

does anyone remember starlightmks? did I hallucinate that site?

No. 203394

>reading fanfic and webcomics on my PSP

Holy shit I thought I was the only one who figured out a best possible use of the PSP's internet browser. The font size and choice on ffnet was perfect, and scrolling was so neat. I have fond memories of reading FF7 fics on my PSP lol

No. 203425

File: 1503787815214.gif (40.53 KB, 360x216, Totse.gif)

Anyone remember this place? This was like /b/ before 4chan was really a thing. I have a lot of good memories here.

No. 203515

When i was 12 I joined the anime news network site. This was basically my first experience of joining a website post-stardoll. I posted pointless shit in the forum pages every single day and used cringey text-speak abbreviations and XD:3 emoticons in all my posts. I befriended some boy from a final fantasy forum post and casually mailed him via the website for a few days, then freaked out when he told me his real name and email address thinking I was about to be groomed via weeb-site; literally lost sleep over it so deleted my account the next day and prayed my mum would never find out. Stranger danger kek

No. 203533

This year, someone who I used to know from my early days on the internet found and messaged me. Brought up lots of shit.
I was 13-15 and those guys, who were at least 6 years older than me, tried to get into my pants. At the time I didn't realise how creppy it was, but I met some of those people and made out with some and almost slept with one, and it's just so disgusting looking back at it.

No. 203538

I couldn't have been older than nine, and my dad brought me into his workplace for some reason. I remember playing some primitive games on Netscape and printing out Pokemon pictures.

No. 203541

File: 1503880139696.png (30.08 KB, 147x160, i160396941_59587_3.png)

My parents bought internet pretty late so I missed out on a lot of fun. Though I fondly remember annoying people with the MSN rrrring function, spending hours browsing through anime blogs and saving pictures I'll never use for anything, leaving obscene amounts of money at Habbo Hotel (they permbanned me about 3 times), reading deviantart and Gaia RP'S, IMVU, Photobucket, Myspace and other emo/scene/weeb magnets.

Oh my god. I still have a folder of them somewhere.

No. 203542

File: 1503880878425.gif (10.19 KB, 85x70, mal22.gif)

i thought i was going crazy bc i couldn't find any searching for "puffs" or variations but apparently their japanese name is kaoani and you can still easily find them!

No. 203544

File: 1503881485543.jpg (53.6 KB, 588x298, nvrforget.jpg)

Roaming around dressupgames.com playing the room dress up games, i-dressup dor the fairy dressup games and creating stories for each one and Barbie.com were where I lived on my early internet days. I was so sad when I went back years later to find most of the games deleted or links removed.

No. 203546

File: 1503881595398.gif (95.5 KB, 130x150, cen5NPu.gif)

these guys were everywhere too.

No. 203549

File: 1503882604551.png (27.81 KB, 357x132, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 6.09…)

say club dolls! Guess the cows pt 2

No. 203555

File: 1503887226897.gif (40.81 KB, 400x300, 636085464946514083380378847_Po…)

Polly Pocket was my shit, I loved playing on their website, the EGGO waffle cereal website too.
Playing Barbie pet vet and the horse riding one was so much fun back then, freddy the fish, put-put.

No. 203556

File: 1503887962196.jpg (38.32 KB, 550x298, Image1-Copy-1.jpg)


daaayum i was thinking about it just the other day. i was obsessed with the palace chat, just because of the dress up aspect.

No. 203558

File: 1503889726897.jpg (23.85 KB, 480x360, Jn4JhEL.jpg)

Neopets, zetapets, disneychannel.com, the barbie baby grocery shopping game, polly pocket and bratz dressup games, make-a-family.com/pixel scene creators, eating red baron supreme pizza whilst playing this one hamster game on TVOkids.com to be ultra specific… those were the days.

I have a pretty huge collection of pixels and pixel gifs on a photobucket account, I love them.

