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File: 1502631921144.jpg (222.42 KB, 833x575, rhinoplasty_1686452510b.jpg)

No. 201813

Anyone got their nose done? Gonna be getting one soon and I'm hoping I can get some tips or advice. I have a relatively petite nose with no humps or anything, it some how got crooked to the left side over the years and now my breathing and smell is fucked.

How was healing? Do they wake you up immediately? How painful was it? Has your ability to smell changed? How does it look now?

No. 201817

How many plastic surgery threads do we fucking need?

No. 201825

Holy shit, that absolute dick nose.

No. 201826

Just don't hope for your looks to improve at all. A nose will change nothing, and the ONLY difference you will notice is in function. If you wish to change your looks, it would be best to look into a lefort, sliding genioplasty, etc. Something along those lines.

No. 201837

I dunno anon, that op pic definitely proves looks can improve. It obviously won't be that drastic for everyone but come on, that girl's face changed pretty dramatically.

No. 201852

>Don't hope for your looks to improve at all

Anyway, OP, you can find a lot of info in the two PS threads. (And yes, your looks can improve a lot)

No. 201858


i think the pic illustrates points on both or your sides. Her looks definitely improved, but her face before looks like a traditionally pretty woman with a halloween nose. it's pretty rare to have one glaring flaw but otherwise be above average like this. so your looks can improve but think about your face carefully and do research to determine if your looks specifically will improve.

No. 201877

basically this, the lady in OP's pic was already pretty. If I got my nose done then my extremely asymmetrical eyes or my too-far-apart brows would suddenly be more noticeable and then I'd just find something else to be insecure about. though I think saying you won't notice any difference like in >>201826 is a stretch.

No. 201884

I had mine done about ~2 months ago. I like the result so far, but I'm scared that the tip is going to droop lower as the swelling goes down, as that's what it used to look like before. I got the dorsal hump removed, my nose was straightened and shortened by approx. 5mm. It used to look kinda jewy.
I couldn't breathe for about 2 weeks after that and could only start using rinses and such about a month into the healing process. Had lots of bruising, especially on my eyelids. Dr says it'll take about 1.5 years for me to see the final result since the tip of my nose has really thick skin and that's where most of the swelling is (right now my nose is kind of wide with a round ping pong ball tip, but it sounds a lot worse than it looks)-

I hated the anaesthesia, I hated waking up from it and the first few days were horrible. When they took the bandages off my nose was greasy and full of whiteheads. That has since gone away but the skin is still oily and there are lots of blackheads I can't get rid of (partially because I don't want to apply unnecessary pressure to my nose, partially because they're stubborn). My mouth was really dry for the first 2 weeks. My breathing is now back to normal, if not better than it had been before the surgery. My sense of smell is a bit dulled but I expect that to change in the coming months. Some of the tissue still feels numb.

Would I do it again? If I really had to. I'd wanted to get this done since I was 14, and even at the peak of swelling I still thought it was worth it. If it turns out well, I won't get another because I don't really care about having a perfect button nose, the one I have right now is fine.

If you're the kind of person who is obsessed with physical perfection/are looking to get super smoking hot and model tummy tea on instagram, I wouldn't recommend it. If you just want to fix your breathing, a septoplasty could be a (more painful) option but that doesn't really do much in terms of appearance.

Overall, if the rest of your face is good you'll look better. If not, you won't see much of a difference.

No. 201890

also for example, i think my nose is kinda big, but it doesn't have big obvious curves to shave down like the OP pic, so if i got a nose job my face might look weirdly childlike and flat. Her nose practically has a neon sign pointing to exactly what needs to be fixed

No. 201921

File: 1502721016431.jpg (106.74 KB, 960x678, 18835527_1204532726342576_8359…)

You see most difference when you're touching the tip/front view imho. When you have just a small bump you will look the same on front view. When you have a potato/large nose, instead, your face can actually do a 180.

No. 201925

File: 1502724716964.jpg (706 KB, 1280x1707, 078840d7ce2b2095379a27bc8cb008…)

My nose looks just like this from the side but fine (imo) from the front. I keep going back and forth on getting a rhinoplasty :/ I'm going to post a picture of my ideal nose in a second.

No. 201926

File: 1502724745693.jpg (48.68 KB, 640x640, 688f0654ac68c7b3ea69aebe3e6e5a…)

This is my ideal nose but I don't think it'd be possible on me.

No. 201927

Looks really ugly and fake tbh
This one looks elegant. The shape is pretty and the tip is nice and pointed. Don't see why you'd want one.

No. 201932

It look okay in picture because we are bad at telling anatomy but i'm pretty sure IRL it look to small and fake.

No. 201934

It looks already small, with a super small bump. I would say, don't touch it at all. With such minor flaws it's easier to fuck it up than improving it. And even in the case everything goes alright, the change will be so small you will barely notice it.

No. 201943

for some reason this nose looks better than the other one you posted. i never saw someone's nose job in person until i went to some yuppie area the other week and it was super obvious that this mexican lady waiting in line next to me had gotten rhinoplasty done. weird shit. made me change the way i view fake button noses and it didnt make me think she looked beautiful because the rest of her face was painfully under average with an average nose.

No. 201947

I've been wanting a nose job for so long. As a kid it never bothered me because only one girl ever pointed it out asking why my nose was so big but I've hated it for a while. At least it slants down nicely and has no bumps (thank god) but I hate how the tip points downwards. I also feel like I have the same thing as my dad where my nose is slightly crooked to one side. I'm sure most people don't pay enough attention to notice but I hate seeing candids and having my own nose mock me. Once in a while I go into beautycam and shoop my nose just to see what I look like with surgery. I always prefer the smaller nose. I feel like it wouldn't be too hard to get it done since again, no bump in the bridge but it's just so long.
I probably wouldn't give a shit if my eyes and mouth weren't so small despite being white. It just looks huge in comparison.

Sorry for the blog post, but I was also wondering if surgeries are cheaper if you don't have the bridge to fix?

No. 201948

Thanks, guys, really. You just made me like my nose waaay more haha. I never really disliked it, I just thought I had to have cute lil button nose like all the typical pretty girls. But now that I think about it, a nose like that wouldn't really fit my other features…Thanks.

No. 201950

Thanks for sharing, once the surgery as done did they wake you up right away or did they wait an hr before waking you up?

No. 201951


No. 201956

button noses are a dime a dozen and looking at them on every instagram girl's face gets pretty boring. the nose you have is so much sexier looking and when coupled with confidence, that's like hottest thing in the world.

No. 201958

They waited for me to wake up on my own afaik. They first wheeled me over to the shock room (recovery room in English?), then invited my bf to sit with me and wait for me to wake up, and I woke up around 30 mins after that.

No. 202027

wow what an ugly dick nose and wow at the difference. The girl in the image looks like a whole new person.

regarding the breathing your septum is probably crooked. you can get the rest done simultanously.

do it

No. 203968

I'm trying to find out who did Marie Avgeropoulos' nose. If anyone knows, hmu

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