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No. 201743

I mean, I know we all think bitchy thoughts at one point about someone or a situation but we keep it in to be polite or save face.

I thought of this because there's always that one anon once in a while who whiteknights and says "you're only saying that because you're on anon!!". While it may be true, I only don't say it out loud because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings. I would gladly start a fight if society didn't look down upon it.


>Are you actually really judgemental?

>Do you speak your mind or keep it to yourself to keep the peace?

No. 201755

>Are you actually really judgemental?
Actually not very, but I do hate Muslim men and Americans (except elderly ones) so there's that
>Do you speak your mind or keep it to yourself to keep the peace?
I speak my mind when appropriate

No. 201756

File: 1502575755005.jpg (55.03 KB, 720x800, 18581751_1592066247479336_4368…)

I always save face because I prefer that people see me as kind and polite, but I'm actually a huge bitch who will talk shit about anyone behind closed doors. I pretty much always find something to judge someone for, but I keep it to myself so I don't blow my cover. My coworkers were actually shocked and teased me about it for days when they heard me say "fuck" for the first time.

No. 201772

I'll tend to be straight up bitch, when anon. I'll pretend to be polite irl and on named forums. I'm pretty quiet irl sometimes, but sometimes I'll say some nasty shit, people find it funny. Sometimes I'll skim the surface of what I'm thinking, but you can't say everything, people are sensitive. Lost two friends that way, so I'll be toning shit down.

Of all the people that will walk up and try and hit on you it's almost always Muslim/Indian men.

No. 201779

I'm pretty flip-floppy when it comes to being judgmental. I can be extremely judgmental of just about everything but at the same time I get irritated when other people are extremely judgmental. For instance, I think a lot of tattoos are stupid but the other day as I was driving around with my dad I drove past a dude with a ton of tattoos and my dad mocked the guy and called him trashy, and I was immediately compelled to defend Tattoo Dude. I guess I'm just annoyed by people feeling the need to insult others for absolutely no reason.

The swearing thing used to happen to me too lol. I swear like a sailor with my close friends but any who's just an acquaintance is always shocked by it.

No. 201781

Are you me, anon? I think I'm just a contradictory person. Politically correct open minded SJW on the streets, judgmental bitch in the sheets.

No. 201782

File: 1502592556413.jpg (160.12 KB, 712x990, thats-right-bitches-first-i-ba…)

Forgot to add trannies and 'sexually liberal' SJWs who turn around and cry when they inevitably end up as some fuckboy's used up shag rag and act surprised that they can't get a boyfriend.
Even when you do tell them to tone it down for their own good they lash out at you and call you sexist and judgmental.
Tbh Indian men are super weird but not really aggressive (ime) and don't insist that showing ankles = town bike. They are however super condescending and always sound oddly argumentative when talking to a woman. Indian ladies are always lovely so it's a pity, I hate meeting their siblings for this reason alone.

No. 201785

>Are you actually really judgemental?
Only if the person is someone I'm particularly close with, and only if their bad habits/behavior are affecting them and the people in their lives negatively.

>Do you speak your mind or keep it to yourself to keep the peace?

Depends on how obnoxious the other person is, or whether or not speaking up would have any impact on the conversation/argument at hand.

Tbh, I would call myself an undercover bitch though. I've gotten better with this as I've gotten older, but I was extremely two-faced and talked a lot of shit about my friends and loved ones behind their backs as a teen.

No. 201788

>Tbh Indian men are super weird but not really aggressive (ime) and don't insist that showing ankles = town bike. They are however super condescending and always sound oddly argumentative when talking to a woman.

In my experience it boils down to the fact their culture is super sexually repressed and they expect that they'll regularly get laid in the west. Then when it turns out western women don't just fuck everything that moves, they get angry because cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

No. 201795

>Are you actually really judgemental?
I don't judge people for how they look or anything like that, but I don't try to hide my opinions from assholes who I know personally. If someone has a shitty personality I'm going to 'judge' them forever. I would never talk shit about people who I consider genuine friends because I'd feel guilty.

>Do you speak your mind or keep it to yourself to keep the peace?

I tend to be ultra polite but I'm trying to change this because I consider it a personal weakness at times. The majority of the time though, I keep my opinions to myself because I don't have the energy to insert myself into issues because it's draining and puts me into a shitty obsessive mood.

We are the same.

No. 201797

I make judgements about people frequently but I am constantly catching myself for negative judgements against people I don't even know, and correcting that thought right away. I fucking hate judging people, it made me a more negative person so I try to focus on changing those thoughts. But when it comes to my close friends if its based on their actions I'll share my opinion without expecting them to take my opinion seriously, I always believe they know whats best for themselves and they understand I just worry about them.

No. 201804

My career makes it necessary to not be judgemental, and I really don't want to come across as a awful and upset people irl but oh my god I cannot stand so many tiny features or behaviours in people.
As a mother you don't know shit other than your kids favourite things, fatness repulses me, i want to shame lazy people and make them contribute instead of being a goddamn potato, more than two days of dishes or a dirty house in general is disgusting and so is the person living in it, fucking blend your fucking foundation lines you look like a rodeo clown, you look like a literal thirsty dog when you stick their tongues out in photos, burlap is always ugly and you have no taste if you use it in your wedding or home decor. Same goes for those plastic chokers, and wearing collars/garters/bondage gear with your regular clothes. anyone who stands in the middle of an aisle or walkway to chat or use their phone can be shot into space along with anyone who plays music or shouts into their phone calls in public. Your shitty kid is opening packets and running around in the store cause you're a shitty parent and screeching now won't help, perfume has never covered body odor just shower you animal. Jesus I could go on for weeks this is why I can't have friends

No. 201874

>i want to shame lazy people and make them contribute instead of being a goddamn potato
I'm starting to think that being judgmental is healthy because I used to judge the fuck out of lazy people and then I stopped caring what other people do and now I'm a NEET.

No. 201878

I am the queen of judgement internally, but I've always made sure to be polite and kind to everyone outside.
I just really fucking hate a lot of people and am truly disgusted by certain political views, lifestyles, and other shit like that.
I feel bad because I harbor these thoughts and do nothing to shut them down, but I also feel like ranting in my head prevents me from being vocal about these things.

I mean I guess its better to be two faced and courteous to people than to be an outright bitch overall?

No. 201906

A combination of rampant shame at the idea of being lazy and no frustration tolerance for procrastinators has led me to become the harpy I am.
Go clean your house or write a resume okay? You'll be happier once it's done.

Judginess is expecting people to hold up to your own standard, and expecting yourself to do it to. Don't drop your standards with yourself.

No. 203571

It's weird because I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a 'bitch', but I am a very angry person on the inside (and it's only getting worse.) All throughout my life I've been meek, shy, and very polite almost to a fault. I'm pretty much a doormat and I'm nice to everyone. I don't think I've ever raised my voice to anyone or said anything cruel to someone's face.

However, on the inside I am just this big ball of rage . I only let out my anger when I'm alone in my room and I usually take it out on myself physically. It gets harder and harder for me to not get visibly angry anymore, and I'm at the point where I have to actively restrain myself from saying mean shit or just telling people to get fucked. I'm not sure if it's because I keep it all bottled up inside and it has been building up through the years, or maybe I'm just sick of people taking advantage of me. Sick of people in general.

I would never physically harm anyone other than myself, but I do worry that I will eventually become a heartless raging bitch and not treat people well anymore. I don't want that to happen but idk…that seems to be where I'm heading.

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