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File: 1438659494318.png (444.56 KB, 1123x862, europe-detention.png)

No. 19978

Hey euroanons, I have seen it brought up a few times and I was wondering about your thoughts? Not asking for a /pol/ thread here, just curious.

No. 19980

i find it ironic that europeans have a problem with immigrants when their ancestors went to all parts of the world committing genocide against the people there to take their land and now a lot of the people who currently live in these non european countries shit all over the native people there

No. 19995

That map is incorrect. All the countries in the Balkans are candidate countries (+Turkey) and Croatia is an EU member.

My thoughts? To be honest, I don't want them. I don't mind the current migrants as long as they work and integrate, mind, but when they start coming in droves they're gonna start bringing their culture along with them. And I don't want any of it.

I don't like the Moroccans in Brussels calling me a whore in my own country just for being white and female. I don't like the Arabs who refuse to talk to me because I've got a vagina. I don't like the Rotherham rapes, I don't like using English in my own country if the person I'm speaking to has lived here for years without even attempting to learn the language. Those same people then whinge about how the authorities won't allow them to get citizenship. Why would I give you citizenship if you obviously don't want to be a citizen of this country? There's plenty of lovely, educated people who have made a tremendous effort to fit in that I could grant that citizenship to.

There's people who have been born here but still refer to themselves as 'Marocains'. They don't even mean it like 'Irish-American', they literally refer to Moroccans as 'us' and Belgians as 'them'. Even though Belgium has been the one to feed them, clothe them, educate them and give their parents money and shelter. Said people have usually never even lived in Morocco.

In universities people are usually different (there's more SJWs though), you have students from all walks of life and all nationalities, some of which unexpected. One of my friends refers to himself as Finnish even though he's of Kenyan heritage. Because he was born in Finland and grew up there. There's always gonna be neonazis and the far-right who take issue with it, but fuck them.

Also, respond to that bait and I'll personally come to your house in the middle of the night and fuck your mum. Mark my words.

No. 20000

yeah sorry I just grabbed a picture that seemed related-ish.

Thanks for responding! How regularly do you get harassed would you say? Is it mostly people on the street antagonizing you?

I'm in the US, I don't live in an area with a lot of Mexican people but it seems like our immigrants in general want to join our country, people coming to the countries and remaining completely cut off from the community they are choosing to live in seems insane to me.

Sorry I can't really think of any good questions to ask ~

No. 20001

>i find it ironic that europeans have a problem with immigrants when their ancestors went to all parts of the world committing genocide against the people there to take their land

and no native people in Africa did this to their neighboring African countries

No. 20002

??? why are people on this site obsessed with black people

I was mainly referring to the Americas and Australia seeing as how they've been the most colonized places

No. 20003

Nice GET

No. 20004

Honestly curious, why is it that when people refer to immigrants in America, they're always referred to as Mexican?

No. 20006

What did I say about responding to bait? Tell your mum I'm not bringing lube.
Not as often as I implied actually, but occasionally. Thing is, it shouldn't be happening at all. I've been to places where you don't need to look out for gypsy pickpockets, militant Muslims and catcalls, and it was heavenly. It's not THAT bad here, again, but it still shouldn't be happening at all, as I said before.

It's mostly working class people, youths loitering on the street, construction workers on break etc.

No. 20008

What did I say about responding to bait? Tell your mum I'm not bringing lube.
Not as often as I implied actually, but occasionally. Thing is, it shouldn't be happening at all. I've been to places where you don't need to look out for gypsy pickpockets, militant Muslims and catcalls, and it was heavenly. It's not THAT bad here, again, but it still shouldn't be happening at all, as I said before.

It's mostly working class people, youths loitering on the street, construction workers on break etc.

No. 20010

I think it's fine to have immigrants here and helping them out, but they do carry their problems. We used to have actual refugees that were on the run from the war or persecution like the Vietnamese during the 70's, but now we have people who just want a richer life without doing anything and refusing to integrate in the society. For Americans this is hard to understand because their immigrants are Mexicans who actually work hard and all their African people have integrated pretty well to the society and were brought there as slaves to work anyway, but here we have tons of African and Middle-Eastern immigrants of the first generation who have no intention of becoming a part of society.

They flock to their own kind, don't work, carry on their own traditions (almost every Somali girl gets sent to their home country to be circumcised and/or to marry their older relative) and have a bad attitude in general. They dominate the rape statistics in almost every country because a woman without a veil is basically asking for it. The Nordic countries are popular because they have a gratuitous form of welfare and a socialist society in which everyone has to be guaranteed a well-off life. This system has been possible for years because of the small population and a balanced dependency ratio, but the immigrants pouring in are putting the whole thing out of balance.

They think that the native people are pigs and their kids shouldn't be affiliated with them, at least not in a romantic way. I've seen African immigrant girls getting beat up by their fathers for talking with a native boy and "disgracing" their family. They're living under constant fear and nobody does anything because of m-muh racism. The 2nd generation immigrants can become conflicted because their family lives with the strict standards of their original culture but the society around them doesn't , which is why they join terrorist organizations like ISIS.

(source: I'm an eurotrash living in a neighborhood with a lot of African and Middle-eastern immigrants)

>I'm in the US, I don't live in an area with a lot of Mexican people but it seems like our immigrants in general want to join our country, people coming to the countries and remaining completely cut off from the community they are choosing to live in seems insane to me.

That's because Americans expect them to do so. You either get along with others, make your own life or leave. In Europe we are very naive about the whole thing and have a very deep-buried hatred and shame for our own culture since we've been taught since birth that we're not exotic or special, and other countries have a much richer culture than us. Even that one Swedish politician said this:

>"I think that's what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer's Eve and such silly things."

Nobody demands them to integrate or get along, they're just told that they're special and amazing, and the society around them should change to suit their needs instead of them.

No. 20015

File: 1438672838953.png (94.74 KB, 917x476, canadians lol.png)

I think the majority of illegal immigrants are Mexican? wikipedia says pic related. We share a pretty big boarder too.

No. 20016

well it ain't the Canadians hopping over here

No. 20020

this was pretty insightful anon. but you can't really pretend that a lot of them arent targeted because of "m-muh racism". i don't care if people think it's justified or based in some sort of reality. being xenophobic as fuck doesn't help.

i live in a bumblefuck town with a large somali refugee replacement program. so i see what you mean about them trying to hold on to culture. at least in america though, they forget that all their immigrant groups did the same thing. irish, polish, russian, german, italian. and subsequently got shat on for not fully assimilating.

i wish i was born 100 years in the future when this kind of shit was over with and we were more focused on colonizing Mars or whatever.>>20010

No. 20026

A lot of them do, of course. Hell, even some of the white immigrants (usually Eastern Europeans) get shit on.
You're Swedish, I take it?
>we've been taught since birth that we're not exotic or special, and other countries have a much richer culture than us
Yeah nah, plenty of Europeans were taught that they should be proud of their country. Some of them a bit too much. But lately it's become racist to fly your own flag on public holidays because then you're 'excluding all those foreigners!'. To tell you the truth, I miss the days when we didn't care more about the foreigners than ourselves.

No. 20030

wow I didn't expect that about the Philippines, India or Korea for some reason

No. 20031

Yeah thanks for answering. I think construction workers are always trouble lol!

>"I think that's what makes many Swedes jealous of immigrant groups. You have a culture, an identity, a history, something that brings you together. And what do we have? We have Midsummer's Eve and such silly things."
LOL wat, fuck, Europe is fucking old and interesting, and that quote is borderline fetishistic. You don't need to have the 'vibrant culture of the brown poor people with beaded fabrics' to have a culture. Sorry you guys oppress yourselves for being white. In the US, our culture is 'we killed the native people' and 'melting pot' not exactly rooted in thousands of years of history. lordy.

Is the violence not being addressed at all? What do you think it will take for it to be dealt with in a more open way? I always wonder how exaggerated it is because of prejudice like >>20020 brought up.

I'm sure it's hard moving to a new place and feeling displaced but bringing violence and crazy is such shit.

No. 20032

It's usually covered up like in the UK. Also Sweden has one of the largest feminist parties in Europe (aside from I think Iceland) and they're the ones who are borderline fanatic about all the illegals.

A lot of immigrants also tend to excuse everything with 'well that's how we used to do it BACK HOME!'. Tough shit, this isn't your home country. Love it or leave it. Iirc the Norwegian CPS arrests a lot of Czech mothers because they're used to spanking their children, which is illegal in many Nordic countries. Which sometimes makes me think whoever said 'spare the rod, spoil the child' was right.

No. 20033

dude, what? So many countries around the world try to emulate American culture, which for the most part is white. In my history classes in school I was taught about white peoples struggle in trying to start new lives here after immigrating, especially concerning Italians and the Irish.

I live in nyc but a lot of what people consider to be culture here is usually related to Italian/Irish/Greek/Jewish American people. For minority groups Latinos take precedence, however they don't overshadow the "white" culture (I don't like using that umbrella term b/c I think culture doesn't have to do with race. Italy and Germany aren't alike to me, just like Nigeria and SOuth Africa aren't, just like Korea and India areant and just like Mexico and Puerto Rico aren't) that exists here.

For the most part, most immigrants (illegal or not) due tend to stick together, which is totally understandable to me because they need to be by people who can understand them and vice versa, but like someone else mentioned, they still want to become American, which means assimilating into the culture, if not at least being whatever nation - american

No. 20036

This is really sad to me. We've even started celebrating Halloween. What the fuck. Meanwhile our own culture is seen as 'lame' and 'stupid' and you even get native teenagers speaking English to each other because that's what the people on TV do!
Some of them seem so proud of it too. You'll often hear things like 'I wish everyone spoke English' or 'teehee I've forgotten what the word for x is! I speak English so much better nowadays LOL'

No. 20037

Yeah I just wonder how much people can ignore. 'ur a racist' can't work forever, right? right?

