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No. 201423

how are anons getting ready to return to / enter college? whether you're nervous or excited, discuss everything related to school here.

some questions to get started: where are you going? what year and major are you? what is the biggest goal you have for the school year? have you enjoyed the summer?

No. 201424

op hoping to kick off discussion. i'm a junior computer science major at a local school in southern texas. i'm mostly worried about being able to juggle work-study/research/assignments/my club so handling it all well is my goal lol. i haven't been doing my research especially so i hope my prof doesn't grill my ass too hard.

i've been spending time with my bf all summer but i really miss a lot of my friends who were away. i would also hang out with a lot of casual friends in the computer labs a lot so i'm aching for that. i didn't work out at all :( but i did lose some weight and i want to stock up on cute clothes before school starts. that + handling some club stuff is all the prep i've done.

No. 201435

File: 1502344256835.png (29.42 KB, 741x568, 1496210670940.png)

>where are you going?
WA, bout as specific as I want to get.

>what year and major are you?

Mechanical Engineering, junior.

>what is the biggest goal you have for the school year?

Build contacts, find a decent internship.

>have you enjoyed the summer?

Not really. I don't function well when I have nothing to do.

No. 201437

are we the same person, anon? basically all the same here, except i'm a senior in cs and tragically work retail. also i go to a pretty big uni.

my goal is to (obviously) get hooked up with a job this fall for when i graduate in the spring. i dun goofed with (summer) internships by not applying during the fall last year, wasted days just applying to dozens in the spring only to get rejected, and don't want to make the same mistake again. most of my friends are working in the field already in some way or another and i don't want to falter behind, but feels bad tho.

tip for anyone looking for an internship: apply early and rigorously or you will be fucked without solid connections.

i've enjoyed my summer and am just hoping things work out so i don't have to feel that dread/anxiety of being a jobless failure after i graduate, lol

No. 201440

File: 1502348876197.jpg (78.97 KB, 736x736, 1bed06cadf5a545857993588d6c471…)

Gonna go back to my ugly community college that I ditched 2 years ago, it makes me regret being a lazy shit straight out of highschool.
Going into nursing but that may change(I low-key wanted to go into animation/or illustration) I have honestly also thought about living the weeb dream and teach english in Japan but I'm not sure I could handle it kek(social anxiety/probably be homesick as fuck)
It's really brutal seeing friends graduate and I'm still in school because I screwed up and had 0 motivation;makes me wish I could go back in time and kick my ass into gear. Oh well, I'm still young and I can't dwell about the past.I kind of fucked up my grades and got kicked out previously so I'm not sure what to expect going back, hoping I can undo the damage and possibly get accepted into a program.

I've stocked up on a shitton of kawaii stationary and I recently got a pretty new desk so it motivates me a ton to do good this time around. I have way too much school supplies, I honestly don't know how I'm still thirsty for more.

I hope everyone has a good semester!

Is there anyone here into those what's in my school bag videos? I love them and there's always new ones out every year.
Same with those study inspo videos, those motivate me a ton

No. 201447

>It's really brutal seeing friends graduate and I'm still in school because I screwed up and had 0 motivation
I can empathize but you can't let that shit get to you. I'm going to graduate at 27 myself.

>I've stocked up on a shitton of kawaii stationary

Maybe you're different but between this and your picture I'm getting vietnam tier flashbacks of those girls who were always late to class but always had a drink from starbucks and way too much hello kitty shit.

No. 201451

I want to study again but I've dropped out 5 years ago and student loans are very off putting at the moment.

No. 201490

Back to uni at 27 after having to stop for health reasons.
I'm a nervous wreck about it. I'm jumping ahead one year so I will be new to the school while all those 20 Yo kids already know each other and where to go.

No. 201491

File: 1502373055048.jpg (37.3 KB, 503x371, 1319648138077.jpg)

Starting my MA in september. Kind of nervous that I'm not smart enough to get a masters degree.

I've been getting good grades throughout my BA, but I just got the curriculum for the classes I'm taking this comming semester and I'm getting nervous.

No. 201514

>where are you going?
public uni in California

>what year and major are you?

3rd year; illustration. I used to be in a business related major for the first year and got sad i wasn't drawing, so now i'm a year behind everyone in my age group (finished all my GE's except one so not too far behind)

>what is the biggest goal you have for the school year?

getting an internship! Personal goal would be to stop being an awkward antisocial (sucks that my school is a commuter school so there's not much student life) any suggestions to meeting new people?

