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Hellweek is over! Share your thoughts

File: 1503357927621.jpg (90.13 KB, 700x525, Holy-Grafitti--700x525.jpg)

No. 202815

Halloween is coming up in a few months for all the horror and paranormal lovers out there, while there is a autumn thread for the pumpkin,cinnamon, apple cider, type, this is a spooky thread, here to discuss

>favorite horror films and books

>creepy roads/houses/place around where you live or where you use to live
>paranormal experiences or other spooky stories
>paranormal/haunted videos
>creepy but cozy aesthetic pictures
>halloween party recipes and ideas
>creepy pictures you have taken
>anything spooky

no gore please

No. 202819

Just saw Hellraiser for the first time a couple days ago. It actually was pretty good. Reminded me a lot of An American Werewolf in London. Though I do gotta say, it was almost not really scary, if you know what I mean? More creepy and dramatic.

Also, why that picture?

No. 202820

File: 1503358492129.jpg (36.74 KB, 500x670, bdb35f16a42231c61dc8fd40bdbace…)

Bless u for this thread, anon. Hallowe'en is my favourite holiday (originated in my country even though it's dying here). I fucking live for creepy shit.

No. 202825

File: 1503358916589.jpg (137.62 KB, 1796x1010, maxresdefault.jpg)

I live near clinton road where people dump bodies and kkk and satanists go to make sacrifices and shit, there's a ton of teens on youtube making videos of them driving down the road and flipping out if they see another car drive down the road

No. 202843

File: 1503366881579.jpg (373.24 KB, 1597x763, halloweencomfy.jpg)

some of my favorite halloween foods in my teen years, not sure if they make some of this stuff anymore though

>tfw no spooky slumber party curling up in blankets, watching halloween movies, searching abandoned places, making pumpkin pie, carving jack o lanterns, cozying around a fire, telling spooky stories, eating foods in this pic, etc etc

No. 202844

File: 1503368653601.jpg (11.41 KB, 400x225, tumblr_ouu6fd0Zcp1uutnkko1_400…)

yesss i was hoping to see those pilsbury roll cookie things with the ghosts and pumpkins. that taste and texture is irreplacable. i always liked the dough more than the baked cookies though

No. 202845

File: 1503368990822.jpg (254.91 KB, 1600x1200, HT2P.jpg)

literally my teen years

No. 202846

File: 1503369522594.gif (329.96 KB, 480x270, tumblr_o7rq1gd1Ja1qhoe3vo1_500…)

I found a 24/7 scary video live stream

I also like watching channels like mr nightmare or darkness prevails, and watching stuff such as 3 am challenges by aldosworld
having a horror marathon is fun and all, but I like setting myself in a more realistic setting, the type to make me not sleep at night if you catch my drift

No. 202855

File: 1503376399746.jpg (249.73 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_otj3deJeES1wvd98do1_128…)

I wish I'd have more paranormal experiences. I'm not really a believer but I'm fascinated by the paranormal and want to believe. I've only had one encounter off the top of my head that sticks out as being unusual (I might've told this story on lolcow before):

Basically, when I was 6 years old, I was watching a movie with my family in our living room. My mom was holding my cat and she told me to grab his claw trimmers because she noticed his claws were getting too long. We kept the trimmers in the adjacent dining room, which was connected to the living room by a large doorway, so you could see right into it from the couch. I went to get the trimmers and didn't turn on any lights because I knew my way in the dark.

When I knelt down to open the drawer the trimmers were in, something pulled my hair – not a tug or a couple of strands yanked out, I mean it felt like someone grabbed a fistful and pulled straight down, not enough to hurt me but enough to physically moved my head until I was looking up at the ceiling. I was pissed and immediately whipped around to yell at my little brother (I think I even said "[brother's name], stop it!!" out of pure reflex) but when I turned around I could see into the living room and both my brothers and my mom were watching the movie still, all oblivious to what had happened. My cat was still in my mom's lap and we didn't have any other pets. I remember rationalizing it at the time as my hair getting stuck in a fan, but I don't remember if there was a fan present and I didn't have to untangle my hair from anything.

No. 202857

File: 1503377307713.jpg (30.27 KB, 500x343, tumblr_nxn1icLj7q1svrh8zo9_500…)

Just as I posted that I remembered another story, not mine but a family member's. When I was in elementary school, an uncle of mine molested another member of our family. Disturbingly enough, his wife decided not to report him, provided he kicked the booze and got some form of corrective therapy. Shortly after that, he was deployed (he was in the military). No one but the two of them and the victim actually knew about the abuse until years later because they kept it all under wraps. After finding out about the abuse, I was also told that my uncle apparently wasn't actually deployed – some time after the abuse took place while he was in his house alone one day, he was sitting in the kitchen eating dinner when he suddenly very distinctly heard his wife's dead mother's voice screaming his name from their basement. She never liked him when she was alive and hated that he married her daughter (understandably enough) and he recognized her voice because she'd yelled at him numerous times before. The time everyone thought he'd spent deployed, he was actually hiding in Alaska (it might've still been on military business, but it wasn't mandatory and he jumped on the opportunity to leave the state because he was terrified). He also sobered up for good and as far as I know didn't commit anymore sexual misconduct (although his wife would probably just cover it up again, so who knows).

tl;dr: ghost grandma is absolutely based, spooks the fuck out of creep uncle.

No. 202869

Few years ago I had a Poltergeist in my house. It was like a running joke between my family ("calm down your ghost girl" when something got randomly broken etc) but who knows.
Some things that were happening:
>mugs with tea blowing up
>drawers closed in the evening, opened in the morning
>random things falling from shelves
>one time I wanted to grab a fork and it jumped away from my hand
>my very sensitive cat looking intensively into one spot

So yeah. Because I'm a bit loco, I thought to myself - maybe it's just lonely. So me and my family started acknowledging him jokingly and all of the mischief stopped. Hm

No. 202872

you made him shy

No. 202880

File: 1503409052722.gif (722.97 KB, 500x281, 1423071827856.gif)

No. 202881

File: 1503409099679.gif (1.1 MB, 260x146, 1437618294933.gif)

No. 202882

File: 1503409166761.jpg (1.04 MB, 1600x1200, zrcTNBw.jpg)

No. 202883

File: 1503409267251.gif (899.22 KB, 500x769, 1380269876715.gif)

No. 202884

File: 1503409337591.gif (1.17 MB, 252x252, 1467847832555.gif)

No. 202893

File: 1503418284104.jpeg (567.81 KB, 1920x1286, image.jpeg)

No. 202894

File: 1503418399412.jpeg (308.5 KB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

No. 202895

File: 1503418499071.jpeg (230.74 KB, 807x1626, image.jpeg)

No. 202907

I love this short.So creepy.

No. 202908

I feel you, I like watching people try to talk to ghosts and stuff, especially through Ouija boards, sadly a lot of ouija board videos are fake

No. 202913


No. 202920

My mother died four and a half years ago. At night is when I start to think about her the most. Maybe two or three of those nights, when I was almost asleep (and possibly crying myself to sleep), I felt something next to me, coming closer, something cold. I don't know how to explain it exactly, because it wasn't scary for me at all, it just made me felt relaxed and calm and my mind kept thinking ''okay, she's here''. But I know that can and possibly is my mind or something.

But one thing happened a few months ago and I can't stop thinking about it because it doesn't have a logic explanation for me, even when I tried to rationalize things.

In saturday mornings I tend to clean my house around 8 AM or 9 AM. I was tidying up the kitchen (where I usually start) and I was placing the cutlery in the cupboard. I was listening to music with my earphones on and then I felt like something grabbed my thigh. I don't mean a caress or a touch, I mean that I felt exactly a hand grab my thigh, not too hard but firm. I obviously thought it was my boyfriend, who was sleeping at that moment but could have woken up, so I turned myself around and…Nothing. There was nothing there. In that moment my mind just panicked and I tried to think ''maybe it's the cat, it must be the cat, sometimes he comes here and I can feel it, it must be that''. I just froze there, looking at the floor and knowing my cat was, indeed, in the bed with my boyfriend.

I called his name but he was sleeping, and even the cat didn't come to the kitchen. As I said, I haven't feel panic or fear before even when having some experiencies which I can't explain, but this just make me froze. I felt so scared in that moment that I started crying and couldn't stop because I know what I felt, I know how it felt and I know that even if I want so much to found a logical reason, there's none. When my boyfriend woke up because of my crying he thought something happened to our cat because I was just this crying mess. He tried to explain me that maybe one of my muscles tensed or something but that doesn't help me because I've been experiencing those muscular contractions all my life since I was a kid and I know this was totally different.

No. 202927

sometimes around 2-4:30 am I will hear a little girl outside say "hello", it's always around that time, as well as weird dreams, my dog will randomly growl or bark at something and she never does that, doors closing, etc etc
I've always had ghosts experiences but this one surprisingly doesn't scare me as much

I also like watching brittyy44, she tells good stories and creepypastas and sometimes searches abandoned places

No. 202931


Here's a story I thought I'd share because it fascinated me when I first read it (don't forget to click "next" at the bottom of the page, it's a little difficult to see). It's about a poltergeist annoying a family on the Isle of Man.

I'm convinced that Voirrey was just a bored teen who made the whole thing up but I have to admit that it's a really well crafted little story that she came up with. Not to mention the fact that she fooled a lot of people who came to the house to investigate. She must have been really intelligent. I just found the idea of a talking animal living in the walls of the house, singing, leaving dead animals, stealing food and insulting the inhabitants really, really creepy

No. 202933

File: 1503446216996.jpg (132.79 KB, 457x698, oo.jpg)

No. 202968

This story happened at my friends house few years back.

We were having a sleepover and I always have this thing of scaring my friend. I heard the bathroom door open, I got into position for my mission. I hear footsteps coming down, I'm trying not to laugh because I know how good I am about to get her scared. Where I was located was inside her room was like a large closet area. You'd open the door and see another room right ahead.

So there I am waiting, I feel a strong brush of air, the door opened more and I see a shadow, very quick paced, I assume it's her. I wait still, I hear muffling papers/books from the desk slightly and breathing. I stand there for a few minutes and get impatient for her to go into the other room so I start saying how long I was waiting for her. I look up and there's nothing fucking there. I stood there just stunned really.

The story behind paranormal activity around her house actually originates from her sister and has a storh. Since her mother was pregnant with her sister, her mom would see child like shadows and such. When she grew older, they noticed she'd be talking to someone who was not there. So my friend's mom asked about who she was talking to and she had said that she has a friend who lives in her closet. That she wants to be friends and share her toys with her and that she's friendly.

It all seems hard to believe, but I would experience odd things leading up to that event.

No. 202994

Like 5 years ago I was visiting my bf at the time, and the building my hotel had been in had been a jute mill back in the Victorian times.

One morning, early, like 3am, the wind was HOWLING outside. I woke up but I couldn't move, and I kept hearing sinister whispering all around the room. When I could finally move, I turned round and checked on my bf and he was just fast asleep.

Not sure if there were ghosts in that hotel room because I mean industrial accidents happened all the time back in Victorian days or if I just had sleep paralysis or both, but it was terrifying anyway.

No. 203011

Could have also been a fox. They make some pretty horrifying noises at night.

No. 203056

File: 1503530814298.jpg (40.56 KB, 552x768, thoth_death-card.jpg)

In my room at home when I was a teen I always felt watched. I couldnt explain the feeling but it didnt bother me to much. Me and my siblings exchanged rooms so I didnt always have this room. It was next to the kitchen and was one of the rooms in the house (besides other former rooms that obviously belonged to the children of the pre-owner) that had a door latch from the outside when we first moved into the house. Of course through renovation and such my parents removed all of the door latches.

so much about the back story. Now once I had my best friend over playing in my room and suddenly without talking about anything she says "I feel watched in here." then proceeded to do what she was doing.

some time later I got tarot cards as a present from my aunt. i started doing random shit, when I just mixed the card and then asked into the room "Who are you?". I then drew a card randomly. It was death.

I never picked up the cards again.

No. 203100

UGH, I want some of these food but here in my country is imposible to find because nobody celebrate halloween

No. 203103

I didn't know about that until I watched that british detective show Midsomer Murders and there was this incessant creepy noise that turns out to just be foxes.

No. 203127

Great thread anon! I love anything that is kind if unsettling, like you know that everything is fine but at same time you feel really scared bc of the paranoia. I love that youtube channel nightmind for this reason, they explain creepy youtube videos (like the adult swim shorts, dhmis etc) but the amount of dedication and passion they put into their videos compared to similar channels is insane. Watch the first 10 minutes of this one and you'll get what i mean

No. 203134

reminds me a bit of when alantutorials became a thing, his last few videos were disturbing as fuck

No. 203136

what country you from anon

No. 203154

File: 1503621176382.jpg (181.92 KB, 1119x831, Pillsbury Pumpkin Shape Cookie…)

I feel this
I prefer the cookie dough, when I did get a package id probably eat more cookie dough than I ate the baked cookies, but I loved the smell of it baking in the oven and curling up, watching some halloween movies and eating these

No. 203155

Yup same. I also really liked slicing the roll into discs of various thicknesses. Actually now that I think about it, I blame these things for why I'm still drawn to those spergy oddly satisfying slicing videos.

No. 203164

Spooky ish experience I had a few years back. I dreamt that me and my late grandmother were having lunch and just chatting. It was all normal up until it suddenly got very dark outside and my grandmother looked quite concerned; I asked what was wrong and she just started screaming "It's an earthquake!! You've got to leave the house". I woke up and went to get some water as I was a bit startled but as soon as I got back to bed everything started shaking!!! I woke my mum up (she has a very deep sleep) and we both went outside. I shit you not this was the scariest thing that happened to me.

No. 203166

File: 1503627756658.jpg (30.22 KB, 1600x674, nightmare2.jpg)

Anyone have any experiences with shadow people? I have my own stories, but like to hear others too.

Something spooky just happened to me today actually. I work at a hotel and was standing in a little lobby area waiting to take the elevator up and saw a large human-shaped shadow cast on the ground in front of me, which quickly walked behind me and disappeared. I thought it might've been a guest, so I turned out to greet them but no one was there.

I keep standing there, waiting for the elevator (it's slow as fuck), and just shrug off seeing the weird shadow when I suddenly feel this rush of cold air blow past me, like someone was walking really fast around me. I turn around again because I'm convinced that it was really a guest this time, but still no one. Our hotel is pretty dead right now because summer is ending, but I still walked around the lobby area and down the hall to see if I just missed someone. Nope, all alone.

I keep trying to come up with rational explanations like an AC vent or something, but can't.

No. 203169

Once I was sleeping one night, I woke up to my dog barking and looked to the foot of my bed and it looked like a 6 foot man in a hoodie, I was assuming it was my dad or something but it just…. faded away

No. 203175

In more than one occasion I have seen a very tall dark figure wearing a ritual robe over my bed, I try not to look but I can see it out of the corner of my eye.

I've had a lot of hyper realistic dreams with figures like that as well, it freaks me the hell out.

No. 203217

idk if it's really shadow people but I constantly see figures and shapes out of the corner of my eye. Usually black, sometimes white. Sometimes more formed sometimes more blobby, but it's a daily occurrence that has happened my whole life. I don't think much of it, but sometimes I wonder if I'm 1) crazy/going crazy or 2) it's just some shadow people. In reality its probably just tricks of the light but still interesting.

No. 203227


i've had shit like "premonition" dreams of a few family friends that have died. really thought nothing of it just terrible coincidences but quite recently had a dream revolving around my aunts unborn baby, that someone was holding her but the person was glowing. ended up telling my aunt about it saying how it felt like in the dream at least her baby was not alive/she has to be extra careful with her pregnancy. she wasn't careful did bad stuff and her baby paid for it, the baby has multiple disabilities but thats not the freaky part, when he was being birthed the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and for a solid minute or so apparently he was dead, thank god the midwife saved him. my aunt told me that he was cradled the exact same way as in my dream and now she believes i have some gift from god, honestly i still think it's just really bad coincidences/intricate similarities and i'm trying lots of different forms of meditation to try to stop dreaming like it.

also anon i am now obsessed with brittyy44, she is amazing thank you.

No. 203270

i get the dark figure stuff too when i get sleep paralysis

No. 203370

I'm the anon from this post and it FUCKING HAPPENED AGAIN but it was different this time
I woke up at 3:30 sharp and heard the little girl again, i ignored it then it kept getting louder and louder and i heard crying then my dog got alert and started growling, once i sat up it went away? It was coming from outside though then a few hours later i heard a really light cry like from a puppy come from my living room but it went away

No. 203406

File: 1503773350171.jpg (635.26 KB, 1138x1465, 1498695422281.jpg)

Great thread idea!

I live sort of near to the location of an urban legend about a serial killer escaping an asylum, very stereotypical stuff but I've visited the area at night a couple times and it gave me the creeps. I'm moving to a new city this fall and I'm excited to explore, walk around and find spooky places and see Halloween decorations.

Also posting this in case anyone wants horror recs for fall/Halloween

No. 203434

File: 1503793346136.jpg (30.25 KB, 326x217, BEK12.jpg)

Anyone had a legit experience with black eyed kids? I know there's stories crawling on the internet and videos and whatnot but has an actual person had experiences ?

When I first moved into my new house, a few months after I moved in two little black girls showed up to my door and it was really odd because when I first got there my dad had already answered the door and talking to them and everything so I asked whats up and my dad said they got lost walking and wanted to call their mom, I didn't get a good look at their eyes but my dad handled it and I walked away then a few days after the usual ghostly type stuff started happening like footsteps, random cold spots, feeling of being watched , etc

No. 203635

has there been any deaths around your area or in your house? or have you ever been dealing with paranormal experiences before?

try getting a camera and setting it about around the times it happens and look at the footage in the morning, especially if it happens so frequently, keep in mind there are certain animals who's noises sound like someone crying or screaming

No. 203666

>waking up at 3:30
is there anything creepy related to this? I used to wake up at that specific time very often a few years ago.

I really liked the number 3 (and I've always been pretty good at "programming" myself to wake up at certain times) so I assumed it was just my subconscious excited about that particular hour

No. 203676


lmao, them quads aren't helping you seem less evil either, guess you're the anti christ now jk

but people say 3 am is when the most paranormal activity happens and it makes an inverted cross on a clock, there are also different times like 3 AM, 3:30 AM, and 3:33 AM that people all have their own saying about

some paranormal based youtubers will do 3 AM challenges where they walk through graveyards or some shit and try to find paranormal activity

No. 203683

File: 1503973839830.jpg (11.34 KB, 400x221, Fire_Elemental.jpg)

when I was 13/14 I always used to walk my dog late at night. we lived in a european city at the very suburbian area. So suburbian that a 5-10 minute walk from our home and you were on a road with fields of wheat/corn and other stuff on one side and paddocks on the other. there would be 3-4 houses isolated at the middle of the long road that led right into wildlife sanctuary. Because it was so far isolated the street didnt have street lamps all the way through. halfway through the second paddock they stopped and it was complete darkness. Somehow I didnt care too much back then.

One late evening I was again out with the dog (a mini border collie), I was just underneath the second to last street lamp before there was a huge part without lamps and nearly complete darkness, then, far beyond, the isolated houses and then again darkness.

While walking there calmly out of a sudden I saw something in the corner of my eye. I was walking along the street and it was right next to me, but only for a split second. Now I know the mind can play you hard. But what scared the shit out of me after the first startle, was that I was frightened immediately. As when you hear a sudden noise and you cant avoid to flinch. The worst thing is that it looked like a human sprinting past me. But in the corner of my eye it looked like it was made out of fire. Not blazing and flaring fire, just fire, image exemplary. And I flinched hard in the same moment. First I thought a jogger went past me, because it looked like a sprinting person. But I was completely alone on the street, there was not one single soul beyond or past me.

It freaked me out so much, that after a few seconds of contemplating, I turned around and went straight home.

Back then I thought it might have been a guardian angel, I was annoyingly spiritual and religious. Nowadays I rather think I might have seen car lights of a turning car behind the paddock that I went by, although there was not even the sound of a car in the far. Since later that spot became sadly popular because a child was abducted there and another women was raped, I want to believe it was no mystical creature, but idk, maybe I heard a weird sound of someone who was in the shrubbery at the site of the road and my brain processed it weirdly together with the flicker of the street lamp, maybe even one of those old mobile phones and he tried to take a picture, before raping me and what I saw was the flash that went off accidentally. Since there were a lot of hiding spots at that street this doesnt strike me as too absurd.

Idk. Point is, I still have this image in my head of the moment I saw it. It's there like a flashbulb memory. A flashbulb memory is a memory that is especially vivid because of the emotional arousal going with it. The most common flashbulb memory is how one heard from 9/11. Everyone knows. And un my memory I can still see this humanoid fire thing there next to me.

I developed fear of the dark following that event and never again went out after sunset.

No. 203840

I have quite a few!

I was around 10 and I was quite used to be home alone. This time was very different because my sister put all of her creepy ass porcelain dolls in boxes to trhow away/donate or something and they were placed near the staircase. I was alone, and having a good time downstairs in the "computer room" when all of a sudden I started feeling uneasy. I stopped playing in the computer and i swear I heard a girl's laughter coming from inside the house. i was terrified, and associated the noise with the creepy dolls which didn't help much. So I grabbed the phone and called my mom just to hear her voice; I sprinted upstairs with the phone on my hand and locked myself in my room, turned the tv and watched some spongebob to forget. Idk man, I was 10, and probably imagined the whole thing but it was still creepy.

The other story is even weirder:
So I was around 14 this time, and I was surprisingly home alone again. It was around 12:00pm and I was still in bed, very comfortably in my uderwear. I suddenly hear my mom and my grandma coming back with groceries.
They were having trouble unlocking the door so my mom was calling for me to help her unlock it. I may sound like a little shit, but since I heard my grandma, I didn't want to open the door while in my underwear, and I was too lazy to put some pants on, so I ignored my mom pretending I was still sleeping. Then, somehow the door got unlocked. I didn't think of it much until my mom came upstairs to say hi. She said "thanks for opening the door, I couldn't find the keys" and I was freaked out. I told her I didn't leave my bed and that freaked HER out because she swore she saw me running upstairs after opening it. Also, my grandma was not with her, she was by herself. Idk… I cannot understand how that happened, we both were scared for a while after that but at least the ghost wasn't a little shit like me.

No. 203891

I don't know how I feel about BEK.

My family went on a road trip to Illinois about four years ago and we stayed the night at a shit motel. I heard knocking at the door and children's laughter while I was texting my friend about being paranoid. Probably a coincidence, but it scared the shit out of me.