No. 203559

File: 1503893207448.jpg (122.62 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Disney channel and the Jetix website too, I would play the Power Rangers games for hours. Also the Lilo and Stitch sandwich stacker I remember wasting so much time on. Went to check if sites still host it and they do! http://www.disney--games.com/625_sandwich_stacker_32.html

No. 203566

i didn't even particularly care about lilo and stitch but this was THE greatest game of all time

No. 203575

File: 1503908532219.jpg (94.34 KB, 634x351, article-0-1393A080000005DC-279…)

I had a little gay friend that got OBSESSED with Habbo Hotel. He'd call me after school to play with him on there and we'd be on all day. He pretended to be a girl and would hold fashion contests, which were popular things on Habbo, but he took it to another level that I'd never seen before.
He was obsessed with America's Next Top Model, so he'd do a whole big elimination thing. Like give a speech on how the girls did and then do the whole "I have one photo in my hand" like Tyra. Because of that, these contests would last sometimes up to an hour, when normally they're around 10mins lol. Winner would get to go into the VIP room and hang out, I would be in there to talk to them and stuff.
I would have the more normal fashion contests in one of my rooms too, with him doing the same thing for me in my VIP room.
At the time we were actually pretty popular on there. We had some really rare items and he spent a lot of money making a lot of different rooms.
It made me sad that one time when I checked back into Habbo all the pictures and sticky notes were fucked up. Something we took a lot of pride in before, lol.

No. 203579

Palace was my shit ahhh I loved making servers and shit. All the family RP things with the house, do you remember that?

No. 203581

oh my god, i forgot all about this! habbo hotel was my first taste of english-speaking interwebz. looking back, i'm not sure if that was the best introduction lol

No. 203582

File: 1503916529325.jpg (115.42 KB, 881x604, poupee0624b.jpg)

Who else was on poupee girl?

I remember I stumbled over this when I used to visit some blogs of japanese Gothic Lolitas and idk I spend way too much time on this site.

It was all fun until they changed the earning system into the ones who could buy things with real money and the one who not, then the creators abandoned the site in 2013 and as I just read shut it down in 2015.

Actually missing this a lot bc it was really cute.

No. 203586

I hated poupee because I was poor and underage and didn't have any clothing items to post there (which afair was how you made money on the site?)

And I had to see everyone else putting cute pics of their burando

No. 203698

Does anyone remember Roi world games? They were basic click makeup games. I remember playing them and wishing I looked like the anime girls in the games.

No. 203699

yes omg i loved that shit. it's pretty much gone now right?

No. 203707

File: 1503990207126.jpg (93.82 KB, 557x434, ba850ce0c1127c8c0b28a6e77c8a8e…)

the Lilo and Stitch sandwich stacker game

Same with club penguin, I had to literally drag my younger sister away from the computer when it was my turn to use it because she was fucking HOOKED

I also loved playing the dress up flash games on deviant art trying to make my myself and my OCs lmao.
I spent a lot of time on Deviantart looking up anime tutorials and drawing listening to fucking fallout boy, my chemical romance, and mindless self indulgence from my you tube playlist, good times man
A lot of the time I loved watching my older sister play Snood or Warcraft 3

No. 203709

Holy shit what a blast from the past

No. 203710

I forgot to mention webkinz alongside neopets, even though it was more childish. I remember ripping the code tags off webkinz toys at a store and feeling like such a thief as a kid. The cash cow game was fun

No. 203714

File: 1503995385277.png (1.18 MB, 1077x531, house party.PNG)

Webkinz is free-to-play now, but you have to buy pet/a membership to access most games and extra features, and the website's become an ad-infested mess.

Mattel's website has some old Barbie, Polly Pocket, My Scene, Monster High and Pixel Chix games!

Adding on to my list of memories: Moshi Monsters, Gaia Online, Glitter Graphics, OMGpop, ToonTown, Pixie Hollow, Nickelodeon's Nicktropolis, and Cartoon Network games (does anyone else remember Foster's Big Fat Awesome House Party?)

No. 203721

Fucking adored KaoAnis.

These kind of remind me of CandyBar dollmaker dolls, I spent hours creating characters with it.

I'm an oldfag (28yo) and I started using the Internet at around 2000-2001 when I was 11-12. The internet of pre-2008 was pretty different from what it is now and I fondly remember everyone having homepages they customized to their liking. People really got creative with the limited tools and technology the old browsers offered. It became an art form and you could even download premade layouts for your site and I made anime-themed ones as a hobby. Nowadays you just have an Instagram account with selfies, no effort whatsoever.

Also back in 2001 anime sites were the shit, those grainy JPGs were so precious because you couldn't just get screencaps by going to youtube or crunchyroll and taking your pick or download a HD Print version of the artbooks. That Sailor Moon artwork piece that was over 500 pixels in height and little to no compression was a goddamn treasure.