Haha sorry I was mostly kidding, wasn't trying to ignore the experiences of our immigrants. I do get the impression that people sometimes feel a bit lost culturally because our country is somewhat new though, and a lot of people are too far down the generations of being born here to feel connected to it. Maybe I'm wrong though?

No. 20039

Is this a 'thinking traditional things are uncool' kind of thing? Maybe when they get a bit older it will chill out a bit?

No. 20040

>I do get the impression that people sometimes feel a bit lost culturally because our country is somewhat new though, and a lot of people are too far down the generations of being born here to feel connected to it.
As an outsider it really does look like it. I find it all kinda funny.

2nd gen Asians crying about cultural appropriation, African Americans adopting Islam and its naming conventions, Kwanzaa, EVERYONE being Irish (and Italian, but that's not as cool apparently), clinging on to bits of heritage/culture for dear life etc.

By comparison, Europe doesn't have that problem. Most people generally don't consider themselves 1/2345th something unless they're at least half (or have grown up abroad with one of the parents/grandparents from the country they're visiting). Most people don't really care about that kind of stuff because they usually do have some kind of cultural identity.

But on the other hand, that's exactly what makes it difficult for Europeans to unite. It inadvertently encourages an us vs. them mentality and some people go too far.

No. 20042

I used to be like that and yeah, for the most part I've calmed down. I think most of them will too, unless tumblr gets a hold of them.

No. 20043

what country are you from anon?

I was thinking about teaching abroad last year and South Korea offered the best benefits so I started researching about the country, culture and its people. I got super put off by how much they blatantly copy other peoples cultures (in terms of art, food, etc while not giving credit to it, as though they invented it) and fap to all things French. It's like they're obsessed with not being Korean, making claims about shit that isn't Korean being Korean, and then boasting about Korea.

No. 20051

Oh and another thing I forgot to mention - halfies whose one parent came from a small country.

People from small countries are not just patriotic, they're INCREDIBLY patriotic. You usually don't get this with people whose mum or dad are from the likes of Russia, Germany or Norway. No, it's usually shit like Latvia, Macedonia (inb4 Greek butthurt), sometimes Poland (but not usually). I think it's some kind of Napoleon syndrome. Go to Switzerland, you'll see kids who have never been outside of the country getting into a row because one's parent/s is/are from (insert tiny Slav country) and the other's are from Albania or whatever. Literal autism. They won't fail to mention it any chance they can either - 'no, no, I'm not Swiss, I'm Swiss-LATVIAN.'

I think it's because most immigrants from there had immigrated in the 70s-80s when there was a wave of guest workers who were usually under-educated (and in some cases, semi-literate) and unwanted in their country of origin. For example, if you ask a recent immigrant from idk, Bosnia what they think of those muh heritage 2nd gens, they'll usually say they're annoying chavs. Of course, not everyone is like that (far from it), but I think that's part of the reason why some immigrant groups have had a negative picture painted of their country. In a lot of cases people who actually live in said country can be different as night and day from people who had immigrated a long time ago.

No. 20059

Yeah, the 'I'm totally 1/24th Cherokee' and etc is rampant but it's interesting the problems the opposite causes.

It's probably hard being from somewhere else but not that connected to it, but yeah. Maybe people are just looking for a reason to fight?

No. 20068

Nah, I don't think they're looking to fight. It's kind of a chain reaction - members of a certain minority give grief to members of another minority because muh heritage, then the others return because no MUH heritage etc etc.

This goes doubly for countries with disputed territories (NI, Kosovo, Crimea). Mention it once and watch the rivers of butthurt flow.

No. 20133

Wait, so trick-or-treating is on the rise in other countries because they're trying to emulate america?
In my area it doesn't even happen anymore. My theory is that parents are concerned about kidnapping and they're too lazy to supervise.
And when the parents do come along, it's always to ask for extra candy because they have kids who couldn't come along or extra candy for their infants who aren't even awake half the time.

No. 20184

They should be deported asap and we must shoot at the boats

No. 20201

Shoot the whites in America, South Africa, Dubai and Israel too pumpkin.

No. 20202

Oh and how could I forget Australia?!

No. 20218

File: 1438731460465.jpg (84 KB, 359x478, 134300216.jpg)

No. 20240

aww what a cutie :(

No. 20241

don't forget brazil and argentina

No. 20248

I don't think Halloween or Trick/Treating is on the rise because of its American origins or people wanting to be like the US, people just think it's a fun idea and want to do it themselves. That's how cultures expand. Someone sees something nice practiced in another culture and want to try it themselves without necessarily knowing where it's from.

No. 20258

I don't understand your reply baby? I thought you wanted a multicultural-free society like Japan desu? I want a white Europe too but give me a non-white Africa, America and Asia. Oh, and give our spices back while you gtfo, you guys barely even use them.
Indeed, those are pesky too.

No. 20268

The native people of North Africa are considered white by some classifications tho

and by Asia you mean East Asia right?

No. 20271

File: 1438769955588.jpg (33.71 KB, 458x640, loreen.jpg)

>by Asia you mean East Asia right
Are you a different anon?
Read this >>20201


>claimed by some bullshit eurocentric classifications
You do know those Eurocentric "racial classifications" consider Somalis and Ethiopians white too? Why should they accept that North and East Africans are white if they are treated as literally shit in Europe? (although some of them would find it an honor if they think the white man is some sort of God) It isn't even based on real science anyways. Also, there are black Berbers too…so that doesn't even make sense? (or maybe race IS a social construct? Hey?! No one thought about that?)

But ok, white people are Caucasians but not all Caucasians are white. Fixed, sorta. North/East Africans do not descend from the Caucasus nor are they related to Europeans, at all.

And even if the natives of North of Africa are white (I btw provided a picture of a typical North African for you, qtie pie), I said I want a white-free South Africa, just like I want a white Europe. Or are South Africans white? Well, they sure now are thanks to those pesky motherfuckers. And Moroccans/Somalis are hated to death by Europeans and the darker Moroccans are constantly mistaken for blacks so don't go try to label them suddenly white when it's useful to you.

No. 20672

not in this convo but I don't really think of people as non white unless they are super black..

No. 20685

I'm the same anon you replied to and I guess that means to you the Native Americans, Ethiopians, Somalis, indigenous South Africans, light skinned blacks, Japanese, Koreans etc… are all…white? Cool!

No. 20694

… That would make native americans, indians, and east asians white

No. 20708

anon pls

No. 20713

What about it? Dont just use maymays, that's just useless and idiotic. Discuss!

No. 104866

Europeans did it to themselves and I do not feel sorry for them.

No. 104872

why have i never heard of byelorussia before?

No. 104873

Belarus? It's next to Poland.

No. 104889

because it's practically a part of russia
most don't even speak belarussian anymore, just russian

No. 104890

we wuz kangs

No. 104892

Any Canadians here? We accepted a lot of refugees but so far nothing bad happened. Probably cause we only accepted women, children or men with children. Still it's shocking that we've had nothing so far. Maybe when the next wave comes and those restrictions are loosened.

No. 104899

It's because you get the wealthier ones and we get boat people smuggled here by criminals

No. 104902

as an irish person, gotta say, never had problem with black, white or asian immigrants

the only immigrants that have ever been a problem has been romanis which generally are beggars who steal

i'd say it's common belief that the protected group known as travellers/knackers (basically "original" irish people who live in caravans) and romanis are the worst people in the country, rest are usually good

go back to tumblr

No. 104903

also one thing i wanna say

i think immigraiton should only be allowed if they are beneficial to the country, obviously people coming for welfare shouldn't be allowed

No. 104904

File: 1469599361589.jpg (135.3 KB, 1500x844, autism speaks.jpg)

So we're not allowed to make new race threads but we're allowed to threads that haven't been active for nearly a year? What's the point then?

>go back to tumblr
>responding to an 11 month old post

No. 104908

The fact there are useful idiots who still defend Islam is terrifying to me to be honest.

All these leftists, many of them teenage girls, who haven't read a single surah or hadith and still insist on lecturing you about how Islam means peace.

What is wrong with them?

No. 104915

Christianity also calls for the slaughter of non believers, and other hideous acts.
Does that mean every Christain is a violent fuckwit? No, therefore why should the crimes of a minority or a book that is as bad as the Torrah or the Bible represent every single follower?

No. 104916

The Irish and Scots are a bit different to the rest of the UK though. Many people from both countrys have had family or have been migrants themselves, there is a history or Irish and Scot emmigration and also having huge numbers of immigrants between the two countries. I think this is why the countries are more tolerant.

No. 104917

Christianity calls for "turning the other cheek" and "praying for those who persecute you". Cuck shit basically. You're confusing Christianity and Judaism. Now, Christianity is indeed bad and pernicious, but it's bad and pernicious precisely because it encourages that sort of messed up slave morality and encourages people to status-seek through pathological altruism (e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Biehl). Because it robs people of a defense mechanism and makes them believe that morality basically means competing with others to show how nice you are to the worst kinds of people imaginable, as a demonstration of this kind of fucked up "altruism".

Finally: There is no way you can sit there and defend the past 4 decades of European immigration and settlement policy. We've seen the creation of giant ethnic ghettoes, we've seen states within states form, we've seen our inner cities become less safe over the period of the last few decades, we've seen third world problems like honor killings and FGM suddenly become "our problems" because of this importation of primitives.

And if you do believe that mass immigration is a-ok and we need to keep on with what we've been doing, then I want you to know you're in a shrinking minority now. You've lost the debate on immigration, you lost it long ago if we're going by pure reason and fact, but now it's obvious to everyone. White people aren't just going to sit around and let themselves become minorities in our our own countries anymore, we're going to get people into power who protect our borders and our people. Not your people, not the Hollandes and Valls and Merkels. The left is finished in Europe.