No. 203894

File: 1504121544698.jpg (90.4 KB, 736x1003, 00e25702b5f52a95717a5ba91ff338…)

Okay, so I have quite a series of paranormal activity throughout my life so far, most of them are completely unexplainable, but here goes;

>first paranormal experience takes place around 2006

>was young, just moved from one side of australia to the other
>oldest child in house, no friends new area and school
>unpacked, everything was quiet

Now this house was brand new, had never been lived in before, and we were the first tenants (we were renting at the time) so nobody had died there, and as far as I know no native aboriginals had lived in this area but who knows, anyway;

>fast-forward 3 months or so

> had met next door neighbours daughter
>1 yr younger but only child who lived near me
>hit it off, soon become bffs
>we often go to each others houses (hers was the exact carbon copy of mine, in fact the whole street was)
>one day she came to mine
>was around 10 am
>parents and siblings gone to bbq, home alone with friend
>decide to do some spooky shit "for shits and giggles"
>enters parents closet
>closet is walk-in, could almost fit a whole bed inside
>we close door, lights off and sit down facing eachother
>at the time I had no idea I was a sensitive, so this was a stupid idea
>we begin by holding hands
>asking random shit, basic "is there anybody here?" and the like
>nothing answers
>fast-forward about 15 mins
>nothing had happened, friend was bored, wanted to go eat
>convinced her to stay for 15 more mins, if nothing happened we'd call it quits
>decides to ask the same question again, but with a means of anything there to answer
>e.g "if there's anybody here, we invite you to talk, tap once for yes and twice for no"
>waits in silence for about 30 secs more before a clear knock was heard
>asked friend if she accidentally banged the wall
>unlikely because of the size and because we were in the middle
>she says no
>weirded out, but we continue, more intrigued now than ever
>fast-forward another couple mins or so, with us asking various q's and getting the same series of knocks in response
>remember we're both holding hands, so we know it isn't one of us
>series of knocks turn into scratching
>start to think that's weird, maybe a rat or some pest
>knocking and scratching dies down
>place goes dead cold
>like 15 degrees in the closet, 35 degrees out of the closet
>not just a draft, not even possible
>consider possibilities
>friend is heavily religious, is freaking out, wants us to leave
>try to calm her down
>manage to after some time, brushing off experiences
>we continue
>this time accompanying the knocks was what I can only call a disembodied semi-human growl. like a mix of a dog, pig and human coming from behind the clothes
>try to play it off, but getting scared myself
>friend suddenly freaks
>ask her whats wrong
>says something touched her leg, a hand
>asks if it was me
>lies and says yes to keep her in the room with me
>getting really scared
>suddenly feels the same hand that she described on my back
>cold, ice cold and big, like too big to be human
>oh fuck,jpg
>runs out of room together screaming mothers name
>reuse to go back in closet or room for rest of day

this is the worst part of this experience;

>the day after

>friend doesn't want to return, out with family
>brings mother to check out closet
>to un-scare me (as if)
>turns light on, opens door
>at first, nothing
>still cold asf
>looks around, sees nothing
>decide to look up bc knocking and scratching had gone up there too
>uh oh
>there was already a opening to the attic, and it was closed and nobody had ever been there at all, and there was nothing there when we moved in
>saw scratch marks and bite marks all over the hatch and the lid
>points out to mother
>explains some bs reason like rats or w/e despite us never having rats
>marks clearly too big to be from any animal or pest i could think of
>bite marks looked human, weird
>sucks it up and agrees with mum
>never forgets

This was just the first of many, many experiences that followed suit from this one little thing me and a friend did.

I am 99% sure we (more specifically, I, a sensitive) opened a portal in that closet, because everything started after that.

And even when we moved, over 3 or 4 times.

Shit even happens now. but unrelated to house, just because of me being a sensitive.

If you want to hear more of those experiences, let me know, i've got plenty.

No. 203895

That's terrifying Anon! Please share more of your experiences, my grandmother was highly sensitive as well so seeing this is interesting.

No. 203896

sounds like a creepypasta but still would like to read more, even if it's baloney. Please share

No. 203899

File: 1504125385593.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, zombie-shadow-glass-scary-the-…)

It sure was (and is), but no other experience i've ever had will be as stuck in my brain as the first!
And yes, being a sensitive is both a blessing and a curse, on one hand I can see a side of the world that no one else can, I can help people and myself, and understand more about this other world around me, and then there's the bad, which is instances like I have previously stated, where i'm easier to take advantage of, and posess or get attatched to, due to this sensitiveness, not to mention I can accidentally "summon" or more specifically, welcome, things into my life by mistake, and I, as a psycho-kinetic sensitive, can create different energy depending on my emotions and can attract the wrong kind of attention because of it!

Haha, it honestly felt so at the time, and listening back to it and relaying it myself feels more like a storytelling, and I can neither prove or disprove what happened, but I can explain and let other theorize.

Here's another experience I had in that house;
>alone in house, couple months after first happening
>watching tv, parents again at a bbq
>this time i'm sick so didn't want to go
>anyway, minding my own business
>only lounge and kitchen light on
>kitchen, dining, lounge and game room were all connected in the same open area
>back of room in between kitchen, diner and loune and games room was a glass door and a fly door (screen door)
>is actually the back of the house and leads to the garage and the patio, but we use it as a front door as front door leads to backyard and park
>weird backwards house I know
>anyway, both doors are closed and locked, as is the screen door
>minding my own business
>room gets cold
>goosebumps appear
>been happening for a while now, used to it
>but still alert, know somethings not right
>continue to watch tv
>sudden bang heard on glass door
>jumps up, runs to glass door and turns light for outside
>sees wooden gate for patio (leads to street) is closed and locket too
>nothing there
>goes to front door to check if anything is there
>front gate is closed and locked too
>very worried, could be intruder but probably animal
>weary, but go pack to spot
>more tv watching
>fast-forward an hour or so
>hears bang again
>bang is super loud this time, louder than before
>like someone threw their entire weight onto the door
>this time gets up again
>tip-toes to the door cautiously
>no weapons in sight so hopes not intruder
>peeks out behind the blinds
>nothing again
>by this point i'm shitting myself, parents and family won't be home for quite a few hours more
>decide to turn all lights downstairs on for security but also because i'm a huge pussy
>stands behind sofa just in case it happens again, so I can see it happen
>fast-forward a couple mins
>nothing happens and legs getting tired
>think about sitting back down, starting to calm down now
>suddenly, entire power goes out
>remember, brand new house, perfectly new fuse box (my dad checked it when we moved in, even had guys over to check, etc)
>standing there, pitch blackness
>runs to window to see if neighbors lights are out too, because it it's a power outage or not
>nope, their lights are on
>super worried now
>suddenly hears shuffling?? almost like walking but like dragging your feet
>coming from the glass door towards me
>still pitch black, shitting self once more
>doesn't want to go outside without shoes
>because during summer we get cane toads, and they're highly poisonous if stepped on barefoot
>heaps on our grass
>try to find shoes
>realize they're upstairs
>noise coming closer
>piss bolts it out of the front door (the one towards the park)
>runs all the way through the park, around our house and to the front of our house
>carefully because of the toads
>eventually gets to fuse box okay
>tries to get lights on
>doesn't work, nothing appears out of place as far as I could tell
>stuck outside, refuse to go in
>freezing cold (in summer in australia, when it's night time its FREEZING)
>in pj's. sick
>nobody around
>neighbors (the one that had my friend) were on holiday in Sydney at the time
>has to wait for parents to get home
>fast forward like 4 hours
>by this point i'm nearly asleep outside
>I hear parents car driving down the gravel road
>by the time they get out and ask what happened, i'm too tired and cold, so I just brush it off once more as a blown fuse or something
>weirdly enough, when they go inside, the lights are on and working fine
>fuse box has nothing wrong
>refuse to tell parents what really happened because they wouldn't believe me even if I explained
>never forgets

Never did find out what it was, but our lights did go out like that randomly every now and again, in fact it was only our house, which was weird because the whole street as I said before was carbon copy, and built at the same time, yet theirs had no problems. We got people out to check it and they said nothing was wrong with it. My parents put it down to something electrical in the house tripping it, like the kettle or something, but I don't believe it for a second as I never touched the appliances in question that night, or most other times it happened.

Will post more soon, keep watch.

No. 203902

File: 1504127179900.jpg (23.99 KB, 500x361, 876876.jpg)

this anon again, I wanted to add that at this same house I used to hear sounds in my closet (there was a trapdoor in the floor in my closet that led down under the house, I think it was kind of like a basement/boiler room, and I was forbidden to open it). I didn't mention that in my first post because I didn't think it was significant, but I just learned something kind of creepy from my mom while we were reminiscing about that house.

I remember one particular time I was so scared by my closet that I ran from my room. It was nothing that terrifying, basically I was staring at my closet, unable to sleep, when I heard a quiet thump from inside – quiet enough that it could have just been "house noises", but nevertheless I ran from my room to get my mom. My mom was so annoyed, partially because I'd woken her up in the middle of the night and partially because she hated seeing me so scared, that she marched right into my room and checked my closet. I figured at the time that she just looked inside, but she told me today that she actually tried to open the trapdoor, and not only was she unable to, she actually felt tension as though something was pulling back from the other side. Workers/plumbers had definitely accessed that room before so it was definitely not stuck closed.

That was creepy on its own, but then she said that years before that, the night we first moved into that house, she had a dream that she opened the trap door in my closet, went into the basement, and found a dead person laying on a mattress there. I don't believe in omens or prophetic dreams or anything but the fact that I've only ever had creepy things happen to me in that house is just…ech.

No. 203905

File: 1504127887164.jpg (8 MB, 3156x4734, 1a16e4507d69c0a03c4d2fb068ad13…)

Said i'd post again, so why not now?
So another couple of experiences i'll bundle into one as they were rather minor.

First experience;
>just finished going to the bathroom downstairs
>walked out of toilet past long bathroom mirror and sink
>washed hands
>never liked mirrors, had phobia since young, young child
>refuse to look at reflection
>finished washing hands
>walks away, notices reflection is moving slower than it should
>ignores until I get to end of mirror
>decides to look back to mirror as exiting to hallway because
>reflection is still there, this time facing me
>reflection smiles
>runs to hallway too fast, bumps shoulder on metal doorframe

Had to go to school the next day with a singlet because of our sports uniform, so showed bruise and told my friends at school, they were shocked too. Teacher saw bruise and asked where it came from, had to lie and say I fell over haha.

Another experience;
>was going to sleep on parents bed with siblings
>this was a year or two after we had moved in to our house by this point
>all siblings had experiences, all too scared to sleep alone
>parents sleep separately in rooms because of us
>dad is on couch asleep watching tv
>mum is asleep in my room downstairs
>can't sleep, bad feeling from closet
>always cold in that room, we know why
>tries to sleep
>annoyed because I need to et up early for school the next day, I turned over to face the left side of the bed (actually the right because I was sleeping at the bottom of the bed)
>still trying to sleep, eyes closed
>bed starts to jolt
>what the fuck
>confused, wide awake but eyes closed
>too scared to open them
>eventually has courage to open eyes
>sees the bed jolting, shaking my younger brother on the other side of the bed
>it's as if someone went under the bed and lifted it up with their head, completely mad
>scared out of my mind, scared stiff, can't move
>watches it move closer to me
>uh oh
>now i'm fully paralyzed with fear, watching as it passes me brother, to me, and under me
>feels the jolts
>don't know what to think
>tries to move
>closes eyes
>isn't religious but at this point I prayed for it to stop
>it didn't
>defies fear and opens eyes
>sees hand coming out from under the bed
>hand was pure white, wrinkly and fingers were long, like extremely long
>not normal
>at all
>huge as well, like much larger than my entire face big
>what do I even do
>try to move
>paralyzed still
>hand grabs my leg
>sharp pain
>suddenly passes out
>wakes up next day as if nothing happened
>didn't notice anything, went to school
>one of my school friends pointed out to me that I had a large scar across my leg (where the hand had been)
>freaking out
>played it off as a scratch I got from some plants
>friends didn't buy but didn't press any further

another experience;
>me and mum home alone
>i'm downstairs watching tv, mum upstairs sleeping
>by the front door (to the park) there's a desk with a mirror
>all of my old china dolls and my mums china dolls we received over the years from my grandparents sit on the table
>they freak me out because dolls are scary
>didn't want to be rude to grandparents and throw them out because they were pretty
>kept them, just out of room
>lied and said it was to keep them safe
>anyway, was watching tv
>suddenly hears crash
>looks for source
>figures dolls
>because they've moved before
>runs out
>through hallway towards door and dolls
>on floor is my favourite doll
>just received a couple weeks ago from grandparents
>two other dolls are on floor, one is standing at the edge nearly falling off
>call for mum
>comes down and sees mess
>asks what happened
>tells her truth
>doesn't believe me
>blames me
>we pick the pieces up and restore the other dolls

That was the last doll I ever received as the antique store my grandparents bought it from went out of business sadly, so I never did get that doll again. But also thankfully I didn't get anymore because they're scary af!

I have a few to do with them too, will post separate.

No. 203910

File: 1504130281616.jpg (117.83 KB, 500x339, tumblr_nvjjy9tw5k1uhvvdko1_r1_…)

Right, so I said i'd talk about the "shadow people" experiences i've had, and as far as they go, they're the WORST.

So i've had 3 separate main experiences with them (this does not include seeing them or my sleep paralysis instances).

experience 1;
>this is technically part of my sleep paralysis, but it was more than normal
>so during a sleep paralysis episode
>i'm lying down wherever I fell asleep
>brain is completely awake and functional
>can see and hear and remember everything that happens
>shadow man
>lets call him MR
>so MR is like 8-9 ft tall
>can change size, but prefers to be big and to hover over me
>negative energy, exceptionally manipulative
>pitch black, smoke around him, slightly see-through at the bottom of his "shape" (no feet)
>can smile and does in certain instances, smile is just white light, horrifying
>eyes are red, sometimes white
>depends on his mood, if he's stronger he is red eyed
>was having episode of sleep paralysis
>used to it so just waits for it to be over with
>he's standing over me, red eyes this time (usually they're always white)
>had never seen him with red eyes before
>watches him watching me
>he smiles
>that smile
>suddenly notices another shadow creature
>then another
>two behind him
>both look like him but smaller
>like 6 ft
>anyways they're standing there
>then I hear one say something
>now they don't speak
>they telepathically talk to you via your mind
>you just hear the words in your head voice
>the one on the lefts says
>"don't worry, he's not going to hurt you"
>was confused but also slightly relieved
>thought it might be a relative that had died recently, but human spirits do not look like that
>weary because shadow figures are very manipulative and fake being other things to gain your trust
>looked back towards the red eyed MR
>he's closer now
>like really close
>looks back to other two creatures
>they're smiling now
>i hear them laughing
>oh no
>i pass out
>i get woken up by my mother the next day (at like 3 am)
> i'm trying to open up the glass door on my parents balcony in my parents room (which has that damn closet)
> when she asked me what I was doing, I replied
>"i've got to go outside, I must be with him"
>she asked "be with who?"
>i responded "him" and then I managed to unlock the door
>mother stops me
>i then said to her "let me go, I must jump"
>she was very worried after that
>she shook me, telling me "what the fuck do you think you're doing?!"
>i then wake up
>mum tells me what happened
>doesn't believe her at first
>remembers last night]>goes silent, stunned
>she asks whats wrong
>say nothing, goes about my day

Now every now and again I get sleep paralysis I can also sleepwalk, possessed by these things.

experience 2;
>older male cousin and younger female cousin staying at my house
>we were playing in my room
>pretending to be ghost hunters (I know, bad idea)
>lights flicker
>knocking, etc, weird shit same as first ever experience
>cousins freaking out, older male cousin tries to calm us down, being 18 and all
>he goes out to get a drink from the kitchen
>comes back and we continue
>things get more intense, hear scratching and outside in the kitchen, go down to the hallway and to the front door with the dolls
>he's now visibly shaken
>little brother comes down from sleeping upstairs
>everyone else is asleep upstairs
>he's crying
>he's only like 2 and he's autistic so he can sense and see them too, as mentally handicapped people are sensitives usually
>anywho he is crying, don't know why
>can't talk yet so babbles
>older cousin is his favourite so he goes to him
>picks him up and takes him to hallway to get a drink
>turns round, brother in his arms, me and younger female cousin coming out of my room, frightened
>he's telling me to take me and my cousin upstairs
>as he's saying this
>brother momentarily stops crying
>is looking behind my cousin
>i'm looking at my cousin
>then to my brother
>then to where my brother is gazing
>sees MR walk behind my older cousin
>he stops
>grows taller
>then wales to the other side (back towards the kitchen) and disappears
>look to younger female cousin to see if she witnessed it
>doesn't want to tell her to scare her
>keeps quiet
>nobody but me and brother saw it
>brother refused to go in kitchen with older cousin
>we go upstairs and try to forget what happened

and 3rd experience;
>same older male cousin is sleeping over
>downstairs on sofabed in lounge
>i'm upstairs asleep
>same sleep paralysis bs as normal
>used to it by now
>has an unusual dream
>being chased in house, trying to get out
>dream feels awfully real
>chased by these shadow creatures
>upstairs trying to go down
>tries all windows and doors
>locked, can't open
>freaking out
>runs down hallway
>more of the shadow people appearing from everywhere
>runs to glass door
>tries to open
>also locked
>turns around
>is surrounded by shadow creatures
>oh fuck
>suddenly they part in the middle
>revealing MR
>he has red eyes again
>he shuffles/glides towards me
>he's talking about how he's going to take my life, take me, he owns me (my soul??) etc
>ignoring him, trying to open glass door
>suddenly everything is black
>wakes up
>i'm at back door (towards garage)
> hands on glass door handle
>older cousin is up too
>tells me he just woke up
>says he had a strange dream
>relays dream to me
>is similar to mine
>but instead he witnessed me being surrounded bu these creatures
>I tell him about my dream
>it's like 3 am again
>we stay up watching tv trying to understand wtf just happened

These are just the major experiences, I still deal with MR now, he's attached to me I believe, but he's exceptionally weak since I moved to the UK, so he's slowly draining me again, I don't feel right asking for, and I wouldn't be accepted as i'm not religious, nor do I believe wholeheartedly in exorcisms. I'm just taking this day by day at the moment.

Being a sensitive isn't all butterflies and rainbows, yes it's cool that you van sometimes see and communicate with the dead, but it is also a pain and a curse.

I do have even more experiences, but I don't want to clog the discussions, so i'll wait a while. before posting again.

No. 203918

That was the first nightmind video i watched! fucked me up real bad even though its fake…

No. 203954

I used to see a shadowman in the house I lived in a couple years ago. The kitchen had a bar on one side, so there was a window into the living room there, and the couch was on the opposite wall, facing the bar. I worked retail and had irregular hours, so I would often be grabbing something to eat between 2-4 in the morning.
He wasn't always there, but when he was he always had his legs crossed, one ankle resting on the opposite knee like how men usually do, and his arm stretched out across the back of the couch. Even though the bright light in the kitchen made the living room more difficult to see into, you could still see him because not only was he darker than all the darkness around him, like he absorbed light, but the couch was leather, so it reflected a bit of light, and you could see exactly where he was sitting, staring right into the kitchen through that bar window.

No. 203992

File: 1504999832818.jpg (73.57 KB, 740x555, lg_407835-MyrtlesPlantation_ch…)

I'm planning on going to some haunted houses for the fall, but they're so expensive, here it's the myrtles plantation, ive been there before and had some ghost experiences there, whats a good spooky activity to do around halloween that doesn't involve ouija boards anons? I've been considering getting a emf meter too

No. 203999

personally I like to visit cemeteries, especially at night, you are bound to get some results there (with that many dead in one area)

went to one of the most famous cemeteries in the world last year (highgate cemetery if anyone's interested) and got an amazing photo of a full apparition, as well as many orbs, will upload photo if I find my old camera

No. 204000

File: 1505003464917.jpg (380.71 KB, 600x398, Marie-Laveau-Shop1.jpg)

that's a good idea anon, I always considered an abandoned house though, a cemetery just seems so basic, I live in new orleans, where marie laveau was buried, I always considered going there, and there's a lot of voodoo, witch stores around, but despite popular belief, you can't really experience much communication with dead in voodoo unless of course you're high level

I have gotten pictures such as security camera apparitions of an old asian woman walking down my hallway, and when I went to myrtles my dad took a pic and there was a woman crying in the window, I wish I still had the picture tbh, but if I ever get a picture of the paranormal again I will post it

No. 204005

i honestly have no explanation for this and i feel so stupid when i talk about it

but basically when i was little i was outside with my mom and we decided to play peakaboo around this locked shed/single garage (sorry idk how to explain it in english)
so basically i would go to one side and she'd be there and the other and she'd be there and it was all fun until at one point no matter what side i went on she wasn't there? i went all around that shed/single garage and she wasn't there but there was no way for her to leave without me seeing her bc she would have to get around me or hearing her due to all the rocks and grit on the ground?

i started crying and i moved as far away as possible from that shed to see if she was still there but somehow i missed her and then all of a sudden she's by my side laughing as if nothing happened and asking what's wrong

i thought maybe my mom was fucking with me but she's bad at that stuff like she's very loud and as i said she wouldn't be able to hide anywhere since i'd see her. to this day she says she was still there but i just 'didn't see' her somehow

No. 204009

your mom is either a ghost or a damn master at peekaboo

No. 204016

File: 1505027499935.jpg (377.51 KB, 1024x683, tumblr_ogi17sW3H21s1vn29o1_128…)

yeah, it is rather cliché, but still great for cheap, easy thrills

but that sounds pretty rad tbh, i've always wanted to go to New Orleans for those exact reasons!

and if you do find anymore paranormal pics, you should definitely post, i'd love to see them

No. 204036


How old are u anon? Supposedly poltergeists thrive around teenagers.

No. 204037


Maybe it was your mother trying to comfort you! Hugs, anon <3

No. 204038

Anyone listen to The Last Podcast on the Left? They had a really good two-parter about the Enfield Poltergeist.

No. 204042



maybe that wasn't ur actual mom

No. 204048

I believe I was 16-17. I don't remember when exactly it all ended though. Maybe I got too old for him, lol

No. 204098

Fuck, yes it was so funny when they started joking about it being a "poopergeist" and when they made fun of the mom

No. 204202

something is so comforting to me about curling up in a blanket with some snacks and drinks and watching stuff like "5 walmart horror stories" or "7 horrifying camping stories"

No. 204254

File: 1505247758319.gif (1.34 MB, 354x200, 5C9FD0EA-8DC0-4B95-8912-6A6D14…)

Yay paranormal thread. It's kind of a thing in my family that the females on my moms side are sensitive as hell. It's strange how Jesus centric everyone is but they still get communication with the dead from time to time? I think I've actively blocked a lot of that side of me because of all the horror stories my mother would tell me about the house she grew up in. There are lots of spoopy stories I could tell if people want to hear but for now I'll just share the time I was super sensitive.

>be 15-16

>at the house my mother grew up in visiting family
>talking to my cousin who's like a brother to me
>we've been talking for at least an hour now
>suddenly heart feels very heavy and I feel super sad to the point of wanting to cry
>"hey cousin, I'm super freaking sad and I want to cry, did something happen?"
>"…everything is alright, we're fine. I'll tell you in the morning"
>finish talking with him, say goodnight to family, head to bed
>wake up next morning to the wails of my aunt
>stumble sleepily into the room my mom was staying in and ask what's happening
>shes teary eyed and says their dad died last night
>mfw I sensed my maternal grandfathers passing over 2000 miles away

No. 204261

No. 204817

I used to live in what used to be a mortuary when I was a teenager. Someone killed themselves in the loft 50 years prior too. (Confirmed by the historical society) We would always hear talking upstairs, have doors pop open and something would touch my face when I was trying to sleep. It ended up being kind of funny though, me and my dad would yell "knock it off!" And the talking would stop or doors would stop opening.

There was also a room in the basement with fruit painted on the ceiling where the door wouldn't open on the first try and you'd hear something scrabbling behind the door and into the ceiling before it would finally be able to be opened. We joked about it being soot sprites like on Totoro.

My bedroom also had a sloped floor and a sink on the wall.

No. 204822

that sounds spooky but also kind of rad lol. I don't think I'd be too scared of ghosts if I was used to them and they weren't malicious.

No. 204827


Sounds awesome and terrifying. Did you ever see anything weird? Have you encountered ghosts after you moved?

No. 204881

does any of you anons practise magic?

I've done a healing spell once and accidentally prolonged someone's suffering. I mean, of course there's a big possibility there was no link between what happened at all. I stopped playing with spells because of it, though.

I do sigils - and I think I can sense if the thing I wish for will come true after the sigil is done. A feeling of uneasiness and the sigil looking uneven, crooked etc, and then I'm sure it won't help, nothing can be done about the thing. Sometimes I think my sigils have no power at all and just some hidden divination talents are showing in me through them. I'm a bit reluctant to use tarot though, someone once told me it's like opening the gates… it affects you. So I waver.

No. 204913

yeah, I have my fair share of spells that worked, I try not to use it too much and def wanna practice magic more but I think the worst that happened was I wanted to try a death spell, on my ex, just to see if it will work, 1 yr later, or at least I think it was that time, he died, while this could have been a coincidence, it always just leaves me wondering, I do want to practice more spells though, I have a spell book and crystal ball, the most that I see in the crystal ball though is specs of color which the crystal ball guide just says small insights about my own life "IE blue means you're healing, red means you're mad, etc)

Has anything you casted worked anon? my cousin reads auras well, he told me mine is green, which when looking at green it is pretty accurate for me

No. 205004

how do you charge your sigils?

No. 205031


So uh, how does it feel like to kill someone (with magic)?