The flash games were so ridiculously slow on my computer I could only play a few choice ones. But some of them were made a lot easier by the slowed down processing, such as Hasee jump(?) and other games that required quick reflexes.

No. 203746

File: 1504029060706.jpg (154.31 KB, 1024x569, Tinierme.jpg)

Not really childhood but TinierMe. I never used it for socializing though, I was just obsessed with the Sevens card game lol. I used to use ChrisChan's dox on those surveys and BS you have to sign up for to get free in-game money. I'm sad they closed the site, I still miss playing Sevens.

When I was a child I didn't spend too much time online, cause I liked playing computer games instead (like Putt-Putt, Zoombinis, the Magic School Bus games) but I played on Neopets as well as the MyScene, Bratz, Barbie sites.

OH when I was in elementary school my friends and I were all OBSESSED with Homestarrunner! We would re-enact, word for word the Teen Girl Squad shorts lol. I spent a summer trying to watch all of the SBEmails back to back. I also had the welcome speech completely memorized lol

No. 203749

Did anyone else go on that build-a-bear website before it got shut down? I loved it so much…

No. 203754

I love these threads.

I think I first found that site because it was pretty big amongst the j-fashion type bloggers for a little while, wasn't it?
I didn't have any Japanese brands to upload photos of, but I managed a bit of sitebux with my Forever21 and Claire's lol

I used to play the Japanese version of TM (I'm blanking on the name)
I had some good times in chatrooms. Online-radio broadcasts were really popular among users, for some reason, so a lot of them would basically just broadcast about the chats and play music, giving shoutouts to people in the chatrooms.

Also holy shit Homestar Runner was my jam!
So much from those cartoons is still in my vernacular…

That and Neopets were basically how my sister and I spent our time online, before we found fanfiction but after we were Too Old for the PBSkids' website.

No. 203756


I spent so much time on that website, and it was probably the first time I spent actual money online.

No. 203776

File: 1504040754358.png (1.92 MB, 1024x815, qweewq.PNG)

poupèe girls! i spent so much money on this damn game in middle school, too bad its gone now ): i really miss it

No. 203778

Came here for this. I spent so much time on GSM as a 12 year old, I loved the story board where people would post 50+ page threads of their stories. Ahhh such nostalgia :( I was so sad when they got rid of the english site.

No. 203783

Poupee was soo cute! I loved it, especially the kimonos.

No. 203789

File: 1504048367545.jpg (53.36 KB, 625x401, rs1096.jpg)

Grinding for levels 24/7 during summer break in old rs when I was 8 and dancing with random people in Varrock. Shit consumed me.

No. 203824

Anyone used to have a "website" on piczo?
I remember on elementary school every kid had one, there were some girls who would literally make it their job. They would spend everyday updating and changing their "theme" - never having it the same for more than a week… other girls would get them to make their sites for them. I remember specifically all of our friends had pages that just listed who your friends were, and it was a shirty day when you didn't see your name on someone's list!

No. 203825

The Palace, the chat platform where you could dress up. So many pageants. I spent so many hours on there.
I remember it was trendy for a while to post "red tea" instead of "ready" when you were ready to be judged. Just a random thing I recall.

No. 203826

Virtual world websites.
Like habbo hotel, mycoke, smallwords, etc. I'm still semi-active on whyville to design hair mostly.

No. 203845

>tfw I still do that
God bless osrs

No. 203871

File: 1504105413776.jpg (74.87 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anyone remember littlest pet shop online? That game was the shit.

No. 203879

File: 1504111028878.png (27.95 KB, 275x219, IMG_9622.PNG)

Vampirefreaks, fucking vampirefreaks
This guy that looked like a hot topic hobo/pedo wizard bombarded me with describings on how he would use me as his personal toilet (he was into scat so it speak)

I stepped away from the computer for a few days.