Oh, and if you call yourself a feminist, eat shit and die you motherfucking hypocrite.

No. 104918

You are forgetting the American intervention and foreign policy that consists of regime change in Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia, Iraq as well as supporting Israel and Saudi Arabia? Ofcourse it was all the European countries fault, sure.

No. 104919

European elites supported that too.

And half of the chucklefucks on this board support the very woman who brought about such chaos in North Africa and the Near East, and want her to become the next President of the United States.

No. 104920

File: 1469614094673.jpg (36.44 KB, 454x317, Muslims-View-of-Harsh-Punishme…)

>No, therefore why should the crimes of a minority or a book that is as bad as the Torrah or the Bible represent every single follower?


No. 104922

Christianity was great back when there was a Catholic Church telling people to be cool to each other and do all those things to bring us closer to the Kingdom of Heaven when possible, but also to go slaughter Muslim invaders when necessary.

No. 104923

File: 1469614814970.png (97.55 KB, 640x508, FT_styleofdress1314.png)

It did some good things, and the chucklefucks who think the Crusades were some sort of terrible war of unparalleled cruelty when:

1) The Muslims slaughtered twice as many Christians on Sicily alone a few years before the First Crusade began.

2) The Kingdom of Jerusalem treated Muslims more fairly than their neighboring Muslim "brother" Emirs did.

Piss me off hugely. These people have no sense of macrohistory, they just gobble up whatever the beeb and graun shit down their throats. Alexios requested the pope help him take back parts of Byzantine territory that were conquered by Turkic and Arab raiders over the previous 3-4 hundred years. Compounded by the fact the Muslims were slaughtering pilgrims in the Near East.

No. 104924

>Mass Sexual Assault:
>In one survey 60 percent of the highest educated women in Egypt blamed the victims (of general sexual harassment) and "provocative" clothing, as did 75 percent of the least educated women.

>El Feki, 2013, p. 126.

No. 104925

No. 104926

It's not just the Crusades in the Holy Land, it's also the stop put to the Muslim invasion at Tours, the reconquest of Spain, even the defense against the Ottomans at Vienna much later. The West has been under Muslim assault ever since there was Islam.

And the Catholic Church did an enormous amount of other great things in its time as well, probably none of which would have been possible without Jesus' unique message of love and pacifism. But it was always about balancing Christian principles with practical responsibility. Since the Church lost almost all its power between the Reformation and the French Revolution, it also lost all sense of practical responsibility, and now it's just an ivory tower preaching suicide (and so are the Protestant churches at least in Europe), while Christian humanitarianism has taken a life of its own. Every virtue can become a vice when pushed to the extreme, and as GK Chesterton said "The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad".

No. 104927

Right, exactly. Muslims began this conflict ever since they took advantage of the exhausted state of the Byzantine and Sassanid Persian Empires (they had been fighting each other for decades prior) to invade them both and steal their land. Muslims have been in a state of near perpetual war ever since then with a variety of Western powers, and that's entirely in keeping with orthodox Islamic theology (dar al harb/dar al islam).

The one unifying thing about shitlibs is that they have no understanding of macrohistory, it's just all purposefully isolated, selective things like the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

No. 104928

If you'd like me to talk about religion more generally, I can respect some aspects of Christianity. The older traditional Catholic stuff and aspects of Orthodoxy.

However Neoplatonism is something I wish would have morphed into a dominant religion:


No. 104929

Note that a huge part of Islam's appeal and sense of legitimacy comes from its history of conquest. Muslims conquering Constantinople lent credence to their idea of themselves as divinely favored.

No. 104931

File: 1469616493153.webm (653.47 KB, 320x320, it was kc tire.webm)

No. 104934

Epic meem shitposter.

No. 104938

>The idea of turning them into lifeguards responsible for security, order and cleanliness, water quality monitoring and maintenance of technical equipment would lead to a decrease in sex crimes, the group claims

>Incredibly, BDS president Peter Harzheim claimed: 'Often it is the case that women feel sexually harassed by a group of migrants just because they look at them.

>'Such situations could be disarmed faster' with migrants as pool attendants.'"

No. 104942

Angelique, a 20-year-old girl from Eeklo, was repeatedly abused by her boyfriend. Saturday afternoon, the assault ran out of control and he beat her up on the market in Eeklo. "That was not the first time, I was pregnant with him and hit early in the week and he kicked me so hard until I started bleeding and lost the fetus," says Angelique.
Angelique and her friend Bahir, an Afghan, were ten months together. "The first few months went well, but then he began to manipulate me to live together," says Angelique. "I had at that time not by and let him enroll at my address." A passionate relationship then changed very quickly into a horror story.
"I wasn't allowed to have contact with anyone and he hit my mobiles always broken, he locked me in my bedroom until I peed in my pants," says Angelique. The girl had no contact and was completely cut off from friends and family.

She was beaten and raped for months hard.

"He forced me to four times a day for things I wanted to do. I often have inflammation and pool of blood."

On Monday, the girl lost her child from the abuse.

"He kicked and hit me so hard that I lost my baby six weeks," she says. "He put the embryo even in a plastic bag and took it." The young woman was beaten in the face with a brick.

It is not the first time that the young woman experiencing such offenses. Her previous boyfriend, an Albanian and father of her first child, her also hit. "I thought I was not worth anything, my confidence is completely gone and I've lost a total of more than 20 kilograms," she says.


At least the disgusting baby died.

No. 104944

What motivates someone to date a jobless Afghan? This girl sounds like she already had abyssal-tier self-esteem.

No. 104945

Tbqh I prefer white women but I don't know a single East Asian girl who would date a random mud refugee. It just doesn't happen with them for whatever reason.

No. 104951

You are deluded if you think the Catholic church taught people to "be cool with each other". Try living in a country where catholism ruled, not a great place to be if you are a woman for sure.

No. 104953

Plenty of white British or European men who are scum like that too, does that mean all men are like that no. Therefore what is your point?

No. 104957

The difference is they're more subtle and their parents don't encourage them

No. 104958

Western societies have always been better for women than non-western societies. Women in the Roman Republic could divorce their husbands for domestic abuse 1000 years before Islam was even a thing.

You're welcome to show me a single female historical Muslim head of state too, comparable to Elizabeth I or Catherine the Great.

Oh, and Neo-Confucianism was decidedly secular, but still "worse for women" than Catholicism. And this is coming from someone who generaly dislikes Christianity.

>"Men are on average taller than women"
>"That's not true, some women are taller than some men"


No. The difference is that we generally don't view our own women as "easy meat" and abuse is far less common and more transparent in our societies.

Some white women just hate white men so much they actually believe that all societies are all EXACTLY just as violent, just as abusive to women, just as misogynistic as each other, since the idea of racial/cultural superiority in any way is anathema to them (except when it comes to suggesting black people have "natural rhythm" or other innate behavioral traits that paint non-whites in a good light).

No. 104959

Some white women just hate white men so much they actually believe that all societies are all EXACTLY just as violent, just as abusive to women, just as misogynistic as each other

I think the narrative the libs push is that all societies were all equally bad to women until the mid 20th century, until second/third wave feminism came around. The thing is, that even in pre-modern times there were stark differences between how women were treated. For example, women in medieval Europe had a right of inheritance, women in China didn't.

As a further example you'll probably be surprised by, in Puritan New England wife-beating was viewed as something immoral. In Islam it is mandated and acceptable.

No. 104960

Ibn Jubayr, a Spanish Muslim who had been on a pilgrimage to Mecca, wrote of his journey through Outremer in 1184 as he travelled between Damascus and Acre:

>“The Muslims here own their own houses and rule themselves in their own way. This is the way the farms and big villages are organised in Frankish territory. Many Muslims are sorely tempted to settle here when they see the far from comfortable conditions in which their brethren live in the districts under Muslim rule.

>Unfortunately for the Muslims, they have always reason for complaint about the injustices of their chiefs in the lands governed by their co-religionists, whereas they can have nothing but praise for the conduct of the Franks, whose justice they can always rely on.”

We are in the newest stage of a very old war.

No. 104961

Regarding Puritan New England:

"We hear," reported the New York Gazette; or, the Weekly Post-Boy in 1752, "that an odd Sect of People have lately appeared" at Elizabethtown, New Jersey, "who go under the Denomination of Regulars." The group numbered "near a Dozen" who "dress themselves in Women's Cloaths, and painting their Faces, go in the Evening to the Houses of such as are reported to have beat their Wives." The group would grab the abuser, "strip him, turn up his Posteriors, and flog him with Rods most severely, crying out all the Time, Wo to the Men that beat their Wives." "It seems" continued the Post Boy's correspondent, "that several Persons in that Borough, (and tis said some very deservedly) have undergone the Discipline, to the no small Terror of others, who are any Way conscious of deserving the same."

From "The King's Three Faces: The Rise and Fall of Royal America 1688-1776" by Brendan McConville

No. 104965

The best thing in the world is meeting muslims who haven't read the quran when you have. Lecturing leftie white kids is fun and all, but seeing so much cognitive dissonance is a rare treat.

No. 104967

Yeah, it's a good thing that most Muslims are bad Muslims, because if they actually followed the Quran then shit would hit the fan even harder than it has been.

I mean, that's basically what "radicalization" is. Some Muslim kid actually picks up his Quran and the Hadith and starts reading them.

Name one thing that IS have done that Mohammed didn't do for example. Just one.

No. 105089

>live in the Netherlands
>best LGBT laws in europe
>leftists importing sandnogs by the thousands

The majority here is retarded

No. 105091

Does anyone else ever feel that Islam is pushed in our faces so much?

Im from the UK and in my town Sat/Sun just gone there was a Islam community day in my local city center and in another one in another town. It was just full of rag heads, curry filtering the place and them handing out the Quran.

