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File: 1502041356992.jpg (68.23 KB, 409x652, 1447190601031[1].jpg)

No. 201021

what is your opinion of the trap, femboy, "boypussy" meme/ subculture?

No. 201022

it's gotten out of control

No. 201023

as long as they don't claim they are "real women" it's okay

No. 201024

It's the reason I don't visit 4chan anymore, it's fucking obnoxious.

No. 201025

I don't mind trap characters but holy shit, trapfags are annoying. They've surpassed footfags when it comes to never shutting the fuck up about their fetish.

No. 201027

It's annoying when trannies call themselves traps when they're transitioning or referring to themselves as female. Traps are just effeminate looking men, they still have dicks.

No. 201029


but le dick only makes it better anon xDDDDD

No. 201042

well technically a trap is supposed to pass more, a trap is meant to "trap" a man into believing they're a woman

No. 201044

They're disgusting and should die.

No. 201045

I think the rare ones who could actually pass as women are super cute. But unfortunately, most of th ones who post on places like /cuteboys/ are fucking ugly, pasty wastes of space who cant coordinate and outfit to save their lives.

No. 201057

gross because all they think about is sex and pretending to be what THEY think a woman acts like (which degrades us to just talking in weird high pitched voices, wearing skirts, and giggling about makeup). theyre pretty misogynistic and disrespectful

No. 201059

i really like femboys, idk. something hot about seeing a boner poke out from a skirt.

No. 201065

yeah same lmao. i've made my bf dress up in skirts and panties for this exact reason.
the only thing that bothers me about this meme these days is that people are starting to be more open about sexualizing actual little boys (i.e shadman) and it freaks me out

No. 201101

This. It's just enforcing the belief that transgenders are autogynophiles/living out their fetish

No. 201112

Not rly a fan.

No. 201117

I think they are mentally ill. They let their fetish control their lives.

No. 201122

generally attention whores. I dated one and he absolutely milked the hell out of it to get as much attention for being ~special~ as possible. Met a bunch of his friends and they were the same. In fact I've never met a "trap" guy who seemed mentally sound. It's a complete mockery of both cis women and MtF women.

agree with this, there is a world of difference between the two. A lot of traps use it as a fetish/for attention and lumping it in with actual trans people just paints a terrible image of the trans community

No. 201126

>(i.e shadman)
You mean Liev Schreiber?

No. 201129

I think if you're a guy and are attracted to traps, you're gay.
Because liking traps does not make a gay guy straight.
Other than that I don't care.

No. 201131

why do people care so much about being gay or straight?

No. 201132

Fragile masculinity, idk.
It's stupid. I think most people say that as a joke, though.

No. 201133

theyre disgusting, what do traps do when they get older and are no longer "young and cute" do they transition?

How did you end up meeting him? Was he upfront about being a trap?

No. 201146

>implying that's not what they are

No. 201147

irl, so it was obvious. didn't crossdress full time but still had the trap thing going

No. 201155

I like them as long as they don't have horse faces and ugly asses, which unfortunately, most of them do without editing. It's rare to find a real cutie. I also hate cheap clothes and Party City wigs.

No. 201156

They are disgusting. Looking at a MySpace angle photo with no voices is nothing like real life. It's like saying Magibon is actually cute and attractive based on her angled photos.

No. 201158

They're disgusting, attention seeking and a complete turn off to sane women for the ones that aren't gay.

No. 201159

I have the impression they are trolls who do this to mock transgender folk.

No. 201160

I know a guy like this. He's constantly posting fanart of anime traps captioned "me" and his couple of weirdo friends reply about how they want to fuck him. In real life he looks awful and will most definitely never pass. I find it funny tbh.

No. 201169

this all the way

No. 201183

What name does he go by?

No. 201184

I know someone who recently got into the whole trap shit and lately has started to post pics of his scrawny shapeless man legs on the ugliest stripped stocking you'll ever fucking see and of course, plaid red skirts.
At this point, I have told him how much of a shameless fag he is almost daily but he just brushes it off or someone comes to defend the meme.
Y'know, is just a joke bro.

