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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 201536

How would you (realistically) suggest some of these snowflakes and cows discussed on the farm better themselves?

>pic related

I think pixielocks aka Jillian could improve her quality of life a lot if she took a little more risk. It's scary ofc to move on with your life from high school but she needs to leave home in order to not get stuck in her hometown.

What do you all think? Let's discuss how these cows could improve themselves

No. 201546

Jill could improve by going to a therapist for her rampant narcissism.

No. 201562

You can literally talk about all of this on their own threads, and at least only people who are familiar with that cow will need to read it
Also, the awful "stylist" thread

No. 201564

I really wish toopoor would learn how to ACTUALLY not give a fuck. She's so painfully obviously a normie who wants to be weird and shocking and goth and has no idea how to do it so she looks like a huge poser. But the thing is she COULD gracefully change clothing styles and take more risks in her life if she stuck to actually just doing what she feels like, nothing more nothing less. Instead she does what she feels like and then does a ton of shit that means nothing to her but that she thinks is what a goth shawty soundcloud party girl is supposed to do and it's very obvious.

No. 201595

I hope kiki drop the jealousy and the envy someday and focus on her own career, maybe make more videos about interesting things because jeez girl boring food videos are boring, get a job pay for a nosejob and a haircut, invest in your presence because dude that's what get you followers make some friggin content

No. 201645

She could start by fixing her hair and whitening her teeth.

No. 201647

I don't see an issue with this thread anon, plus it might help people to find out about other cows they didn't think they were interested in.

No. 201658

Kiki can't be saved after her idiotic sperg out. I think she has a unique style and liked how she did her makeup but the way she talks is so fucking annoying, let alone how much of a bitter hag she truly is and everyone knows it. At this point she should just be her real self and post vids making fun of Taylor, id watch that shit

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