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File: 1716646250699.png (5.09 MB, 3570x2859, Elsie dies from cringe.png)

No. 2019903

Post things for anons to cringe at.

No. 2019906

File: 1716646426628.jpg (13.41 KB, 300x302, photo_2020-08-12_10-30-43.jpg)

No. 2019907

Kindly, this thread already exists.

No. 2019910

File: 1716646496491.gif (1.14 MB, 220x220, 1694906397137.gif)

I will start. When i was a teen i got a custom ahegao anime girl phonecase, eventually i grew up and realized how insanely cringe it was. I thought i lost it, but today i went to have a nice breakfast with my grandmother and my smile completly evaporated when i saw her pull out her new phone with the aheagao anime girl phonecase i thought it was completly gone and done for, but somehow she found it and now she uses it for her phone, completly unaware its from chinese cartoon porn.

No. 2019915


No. 2019916

File: 1716646707631.png (281.41 KB, 905x249, deGenerates.PNG)

Oh yeah, that's why I don't use that board. 5 replies crooning about how HAWT this is.

No. 2019917

How self hating do you have to be to find this word sexy

No. 2019918

File: 1716646977070.jpg (52.25 KB, 728x410, MtmQM0Wg.jpg)

No. 2019919

>forged to be ruined
i genuinely think i would be in jail for homicide if a male dared to say such a thing to me

No. 2019920

File: 1716647013998.png (3.72 MB, 1844x2048, booktok cringe.png)

Reminds me of booktok dark romance crap.

No. 2019924

File: 1716647196888.jpg (37.98 KB, 450x559, spanish tl cringe.jpg)

for my spanish nonnas

No. 2019926

oh goodness nonna I am so sorry that happened to you but this is hilarious. glad your grandma likes her new phone case and I pray that none of her friends know what it is

No. 2019943

Aah, Nonniella, you are truly one of the wonders of the world, the personification of what goes around come around. I haven't laughed this much in a while.

No. 2019953

What does she think it is from?

No. 2019954

i am too scared to ask

No. 2019957

File: 1716650163878.jpeg (104.43 KB, 732x549, IMG_0877.jpeg)

No. 2019958

No. 2019961

I thought a guy ghosted me but I’d accidentally ghosted him and when I opened what he sent me after 4 months it was a fucking shower pic kek

No. 2019965

I can't fucking take it when manga translations use regional dialects, it hurts to read
>"Che Misaki-san, que onda? todo piola? la boluda de la profe me dijo que me chorreaste las llantas pero parece que me estaba jodiendo"
>"No mames guey, hoy fui al mercado con mi mamá y luego nos echamos unas chelas con mis cuates."
>"Que fachero boluda"
>"La neta, estuvo bien chido"

No. 2019970

Not spanish, can you explain?

No. 2019971

>molten depths
Is her pussy a volcano tf

No. 2019973

fuck you for reminding me of lava rock chan the entire shayna thread has enough cringe to kill an entire army

No. 2019983

Every Spanish speaking country has a very distinct dialect/accent, mangas gets translated like 30 different times in each different country and the people doing so don't take it too seriously, so you're often met with really informal speech full of slang terms.
It's like if you opened a British translation and it said
>Blimey! out of the blue this smack bang in front of me, and I got a right old stiffy!

No. 2019984

File: 1716652059664.png (6.61 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5249.png)

No. 2019986

bluey adults are somehow worse than bronies. At least mlp had adult characters meanwhile bluey centers around toddlers.

No. 2019988

Bronies were at least HONEST about being perverted waifutard autists. Bluey adults (furries) will insist they're only in it for le heckin deep and wholesome messages.

No. 2019989

File: 1716652507329.jpg (149.41 KB, 720x1201, Pedotard1.jpg)


No. 2019991

File: 1716652544255.jpg (205.15 KB, 717x1271, Pedotard2.jpg)

(2) and these are the replies

No. 2019993

Kek the Reddit-tier butthurt. "If your friends don't support your nasty fetishes, cut them off ASAP!!!"

No. 2019994

Something I don't think I'll ever get is why lolicons and shotacons get absolutely butt-blasted when you call them pedophiles. 2D or not, you are exhibiting an attraction to a child. What other term is there, pseudo-pedophile? Faux-pedophile?

No. 2019995

>Crikey, outta nowhere this sheila rocks up, fair dinkum, right in front of me, and I'm standing there with a bonza stiffy!
>Yo dawg, outta the blue, this fine shorty pops up, right in my grill, and I'm standing there with a mad hard-on!
>OMG girl, like, out of nowhere, this total barbiecore babe appears, right in front of me, and I'm like, totally rockin' a major stiffy, like, for real!
>Oh my gosh, buddy, out of nowhere, this total beauty appears, eh, right in front of me, pal, and I'm standing there with a total "eh?" happening, eh, friend!

I'll stop now

No. 2019996

Hentai might be slightly more bearable if the males talked like Malibu bimbos kek

No. 2020000

>tfw i like shotas because dominant tall men scare me and thats like 99% of husbandos(derailing)

No. 2020003

File: 1716653886011.jpg (119.55 KB, 540x540, tumblr_148e118891339b146dfe041…)

>not only that spoiler but wasting that post number on shitty post like that

No. 2020004

i know you stink

No. 2020012

Hey, I use that thread regularly and even I thought it was weird as fuck. We're not all like her, kek

No. 2020014

Is that why you play pedo archive? Bluearchive chan? Because all the otomes and yume content have adult men so you turn to coom to children?

No. 2020015

Dominant males scare me too, but kids just aren't sexy. Why not femdom?

No. 2020016

They make short scrawny moids in games and anime. You don't have to resort to pedoshit.

No. 2020017

What thread?

No. 2020020

Husbando hornyposting in /g/arbage

No. 2020022

care to rec some?
never heard of usui? just because they are bishies doesnt mean they arent shit and abusive. It just sucks we cant have the male equivalent of cute childhood friend that cooks for us/the protagonist. Otomeshit sucks ass.

No. 2020025

You're right that femdom content is generally shit. I just daydream and doodle.

No. 2020029

i used to like tsumi to kai, but it turned into scroteshit fast. There really isn't non shota alternative to dominant bishies that hate you. It fucking sucks being a female weeb that doesnt want to be treated like garbage.

No. 2020034

i doubt all otomes only have abusive assholes

No. 2020035

have you ever read shoujo mangas? plenty of them have non-abusive mls.

No. 2020038

File: 1716655723713.png (360.91 KB, 540x304, toma-crate.png)

the literal op image of the otome thread makes fun of how common it is. The most infamous one is amnesia, where a moid puts you into a cage lol. pic rel insane levels of cringe. Pretty much 99% of romance for women could fit in this thread.
the only one i like is cipher, and that one with the white haired guy who has an arranged marriage with the prince girl. All of the other ones have abusive or stoic male characters that sucks ass, or worse, crossdressing shit.

No. 2020040

>we cant have the male equivalent of cute childhood friend that cooks for us/the protagonist
Just read vanilla scroteshit, it's basically just that.

No. 2020041

what. I want the male equivalent of that, i dont want to read about how moid get to daydream about a qte grill that cooks for them, it just makes me more depressed about the absolute state of shoujoshit.

No. 2020044

There's vanilla scroteshit where the woman is dominant, the woman being dominant/aggressive while the male lead is submissive and cooks is what makes it scroteshit.

No. 2020046

>"Pretty much 99% of romance for women could fit in this thread."
>consumes drawn cp
OK kek

No. 2020050

care to drop some names? because i doubt they exist, i think you are just making shit up. I will actually burst out laughing if you recommend nagatoro.

No. 2020056

amnesia has a shota actually kek

No. 2020059

Your reply makes you sound like a huge fucking hassle, so I'll react in turn and say just google "popular romcom manga" and read through the first couple of chapters of each until you find something.