No. 203881

My earlier days on the internet usually involved playing games off the Disney channel website and Barbie/Polly pocket websites. As I got older I started playing club penguin frequently and even got membership. I stopped play tho cause once I "bought" ice cream from someone and then after that they said they were gonna report me (for literally no reason???). I got pretty anxious after that and probably didn't legitally play club penguin again for about another 5 years…and now it's gone (yall should check out cpps.me tho if u still wanna play, I'm pretty sure the website is up). After that I got into poptropica and this other social website called superpokepets (does anyone here know it??). On superpokepets is where I officially first started talking to strangers on the internet and using forums, I loved it. I remember everyone would use this website called glittergraphics to incorpore images and gifs into their posts. Also I would only use the "=)" smiley for some reason. I had a little pet tiger named Lucky and some pretty cool items… I was super bummed when that shut down tho…actually I was pretty devasted. I'll link a pic of what the website looked like later, unless someone here knows it. Internet just hasn't been the same since.

No. 203884

File: 1504113250009.jpg (90.81 KB, 769x527, cokemusic-HOD.jpg)

does anyone remember cokemusic? i was obsessed with that and habbo hotel.

No. 203887

File: 1504118856189.png (357.73 KB, 1510x724, quizilla.png)

I remember wasting so much time on Quizilla from reading shitty fanfic lemons to taking quizzes to find out who my Naruto baby daddy or my death note 7 minutes in heaven soul mate was.

No. 203893

nah I loved that site, I especially loved her music section… there was this one electronic sounding song that I wish I had saved, I thought it was so cool sounding

No. 203924

Oh shit, Quizilla was the best. Harry Potter fanfics there were my favorite, but I also remember reading a lot of original stuff that wasn't fandom related.

No. 203933

I remember being on an Animal Crossing forum and being mad a guy wanted to pair himself with Tails when the rest of the members were pairing themselves with other Sonic characters heterosexually. We were weirded out by it, even though I paired myself with Chaos. This was around 2003-2004.

No. 203935

Why were there so many fanfics on Quizilla. I never understood.

No. 203938

holy fuck dude i completely forgot about this site, what an absolute treasure trove.. hours of my life lost to 'who is your akatsuki boyfriend?' quizzes. this was my shit

No. 203950

File: 1504190406448.jpg (38.64 KB, 400x240, 6133889_orig.jpg)

was it animal crossing community? i was OBSESSED with that damn website. i made a thread about 2 girls 1 cup in the off topic section. i wasn't even trying to be edgy or cool i just legitimately thought since i posted the thread in off topic i wasnt violating any rules. i got banned.

No. 203951

Yesss I used quizilla for all my weeby love interests.

No. 203952

Quizilla was literally my childhood. I took and made tons of quizzes and fanfics. I really liked the ones like " what do the ____ characters think of you" quizzes lol. So sad that it got shut down though! Wish I could read through my cringe childhood again.

No. 203965

yes! I played coke music and habbo around like 2003 when I was about 11 til 04 or 05.

No. 203980


i remember before quizilla was taken over by teennick, you could customize your homepage with your quiz results, gifs, and other stuff. pretty much where i first learned how to do html.

No. 204054

i'm pretty sure all of us learned html when we were 13-14. i remember people at school asking me to make myspace backgrounds for them too in highschool.

No. 204083

The Palace and GeoCities Chat were my earliest stomping grounds, hoooooly shit did I meet a lot of creepers on both of those. They were good times though, I thought that the internet could do anything at that point and that it was an awesome place to be wasting my time on.

Ahh, sweet youth.

No. 204100

All these fucking fakes everywhere, in the end I wasn't even sure if I was real.

No. 204102

File: 1505093813061.jpg (185.99 KB, 800x375, 665624c3afa6d16.jpg)

duuuude I loved the palace. I tried to make my own server but I was like, 10 years old and I still had a family computer" that I had to share and shitty dial up so there was no point in me doing it - the program to have my server online only worked when it was connected to the internet so my server was only online when I was! but I tried so hard! I wanted people to come visit my server and wanted it to become as popular as some of the big ones.

I remember customizing backgrounds for my server that looked like pic related haha

I can't remember the name of the most popular one that always had a million users on it at any given time but I remember the main screen when you logged on was an entrance to a castle or something. anyone know what I'm talking about?

I really miss the palace! and the old days in general. the internet was so awesome

No. 204103

did anyone use chickclick? I loved it! I was so upset when it closed down. I was so young on there and lied and said I was over 13 but I was really like 10 or 11 at the time haha.

also after that, I went to a board some chickclick people created called estro or something like that.