No. 205151

File: 1505992096648.jpg (3.51 MB, 4656x2620, 20170904_202124.jpg)

Once you get used to it, it's not scary anymore. Oddly though I have never seen anything more than shadows, lots of things moved though. (Doors popping open, heavy things knocked off the wall, cupboards opened with dishes out and broken)

Ghosts are just kind of a normal thing in my paternal family so I'm not sure if anything has ever followed me from one house to the next, though my current apartment is empty unless my upstairs neighbor isn't as loud or clumsy as I've thought.

Most haunted was definitely the mortuary with at least one incidence per week, followed by the 324th trs barracks at Lackland AFB. There was also weird goings on at the house my parents built in the middle of nowhere but I think that was something wild and not a ghost. Pretty much everything I've mentioned has been witnessed by at least one or two other people so I don't think I'm just crazy.

I'm moving into a 102 year old house soon so it should be interesting. My husband's grandfather died in the living room so hopefully his ass isn't haunting it. Pic related is a lock on the outside of the door of a children's bedroom in the basement. There's children's drawings on the wall in the actual room itself.

No. 205346

Serves him right

I've had three spooky experiences.
1. A few years ago I was invited to a friends sleepover party. Everyone was sleeping but I wasn't able to. I looked at the wall and there was a shadow of a man with a hat. I looked at it and it continued to look at me(I could see eyes but its head was turned to my direction). This scared me and I hid under the blanket and waited until the others woke up. Few hours later my friend woke up and it was still dark in the room and the shadow was still there. I asked friend if she could see it and she couldn't. She wanted too turn on the lights and as she was walking to the switch on button I could see the shadow wander and go behind her closet. She turned on the light and the shadow wasn't there. Nothing spooky happened after that. I brushed it off as the lack of sleep playing tricks on my mind.

2. I was alone in my room studying. At that time I was afraid of being alone in my room and I had this idea. I closed my eyes and concentrated very strongly on words like "God I always with me" "god protects me" etc. When I opened my eyes I noticed something on the right side. I looked at my TV and there were colorful lights on it. I swear to god I saw light blue and light green and similar colours. It weirded me out because the TV wasn't even switched on. I didn't have a negative feeling but I knew this wasn't normal so I ran out of my room. A few hours later I went inside my room again and it was gone. Nothing like that happen again. Noone believes me but I can't blame them because I have a hard time understanding what happened, too.

3. A few years ago I had a nightmare and woke up. I looked at the door and there was a grey shadow or something. It was pushing the door open and closed as if it was teasing me. I could even hear the squeaky sounds the door makes when it opens and closes. I was never this scared in my life and couldn't or didn't want to move. I was still a bit sleepy so I managed to tell myself that it was a balloon or something my brother bought and went asleep again. The next morning everything was normal and nothing like that happened again and I hope it stays this way.
Sorry if my English is a bit shitty here and there I am still learning.

No. 205348

Oops sorry for double posting I meant I couldn't see its eyes

No. 205629

File: 1506366364054.jpeg (2.32 KB, 300x168, 8CAB4AFA-CA8C-44FC-A270-DB17A2…)

Yes! Someone else who has seen the hat man! As a kid my dreams were about 70/30 good and bad dreams (as an adult about 95% are good dreams) but nothing too startling to remember my whole life…except the hat man. From what I've read most people see him in sleep paralysis/waking hours but I definitely was in a dream…

I couldn't have been older than 11, possibly even 9. I remember I opened my eyes and everything was black/white/grey. That's how I knew later it was a dream. I looked around the left side of my room a bit, blinking and confused. Here's a little more info to flesh out the scene; at the time my room was a rectangle, probably 9 feet by 7 feet. On the far side was my closet and door, with my bed pushed against the wall longways facing the door. My headboard rested beneath a window on the opposite side of the room facing the door. The full moon was shining through the window behind my head illuminating my room so I could see my dresser to my left, my toys and things scattered as they usually were, and turning my head more straight forward my closet was closed. I finally rested my eyes on the door and could see it was wide open. In my house there was a long hallway that leads straight to my door; the moonlight reached out past my doorway but not enough to illuminate the entire hall. I stared inquisitively at the darkness before me before going cold as I watched a shadowy figure emerge. It was a tall medium build man, wearing a fedora and a long trench coat. He slowly made his way toward my bedroom. The only thing I could hear was static and the sound of my breathing, his steps were completely silent. I was waiting for my parents to notice an intruder in the house, but everything was completely quiet aside from the buzz in my ears. With each of his steps I pulled the blanket more and more over my face and slid lower and lower back down into a lying position. He slowly strode toward my room and stopped at the doorway. I held my breath. I was mortified. My eyes followed him as he made his way closer to my bedside, and I was at the point where only my eyes were peering out beneath my blanket. I realized that even though the moon was illumating the room, there was no light where he stood, and he did not cast a shadow. You couldn't see through him, he was pitch black. He finally stopped next to my head and tilted his head to look down on me. Featureless. My body was numb. Then he proceeded to fold down from the waist, slowly moving his face closer to down to mine to look me in the eyes until he was an inch away from my nose…I sat straight up in bed and screamed louder than I had ever screamed in my life. I swear in that split second before my face would be enveloped by his he flashed a would be smile. A white, wide crescent slit across that black mask of a face.

No. 206606

Then we have seen the exact same creature. I must have been 13 at that time. When I saw him he was also wearing a Fedora and a coat. There's definitely something to this if so many people have seen him. If I had been you I would have died of a heart attack. What happened afterwards? Did he visit again? I saw the shadow man at the friends house. Her room was basically the basement. A few years after that I remember that she told me that someone was trying to to "voodoo to their house". Buried a dead chicken in their backyard and other creepy stuff.

No. 206627


SCP stuff always gives me a good fucking fright, they work best if you like to read in complete silence, while alone or at least somewhat isolated in your house. try to look for the Keter level ones.

as for weird paranormal experiences, I have a couple. I was about 11 or 12, lying in bed extremely late at night, probably watching tv. i suddenly hear my mom call my name as if she's standing in my room, right next to my bed, but her voice still sounds a little…far away? not really sure how to describe that one. anyway, this is weird for two reasons, one, because it's probably almost 1 or 2 in the morning and no one should be awake, and two, my mom died in a car accident a few days before my 7th birthday. so, nobody should've been calling my name, especially not her lol. really freaked me out at the time honestly, but I know what I heard. I live in the US but I have an extremely weird name, and it was very clearly my name (as opposed to noise on the tv).

the second one is a little more lackluster. I was doing dishes, this was a few years later, I was maybe 15, and I felt something kinda brush against the back of my leg. this wasn't unusual because we had big dogs that would do that exact thing, but neither of them were in the kitchen at the time, they were outside.

these both occurred in the same house, but the last people living their were an elderly couple who moved out. the house was built in 1974, so it's not really old. I haven't had anything creepy happen to me in that house since, so idk.

No. 206644

Apparently this "hat man" is a huge phenomenon. I googled it after I had an experience with "him" myself.

I was on holiday a few years ago and the mosquitos kept waking me up throughout the night. At one point I woke up and looked towards the open door where I had set up a night light (to help guide me to the bathroom at night). A completely black figure passed by the light. He wore a fedora and a long cape/coat. He was darker than black (not even the moonlight cast any light on his features). Even though I couldn't see his face, I knew he was looking at me as he walked. Iremember thinking that he must have broken in to the house and was there to steal us, so he must have been checking to see if I was awake. I'm the kind of person who freezes up when they're scared and for a few minutes I just lay there thinking "Should I scream? Should I get up and see where he went? Should I call the police? Should I pretend to be asleep until he leaves?" When I finally got the courage to leave my room, I just ran straight to my brother's room to wake him and tell him what happened. He walked with me around the house with a hurl in his hand and we found nothing. He went back to sleep and didn't remember anything the next morning.

One of the scariest experiences I've ever had.

No. 206718

Honestly after that I never saw him again from what I can remember. When I woke up screaming from the dream my door was completely shut. I was pretty cautious and hated going to sleep for awhile because my prepubescent religious mind was convinced I was visited by the devil at the time. It's also one of my most amusing memories as well because my bear of a dad came barelling in with extreme bedhead and only tidy whiteys on. Apparently my parents never heard me scream like that before so it really startled them, so he was on auto pilot ready to fight whoever was hurting me despite having barely one eye open.

No. 206726

File: 1506917988189.jpg (21 KB, 236x314, 9de646cfb7de8871058f84e059d4cf…)

Holy shit I'd never heard of the Hat Man phenomenon. I've heard and felt weird things before but the only time I've SEEN something I couldn't explain was when I was at a friend's house at the age of like 7 and we were sitting in the dark watching a movie (only light was the light from the TV) and she got up to go to the bathroom, and while I was alone I saw someone very slowly walk past the living room entrance. It looked like a man, and way too tall to be her grandpa who was the only man in the house at the time. The hat stood out to me and I remember thinking for some reason that he looked just like the man on those Neighborhood Watch signs. It could easily have been a trick of the light + child imagination I suppose but it was still freaky. My family moved to a rodeo town shortly after that and decorations like pic related were all over the place. Nearly had a heart attack every time I saw one, especially driving past a yard that had one at night.

No. 206736

File: 1506928154962.png (86.85 KB, 609x864, lolcowstorydraw.png)

Years ago, while my older brother was away for work, I decided to sleep in his very comfortable bed for the night.
> Rained all afternoon & night; Great sleep weather
> Woke up around 2/3AM to the sounds of someone going through my brother's desktop
> Thought it was my younger brother getting something from the room
> Shifts to the other side of the bed
> Notices someone is still in the room
> Looks up slightly annoyed
> Alien
> Tall, thin, tiny black eyes, carpet like textured skin
> It stood stiffly in front of the bed
> Our eyes locked on each others stare
> Nope.jpg
> Lays back down and tries to go back to sleep
> Sounds of someone inside the closet as if they were looking for something
> Feeling absolutely unbothered and in a trance of tranquility for some odd reason
> Slept like a baby
> Wakes up and realizes I witnessed a other worldly being
Decided to share my story since it might be somewhat spooky to some farmers! * Picture is a rough sketch of what the experience was like.

No. 206771

I had some pretty fucked up experiences. My family home has been haunted ever since we moved in during my highschool years but it escalated for years then finally dwindled.

My first experience was when I was sleeping in my sisters room while my bro was in my parent's room. I was deep asleep only to find him waking me up because he heard me sobbing and crying so much. I was dead asleep and confused so I shrugged it off. Several months later my parents left for Vegas and I was excited to use their room to sleep in. It was only the beginning of the afternoon when I was going to take a nap, and I closed my eyes to begin sleeping. I was about to fall in a deep sleep then I heard this whimpering. A woman's to be exact. I ignored it at first because it was actually really gentle, and it was surprising so I didn't process it fast. I ignored it and thought it was because I was already dreaming. I really didn't know what to do but Lay there confused, but it went on for 5 more minutes then I finally had the courage and energy to open my eyes and look for it. The source of the nose was weird and muffled, not really pin pointed but just hung in the air. I don't know what compelled me to do it, but I started digging through my parents pile of clothes thinking that the source and muffled sounds were under, that it was a toy or a phone emitting the noise. I didn't find anything, the crying still persisted. My instincts finally kicked in realizing that the situation was bizarre af and I left never to go back in there until my parents came back.

That room had really bad vibes, and my grandma has raised blood pressure whenever she even stepped foot in that room and was hospitalized once when she did.

The living room and dining room was also really weird. There was a heavy presence there most of the time, and not anyone would like to be alone there even during the day. It was a really odd feeling, and none of us had to share experiences everyone just knew. My dad was a skeptic, yet he found it pretty eerie just being there alone. At night, we would sometimes hear chairs being pushed in, and almost every night the computer chair would make that squeaky noise like it was being pressed down, then lifted again like someone got off. It became a nightly routine to hear that and it would happen multiple times in succession like someone was bouncing on it. We can also hear random clicks of the keyboard and mouse. It happened so often that my parents thought we were sneaking out going on the pc only to find no one there. My grandma, bro and me shared one room and my sister had a really squeaky and loud door so no one for sure was sneaking out at night. And to make sure, I would open my door to check to see if anyone was outside only to see pitch black and see no one awake. It was hard walking out at night because it felt like there was a lot of energy or something was occupying the space. I didn't realize how bad it was only after I finally got my own place and never had that feeling anywhere else.

Our entrance door wold also lock you out if you went outside even for a little bit, deadbolt and all. And it wasn't because the door was broken or anything, the door and locks were freshly replaced three times over the years, and people are still being locked out even up to date. My last visit my mother was grabbing groceries only seconds after to find out that the door was locked and shut. My aqquaintances and my sisters bfs who lived with us also were locked out randomly.

Another event was when my bro was locked in a room right after me and my grandma left for a second, only to come back banging on the door for him to open it because we needed to get back in shortly. It was really fast and I didn't expect it because He was already dead asleep. We didn't notice the door closed so quickly because it was a quick trip to get something from the living room. He told us that he felt my dad walk in the room, hushed him and told him to keep the door locked. He said that he heard my dad go on my grandma's bed to lay down, and that his presence was evident. So he was shocked to hear us wanting to get in. after we told him he couldn't get back to sleep anymore because he actually spent some time locked in a room with something weird. I have an absuRd amount of experiences to share but I don't want to spam the thread, but those were some of the weird things that happened in my life.

No. 206785

This thread is so interesting I even remembered a story that I can share.
As some other Anons here, I never really dealt with paranormal stuff. Sure there where some creepy things going on here and there but nothing major so I can't remember those.
There is one incident though.
I was at my dad's place with my sister(We have our own big room upstairs).
I was already in bed sleeping while my sister was on her Computer doing stuff. The room is really big and neither of us could see each other from their place.
Anyways I was already asleep when I suddenly woke up. Something spoke to me. I'm not sure what it said but according to my sister (she remember what I said much better than me) I was arguing back and forth suddenly saying something along the lines of help me, get away from me, leave me alone. I still remember that I was scared. Like really scared.
When I said that, everything was very clear (I still remember that) and I was able to understand everything I said. My sister then was like "anon are you alright" and then I started blabbering being like "yeah yeah" and fell asleep again
In the morning I could only remember a few things even tho during the night everything felt so clear.
I never spoke while being asleep before, or after that so I don't know what the fuck that was about.
I also don't really believe in stuff like that but I don't want to mess with paranormal stuff just in case.
Anyways that's the only story I can share.

No. 206800

This is very normal. I've been talking, walking and doing creepy shit in my sleep since forever and this is what usually happens. I argue with "someone" and sometimes even halucinate a bit. I can do moonspeak and regular speech, both of which are very creepy for co-sleeping parties. I've also cried and screamd in my sleep before and It is insanely embarassing if it happens while on a trip with friends. ;_; It happens more often when there's someone in the room with you and is making any kinds of noise, this disturbs my sleep and makes me think I'm actually awake so I start blabbering (usually angry)

I believe I even had an out of the body experience once. I came home all fucked up on rakija. The last thing I remember was heading over to the bed and then changing my mind to go to the bathroom before sleep. After that I had a strange episode, where I did not know who or what I am. I couldn't see or hear and I was experiencing sheer terror and violent cold, reaching and grabbing for the light, begging it to take me from my darkness. After an eternity of this torture I woke up, butt naked on my freezing bathroom floor, with the lights out in the middle of the winter. My legs were covered with the tiniest hand towel and the door was slightly ajar. That's where "the light" was coming from. I got up, still fucked up as hell, went straight to my bed.

In the morning I went to the bathroom and I was shocked to find the door wide open, with a flower pot full of water keeping the door wide open. I don't know what happened

No. 206879

>before raping me


No. 206882

How on Earth did I think it was a good idea to go through this thread right before sleep? I'm taking my plush Mr Teddy with me. Fuck.

No. 207012

I think anon means it may have been a creeper who intended to do something to her, but then they blew their cover by letting the flash go off.
I hope anyway

No. 207158

when did you realize that you were a sensitive?
this is going to probably sound a little weird and tryhard, but it's genuine. i went on a ghost tour last weekend and the tour guide seemed to think something was following the group. at least two people commented on the fact that, when i was holding the emf reader, I seemed to find a load more 'hotspots' than anybody else did. after the tour concluded, the guide came up and asked whether i was a sensitive, and i didn't really know how to respond. tbh a few other people have suggested this to me, like a reiki practitioner at one point and some other people who claimed to be psychically inclined. i guess i feel like this is something i should look into at some point in my life but there's no handbook (that i know of) to do that with.

No. 207180

File: 1507089484261.jpg (17.86 KB, 385x385, Old_Fashioned_Telephone.jpg)

I have one that's a "spooky-cute" story. It took place in 2010. My brother and I were staying with my great-uncle for a week in the summer both because we enjoyed spending time with him in his small town and it allowed our parents to spend some time alone. My great-uncle announced he had to run a few errands in town like going to the bank and asked if either of us wanted to come along. My brother said yes, but I wanted to stay behind and wait for them to come back. I was the only one in the house while they were gone. After about 10 minutes, the phone rang. I picked it up.

A man asked "is Alfred (my great-uncle's name) there?"
"No. He'll be back in a while."
"Ah. I'm Harold who are you?"
"I'm his great-niece."
"Who are you a grandchild of? Agnes? Elias? Emma? William?"
I was taken by surprise when he named all of my great-uncles' siblings accurately, and I couldn't remember ever meeting this man before, but for some reason I answered. "I'm Elias' granddaughter."
"Now I understand. Do you know if Alfred ever got together with Sally Lindgren from high school? How about his plans for becoming a banker? How'd that work out."
"He married my great-aunt Olivia and he was a farm machinery mechanic for years."

We then went off about all kinds of subjects. I casually mentioned my Youtube channel gaining many new subscribers that summer, and he asked lots of questions about this. He seemed confused about what the internet is, which seemed bizarre to me since he had a young man's voice. I tried explaining it to him. He was friendly with a nice sense of humor throughout our discussion, but he suddenly announced he was running out of time to use the phone and hung up.

My great-uncle and brother came back. I told my great-uncle that a man named Harold had called and wanted to know about his relationship with Sally Lindgren and his job. He stood frozen in place, wide-eyed.

"Sally Lindgren? That was over 60 years ago when I was in high school. My brother Harold used to tease me about my infatuation with her, but his plane was shot down in Germany in 1944!"

I had never been told about Harold before. He was the second-oldest child and apparently his death was tragic enough that the family didn't like to discuss it. I've seen some photos of him in the family album by now, including one in his uniform, so I know he was real. I wonder why he would've wanted to speak to his brother after all these years, and how he made contact from the "other side".

>>203894 >>203899 >>203905 >>203910
These are among my favorite stories in this thread Anon. Post more if you happen to stop by again.

No. 207238

Please spam the thread with more stories. I loved yours in particular, out of the entire thread.
when you said your bro was in the room and
>felt my dad walk in the room, hushed him and told him to keep the door locked.

You mean he heard his father's voice hush him and say "keep the door locked," or did the voice instruct your bro to lock it? I'm surprised that with the consistently locking doors and your dad being a skeptic, you guys never set up cameras or anything. After changing locks 3 times I'd get a camera aimed at every door inside and outside.

No. 207307


following a suicide attempt, a solid grey figure with a hat and cloak would disrupt my dreams on a nightly basis. the dreams would play out as normal until i felt like i was being pursued and then suddenly the hat man would appear and i'd wake up. sometimes i'd see him and die, or the world around me would disappear and i'd fall, but it always made me wake up. he stopped appearing in my dreams when i got older, but sometimes i still wake up in the middle of the night and have that feeling i'd get when he was near.

aside from him, i had a weird experience i've posted about before on other sites, but i thought it would fit in here. i was driving to my parents' house at night from my apartment a few hours away, and i usually took the interstate highway because it was faster, though the highway was surrounded on either side by forest and was completely unlit. i'm driving in pitch blackness, no other cars on the road, and my headlights catch this man in a brown cloak just standing in a grass clearing on the side of the road. he was standing there, hood pulled over his head, and he's just surrounded by deer. like, at least 6 deer, and they're all staring at my car.

also one time, my ex-boyfriend tried to summon the ghost of William Burroughs using a Ouija board and our apartment was tormented by some really pissed off ghost for about a month.

No. 207343

This is so fucking adorable omg I wish a ghost would call me too

No. 207393


To be completely honest, I first started to notice around the time that we moved into that first house. However, now that I am much older and have looked back at my life as a whole, I have come to realize that I have always seen things and experienced things that would be completely out of place for a normal child, not to mention my dolls talking on their own (without batteries), things moving or disappearing, "invisible friends" and shit like that. I never mentioned anything when I was young though, at least until things became physical (which was in that house), so i'd say I kind of did know when I was a lot younger than that, but I mainly just put it off or down to being a child, and I thought everyone had something like this going on to them, I thought it was normal for the longest of times.

No. 207395


Also, I forgot to mention, you can often tell by your experiences and your energy as a whole.

Like, for example, animals and children will either be drawn to you for no inexplicable reason (i.e, in my case), or they'll be scared shitless of you (ehich has also happened to me, especially when I was being followed by that Mr. creature),this goes for ghosts and creatures too. They are often drawn to the sensitive, whether you believe in it or not. They are attracted to easy pickings (if they're bad, and being a sensitive, you pretty much have one foot in the grave already, so you're easier to take advantage of and possess and kill, and if they're "good", then they want to communicate, and they know that sensitive people can sense, see and sometimes even hear them, so they just try to talk. Not to mention your "energy", if you believe in that, is often more powerful and noticeable than normal people, and in some instances (and I suffer with this, so i'd know), some sensitives are psycho-kinetic, which means that we can change and affect our energy to our mood, so whatever mood i'm in, anybody that comes in contact with me and stays in that near vacinity for a short period of time, will start to come down with the same mood, even if they were feeling completely the opposite before. Generally, anger, sadness and jealousy (the "bad" emotions) are much more prone to being stronger and more successful, whereas making someone happy when they're sad is a longer process. Not to mention, psycho-kinetics can also (and, again, in my case, have) been able to build up energy (it will always be the negative and bad energy), usually from not letting it out and from previous trauma (of which I have plenty), and that energy will form a being, of sorts, that will attack either the person responsible for the trauma, the people surrounding the person (normally their family), or themselves, (Which is what happened to me).

On a final note, generally more highly sensitive people, such as the "masters" like reiki practitioners and other psychics, will easily be able to pick up your energy strength, and tell straight away whether or not you're a psychic. Whether they tell you or not, is another matter altogether.

No. 207412

should I make a magic thread?

No. 207415

it feels like nothing
when I first heard about it I was like "O okay"
then a few days later I remember doing the spell 2 yrs before
it feels a bit sneaky though, like in a "I could have done this and no one knows" way, but it can always be a coincidence

No. 207422

The worst that's happened to me is a "shadow person".
I remember when I was a kid going to bed, waking up sleepily in the middle of the night and seeing a figure at the corner of my bed or in the corner of my room. Sometimes it looked like a older man with a hat or a woman with a large brimmed sunhat. It's weird cause their shadows had noise on it like a tv. They never harmed me but I do think it was a warning of some sort.

Anyways, I watched the Covenant today and it was okay. The acting was good but not the movie plot itself. Good exorcism movies are hard to come by.

No. 208968

Hey! Not only is it spooky October, but it's Friday the 13th!

Any anons watching scary movies out there? I'm watching Evil Dead 2. Which is fun as fuck. I'm also carving a pumpkin. Happy Friday!

Ch-ch-ch ha-ha-ha

No. 208998

Ayy I watched the first Evil Dead and right now I'm watching some goofy found footage horror films yeehaw

No. 209005

yeah I went to see The Ritual. enjoyed it, I love the whole subgenre of terrifying forests.

No. 209150

Jason in space is the best Friday the 13th movie ever and I dare everyone to tell me otherwise.

No. 209152

Yay, spooky storytime!

When I was in my teens, my entire high school used to go on a camping trip together which was great because it always turned into a huge drug fest, but:

My friend Christa brought a Ouija board and we were fucking around with it. I remember this German exchange student that all the jock girls wanted to fuck joined us, and that was pretty funny but we were drinking and this other girl was writing down the letters in a notebook as it spelled shit out.

We asked for a spirit and waited. It dd that fast circling motion for a while, but no letters. Then all of a sudden it got very specific. There was all this weird talk about deer and deer season and the Bible. I so wish I still had this notebook page because I would totally take a picture but yeah.