No. 2020061

Scrote tier excuse

No. 2020066

so you cant? then it just proves my point. Clearly you are talking about things you dont know. Funnily enough most otomes have or used to have shota routes, and they were the only alternative routes to the average abusive scrote love interests.

No. 2020069

Wait are you the shotafag anon who always asks people for recommendations and then shoots down literally everything recommended to you? This is like the third thread I've seen a shotafag aggressively ask for recs on here under the assumption there's nothing out there for her so she must resort to animu children

No. 2020071

Kek, no I was thinking one that even had a taller girl younger guy for you, but the fact that you can't even bother to look because "it'll be bad anyway" despite crying about it shows that you don't really want what you say, you just like shota because you like tiny boy bodies.

No. 2020074

You haven't played the game have you? If this is your attempt at attention whoring some rage you're really bad at it, your excuse for being a shotafag is all adult otome husbandos are "abusive".so you turn to coom for more degenerate route I have more respect for a ryonafag than shotafags who dance around what they actually are, why even ask for "wholesome" husbandos when you're just going to return to consuming degenerate pedo shit? Tell me what type of shota shit doesn't involve a adult abusing a child? That doesn't faze you pedo chan?

No. 2020082

scrotes have alternatives to lolis. Hanekawa from monogatari is pretty much what i would want in husbandos.
No. I am actually the one who recommended cipher first and it stuck with anons enough as pretty much the only alternative to the average abusive scroteshit from shoujo. Which proves my point that shoujo is a hazardous zone.
you mean the one with the manlet that released recently? not interested in scroteshit for men. Why would i read that when women are making shota stuff for women.
i am not going to play a game where the love interest puts you into a cage

No. 2020086

Kek shotafag has won the thread

No. 2020089

No, not that one, but this just cements that you're not actually interested, you just like shota.
It's not a problem with shoujo, you just like kids and want to dance around that.

No. 2020094

meh i have just accepted to like what i like, its not like japanese women, or hell western writers, are going to start making what i enjot anytime soon, so i just accept the two mangas i read(yankee one and the tiger wont eat the dragon) are the best i will ever get. Both are made by women too.

No. 2020095

you know how much animu there is in a year? i cant keep up with every single one, just drop the name already.

No. 2020099

I am anon who agreed with you so I mean well- could you do a quick MS paint doodle or something of what you would want your ideal not-shota husbando to look like?

No. 2020104

male hanekawa/miyuki takara or boke/retard type characters like osaka

No. 2020106

Not shota enough for you, probably.
If you're serious, you can spend a bit of time actually watching a couple of shows and finding it yourself, take some time off from crying about how there's no options here.

No. 2020107

Aren't they highschoolers?

No. 2020108

so are 99% of animu characters

No. 2020115

except i already did? and found them in the form of shota by women. I dont understand why you are so hesitant to recommend me the supposed anime i have been looking for all my life. Probably because you know its scroteshit that's not what i wanted kek i bet the supposed dominant woman blushes for the moid and ends up turning into a stay at home wife at the end. Men dont like dominant women.

No. 2020117

No. 2020119

That stare activated my fight or flight reflex

No. 2020122

It's not being hesitant, it's that you were pretty obnoxious about it and I think it's funny that I know it and you don't and you'll continue crying about how you can't find it. If you post complaining about it again, I'll make sure to laugh.

No. 2020123

Reposting caps from other boards and instigating infights like this should become a bannable offence. Allowing it in the fujo thread was a mistakr. Don't shit up this thread, post WITHIN the original thread you fucking coward.

No. 2020125

>not interested in scroteshit for men
>the tiger wont eat the dragon
anon stop lying it’s pathetic. There’s literally so much anime and manga that appeals to women without abusive men. You could be watching something like free! or uchitama or play persona 3 portable inb4 p3 also has a shota, it also has older males if you were actually also interested in males that aren’t shotas but you’re clearly not and would rather read onee shota for men who self insert as children.

No. 2020126

I lose. I couldn't watch all the way through.

No. 2020128

This cracked me up nonna

No. 2020129

File: 1716658142995.jpg (70.73 KB, 750x923, screenshot_fd0b37da30_f10d3883…)

No. 2020130

File: 1716658180000.jpg (111.1 KB, 1009x983, googooass.JPG)

No. 2020133

This is a great start, but persona 3 where you play as the femc is a great otome route. There are no abusive men, you might actually like characters like akihiko. He was my favorite, he's very sweet and is very kind to you. Persona 3 is also an action game, but it is heavily based on social links. I wish you luck with what you're talking about, I actually relate to you. I used to call myself a "shotacon" (when I was like 15-17), when in reality, it was just because most anime men in otomes and whatnot were too domineering/mean for my tastes. You're getting attacked, but the truth is, there's not a lot of options for women in those options, but its available. For anime, you might like kimi no todoke and lovely complex! Kimi no todoke has a male MC that's most like what you're talking about. I'd also suggest kami sama, where the male mc "belongs" to the femc.

No. 2020134

I know a guy who does this on purpose after he purposely friendzones women who at first liked him

No. 2020136

Isn't complaining about other husbandos banbable in that thread?
I've noticed that sometimes when a husbando starts popping up there it starts passive aggressively showing up as complaints on /ot/ kek.

No. 2020139

P3P has surprisingly decent love interests. I dated Shinjiro and Ryoji in the same run because I'm apparently addicted to suffering. Heck, shota anon could romance Ryoji because he technically fits her degen interests
repost sorry i messed up my spoiler tag on a potential game spoiler

No. 2020150

oh I hate this

No. 2020152

I'm not shotafag but I support men embarrassing themselves like this. If he wasn't bald it could be cute.

No. 2020156

Why are straight nonnies like this

No. 2020159

Being attracted to males is a curse

No. 2020161

Same, I had to tap out close to the end when he inched closer. It's just too painful

No. 2020173

File: 1716659111713.jpg (91.61 KB, 400x566, 101420l.jpg)

>reee you are just making excuses anime with non shota cute male characters exist
>proceeds to recommend 3 pieces of media that all have shotas
uchitama, really? the one with two shota protagonists? kek my sides nonny. I am currently playing P3 FES, i will check portable once i am done. Ryoji is fucking ugly but i hope his personality compesates for his receeding hairline.

No. 2020179

nayrt but it does. he's a bit milady-like and a cringe flirt but it's silly enough to be charming. just be warned that his route doesn't end happily because he's plot relevant

No. 2020181

How about Makoto from danganronpa? I liked him… when I was a teenager…

No. 2020183

i think the LI in persona are mostly ugly, including the pug loking shota, compared to the female ones, the only attractive one is theodore so i will probably pick him first

No. 2020188

i liked the glasses guy actually, the one that was stalked by the yandere. Too bad its not an otome, him being a LI while the yandere is the protagonist would be actually pretty cool.

No. 2020189

Theodore istop tier husbando material and I can't believe I've romanced him and forgot he was an option. Get him get him get him!

No. 2020190

I will even if it means emulating the worst console in existence. Its so unfair he mogs all the other guys.

No. 2020194

File: 1716659824034.png (152.89 KB, 500x625, blessedtheo.png)

It's that Velvet Room charm. The cute uniform doesn't hurt either.

No. 2020198

And there are characters who aren’t shotas in all three I recommended as well. Not sure why you’re being retarded on purpose. Ryoji and his shota form look better in the remake you should've played that one first and then portable.

No. 2020202

and the non shota ones arent the cute ones, thats my point. Outside of nitori and nagisa the other free guys all have stoic shitty personalities. Also hilarious because free has two or three entire movies where they are shotas.

No. 2020203

Literally no one cares about Ken, he’s a shit character

No. 2020204

Not even a shotafag but Pharos is so creepy and endearing that I wanted to pick him up and hug him every time he showed up. Best little bro and exponentially less of a creep than Ken.