>have you enjoyed the summer?

yeah i was a lazy bum the whole time, and only went outside for weekend work. upset at myself for not finishing my comic tho

I am a bit nervous to go back. Im going to have to drive for 30~ 45 min everyday to commute and looking for parking is always hell.

No. 201519

I go to a community college and I'm currently finishing up with a summer class, it's almost over and then I'll have four classes in the fall. I'm a graphic design major and plan to transfer to a Uni once I finish up here.

I've also been working full-time but with the next semester I can only work two days a week, which I'm fine with but my boss is a bit irked. I spent the last couple years working to save money for school, and honestly I think working and taking classes doesn't work out that well aside from the extra financial aid I receive.

No. 201556

>where are you going?
technical college in switzerland

>what year and major are you?

i'm just starting so it's going to be my first year; communications and journalism

>what is the biggest goal you have for the school year?

honestly, just get through the assessment year. i've heard that a lot of people get kicked out and i'm so fucking afraid of that since it's literally the only major i'm interested in.

>have you enjoyed the summer?

i relaxed, did stuff with my friends, visited family, so yes, i did!

i'm honestly just fucking terrified lmao. i have no idea what awaits me and if i'm good enough. i really really want to do well tho! already bought an organizer and some cute stationery. i'm excite!

No. 201560

I'll be a junior in CS. Spent my summer working at a job and being exhausted 24/7 lol but at least I got experience. I can't wait for my last day (2 more weeks)! Ironically, I'm also excited to start school.

No. 201582

I dropped out of Uni last spring and tbh back-to-school season is making me miss being a student lol. I love buying school supplies/stationery.

No. 201585

I wanted to do illustration for the longest time, but artschool made me realize that its better for me as a hobby, im switching over to a theatrical/sfx makeup course. but I'm kind of sad to let illustration go, I hope you enjoy it anon!

No. 201586

Summer finals in a week.
Then the final semester.
Can't wait to get out of it. Accountancy is interesting in principles (also tax, which everyone needs to know eventually) but the details and the competition is Kafkaesque. There are also more FinanceBrahs in my classes than I realized there would be.

No. 201590

What's your major/what are you studying, anon? Pls do spill the goss on the FinanceBrahs, I'm pretty much surrounded by them 24/7 (Finance&Banking major here) and I've nobody to talk shit about them to irl since most of my lady friends are in marketing and HR.

I'm dreading my first job, if it ends up being full of these types I know I'll slowly lose it.

No. 201600

This new school year I'm going to try out a different system for planning, currently I do a Bullet Journal but I bought little notes at Muji, one that has months and one weeks, and I'll try to just keep with those two. I love how I can get excited over planners.

>where are you going?

Master's degree in international business at the same uni I did my bachelor. Not sure I can actually do it because I did my last semester abroad and kinda fucked up but hopefully they'll let the few bad grades slide haha.

>what is the biggest goal you have for the school year?

Finding a part time job and managing to balance it well enough to have great grades at the same time. I just want to focus super hard this year.

>have you enjoyed the summer?

I've barely had any holidays yet, but yes, so much.

No. 201604

I'm returning for my sophomore year at an all girls college in a couple of days. It's a decent school, there's no party scene so it's easy to focus on academics (but it can be lonely there). Being back at home for the summer was great, but now I'm really going to miss my friends. I'm majoring in International Relations, and I want to pick another major or a minor soon. I'm still young but I feel a lot of pressure to decide what to do…But I really don't know. International Relations/politics/foreign language is really the only thing I'm passionate about that my school has to offer, but I'm unsure about my future career and if it will even be related to the field I studied. Part of me wishes I just chose something straightforward like Accounting but I know I'd be miserable. Lol

No. 201609

Accounting is horrible. I have the luxury of doing a BBA programme where we could choose what to specialise in in our third year (where I currently am) so for the first two years we had a bit of everything just to get a broader view of business in general and see what we like best. I don't know if it was just my lecturer, but even though accounting is easy when you follow the Pearson book, our exercises were incomprehensible and points were deducted for the stupidest reasons. I got the feeling that it's a very nitpicky field full of soulless drone work and even though I like numbers and solving problems accounting felt more like writing an endless grocery list. It's also very likely to get automated in the future so I opted for finance. I think IR will be an important field in the future, so don't fret! I'd just advise you to get really good at one thing in particular to get an advantage over other candidates (ie choose a job that sounds good and aim for that)

No. 201610

I didn't get accepted for one class which makes me really dissapointed in myself.
I guess it's my fault for not caring that much about grades when I was still in school but I didn't even have a goal since recently.
Now I have to settle for a class I don't give a shit about (the other class I'll be taking was my number 1 choice actually so I'm happy about that)
Are there any anons here who settled for a class they didn't really want to take ? How did you get motivated?