Talking about deer season and then the Bible and about how all women are whores, telling us to stay away from whores and Ed or Eddie be a good boy(?) It got really weird because we were all like sixteen and not in any way thinking about weird shit like that. So we were asking who this spirit was and it kept spelling 'August' over and over again. You know how ouija boards can be super repetitive in the shit they spell out. Finally we got sick of it and tossed it in the corner.

A few years later I was telling this story to a friend and they were like come on, you don't know who it was? No.

It turns out that Ed Gein's mother was named Augusta. I officially signed off on those things after that.

This was before the internet, too, so coming by that knowledge would have been a lot tougher. It still creeps me out to this day.

No. 215373

File: 1512843796428.jpg (2.85 MB, 1748x2480, 14882441872620.jpg)

This kind of thing also happens a lot with females in my family, my aunt and mom try to ignore their sensitivity but my grandma embraced all this spiritual stuff and used to keep research on it in her diary.

One thing that happened was she once said she saw her dead mother on the bus once and also in the mirror at night and even after she herself died, my aunt claimed to have seen her in town and that it was "unmistakably" her.

I was also riding the bus one day and there was this old man bickering to himself really loudly and it surprised me how much he looked exactly like my dead grandfather, he even turned specifically to me of all people and asked if he's scaring me or anything. Thinking back on things, even though my grandad was a really peaceful man who never cursed or shouted when he was alive, he probably would be really pissed if he was alive to see what our family turned out like.

Maybe I'm being superstitious, but I'd still like to bump this thread anyway. I have other weirder stories as well.

No. 215508

File: 1512861297687.jpg (170.89 KB, 1050x591, Begotten-5.jpg)

I'd love to hear your other stories if you want to share.
I love spooky shit. I've been interested in it since forever, my favorite movie as a kid was The Hills Have Eyes. Horror is by far my favorite movie genre, but does anyone else find them going straight to shit? I don't mean the obvious Netflix b-movie garbage, but blockbusters. Insidious, Conjuring, Annabelle, they're all so corny and so obviously playing along with the most generic horror tropes. Maybe it's just because I have a love for bizarre, absurdist shit, or am I just too cynical? Any good horror recommendations? I'll list a few that I love.
Begotten (pictured)
August Underground trilogy
Poughkeepsie Tapes
Megan is Missing (the end is the saving grace of this one)
I'm missing quite a few but there's a general rundown anyways.

No. 215520

I really don't want to sound dumb but I swear to god I have the same exact dream the night before someone close to me dies. It's happened with my first pet rabbit, my grandfathers, grandmother and my friend most recently. There's not much that happens in the dream but everytime I've woken up from it I've had vivid memories of a white rabbit running through a black forest. I feel like a lunatic for believing in something like this and I've been trying to search for a scientific explanation to all of this because it's creeping me out and making me scared anytime I have a dream with a rabbit in it.

No. 215523

Woah anon thats spooky and interesting, did you have the dream recently? Maybe its some kind of white eyed kid type stuff? Maybe its a sign but in a good way to remind you to prepare?

No. 215527

I've never had dreams of someone dying or at least I don't remember but I always have dreams of them once they're dead?

Like when pets die, I'll have vivid dreams of the pets, just recently I had a dream I was in my old house with all the furniture from wayyyy back in my child hood (which was ironic because I saw our old couch I had a dream about at a thrift store a few weeks later) anyway, the dream was that I was standing in the old living room looking around and my parents were sitting on the couch with my two dogs that passed away a while back

my grandma died before I was born and I'll have dreams of these weird ways of communicating with her, I mostly had them when I was little though, the first one I had was when me and her side of the family were all waiting in this creepy wooden house, think of the house on courage the cowardly dog, and my mom went to her resting spot and brought her back to life for a bit but she told us she can only stay for a little while, the other times I had the same dream of communicating with her through a mirror

another time I had a dream like this was after an ex-lover died (we weren't on good terms at all, and last time I talked to him was years before he died), a few weeks later I had a dream we went to a dance together which was weird because previous to when he died, when I did have dreams of him it was always us fighting or just not communicating at all, he's pretty much just in the background as a way of putting it

I still have dreams of my last dog that died, but whether or not it's my dog trying to communicate with me or the fact he's imprinted on me because he died in my arms as I was trying to help keep him alive

the thing about my life when someone close to me dies is that most of the time it happens when I'm going through stuff or there is another death that follows it not long after, when my first dog died, another dog we had died shortly after (about a few months I think) and then when my fish died, my last dog died within a week after my fish died and it makes me kinda afraid because a family member who's really old and has an illness that is about a half chance of them surviving, I don't know if he will die or not and if he does I don't know if these events of X dying and Y dying not long after are just coincidences or I'm cursed

I'm going to try to monitor my dreams more, especially with what's been going on and I want to know if my dreams are just dreams or they mean something and I usually don't remember dreams well unless it's something that really really sticks out to me

No. 215541

I once had a dream the day before someone died of them coming to me and a group of people crying and saying their goodbyes. In real life they were very sick and on their way out, however they weren’t someone I was close to at all so it was so weird to me to have that dream… then as the day carried on the news went out how they had passed… so weird. I’ll forever wonder why I was the one who received this dream…

No. 215542

fuck why did I read this before bed

No. 215560

God. I've heard enough stories like this to never go anywhere near a "weejee" board.

No. 216149

File: 1513162106772.jpg (94.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1411656234966.jpg)

Yeah, they don't really make good horror movies anymore, the most recent cool one I can think of is The Witch. I've been getting my dose of creepy shit mostly from horror games these days, I think video games have surpassed movies when it comes to horror. I would totally recommend Doki Doki Literature Club, it's surprisingly good, I'm still a bit fucked up after playing it.

There's this story I remember from childhood, it's pretty much your classic ghost story. When my cousin's family moved into a big old house they bought, I would sometimes come over for sleepovers to play with her, one of those nights after playing videogames, on our way to our room through the corridor she said "Anon!" and was breathing heavily while just standing there, then she had me run with her to her parents room where she tried hysterically to explain that she saw a transparent figure, basically a ghost. I didn't actually see anything myself so I didn't know what to make of it but what she said did manage to scare me, my uncle was skeptical and went to see if it was maybe a burglar or a cat or something, they let us sleep with them in their room after lecturing us about how playing too much videogames is bad for us.

After a few days I did forget about it and I think maybe my cousin did too but the thing is, after a week or so, they had some other guests come over and those guests had a toddler son who for some reason would get really nervous whenever he came to the house, he would sometimes cry and point at an empty space saying things like "Who is that, mommy?", then it got to the point where the kid kicked and screamed to go back home. So eventually, they figured they should maybe call some kind of specialist to check the place out "just in case" and the next evening a psychic guy came over, checked the place out, "cleansed" it and told us that it really was haunted and that the boy was apparently gifted since he was able to see the spirit so clearly. The ghost was apparently a farmer from long ago. There were no more incidents at the house after that.

Another one from my childhood, this one is really weird, not exactly scary, I just can't really explain what it was. Basically, I was at school and we were getting ready to go to class since the bell rang, then the kids started pointing at the sky saying "what's happening to the moon?" and yeah, looking up I saw the moon flying really fast across the sky, disappearing beyond the horizon and reapparing from the other side again, just flying from horizon to horizon a few times, disappearing and reappearing again and again before finally decelerating and stopping. At the time I thought it was just a natural phenomenon like solar eclipses or shooting stars or something, I didn't think it was strange until like 5 years later when I remembered it. No one could explain it to me, the only explanations I can come up with are a) A false memory, but I seriously doubt it, we all saw it together. b) Mass hysteria, still really weird. c) UFOs disguised as the moon.

No. 216152

I think my house is haunted. I don't know how I feel about it, but I used to think I was just being paranoiac but now I have two witnesses.

It first started after the death of my grandmother. I was eating alone in the kitchen. It felt as if someone was tapping my shoulder trying to get my attention. I thought it was only my mother trying to bother me as I was watching a video so I haven't turned around. It continued, so I turned around suddenly saying "What ?" really loudly to realize I was alone.

When I was taking my makeup off at night, I had the door opened which gave a view of the corridor, that has movement detection lights. I heard loud bangs on the toilet door, but I knew my brother in law was in them so I just thought he was doing them. He went out and told me I could go, to which I answered I didn't wanted. He thought it was me banging, and no one came in the corridor as the light didn't went on and I saw nobody.

One other night I was on skype with my boyfriend for 4 hours, didn't move off the chair I was sitting on but the movement detection (again) trash behind me suddenly opened itself. It was at least 1 meter behind me and we have to get our hands really close when we want it to open.

And those last few days, as I was watching a video about spirits with my boyfriend (for the first time without headphones), he got two drops of water on the foot. The roof had no sign of water, all bottles were closed, the window as well…nothing that could explain it. Plus he wasn't believing in that, now he does. The same happened to me two days later in my room, water on my foot.

We ask questions hoping the spirit (if there is one) would answer, but nothing happened. Since then, something feels off in my house. I think this is a placebo effect, but I'm not sure.

What do you think ?

No. 216225

>What do you think ?
You have a wild imagination and/or trying to cope with your grandmother's death. Ghosts aren't real.

No. 216245

>ghosts arent real

So everyone single person whos ever had a paranormal experience is just scizo or had a wild imagination ? Good luck calling about 90% of the planet scizo with a wild imagination

No. 216277

Hey you! Fuck off! Don't like the thread? Fucking scrolllllllllllllll

No. 216279

File: 1513280262445.jpg (124.72 KB, 540x540, 1513170547460.jpg)

>So everyone single person whos ever had a paranormal experience is just scizo or had a wild imagination ?
Most of the times, yes.

>Good luck calling about 90% of the planet scizo with a wild imagination

I have no problem calling everyone who believes in paranormal delusional, even if it's 90% of the population.

>Don't like the thread? Fucking scrolllllllllllllll
I though this was spoopy thread, not paranormal thread. No need to be rude.

No. 216296

>I have no problem calling everyone who believes in paranormal delusional, even if it's 90% of the population.

Okay, so even mentally healthy people who have ghost experiences that can't be explained are all scizo and have wild imaginations ? Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? are you going to tell me that people just "happen" to have all the similar delusions that just "happen" to predict the future or follow deaths?

No. 216312

File: 1513294876321.jpg (107.94 KB, 729x1024, 15056359257140.jpg)

>What do you think ?
I think you need to start looking for a new place.

No. 216325

> so even mentally healthy people who have ghost experiences that can't be explained are all scizo and have wild imaginations?
I said delusional, not "scizo".

>Do you realize how ridiculous you sound

Less ridiculous than someone claiming they've seen a ghost.

> are you going to tell me that people just "happen" to have all the similar delusions

Yes and no. A lot of people who believe in paranormal just want to believe in it, that's why it works for them. There's also the "i don't know, therefore, it's paranormal" factor. It can be a coping mechanism for loss of a loved one too (which is not necessarily unhealthy, but still a delusion). As to why it's similar - that's mostly just culture and media.

>that just "happen" to predict the future or follow deaths?

Anyone who tells you they can "predict" future is a lier.

No. 216330

>I said delusional, not "scizo".

okay, so you, yourself, are claiming someone is seeing reality twist a certain way, and say several other people in the room all have the exact same paranormal experience, which has happened before, are they all delusional that just happened to have the exact same delusion?

>Less ridiculous than someone claiming they've seen a ghost

lots of people have ghost experiences anon, even the boring old bricks who demand everyone be the same robot have probably had paranormal experiences of their own

>Yes and no. A lot of people who believe in paranormal just want to believe in it

actually several people I knew have had paranormal experiences, they demand ghosts don't exist but were scared off their shit praying to god when unexplained paranormal incidents happen, people demanding ghosts don't exist just seem like they only use it as a way to comfort themselves

>s to why it's similar - that's mostly just culture and media.

okay so little kids who have ghost experiences who've never seen a horror movie in their life are just using it as a coping mechanism and influenced by the media? and they don't necessarily name it as paranormal, they just have these events then later know what it is, and it's not just people BSing childhood stories, a lot of the time it's people who talk about their very young siblings who say these things or tell them about these things

>Anyone who tells you they can "predict" future is a lier.

No, I'm not saying people look into the future but they'll have these "Delusions"
an example would be the woman who her and her husband heard a car crash at 3 am, they drove around and there was no car crash, the next day they found out there was a donor available for a sick relative

and in the people in the thread who have talked about having certain dreams before a loved one or someone they know died, such as

>>215520 and >>215541

No. 216343

So, you're ready to dismiss a massive part of the human population as delusional or liars and ignore every one of the countless famous haunting cases in history because you've never personally experienced it? It will never cease to amaze me how full of themselves people can be.

Why even bother being in the thread then? No one cares to hear your skepticism.

No. 216344

What are your take on Ouija boards, guys?

No. 216348

They work, unless mr skeptic here has an explanation for why things get controlled outside the ouija board (once I was using one and I was skyping with a friend and when I asked for a sign my computer just turned off)

You shouldn't ever use one though, or if you do use one use an official wooden one, most of the time when people DIY an ouija board, it works yes but it will get you into deep shit, hence why most the videos you see of shit gone wrong with ouija boards, most of the time it's the cheesy DIY ones, and more calmer sessions are from people who use wooden ones

No. 216362

>just happened to have the exact same delusion?

>lots of people have ghost experiences anon

Personal experiences do not prove anything. Perception is tricky.

>people demanding ghosts don't exist just seem like they only use it as a way to comfort themselves

Here's a study on that.

> just using it as a coping mechanism and influenced by the media?

By their parents, peers, media. You're a vacuum cleaner for indoctrination when you're a kid.

>and in the people in the thread who have talked about having certain dreams before a loved one or someone they know died


>So, you're ready to dismiss a massive part of the human population as delusional or liars
You got it.

>and ignore every one of the countless famous haunting cases in history

Most of these were debunked anyway, and literally 0 were scientifically proven to happen/exist. It's hard to ignore things that never happen.

>because you've never personally experienced it?

No. Personal experience is not proof, same goes for the opposite.

>It will never cease to amaze me how full of themselves people can be.

I'm not the one believing i see dead people.

>Why even bother being in the thread then?

Again, it's spooky thread, not paranormal thread, i'm contributing.

Here's an interesting book about psychology of belief in paranormal, for all of you paranormal lovers:

No. 216365

>mass hysteria

lmao, literally everywhere, around the world, is just everyone just seeing things and having delusions ok

>Personal experiences do not prove anything. Perception is tricky.

ummm personal experiences kinda do prove if there's no other explaination, you can choose to believe or not

>By their parents, peers, media. You're a vacuum cleaner for indoctrination when you're a kid.

do you have your fedora to? you're sounding like a cringey atheist ranting about god, it happens way too often for it to just ~indoctrination~

No. 216381

>just seeing things and having delusions ok
There's a book all about that in my previous post.

>personal experiences kinda do prove

If you're the only person in the world, then yes.

>do you have your fedora to? you're sounding like a cringey atheist ranting about god, it happens way too often for it to just ~indoctrination~

You've read the word ~indoctrination~ and just couldn't resist trowing a "fedora" comment, aren't you? You're right though, it's not just ~indoctrination~, it's also child's own imagination, coping mechanisms (in some cases), parents misinterpreting their child and kids wanting attention and making up lies/exaggerating.

No. 216384

>If you're the only person in the world, then yes.

so if I say "the car is blue" unless every single person sees the same car and agrees, then it's untrue, correct?

> it's also child's own imagination, coping mechanisms (in some cases), parents misinterpreting their child and kids wanting attention and making up lies/exaggerating.

so it all just happens to be paranormal related stuff? right

No. 216385

I'm with the other anon that ghosts aren't real. But it's not like the reasons behind the sightings aren't spooky in themselves.
>sleep paralysis
>carbon monoxide poisoning
Seriously, they're mildly horrifying.

No. 216387

but a lot of these experiences AREN'T sleep paralysis, and why would 90% of the planet have carbon monoxide poisoning? I'm not saying all paranormal shit is real, but a lot of things go unexplained, and the most likely is paranormal

once a guy told me about how him and his brother once heard knocking and opened a the door and saw an apparition of a little girl in a bridesmaid dress, they both saw it and freaked out and it faded away, how are you going to explain that? if it was a delusion that why did it happen to be the exact same for both of them?

No. 216397

Ugh, c’mon. >>216152 anon asked for opinions, she’s got an opinion. Unpopular as it is but whatever. Can we just continue with the motherfuking spoopy stories?

No. 216406

I was just naming a few, anon. Sleep paralysis and carbon monoxide poisoning are spookier than other reasons like paranoid delusions and confirmation bias.

No. 216408

then what would be an explanation for said story

No. 216436

>so if I say "the car is blue" unless every single person sees the same car and agrees, then it's untrue, correct?
It depends. But usually, the more information sources you have - the better.

>so it all just happens to be paranormal related stuff? right

No, it's how people tend to explain and interpret things they don't understand.

>sleep paralysis
That one IS spoopy to have.

>but a lot of things go unexplained, and the most likely is paranormal

It's okay to just say you don't know, it does not have to be paranormal. There are much more spookier things in the world, video related.

>if it was a delusion that why did it happen to be the exact same for both of them?

A coworker once told me he and his friend saw the exact same LSD hallucination. It's a purely psychological thing.

No. 216442

1, Why do I have to be forced to accept that their account isn't embellished and they're telling the truth?
2. You're going to nitpick any speculation I give. What's the point?

No. 216443

I just want to hear a reason for it ? If it's ridiculous then it's going to be nitpicked

No. 216452

Well alright.
The knocking they heard could be explained by movements of the house frame, wildlife, or changes in temperature. I've heard rattling that sounds similar to a human knocking before.
Whatever the cause, it psyched them out before they even opened the door.
>a little girl in a bridesmaid dress
Shared psychosis. Both believed they heard something paranormal outside their door, and when they opened it, witnessed a shared delusion based on their confirmation bias.
Q: If you isolated both of them after the time that they claim they saw the girl, would they have had the same descriptions of her? If for instance, a person asked them what shade of color her hair or eyes were, the details of the dress, etc. would those details match? If not, then it's likely both of their minds had a different projection of the hallucination.

And this is coming from me, when I hallucinated a Muppet coming out of my bedroom mirror when I was little and I swore it was real. Until I realized later in life I might have been overheated and already psyched myself out, as many kids do, before bedtime and fearing monsters. The mind can do fucked things.

No. 216458

This moron devil's advocate greentexter is shitting up every single thread that makes front page on /ot, why take the bait? Call it a fucking retard and continue having fun. This pants-shitter is thriving rn and it needs to be put down like a rabid dog.

Say Bloody Samefag five times in the mirror at midnight and send it back to hell.

No. 216460

lol hi again y r u a cunt

No. 216462

File: 1513316663156.jpg (40.54 KB, 400x394, b07111eb856b55243a7df3c1be4eec…)

>thoughtful reply and this is what I get in exchange

Nobody is even sperging in here? Stop being so angry.

No. 216466

File: 1513317177140.jpg (87.72 KB, 640x426, 1513279603001.jpg)

>This moron devil's advocate greentexter is shitting up every single thread that makes front page on /ot, why take the bait?
Watch out for evil greentexter ghosts.

No. 216468

So basically everything in the man-hating thread?

No. 216469

Srsly tho. Ground seeded with salt? Stake through the heart? Head cut from the body? Silver bullets? Exorcism? What will it take /OT to be rid of you, demonic pants-shitter infesting it like a plague? Every single thread I've been in today, there you are in all your fuckery. You might as well namefag at this point and get it over with.

Yod-he-vaw-he, help us.

No. 216473

And the porn thread, and the August Ames thread. Their style is recognizable.

No. 216475

My only posts have been
I really don't know who you think I am or what your problem is. Are you talking about >>216436? Is that the person you're currently shitting pants over? Just report the person if you think it's so ot and let a janitor handle it instead of bungling the thread yourself, self-righteous sperglette.

No. 216480

>And the porn thread, and the August Ames thread. Their style is recognizable.
We're all different people, lol. I've only been in this one and bad art thread in the past few days.

No. 216481

I've been lurking and I've seen a lot of samefag accusations lately. I even posted >>216468 out of sarcasm, and anon said she recognized my "style" when I haven't posted there because that thread is such a shitshow. I guess anyone who doesn't sound twelve and begins their sentences with a capital and ends with punctuation is all the same person. It's a conspiracy!

No. 216516

If you are all different people, I have to admit, sadly, but Lolcow is dead. Because every each one of you seem more retarded than the other.

No. 216517

>everyone I don't like is stoopid!

No. 216552

Everyone ruining the thread is stupid in all honesty.

For real? That sounds like something I’d shit my pants as a kid and then smile at the memory when growed up.

I really don’t have many spoopy experiences to share but here yah go:

Every Wednesday you can hear a light sob in my bathroom, as it was from a young woman or a kid deeply in sorrow. My house is pretty old, as I live in one of the oldest parts of the city. Even when it has been recently rebuilt, it has standed for around a hundred years or more. There are many wacky stories from my neighbors as well. Stories about voices, shadows and heavy presences are common. Stories about ghosts leading the living to a wall full of gold are kinda common too. Also, there are very large tunnels underneath the neighborhood, connected through the different points of downtown. People are very wary of these tunnels an believe these are hunted.

No. 216574

Then put on your big girl pants and report what you consider thread ruining. So sick of the infighting lately, and the people who think 'calling out' are doing anything better.

No. 216979

Not sure if this is paranormal or even spooky, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot ever since it happened.

When I was 10 years old, my dad suddenly died. There were no warning signs or anything, he just suddenly had a heart attack and was gone. He seemed to be perfectly healthy (and fairly young as he was only in his late 40s) so it was a shock for everyone.
My parents had divorced a couple of years ago before that, and I lived with my mom. I spent every weekend at my dad's place, though.

Anyway, one day my mom picked me up from school and when we got home, she told me my dad had suddenly passed away. She told me he died of a heart attack, and that's all. My relatives came to visit us and we talked about my dad and all the great memories we had with him. Nevertheless, I was in quite a shock for the whole day and had trouble falling asleep at night.

When I finally fell asleep, I dreamt of my dad (which is no surprise or anything, really). I dreamt I was in his apartment, sitting on the living room floor while he paced around his apartment before sitting down on the sofa in front of me. In the dream, he told me everything about his death: how it had been sudden, but that he kind of knew it'd be coming because of his health problems. He told me he had just woken up at 6am, wanted to take a shower before it had happened and he had just collapsed on the bathroom floor and that was it. He told me it didn't feel like anything and that it didn't hurt.

A couple of months after my dad's death I visited my aunt, my dad's sister, and I was going through some papers about my fathers death.
I don't correctly remember what the paper was (as I was so young I didn't really understand any of the official things), but it had all the (speculated) details about my dad's death, the time of death and everything. I read the paper about how my dad was found naked from the bathroom floor. The papers also talked about his cardiovascular disease (not sure if this is the right term for it, English is not my first language), and my aunt was very upset that my dad had never told anyone about his disease before.

I was a bit shocked as I remembered my dream and how all the details my dad told me in my dream seemed to be true. Back then I hadn't really thought too much of the dream, but at that time I was a bit spooked as I had never heard my dad's death's details before. I still don't know what to think of it all.

No. 229598

sometimes I wish I can just see or feel the spirits of past pets, I've had dreams and sometimes I hear a small dog with the dog tag jingling, similar to what my dog use to sound like when he walked around before he passed away a few months ago, in my living room at random times at night

No. 229640

> oldest part of town and my house is 100 yrs old!

Everything that is not Northern America must be haunted af. As a Eurofag who grew up in a 600yr old former monastery, I have yet to encounter spoop.

No. 229644

File: 1518960473162.jpg (266.97 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_owecem423f1wpx2mqo1_128…)

spooky aesthetic feline

No. 229740

reminds me of panthers that run around my house

No. 229771

todays the last day before my neet detox any netflix horror movies I should watch that are good?

No. 229772


Did you watch Gerald's Game?