No. 2020228

The others are cute in my opinion, the only character I didn’t like was makoto. If your requirement for a good anime boys personality is childlike and retarded then of course you’ll only like shotas. Though you’re right they definitely pandered to shotafags. The reason I started free was because of a doujinshi I read.

I don’t understand the Ken hate. He’s literally a better and cuter version of that fag Akechi who everyone seems to love.

No. 2020230

Is this an edit I won't believe this is real

No. 2020234

No. 2020237

>thinks shota is 1 to 1 to children getting molested and literal cp!!1!
>proceeds to recommend all pieces of media that have shota fanservice
kek doesnt that make you a pedo in your own words? why not watch anime that doesnt have shota fanservice

No. 2020239

For me it's because no high school girl wants a literal boy child who isn't even out of 6th grade hitting on her. Ken gave me the ick when I played P3P back in school and he gave me the ick again when I played the P3P re-release as an adult. He's weirdly protective over FemC before he confesses his feelings in a way that made me feel yucky. I want to support his justice-y ways and have him be the team little brother, but not like how he wants.

No. 2020241

Ken is yummy, cry about it with your shit taste

No. 2020246

I thought this was the "You Cringe You Lose" thread, not "Fandom Discussion Trash Fire #3456"

No. 2020257

Other anons were saying shota cp and liking it means you’re a pedophile not me, this >>2020125 was my first reply itt. I just disagree that there aren’t non shota cute male characters. I'm not anti shota or anything.

I thought his affection was endearing when I played it in high school but I can see it being weird if you’re not into that. But a lot of people hate him despite not having played portable.

No. 2020306

File: 1716664407693.jpg (448.75 KB, 2048x1854, 20231122_224041.jpg)

No. 2020309

ok you're winning

No. 2020329

File: 1716665538963.jpg (102.98 KB, 1440x1440, 1552515908857(1).jpg)

No. 2020374

File: 1716666996234.jpeg (20.84 KB, 828x134, IMG_3938.jpeg)

tifs always think they're so quirky and funny uwu

No. 2020376

tifs are so funny to me like why is your username ♥~oswald~♥

No. 2020400

Tranny stuff should be against the rules it's an automatic win

No. 2020403

I’m a shotacon as well nonnie. /ot/ isn’t the best board to say this on tho, it’s infested with twittards and sjws. Imo it’s best to just admit you’re a degen and stop fishing for excuses, if you know you’re not a pedo there’s no need to prove yourself to these snowflakes(shota derail)

No. 2020419

What board is this from?

No. 2020420

>if you know you're not a pedo

No. 2020434

>you cringe you lose thread
At least you posted in the correct thread.

No. 2020438

No. 2020447

I hate you for this.

No. 2020514

is this a joke????? im crying, disgustang

No. 2020590

Seriously, what is trannies' obsession with Fluttershy? Leave her alone you filthy pigs

No. 2020635

File: 1716680035423.jpg (790.03 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20240525_163255_Sam…)

This crawled across my dash the other day. I fucking hate tumblr

No. 2020644

I’m not going to lie, it’s so stupid it’s actually kinda cute. Would wear ironically.

No. 2020654

These people really don’t give a damn if these trannies rape their own comatose mothers or murder people. They think their trans identity is a get out of jail free card

No. 2020658

even before the tranny and incest sagas he was an annoying sex pest, they just hate it because it's too real for tumblr trannies. they see themselves in him

No. 2020661

File: 1716682059530.jpg (34.46 KB, 640x632, 1714340672435748.jpg)

ultimate cringe? I was once a young white woman with dreadlocks. It's been over 10 years. God, please let me forget.

No. 2020663

is it cringe? yes. but not the ultimate sin or embarrassment that keyboard warriors would have you think it is. if you weren't a greasy hippie, it probably wasn't that bad.

No. 2020693

File: 1716685511622.jpeg (Spoiler Image,270.6 KB, 828x1400, 20C7778F-B893-47F7-B62A-E3F5D6…)

How do you sink this low as a human being(self posting moid)

No. 2020698

those soulless eyes kek. If i popped out a son like this i'd have to kill him and myself out of dignity

No. 2020702

i'm pretty sure this guy is well known for sending this picture to people and posting it places with the intention of getting shamed

No. 2020703

Turbo humiliation fetish I'm guessing. The ID stuck to his forehead got a chuckle out of me, it's so over the top.

No. 2020711

I searched up this guy's name and his mother's obituary popped up. I hope she never knew…

No. 2020790

Wow sexual harassment of women is always so funny to fags isnt it.

No. 2020792

This is embarassing. I hate this thread so much and it's only been 13 hours.

No. 2020808

Kek at this point he should just kill himself, it would be the only way for his to finally rest in peace. Like, everyone knows his name already and his face, isn't that enough to basically make him impossible to hire? Why is the SSN so important that he's doing all of this? If anything, this smell like he's just justifying his humiliation pedo fetish.

No. 2020810

I don't know what I expected when I clicked on those links but male sexuality is a disease

No. 2020813

File: 1716694857394.jpg (16.28 KB, 275x275, 1591142012645.jpg)

This is absolutely horrific. It's not just this video on it's own the disgusting, it's the fact that how often do moids comply with such shit just to be a part of an in group? I couldn't see even the most insecure woman doing such a thing unless she was high on meth. Also, i think he unironically enjoys this.

No. 2020817

wow i don’t know what i was expecting

No. 2020820

Same. That's made me really sad that someone lives like that and other people enjoy the content. The voice was so whiny not to mention the visuals. Like you have have 23 hours in a day why should any of it be taken up by this shit. That's absolutely pathetic for everyone involved even myself who watched it. Like I'm sadder on a deeper level as a person. Be cool if there was a female scientist analysing the genome and finding the biomarkers for perverts and creating a disease to wipe then out.

No. 2020821

Idk what I was expecting when I clicked but not THAT. he deffs looks like he enjoys it a little too much. Moids.

No. 2020823

24 hours*

No. 2020826

Not if there was a fire. Not if there was no other people on earth. Not if the fate of the universe rested upon it. Not in any metaverse. Please someone stop it please

No. 2020829

File: 1716695218331.jpg (79.62 KB, 1023x680, 1000003705.jpg)

>"your cunt is divinity made flesh, radiant light" he gasped–

No. 2020832

Why is it only the worst posts imaginable that get shit like trips and quads

No. 2020837

Why look normal in drivers license but disgusting and horrible in pics

No. 2020877

How is this any worse than what sex workers voluntarily upload to only fans on a daily basis?

No. 2020881

What's the chances this guy troons out?

No. 2020885

Like a weeks sleep of Bambi hypno away from sissy cd if that's what you mean

No. 2020890

Don’t post him again nona, I did cringe and lose but I don’t want to feed into whatever this individual has going on.

No. 2020893

The writings not good (it's AI so ofc) but I don't see why this belongs in this thread. What's wrong with that anon enjoying harmless smut about her fictional husbando?

No. 2020896

Stop being a whimpy baby. It's cringe and we are not your keepers lol

No. 2020900

Wrong post?

No. 2020906

I lost

No. 2020909

The writing is cringe anon that's the point. nonna can enjoy it all she wants and the rest of us can laugh at the hilariously bad writing

No. 2020911

What the hell is with husbandofags trying to gatekeep their desire. You are on a public imageboard. We are so much nicer to you than other parts of the internet would be for this autistic shit lol

No. 2020916

You're annoying. You sound so new and your posts are easily identifiable. Calm down.

No. 2020921

Radfems are at it again, trying to oppress people's cringe fantaisies because it does not fit their political agendas.

No. 2020927

You're schizophrenic and I've been here since formation. I don't care.

No. 2020929

>da ebil radfems are making fun of me mom

No. 2020934

ayrt and you sound annoyingly hateful. Maybe you just need a husbando body pillow and a weighted blanket to hold you at night.