Im not even white but I always feel like its pushed on us to accept them and put up with them.

I don't really like them tbh. I think religion is a pile of shit anyway and Muslims are just pushy rude fuckers anyway. Hindus ect always have something to say for themselves. The women are so bitchy like in college they would always keep to themselves and just bitch. The only thing they cared about is their phone, make up and if their legs were covered. Its annoying going anywhere where you have the mothers with around 7 kids lingering around her screaming. The men are always rude, I hate corner shops because you always get ripped off and they're just unattractive anyway.

Not keen on them or their culture. Sometimes I wish they'd just fuck off.

No. 105101

Same tbh. They're always incredibly rude and shifty looking.

No. 105117

The bible has shittons of violence too. What's your point?

No. 105120

People don't actually stone their wives anymore in the West.

No. 105121

There's absolutely nothing like this. Do you want proof of them being a very violent group too? I've got tons of actual studies instead of just buzzfeed articles and tumblr posts.

No. 105134

Terrible false equivalence argument libby. Try harder next time.

No. 105160

Try being openely gay in Jamaica. Poor guy was stoned to death for being a "batty man". Rasta is just Christianity, women are seen as their mans posession too

No. 105166

I wouldn't even consider Jamaica a "Western Country".

No. 105169


What the other anon said. Jamaica isn't a western country and extreme anti homosexual attitudes are common among all types of Africans. Muslims, Christians, animist etc.

No. 105171

The Koran doesn't have a New Testament

No. 105172

>country full of nigs

What did you expect?

No. 105173

The Bible is basically Jesus repeating over and over that nothing can ever justify violence, ever, hoping it will eventually get through your thick retard skull.

No. 105174


>kill the infidels wherever you find them

>turn the other cheek

I'm sure it's pure coincidence that this is exactly what keeps happening, Muslims killing people, and Christians just letting themselves get killed.

No. 105176

Have you even read the bible? It too states that non believers should be killed.
The British empire murdered millions and was Christian.

No. 105177

Country full of Christians in reality though.

No. 105178

Colonised by Westerners though, has Christian religion. It also was to show that in the modern day christianity is being used to justify violence and stoning.

No. 105179

Christians do not follow the Old Testament, and it's outright stated in Galatians that we aren't bound by it's laws anymore.

The New Testament doesn't encourage violence at any point short of one quote regularly taken out of context, from Luke I believe.

The Old Testament is essentially the Jewish backstory to the NT.

No. 105180

Nice try Fatima but the fact of the matter is Jamaica is not western and rasta is only Christian in the same way Islam is Semitic polytheism.

No. 105181

Whom did the British Empire "murder" Fatima?

No. 105184

Not them, but the British Empire was really notoriously imperialistic, they killed a lot of people, though I don't know exact figures.

Had nothing to do with religion though from my knowledge it was just expanding territory.

No. 105189

I know you haven't, it doesn't say anything of the sort. Shit not even the Jewish Bible does.

No. 105191

Notoriously by comparison to whom? The ottomans? The Arabs? Can we please just stop this whole "you conquered people ergo you shouldn't be allowed to have borders or criticise brown people" non argument? Thanks.

No. 105207

I'm not doing that at all, chill out. I'm simply pointing out that it's dumb to act like the british empire didn't do anything wrong, because it was extremely imperialistic.

And yeah, worse than the ottomans, though the arabs aren't a single nation, so you shouldn't compare them as if they were. The British empire controlled 1/5 of the world at points.

This isn't me arguing that we shouldn't be allowed to do anything these days, though, don't get all worked up over it.

No. 105209

How so? Nice argument fuckwit

No. 105210

Have YOU ever read the quran? Give me some lines from it that advocates killing infidels and whatnot with context, please. Genuinely curious what you can come up with.

No. 105211

>what's the book of revelations hurr

See above

>regularly taken out of context

Which is exactly what islamphobes such as you do to with the quran. Prove me wrong.

No. 105212

The book of revelations has nothing to do with encouraging Christians to commit violence.

And how exactly did you get that I'm an islamophobe from me pointing out violence isn't advocated in the NT? I agree that it's only advocated in very specific contexts in the Quran, which is stretched to just mean all the time. Chill.

No. 105216

File: 1469849135753.jpg (65.45 KB, 720x720, Muslim-conquest-v-Crusade-batt…)

Quran (9:29) - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

jizna is extortion money for letting you live another day

This is the root to all raps and robberies going on in europe today, muslim see absolute nothing wrong in it, its their religion to do so.

No. 105221

This map is completely inaccurate. Ignoring the issue with comparing ALL conquests by muslim countries to a single type of war waged by Christian ones, most of the dots on it are just made up anyway. There's no source to the vast, vast majority of those, and even of the one there is a source for, most were raids, not full on battles.

This page explains the context of that quote too.

No. 105227

>comparing ALL conquests by muslim countries to a single type of war waged by Christian ones

You could narrow it down to say, wars of aggression waged by the Ummayad Caliphate and it would still dwarf the number of crusader battles.

Unless you want to pretend that Byzantine Greeks defending their territory in South Italy and Asia Minor is the equivalent of the Islamic invasion of Northern India, I'm not really sure what to say to you. You obviously have a tenuous grasp on history at best Fatima! The aggressive wars waged by Christians, be they in Asia Minor, Iberia or the Near East were fought to recapture territory that had been Christian for thousands of years.

Given up on the whole "Jamaica is a western country" approach, incidentally? LOL.

Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun(the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)"

Quran (2:216) - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not."

Quran (4:95) - "Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, etc.), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home).Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), but Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward "

Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

Quran (8:39) - "And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah"

Quran (8:67) - "It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter in the land…"

Quran (9:5) - "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them."

>do anything wrong

By whose moral standards is conquest and war "wrong"?

The Arabs? The Turks? The Chinese? The Japanese? The Sub-Saharan Africans?

Whose moral standards say that conquest and subjugation is wrong? Who came up with them?

>worse than the ottomans

You have no fucking idea what you're talking about. The Ottomans committed three separate genocides, willfully, in a space of about 50 years. The worst that you can say about the British is that they "allowed a famine to happen in India", when famines in India had been happening intermittently for thousands of years and the princely kingdoms of the subcontinent used them as a weapon of war for centuries before the first Europeans ever arrived there.

>How so?

"Northern Europe and the Sahara both have the same climate because they both experience rainfall".

Can you point out what is wrong with this false equivalence, leftard?


Don't even dignify bullshit newspeak words like that with a response. It's just like terms such as "tolerance" and "diversity". It either means nothing or something completely different to what they imply, i.e. "diversity" in lefty terms basically means "less white people".

No. 105228

>Arabs are not a single nation

Are you unfamiliar with the Ummayads and Abbasids? There was a time the Arabs were united under a single polity.

Why are leftists who seek to "educate you" on history so fucking stupid and without even the most basic morsels of historical knowledge?

No. 105229

>There's no source to the vast, vast majority of those, and even of the one there is a source for, most were raids, not full on battles.

Which ones were raids and which ones were battles?

No. 105231

>You could narrow it down to say, wars of aggression waged by the Ummayad Caliphate and it would still dwarf the number of crusader battles.

That chart first off ignores many of the battles involved in the crusades, but once again, it's an unnecessary restriction of the battles. You need to compare the sheer amount of wars of conquest of Christian and Islamic nations over a long enough period to count for a few different cultures to have passed for you to be able to create a fair comparison.

Unless you want to pretend that Europe is some completely faultless peaceful region, which is flat out ridiculous.

And once again, context for your quotes.

No matter how much you call me Fatima (I'm roman Catholic by the way), you're not going to prove anything unless you can demonstrate the overall Islam does demand you to kill unbelievers.

Because the arabs are an ethnic group, not a political one. It's like comparing all conquests of europe overall to ones purely off a single campaign.

Also, as to the Umayyad's, I'm talking over the longer period, not one or two single times. But under them, christians and jews were highly autonomous, they were dealt with by their own communities, not muslim ones.

>Which ones were raids and which ones were battles?

You want me to point out every single dot? Provide a source the lists what those battles even are first. Anyone can just chuck dots on a map.

I don't really see the point of arguing with someone who's going to claim that the British empire dindu nuffin though. It's ironic you accuse others of not knowing anything about history while coming at it with such a highly revisionist attitude.

No. 105295

Odd thar some posters here think Islam is the ONLY religion to be shit to women. All Abrahamic religions are awful about respecting women, Buddhism and Hinduism are also pretty bad. Women aren't treated as equals in Buddhism despite the airy fairy nonsense that many suspect it to be.

No. 105297

> But under them, christians and jews were highly autonomous, they were dealt with by their own communities, not muslim ones.

Thanks Wikipedia. But this isn't anything new. Nor was it done out of any enlightened sense of justice. The Romans gave the poleis authority over everything but foreign policy in the Greek East for a simple reason: it makes governance easier. Likewise with the British allowing various Indian Princes to rule their own principalities under the titular authority of the raj. Note the Arab and Ottoman Millet systems were vastly more restrictive and humiliating than either of these. Proscribing activities like reconstruction of Christian churches when they fell into disrepair as per the shariah. It's also notable that one of the reasons for the Arab revolt against the Turks was a feeling that the Turks weren't real Muslims anymore precisely because they DID try to give their Christian subjects more freedom under the tanzimat reforms. Empires capable of actually centrally micro managing communities with giant bureaucracies are a modern thing. Outside of China anyway.

Basically you understand nothing about history and your replies reek of someone furiously googling the topics raised in order to find cheap ammunition to fire.

Now. Regarding the crusades. It is impossible to understand the crusades unless you understand the previous 4-5 centuries of Muslim aggression against the Greeks, since it was at the request of the eastern emperor that Pope urban raised a pan European army in the first place. Go read up on how Islam consolidated control of the Arabian peninsula and expanded outside of it, since you're a typical libtard at this stage who has barely any understanding of macrohistory.