No. 201637

Accountancy, and I actually work in tax (for now). I've never seen that type in my line of work- the mild-mannered stereotype exists for a reason- but then I'm in something of a niche field.

People very infrequently use 90% of the stuff that is taught. The journal entries I've made are very basic; I don't think I've ever amortized a pension plan or reversed a related-party entry or whatever else they taught me to do. Most universities, particularly in your senior year, just try to prepare you for the CPA exam instead of teaching you anything useful.

>It's also very likely to get automated in the future so I opted for finance.

It already is.
Finance is going to be automated too you know. At least tax is pervasive enough that turbotax/ADP doesn't fit all. Sales tax, payroll tax (and worker's comp/DB), withholding tax (and deductions), cigarette and liquor tax, property tax, income tax at every level, foreign corporate tax…the details could fill a million pages, and you can always make money off knowing them.

No. 201639

Going back to uni in September and starting my 2nd year. Not really looking forward to it since I did pretty badly the 1st year, don't like my course all that much, and my social life there is kinda dead. But on the bright side, I have my old friends from sixth form to occupy myself with and the modules for next year look a lot better so hopefully I can pull myself together

No. 201644

>Finance is going to be automated too you know
Certainly! Trading already is, more and more Wall Streeters are likely to find themselves out of work in the future. However, customer and client relations are a huge part of the financial industry and machines won't ever replace that in full, I think.

No. 201646

>Trading already is, more and more Wall Streeters are likely to find themselves out of work in the future.

Indeed. Not only that but IIRC personal banking isn't profitable anymore.

Do you have a RobinHood account? It's free and pretty fun to gamble with.

Disclosure: I do have an account and lost almost five-hundred dollars yesterday.

>However, customer and client relations are a huge part of the financial industry and machines won't ever replace that in full, I think.

Accounting is the same (a lot of clients just don't trust a computer with their secrets and/or money), but except for public accounting I find it getting more diluted with real estate and finance stuff, at least where I work. It's difficult to get money solely out of tax unless you go to law school.

No. 201648

>Do you have a RobinHood account?
Unfortunately I don't, since I'm a Europoor so I just assume most things popular in the US isn't available to me, and looking at it now it only seems to be available in the US and Australia. Bummer!

The financial industry in general is a lot different here compared to the US, it seems much easier for you guys to get your foot in the door and get experience whilst studying. Here every internship comes with a laundry list of prerequisites and they often need you to speak more than one language, usually French or German but they sometimes get creative. Each country has its own service providers, with the exception of Degiro, so we usually have very little information to go off of if we opt for studying abroad, for example. We also tend to start working at a later age.

>but except for public accounting I find it getting more diluted with real estate and finance stuff

That's interesting, I wonder what's happening. I haven't a clue, despite studying from American books for 2 years.

No. 201650

>where are you going?

Going to a college here in Canada.

>what year and major are you?

1st year in forensics. A Bachelors of Arts is the only thing they're offering for forensics

>what is the biggest goals you have this year?

Find a better school for forensics because no one who is going into forensics even gives a shit. Has trashtalked about it. Even the school is cancelling the program next year. I love forensics a whole lot but with an environment like that, it makes me want to just drop out.

>have you enjoyed the summer?

Not really, only thing I enjoyed was going to Texas for a week and seeing my cousin and her kids, along with seeing my boyfriend.

I'm very terrified though lol. Since they will be removing this course and I gotta find another place to study but where I live, they don't have forensics, you have to take Criminology. However, during this time, my landlord is kicking me out also because he wants to tear down the place I'm currently living in, just to make a new place and charge more to people who may rent it in the future. So I've got like 2 more months to find a place but where I live, everything is just so expensive and fucking foreign buyers rent their places on ads which are only written in Chinese (not sure if Mandarin or Cantonese) or in Hindu (not to be rude or anything, but there are actually affordable places but they aren't in English). Almost all the time I call up a place, it's already been taken or the person says they don't speak English and it really does upset you. Not to mention, my manager at work hates my guts for some reason and changed my work schedule without telling me first and now I'm being given no work so I'm looking for a new job as well. I'm just extremely stressed so I'm sorry for the ranting.

But I've been looking at schools in the US and i was wondering if there's any thing I must do /if/ i actually decide to go to school over there, such as any test or anything or if there's any website that can help guide me with things like that..?