No. 2020939

I made two posts. Please pull your head out of your ass.

No. 2020946

Radfem loves to behave like moids it's cute

No. 2020948

You think anyone who doesn't infantilize you is a radfem

No. 2020949

yep, nona definitely needs a husbando pillow. helps with the crankiness.

No. 2020955

i don't understand what's going on. what does laughing at bad writing from a chatbot have to do with gatekeeping and oppression?

No. 2020956

i wish i could get a body pillow of my irl husbando

No. 2020964

Does autism hinder half the new userbase from understanding casual parabole? is it the new standard to take everything as literally as possible like this is Twitter?

No. 2020965

Anons are not cranky for calling cringe writing cringe.

No. 2020966

Girl please kek you reek radfem vibes and even if you are not, I was talking about people posting things like "the self hatred must be crazy" which is def rad fem kink shaming kek.(nothing wrong with kink shaming)

No. 2020970

>unironically using "kink shaming"

No. 2020977

This made me lose the game.

No. 2020979

radfems stay winning if they're the only ones capable of seeing cringe retard shit for what it is

No. 2020985

Do you mean hyperbole?

No. 2020986

Other white people were judging you the hardest if it makes you feel better.

No. 2020989

Thanks for proving that you're actually retarded. I'm literally not even a radfem or anywhere near that sphere, you're just a sped.

No. 2020991

The newfags are using "radfem" as an insult for anyone laughing at badly written porn, evidently.

No. 2020996

File: 1716706155584.jpg (201.92 KB, 691x424, 1000014553.jpg)

This site is for laughing at cow-like behavior but god forbid we laugh at our own local cows. Anyway

No. 2021004

I saw an autist talking about how her only type is men with gold hair and neotenous features, some of our frequenters likely don't leave the house in days.

No. 2021005

Kek thats funny

No. 2021017

File: 1716706836588.jpg (25.83 KB, 340x350, ab2038a643154f2626f73e40a3551f…)

This comment is so embarrassing lmao.
Also i am convinced the one crying about radfems has to be a moid troll lmao. I think they are shitting up the feels thread too.

No. 2021025

It's so sad that the 35 year old men in cock cages sound exactly like the teenage tiktok transplants now. A sign of the times.

No. 2021056

Urine therapy wackos are my favorite. I was in a UT group on facebook and one guy said an easy way to get lots of pee was to leave an empty cup at a urinal because guys will naturally aim for it as a game. The fact that they share this stuff from their actual profiles with full on pics of themselves…bruh.

No. 2021078

File: 1716709660503.png (426.36 KB, 649x775, g7ztaqfurff91.png)

I saw picrel and thought it was some weird niche trend but I had no idea that there are active, thriving groups engaging in piss medicine. Too bad most of the groups are private
Gathering pee from strangers? Holy shit that is rancid

No. 2021082

If you're feeling like a failure, find comfort in knowing you've never tried to use urine as eye drops

No. 2021107

youve got to be trolling kek

No. 2021134

holy fuck trannies stay away from kate bush you'll never be anything like her

No. 2021161

do these people realize you can just use urea for whatever benefit they're trying to get from urine, without the filthy crap in urine?

No. 2021193

File: 1716726843765.png (3.29 MB, 1594x1747, booktok cringe (1).png)

No. 2021214

what the fuck is this

No. 2021218

theres no such thing as kink shaming

No. 2021222

>men with good hair and neotenous features
Oh god forbid an anon wants a cute guy with blonde hair because that’s basically what she meant. Nothing cringe about that, you’re acting like they’re unicorns she could never get why do so many of you mate guard with strangers when you have the ugliest bfs kek

No. 2021233

Well they are unicorns, most men in every part of the world are ugly regardless of hair color. Also the post was about joost of all men.

No. 2021287

I swear something in the past 10 years really wrecked creativity/writing on the internet.

No. 2021292

are you lost(continuing the infight/derail)

No. 2021293

Life is so cringe I already lost at birth

No. 2021324

this is so fucking funny, I couldn't cringe I was laughing too hard

No. 2021424

File: 1716742420414.jpg (62.57 KB, 592x570, IMG_0772.jpg)

is it normal to just find all cringe just funny? i never really cringe, maybe im in a good mood rn. pic rel is definitely purposeful cringe but it is what i have

No. 2021432

I can only cringe if it's relatable to me or something I can empathise with. Either you're an emotionless sociopath or the coolest bitch alive. Either way congrats nonna

No. 2021484

File: 1716745192497.mp4 (7.37 MB, 720x1280, nastyboi.mp4)

No. 2021489

not the grinding this human lynch, EWWWWWWW STOP IT

No. 2021493

never seen a white boy whine his hips like that kek

No. 2021513

i kno a couple like this. they met doing ballroom dance in college. to this day she is still gorgeous and he still looks like great value scott the woz

No. 2021521

This makes me laugh sooo much

No. 2021529

mclovin ate

No. 2021530

He looks like he should be browsing 4chan instead

No. 2021537

Chuds weird ass fever dream

No. 2021541

THE UGLY WHITE GUY WITH THE CHUD FACE?? Good god I lost I'm already done

No. 2021568

No. 2021612

MLP at least had fantasy storylines and worldbuilding, with villains and magical creatures. Bluey is literal toddler slice of life. I would have been bored out of my mind watching it as a kid, let alone as an adult.

No. 2021699

File: 1716756809551.gif (10.52 MB, 346x316, ezgif-3-83eca331fb.gif)

No. 2021741

How is this cringey? It’s just a woman posing. No one cares about your mediocre cow, /w/tard.

No. 2021756


No. 2021759

are you lost?

No. 2021787

nigga please

No. 2021809

It's cringe because she trashed her youtube career irreparably and she refuses to get a job.

No. 2021818


No. 2021842

Kek I can never read manga in anything but english or japanese. Other languages sound so fucking stupid.

No. 2021844

File: 1716762109695.webm (3.97 MB, 722x720, 1716565874128906.webm)

kind of like these videos because they so perfectly illustrate how 3d doesn't map to 2d in any way. the genshin girls produce no reaction from me. the real woman makes me cringe hard

No. 2021849

She is just doing a job?

No. 2021856

If she was doing her job she'd be wearing a motion tracking suit, the mini skirt and pigtails aren't part of her uniform

No. 2021976

I have an autoimmune disease and a few wackos in my community have resorted to urine therapy. The most unhinged people to walk the earth. One dude insisted on letting it age for at least a week like it was wine

No. 2022032

Who is more unintelligibly horny, the nerd girls on tiktok or the old ladies who write half of their favorite ai dirty books

No. 2022034

It's autistic because it is unobtainable and ridiculous. Please relax.

No. 2022041

Not everything, some of it really is just gross but I definitely find a lot of cringe hilarious in that it's entertaining. So instead of having some weird sort of hatred for it I just think it's mindless entertainment. Harmless cringe is my favorite, the kind of cringe where someone is being hurt or exploited no.

No. 2023069

File: 1716834240393.jpg (272.49 KB, 720x1316, Screenshot_20240527_201743_Tik…)

Submissive women are so cringe

No. 2023070


No. 2023135

I have looked up that chud. He really have been a nasty, NASTY girl. Let me tell you nonnas.

No. 2023161

File: 1716838546662.jpeg (10.89 KB, 168x300, 9B31BCA8-9CAD-46F1-861C-1048C6…)

boy roomate image killed me in an instant

No. 2023163

I need women to learn to love themselves. This is sad.

No. 2023514

why would she do this

No. 2023535

I genuinely cannot understand how they think on any level.

No. 2023536


No. 2023545

File: 1716856852400.png (17.62 KB, 573x118, best be watching yourself vero…)

>10 days ago

No. 2023546

i've been watching this video every few hours since it got posted, chudjack is tearin it up kek

No. 2023549

Doesn't even make me cringe honestly, this is just hilarious.