I also posted a lot on roxydollubb

I tried to make my own board and a few of my friends from Chickclick followed, we had a nice group of like 30 people who posted a lot but it never got as popular as I wanted it to be! I'm the same anon who posted >>204102 so as you can see, I was committed to attempting to create my own places on the internet. when I was into the palace, I wanted my own server. when I discovered message boards, I made my own message board.

anyone use expage? I had one, and even had my own "expage news" (aka gossip) site that me and my cousin ran. then people started moving to "hosted" sites so I did the same and then eventually got my own domain for awhile.

No. 204105

omg still samefagging, sorry guys. everytime I post a comment, more comes back to me!

lol this is so embarrassing, but did anyone used to do celebrity rp? there was must_be_pop on lj but I was more into blurty, then caleida, then greatestjournal. I actually introduced my BEST friend in 7th grade (still my best friend) to it and she became obsessed as well. I used to rp brody dalle from the distillers lollllll. I had my own celeb rp community, a few actually. I used to LOVEEEE it! when me and my friend would hang out we would talk about our storylines and make icons cropped by the eyebrows and talk about what was going on in ~the rp scene~

so embarrassing but so many good times. there was also "played by" which is you would make a character for example my original character's name would be named zoe, and zoe would look just like britney spears so she was "played by" britney spears.

No. 204110

I'd never even heard of celebrity rp but that's adorable lol.
>brody dalle
good choice my dude.

No. 204112

File: 1505099495289.png (56.98 KB, 491x443, gurl.png)

I used to love the articles, games, and quizzes on gurl.com when I was younger.

Neopets too! Designing guild layouts was the reason I learned HTML/CSS when I was a kid, and now I'm a web developer. :')

No. 204114

i remember when i was in gr 7 and facebook was still very new, i was a part of this group "Jonas Brothers Secrets" Everyone would edit a photo with your secret related to the Jonas Brothers like "once i met joe jonas and he gave me his glove and now i suck on it to fall asleep" (ok maybe not that wierd but) There was tons of fake accounts on there, and people would get well known in the community… I remember I made a fake account to try and get popular but it didn't work - probably because i was 12 and not funny at all. It was a cute little community and i miss those innocent days of facebook

No. 204119

Are you thinking of The Chathouse?

No. 204121

I fondly remember my dad showing me the internet for the very first time. It was in the late 90s and the page he conjured up on the chunky monitor was hampster dance and it was the coolest thing ever and nothing hurt.

No. 204153

File: 1505147890336.png (105.11 KB, 350x257, IMG_3857.PNG)

anyone remember blackberry creek on aol kids? I can't find a decent pic of it, only this crap b&w one

No. 204179

HOLY CRAP I forgot gurl existed

No. 204180

Yes, that was my shit. I had a couple of comics on their "comics by kids" section lol. Man, shit is so old.

No. 204192

File: 1505180430023.jpg (374.72 KB, 750x600, 234.jpg)

I played endless Pangya(Back then it was Albatross 18) and Toontown in the early 2000's, talked on Xat chatrooms all the time and listened to edgy scene kid music
It's a shame all that is dead now, the old emo/scene thing has totally died/turned into something different, Pangya shut down, Toontown turned to a shithole of shitty power-hungry admins on a poorly run private server after Disney closed it.
Also remember customizing my AIM stuff, like I remember having the little cat emotes and using a weird font.
Also, back when people communicated on Youtube through commenting on each other's channels, some troll came on mine and started insulting me for like Naruto and BOTDF. It turned into a shitshow with me and all my friends insulting them until I got too angry and blocked them. Good times.
Early 2000's internet was probably the best time for the internet.. Shame it'll never be the same.

No. 204223

me2. albatross 18 was the engrish version

also did a semi popular naruto amv in windows movie maker and included my hotmail at the end of it. it was sasuke themed with evanescence in the background. after that like 300 spanish guys and girls added me on msn

No. 204231

>it was sasuke themed with evanescence in the background
Ah, so a classic then

No. 204245

First time discovering Gaia I think it was only a year old by that point. Also the old dressupgames site. Actually when I think about it most dress up games have been going down hill more than up. Now it's mostly Disney bs and roiworld is gone.

No. 204301

File: 1505283172072.jpg (630.86 KB, 1024x768, tricksteronline.jpg)

Anyone remember Trickster Online?? Played it for 5 years before the server shut down. It was my teenage obsession back in the day. I know there are ways to play it again, but honestly it will never be the same.