No. 229776

no but i willthnx

No. 229789

The Ritual is a good one. it's a Netflix original or whatever

No. 230063

my ex husband use to work in England probably 10 years ago (amerifat) and he had a few friends who were going out on holiday. they asked him to stay to feed the animals in their monestary turned house. he swore up and down he could hear footsteps going up and down the stairs and the animals refused to use certain parts of the house at night. he told the owners and they just said "yeah thats the monks, don't mind them, they're harmless". i just find it fascinating a place thats older than america was built well enough to still stand to this day

No. 230066

File: 1519107853985.png (598.88 KB, 705x482, scarred.png)

What are some of the creepiest things you've found/come across while on the internet?
For me its found footage/the concept of people/children who were tortured and murdered/raped and stuff. I don't remember when or where exactly I saw it but I remember a photoset on an 8ch style forum of somewhere in Asia a girl being killed and being flayed/butchered by like these two dudes. They did so many horrible things to her body while keeping her head and neck intact until all that was left was her hollowed out chest cavity showing her spine and ribs, shoulders, neck and still open but clearly dead eyes. They even zoomed in on her face at different times. I'm pretty sure it was a troll spam type of thing but its been a long time and those images still haunt my mind. Internet in the early 2000s was a weird fucking place.

No. 230069

I really liked this movie but the ending was pretty underwhelming. They had a lot going for it.

No. 230070

I think you're talking about Daisy's Destruction? Yeah that's fucked and it is real.

No. 230073

File: 1519112233269.jpg (73.86 KB, 200x200, 2s74.jpg)

Oh my god anon, I have a weird memory(dream probably) like that too
I'm mostly sure it was a dream, but I was outside in the front of my house playing with my friends around nighttime and in the distance I just see the sky open and a bright light shining through, it was far but it was coming out of a square shaped door(?) but it was really weird

I also keep having dreams about looking up at the sky and then a black hole just appears, this one always freaks me out
just the idea of looking up at the sky and there's just a giant black hole tearing through it frightens me greatly

No. 230086

spooky music

No. 230185

AAaayy I love spooky music
Here's an OST from this game I saw some youtubers play
If you like psychological horror point and click games I highly recommend Fran bow! It's got a great soundtrack and super spooky imagery

No. 230201

Daisy's Destruction is actually not nearly that bad. I've never seen it but I've had it described to me by multiple sources. It's just vaguely kinky porn that wouldn't be shocking at all if it wasn't involving a minor. What that other anon saw was totally different.

No. 230205

sage for samefag but "vaguely kinky" was probably the wrong descriptor, it's definitely violent and abusive but there's definitely no flaying involved and the girl in the video is alive.

No. 230254

>vaguely kinky
>none of the girls from the video died

I don't think you know what you're talking about.
Skip to the arrest and trial section.

No. 231134

I´ve had the occasionally sleep paralysis, but they only happen whenever i take a nap on the couch after dinner and it´s never like i´m completely paralysed and i never visually hallucinate. I usually just hear random stuff like the vacuumer or like someone is cleaning up in the kitchen and the likes. But over the periode of maybe two months i started hearing some really creepy things. The girl would be the most common one, and she would always whisper repeated sentences into my ear, like count quickly from 1 to 3 or repeat my most recent looped sentence (i´ve had some issued with psychosis in the past and i´m still bothered by sentences or words looping in my head.) I would always open my eyes and kind of drowsily turn my head, but luckily i never saw her, or anything else. I think stress triggered the episodes to turn creepy, because normally i only hear mundane and tame things.

No. 231162

Same, I had sleep paralysis last night as well
Mine arent as scary as other anons can be but the one I had last night, all I can remember is that its the scariest one yet and for some reason it was in a relatives house who died recently, creepy shit kept happening in the house even though all I remember is mostly good memories in the house irl

Spirits love ruining my life though

No. 231177

do you remember any details from the sleep paralysis at all? I´ve heard from a few different people who suffers from it on a regular basis that they can change depending on their surroundings, which i think is really interesting. (I´ve only had the same ones, no matter where i am)

No. 231271

I wasn't in a different surronding but my sleep paralysis had me in that surrounding, most likely because it wad continuing from the dream I had of me being in the house

All i remember was my blanket being pulled off. For location I noticed that when I was in my old childhood home my sleep paralysis would revolve around being in industrial type environments in the 1950s, sometimes I would see figures of someoene hanging from a noose, I'd hear the same girl in most of it, she would cry about what happened to her, sometimes tell me to hurt others, etc
Outside of sleep paralysis, idk if it counte but once I woke up to a dark figure at the foot of my bed when I was about 12, my dog was barking when i woke up and looked i thought it was my dad but it just faded away. Also I'd like to mention that typical haunted house stuff happened all the time, doors shutting, objects moving or disappearing, lights fucking up, feeling cold air randomly, etc

When I moved into my apartment, stuff happened but it didnt happen as intensely or as scary as my other house, I had fair shares of sleep paralysis but it wasnt as intense and i snapped out of it quickly, things would disappear, doors would lock, i would hear footsteps when no one is home, etc

As i mentioned earlier in thr thread, about every other week i would wake up at anywhere between 1 am - 4:30 am, hear a little girl saying hello repeatively as if she was looking for someone, the most memorable time it happened was 3:30 on the dot, i kept hearing it and ignoring it and then my dog started barking and growling, when i sat up it disappeared
With that I've had experiences on vacations and staying at the relative in questions house
Sorry for the novel

No. 231318

I have had a lot of sleep paralysis with differing results so if any of you are interested, I could describe

It 99% of the time happens when I wake up in the morning and doze off to sleep - then I will semi wake up but be "stuck".

The most common thing for me is that I can't open my eyes or field of view fully when I have sleep paralysis, or look upwards in a certain direction if that makes sense.

I can't move at all and will usually see things more than hear them. I will generally realise I can't move, look towards the hallway and see some of these type of things:

A head of someone bending backwards out of the bathroom and staring at me, not moving at all. always hard to see, like something is just slightly off in your vision and then you notice they are staring at you.

Someone (often someone I know but "empty" or just standing there) at the end of the hallway staring at me

My boyfriend just walking through the hallway as if he hasn't gone to work

So those are the off-but-normal occurrences, but the most frequent thing I get is not being able to move, barely able to see as I can't open my eyes enough, but FEELING incredibly intensely, pretty much indistinguishable from IRL other than not being able to move. Weird grating or whirring noises, and then I feel someone sitting on me, or grabbing my hips or pulling my legs apart. I wish i was exaggerating tbh. the feeling terrors always end up rapey. I have no idea why.

Once I realised I'd accidentally become a dab-hand at sleep paralysis I started reading into "astral projection" which fwiw I don't believe is a spiritual thing but just a psych thing similar to sleep paralysis but I digress

It took a lot of practise and I gave up a lot but basically I would lie in bed going to sleep and try to like, bring my brain inside myself? almost like trying to zoom inwards? again this primarily worked in the morning while dozing

if I did it properly I would eventually feel crazy vibration through my whole body and a loud ringing, and I'd notice I was kidn of "stuck". A few times when this happened I woke myself up with excitement

Basically when you get to that stage you're entering sleep paralysis type feeling but you have to "roll" out of your body or pull yourself up out of your body, which I only managed twice. The main time, I rolled out and kind of fell through the floor, into a weird barren dreamscape with a bunch of men sitting at a table, asking me questions.

Sorry for blog but I used to find this mad interesting before it started happening to me at least haha so if anyone is curious ya can ask me or smth

No. 231319

samefag but I would also be really interested in anons who are more spiritual telling me what they think of my experiences. I used to be very spiritual but am very very cynical and stick to the logical-ish explanation of shit which imo is "brains are crazy and weird things happen in them" but I am so open to hearing what anyone else thinks

No. 231331

I had only 4 sleep paralysis in my 27 years of life and I pray to heavens that I never get any.

I remember all of my sleep paralysis vividly. The fear is so intense, it's not the usual one but a menacing fear that something is up to get you.

My first sleep paralysis was a tall shadow. My room was pitch dark yet the dark shadow was distinguishable since it was right by my side, looming over me next to the window. Then, after what seemed to be eternity it disappeared through the wall, bending while leaving. It wasn't a nightmare, it felt so real.

The next time there was something on top of me, scratching my stomach and attempting to I guess to get to my organs. And there was someone whispering something in my ear.

Then the 3rd and 4th time there was that shadow again.

I didn't know anything about SP before my first experience and when I searched online about the shadow, the realization that there were so many people that experienced the same thing of not being able to move and seeing the exact shadow, instead of consoling me it made my skin crawl. I had troubles falling asleep for a week.

What triggered the SP in my case was lucid dreaming. In 3 out 4 cases of SP, it was the after result of lucid dreaming. It doesn't happen always but there's no way that I will take any chances. Shame though, lucid dreaming is one of the best things I've experienced, the feeling of absolute freedom where imagination has no bounds.

No. 231416

For the last few days i´ve been binging paranormal content on youtube (ouija board-sessions, paranormal games like the Midnight Man, Hide or Seek alone etc) in en endless hunt for something at least 2% genuine. I don´t think i´ve ever seen a video i´ve "believed" in, but a few have small parts here and there that seems belivable. For example, Shane Dawson´s (lol) Queen Mary video gave me a few spooks. If anyone knows about any youtubers that do "paranormal research" that seems to be genuine, I would love it if you share them

No. 231455

same, I love paranormal binge weekends
I'm running out though of things I havent seen

>If anyone knows about any youtubers that do "paranormal research" that seems to be genuine, I would love it if you share them

aldos world older videos seemed genuine until he brought the "this dragon fidget spinner will protect me from spirits!!" shit in it
jake dufner, some of it is exaggerated however he did go to clinton road with a damn ouija board at 3am

No. 231558

thanks, anon!

Haven´t heard of aldos world, but I´ve seen a lot of youtubers who have some golden moments in their old videos, but are now doing over-the-top "PARANORMAL CHALLENGE 3 AM GONE WRONG!!!!!"


I´m pretty sure this hasn´t already been posted (sorry if it has) but i´m really curious about the "wonder box" in the video. It´s the guys own design and he makes them himself, which makes it easy to believe that it´s all just fake. But it is a bit facinating.

No. 243397

Bumping the thread because my paranormal binges are coming back
These videos are super cozy in a weird way, I'm looking to have more paranormal experiences but its summer and most ghost stuff doesn't open til fall, I live in a big historical city known for ghost and witchy stuff however and I'm thinking maybe after work one day I can go to a cemetery and see what I can find? i just dont know what I'd do there but if any anons give me ideas I'll share pics and videos!

No. 269814

File: 1532041601316.jpg (17.04 KB, 928x500, orbthing.jpg)

So something weird happened

>> always been a skeptic and never belived in intelligent alien life

>> live in bumfuck nowere in a small country with friend and their parents

>> Yesterday, 2am

>> was having a serious conversation with my ex, we were talking for maybe an hour and i noticed this weird orange light wobbling/staying in place on the nightsky

>> Brush it off and ignore it

>> 15ish mins pass, still there

>> A little spooked, joke about aliens with ex

>> Notice another orangy orb wobbling/hoovering by with a smaller star looking this following it

>> moves very slowely and wobbly, no sound

>> the fuck

>> follow it for a bit

>> gets out of sight

>> go back to second location where the other one is at

>> still there, wobbling

>> super curious now if im losing my mind or not

>> hang up to go get my frind and their parents

>> its still there and they see it too

>> go get binoculars

>> Looks like attached picture, looks like light only, or kinda like particles

>> The mother and me move to a better location to get a closer look

>> its suddenly further away but still very much there

>> stand in awe and speculate for a bit

>> go inside again to sleep because its late

>> googles profusely

>> Vague descriptions of sightings, nothing major

>> gives up

>> go out this night, its gone

What the fuck is it we saw?

No. 269816

fuck i've always wanted something like this to happen to me. just a little real spook or alien-like occurrence.

was it high up in the sky? or just on the horizon or floating in the air closer to the ground?

No. 269819

Was close-ish to the ground, hard to figure out honestly, it was close enough that you couldnt see it behind trees on the way to the other location, so i would say anywhere between 20-50 meters up in the sky

No. 269852

File: 1532056065532.jpg (50.15 KB, 600x480, 786767.jpg)

glad this thread is back, I have a weird story about my dad (I *might have told it here before in another thread but I can't remember). pic unrelated.

>be my dad, five years old

>wakes up one night for no reason
>hears weird sound
>gets up and looks out his bedroom window toward the street
>there's a faintly glowing man standing underneath a streetlight
>dad thinks "that's weird I guess", gets back in bed
>the moment he's in bed his bedroom door opens
>glowing man is there
>my dad's description: "it looked like he was made of gold"
>it walks over and touches my dad's forehead
>dad falls asleep
>wakes up next morning, everything's pretty normal
>keeps running into walls and tripping on stuff though
>while my grandma makes breakfast he sits down with a book to pass the time
>my grandma sees him reading, stares
>he's reading one of her books, out loud, not a picture book
>"uuuh [dad's name]?"
>"yeah mom"
>"when did you learn to read?"
>"today i guess"
>"put that book away"
>he does, it takes him several tries to get it back on the shelf
>runs into a wall as he's leaving the room

eventually she took him to the doctor. overnight he'd gone from a kindergarten to fifth grade reading level, and became nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. He swears it's true and my grandma can at least attest to his reading level accelerating seemingly overnight and his eyesight being suddenly fucked.

TL;DR alien meets five year old and imparts wisdom, shitty eyesight

No. 269871

Weirdest thing I heard recently;


A bridge where over 50 dogs have leapt to their deaths for no apparent reason, from the exact same spot.


>In October 1994, a man threw his two-week-old son to his death from the bridge because he believed that his son was an incarnation of the Devil.

No. 269886

That's adorable, anon. I really like ghost stories with nice outcomes and good vibes.

No. 269994

this happened to me last night, please tell me if you think i'm rightly freaked out or tell me what you think it could have been otherwise.

i'm laying in bed at like 2:30 AM and i'm on my side in the dark facing the wall. i'm using my cell phone before i actually go to sleep. i have a big window that pretty much covers an entire different wall of my room and the blinds are closed of course. out of the corner of my eye i can see some big shadow moving outside erratically across the window, but i'm kind of ignoring it because i figure that my eyelashes or something is disrupting my peripheral vision and making things look weird.

i put down my phone after a few minutes and i'm now laying on my back facing the big window. well, the shadow is still moving around out there even though i'm facing it straight on, so i know it's not my eyes playing tricks on me. its a huge shadow and when it moves across my window it reaches from the entire top to bottom of the window. it's moving pretty fast, back and forth in front of the window. sometimes it just comes up in the corner of the window and "ducks" (don't know a better way to describe it) back away again, but most of the time whatever it is is moving across the entire window really fast. at this point i'm terrified and not moving at all, especially when it pops up for a second then disappears again, like it's peeking in even though the blinds are closed.

my bedroom is not on the ground floor and is kind of high up so i know it wasn't something running around on the ground. the tree in front of the house is too far away to make these shadows and it wasn't windy outside, so i know it wasn't branches blowing around. at some point i just closed my eyes really tight and fell asleep, but i was watching this go on for at least 15 minutes before then. i really was so terrified because of how fast and erratically this thing was moving. if you have ANY idea of what could have caused it please let me know. am i being really stupid about this or was i right to be scared??

No. 269995

also i know i wasn't imagining this during sleep paralysis. i've seen shadows during sleep paralysis before and this wasn't it. i was about to move around freely when this was happening last night, i was completely awake.

No. 270017

>especially when it pops up for a second then disappears again, like it's peeking in even though the blinds are closed.
eeeew fuck that, that's creepy. I have no idea what that could be, my gut feeling says it's just a regular shadow from something outside but there's no reason it'd be moving erratically if there's no wind.

No. 270036

Did it make any sound at all? I would say it could be a shadow from a branch or tree. Even if it didn't seem very windy outside, it could easily be something like that due to the "peeking" it did, since the wind might have been weaker and stronger at some point, making the shadow from the branch not go all the way across the window every time.

I would say it was a shadow from something and probably your mind playing tricks with you late at night. Which I think is fairly normal, and you aren't being stupid for being scared.

If you see it again, I would try to just bite the bullet and get up to see what's causing the shadow.

No. 270757

it didn't make any noise. i'm mostly doubtful of the tree because it's sort of a compact (for lack of a better word) shape and doesn't have any large branches sticking out.

it hasn't happened since but i can't say i haven't been watching the window more carefully when i'm going to sleep.

No. 270797

This is honestly my favorite thread on lolcow, I lowkey wish autumn was here already

No. 270813

Did any of you guys remember that YouTube video of the father filming in the kitchen with his little girl
The glass moves across the table or something
Always creeped me out because I couldn't tell if it was real or faked
He never had any other videos on his channel besides a few normal ones

I'd love to know if there was more

No. 270842

Do you have a link or remember what its called? I'm interested

No. 270871

yeah, it was posted in a compliation in one of these threads I believe

I also saw a video of 3 girls doing a semi vlog before vlogs were a thing, basically at the beginning she reads some paper her dad gives her and it was a love letter to queen mary, supposedly bloody mary, tells her a story about how she's related to her, they then go in the bathroom and a paper moves across the counter and they didn't even notice until after it was posted and people pointed it out, I'll find it tomorrow but its 12 am here so watching a spooky video is out for me

No. 271094

Ugh no, I've been trying to search on YouTube for days looking for it
I thought maybe someone else has seen it and I'm not crazy
Everything is just spammy stupid stories now

No. 286440

File: 1535443468911.jpg (85.68 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nux0315w481uefxi4o1_500…)

It's that time again

No. 286441

fuck yes! been thinking this

No. 286502

This is honestly my favourite time of year.

What spooky things are you guys watching/reading/listening to? I'm excited for The Walking Dead and Riverdale returning (especially since there will definitely be a Halloween episode and the Sabrina show will begin!). I'll probably also rewatch some Cayleigh Elise and Criminally Listed videos and continue with some spooky podcasts from the podcast thread to get me in the mood. Call me a basic bitch, but I also can't wait to have my first pumpkin spice of the year.

No. 286546


I watched Hereditary on Saturday and had to sleep with all the lights on because I got too spooked. I'm my own worst enemy, love spooky stuff but then go to bed and turn the lights off and BAM suddenly I'm terrified of every shadow and tiny noise.

I still have the VVitch/Witch to watch though, looking forward to that, and I'm rewatching American Horror Story season 1 in preparation for the new season coming out.

Is Riverdale any good? I haven't seen it but it seems a bit teeny, would it still be good for somebody 25+ ?

No. 286556

Thanks for the Youtube channels, anon. Checking out Cayleigh ELise right away.

The VVitch is so good for a comfy, slowly building falltime horror movie, hope you enjoy it.

No. 286565


Great, I'm check it out then, thanks!

No. 287015

My favorite horror movies:
You're Next
Session 9
Evil Dead (the remake - for when I am in the mood for gore)
A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean)
The Invitation

This is disregarding super widespread and well-liked movies like Get Out which should be a given.
I watch a lot of horror so it is hard to remember everything on my recommendation list at once. I'll probably post more later. I do think Oculus and Session 9 should be watched by everyone though.

Season 1 of AHS is my favorite, with Hotel close. AHS is my favorite show and I'm excited for it as well.

No. 287021

Samefagging but I wanted a separate post for this-

Potentially paranormal experiences:
When I was little I was home alone with my mom in our very old house. We were about to watch a movie. I was and am a bit of a chickenshit (moreso back then) and went to use the bathroom upstairs before we started the movie, and left the light on. After the movie I went upstairs and the light was off. No one else was around and she was downstairs the whole time.

I got really freaked out in that house for no apparent reason, same in a future house though not as bad as I aged. Really afraid of the dark and had lots of nightmares and paranoia. Slept on the floor of my parents' bedroom (using a sleeping bag or something) quite a lot growing up.

Fast forward to a few years ago when my cat needed to be put to sleep. She was distinctly MY cat. She had been unhealthy for a while and having had cats put to sleep in the past, I was surprisingly calm about it (which makes me feel guilty somehow in retrospect). Anyway, it was the merciful thing to do for her. For a while afterward, when I'd be in bed, I could feel the sensation of her jumping up onto my bed and walking around a little. I didn't think too much of it and dismissed it as like a "phantom limb" effect, but she honestly couldn't sleep much in my room in her final stages because of her digestive issues.
I'd like to think that she was still visiting me in a form that was less miserable than the one she left.

Once in that same house, I was sleeping and opened my eyes slightly and saw my mom and a black woman in my room, facing away from my bed toward my TV, seemingly assessing something and then leaving. When I actually woke up, I asked my mom what she was doing in my room earlier, and she said something about the TV or something. I asked her who the woman was, and she had no idea what I was talking about and said she was alone.

Nowadays I have a bathroom attached to my room and there is a closet in the bathroom. I rarely go into that closet and the doorknob is always hard to turn/open. I have a sense that something "exists" there. Whenever I have to get something from the closet, I feel compelled to state my need aloud, despite trying (and failing) to open the door beforehand.
If there is something there, it seems content to leave me alone.

Though strange things have happened. I have half-woken to sounds of my keyboard typing, but fell back asleep. The other night I half-woke to a bizarre sound that did creep me out and I have no idea what it was. It happened at least twice, once to wake me and once after, but stopped once I woke enough to worry about it. Maybe my subconscious??

One thing that I have NO explanation for:
I have a thermostat in my room. During last winter, I woke up and my heater was running, but my room felt way too hot (which is what woke me). I got up and discovered my thermostat had been turned (it's a dial type) all the way to the max. I would never do that and it is not feasible for me to even "accidentally" do that. This is about 20 degrees fahrenheit higher than I normally keep it. To sleep walk to it, I would have to walk past my shitty clunker of a computer chair, desk, whatever crap on the floor I could easily trip over, and reach ACROSS AND UP. It's high enough that I can't reach it from a sitting position, so I wouldn't have adjusted it absentmindedly.
I brought it up to family members and no one had any explanation other than "You must have done it and not realized." In my mind there's no way, and nothing like that has ever happened before or since, and I only know of one occasion of sleepwalking (when I was little).

My best friend told me how when he was younger in an apartment he used to live in, he and his dad would see an apparition of a little boy in certain rooms out of the corner of their eye.
Same friend also said he has had sleep paralysis and once had shadow figure BITE his arm and he fell through his bed and through the floor when it happened (in his "dream"), but he distinctly felt a massive pain where he had been "bitten". I haven't asked a lot about these things as sleep paralysis/shadow people scare the SHIT out of me and I've never experienced them and hope to keep it that way.

No. 287115

>I'd like to think that she was still visiting me in a form that was less miserable than the one she left.
Happened when my dog passed in a similar way, my sister use to get up and take him outside every morning, so I'd often hear dog tags clinging every morning if that makes sense, for weeks after he passed every morning or so I'd hear the tags of his collar cling outside my door, have dreams about him and sometimes hear him jump on my bed,it was kinda comforting but kinda depressing. I don't believe anyone truly gets over the death of their pet

No. 447483

is it too late to bump?

No. 447535

File: 1565659473598.jpg (56.03 KB, 960x720, 1552339766815.jpg)

My favorite halloween movies

-Santa Sangre

Favorite horror vidya:

-Silent Hill 2
-Rule of rose
-Yomawari night alone

No. 447538

File: 1565660367787.jpg (57.52 KB, 625x351, scary-woman-625x351.jpg)

Anyone going to see the del toro adaption?

No. 447542

File: 1565661616959.jpg (29.34 KB, 596x346, Rule-of-rose-ps2-9.jpg)

>Rule of Rose

Superior tastes, i see.

No. 447548

I saw it this past weekend. I have to say it was alright. I think I was expected too much and it is a PG 13 rated film. But the monsters were pretty cool and true to the stories.

No. 447560

File: 1565663631119.png (457.31 KB, 640x480, Seance.png)


Didn't even know it was a thing. I'd give it a shot but i'll admit, i think Pans Labyrinth is the only really good Del Toro movie, he has a few okay ones but much like Tim Burton wathever particular brand of flavor he had at that point in his career has been overplayed and spread too thin and he became too overhyped for what it is. Shape of water imo was not a good movie and didn't deserve an oscar, Pan's Labyrinth did though.

