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No. 200454

Sorry for the crosspost, didn't feel like reposting all the webms

But what do you guys think about this show? It's still trashy British TV, but I kind of really appreciate just looking at average people's shitty average bodies. I'm so tired of seeing super nice celeb/pornstar bodies as if it's the only shit that an exist, idk.

No. 200516

ngl I find it slightly hilarous that they gave the body-posi feminist chick girls with wonky boobs and trans people, whilst the typical british dude got a group of pretty average-attractive looking women lmao

I guess its smart though, because they know that feminist chick wont send them home first and hurt there feelings

I enjoyed the show tbh

No. 200517

samefag, but that red headed girl (eve?) sounds like Raymond from the IT crowd I can't unhear it

No. 200519

holy fuck she does

she was ugly-cute but fuck her voice

No. 200521

That was a good waste of time. There were still a fair number of hot bodies on there, though, but I agree, it was nice to see some average ones.

No. 200525

Dom was a lot cuter with his clothes off

No. 200566

Just go to a FKK beach.

No. 200629

Its funny that the show is trying to come off as a legitimate dating show when its merely a one night stand matchmaker, but it was kinda cool to see other peoples bodies without any edits. Some people were really awful choices (that redheaded walrus voice lady, why???), and the insecure manlet at the end was annoying

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