No. 204302

File: 1505284483289.jpg (91.27 KB, 800x600, perfect-world-game-5.jpg)

I was around 11/12 when I started playing my first MMO. It was the first one where you could actually fly, customize your character really detailed and the closed beta was a blast. It was less about the best gear and more about getting the newest fashion and I remember grinding literally hours for it, just so I could buy it in the auction house.

Then five years later the company became greedy af and now the game is dying, which is really a shame.

Pic related, Perfect World International

No. 204305

fuck i miss perfect world
it was great playing with someone else as you could often be carried or ride the other person

No. 204306

I'm so surprised someone else played TO here! What server did you play on? I miss it ridiculously. Bossing especially. I've looked into private servers as well but yeah, it's not the same.

No. 204307

I just realised, I knew the person who took that screenshot too. I wish I could go back.

No. 204308


I was a member of this massive forum called Sonic Zone from 2005 and until it got taken down and remade into one nobody seemed to go back to I had so many cosy memories there and remember coming home every day after school to talk to friends there. I went by the nickname Moonie and wish I knew where everyone else went because i owe them a lot and they made the worst bit of my school years so much easier and the community itself was so cosy. For some reason I always remember one particular autumn and winter there that I was fond of.

I also have many Neopets memories!

No. 204363

I used to be full autism about Sonic when I was in middle school, I'd read fanfics and attempt to RP on Neopets (except I really sucked at it). My neighbor and I would constantly play Adventure 2 Battle together to try to S rank all the levels and raise all the different types of Chao in the gardens

No. 204499

did anyone else play free realms lol?

No. 204519

Neopets and geocities

I played so much neopets and still have an account I use regularly.

No. 204757

Omg me too
Good old times

No. 212596

File: 1511464858636.png (2.61 KB, 138x211, habbonormie.png)

Memories. You still keep in contact with that friend?

I remember going on Habbo Canada in 2006 and pic related was the popular outfit all the normie girls wore. In 2008 all the HC girls were "pomlongs" - pompom hats with long hair. I think the English-speaking Merge is when my interest started to decline. The hotel felt so much less personal - you couldn't walk into a room and recognize people you had talked to before. Before, just owning a small "business" could make you well-known. Afterwards they had to compete with people who were spending thousands on credits and making massive rooms. I'm really glad my parents only let me buy credits like 2 times. I was obsessed with that game and probably would have spent hundreds otherwise, lol.

I remember getting really salty about how there were so many HC exclusive events that I started making rooms and games that were for non-HC "normies" only. Some HCs were really upset about this and started dressing like normies just so they could get in.

No. 212602

I miss MSN and Ibravo,elouai games. I spent hours and hours there! Also Dollpalace. RIP.
I remember blogging,pretending to be an emo girl while in real life begging my parents to let me be emo aka dying my hair,having racoon eyeliner and "kawaii emo" clothes (they were super strict about me being in the norm)

No. 212630

I remember when I was young and really into Sailor Moon, I found a website full of SM dress up games where you could totally strip the characters to reveal basically tame hentai drawings of them naked

No. 212636

it's sad how easy it is for kids to accidentally run into porn while doing innocent stuff online

No. 212637

i remember when i was 10 my friend and i straight up searched boobies and i got to a porn site with pop ups and had to call my mom down to help because it froze the screen …. good times…

No. 212638

I spent hours making elouai dolls jfc. In fact I still have some saved as they inspired me to come up with my own "anime" that was part Sailor Moon/Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne where I had a big story line that spanned a couple of arcs.
I had so many self-indulgent fantasies as a kid.

No. 212639

Red Dragon Inn on AOLchat. I had a "OC" who was just Belial from Angel Sanctuary. I was also heavily into Gaia Online and Pangya.

No. 212731

Neopets in 2002-2005.
Posting on an active, large Invader Zim fan forum in 2002.
Goth, punk and metal scenes being popular in the early 2000s before SJWs took them over.

No. 212780

i used to love going on e4 games, newgrounds, albinoblacksheep david firth's site and the weebl and bob site. good times!
went through a phase of logging on to chats on a self harm forum to talk to sad teens and try to help them. it burned me out eventually.

thank you i forgot what the name was!!! that sight was great. was it the purpleish one with the three frame layout??