Name a single female Muslim head of state contemporaneous to Elizabeth or Catherine the Great. If you don't think heads of state indicate much, name a single Muslim noblewoman with the authority of say, the Duchess of Hannover or the various Imperial Electors in the HRE. I have already demonstrated ITT that wife beating is encouraged by Islam whereas it was considered immoral by classical Romans and new England pilgrims. Sources you chose to ignore for obvious reasons.

>Provide a source the lists what those battles even are first. Anyone can just chuck dots on a map.

So you think the Near East and North Africa just became majority Muslim Arab speaking regions by some process of peaceful cultural osmosis? You think they came into possession of lands that had been Greco Roman for over a thousand years peacefully?

>context for your quotes

Which particular sura would you like context for? Unlike you I'm actually familiar with the hadith tradition in sunni Islam and my knowledge of the religion isn't limited to what salon, huffpo, slate and other islamophile publications write.

And interestingly I don't see islamophiles clamoring for context when it comes to the oft misquoted "kills the entire community" verse that is supposed to show how peaceful Islam is. Even though it's made abundantly clear that this verse is only applicable to the Ummah and prescribes death for anyone fitna'ing around (I.e. Believing in anything other than Islam).

No. 105302

I typed up a whole reply to this, but deleted it because honestly I don't want to contribute to turning this website into another one that's just controlled by /pol/ arguments. You can believe what you want, but learn to see that the world isn't as simple as "Good guys" and "Bad guys", and learn to respect others beliefs, because you just come across as kind of immature (Which isn't meant as an insult) with the way you're approaching it of "Everyone else is biased and stupid and has no idea what they're talking about or any good points at all and I know everything and am perfectly correct".

No. 105303


>tfw you wish everyone else did this

No. 105336

>the world isn't as simple as "Good guys" and "Bad guys"

Says the person pushing the narrative of European behavior being morally sui generis in how "Bad" it was when in reality its the opposite.

Your side has lost. You've been using our countries as a dumping ground for the very worst of the third world. And we're tired of it. The left is finished in Europe.

No. 105338

Thanks for demonstrating the exact behaviour I was talking about, I don't think I cold have asked for a better example than what you just posted.

No. 105341

t. Person who unironically uses words like "Islamophobe"

No. 105380

No one has pusged European elitism though. That poster who gave the lengthy reply about how all only Islam is evil is just ignorant and extremely biased. It isn't a conspiracy that women under Hinduism and Buddhism have faced abuse, slavery and in general are not respected. Sorry if your education sytem did not provide you the means to research and teach you other narratives other than "Christianity good/Islam bad". Look at Christianity in Ireland and Britain, women legally became their husbands posession and lost all rights to their previous assets, children, home etc they were also heavilu morally policed to the extent of being locked away in homes for women or psychiatric hospitals for the crimes of being caught with STI's, having children as a result if rape, or simply behaving in a manner that their parents or care home did not approve of.

None of this is speculation, maybe you should try to research before coming out with lengthy bullshit posts.

No. 105381

Most Europeans are aware of their countries past crimes, we do not have the exeptionalism that Americans seem to posess and be proud of hence why the many posts trying to give you fools a more rounded less simplistic view if the immigration crisis and religion.

No. 105384

People always bring up "well what about IRELAND, HMM??". Women from Ireland travel to the UK to get an abortion and birth control is allowed in the country, they don't get killed for being raped, fathers don't kill their daughters for the family's honor, women are allowed to drive cars etc. Yes, they're shit for having such strict abortion laws but it's still not even near the barbaric levels of an average Muslim country.

Also despite Christians being assholes to homosexuals, there's no Christian country in the world that hands out death sentences for homosexuality.

No. 105389

I am a European you hopeless dolt. And its not like you think the word or identity means anything given that you believe those maghrebis running over little babies are just as European as charlemagne anyway.

I didn't once call Islam "evil". I said women in western societies have always enjoyed comparatively more liberality than those in asiatic and middle eastern ones. I also stated that Islam spread through aggressive war, conquest and subjugation. Which it did.

I'm also not a Christian. Nor do I think Christianity has been positive for Europe. The pathological altruism that Europeans have comes from Christianity unfortunately.

Can you do anything right? You've made something like 6 or 7 outright lies and specious unfounded assumptions in the space of a few hundred words. You really are a hopeless shitposter.

No. 105390

t. Person who thinks it's ok for non white nations like Japan and Korea to have vastly more restrictive laws on immigration and settlement but gets mad at whites for attempting to do anything slightly to the right of Merkels "just fuck my country up fam"

No. 105393

It's honestly pretty offensive that anyone would even compare Ireland to countries like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.
We don't lop off our women's genitals so they stay pure, tyvm. And we don't impose clothing restrictions either (though god knows we should judging by all the atrocities women here wear on the daily)

No. 105395

>there's no Christian country in the world that hands out death sentences for homosexuality.

Even in African regions? They're pretty heavily Christian regions, and people definitely get brutally executed for all sorts of stupid stuff.

Can you go one post without insulting other posters, using highly emotional language and just generally not contributing much? You're the only person here who's shitposting.

No. 105402

>Even in African regions?

Why do you purposefully ignore posts that contradict your inanity?

Even African animists take a strong line against homosexuals. African "Christianity" is often just a veneer for the true religion of the people anyway. E.g. Haitian voodoo having Catholic symbols placed alongside it.

>Can you go one post without insulting other posters

Can you actually respond to the points asserted against your position or are you just going to stick your fingers in your ear and get progressively more butthurt?

>not contributing much

That's funny. I'm the only person who has actually provided primary source evidence to support my case in the entire thread.

You have to jump through all sorts of mental hoops, and create flat out lies to maintain the axiom that all races are equal. That's why they create these false equivalences, like Medieval European women having just as little freedom as MENA women, despite voluminous evidence to the contrary (women forming their own guilds, being artisans and artists in their own right, being heads of state, holding noble titles in their own right etc.) The "Ireland = Islamic State" equivalence is so blatantly dishonest I don't think it should even be paid any attention. It's a flat out lie and even the most stupid person would know that.

No. 105404

>Why do you purposefully ignore posts that contradict your inanity?

Because they weren't replying to me? You seem convinced you're just talking to one person here, but you're not.

>That's funny. I'm the only person who has actually provided primary source evidence to support my case in the entire thread.

Wow is that map actually a digital image from 13th century Europe? That's pretty impressive, where'd you find it?

No. 105408

>Because they weren't replying to me?

I replied to you indirectly here: >>105169

African animists also treat homosexuals harshly. African people in general are pretty fucking primitive, believe it or not.

>Wow is that map actually a digital image from 13th century Europe?

Nice shitposting, but no. See:

>Muslim traveler, who didn't like Christians anyway, claiming the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem treated its Muslim subjects more fairly than neighboring Muslim states.

>Wife-beating frowned upon and even punished by vigilante violence in Puritan New England (as opposed to it being sanctioned and supported in Islam.

No. 105411

>I replied to you indirectly here:

I wasn't talking about Jamaica. Though it's pretty impressive you've ignored that the common link in these behaviours seems to be the development of their country, not their religion.

And I honestly don't see how either of those sources is relevant, it's just tying a bunch of different stuff together that kind of vaguely links (Extremist group existed at one point and does now). And the crusader states weren't outright violent, but did their best to push out muslims originally.

You see, this is much better. Try to keep it so your posts are calm and don't just explode in baseless accusations and insults, instead calmly discuss the topic with whoever you're talking to.

No. 105418

People honest to god bring up shit Christians did during the 16th century or so to justify the barbaric practices of Islamic countries. That was the fucking middle ages and people thought sun revolved around the earth and shit. And constantly bring up Ireland and its abortion laws and the IRA conflict despite the country being at peace for decades now. And ONE fucking western country being at that state doesn't in any way balance out the fact that most Islamic countries are still hunted by the Human Rights watchmen.

>All Muslim countries have a human rights rating less than 53%, with the notable exception of United Arab Emirates, whose rating (61.49%) is similar to many Western democracies; for comparison, Sweden is the highest-rated country worldwide with 89.13%, and the US is rated 69.23%.

but fuck that Ireland and its abortion laws right?!!!

No. 105423

Don't buy into the whole "Europeans were just as bad" mantra.

Europeans have always treated women better than Asiatic societies. Always. That's a fact I'm happy to substantiate with evidence.

>ignored the common link in these behaviours

I agree that Africans are just uniformly pretty primitive across the board, regardless of religion.

>development of their country

Except there's no correlation at all. Many Gulf States are wealthy and developed.

>And the crusader states weren't outright violent, but did their best to push out muslims originally.

What? Did you even read the source? Muslim farmers were settling within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Jerusalem because Franks (i.e. Europeans) would dispense justice more fairly than neighboring Emirs and common law (a European system) was more dependable than the shitshow that was Shariah.

>Extremist group existed at one point and does now

Read the source again

>"that several Persons in that Borough, (and tis said some very deservedly) have undergone the Discipline, to the no small Terror of others, who are any Way conscious of deserving the same."

The fact a major publication of the time called such punishment "deserving" is what's pertinent here.

Do you understand why I get frustrated with slow people such as yourself now?

No. 105427

>I agree that Africans are just uniformly pretty primitive across the board, regardless of religion.

So lets look at this. We now have Africans and Middle Easterners, both of which are very under developed regions overall, that have very different religions and social beliefs, yet tend to have the same problems overall. You also saw these problems in Europe before it was well developed, though it was nearly entirely Christian. Now, what seems like the commonality that runs through all of these examples?

>What? Did you even read the source

Did you read what I said?