No. 2023557

My life is infinitely better after watching this

No. 2023564

They added a lot of modern touches to the new romeo and juliet production um

No. 2023627

No. 2023985

File: 1716894537666.png (784.46 KB, 720x1600, raRguaP.png)

No. 2023988

Jaw dropped

No. 2023997


No. 2024001


No. 2024037

File: 1716900338397.jpeg (174.56 KB, 1079x1538, jgfm3BH.jpeg)

No. 2024046

They really trying to bring this shit back again?

No. 2024157

Based, I would do the same.

No. 2024159

>If you don't eat food I'll feed you my pussy
>he refuses
>I snap his twig legs like a match and punch him in the face until he oblieges
I love vegetables so much

No. 2024166

vegan gangsta

No. 2024183

File: 1716909841575.jpg (140.83 KB, 1170x1218, img_2_1716909802197.jpg)

I've reactivated my facebook after years of not using it to join some apartment rental groups and my main feed is filled with shit like this

No. 2024186

I liked a completely innocent Archie comic post and now I keep getting recommended to join ‘Betty and Veronica Hornyposting’. It’s so embarrassing people do this shit with their full legal name attached.

No. 2024187

I just screamed into my pillow. I lose.

No. 2024254

because what >>2021017 said, I'm attracted to blond haired men but it's very obvious those comments are maid by some gay moid with a fetish

No. 2024335

What Asian girls want post wall failmoids? Are they talking about greencarding desperate young women from impoverished Asian countries?

No. 2024361

Why is this fatty staring at me like that am i his next meal?

No. 2024365

idk retards think they'll be worshipped because they're based aryan chads even if they're fat ugly and smelly based on memes people like them made to console themselves

No. 2025300

File: 1716942287720.jpg (111.6 KB, 720x941, 1000003743.jpg)

No. 2025310

File: 1716942446481.mp4 (701.28 KB, 320x568, 1000003744.mp4)

You all lose

No. 2025315

I don't think I've cringed once on this thread

No. 2025337

File: 1716942900285.jpg (45.55 KB, 406x360, 1000003745.jpg)

No. 2025338

No. 2025368

Well that video and the shotafag is pretty close

No. 2025369

Watch the yungblud video again

No. 2025372

i cringed so hard i vomited…

No. 2025378

File: 1716943523245.webm (4.74 MB, 360x360, 1654828938991.webm)

My offering to you.

No. 2025386

Wow fags can't eat anything

No. 2025393

Gay men that have zero inner life or development outside of poppers hole bottom top side sis queen cock dick penis any euphanism for a PENIS im so gay okurt are nightmare people. It's just the same shit over and over and over and over. The exact same joke over and over.

No. 2025408

>"i need my eggplant with pride colors so i can eat it!!"
also the fucking rage i feel at drag queens

No. 2025411

That's not even cringe anymore, it's pure absurdism

No. 2025412

No. 2025462

I guess I'll repost this, I've always wondered who was in her house to make her whisper this

No. 2025500

Is this why fags can be anorexic sometimes?

No. 2025530

Bottoms being anorexic is less about not having to douche and more about being wrapped up in trying to be a lolito twink for as long as possible in the same way young girls become obsessed with coquette

No. 2025547

Why the fuck would they choose to be bottoms, then? Like just use your peeper instead of your pooper. Fags are retarded.

No. 2025559

I love this video

No. 2025564

This fag is such an industry plant and is aging rapidly

No. 2025577

>advisors and partners:

No. 2025581

I still randomly think of "mineyyyy crafta".

No. 2025587

I miss when fags did something of worth, like freddy mercury or the fag that did the OST of most disney renaissance movies

No. 2025589

Holy shit, this was a self post???

No. 2025593

ok, this reveal is the only thing that's made me cringe so hard i had to look away from the screen. so not even lolcow is safe from degenerate faggots like this.

No. 2025600

Because prostate orgasms are different

No. 2025602

No. 2025615

File: 1716948989238.jpg (152.14 KB, 750x878, saberspark.jpg)

bluey adults

No. 2025629

I didn't know he was that ugly

No. 2025636

he's a brony how did you expect him to look like

No. 2025820

Kek this place has always attracted very questionable cows.

No. 2025873

her parents. pretty sure she was underaged when she posted this on facebook.

No. 2025953

File: 1716962116512.png (5.94 MB, 2880x1800, Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 10.53…)

This Bonger phenotype

No. 2025955

No. 2025978

File: 1716965104995.jpg (170.44 KB, 828x1100, 1677182428100.jpg)

No. 2025990

File: 1716966117231.jpg (155.36 KB, 1080x559, 1595835322912.jpg)

No. 2026000

Alternatively that video where he pretends to be a horse

No. 2026019

I lost

No. 2026028

This comment is very 2013

No. 2026054

File: 1716978007578.png (588.1 KB, 736x728, HHyGXQy.png)

No. 2026072

This is cute wdym

No. 2026288

alternate universe where Japan nukes the USA instead

No. 2026310

this thread is hilarious
I lost, but mostly from disgust. I can't stand shit like this, I am extremely whatever-this-is phobic

No. 2026321

My clit perked up a little at this

No. 2026324

I don't get it

No. 2026336

the two bonger phenotypes, the norf FC and the malnourished victorian child.

No. 2026774


No. 2027147

File: 1717038226756.jpg (83.56 KB, 1170x1487, 1000003746.jpg)

No. 2027182

I can never tell if these images are real and serious

No. 2027201

Theres a nazi flag behind him

No. 2027205

File: 1717040752802.webp (137.49 KB, 1080x1080, absolute-legend-starterpack-v0…)

No. 2027207

Ew that arm pic makes me want to throw up. I hate men that look like that. Nasty as fuck

No. 2027209

whys he pregnant

No. 2027213

I don’t know much about british regional cultures as a burger, but I must say, northern english accents >>>>>>

No. 2027232

File: 1717043768258.mp4 (13.57 MB, 302x472, Polycule_lol.mp4)

No. 2027233

do you ever wish you could pimp people?

No. 2027238

File: 1717044249013.jpg (1.03 MB, 1290x2139, 1713235967657432.jpg)

No. 2027244

File: 1717044473876.jpg (54.79 KB, 640x640, 81t43cuthjl-ac-sl1500-6557c5da…)

How satisfying would it be to take an upholstery cleaner to that thing..

No. 2027272

File: 1717046678529.jpg (1.23 MB, 2418x3398, tiktok exes.jpg)

No. 2027277

So is the threesome like pigs in a blanket

No. 2027328

We don’t need this thread. We had retarded shitpost thread.

No. 2027344

>you might have dumped me for another woman but hey I let you do the nastiest shit imaginable to me in bed

Why do they think this is a win.

Lost to this nona

No. 2027346

I might be stupid but can someone spoonfeed me on what "humor of a 2/4" means here? Like the hypothetical wife is a 2 on a scale of 1 to 4? Or the wife is a 2 or a 4 out of 10?? The phrasing feels so random. And yes, I lost to this

No. 2027347

Nothing says 'im thriving without you' like vagueposting about some moid who forgot your name 3 days after he pumped and dumped. Get a grip ladies!

No. 2027348

This is like those brightly coloured toads basically advertising that they're poisonous and that you should stay far away from them. Also the "vanilla" shit really grinds my gear. Tell me again how degrading yourself in bed helps keep Nigel loyal? Kek.

No. 2027350

I confirm.

No. 2027353

This would make sense to me. I've never watched an episode of the show but I hear people say that the wife is supposed to be the trope of a super hot wife with the loser fats dumb husband, but I literally have no idea if they're being sarcastic or not. Like the real show, everybody is ugly as hell. How are any of them supposed to be considered attractive when they all look stupid and ugly? This one, I can see what they're saying. Though the husband is made to be attractive here, so this also confuses me.