As for personal recommendations of recent movies: A Dark Song was pretty spoopy, Hereditary is great if you watched it blind not knowing what to expect and i also liked The Ritual and Gerald's game. If you enjoy a similar imagery in the likes of Del Toro / Tim Burton i recommend Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro's movies (delicatessen, city of lost children)

No. 447578

File: 1565668067834.jpg (27.64 KB, 339x500, El-día-de-la-bestia.jpg)

2 fun movie recommendations

-Day of the beast (el día de la bestia). Spanish Dark comedy. Very interesting one. Also, The community (la comunidad) by the same director. Another dark comedy with a really fun concept.
- Veronica . Another spanish movie, from Netflix, this one is kind of cliché but done so well that i loved it.
- Trollhunter: Found footage style norwegian film, really fun. Not very spooky, just cool.

And here's a scary video for you:


Good night!

No. 447580

nayrt but rule of rose is such a lovely work, the story and the way they handled the abuse is so well done i seriously feel like i've been spoiled, its hard to find psychological horror that you can tell it was made with love lol.

btw does anyone know good psychological horror movies to watch?

No. 447600

File: 1565676239686.gif (1020.11 KB, 500x285, vampire hunter d.gif)


>its hard to find psychological horror that you can tell it was made with love lol.

I know, i feel like its a very unique game that deserved more attention.

>btw does anyone know good psychological horror movies to watch?

Santa Sangre and Jacob's ladder anon. Also, i think you will really like Spirit of the Beehive if you like moody depressing atmospheres.

No. 447927

what's your favorite halloween special guys?

No. 447929

File: 1565732374103.gif (1020.8 KB, 500x230, b1e52-tumblr_mcqghkrj0f1qdoy3a…)

It's not a horror as much as true crime and psychological drama, but if you love Rule of Rose, please watch Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson (but make sure to watch a director's cut - it still leaves some questions, but not as much as the butchered cinema version) and Don't Deliver Us From Evil (1971, this one is a horror vaguely inspired by the same case - caution - features short scenes of animal abuse).
You might also like Pin Cushion (2017) if you enjoyed HC and Carrie.
I also second the Jacob's Ladder rec. It's a masterpiece.

No. 447936

File: 1565734249823.jpg (35.13 KB, 718x494, jvvypya6esn2zh3qfkgl67o7ffhv77…)

Vampire Hunter D and bloodlust are probably my two favorite vampire themed animated films ever made. they're both so beautiful and tragic. I'll never forget D's words at the end of bloodlust where he says he's happy the hunter was wrong about no one loving her or attending her funeral. then the little girl comes up to him and i always burst into tears.

No. 447937

Rule of rose handled a lot of their dark themes so well. No idea why people were so salty about it, and it getting banned in most of europe. Makes no damn sense to me. it's a rare GOOD horror game with female main characters. People like to bring it up haunting ground, but that's male pandering trash in comparison.

No. 447944

So I take that VHD the OAV is worth seeing as well? I remember reading some bad reviews of the first Vampire Hunter D so I never got around to watching it… I have only seen Bloodlust and fucking loved it. Your spoiler also made me cry. I loved how everyone felt like people or characters in a normal (nonweeb) movie, if it makes sense. Such beautiful story and art.

No. 447958

I have posted here before some stories after my mum passed away. Last Saturday something else happened.
I had the worst argument with my long term partner ever. It was 4 AM and he was going to leave our house because the argument was out of control and I was anxious crying.
I was crying in the living room while my boyfriend was dressing himself and I was uncontrollable. On a bookshelf I have a photo of my mother next to a lamp which its light resembles to the light that a candle would do but sometimes it doesn’t work as it should do and makes a ticking noise.
While I was crying with my head between my hands I started to hear that noise, so loud and insistent that I even heard it while I was sobbing so I lifted my head up to see the lamp and then the noise stopped, the lamp was functioning and of course it’s next to my mother’s photo so that was what I saw: her and that calming light.
I stopped crying completely because I was sure the noise was going to start again (it repeated for three or four minutes before I looked for it) but nothing else happened. I stood there for more than ten minutes because in some way I feel like maybe -maybe- it was my mother’s way to calm me down, to make me feel she was there for me.
Idk maybe I’m reaching but it helped me.

No. 447980

Let me tell you a quick story to try and illustrate a point I'm about to make. A long time ago, I was being kept in a hospital and not allowed to leave, and I had to stay in a bed in a general ward for a week before I could be moved to somewhere else. Now I wasn't really in my rightest of minds during this time, a bit like how stressed you were during this argument, but aside from that no one knew I was in hospital, and I hadn't got a phone with me or anything to distract myself. There weren't even any magazines, and the patients around me changed daily so didn't really feel able to talk to anyone. Lying in a hospital bed all day and not being allowed to go anywhere is painfully, painfully boring. And I mean boring. I had entirely nothing to do, but I couldn't go anywhere, so literally all that was left to me was to stare at the floor for hours. So that's what I did. Somehow as I was staring at the fuzzy pattern of the floor in the hospital ward, I told myself it would be nicer for myself, or at least more interesting and not as painfully boring, if I could see the kinds of little moving rainbows in the floor that I'd seen on surfaces and textures when I'd taken psychedelics in the past, like acid or shrooms, while I was looking at the hospital floor. If you've ever tripped you'll know what I mean about the little rainbow-light swirling edges to things. It would be something pretty to look at, these rainbow lights, even though I was stone-cold sober, and so I just sort of gently suggested to myself in my head that I could see them. I nudged my imagination to allow them to be there, and then - if I wanted - they'd be there in the floor as I was looking at it. And, gradually, staring at the floor for hours, that is what I started seeing. I created what I can only describe as a kind of voluntary hallucination, to make being stuck in a hospital room less boring and give myself something nice to look at. I was seeing the rainbow swirls in my vision, despite not being under the influence of any drugs, and it was as "real" as when I'd actually been tripping.

What I'm trying to get at here, is that seeing those rainbows was as real then as the other chemically-induced situations I'd seen them, except this time I was just able to bring it about by force of will only and genuinely affect how I perceived reality for a time. People often say that when we lose those close to us to death, who they are lives on through us, the people who remember them. We keep them in our memories, and thus they're always part of our reality and experience of the world. It might be all in your head, but all your head is all your reality - and maybe like the rainbows, it can be real in some way if that's what you're seeing and experiencing right then. Maybe that is your mom affecting your reality and being part of it, and that doesn't make it any less true or meaningful for you. It's what you make of it.

No. 447987

is there a halloween costume thread? does that go here?
i want to see everyone's ideas or things they've done in the past.

No. 448000

me and my friends usually get those animal onesie pajamas and put beanie baby tags on them

not really spectacular or anything, idk what I wanna dress up as this year

No. 448014

File: 1565740490149.jpg (243.39 KB, 700x300, may queen.jpg)

I was thinking May Queen from Midsommar would be a fun costume idea for this year. Or not full May Queen but just the white cult dress with a flower crown…

I've always wanted to dress as Marie Antoinette or a Georgian era lady but never put forth the effort (or money, time) to actually do it lol. An easier historical costume idea would be like, "Maid Marion" or Eleanor of Aquitaine: https://youtu.be/lvJFsYZTzrE

No. 448024

File: 1565741140320.jpg (859.46 KB, 1807x2793, Yoshitaka_Amano_Hiten_-_p038.j…)


So good, i love Yoshitaka Amano's designs , he is probably my favorite artist.

No. 448049

I watched Bloodlust just yesterday, anon! It was great.
I was initially put off by the aesthetic of the 80s film (it looks very "meh", while Bloodlust is fucking beautiful with all its detail - I think even the director of Bloodlust was billed as complaining that the first film "looked cheap"), but I was so impressed by Bloodlust, I think I'll watch that soon, too.

No. 448295

i have had some experiences before - mostly when i was younger.
>live in somewhat old house
>newly renovated
>crawlspace everywhere because of slanted ceilings
>wood house (scandi style)
>constant creaks, bumps and drafts
>4 bedrooms, 3 upstairs, 1 small downstairs
>always had dogs, sometimes they stare at certain spots in the house

1st exp:
>be 6
>almost asleep in room next to staircase
>door is open to let in the hallway light
>hear parents downstairs tv noises
>suddenly shape manifests from shadow
>oh shit it's a fucking gorilla
>hide under the covers as it starts to run towards me
>doesn't look up until hear mom and dad go upstairs
>no one believes me

2nd exp:
>same room
>constant feeling of being watched
>sometimes can hear breathing next to me in bed
>once felt a hand caress my hip
>has seen old spooky doll blink multiple times
>stereo turns on and off at strange times
>lights blow out on a regular basis
>switches room w. sister
>she reports the same things
>has dreams of a man staring at her in the corner
>old and creepy

3rd exp:
>is asleep in new room, renovated part of house
>wakes up to a weird dragging sound downstairs
>my red light is on as i'm deeply afraid of the dark
>dragging sounds become clearer, closer to stairs
>sounds like someones is dragging something heavy with chains
>dogs not barking
>freaking out
>sounds come closer upstairs
>now on the 1st floor
>drags itself towards my room, stops right before
>silence for seconds feels like hours
>dragging sounds turns back downstairs
>cry myself to sleep

4th exp:
>at sleepover w friend
>her house is def haunted weird shit happens all the time
>bumps in the middle of the night
>closet doors open when originally closed
>mirrors fucking swinging on the wall???
>sleeping there middle of the night
>hear a scratching sound
>they've cats doesn't think more abt it
>scratching continue but to high for cats to reach on door
>handle moves up and down
>shit bricks
>friend fast asleep
>me on the floor crying

>next day tell her

>"oh yeah that happens sometimes, don't worry abt it"
>me: never sleeps there again

5th exp:
>home alone w sis
>suddenly dog starts barking at something we can't see
>light turns on in the kitchen
>i go to look (is white)
>sees a shadow flicker
>freaks out grabs fire poker
>is spn fag
>sits on the couch w sis keeping an eye on dog
>can't see into kitchen cuz wall
>dog still barking
>the tv is on but shifts around the channels w/o us touching the remote
>dog stares now at ceiling whimpering
>sis starts crying
>i yell at "it" to leave us alone
>suddenly mom & dad home
>everything goes back to normal
>sees kids freaking out
>scarred for life

this is what i can remember but a lot of the times i've chalked it up to be hallucionations cuz of schizo, so not scared anymore

>be me
>dreams often about things, people and events that hasn't happen
>at times sudden rememberance
>"i've a bad feeling, scoob" x10000
>sometimes can avoid the outcoming, other times it's too late
>no one believes me
>is called delusional
>has happened all my life
>deja vu queen

No. 464534

Can any one recommend some very creepy horror books that are not Stephen King and not classics (like Dracula etc)? I want to be spooped.

No. 464666


I had House of Leaves recommended to me, i cant say for sure how good it is because i haven't read it though.

No. 464675

The Ruins by Scott Smith!

No. 464690

My childhood home was VERY creepy. I had an experience there once but the house itself I have to explain first. It was a modest little starter home my parents bought when I was about 2. Iirc they got it for pretty cheap from the previous owners from another family with one child. Growing up I started to notice wierd things about the house that were kinda sketchy. For instance, a peep hole had been drilled into the bottom of my bedroom door. It was practically floor level so in order to look through it you had to lay prone in the ground. But it looked right at where my bed was. In the same room with the peep hole was a closet with a door. However, the closet door locked from the >outside< and on the inside, someone had deliberately broken off the doorknob and filed it down so there was nothing you could grab. Fucking. Weird. I got locked in there on accident as a kid onxe and it was honestly horrifying. It got so hot and claustrophobic and I couldn't stop thinking about how someone maybe did this to their kid on purpose in this very closet. Another wired thing was that in my parents bedroom there was a hole drilled directly through their floor, so that you could lay down and look through, and it would let you see into the bedroom downstairs. They usually kept it covered with furniture but I remember discovering that when I was about 8. There is a window in the laundry room, glass and latch and all, but the outside of it had been concreted over completly. You couldn't even see the window on the outside of the house. Just the One window. One more thing was that in the kitchen, you could remove a wooden floor panel in a wired space inside the pantry. This space opened up to look right down upon the door to the laundry room. Not where the clothes/machines are, but right @ the door. I always rationed that one out as it was an old laundry chute, but it makes little sense imo because if you're going to take out a laundry chute, wouldn't you nail down all the floorboards that cover it? Why choose the leave it there? And, why a laundry chute in a pantry, much less in a slightly hidden part of the pantry? My family thinks it's really fucking weird too and are glad they aren't in the house anymore lol. I also had an experience once in the laundry room, which is why I'm so sure the secret panel in the pantry was for nonlaundry purpose. I was 5 or 6 at the time and I had just gone downstairs to the laundry room to get clothes for bed. I walked in the door way and the furnace was to my right so I had to walk around that, and as I was walking around the furnace I saw a weird spot on the wall. It was just a little dirty spot but I remember thinking it looked like ketchup, but as soon as I thought those words to my self, "it looks like ketchup" I heard a voice say my name. It was a female voice, and distant, but goading. Long and drawn out. Like the voice a mother would use to get to kid to eat something or do something they was scared to do. It was so odd, it was like I heard it in the back of my head, not out loud, but I did. It was just so quiet and soft and gently urging. It only said my name once, but I freaked out and ran upstairs and got really mad at my mom. I told her it wasn't funny and she hurt my feelings and she was really confused and worried. She didn't call my from upstairs and was questioning me because I said a stranger talked to me just now. I really do feel in my heart that some kind of pedo or human trafficker or torture kink lived in my house before me. Freaky shit.

No. 464697

WTF anon it genuinely sounds like people were abusing kids or something in that house especially between the holes and the way they filed down the doorknob on the inside of the closet

No. 464700

Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I don't read a lot of horror but these are the ones I've liked the best.

No. 464701

The Books of Blood by Clive Barker

No. 464702

Forgot to add Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived in the Castle which is a creepy and atmospheric book about unpleasant people, but it's not full on horror.

No. 464722

Honestly I really thought that too when i got older. I used to use the peep hole to watch movies past my bedtime as a really young kid, because I could see into the living room from it. When i got into school is when i started to get really weird feelings and thoughts about it. The closet always terrified me as a kid, getting stuck in there once traumatized me I think. I had your classic "monster in the closet" fear until middle school. I talked to my mom about it and she said she didn't know the previous owners very well, but they came off as very normal, well adjusted family. My entire family talks about that house though frequently, and how unsettling it was.

No. 464767

File: 1569187561830.jpg (89.03 KB, 640x697, 1567266211564.jpg)


Some H.H Holmes freaky stuff going on in there.

No. 464779

This post made me feel so creeped out somehow, especially the last part (Like the voice a mother would use to get to kid to eat something or do something they was scared to do).
I wish I hadn't read it. Congrats on not living in that house anymore, anon.
Imagine forgetting about it, then randomly receiving a letter or an e-mail one day from someone you don't know, saying they "deeply enjoyed" watching you in whatever year(s) you lived there, and the signature is some old man name like "Herbert Montgomery".

No. 464811

this is gonna sound dumb as hell, but do you any of you skeptical anons have opinions on what it might mean if I keep seeing crows and ravens everywhere? It's been happening for nearly a year now, everywhere I go there's usually a pair of crows who frequently fly over me. It's not just in the same area, it's everywhere, across multiple states and even in a different country. I've had people chalk it up to me being over sensitive about it, but when I've had people hang out with me and I make it a point to point out all the crows I often see watching me, even they get confused and can't explain it. I know how insane and schizo it sounds. Also I know it's gonna sound suuuuper larpy or a lie, but I have a 8th and a 9th great grandma who were killed in the salem witch trials. (actually proven through family records, not just speculating). It kinda spooks me and makes me paranoid that I'm like cursed or something.

No. 464885

I don't think it means anything anon. I live in an area with lots of ravens and see them all the time during the winter.

No. 464932

you smell like dying and they are waiting for your carcass to be available

No. 465068

I'm grateful i don't live there any more, but I moved only about a block away so I'm still near the house. My cousin lives there now and I'm pretty sure my dad fixed all of it up. The voice of the lady will always haunt me though. I'm an adult now so I feel silly thinking about it sometimes. I'm not a very big "believer" but that memory truly shakes my core. As I though about it over the years I came to the conclusion that kids were definitely abused or something there, and that voice was a remnant of that, one of the abusers trying to taunt me or something. It was the weirdest fucking iflection of tone, sing songy almost, and sooooo goading, like when you can kind of "hear" someone smiling over the phone as they talk.

No. 465098

>Also I know it's gonna sound suuuuper larpy or a lie, but I have a 8th and a 9th great grandma who were killed in the salem witch trials. (actually proven through family records, not just speculating). It kinda spooks me and makes me paranoid that I'm like cursed or something.

Wow that's pretty fascinating. If you're in the bloodline of a witch (I am, not to anybody related to the Salem trials but my maternal side has spiritual gifts passed down to me) than I wouldn't consider it a coincidence, but I also wouldn't be afraid of it being a curse. Crows and Ravens are highly symbolic creatures when it comes to witches and it could be a calling for you to connect with your spiritual side.

All birds represent a higher power (they are connected to the sky), when I began to really connect with my guides I was having birds fly at me ALL the time. Like I would be driving in my car and birds would swoop down so close to my car I was afraid I would hit them but they would always rise up just in the nick of time. I could say it was a coincidence but it happened way too many times in a short period. I also began finding crow feathers on my path when I would take walks, I collect them because it is a good omen.

Generally speaking if your intuition is telling you that something you are seeing is trying to send you a message research it! I do this all the time. Look up crow/raven symbolism and see what you find - best of luck to you.

No. 465099

I'm trying to think of fun couples costumes for this year since I can actually go out for Halloween for once

Different topic but has anyone ever dealt with sleep paralysis? I had one paranormal experience as a kid that sticks with me but the sleep paralysis freaks me out more than that. This was maybe about four or five years ago and I was staying in an apartment with my mom. I've had nightmares before but nothing frequent enough to be of real concern. This particular night, I kept having a lot of bizarre dreams. At one point, I dreamt that I woke up in my bedroom and kept staring at my closet door but refusing to open it. It was like I knew something was behind it. I finally stood up and turned to face my window and I saw what looked like black rain but was actually spiders just raining down outside.

I actually woke up after this and was staring at my ceiling. I couldn't move at all, like something was physically stopping me. On my ceiling, there was this weird vortex that I couldn't look away from and I just had this sick feeling that something was going to crawl out of it. I don't even remember how I got out of bed or what stopped it but it had me scared for a week.

I had sleep paralysis once before in my childhood home where I had a nightmare that my mom was dead in the living room (she used to sleep on the couch). I woke up facing the wall in my bed and I felt like something was sitting at the edge of my bed, watching me. I was so sure that something was there and I wanted to turn to see but I couldn't move at all. I had this image of some dark shadow watching me. Just a terrifying feeling.

No. 465101


On the topic of Dream paralisis, this documentary was entertaining.

I personally have had sleep paralisis a few times but most commonly i get vertigo and i feel people jumping on my bed and the bed shaking like ti was trembling. I am not the only one because several times my dad has woke me up talling me theres an earthquake when nothing is happening and not even the chandeliers are moving.

No. 465138

>like I would be driving in my car and birds would swoop down so close to my car I was afraid I would hit them but they would always rise up just in the nick of time. I could say it was a coincidence but it happened way too many times in a short period.

this is literally exactly what happens to me! (im the original anon you replied to). I wasn't raised religious/spiritual at all, so I don't really know where to start but I guess i'll try googling at around. thanks for the advice anon!

No. 467349

I love this! The drawing looks quite comfy, despite of what happened and what it portrays

This is so fascinating, I don't think I've ever heard anything like this before, thank you for sharing.
The "Now I understand" part implies that your grandma was known to be sensitive to this kind of stuff. I know that the post is quite old, but do you know anything about it/her?

No. 467532

File: 1569793838566.png (459.83 KB, 436x523, dress 2.png)

I know this is a month old, but this is exactly what I'm doing!! I made the flower crown this weekend and I just ordered the dress online. Still looking for the shoes. If you decide to do this, post a picture please!!

No. 467622

File: 1569811494067.jpg (16.89 KB, 500x287, ba338db9663edeed99b551631e7b56…)

I've been told by many, many different people in the area (mediums, psychics, heck, church pastors!) that i should be uwu sensitive, but honestly i feel like i absolutely repel any kind of supernatural thing or spiritual happenings, sort of a inverse medium?

An ex of mine had the token haunt central spooky house, his parents got a pretty nasty divorce and his mom was unhinged, he said she trashed the house, painted the inside walls with animal blood, stole pieces of clothing from everyone and the place has had shit happen ever since. (Obviously the dad got custody) There were substatially big scratches on his bedroom walls and the door before it got replaced mid-dating, multiple friends have said they feel uncomfortable inside the house (without knowing the shitty divorce thing because it was pretty personal), and some even swear seeing an old man in a suit in some places, specially his dad's room. And boy did I feel great and comfortable in that house, i loved hanging out there, i would pop up to eat pizza and talk anytime i could. Even after the demon talk, i had zero change in vibe.

my city in special is a lovecraftian nightmare (used to have 4 mental hospitals, 2 run by the freemasons, nazi priests, the whole package) and every single person i know has at least has one spooky story, takes the stuff somewhat seriously even if they are usually not supersticious, except me.
It makes me triple skeptic when whoever sort of "sensitive" individual, always, ALWAYS, comes with some schlick to me that im a medium or whatever.

No. 467639

This used to be me for like 18 years and then gradually my family home seemingly became haunted. Activity is centred around me but my brother gets it too. "It" mostly targets people when they're alone or in pairs. I think it's a "poltergeist" since there's a correlation between those and teenage turmoil in spaces where no one's died. Beats me why it didn't show up a decade earlier but there you have it. Maybe you'll get haunted eventually lol.

No. 467941

>haven't had a lot of especially spooky experiences
>interested in the paranormal though
>last year, close to Halloween/Samhain
>weird random shit keeps happening to me over and over
>remember getting in the car with my mom to go grocery shopping, look up and see this huge spider on the windshield
>looks nothing like anything in our area, smooth and black with white and orange spots, diamond shaped
>it's like the size of my palm and I'm freaking out but mom doesn't notice
>it disappeared and I tried to find it under her hood when we got home but idk where it went
>another night, right before halloween, was bored and playing with my runes
>cast them and I notice I'm reading them really clearly, I don't have to think about it too hard, it's like they're 'speaking'
>can't remember exactly every rune but I know one was berkana
>go to sleep that night
>have this vivid dream of these german speaking people chasing me
>speak enough kraut to know that they're talking about me, hear them saying stuff like, "where is she?"
>wake up and feel weirded out, like someone is watching me
>next day I leave out an apple for the 'gods', no more odd dreams of tall blond people trying to furiously find me
>haven't picked up my runes since cause that freaked me out lol, don't want to piss off Odin and Freyja again

No. 468066

Same. I don't pick up any eerie feelings at all when others do. And nothing paranormal has happened to me. If I mention it I always get called out on humblebragging.

I really want to see something paranormal.
Unless it's aliens… fuck those guys….

No. 468097

When I was a teenager I used to have these cool dreams which started as nightmares but at some point I could turn around the situation and save everyone. They stopped being cool when I realized that every damn time I had one of those dreams the person I saved suffered in real life. One of my relatives died after I dreamed I was burrying him to save him from a lava wave.
Once in highschool I got really severe chest pain at night and I went to the hospital. I called my best friend and she told me she couldn't talk then. The next day she called me to tell me her mother died at the same time I got the chest pain.

On a funnier note, we used to joke that my ex's home was haunted by a shy ghost because the floor creaked only when we went to sleep, be it day or night. It was like someone was walking slowly but without hearing the footsteps. I was trying to take a nap once and the damn thing wouldn't stay still so I shouted "fucking hell, let me sleep will you?" and it stopped immediately. I felt bad afterwards lol.

No. 468408

I went through everyones stories and I need more! I have some things but they're not as intense as other peoples

My sister,bf and I moved into an apartment down the hall from my sisters smaller apartment. As far as I knew nothing weird ever happened in there and I spent a decent amount of time in that apartment. One day my sister gives me a call saying she'll be home in 15 shes just catching the bus. Im like alright cool see you then. 5 minutes pass and I hear my front door unlock and close with a "Hey!". It sounded like my sister but I was also confused because she told me she took the bus. I assumed for a second maybe she had gotten a lift from someone. I wait 5 minutes and say hello again. No answer. I walk around and no one is home except my cat.