>Read the source again

No :^)

No. 105430

You probably don't realize it, but what you're describing is called historical materialism and is the idea of history as a linear story of progress as a result of improvements in material conditions.

The problem with this, as I already stated, is that it doesn't tally with the facts on the ground. Many gulf states are well developed. The people enjoy a fairly high standard of living, particularly the UAE. Their laws are still significantly more draconian on homosexuality than states less developed than they are.

>Did you read what I said?

You suggested that was an extreme belief, when a mainstream publication insinuates it was a widely held sympathy.

No. 105432

You didn't answer my question anon. What is the common factor there?

>You suggested that was an extreme belief, when a mainstream publication insinuates it was a widely held sympathy.

You should work on your reading comprehension, that's not even the right point.

No. 105434

>What is the common factor there?

There is none.

You seem to be under the impression the Gulf is some sort of third world zone. Try visiting some time.

No. 105436

>You should work on your reading comprehension, that's not even the right point.

So you accept western societies have treated women comparatively better than Asiatic ones?

No. 105437

>There is none.

Okay, cool anon. We can talk again once you pass the 4th grade.

Pro-tip: The square shaped box goes in the square shaped hole.

How is that on topic at all?

No. 105444

>Okay, cool anon. We can talk again once you pass the 4th grade.

Are you suggesting that the UAE/Saudi/et al and Sub-Saharan Africa are on the same level of economic development?

This is why you don't have a real job.

>How is that on topic at all?

You claimed western/"christian" societies treated women "just as badly" as muslim ones did. This is a lie of false equivalence.

No. 105451

>Are you suggesting that the UAE/Saudi/et al and Sub-Saharan Africa are on the same level of economic development?

I'm suggesting that overall, the middle easy is under developed, as is Africa. You're comparing the wealthiest areas from those regions as if they represent the majority. Fucking Dubai isn't representative of the middle east.

>This is why you don't have a real job.

I'm a law student actually, but believe what you want. I'm sure to you I'm an internet blogger professional victim.

>You claimed western/"christian" societies treated women "just as badly" as muslim ones did.


No. 105457

Where does Jesus advocate killing anyone you stupid faggot?

No. 105476

>under developed

By comparison to?

>Middle East

I'm talking about the gulf. A distinct region.

>law student

Ah. So a parasite profession built on continuously expanding the remit of litigation, e.g. human rights, in order to keep as many lawyers employed as possible.

No. 105480

>By comparison to?

The first world. So america, Europe, Australia.

>I'm talking about the gulf. A distinct region.

Why are you arbitrarily restricting it to the most wealthy region in the middle east though? I don't think any of the billionaire oil sheikhs from Dubai are hopping the border into Germany.

>Ah. So a parasite profession built on continuously expanding the remit of litigation, e.g. human rights, in order to keep as many lawyers employed as possible.

Care to reword that sentence with less buzzwords? No shit every field is interested in keeping people employed in it though, why would people work towards losing their job?

No. 105530

File: 1469996948745.png (515.4 KB, 778x925, response_to_islamic_expansioni…)

this meme again.

No. 105531

>The first world. So america, Europe, Australia.

The Gulf has a higher per capita income than many of these states.

>Why are you arbitrarily restricting it to the most wealthy region in the middle east though?

But it's not arbitrary. The Gulf is a distinct region with its own distinct practices, language and culture. North Africans and Near Easterners are not, strictly speaking "Arabs" in the same way the Gulf Arabs are. They're Berbers and other native groups who interbred with and speak Arabic as a result of Arab imperialism.

Why are you even complaining in the first place? If everything in the world is down to economic determinism and every people and state is on their way to LGBT normalization, then the Gulf should, by these standards, be more tolerant of homosexuals then, at the very least, places like Eastern and Southeastern Europe. But it isn't. Far from it in fact.

>that's unacceptable

Point out where anyone said this.

The point isn't that what Muslims did was "wrong" or "evil". It's that Muslims posturing as victims of conquering Europeans is ahistorical bullshit. In fact all selective outrage is bullshit.

>Care to reword that sentence with less buzzwords?

It's pretty straightforward. Lawyers are interested in the expansion of human rights legislation because it means more work and more money for them, yet they cast themselves as the defenders of civilization itself.

>No shit every field is interested in keeping people employed in it though, why would people work towards losing their job?

It's rare that the people in other fields have a direct handle over the creation of legislation though - Most western leaders over the past century are lawyers or former lawyers.

Western common law countries in particular have obscene amounts of lawyers (America has in per capita terms 100 times the number of lawyers that Japan does for example). It's a huge misallocation of labor away from actual productive professions like engineering, science, even people like technicians are more respectable than the average lawyer in terms of the value to society they create.

No. 105571

The Gulf isn't an accurate image of the middle east you moron, fuck off.

No. 105572

>Lawyers are interested in the expansion of human rights legislation because it means more work and more money for them, yet they cast themselves as the defenders of civilization itself.

You know it's both right? Of course I want a job, but I legitimately care about maintaining the law, because it is what holds society together.

>It's rare that the people in other fields have a direct handle over the creation of legislation though

Lawyers have no power over legislation either, that's high level judges and politicians.

What does an average engineer contribute to society though? They build shit that's never going to impact pretty much any of us. All jobs have their place, don't be a retard and go "Only muh STEM is worthwhile", this isn't /sci/ or whatever shit board you came from.

No. 105590

>people being upset over their living space being attacked and taken over?! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

No. 105595

Don't be so dramatic, no-one's attacking you and kicking you out of your home. Comparing immigration to an invasion is just appealing to emotion and takes away from the issues with a completely open immigration policy.

No. 105596

Agreed. The /pol/ rhetoric is so overdramatic that it really does take away from their points. Half the time I can't tell if they are trolling or not.

No. 105665

There isn't a completely open immigration policy which is why people try to illegaly enter Britain and many fail their asylum applications and get deported. However some people fail to realise what a huge and positive part immigration has made on Britain over the centuries, but then again maybe they too would have whinged about the Hugenots, the Irish, the German, the Italian, the Somalian, the Polish or the Norse "attacking their living space".

OP is acting as though they are living under occupation, please. Compare your life to someone living in Palestine

No. 105717

"Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

In 2003, Sweden's rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

The statistics are skewed by urban centers where the Islamic colonists cluster. In Stockholm this summer there was an average of 5 rapes a day. Stockholm has gone from a Swedish city to a city that is one-third immigrant and is between a fifth and a quarter Muslim."



No. 105790

>Comparing Hugenots to Somalians

Keked so hard.

No. 105791

I never said the middle east as a whole. You claimed that homo rights were linked to economic development and income. The gulf region is a huge fucking aberration here.

No. 105792

>I legitimately care about the law

Let me guess. You also believe in periodic amnesty for illegal immigrants? Lol.

No. 105793

Palestinians and Jews deserve each other.

Anyway. The UK accepts around 40 percent of asylum applications. And many of those remainder are either accepted on appeal or receive temporary leave to stay on human rights grounds. Compare this to Japan or South Koreas acceptance rates of 0.01 percent and it is a comparatively open system.

I also don't think you realize how hard it is to deport someone under existing English law.

No. 105795

Stockholm also has a huge problem with having enough apartments for everyone and nobody can afford to live there anymore, but still they're making sure all the refugees there will have a comfy apartment despite being unemployed and having a huge family.

Sweden is nearing a 3rd world country status in other ways too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Sweden_riots_and_unrest

No. 105796

How many European countries get grenade attacks on a regular basis? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_grenade_attacks_in_Sweden

No. 105797

Pointing out an exception to the rule doesn't prove a rule long. The trend is still very much present.

Why do you hate lawyers so much anon? Did the mean lawyer put your dad behind bars?

What do you do that's somehow more useful than people who aim to maintain the rule of law anyway?

No. 105798

If it was one small statelet then fine. But the gulf is an entire region unto itself. You would expect this rule to apply universally, and if it doesn't apply universally then why not? It was you who suggested the sole factor behind homosexual rights was economic development if you'll recall your earlier post, not me.

>who aim to maintain the rule of law anyway?

Except you don't. The judiciary in the US have been key figures in making sure federal immigration laws are hardly ever enforced and the idea of "sanctuary cities" can exist in the first place.

What you really mean is you like the idea of enforcing the sorts of laws you like, e.g. refugees rights under the ECHR and so on.

No. 106423

Just to say that Europe and the USA have only taken in around 6% of the worlds refugees, the majority are housed in the Middle East. A bit of perspective!

No. 106424

And yet all of this has still happened >>105717
Not to mention all the child rape, regular rape, the truck attack, the guy hacking up that pregnant woman, colonge, and etc. Germany and France are already taking in billions how much more do they need to take in? Until they're 99% muslim and full of "refugees" that have never even seen Syria?

No. 106434


Some perspective: The refugees in neighboring states will never gain settlement rights in those countries. That's the distinction. The ones who come to Europe will never leave, by contrast, and will almost invariably get citizenship thanks to the shitty way our legal systems work.

No. 106490

Capital punishment was fiercely supported by the CoE (Church of England) and justified by Christianity. The idea of killing someone as punishment was a standard, unchallenged view in England because of Christian belief. I guess if you are outside Britain you may be ignorant on this, but Christianity in England meant the death to thousands (their innocence didn't matter as to paraphrase their death sent a message to deter crime

No. 106491

In the news in the UK, refugees are always stating that they wish to go home when it is safe to do so again. Even if they don't, they are people just like you or I as long as they are legally in our country you just have to stop being so intollerant. Maybe some of your ancestors were immigrants or refugees at one point? I know in Scotland many people have Irish immigrants as ancestors or their own famoly migrated because of genocide and economical reasons.