No. 2027363

>I literally have no idea if they're being sarcastic or not
You can pick up context cues from the show. Plenty of random characters express attraction to Lois and that informs the audience that Meg's mom has got it going on.

No. 2027370

im going to kill myself
i feel better now. BRown BRicks in MINEcraft

No. 2027377

tag yourself im brian

No. 2027399

That little device would get one tiny corner of whatever condemned house that person is squatting in.

No. 2027401

She is portrayed as attractive. Then Meg has the same face but is supposed to be ugly, makes no sense. But the entire show is retarded anyway.

No. 2027534

>makes hambeast scrotes slim
That's the joke i guess

No. 2027576

It's a standard size for lumber, 2 in thick and 4 in wide piece of wood.

No. 2027941

File: 1717097800692.mp4 (2.24 MB, ghrHGB6Syz9icIJ8.mp4)

No. 2027950

fuck you, i lost. This is insanely cringe, boomers shouldnt have access to the internet.

No. 2027983

Yeah I'm guessing she meant to write "2x4" as in "two by four", a piece of wood. What she wrote was "two of four" or "two over four" or "two out of four". She's stupid.

No. 2028069

File: 1717101451263.png (1.18 MB, 1073x599, disgusting.png)

Room of an adult woman

No. 2028072

is she disabled?

No. 2028074

>Jojo Siwa poster
Okay it has to be autism. On the low functioning side.

No. 2028081

I've always admired young women able to live like this because if you're a good observer this autistic ecosystem tells you so much about the woman that inhabits it, how she spends her time and the way her mind works. I would observe it through a security camera, I would never get inside one of these.

No. 2028231

That radio on the left is kind of cool looking though

No. 2028273

I wonder what's her opinion on the new Siwa rn

No. 2028276

I love watching semi-milky cows who have like 40 subs and live in places like this, but do endless haul videos and never seem to have any actual source of income. They're all obsessed with kawaii and pink but live in pure filth, have their own catchphrases that they forget about half the time, and buy expensive subscription boxes despite having no money to pay bills. There's something fascinating about it all. I hope they get better but 'better' is relative, some of the cows I watch slowly grow up and somewhat improve at cleaning up their biohazard caves but most of them are like Jill's Confetti Club members who get progressively fatter and do even less basic cleaning than they used to. The only thing that increases is the spending.

No. 2028498

Pretty sure the reddit post claimed she was a "little" or an adult baby or something along those lines. I'm glad it wasn't an actual child living like this at least.

No. 2028505

People like this are so funny to me. No, you are not. "You'll never meet another like me" good, thank God.

No. 2028762

That vacuum cleaner looks depressed.

No. 2028867

File: 1717147088610.jpg (933.05 KB, 1440x1080, before and after.jpg)

No. 2028868

File: 1717147174466.png (1.01 MB, 1200x901, 1000017065.png)

uncanny valley alert.

No. 2029264

File: 1717173359353.mp4 (8.91 MB, 886x1284, RPReplay_Final1717173135.mp4)

No. 2029269

classic bpd copes kek

No. 2029273

File: 1717174275465.mp4 (9.79 MB, 576x1024, yeslydimate_721272866502349956…)

No. 2029279

aw this is cute she's just fucking around lol

No. 2029293

It's always the plainest BPD chans who sperg about UGLY AND VANILLA wives kek. Makes you wonder about the relationship they have with their mothers.

No. 2029307

she’s gorgeous

No. 2029313

pretty privilege is shielding her from cringe kek

No. 2029805

This made my toes curl from cringe. Is he genuinely retarded?

No. 2029820

No. 2030047

File: 1717219399965.png (596.99 KB, 710x703, D433-232-A35.png)

Who is this?

No. 2030049

This woman was turning around and laughing as if anyone else was there. All those other women are probably staring at this woman and the cameraman like they're two schizos. Second-hand embarrassment feels like a brick.

No. 2031036

i laughed so fucking hard at the end when the jogger with airpods in just runs right by the camera lmfaoooo

No. 2031922

Punchable as the first time I saw this.
People were saying he was purposefully being incompetent so she never asks him again. Could be ragebait too though.

No. 2032093

File: 1717343285951.webm (2.8 MB, 576x1024, 1717022808293682.webm)

No. 2032094

File: 1717343309985.jpg (105.79 KB, 1024x498, 1717025069680312m.jpg)

No. 2032096

She has arguably incredible genetics for none of that fat to sit on her face. Idk why she's bragging that she's a virtual prostitute for degenerate moids though.

No. 2032100

I didn't know watermelon minute maid existed until now

No. 2032101

The stomach doesn't look real.

No. 2032103

Ngl this has me questioning which is more damaging in the long run, being a normal prostitute or doing no sex feederism.

No. 2032145

File: 1717347850515.jpg (9.62 KB, 160x214, 2c078a3848b925f906e8d84123fcf8…)

No. 2032190

This goes beyond cringe and into sad territory

No. 2035107

File: 1717494213393.png (224.81 KB, 2459x369, jesus.png)

i hate some of you

No. 2035379

File: 1717512608206.jpg (6.85 KB, 227x222, disgustang.jpg)

this fucking tard website christ

No. 2035394

I'm ashamed of being heterosexual

No. 2036137

File: 1717549648825.png (709.63 KB, 907x1213, Screenshot_20240604-175821~2.p…)

No. 2036213

File: 1717553196431.mp4 (2.22 MB, 640x358, 0.mp4)

No. 2036219

File: 1717553599437.gif (520.25 KB, 200x179, 200w.gif)

No. 2036247

I hate this video so much. What could lead someone, ANYONE to record and send this.

No. 2036248

sometimes i find i hard to believe the de/g/ens belong to the same species as i

No. 2036292

The mold has rotted his brain on top of anime.

No. 2036320

KEK I hate japan, the consequences of anime have been a disaster on humanity

No. 2036334

File: 1717560069976.webm (3.98 MB, 282x500, 1717019763006578.webm)


No. 2036336

Holy shit this is so funny. Wtf Is the context?

No. 2036341

She's based.

No. 2036350

File: 1717560994562.webm (Spoiler Image,3.56 MB, 715x720, bbygrl.webm)

No. 2036352

he's so confident i find it cute

No. 2036354

based on what? retardation?

No. 2036364

Based on Deez nuts

No. 2036366

i lost

No. 2036511

One of my best friends since childhood is Asian (important). My parents are extremely autistic immigrants and are poorly socialized around other races and ethnicities despite living in burgerland for 20+ years. Because of this, I tended to never invite friends over or let them meet my parents. My friend had to sleepover at my place sometime in high school and I shit you not my mom hands my friend some chopsticks along with her dinner. I want to die just thinking back on it.

No. 2036516

I can't cringe, I put this on loop because it gives me asmr tingles

No. 2036554

It's been years and I still hate this lil frodo

No. 2036559

I was expected a twist but not her pumping five rounds of ammunition into her child

No. 2036561

Average 40 year old homosexual man

No. 2036567

this is how i view all male bdsm "doms"

No. 2036571

ngl the mom is kinda hot

No. 2036600

Anon we had the same thought…

No. 2036728

File: 1717588024283.jpg (70.16 KB, 900x696, unnamed.jpg)

Cringe, but at least they look presentable and smell neutral (most of them look like they do anyway). At best male girlgroup fans at fanmeets dont care for appearance or presentation, at worst they're pedos who pay crazy amounts to see a 14 year old face to face like picrel.

No. 2036826

im crying this is insane she humpty dumptyd on em…

No. 2036832

Absolute SIGMA mother.

No. 2038030

File: 1717660635142.jpeg (835.08 KB, 1179x1979, IMG_3421.jpeg)


No. 2038036

where is part two

No. 2038539

File: 1717696352380.mp4 (Spoiler Image,209.66 KB, 384x480, ahegao cringe.mp4)

No. 2038540

the way her facial muscles move is so bizarre, she looks like a little gray alien wearing a human skin suit

No. 2038746

File: 1717703298277.png (51.94 KB, 1565x450, 1715283335260.png)

No. 2038749

they really dropped her like a hot potatoe when she turned 21. bleak.