No. 212792

File: 1511665969918.jpg (29.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I miss Awolnow, didn't have money for a membership so I kept making new characters to play the 45 day trial.

also used to play gopets

No. 212793

File: 1511666571004.jpg (80.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

This shit I played endlessly with umpteenth accounts which I'd draw bad fanart and fanfics about. That and its two knock offs, the online game I never understood/was past it by the time it released.

No. 212807

File: 1511676607240.jpg (166.2 KB, 766x485, Fantage-1.jpg)

Fantage was my shit when I was 9 or 10 (2008 or 2009). I begged my parents for a premium membership, to which they somehow obliged, and I logged on every day until around 2012. People got famous on Fantage through making "FMVs" (Fantage music videos); I remember seeing one of these "famous" people (Boogieramon I think) one day while playing and pestering the shit out of him. He probably thought I was an annoying asshole. Sometimes I wonder how those people are doing, and if they even play Fantage anymore. People would try to date each other through Fantage, but the admins would keep blocking the slang the users came up with for dates, so the users would come up with new slang to circumvent the filters. People would organise mass hangouts in their homes by shouting "PARTY AT MY PLCCCCCCCCCCCCC" in Downtown. After a while, it became more obvious that the company was just in it for the money, making it basically impossible to do anything if you weren't a premium member. I got bored and quit in early 2012. I still occasionally log on when I'm bored, and the place is basically unrecognisable compared to when I actually played. They added so many stupid/pointless features, and the bright, flashy new clothes/hair/boards and the combinations children on Fantage make with them make my eyes bleed. I also noticed that some time after I left, the in-game currency (stars) suffered some major inflation, mainly because Fantage added not one, but TWO different paid currencies. (For example, a house back in 2009 cost 1000-1500 stars, while nowadays they cost >10000 stars.) It's a wonder the site is still running at all.

No. 212808

Sorry for samefagging, but I forgot to mention how there were a bunch of girls who would pretend to be babies and ask a "mommy" to adopt them. I was actually one of those people. In hindsight, it was creepy as fuck, and it probably led to a ton of kids gaining DDLG fetishes.

No. 212809

File: 1511678630400.jpg (15.9 KB, 150x220, 700705282.jpg)

My first real Internet experience was a Harvest Moon forum that I joined when I was 9 years old in 2004. I used lots of exclamation points, abused emoticons, and was generally what you would expect a vaguely autistic, socially isolated child to sound like. I'm genuinely surprised I wasn't banned.

Sample post I made:

>No, i married Cliff and Kai (previously Doc and Rick)… Never A special guy.

>Ong, you actually like Won…? You won't find Won love in me either, lol. Good for you that you like him though, I guess XD you'll be alone in Won live, becausr almøst no one likes Won enough to marry him, but he is very easy to woo XD really, he's amazingly ugly with his yellow jumpsuit-thing and weird spinning toddler cap… Not to mention little beady black dots for eyes and glasses… And long braided hair (mmm, sexy XD) all he cares about is business anyway- I bet he would sell your child and you into slavery for a quarter If he could!

>If I remember correctly, I think he also has a disproportionately long mustache as well to add to his… Um… "flair" O.o

Kill me.

I also really liked this game site called Pogo from age maybe 8-11. I played this game 'Spooky Slots' obsessively. It was literally just an emulated slot machine. You click the button for a fee of tokens and you get tokens in return (sometimes). I did it for hours and hours on end. I also really liked this tropical themed blackjack game and got pretty good at it. There was also a game 'Pogo Bowl' that was just a bowling game. I figured out the exact way to click it to get a strike every time and would just sit there mining tokens off of it for hours. Other fun ones were 'Squelchies,' 'Bingo Luau,' 'Phlinx,' 'Zen Poppit,' 'Harvest Mania,' 'Tumble Bees,' so many damn games that I played obsessively, can't even remember the names of them all. My mother and I both had paid memberships to the site and would play the word games together sometimes, it was really comfy. I was scared to talk in the chat rooms that accompanied the games in a little sidebar, and gradually worked myself up the courage to say things like 'gg' and 'ty.' The attached image is what my avatar was in the game, you got a little character to dress up with the tokens you earned.

