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No. 200469

I'm a wizchan regular. Ask me anything.

No. 200470

will you be my bf?

No. 200471

Highly doubt it.

No. 200490

Can I take your virginity?

No. 200512

Back off, ho. He's mine.

No. 200514

What kind of spells do you know?

No. 200528

File: 1501400162148.jpg (64.78 KB, 625x477, Force field.jpg)

You may not. I will let no succubi steal my mana.

Pic related

No. 200615

How or when did it get so bad that you felt the need to go to wizchan in the first place?
The depression I mean.

No. 200640

wizchan nowadays is a joke, but I would say when an individual actually needs medicaton for depression. Back in tthe day joining wizarchan while already presenting depressive deviations would pretty much mean a sentence for a few years due to how echo chamberish it was.

I've talked with people that had it hard, worse than me and in someway made me feel better because I didn't feel alone but I did not do anything to make my situation a little more stable.

No. 200642

Do you think it's helped you at all to browse there regularly? I used to lurk there a lot in the past, during one of the worst times in my life, and I think it made me feel less alone

No. 200696

who /combatwizard/ here?

ie. muscle magician

No. 200711

How much socializing do you do on a weekly basis? I'm including parents/siblings/even people at checkout lines.

No. 200749

I can tell you think you belong on wizchan. You don't. Stay the fuck in PSL.

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