Another time my sister was home by herself and she walked into the living room to see my boyfriend standing and cuddling my cat. They noticed each other and she just walked into her bathroom. I came home a bit later and mentioned my bf wouldnt finish work until late. I swear her brain broke and she told me what happened. So I guess the pattern was the ghost liked to mimick people. The last thing we noticed was it was late one night and my sister is in her room with her bf getting it on( walls were kinda thin so we can definitely tell ) and I'm passed out while my boyfriend is playing video games. He said he heard our closet door in the living room open and shut a few times. He thought it was weird and possibly my sister but she was busy obviously. My bf also doesn't believe in anything paranormal so he got up to check it out and as he went to open our door it slammed shut. He came out really confused and my sister came out a few minutes after asking why we were fucking with the door. I also often heard children playing upstairs with running and thumping feet but we were on the top floor of our apartment.

My guess is it could be the souls of the two kids that died in a fire in the duplicate apartment building across from us. There was a Christmas play at my church a few years ago and the parents left the kids at home. They came back to a fiery inferno with both of their kids gone. I assume its them because of the children I hear, they knew me and my sister, and what they did was pretty harmless. Although it is in a different building so maybe that unit was just fucked lol

No. 469325

I have a lot of paranormal stories because my familys house was definitely haunted. I often thought that i imagined a lot of it because i was a little loopy throughout my teenage years but several stories can be backed up by other people who saw and heard stuff too.
One example:
I was staying in my little sisters room one night because my grandma was staying in my room. My sister was away for the night at a friends house so it was just me alone in her room. Her room always was so damn cold even though it got a lot of sun and had a heater. I was talking to my partner on the phone who i was in an ldr with at the time and fell asleep on the phone. I woke up the next morning and had lots of missed calls and texts from my partner, i called her back and asked why she was so freaked out (all her texts said "whats wrong!" "Are you ok?" Etc.), and she said that she heard growling, snarling and screaming for help coming from my end of the phone. The phone was very far away from my face, so if i was snoring or sleep talking she wouldnt have heard it.
I talked to mys sister about it later and she said that she often heard growling and female voices screaming just as she was falling asleep, coming from under her bed. Very creepy.

No. 469905

>odd experience I remember from my teenage years
>had just started living with my grandparents after my parents divorced, mom wasn't well
>lonely and anxious all the time, always living in my own little world
>used to spend a lot of time outside at night stargazing with my dog
>grandparents house was up on a hill, so the backyard had a great view of our city, you could literally see for miles
>on clear nights you could see all the way to downtown sometimes
>remember one night, I was outside playing with my dog, it was really late, almost midnight
>much more quiet than usual, no wind, moonless night so extra dark
>just looking out over our neighborhood, lost in my own thoughts
>suddenly this weird, overwhelming feeling of being watched comes over me
>it's like someone is standing right next to me but I can't see them
>have never felt this way before, it's extremely intense and hard to ignore
>it's just me and my dog, nothing else that I can see
>go inside and the feeling is still there
>keep looking over my shoulder because it's like I'm being followed
>go to talk to my grandmother who was usually up at night
>said she felt something odd too when I went to talk to her
>eventually go back into my room
>haven't had anything like that happen to me before, it was very odd
>can still remember that intense sensation that something was there but I couldn't see it, it's very hard to explain but it's like that feeling you get walking through a dark alley or when someone is staring at you but you don't want to look back

No. 475229

Have any of you ever played with a ouija board? What were your experiences with it? I wanna play with one but I'm scared

No. 475244

My mom died a few years ago after a long illness. The night that she died I felt a presence or an energy with me and my husband, I thought it was just my heightened emotions making me feel odd

For seven days afterwards I felt the presence throughout each day both when I was alone and even when I was in crowded places

She was cremated after seven days and while I couldn't be present at the funeral I stopped feeling the presence within a couple hours of the funeral happening. I don't have religious or spiritual beliefs but I can't explain it. Maybe it was all just a more intense form of initial grief that lifted after a week? My dad doesn't believe in anything spiritual either but he spoke about feeling the same thing in their house for a while afterwards. He sold it within the year which surprised me

No. 475260

I'm choosing to believe this is a fiction you made up for the thread because that is fuckin' creepy

No. 475263

File: 1571669475016.jpg (29.64 KB, 584x433, 1521251575437[1].jpg)

one motherfucker did this at the fair in town. He leaned back too far and rippen through that canvas ceiling above him. I guess it fling him about a block away before he landed in somebody's yard.

They still use the same machine, but there's a huge duct tapped patch over one of those triangles in the ceiling.

No. 475292

Please let this meme die in /x/ and /x/ only

No. 475311

Woah wtf? How is he just chilling on the wall? Spooky af.

No. 475320

centrifugal force.

No. 475421

If that's the case why doesn't he rippen through the wall?

I think its something more supernatural. Look at the people around him squirming in pain. He's powerful.

No. 475786

I've had a few encounters with Shadow People while at a park near my house. The park has a walking trail that leads to an old lookout tower, my friends and I used to go there a lot at night to be little hooligans and shit. But one night we were at the beginning of the trail after walking around, it's like 2:30am and we're all drinking at the fountains when suddenly something fell out of a tree next to us. The thing that fell out was pitch black and about 3ft tall. It fell to a black little lump at the ground but then STOOD UP like a person and ran into the trail. One friend goes running after it and its gone, when he comes back he had a huge scratch on his forehead (that didn't start bleeding until we got in the car). The tree it fell out of was a young tree that couldn't have held a child without snapping, that was my very first encounter with shadow people and scared the shit outta me.

The next time was we were coming down the trail around sundown, and somehow we got turned around & wound up lost on the trail (it has multiple entrances & we only know the way up 2 of them) which gave me the heebie-geebies because we'd been going up and down the trails for years and we'd never gotten lost before. I was at the back of the group (I had been wearing flip flops when they picked me up so I was a bit slower going back down) and they'd gotten ahead. I got down and was at a fork in the trail, I wasn't sure which way my friends had gone so I was texting one of them when I got a chill down my spine. I looked up at the fork again and there was a shadow person standing on the left side of the trail. It was tall and extremely thin, I froze when I saw it and it took a step forward and it hunched its back. Que me freaking the fuck out and running down the right side which luckily for me led to my friends. We get to the end of the trail and all go home.

The third (and last time) I saw one was when a friend and I were playing pokemon go in the trail at dark and out of no where my friend & I got the same feeling of being watched. We hadn't seen or heard anyone on the trail for hours so it was freaking me out. I started telling my friend I wanted to leave because I didn't want to see another shadow person (keep in mind he wasn't with me either of the times I saw them before and never saw a shadow person himself). I was half joking half not lol, but we started making our way down but the feeling of being watched never left us. We could hear a bunch of twigs snapping like someone was walking along the trees and whenever we stopped so did the snapping twigs. We started getting freaked out and decided to jog the rest of the way. We get out and run straight to my car when my friend says "Anon, look! What the fuck is that?!" I look where he was pointing and sure enough there was a motherfucking shadow person standing at the entrance of the trail.

After that I refuse to go anywhere near that trail at night. I don't even know what shadow people are but I want nothing to do with them. One of my friends who had seen them with me before said I was bad luck because shit always got spooky when I joined on the trail lol.

No. 476029

Nothing has ever happened to me either and people say they get touched and shit and all these creepy stories in this thread and I just want something to happen to ME. I WANT TO BELIEVE. Haha but seriously, I'm a science person and I've been to a ghost hunt and with the devices they have we got some recordings or whatever. I watch the ghost hunting shows sometimes (are they even real?). I just don't know. Some things are just inexplicable or such a coincidence. I just want something to happen to me.
The only thing that has happened to me maybe was when I was younger and I ran down our super long hallway in my old house and I swear I saw someone in the kitchen and thought it was one of my parents but looked back and nobody was there. But that could have been anything.
I get sleep hallucinations too so I don't trust any of the shit people say they see at the foot of their bed or something like that.

No. 476033

nothing's happened to you because ghosts aren't real and people interpret normal sounds and weird feelings as paranormal. others just straight up lie like the dumbass anon from way earlier in the thread talking about how she had been spiritually touched and shit kek

No. 476766

I agree - but the other anon has a point. It would be so fun if paranormal stuff actually existed.

Although then it would be less paranormal and more scientific.

No. 477774

R/ conspiracy just posted this

Going down the rabbit hole with "The Finders" FBI files.

I've been reading that FBI file dump that discusses "The Finders" and I came across some interesting things.

One of the pages in the 300+ page files has a newspaper article. The article mentions a member of The Finders being arrested.

The name of this member is Stuart Silverstone.

So, out of curiousity; I types his name into Instragram' search and found 1 profile with the same name. IG: StuartSilverstone

I clicked on the profile and it's not private. His profile is just the same 6 pictures of his face. Each picture fades to white.

But, the peculiar thing about his profile is what his photo captions say, such as: "Salem. Salem. We meet. Under the green neon lights. Let's have lunch. At midnight. May our savior be with your holy soul, 12."

Another one says "The chosen 12"

And another one just simply says: "Salem. Caeser."

Under that photo caption, there is 1 comment by someone named IG: caeser_.c98i2p927h3e6r and there comment appears to some sort of code because it says: "Phhw iru wkh ulwxdo dw lulgdb dw wkuhh lq plgqljkw."

So I clicked on caeser's profile and he has a random picture of a restaurant called snappy's and another business next to it called Greene's finance corp.

The photo caption for this says: "When the night falls. When the green neon light flashes. Head to Snappy's. And be treated to our saviour's mint candy."

On a different picture his photo caption says: "Does everyone dream. Everyone die's at Greene's."

And another photo shows a group of black people from a long time ago and the caption says: "We'll follow our ancestor's foot steps, Salem. Salem. 1 (207) 404-2604 we await your call. Be a part of our cake. You're the missing slice. The 12 of you. Vdwdq. Zlwfk."

Caeser's IG bio also has a youtube link and this is where it sent me: https://youtu.be/QiNVLIgyCjY

Look at the pinned comment under the video and you'll find Stuart Silverstone talking in code with a bunch of emoticons.

This youtube channel "Delta K" has 2 videos of weird True Detective Season 1 type imagery.

His playlists also has some very odd videos. Here is one uploaded by Stuart Silverstone:

Whatever though, right? They're just "art".

However, when you look into Mount Airy, NC you start to notice a trend…





Whether these stories are related or not, there sure is a lot of kidnapping going on in the Mount Airy, North Carolina area.

I also checked out Snappy's website: http://www.thesnappylunch.com/

And based on it's reviews it doesn't appear to have very good food. Very bland, but cheap.

Here are their hours of operation: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (5:45AM - 1:45PM)
Thursday, Saturday (5:45AM - 1:15PM)

Doesn't seem to leave a lot of time to actually make money serving sub par food.

Anyways, I feel like this goes a lot deeper. Feel free to go down this rabbit hole if you see any breadcrumbs into any of this.

No. 477782

File: 1572199899833.gif (2.22 MB, 540x304, baby.gif)

I know this post is old but I still really want to see the movie.
The pale lady looks so good! I love her so much.

No. 478464

I actually really enjoyed this movie for what it was. A lot of cheesy dialogue but the scary scenes were good!! Watch it!

No. 482915

No. 482956

No. 490542

I miss Cayleigh Elise, why did she have to leave YouTube? Waaahhhh come back

No. 490627

The last I saw of her she had gained weight and said she felt uncomfortable over that? Kinda surprised me cos it's a vid category where people are really into the subject matter and the persons voice/ability to tell a story. I wouldn't expect too many people to be dicks about weight

No. 490633

She says she quit because researching murder cases constantly was having an impact on her depression and causing suicidal thoughts (which is understandable imo). She said she would try to numb herself to her feelings but then it was making her numb all of the time.

She listed other reasons too, like it's socially isolating. This is her video about quitting, it's a bit rambly though.

No. 490875

she was the single true crime youtuber i didn't feel icky watching. literally every other person i've come across who does true crime videos sensationalizes it and turns it into a spectacle. Cayleigh really cared about what she did, and it showed.

No. 490949

stephanie harlowe comes off as very respectful and dignified when discussing true crime on her channel, maybe try her instead. that’s usually who i would watch when i was missing cayleigh’s videos (i liked her for the same reasons you and other anons mentioned) obviously it’s not the same but the vibe is similar.

No. 491617


Yeah, like Rob Dyke. He had to over sensationalize everything. I also hate youtubers like Bella Fiori who talk about true crime in a really light hearted way. Like they talk about it like it's fiction and not real people who got murdered. And Cayleigh was way more thorough than any of them.

No. 491638


Wasn’t Cayleigh friends or at least associated with Rob at some point? I know he used to comment on her videos a lot and it kind of made me avoid her for a while because I never really liked him.

No. 491639

yeah, she used to write for him actually. I still don't like him though.

No. 491646


No, I feel you, anon. I tried watching his shit but couldn’t deal with the cringe expressions. Normies love him unfortunately so he sticks around. Ugh.

No. 660852

It's that time(necro)

No. 947938

I'll take the ban

No. 947978

File: 1635020856145.gif (437.09 KB, 440x330, 8e8.gif)


No. 947986

File: 1635021235416.jpg (601.78 KB, 1280x1846, atots.jpg)

A hell yeah I love spooky shit. My fave horror movie is A tale of two sisters, is so beautifully filmed and the music is excellent.

No. 947987

thank you brave anon.

No. 947991

File: 1635021575757.jpg (976.89 KB, 4160x3120, spidderpumpkin.jpg)

Here's my pumpkin! OooOOOooOoOoOh spooky!!

No. 947993

File: 1635021673840.jpg (855.02 KB, 1350x3600, eastyorkshire1.jpg)

Sharing my favorite post from /x/, back before /pol/ schizos replaced the regular shizos

No. 947994

File: 1635021709870.png (50.65 KB, 1325x425, eastyorkshire2.png)

No. 948006

It’s very nice!

No. 948009

One of my favorite horror movies is Suspiria. It's not a typical horror with the "killer looking for you" story and is almost completely female focused. The retro German setting is very nostalgic to me personally. It has it's very grotesque and chilling moments as well. However it's hard to recommend to just anyone and I can understand why it has somewhat low ratings, especially from the typical movie critic. I've had a friend refuse to watch it after one scene as it is quite a lot to take in visually. I think I'm biased because the haunted dance studio setting and the main character's childhood hangups of her dreadful home and mother is very relatable. Tilda Swintons's performance is a bonus. I'm going to watch the original next as I've heard it's very different.

No. 948012

Great taste. Do you prefer the original or the remake nonny?

No. 948017

any 70's horror movie recs, preferably british? nothing too violent or gory.. I am thinking like the wicker man

No. 948020

I can't bring myself to watch the remake because the original is one of my favorite movie and I love Argento.
Also Goblin > Thom Yorke

No. 948022

Watching the original for the first time tonight, setting up my room with a cool breeze coming in and the cloudy moody weather makes for perfect horror movie time. I'll check back in and give my opinion after

No. 948025

File: 1635023973561.jpg (367.38 KB, 1191x1600, suspiria.jpg)

Well as mentioned above suspiria is a great horror movie. I don't know many movies that are exactly what you are looking for but rotten tomatoes has a good list of great horror movies of the 70's.

No. 948027

Pls do nonny!

No. 948109

fuck this shitty remake

No. 1042416

File: 1643223112239.jpg (67.09 KB, 800x649, pepe-the-frog-holding-a-cigare…)

no longer dormant eH? kpopfags are starting to get bold. where's the spray?

No. 1042422

what? im just telling my experience, its the spooky thread moron.
this is a actual experience that i had after a ritual to invoke a imaginary/egregore friend.

No. 1042434

You're using kpop reactions/talking about idols on a non-kpop board, learn to integrate

No. 1042437

Nta, but stfu don't u get tired. Your shitty attitude ruins the vibe in every thread

No. 1042441

High chances i'm not the same anon you're talking about, schizo, back to choachan

No. 1042442

people use reaction images here alot of the time and sometimes its idols, that doesnt mean its kpop posting but ok. Will redo.

its okay im tired of arguing with the austists who get triggered when they see a asian so i will just post it again without the reaction gif.

No. 1042443

Dont judge me noonas

>i go through some things

>decide i need someone to vent too and tell everything to
>decide to create a imaginary friend
>immediately that night i have a dream about a guy trying to drown me by driving our car underwater.
>totally forget that i tried to create a imaginary friend
>a couple of days go by.
>me waking up in my dark room, feel like somebody is putting pressure on my hips, i actually think this is one of my siblings at first so i call out their name and nothing happens, after a minute i get so freaked and jump out and turn the lights on.
>see that there is nothing in my room
>a day after my closet randomly opens for no reason
>for some reason i dont care and ignore it
>nothing happens after that
>a week goes by and my retarded ass finally realizes that i tried to create a imaginary friend and that's why those things happened.

No. 1042492

File: 1643226439820.gif (548.48 KB, 200x203, D6D61B3D-8D0F-4763-B505-41B1C1…)

>problem with asians
Oh please you know damn well the issue is kpop stars, and not Asian men. If you’re the koreaboo from /g/, quit your spamming or leave the site. Choachan exists for a reason sperg

No. 1042501

Literally this.

No. 1042511


what was the ritual. link

No. 1042516

all of this because of a reaction gif of someone making a disgusted face who happened to be a idol, get help.
it wasnt a actual ritual, i used a candle and scripted how they would act but the majority of the work i did was by listening to a imaginary friend subliminal. I did this more as a experiment.

No. 1042718

Sounds like you conjured a manlet incel, nonna

No. 1045965

how so?

No. 1046007

File: 1643476795712.jpg (63.68 KB, 612x1000, 6348636893.jpg)

Have any anons ever encountered another person they felt were off somehow? Like they were something other than or more than human. Any stories like that?

No. 1046010

No. 1046034

File: 1643479039281.jpg (163.47 KB, 1920x798, Bella-Swan-in-Twilight-2008.jp…)

No. 1046052

yes, I think we've already met

No. 1046058

File: 1643480350319.jpg (183.55 KB, 1200x800, azealia-banks.jpg)

One time i was going to sleep and i saw Azelia Banks come out of my closet holding a dead chicken in her hand that she sacrificed while she had her bpd smile.

Then she told me ''THIS IS FOR THE LANA-FAG BITCHES AT /OT/'' and then she disappeared.

Im still traumatized by it.

No. 1046207

that sounds so traumatic, wish you the best nonny

No. 1046624

File: 1643534939784.png (303.08 KB, 540x405, tumblr_nh5dsdCXWo1tsy4o9o6_540…)

I remember reading something that said "shadow people" are actually part of another existential plane and for some reason (can't remember) when you're sleepy you can sort of slip into their plane and that's why they sort of stalk you and take an interest in you, cause it's you that doesn't belong.
It's probably nonsense but it was an interesting read.

No. 1046656

>halloween nuggets

No. 1345821

so whats happening on the 24th of september

No. 1345830

What do you mean?

No. 1345836

something paranormal is supposed to happen apparently

No. 1345842

No. 1345847

File: 1663732223337.jpg (34.93 KB, 500x500, c7c2df86dcb20796bab2346760fbb7…)

No. 1345848

File: 1663732321624.png (552.95 KB, 1926x1040, Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 8.51…)

we are okay for now

No. 1345851

File: 1663732484037.jpg (296.96 KB, 1056x1812, z6i1N2Y.jpg)

No. 1345859

File: 1663732779588.jpg (62.67 KB, 735x573, 168f2a15ad3daec3926ce72d65f159…)

Avatarfagging ass faggot, I'll stomp on your head infront of your mommas momma and make her thank me for it. Don't post that shit again, hontoni death upon all anime and anime-esque reaction images and all male anti-art. You are more obvious than you know, I'd have your impaled reaction image head on a pike if I were given the title of lolcow impaler.

No. 1345864

Not only is he an avatarfag, he's also a tranny moid

No. 1345867

File: 1663733223152.jpeg (9.38 KB, 222x222, 0A602188-A64D-4C2A-BF6A-6ED9B8…)

>be me
>12 year old Canadian visiting family in the Ethiopia highlands for the summer
>get to play all day with my cousins
>night time comes and we gather round a fire and tell scary stories/legends
>we’re told a story about a young trickster shadow that likes to play around the highland, but NEVER wants to stop playing, and tricks you into an exchange in order to play with them forever
>fast forward one month later
>Me and 2 of my cousins are playing near the outskirts of our village at night (which we never were allowed to do) when a government mandated power outage occurs
>Suddenly everything is pitch black, we can’t see our hands in front of our face.
>no moon out.
>before we can panic, we see a huge industrial flashlight in the distance approach us
>it’s too dark to see the person holding it, so it looks like it’s floating
>we immediately recognize it as our uncle’s flashlight, since he was the only one in the village to own one of that size or quality.
>we start calling out to him and approach him but he jogs away
>we laugh and realize he’s playing tag (which he did often with us)
>we chase him and the flashlight through the village while it’s pitch black, until we get to a VERY narrow alleyway
>it’s so narrow, only 2 ppl could stand shoulder to shoulder in it
>it’s also a dead end
>my youngest cousin (7) tries running up to him, but then the flashlight drops to the ground
>the flashlight rolls slightly and the beams hit the wall at the end of alleyway
>no one’s there
>he couldn’t have possibly ran past us without us feeling him shove by
>other cousin (10) becomes so scared he drops to his knees
>I run up and grab the flashlight and force 10 year old cousin to hold it while I pick up the youngest while we run back home a mile away
>we sputter and cry trying to describe what happened to our parents
>we see our uncle drinking tea in the living room, he’d been there all night
>I try getting my cousin to show the flashlight, but it suddenly wasn’t in his hand anymore
>it was illuminating us the entire way, but suddenly it was gone
>he seems really distant and quiet
>grandma places salt and wine around the entire house and forces my 10 year old cousin to take an herbal bath from her garden.
>I could hear her praying the whole night for “them” to give him back to us before sun rise.
>she suddenly goes quiet and says “is that all?”
>she gets up from her chair, grabs a plier from a bucket outside, and pulls one of her teeth out and plants it in the ground right outside the house.
>sunrise comes and she says all will be fine.

Anyways, I’ve never shared this before. I had to start the 6th grade back in Canada like nothing happened two weeks later.

No. 1345874

File: 1663733401497.webm (3.22 MB, 576x824, 4926972303543594.webm)

No. 1345879

Holy shit wtf I would have been traumatized. I was such a wimp as a kid too I probably would have needed therapy after Did anyone in your family ever discuss it again?

No. 1345894

>grandma pulling out one of her teeth to satisfy the ooga booga
Holy shit she loved your asses lmao.

No. 1345982

I have this story I always tell when someone ask if me if anything paranormal ever happened to me, it’s not really that spooky but it still manages to slightly creep me out. When I was about 9 I lived with my mom in a pretty small apartment, every morning she’d wake me up super early since my bus would pick me up around 6 am because I lived far from my school. She would always make me breakfast, take out the trash and do some quick chores around the apartment while we waited for my bus to show up. One morning I remember waking up and my mom as usual has my breakfast ready for me after I finish getting dressed so I sit down to eat in the kitchen while I assume my mom is either getting ready herself or doing other stuff around the apartment. I suddenly hear my closet door being violently shaken and I assume it fell and my mom was trying to put it back into position because the shaking was continuous like someone jamming it back into place or hitting it over and over and it was super loud. I run to my room in case she needed help only to find the light off and my closet door closed and no longer hearing any sounds. I was pretty confused and then I hear the main door open and close and see my mom coming in from the outside. Another spooky story I have which isn’t as unexplainable but still really scared young me was once during a hurricane there was a big power outage and I couldn’t sleep so I open my blinds and start looking outside, it was raining a lot and was windy but I could still make out most of my neighborhood and I remember suddenly the sky turning bright red before turning blue and then back to dark again since it was the middle of the night. I have a video of this happening but don’t really feel like doxing myself.
Nonna this is literally so horrifying, your grandmother is a real one for that, I hope you and your cousins are doing okay now because that would probably traumatize me for life.

No. 1345993

omg thank you for sharing this, that's so freaky!!! i'm glad your grandma believed you and your cousins

No. 1346006

My boyfriend’s stepgrandpa is a suspected witchcraft user, he snuck into my bfs cousins house rooms (they’re little girls like 11 and 14) and cut a lock of hair off and did a weird ritual with it, allegedly. He also tried killing my bf’s auntie because he made a gas leak by unscrewing a pipe or something and he knows she smokes weed. He doesn’t talk to anyone in the family. They’re also Native American so the witchcraft thing is a huge no no.