No. 2038752

It legitimately looks like some weird 90s CG effect.

No. 2038762

they dropped her because of breast augmentation

No. 2038768

Still pedophiliac

No. 2038802


No. 2038813

File: 1717706425356.png (3.67 MB, 1170x2259, birth makeup.png)

No. 2038819

File: 1717706554986.webm (933.43 KB, 632x480, 1716578187660343.webm)

No. 2038820

File: 1717706589996.jpeg (770.62 KB, 1179x2130, IMG_3422.jpeg)

Sorry got distracted with something


No. 2038949

>Daughter gets a bf
>Kill her
>Four hugs a day maximum
>Humpty dumpty
>Neck crack
I lost, This makes no sense at all.

No. 2038955

I lost at the "orphan gruel bowl is a reference to the Oliver twist gif" as if this person doesn't know Oliver twist is a book and film. They just think it's a gif. I'm legitimately curious to know just how bad this book actually is.

No. 2038994

File: 1717714572699.mp4 (2.18 MB, 576x1024, Download.mp4)

theres more lore

No. 2039001

sorry but shes so insanely hot and cool. She exudes that dangerously autistic aura. You know, the kind of autist who you fear if you dare to disagree with them on which dinosaur is the best one. Scary and cool. I wish she was my mommy.

No. 2039004

this literally made me cry laughing this is so good, when she said the number of hugs I screamed

No. 2039012

No. 2039015

File: 1717715803656.gif (25.23 KB, 360x360, 1000017056.gif)

Okay intervention time: any parent that has their children listen to songs with explicit lyrics is a fucking retard and a bad parent. That kind of shit with my parents blasting explicit rap music infront of parties, events, and my schools when they would drop me off had me telling all my friends and peers that I was adopted.

No. 2039026

I need to be her friend so bad. We'd get drunk at her bungalow

No. 2039028

the mother is setting off my dykedar so hard but i can't tell if it's because she's emulating cringe hey mama lesbian tiktok behaviors

No. 2039033

The mom is too attractive I've gone blind to the cringe

No. 2039035

She's kinda hot

No. 2039050

hahahahaha what the fuck

No. 2039066

What a flaming homosexual

No. 2039075

Do you really think she's cool or are you joking? She seems very narcissistic, getting her daughters to be in multiple videos about how cool she is.

No. 2039087

Lol calm down arm chair psychiatrist

No. 2039107

Its is giving that gender blob who makes the cake on tiktok and uses random leftist terms like "the tears of cops" for a fucking cake …wait a minute why hasn't that been posted

No. 2039112

File: 1717722166383.jpg (148.46 KB, 1179x1572, 1000003837.jpg)

No. 2039113

File: 1717722244331.jpg (179.09 KB, 1177x1499, 20240208_210545.jpg)

Remains one of the worst tweets I have ever had the displeasure of reading

No. 2039119

What does the honey badger thing even mean? And that guy is acting like such a dicksucking flunky

No. 2039120

You have to be eighteen to post here. Anyways, honey badger don't care was a meme from 2011.

No. 2039121

File: 1717722765997.webp (50.98 KB, 645x990, IMG_3423.webp)

No. 2039124

Not underage, it just went over my head.

No. 2039163

File: 1717725302837.mp4 (Spoiler Image,2.52 MB, 350x640, why.mp4)

No. 2039206

I have to admit I love looking at cluttered loser habitats like this so much I could just gawk at images like this all day. What happens in a persons brain that this doesn't make them lose their mind with discomfort, besides physical disability? I would clean this place for free if I was allowed to spend a good hour exploring it first (with something covering my nose and mouth)

No. 2039212

Can a Spanish speaker please translate wtf they're even saying

No. 2039218

The fake laughter and objectifying his wife/girlfriend/sister whoever the hell in front of thousands, yeezus christ

No. 2039225

I'm gonna do this to my short skinny bf

No. 2039234

Tutorial: how to teach your gf how to swim
Que puto asco

No. 2039238

“How to teach your partner how to swim”

No. 2039252

Well he's not doing a very good job at it.

No. 2039286

Help I can't stop laughing!

No. 2039359

post it girl
theses fucking faggots my lord

No. 2039367

this guy is so incredibly fucking weird. i’m not going to say he’s exactly doing a bad thing, but imagine if your boyfriend’s self-made entrepreneurial endeavor was buying designer cars to drive pedophiles around in. the memes are weird, everything’s weird. i’m not unhappy with what he does but man i would never ever date a pred catching nigga they must have autistic hyperfixations about memeing on pedos

No. 2039572

nothing else in the thread made me lose like this. oh my god I'm somehow so embarrassed for him even though I should not care

No. 2039583

I love this retard.

No. 2039663

File: 1717772669904.png (40.81 KB, 1350x138, Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 12.04…)

holy shit

No. 2039953

File: 1717792178666.png (872.66 KB, 1170x1000, good lord .png)

1 scroll on twitter and i’m immediately reminded of why so many people seem to think women aren’t funny

No. 2039963

i hate what they have done with this movie

No. 2039972

I don't get it

No. 2040026

Possession is one of my favorites - what did they do to it, i am outta the loop…

No. 2040071

it's more along the lines of how zoomers turn everything into a haha ironic meme. some zoomers have also started to use "insane" characters as another label to characterize themselves as. like please just enjoy the movie as it is without all the haha bullshit.

No. 2040079

File: 1717797907543.mp4 (1 MB, 720x1280, Snapinsta.app_video_5445590617…)

Another spanish one, it says "we're at a party we can't escape like this" "sh, shut up and eat"

No. 2040080

I don't get it, is the camera perspective supposed to be us giving him head?

No. 2040083

It’s now seen as a
>reee female rage!! so relatable!!
type movie. when anyone who’s actually seen it will know how inaccurate that is and of course none of these 13 year olds have

No. 2040350

No. 2040768

Ok I lost

No. 2041191

File: 1717872701075.jpeg (381.12 KB, 828x1553, IMG_4149.jpeg)

holy shit the writing is so tryhard. "teehee chaotic gemlin" tumblr humour is already insufferable in short form but an entire book if it is straight torture

No. 2041195

File: 1717872868837.jpg (81.48 KB, 827x974, 1000003883.jpg)

No. 2041199

with the sound effect it looks like hes farting

No. 2041231

Don't let the cocksucking schizo see this kek.

No. 2041264

>Bryan Silva
Haven't heard that name in years, jeez

No. 2041269

Me too! I got whiplash

No. 2041287

Lotus flowers gave me OCD levels of intrusive creepy spine-chilling trypophobic ick as a child. Even now I still wanna burn them.

No. 2041294

that post is proving her right to be honest

No. 2041303

which one?

No. 2041307

Nona, posting Doug Walker is cheating.

No. 2042098

File: 1717924127460.png (195.02 KB, 401x251, 1576122898274.png)

No. 2042104

Now you're just trying to make me kill myself

No. 2042695

File: 1717965277912.jpg (361.38 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20240609_135957_Pin…)

No. 2042697

File: 1717965311773.jpg (135.05 KB, 720x1135, 9a2721dd723d660a3957235367a3f3…)

No. 2042705

File: 1717965524035.jpg (136.19 KB, 720x1071, e415cddc23fda87b27b2bd60482f82…)

it's been 30 seconds already let me post my fucking pinterest whisper cringe

No. 2042706

File: 1717965534715.jpeg (61.96 KB, 748x132, IMG_3863.jpeg)

these comments jfc

No. 2042714

File: 1717966026530.jpg (478.19 KB, 1079x1825, 1000017227.jpg)

I found this on pinterest. Why do zoomers think they're entitled to walk into any label or hobby while doing absolutely no work to earn the title? Only zoomers will put on a septum piercing and unironically think they're "punks" for it.