No. 201651

Samefag but I'm
Sorry for being such a lazy fuck and if I sound rude in any way

No. 201655

>Where are you going?

Staying put right at home. Open Uni master race.

>What year and major are you?

First year, forensic psychology

>What is your biggest goal you have for the school year?

To not fuck up my exams again

>Have you enjoyed the summer?

Nope. Did nothing, accomplished nothing, got nagged the whole time

No. 201808

to older anons: i'm a 20 year old and none of my friends and i judge older students at all. we understand there are various reasons why someone wouldn't finish at the "typical" age. shit happens, money issues, change of heart, etc. if someone thinks less of you, it's either immaturity or retardation - but it's really great you're pursuing your degree and i wish the best for you guys.

and honestly i never thought i could connect to older people but i'll hang out with my 25yo and 31yo friends and it feels completely natural.

went shopping today during tax-free weekend! going to do some more tomorrow, i need some shoes and sandals.

also i found out on friday they sent my research check to the other branch of our school, this is the second time this has happened and i won't get my check until tuesday. ffs.

oh my uni is pretty big too but it's just not very well-known :(

i know there are winter internships but they might cut into school time. any career fairs happen at your school? that's another way in.

yeah also for anyone wanting to intern at big tech companies: most of them start selecting interns in the fall. everything's done and set by spring.

what job were you doing? only thing i'm missing on my resume is an internship/industry job experience so i hope i get that next.

btw what classes are y'all taking? i'm gonna do webdev, machine learning, software engineering, systems, and i'm debating on automata/comp theory but i feel like that would just kill me lol

it sounds like you mean major it could be a different school system than mine…or masters? here the only reason you don't get into a class is if it's full. what class didn't you get accepted in?

No. 203596

Welp anons, i think i just fucked up big time.

So long story short i went to computer science course and i'm the only female there. Not only that, all of my colleagues are your typical 4chan regulars aside from two complete fuckboys who went there just because they're friends.
I really want to stay in this course but i can already tell it's gonna be a constant fight to avoid judgement from being the only female. Any tips on how to survive? Anyone in similar situation? Again it's the only thing i'm interested in and i really want to stay.

No. 203601

Don't quit just because you're thr only female, that's stupid. I was also one of the few female students in my introductory cs courses, now in my senior year there's maybe 5 girls max in each class ranging from 20 to 50 people. I guarantee you not all of them are 4chan edgelord guys and you probably noticed an obnoxious one to make that assumption. A lot of annoying people drop out because they suck.

Most of my friends with the exception of one are males on campus, and they really do not give a fuck that you're female. I haven't faced any bullying or shit like that. You'll be fine, don't throw away your education just because it's a male dominated field, just find out who would be a good friend to have, and don't bring focus on your gender.

No. 203606

Don't let stupid motherfuckers interfere with your education. If they start to give you problems, double down and focus on your work. Excel at what you do, and enjoy doing it! I know it is infuriating to have to deal with shit like that, but it is what it is.
Then after school go grab drinks with your friends and laugh at how pathetic they are that they feel the need to give you shit instead of focusing on their own work and worrying about themselves.

No. 203657

Do NOT let them ruin your reason for being there. You can here because you wanted to. Ignore the losers and just focus on your studies. Prove yourself by doing your best. You can do it.

Most of them will probably drop out after first quarter/semester when they realize how challenging it can actually be.

Some of the others might actually surprise you and be nice people.

Either way, just do your thing girl, don't let it get to you.

No. 203875

File: 1504107372968.gif (203.7 KB, 253x253, get.gif)

Thanks guys, that really helped! It's a great motivation to try harder even just for myself.

No. 273139

i'm really interested in going back to school but as a mature student (27) and not being supported by my parents i'm super nervous. how does anyone manage to pay rent, etc while in school? i literally have no idea how i'll do it.

No. 273146

When do you start school? Here we only start university in october

No. 273165

>where are you going
York University in Toronto

>what year and major are you

First year, going in for biomedical science

>what is the biggest goal you have for the school year

To get through with an A average, make decent friends, and honestly just not drop out.

>have you enjoyed the summer

Eh, I spent a lot of it worried about my mother having cancer and worried about September and how I’ll be able to manage. But it was nice other than that.

Do any anons have any advice? Basically, I took a year off after high school since my uni was on strike and I wanted to make some money anyway. Thing is, I kind of feel like I forgot a lot of the material. Do they sort of teach it again at uni, or expect you to know your stuff? I’m also bad at math hah. Any advice on how to get through calculus?

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