No. 1346022

I used to have dreams as a 4-7 year old child that there was a ghost at my grandparents house. They were very realistic and made me cry when I woke up. I can still remember my dreams to this day. Told my mom about it some years later and she said I remember, you used to always there was a ghost at grandparent's house. Kinda spooked me nonnies.

No. 1346032

I don't really believe in ghosts or supernatural stuff, but I think this is a phenomenon that some anons might find spooky.

This only happens to me when I visit my childhood home, and while I lived there it happened often. I would wake up to the sound of a woman's voice calling my name from downstairs. The voice sounds very similar to my mom's voice, but not quite, and whenever I would call back I would get no answer and my mom would come out of her room and ask me why I'm yelling. One night when it happened I didn't call back since I didn't want to wake my mom and just went back to sleep. Then I heard someone coming upstairs and was convinced it was actually my mom this time. The door opens and in the dark I only see the silhouette of what kinda looks like her peeking inside. I ask her if everything's okay, but she doesn't answer, just slowly closes the door and leaves.

I've put it down to my mother walking in her sleep. She claims she doesn't and no one else in my family has seen her do it, but what else it could be aside from my sleepy brain is spooky to think about.

No. 1346034

I know this is a really late reply but I had a nightmare the other night and woke up at 3.
>take an odd job
>me and some other people kill rats for money
>we have to kill them however I put them in a sack and throw them in a river
>other people smash them violently with aluminum cans or step on them and strangle them
>the place we kill them in had no lighting or plumbing and we have to work before it gets dark out
>we get paid everyday
>the boss is a weird old bacero Mexican guy
>he gives me a bonus one day,
>it’s a weird plant that kind of reminds me of a giant squishy clover leaf
>the inside is like an aloe Vera plant
>he tells me it’s a nice good fruit
>he also says I get a free ice cream at a local restaurant
>ffw me sitting in restaurant with bf
>my free ice cream is a sundae
>take a bite
>suddenly the room starts spinning
>I have cotton mouth
>I’m gonna throw up
>I can’t cause I’m choked up
>I feel so sick
>”help me throw up” I manage to speak
>I can’t see anything
>I look in the direction of my bf, “stick your finger down my throat!”
>my bf is no longer himself but the boss
>”I will stick something else down your throat”
I woke up panicked, and coughing so hard I dry heaved, I checked the time it was 3am and that made me so scared.

No. 1346058

File: 1663751413472.jpg (924.15 KB, 1170x866, 1662736884508583.jpg)

A childhood friend of mine used to live down the street from me. His mom was extremely abusive, and he used to regularly show up to our house with the marks of physical abuse. I'll never forget going camping with them one time, and him showing up to our camp site with a huge mark across his face from where she back handed him with long nails.

Anyways, his mom used to say that their house was haunted by the ghost of an Indigenous person. What she didn't tell anyone is that her mother was a residential school survivor, and that she was the generation directly afterwards. Anyways, ghosts are real

No. 1346124

File: 1663760821079.jpg (4.16 KB, 728x410, eyes.jpg)

I always feel in certain spots like something is watching me. 8 years ago one random woman suddenly said to me on the streets that I should be careful because of the watchful eyes.

A lot of other creepy things happened like doors suddenly opening and closing without a reason (and only when I am in it), some things being displaced somewhere else (although it got better), things moving to edges (for over 8 years, but it suddenly stopped last year, when literally nothing changed. I did not even move). Remembering people literally everyone forgets existed (even teachers forgot about one of my classmates after the summer break) when I was literally in a class with him for 2 years. There were a lot of other creepy things, but they are more personal, which is why I won't write them down.

Can anyone recommend me a lucky charm (stone, necklace etc.) or someting like that? I feel creeped out

No. 1346133

My brother got woken up because he heard something and he found his (I think) vertical blind torn off and sort of pulled down going under his bed. I find it weird cause that place doesnt seem to have any bad energy. Our old house I swear one winter morning when the sun was coming up I saw a shadow of a boy about 13-14 with yellow glowing eyes in my sisters dark room that was open. Weird af but never saw it again and I like to pretend it was my sleepiness since that house had a lot of haunted problems. Might write them later.

No. 1346309

sounds like an entity may be following you. Definitely need to do some research on how to get rid of it

No. 1346363

When I was in middle school, I was having a sleepover with my best friend at the time. A bit into the sleepover her mom casually warns me that I might hear noises at night since they had a ghost possessed bear upstairs. I asked questions and they brought me up and showed it to me. It was a teddy bear tied to a chair with rope in an almost completely bare upstairs room. Her and my friend were dead serious about it and just told me that the bear was possessed by the spirit of some guy that got shot hiding during a robbery, there were bullet holes and shit and his soul got put in the bear? And my friend is all like yeah sometimes we hear thumping up here because he's trying to escape but it's no big deal he can't do anything. I'm like what the fuck is wrong with this family. They never did some grand reveal of a joke or anything they acted very solemn about it. Her mom was also really fucking weird my mom told me that her mom would talk to her about her ambien hallucinations and shit

No. 1346464

File: 1663779431665.gif (1.58 MB, 320x180, judderman.gif)

thanks nonnie absolute blair witch level horror

No. 1347037

I have a couple of stories to share.

My friend recently died in June. She was a very dear friend of mine and very young too.

I was having a nightmare a week after I found out she died. In my dream I kept saying I couldn't save her. I said it was my fault. I opened my eyes to see my friend shaking me physically waking up. I was so shocked she came to visit me.

The 2nd was a dream I had of her. In the dream we both walked around a park and I told her that I had to tell everyone that she came down to visit. My friend looked at me and said No, you can't do that because you'll remember that I died and then you'll wake up. The rest of the dream was us goofing around and walking like we usually did.

The 3rd encounter was when I was crying on the sofá of my living room. I was very sad because my ex had suddenly stopped talking to me ( I hadn't found out she had cheated on me) when suddenly I felt a cold but.. hot breeze? I felt my friend put her arms and her face on my back. I turned around and got up the sofa and no one was there. I cried happy tears because she was trying to help me.

No. 1347134

Im so unnerved by this that a tear sprang to my eye

No. 1347138

i want to experience a close encounter so badly. at this rate i'll never see one

No. 1347224

hi nonnies, i have always been obsessed with witchcraft and the occult. i remember one time a while back my mom half jokingly said not to try and contact her through ouija stuff when she died, because that stuff spooked her. my mom died in july and i miss her so much. but she sent me a sign right after, so i have to believe shes ok somewhere. im going back to read all the other posts when i have time. blessed day/night nonas.

No. 1347230

i wont and wasnt planning to lol just wanted to share. i lost my aunt too in 2020 and ever since i dont even touch my board, it sits on top of my closet collecting dust.

No. 1347265

This is sort of the reverse of what everyone has posted here but i’ve done every ghost/demon summoning ritual I could find and played a bunch of those paranormal games like bloody mary, hide and seek, etc. as a teen and have never had anything paranormal happen during or after them.

No. 1347343

thank you. Entity means ghost etc., right? Google just shows me some unrelated things or the series Supernatural. It overall got better but I will still try to find a way to get rid of it fully

No. 1347345

aren't those things myths? You will probably have more "luck" if you buy something from an antique store. But I honestly wouldn't do it

No. 1347638

could be a ghost, or a negative force. someone may have placed a curse.

No. 1347911

That's very sweet and touching.

No. 1348539

thank you. Hopefully not because I barely mention when I was born and barely any photos of me exist/do other people have of me (and everything before that seems unlikely considering I and others who maybe dislike me were too young? I read in the witchcraft thread that you need the name, birthday and a photo to place a curse, so hopefully this is not the case with me)

No. 1350388


I forgot I posted this lol thnx nonnas, and yes my grandma is a real one. She passed away around the same time the next summer. I sometimes worry it was because of us .

No, we don’t talk about it. The last time I visited them (2017) I attempted to mention it briefly to my aunt only for her to sharply slap me. She walked away and acted like nothing happened. I know I’m kind of westernized so I probably missed a lot more of the context in what really happened overall.

No. 1350440

I'll share one of my recent spooky experiences.

> go to museum

> the building is very old, dating back to the middle ages
> it used to be a "madhouse" or home for mentally and/or gravely ill people
> I'm the only visitor at that time slot
> enjoying my visit, seeing cool art
> approach one room, about to turn a corner into it
> freeze in place
> something is not right
> I can feel "people" in the next room
> stay perfectly still to see if I can hear anyone
> brace myself and walk ahead
> no one there
> continue through the museum
> feel something intensely heavy
> gravity feels stronger in this room (if that makes sense)
> teeth start chattering
> see a tiny, windowless room with a thick, heavy door on the side of the gallery
> read the plaque beside it
> this is one of the isolation cells
> they used to lock people in here with no light and no contact with anyone else
> can feel someone in there
> the door is open, I can see it's empty
> the small galleries to the side served the same purpose
> continue onward
> feel myself being watched until I exit the museum

No. 1350675

>go on a local ghost tour
>is mostly tourguide hyping her midtier book
>one story about a janitor at an old bowling alley
>said he used to fear death
>sees the apparition of an old buddy as he's cleaning up one night, clear as day
>no longer fears death because buddy showed him there's more waiting on the other side
>ftw no kind spirit friend to ease my fears

I'm a nonbeliever but I lost my mom a few years back and have been low key hoping for a sign/closure ever since and that story got me

No. 1350707

i don't know if this is really 'spooky' but it's the only kind of paranormal experience i've ever had. i was like 8 years old, and one night i woke up randomly and just felt like something was wrong. i wouldn't usually leave my room when waking up randomly, but i got up and went looking around the house for my mom but couldn't find her and started panicking because i felt like something was just weird. find my dad sleeping alone in their room and he says my mom went to the hospital to be with my grandpa because his health was declining. 20 minutes later she comes home sobbing because my grandpa passed away and i'm like oh shit. i know i didn't wake up to the sound of her leaving the house or anything because she'd already been gone for a few hours at that point, it was early morning like 3 am when she got home. i guess i've had other weird experiences like dream premonitions and shit but this was the most obvious to me and almost makes me believe in the spiritual/paranormal. i'm hoping it wasn't just a coincidence lol. i really loved my grandpa

No. 1350854

File: 1664036661705.jpg (29.79 KB, 400x400, 2689732.jpg)

I've only had 'sleep paralysis' once in my life but for ages after it happened I swore something really happened to me. At this point I don't know anymore but there was a detail the next day that bothered me. I was a depressed, agoraphobic teen. I had alot of dark thoughts and spent alot of time in my room. I wasn't a big god believer but I was in a bad place mentally, wasn't sleeping great and my mom suggested I get some rosary beads to sleep with for some weird reason. I felt spooked in the room but blamed it on my mental state. I got crystals too lol and put them at the bottom of my pillowcase. My parents said hey whatever makes you feel better at night, do it. So I slept with these rosary beads permanently under my pillow. My non believing ass just doing it anyway.

One morning I wake up laying on my right side and I can't move or open my eyes. Great. The next thing I know I'm not in my body. I'm not in my room either. I'm somewhere else. I'm upright. Its dark. The atmosphere is heavy. This feeling of dread comes over me. I feel a presence in front of me but its too dark to make out what it is. Shimmers of light illuminate small sections of it. Its large, jet black. Its shoulders are wide. It has leathery lines in its skin. I'm terrified and struggling to get a decent look at what the hell is in front of me. I hear a male voice. Its not the creature but a disembodied voice coming from above us and off to the left. Its says "leave this place" and for a moment I don't know whether its speaking to me or to the thing. I don't know what 'this place' is or how I got there. I'm trying to process this when I snap back to being in my body again. There are a few more seconds where I'm laying there still unable to move and then as soon as I manage to move.. I bolt it out of the room and I spend hours downstairs with my mom telling her I'll never enter the room again. That lasted a few hours but I eventually head back up to get dressed and face the fear.

The day before this I had changed my bedsheets. I get to the room and slowly carefully change out of my pjs (acting as if something is going to jump out at me) and I spot that the rosary beads I'd slept with for years were on my dresser. It was the first time in years that I'd slept without them. I didn't know that til that moment. I'd assumed they were in their usual spot within my pillowcase the whole time. Now I know I probably just left them there when I was changing the sheets the prior day but the one night I don't have them right under me is that one night this happened? That was the cherry on top. I was fucked up for months afterwards trying to get to sleep in that room.

No. 1350872

Awwww. This is so sweet, I hope you can see your mother nonny.

No. 1350918

What museum is this? It sounds incredible, all spooky aside.

No. 1350951

File: 1664043117717.jpg (26.8 KB, 500x375, desu.jpg)

This reminded me of a sleep paralysis experience I had years ago. I slept lying on my back and woke up, couldn't move and there was a horrible creature on top of me. It looked a bit like an insect but it also looked a bit demonic. It held my arms and legs and also touched me inappropriately with some of its appendixes or whatever and I was so afraid. Then I remembered my silver crucifix I got from my mom and I thought "Jesus help me" kek. It really helped because the creature left/the sleep paralysis ended. I'm not often telling this story because it kind of makes me sound like some Christian loony.

No. 1350957

> insect but it also looked a bit demonic. It held my arms and legs and also touched me inappropriately with some of its appendixes or whatever

Yall have some fucked up kinks.

No. 1351260

it is! I recommend it for a visit to anyone. It's Museum van de Geest

No. 1354726

As if I wanted any of that but thanks for the laugh anyway nona. Sleep paralyses can be weird and disgusting at times.

No. 1358717

Sleep paralysis terrified me after one terrible terrible incident like yours, except it was by the end of my bed.

Only good thing that came from it is that I figured out how to "snap" myself out of sleep paralysis and nightmare, it's become automatic. I don't really get nightmares anymore, I just wake myself up automatically but I have no clue how or why.

No. 1728308

digging up this time capsule - anyone try the new aldi Halloween foods? the ghost pizza is great and the pumping icecream pop are the bomb

No. 1728312

this is me lol. When I was a teenager they would happen to me all the time unprovoked. Now I'm an adult I go out of my way to haunted mental asylums, abandoned houses, haunted everything, and cemeteries at 3 am and nada. I'm considering getting a ghost box

No. 1728348

I know this post is a year old but now that the thread has been bumped again I just want to thank this anon for recommending that museum, I live decently close by and will definitely give it a visit.

No. 1728391

Kansas anons - who's been to osatawotomie state hospital? Is it actually still in business?

No. 1730045

>>1728391 I'm from the area, though I've never been there. But it seems that the hospital is still operating. I think the old infirmary has been demolished, though.

No. 1742209

Anyone else here watch Sam and Colby? They're my guilty pleasure. What do you guys think is going on at the 20:00 mark in the new Conjuring video? Like how are the woman and man making the tapping noises? I want to know the secret

No. 1742226

File: 1698519074717.jpg (108.69 KB, 434x654, 089033_1_ftc.jpg)

I never clicked on their videos but whenever I'd see their thumbnails I'd think they're the modern day Hardy boys

No. 1742228

I’ve never watched them before and that was the first video I watched of theirs. That was pretty fucking crazy. I immediately thought there’s no way and it’s rigged somehow but then going to a random ass park and it happening there too is odd to say the least

No. 1742242

You guys need to watch their shit honestly idc if it's fake or real it's entertaining and they're the only two young guys on youtube who dont look completely like ugly ass dorks

No. 1742286

they look absolutely retarded what do you mean

No. 1742288

the average youtube male looks like projared so this is a step up for sure

No. 1742363

these are the least melted youtube moids I've seen like ever

No. 1742639

I went there and there seems to be a weird thing among the guards to not disturb people if you wander the area at night. I also went to asylum bridge and lots of my jewelry got moved around my car

No. 1742670

File: 1698550109640.jpg (689.21 KB, 4032x3024, IMG_0632.jpg)

my konata pumpkin.. i've never carved a pumpkin before pls bear with me

No. 1742695

I love it!

No. 1742769

Late but it’s so sad how common abuse is in the community. Another story my bf told me was him and his mom driving through the rez at night
>he sees a bright white animal in the distance
>”mom what is that?”
>”don’t look at that son”
>he said it looked like a deer but it was as small as a rabbit but it was far away and he didn’t fully see it
>they hear tapping at the top of the car.

No. 1742770

Another weird story is how I heard of this one boy going blind and his mom said it’s because she was looked at a ceremony she wasn’t supposed to see while she was pregnant.

No. 1742802

i can't, youtube just gave me the "i'll count to three, and if you don't turn off your adblocker i'm going to never talk to you again" bpd shpiel so i am boycotting

No. 1743116

damn, that's so cool!

No. 1800832

i truly think humans have precognition abilities they can tap into and i think it does stem from some evolutionary process.
i swear when i was a kid i used to be able to know when/what certain things were going to happen. not like super far in the future but like the next day or a week away, and then as i got older i lost that ability

No. 1800860

I like the creepy unsolved mysteries thread on KF. It has a lot of goosebumps-raising things, though a lot of them are just sad missing children. Too bad there's only a few posts a month.

No. 1801163

I think its something to be careful with supporting, a lot of grifters and narcs claim they have that and are "tapped in" when they're actually just obsessive liars. I would agree that it's just a natural part of childhood but all the adults ive seen who claim to have it are absolutely full of shit and they all have an infatuation with pattern-seeking and making vague predictions (and a lot of them) hoping some will stick and they'll seem ~esoteric~. When I was a kid, I would sometimes have hyperspecific dreams that randomly came true, nothing huge but little eerie things. I do think it is more common than people realize. I've only had it a couple times in adulthood, but I think they could be explained as coincidence. I do think a lot of people try really hard to artificially create connections because they want to be seen as in-tune, but I dont think adults are capable of having that kind of ability.

No. 1865901

File: 1706069794360.jpeg (136.43 KB, 681x804, IMG_5689.jpeg)

Bumping this dead ass thread because boy do I have a campfire story to tell. There’s this guy who lives near me who I unironically think is a real life vampire. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out.
>he lives in a tiny windowless metal shack outside his grandmother’s house, he could live with her but he chooses not to, the shack is completely dark except for a single lamp
>dresses in a very old-timey style, shows up to casual events wearing a suit with slicked back hair
>I’ve never seen him eat, there was nothing in his fridge except for a single bottle of vodka
>Has a massive collection of vintage gas masks and weapons that no one his age who makes as little money as he does could logically afford
>Sharp front teeth
>Works next to the local graveyard
>Even though he’s Native American and both his father and brother look clearly Native he is so pale I thought he was white
>Ex accused him of trapping her in a room for days and using mind control methods to brainwash her into being his sex slave
>Bisexual (this sounds irrelevant but come on if you were eternal you’d probably try having gay sex at least once)
>Some found my Tik Tok account even though we don’t share any mutual followers, I set it up so that it doesn’t suggest my account to people in my contacts, he’s not even in my contacts, and I don’t use that username on any other platform

No. 1865912

Thats honestly kinda cool but also run

No. 1865931

How do I stop having vivid nightmares anon? I don't consume negative media or anything but I keep getting reoccurring gorey dreams, no specific pattern or common thing or anything and it completely fucks up my mood for the following days after. I don't even have any trauma relating to such and never consumed any gore outside of scary movies that I haven't watched in years. It's almost making me scared to go to sleep

No. 1865934

I mean this can all be explained lol. Amongst 8 billion people alive there's going to be some unlikely outliers, looks like you met one of them who's also a creepy stalker/snooper.

Isn't the "pale human who doesn't eat" type of vampire not the idea of modern media anyway? Pretty sure vampires were originally described as hideous literal monsters. >>1865912's right about running though.

No. 1865941

Women will see a man with schizphrenia and autism and say he a vampire brooo(integrate)

No. 1865948

He sounds hot, I wanna live in that shack with him.

No. 1865967

You're probably desperate. "Tehe mentally ill ugly man who thinks he's a daddy dom and sleeps in a shack with no windows unffffff want"

No. 1866029

Do you happen to drink a lot of caffeine by chance? The more caffeine I have, the crazier my dreams are even when don't drink any caffeine a while before bed. Maybe look into improving 'sleep hygiene'.

No. 1866112

I used to get very vivid dreams/nightmares that left me completely exhausted in the morning. Turns out sleeping too hot makes you have dreams. Now I sleep without heating pad and my window a little open and everything's okay again. Might not be what's causing your nightmares but try sleeping cooler for a few days to see if it helps.

No. 1866118

Nayrt but I also have vivid dreams every night and sleep super hot and I gotta try this now. How cold does it get at night where you are? I'd like to try the open window but I'm scared of waking up freezing (for reference it gets to 0C here) and not have the strength to get up in the cold. Share your experience? Do you need long pijamas in that case?

No. 1866135

Oh I think we live in a similiar climate. It tends to stay around 0 degrees celcius here during night, a bit below or a bit above. I don't open the window wide open, just a crack to let some cool and fresh air in, it doesn't wake me up during the night. If it's very cold/windy/rainy I don't keep my window open though.

>Do you need long pijamas in that case?

I haven't tried sleeping in short pajamas in the winter

In what way do you sleep hot? Too many blankets? Or do you keep your heater on at night maybe? You can always try adjusting that first.

No. 1866716

>In what way do you sleep hot?
I'm not sure. When I go to sleep I actually find the room sort of cold but I always wake up in the middle of the night sweating, even though I sleep in my underwear. Could be the covers but they're not that thick… I'll try the open windows + pjs, even though sleeping in undies rocks. Thanks nonnie.

No. 1867255

can you try lucid dreaming? I've always had super vivid dreams which started off as nightmares so as a kid I just started creating my dreams instead. Basically would close my eyes and start imagining which as I fell asleep would just turn into a dream. I would wake myself up if the dream started going bad or out of my control but it became second nature pretty quick. Now I just lazily fall asleep without setting any dream intentions and just alter the dreams I get as-needed but main thing is I'm always in control of myself and can at least wake myself up if things get bad. It seems like my dreams stopped always defaulting to nightmares after a while but no idea when cause I enjoyed my massive storylines as a kid.

No. 1879692

When i moved to my house there were couple of paranormal things happening but then they stopped for like a year. Today i just finnished watching a tv show and went upstairs to sleep and suddenly i heard very loud and fast knocking on one side of the house and right away on the other side, then a bit of silence and then more loud fast knocking. It sounded urgent. I thought it was coming from the roof but it wasn't rats or martens running on it they sound much softer. So i rushed downstairs to check if my boyfriend is knocking and i found him stading in front of our glass door looking out, trying to see who's knocking. He thought i was when he didn't see anything outside. Then it started again on one side and then quickly on another side. He opened the door to check outside with a flashlight and it stopped just as he opened the door and he saw noone. I checked with the other door and saw noone.
Freaked me out, i can't imagine somebody pulling such complicated prank. There are some kids living in my village but it's mostly old people and things like this don't really happen here, people don't do pranks to neighbours. It's unexplained at the moment.

No. 1879787

This same thing happens at my grandmother's house. She lives in a very rural place and the nearest house is a 10 minute walk. When we spoke on the phone she used to complain about loud knocks at the side of her house, like someone banging at the door except higher from the door frame. For a long time I suspected that she was just dreaming and chalked it up to her becoming older. Of course, I never let on about my doubts because she sounded very concerned and I figured it was best to let her vent her feelings to me. The last time I visited her though, I was awake late one night and heard the same loud banging around 4 in the morning. I remember feeling very faint when I heard it because I realized that this had been going on for almost 2 years at that point. I went outside to investigate but there was nothing around the house, and no foot tracks in the snow. By this point in time my grandmother had become very accustomed to the knocks, which she claimed happened only once or twice every month. She claimed that whatever was knocking didn't "feel" like it was an evil thing, which comforted her. I tried to come up with a good explanation, but the most I could come up with is a bird flying into the house: but even then, surely the bird wouldn't repeatedly fly into the house time and time again. She ended up calling the priest to have the house blessed. I wonder if there is a name for this phenomenon.

No. 1880233

i thought it maight be something wrong with electric wires in the walls, though the lights and computers were fine whe it happened. Electricity can be loud so that's the only pathetic explanation i came up with kek.

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