No. 2042755

Tbf, isn't being goth also about the music you like?

No. 2043961

No. 2043970

I never had that impression. From what a goth told me once, goth as a subculture is more than just listening to goth music. It involves a fashion, a makeup sense, and an interest in particular media (books, poetry, and films). If I listened to goth music, I still wouldn't call myself a goth because I feel like being a goth is more than just listening to Siouxsie and The Banshees.

No. 2043982

It literally is. At goth concerts you'll see people wearing band shirts with khaki pants or jeans. A lot of goths don't even care about fashion or doing stark makeup. They just like the music.

No. 2043992

the funny part is that it's usually the opposite - people want to dress "goth", but scream gatekeeping when asked what goth band they listen to

No. 2045093

I blame money grubbing content creation and autistic rule holders

No. 2045111

If young enough, she can lose weight, get excess skin removed and live something of a normal life but STDs are forever

No. 2046669

File: 1718226516924.png (1.51 MB, 885x1321, IMG_3050.png)

No. 2046682

this dude avatar is so fucking cringy and ugly

No. 2046712

I don't like his art, but I'm confused why everyone suddenly hates him lol

No. 2046724

Overpowering cringe, perhaps?

No. 2046749

Just the fact that he's a moid should be enough reason to hate him.

No. 2046895

Ngl I kinda appreciate a moid who doesn't insult and demean different body types of women and appreciates different ones. I know the bar is low. He's still cringe.

No. 2046920

>different body types
they are all the exact same body type just with bigger/smaller tits

No. 2046921

These aren’t cringe enough to be worthy of this thread. Don’t shit up this whole place with mid posts

No. 2047482

No. 2047503

They're too old to have sex at that age and conk out as soon as they lay down. If she's patient and gets her name on his will she'd be better off than most women who slave away for their husbands for decades. She should give him some cocaine and expedite the process.

No. 2047504

That's what I was thinking too. This isn't so bad when you consider that there's no way this geriatric man can get it up. She probably doesn't even fuck him, just has to smile and pretend to like him until he puts her on his will.

No. 2047511


No. 2047606

Lmao you really think he's buying her all that designer stuff without anything in return? Come on.

No. 2047615

I can't even sit next to moids like this for longer than 5 minutes because they smell so bad. I pray she gets a really good will that settles her for life.

No. 2047624

No. 2047654

File: 1718294312173.mp4 (7.48 MB, VID_211100421_083830_011.mp4)

No. 2047661

You win

No. 2047707

Maybe when the thread is about to end we should vote which is the worst of all these

No. 2047771

File: 1718300287272.webp (Spoiler Image,28.55 KB, 900x477, anna-nicole-smith-and-j-howard…)

a powdery attempted handjob at best, but yes with that walker I don't think he can mount or thrust in anyone without cracking all his vertebrae and losing his 10% boner. even in her video she says he just wants to feel young so all she has to do is parade around with him and lie to him all day.

No. 2047792

No. 2047886

Why do so many bwwm couples have huge age gaps?

No. 2047982

File: 1718310437624.mp4 (12.02 MB, All the Single Furries!.mp4)


No. 2048049

Good for her.

No. 2048256

hard watch

No. 2048262

File: 1718329065661.png (166.41 KB, 598x522, Screenshot.png)

No. 2048270

snoopy would not fucking say that

No. 2048278

A lot of black women do not value themselves, sadly(racebait)

No. 2048292

They don't? What are you talking about

No. 2048306

She's just waiting for him to croak so she can get that sweet sweet will money.

No. 2048354

>queer as in free Palestine
These people truly belong in labor camps

No. 2048403

>I hate a neutral ass bitch
Why am i forced to pick sides on a conflict that has nothing to do with my country and that is horrible on both sides?

No. 2048612

I barely watched peanuts but wasn't snoopy's whole shtick that he's carefree, lazy and chilling on his house when things go down?

No. 2048642


No he founds hamas in the episode right after the Christmas special

No. 2048715

Only scrotes can find this funny. Pams passive reaction makes it even worse, not saying harrasment joke is funny if the woman defends herself, but this was just depressing.

No. 2049099

nta but ok cringe police

No. 2049142

File: 1718395090089.png (76.82 KB, 395x214, cachedImage.png)

No. 2050692

File: 1718497762911.png (181.9 KB, 1080x678, ouch the edge.png)

Old lolcow was crazy

No. 2050701

You need to post the source

No. 2050704

Like what thread it was?

No. 2050732

No. 2050746

This one I think >>38665

No. 2050853

File: 1718506896132.jpg (251.56 KB, 1290x1237, litcringe.jpg)

this made me laugh my ass off

No. 2050924

This is kind of cute if it was earnest..
Kek at the post though

No. 2050929

And I thought I had bad handwriting, seesh.

No. 2050976

What's so bad about this?

No. 2051114

blood meridian is like american psycho and no country for old men mixed together into a book with barely any punctuation marks. it’s graphic, gross, and a wild choice for a gift. good chance that the gift giver is one of those “oh i’m such a nihilist dickhead” guys.

No. 2051663

>"found this in a thrift store in perfect/unread condition"
>unread condition
>anon wrote a choked, awkward, sincere note to someone he either admired, wanted to fuck, or both, on the first page of a book gift
>the book is blood meridian
>the book was promptly dumped in a thrift store without even being read

No. 2052467

this shit's so fucking funny to me

No. 2052478

how can someone do hundreds of shows and still be so stiff and awkward on stage? i’m not even a hater it’s just funny.

No. 2052763

According to the comments, this concert was during a heat wave. She was trying not to faint.

No. 2052776

That thing she does just before she turns around is creepy, wtf was that

One of the comments said it was 63 degrees celcius inside the stadium, that's insane.

No. 2052778

Darn I thought you finally led me to one of those tinfoiling MKultra affected celebs YouTubers again, nonnie. Where’d they all go and why can’t I find them in the search? Their shit was wild but endlessly intriguing especially their own dedication

No. 2052830

Horrifying jesus christ. I hope anon was jts trolling.

No. 2052959

Would be nice to know if the giver was being edgy on purpose or so autistic he thought it was a good gift.

No. 2053054

This is not from 2008

No. 2053063

the motivation was to make himself look well read and intelligent by picking a lesser known (as in, its not the great gatsby) piece of classic literature. maybe edgy and philosophical too given his question about the judge.

No. 2053071

I absolutely adore her

No. 2053073

>One of the comments said it was 63 degrees celcius inside the stadium, that's insane.
yeah and it killed one of her fans and she did not give a shit. She should had stopped the fucking robocop charade and help her fucking fans who were probably suffering the same amount of heat if not more.

No. 2053075

I don't really know if this is serious or just bait

No. 2053096

I swear this looks like that egirl who went viral with incels? Anyways she’s super cute, if this is her she looks much better like this (apologies for the simping)

No. 2053113

I like her channel

No. 2053400

That's literally every egirl ever

No. 2053411

File: 1718671217201.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1218x2509, 4EC7522A-669C-4A7E-8785-A26CC2…)

Middle aged redditors trying to groom each other on r/teenagers meanwhile their target audiences are on imageboards

No. 2053418

>uploaded 3 days ago
I support the 2008 cosplay and everything, but it might not be too advisable to advertise on lolcow.

No. 2053425

No. 2053448

It’s so weird for people to post themselves shirtless/nude on imageboards. Like does being “anonymous” really give them such a rush that they have to jump to being attention whores and exhibitionists?

No. 2053519

It appeared in my recommendations anon, sometimes the algorithm pushes obscure videos in your feed.

No. 2054012

Is she underage? Could be just anachan but anyway I dont think outdated style counts as cringe.

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