No. 106545

Also President al-Asaad has given amnesty to all militants who give up fighting with Daesh and other terrorist groups which I feel is a very progressive move. Why is the US even in Syria? They have not been given permission by the Syrian government (unlike the Russian Fed.)and according to Daesh American military bases are the PRIME target!

No. 328905

European countries have barely anything in common with eachother, contrary to what the americans might believe, so immigration is felt differently. For comparison:
Sweden never had much issues or immigration in its modern history. No regimes, no major wars, only one big famine problem they recovered from long time ago. To say it bluntly, it's a spoiled country, and was not prepared for anything, and welcomed immigration with no standards and no rules and no hate, and like it Finland and other north countries.

Italy, however, is completely different. It's constantly been invaded, had terrorist attacks, mass immigration, religious ruling, wars, famines and the purest form of Fascism. You never heard of a big terrorist attack in Italy happening because its secret services are prepared. Beating immigrants publicly is a daily story. Reducing them to camp slaves by mafia is common and out in the open. They are often kicked and banned in restaurants or gyms.
There are some positive realities; if the immigrants are given to integration associations they do very well. They're taught the language, the culture, the laws and if they did good enough they get a form of 'degree' and help getting hired in jobs italians won't do. I live near one and volunteered for it.

Romanis are objectively bad, though. Their culture is all about refusing to live in houses just not to pay taxes, don't expect them to stay by any rule. They steal, they scam, they sell their kids to pedos etc.

No. 328906

Americans are always going on about how Europeans are mean to Romani but I don't think they really understand. It's not that Romani people are inherently evil or anything. I know some Romani people who have settle down in my town and are very nice.

But Romani culture has a lot of problems, not least that they don't send their girls to school and marry them off when they're 16, then expect them to be pregnant by 17. I think Americans never really meet any Romani people, so they have this idealized view that isn't reality.

No. 328944

this is true, its the culture thats the problem. i know a romani woman who is only 20, she got married off at 16 and had a child at 17, and then her family sent her and the child away alone to the city to make them money. she cant even afford to pay for food or housing and stays at a womens shelter, but her family still expects her to send them all her money.

No. 328955

This 100%

Americans just see evil wypipo being mean to brown people and assume it's just like someone being racist in their country

No. 328958

One of my former classmates was Romani: she had to repeat class twice in primary school already and was forced to always wear a longish skirt starting from when she turned 15.
By the time I was 18 (no idea about her exact age) she already had 2 children. I'm 23 now, she's got a third kid and the two older ones probably start school soon.

That whole thing, their mentality, etc just sounds way too similar to muslims - and that way of living simply clashes with the christian and democratic ideals most european countries are based on.

In their defense though, my neighbour is romani too, but lives like everybody else, so there are normal ones as well.

No. 328961

There is a romani minority in my country too. Some in bigger cities have started to integrate but in rural areas not so much. I remember when I was little about how they used to send their kids to beg in the streets. And young mothers would go house to house begging for food, money or something for the baby.
At least in our capital they started to send their children to school.

No. 328964

many people face pressure from their families, so its really hard for them to leave the culture. especially for younger people who have spent their whole lives knowing nothing else. if someone does manage to leave that environment then they will be normal. ive met a lot of normal romani people, but then again i do live in an urban area.

also, americans need to stfu and stop injecting their racial politics into things they dont understand.

No. 328969

Italy anon here:

Immigration is ruining our city. Not talking about skin color or race here, we have both problems from african people and east europe as well (mostly Romania and Albany).
I'm kinda happy that our government right now is more righty oriented (aside the shit they do for women and gay people, for example a city outlawed abortion where here it's legal since the 70s).
A bit of a list illegal immigrants do:

-Wander in the streets, pissing and shitting on the floor
-Stealing and raping even older women (talking about 80 years old), just to get maybe their rings or whatever.
-Molest girls and couples (I can't get out in my city alone, not even with my boyfriend, me and my friends always get out in groups), they play beggars and get angry if you don't give them spare change, to the point of following you around.
Plus they even stay at ticket machines on subways/trains. I can't get a ticket train without the fear of getting my change stolen by an immigrant.
-Since they ask for refugee status, they get free commodities (and we have to pay for it, uh).
I've been born here, I'm living here, I'm studying and working and cant move with my boyfriend because I don't have enough money, meanwhile immigrants get FREE HOUSES in the city, next to the people who support them, while they're still on the boat arriving from africa/on the truck arriving from the east.
- Escape from "hell", then make "hell" here.
- Muslims are a problem. Everything in our stores has to be "halal certified". Italy has one of the better cuisines in the world. Imagine accomodating your cuisine to people who are fleeting from war waah ;_;
(Try to change a dish from their cuisine or finding a church in saudi arabia, try to get out with your hair out in those coutnries).
- They leech out for baby bonus by making a shitload of babies.
There's a law here that gives around 1000 euros (more or less) to newly-became mothers. Obviously, muslim women leech out for that, try to find a veiled woman with only one child, they have around 4-5 with a year difference.
- Easterns are like fleas. They get here, build irregular houses, steal and when the police comes to check out their property they just go "Waaaaa ;_; We are poor!! We don't work!!!" and kick them out because they are protected by "private property"
They have these big ass houses with gold statues (not kidding) and Patterned ceilings but when the law comes, they screech "I HAVE TWO SONS!! YOU CANT KICK ME OUT!!"
Which is true, unfortunately, since here by law a minor has to live in a house with a relative and they can't kick out a family with a minor.
Sigh, I just hope our minister kicks out all irregulars, other than that he can die for me but since our problems irght now are mainly for immigrations, that would be a breath of fresh air.

No. 328971

>tfw you live in Finland and like 1/3 of the refugees that came during the 2015 refugee crisis left because they thought it was too cold, dark, boring and depressing and they hated the food and insanely high prices at grocery stores and restaurants
>we only get less than 3000 refugee applications per year now, only around 1500 are let to stay
It pays to live in an inhabitable country, lmao

No. 328972

another anon from italy here
I hope we get rid of all of the immigrants soon, I want to be able to go around town alone not worrying about these fuckers that are ALWAYS going around in groups of 5.

No. 328973

Mi dispiace amica, e mi dispiace vivere in un paese, dove se dici che ti senti in pericolo a girare per strada a causa di gente che fa della strada la propria casa, ti dà della razzista.

Just a solidarity reply.

No. 328974

It piss me off too.
And if you ask them stuff like "But then why arent we making a fuss about THEM not letting us wear our hair down, or having to respect their restrictive culture when we visit their countries ?" it seems that the answer is "We have to be respectful. It's not their fault if they don't know better"

So basically we have such a superiority complex that we treat other countries like retards who aren't just quite there yet, and that we should be nice and let them get there on their own.

Except that by doing so, we just let them walk all over us instead of just telling them they have a brain like everyone else and can adapt or fuck off. We shouldn't be teaching 40yo that raping 12 years old is not acceptable. We like to pretend they don't know any better but they do, they just don't care.

No. 329042

>these fuckers that are ALWAYS going around in groups of 5.
This is what bothers me the most, too.
I'm tall, I did Karate for years, was never scared, I always walked around alone at night without even having second thoughts. If a local man attacked me, at least it would be 1 against 1. But refugees are never alone, it's always giant ass groups. So no matter how short and weak they are, you wouldn't stand a chance because they're so many.

I live in Germany, near the Austrian border. During the height of the crisis in 2015, 5000, sometimes up to 8000 immigrants entered Germany every single day. The trains were packed with them. The train was littered with clothes and bags of food they got, but simply abandonded, because "Not good enough". Some older people here on the countryside have never even traveled, it was the first time they even saw (non-white) foreigners. But of course the politicians sitting safely and comfy in Berlin don't even bother comimg down here and seeing for themselves. Even now, 3 years later, they hang around the trainstation, McDonalds and in shopping centres all day long, because they don't need to work. When I'm stressed this makes me angry, I'd also like to just laze around sometimes. It also angers me how blatantly they lie about their ages. I'm 23, yet the majority of those 17 year olds look clearly older than me.
A friend who works at a clothing store told me that they don't need to pay, the town just pays for everything they bought later on. One picked a leather jacket for 200€. That's not necessary, you don't need that to survive. My friend said even though she works there, that's something she could never afford. Yet they get it for free. That's justnot fair.

So, America freaking about a couple thousand hondurians in total is kinda laughable to me.

No. 329048

Oh my god. I’m glad I live in a v4 country and don’t have to deal with this.

No. 329066

I detest fascism but our governments have been way too kind to people who are fascist as well, with hateful cultures against women and gays, but just of a different color. We need some extremism to clean off the filth.

No. 329067

I detest fascism but our governments have been way too kind to people who are fascist as well, with hateful cultures against women and gays, but just of a different color. We need some extremism to clean off the filth.

No. 329068

I detest fascism but our governments have been way too kind to people who are fascist as well, with hateful cultures against women and gays, but just of a different color. We need some extremism to clean off the filth.

No. 329069

I detest fascism but our governments have been way too kind to people who are fascist as well, with hateful cultures against women and gays, but just of a different color. We need some extremism to clean off the filth.

No. 329071

christ, what is up with this site's server. Sorry for the same message spam

No. 329073

Thank God for this topic. I'm a greekfag and it has been HELL in here because we are basically the "bridge" between the East and the rest of EU where they wanna go to mooch of. They get stuck here though because every other EU country has legislations and rules, they're not utter shitholes like here where you can roam around freely. You know, Greece can barely feed the natives who work their ass off but immigrants DEMAND to be fed with food they like, to find them clothes, to find them pretty homes, to take care of their children all for free of course and they don't wanna work cause they think they're above it, most of them say that they were doctors and scientists in their country. Sure Jan. With so many of them and so little resources we have as a country we can't do much except feed them and give them a tent in a camp but they RIOT all the time and cause huge problems with the police, they set the camps on fire and then cry when they don't even have a tent to sleep under, retards. Not to mention that they fight all the time and end up killing each other every day. There have been cases of babies and children being raped. People have been doing everything they can to help them with donating and stuff but we just CAN'T deal with them and they don't wanna cooperate at all. They just want government money or a plane ticket to Germany.