No. 201191

Fuck those guys. Recently "discovered" I dig gfd/rr and it led me to find out I'm really damn weak for "feminine"/soft boys. Got enthusiastic to explore this new side of mine, so I went hunting for whatever content I could find about this, I didn't even necessarily had porn in mind, just idk cute blogs or ppl I could relate to about those preferences, but…yikes. 4chin owns the word "femboy" and every other term I could come up with to search about it. They own the very concept. Don't know what's worse: the traps and their misogynistic takes on what women are like or the guys who fap to them, misogynistic("It's better than a real woman!"), angry closeted homosexuals("But it's not gay if it looks just just like a woman!"). And it's all about sex. At the risk of sounding Tumblr, I'll say the whole subculture is problematic. It sucks for both the feminine guys outside the 4chan crowd(who already have a hard time accepting themselves and coming to the realization that being who they are doesn't mean they want to be women or are necessarily gay)and the people atracted to them to be virtually outnumbered by these fools, thus giving them the impression of being the vanguard of sissyfication or whatever.

No. 201204

They're pretty hot if they actually look good, but most don't and are obnoxious attention whores. They mostly all look the same - white as fuck, don't know how to dress, fucking stripped stocks, and hideous faces.

No. 201207

On facebook he has a nickname, not his real one. In real life his weirdo friends call him by a girl name and most people who know about it just try to not use his birth name, but I'm not sure he's really out to many people so I think most people use his birth name.
He's got "headmates" so sometimes you have to call him something different too lol.

No. 201213

Its popularity makes me lol at the whole "women have penis envy!" thing. No dude most men are just gay and envy other's dick so they think women are the same.

Reminds me of the girls over at /g/ saying their fetish is to be bullied by another busty girl, but worse. Men are cucks who want to be fucked by effeminate men and be put in their place in the most degenerate, humiliating way they can. A girl with a strap-on is not enough faggotry to satisfy their desire to submit, they need it to be completely gay so every last trace of their masculinity is erased

>b-but anon it's boipussy they want to fuck the traps, not be fucked by them!!!


No. 201216

Any ugly skinny nerd putting on thigh-highs thinking they are an anime trap… and equally ugly men encouraging it. What's so appealing about a concave, acne-covered hairy ass?

At least you have better luck with Asian femboys looking less repulsive. 男の娘 and Asian cosplayers usually put more effort, but now so many of them are taking hormones to look more feminine than the others and getting little tits, despite still calling themselves boys. And then fakebois pretending to be male traps. Ugh…

No. 201223

>fakebois pretending to be male traps.

What in the fuck does that mean

No. 201227

A lot of fakebois (girls pretending to be men) like to dress up in girly clothing and claim to be traps to be special and get male attention.

The boypussy meme is so repulsive because it's nothing more than misogynistic bullshit, men imagining kawaii girly boys being submissive and ready to pleasure them at any given time because actual women are too scary to them. In reality most actual "traps" are just convenient photo angles and tons of photoshop.

No. 201233

In my experience with talking to them, they're rude as fuck and self-entitled. One time a 'trap' added me on skype and immediately sent lingerie pictures and got extremely huffy and upset because I didn't compliment them. (they looked like a 30-37 year old balding chubby man) they're disgusting and come with a shitty attitude to match.
Another trap who befriended me insisted I tell him my hair and make up routine and wear striped shimapan with him. Deadass cringe.

No. 201239

Bio-girls who act like men who pretend to be women.

No. 201250

Sooo… just wearing badly outfitted clothes is how they pretend to be traps?

No. 201253

I used to have a fetish for them, I'm bi and love androgyny so it's the best of both worlds, but they tend to be younger guys so I'm growing out of it as I get older. 30 year old men can't really do the kawaii trap thing.

This is probably why I'm not so into them now. Also the ones that put on that fake embarrassed innocent act and want you to be their mommy dom, gross.