I don't really consider middle school to be 'childhood' anymore, but 11-13, I basically just looked up Death Note and Naruto fanart, AMVs, 'funny' anime videos, and weeb shit in general. I also discovered the magical world of pro-ana. I never really participated in any online communities in those days though, I just obsessively read and lurked.

One thing in particular I remember is that I got an iTouch when they first came out, I was either 11 or 12. They didn't get a 'copy paste' feature for a few years, and I didn't have wifi or a TV at home. So during my 7th period in middle school I would just sit in the back of the class on school wifi and google the scripts to TV shows I wanted to watch and screenshot the entire script, page by page, hundreds and hundreds of screenshots. Then I would read these damn tv episode scripts at home lying on my bed while b/ping on a shitton of candy. Fucking ridiculous.

No. 212818

File: 1511697099317.jpg (43.56 KB, 782x440, download.jpg)

i member when i was 12 and i tried to download an episode of naruto via kazaa lite but downloaded bible black instead. i ofcourse showed it to my little girlfriends at a birthday party and we had an edgy blast

No. 212819

i also member when i found my first (naru x sasuke) doujin and was so fucking overwhelmed. printed a page and showed it to the same bunch of friends. that was also one year prior to us starting to say THE GAME all of the time

No. 212821

I remember being 11 and spending a lot of time on MSN chatrooms because family stuff was awful and I was honest about my age to everyone in the chatroom and they couldn't believe it. I remember going on every day and having 'adult' friends that thought i had a good mind and nice values. we would discuss music and if i was sad they would cheer me up.

after that my brother introduced me to music messageboards at around 12/13. him and i posted on the same one for years and when we both didn't live together anymore we always kept in touch on the board. we had a crap childhood and just loved music and tv, so it was always nice to have a 'safe space' etc. even nowadays we don't see each other much but if we talk about music or a tv show it's like we're best friends again. he actually lives near to one of our messageboard friends now too. he was on other messageboards and actually met an older girl. she was lovely and an american and came to visit a few times. stuff like that just warms my heart people connecting purely on the mind or whatever

also neopets. that site got me thru some sad summers lol

No. 212829

There's nothing wrong with your posts anon, you were young. I only fault you for thinking Won's problem is his appearance and not the fact that he's an asshole who mistreats you as soon as Karen walks into his store. Good on you for marrying doc though.

No. 213763

File: 1512144000922.png (1.45 MB, 1552x873, IMG_9553.PNG)

Newgrounds was honestly a myriad of amazing content for me as a kid, there was really no quality control at all when it came to animated shorts. Anyone got famous as long as they animated more than two frames even though alot of it was poorly made or cringe 2000's internet humor but I loved it. The point and click adventure games were however pretty legendary to me, I know in later years normie lets players have pulled some of the NG games out of the dirt just to show them off like its been some secret gem they 'uncovered' lmao. I remember playing Alice is dead and being legitimately startled by the background noise alone sitting on my shite toshiba laptop that was DECKED OUT in guitar hero stickers of all things (I really liked the art in the game and i still do) The ballad of Remus was super fun since it was a mix of funny cartoons and edgy gore, I also played a metric fucktonne of Adult Swim games.
I literally was on vacation in Turkey (14yrs old i think) yet sat inside and paid an hourly fee just to play the game since I was just that introverted. (I took a divers license too so its not as sad as it could be ok)
There was also Nitrome, majority of my memories from that site was Toxic, but I do remember other fun pastel coloured pixel games. Nitromes aesthetic was always a plus tbh.
(Please cont this thread I played Pogo etc too and im loving reading all these stories and similar nostalgic memories from you anons)

No. 213908

Holy shit anon I remember that game! Woah, talk about nostalgia. Don't you worry though because I played that game relentlessly myself.

No. 214432

File: 1512379565092.jpg (132.38 KB, 1280x720, barbie.jpg)

One of mine was going on the barbie website as a kid, we had a shared family computer and I'd get an hour on it once a week to play this…ahhh memories.

No. 214456

I wish this site was still alive. Is there anything else like it?

No. 214541

The fan page is still alive anon (but you need a invitation key) https://www.bentewee.com/
But the hype kinda die for me.

Also, read that poupeegirl is back in App form but renamed "DollyCollection" just for IOs

I used to play Poupee a lot too, some people who played with me moved to Line Play but lately that game is not worthy.

No. 214588

not the same as poupee sadly, same artist though.

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