No. 201269

It just makes me lose faith in humanity tbh.
There are genuinely men out there who think fucking another man in the ass isn't gay

No. 201289

File: 1502252514573.png (696.85 KB, 960x960, 1498743403094.png)

No. 201300

Yes, basically.
They just want to look like their yaoi shota hawties uwu

No. 201301

B-But anon! It is has a dress on then is not a man thus not gay!
Isn't that how it works??? Didn't tumblr said gender was ~fluid~

No. 201307

I also love the argument that gay men don't like traps/trannies therefore liking them isn't gay
Like yeah no shit, who wants to fuck a mentally ill delusional man, besides someone who is equally so

No. 201427

it's cancer. i honestly think the new wave of it is just another way for men to fetishize a type of woman, and in this case it's transwomen. also it's gay.

i hate that a lot of traps and trap-chasers think that they look anything close to bio girls. some are even delusional enough to think they look hotter. so any girl that's too "good to be true" must be a trap. i was in emiru's thread and that's how a lot of this one streamer's fans were reacting to her - it's especially annoying that it gets applied to asian girls the most (yeah, yeah thailand but that's just one country out of very many)

the attitude i get from these guys is like "HAHA women look how obsolete you are now that a MAN can do your job better than you" but you know, traps look nothing like women without the angles and meticulous posing.

No. 201438


>>the attitude i get from these guys is like "HAHA women look how obsolete you are now that a MAN can do your job better than you"

this. this is the only thing that rubs me the wrong way about it, i don't give a fuck what you choose to wear but some of these men are truly delusional in thinking they look anything like a cis girl, much less any better than one. you're still a dude in panties

it's also such an inherently transient thing, the window for looking cute as a trap is so incredibly small before they just start looking like creepy men in drag

No. 201446

File: 1502355357092.jpg (230.98 KB, 1446x623, TRAP.jpg)

pretty much
it annoys the hell out of me when they find some rando girl, a lot of the time unnaturally pale, slim and covered in makeup like anzu, rose, katya, etc, and make a huge trap meme out of them, so much to the point where if anyone makes a comment about them some trap-chaser would "remind" you they're a trap and they will often get away with so much shit a normal woman can't get away with without being bashed (acne, razor bumps, wearing lots of makeup, crappy hair, anorexia, being flat,being basic etc etc) it's not that traps are physically more attractive than a woman, it's that they are so set on what they look like that they don't see them for what they are

another thing i want to bring up is that a lot of the people in the community are pedo as fuck, they will post pics of little girls, call them traps or talk about how they need to be made traps at a young age

No. 201464

at this point I don't blame fakebois wanting to be traps, if you're a whore and want to get male attention it's an easy way to go without having people put you under a microscope and men wouldn't give a shit about flaws if it's on a uwu trap of course!

No. 201763

File: 1502577810784.png (285.8 KB, 459x347, chester.png)

reminds me of that episode of fairly odd parents when AJ and chester didn't have girlfriends so they just turned chester into a girl

No. 201994

File: 1502821115575.jpg (162.37 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_ou32gxlJo01qjfcy0o1_128…)

Ngl there are some who are pretty cute. I'm bi and have a big thing for small, thin, pretty men and I'm really into the few of these guys who can actually pull it off.

That said, I totally agree with >>201191. A lot of these guys are just straight up fetishists or misogynists. Recurring trend among ugly wannabe traps is that they're wierdass looking men who can't get a girlfriend while presenting as male, so they become a ~*kawaii anime trap*~ and settle for hooking up with other traps. It's basically a circle of men who convinced themselves they're better at being women than actual women, and are willing to go gay to prove it, lmao

No. 202461

I used to browse /r9k/ a few years back because I liked reading all the sad stories. After it went to shit around about 2014-2015, there were way more "trap" threads. A lot of these threads were pretty explicit about recruiting, saying it was much easier to be a woman, that if you took hormones you could be a cute girl and have female privilege, that guys didn't demand you have social skills and you would be able to find somebody to love you and support you financially. These threads blew up, and a lot of people started posting pictures of themselves and posting progress on HRT. Men who wanted to have sex with teenage trans girls encouraged teens to transition and attempted to get their contact information.

Trans activism has sort of worried me ever since. It doesn't bother me when people attempt to erase gender norms altogether, but telling people that gender identity is congenitally determined, immutable, and will cause intense dysphoria if you don't transition when you're young scares me. It seemed like some trans people were at least partially interested in feminization fetishism and social benefits, and it seemed like that sort of thing was plenty capable of spreading. Considering transgender suicide rates, it seems like transitioning "going viral" could set off a suicide epidemic. Also, I feel intense loathing for the people trying to convince isolated young men to transition for sexual gratification.

At this point, I'm unsure if it was a good idea to make trans identities a front in the culture war before scholarly consensus emerged on their nature and origin.

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