No. 329080


Thankfully, my country doesn't have as many refugees as Italy or Germany, but I use to work closely to where they were housed. And sometimes they would come into the store. They use to steal like crazy. Always had to keep a watchful eye on them. And always beer or some kind of alcohol. I thought they weren't allowed to drink alcohol.

And they are always going in groups. One time when I was going to work and waiting for the bus, there was a group of them and they started to come at me with rapid Arabic. Shit, I was never so scared in my life, thank god there were other people there. Still had to get on the same bus as them and would have to get out pretty much at the same bus stop but got out three bus stops early just in case.
Also on the same bus, but during the day one of them legit stared at a girl in shorts that couldn't be more than 13, 14. Wish we could just kick them out.

No. 329086

I would not wish it on the good people but there is going to be a breaking point and you know it's going to be jews 2.0 and honestly I'm ready. These leeches need to be purged.

No. 329098

I don't mind immigrants who are willing to integrate and want to get along with the locals, or refugees who actually need help, but for a long time most of the people that have been coming in are neither. They're all Middle Eastern/African men clearly in their mid-late twenties, with no intentions of respecting the local people or laws. It's so blatant too, they don't even have to try to hide it, they all tell the same story about being just a poor little 17-year-old boy escaping a war, and all the people who have been blinded by their naivety eat it all up while crying "oh poor babies, we have to help them, look I'm being a GOOD PERSON, think of the WOMEN AND CHILDREN".

Speaking of women and children, where are they? Every time there's anything about refugees in the media, you rarely see them. Every photo or video taken from interviews, refugee centers, camps, you see nothing but adult men. I remember seeing this one video clip where a local politician was telling about a camp that had been set up in the middle of the city as a protest, and she said "there are women and children here", yet you could only see men in the background.

No. 329125

because every Sahib has of his 6 sons 5 good workers and one worthless who only does drugs, brings trouble by rapes etc. So they send him to "be a refugee".

No. 329136

i feel really bad for all the western euros whose governments have been pushing this shit. im from a v4 country but i worked in the uk for a while during this crisis and i remember the bbc or some other dumb news company reporting that muh evil racist hungarian border guards were attacking the poor innocent refugees with water cannons uwu. they forgot to include the part where the "refugees" were throwing flaming tires at the border lmao.

No. 329512

I just don't understand how you can be comfortable ever seeing women wearing any form of niqab/burqa or whatever.
How the fuck can any European woman see a completely covered woman walk around with her uncovered, totally normal looking husband and not think there's something terribly wrong.
Honestly these people need to be shamed. Either assimilate into your hosts culture or fuck off. I'm not going to sit here and nod my head like a dumb dog to a horribly inhuman and sexist practice (and that's just the fucking clothes, imagine what goes on in private).

No. 329559

The thing is, you rarely ever see those women outside. It's always just men.
I work at a grocery store and noticed that they don't even take their female children with them when they go shopping, it's always just them and their sons.

No. 329662

I see a woman in a hijab and long, shapless clothes walking her kids home from school everyday and I feel shitty for her. It rains a lot where I live and she never has a raincoat or umbrella, so the rain just comes down on top of her scarf and clothes. She looks like she's soaked to the skin. I'm worried she's going to get sick. If she can't afford a coat, there are charities that donate clothes to homeless and low income people. She could get a lightweight one for a few euros in Primark or a used one from a thrift store. Like, what is going on in her family that she doesn't have a raincoat? Both her little kids do.

No. 329817


I'm the Italy anon from the long post above and when I see a veiled woman I just want to fucking rip his scarf.
Aside from looking ugly as hell, since some women have a moonface and they enhance it by covering anything but it, they even look down on you.
Some days ago, I had to take the subway in:
Long jeans, long sweater (almost to my knees), scarf around my neck and gloves (comfy clothes, was cold) and a Property (I talk to them like this, since they want it to be owned by their stupid beliefs and husbands in a FREE COUNTRY) was sitting staring at me and in particular, at my legs.
Sorry that I don't have a husband that beats me at home if I choose my own comfort.

No. 330085

lmao similar experience here.
A friend of mine I go out with is very pretty and likes to dress provocative. one afternoon this scarf chick passing by blatantly stared at her breasts, friend calls her out for being creepy, and she gets nervous and walks away faster. The gal is probably in the closet

No. 330141

Agreed. I'm an ex-Muslim from a Muslim majority country, a lot of women do wear hijab but burqa and niqab isn't common here. Most of the reactions I've heard about burqa and niqab were like "there could be anyone under that burqa", "this is way too far", "this shouldn't be a practice in Islam". Even Muslims (some of them, at least) aren't okay with it. As much as people try to sugarcoat it, Islam tells women to cover up to be "a chaste woman who distances herself from men", that's the whole purpose of it. Men only have to cover up the area between their knees and bellies, while women have to cover up everywhere else other than their faces and hands. If a woman doesn't do that and a man lusts over her, people blame her. Most of the hijabi women I know started to wear hijab because of family pressure. Europeans not being okay with it is totally understandable, criticizing Islam's fucked up, misogynistic practices doesn't make people anti-Muslim or close-minded.
Sorry for the sperg

No. 330146

I honestly don't believe any women who say it's their choice to wear a veil, because there's almost always some sort of pressure or brain washing behind it. I was reading about this one woman who said the same thing, "it's my choice and I'm not being forced to cover my head", yet surprise, the real reason she did it was because "my mom would be disappointed if I didn't".
Just because you're not being FORCED doesn't mean that you're not being pressured. If you're covering yourself because your family or friends would be disappointed or wouldn't approve, then sorry but it ain't your own choice boo.

No. 330163

I actually can't stand how Muslim immigrants won't make an effort to integrate.

Walking down the main streets in my country, the place is full of hijabs and burquas and people speaking Arabic. I remember in school, Muslim girls sat out of religion class (which taught all religions, btw), P.E. and any school trips/retreats/field work. They still practice archaic things like arranged marriages, domestic violence, polygamy and FGM even while living in countries where they're illegal. They stick to their own community by having their own banks, halal supermarkets, halal restaurants, clothing shops, tea houses, TV channels, schools, doctors, lawyers and counselors. Kids are not allowed to socialise with non-Muslims and any I invited to parties as a kid would make some lame excuse for not going like that there might be alcohol or boys there. They're always out campaigning for Palestine or some atrocities in the Middle East but when a terror attack happens here, they go dead silent (I don't think they realise that saying "Wow, that's horrible. Terrorism is bad." is way less suspicious than staying silent which looks a lot like support). People who I thought were mild or modern ended up hijab-ing up, got arranged marriages and are now super religious, won't attend anything unless it's organised by the local mosque and every post online is now "Mashallah" this and "Inshallah" that. Everything has to cater to them and now half the things in our supermarkets which they don't even use are labeled "halal". It's so strange to see meat that was slaughtered here but has earned a halal label. Most of them came from developing countries and instead of appreciating being in a developed one, they want to change every aspect about it. They vote to keep archaic laws that the majority of people living in modern society are embarrassed about and are eager to get rid of. They're desperate to erect mosques and schools which are funded by rich Saudis who want to spread Islam worldwide. They're bleeding the welfare system dry and I've heard of countless scams that they're involved in to get even more from it than they're even entitled to. They genuinely look down on us and think we're degenerates but never reflect on their own behaviour or culture.

I think Romani people are pretty similar (dress like shit, won't speak English, are involved in every scam going, have a real us vs. them mentality, are living in a different century, don't contribute to society) but they're just not in the same numbers so you could go about your day here and not meet one, can't say the same for Muslims. All that said though, I think our problems are pretty minimal compared to the other European countries where rape and other criminal activities are common. I don't know how we escaped that, I guess it might have something to do with the fact that people here have always been very opposed to immigration here. I think everyone holds some views that might be considered racist/xenophobic but don't speak about it, I think they're afraid of looking like the old drunk at the pub who rants and makes a fool of himself. I just hope people to continue to be critical, even if it is only silently because I don't want the situation to get worse.

No. 330553

>and east europe as well (mostly Romania and Albany).
Sometimes I feel bad for Romanians considering a lot of the time people refer to them when talking about gypsies.

No. 330592

Yeah me too. I sometimes watch videos about child brides etc and whenever it's about Europe, Romanians are spamming the comments with "They're not us!!! We're not like this, only gypsies do that!“
But I can understand how annoying it must be for them.

No. 330600

>won't make an effort to integrate
That's because full integration is frowned upon among certain immigrant groups. Their younger generations often do want to integrate but get shamed for speaking their parents' language badly, dating the locals and not strictly adhering to their homeland's cultural norms and religion despite living outside of it. Rather than being ostracized by their family and own people, they choose to follow and stick to them. At least that's what I see among Turkish Muslims in my country.

No. 330644

This is what the Romani culture is. And then people wonder why Romanians and Bulgarians hate them.

No. 330651

Well to be honest, the entirety of Eastern Europe hates gypsies.

No. 330718

>Muslim girls sat out of religion class (which taught all religions, btw)
I had the same when I was a kid and it only recently dawned on me how terrible it is. I can understand not wanting your kid to join in church services during assembly etc, but this is just intentionally withholding knowledge and understanding of other cultures from your children so that they grow up to feel 'other' from people of a different faith, and stops them from being able to view their own faith critically.
Of course the teachers must have felt this too, but to stand up against those parents would mean being fired.

I say this as a sjw libtard that honestly would flood this country with asylum seekers if given the opportunity, I would, but just because we have realized that the 're-education camps' of the past were unethical doesn't mean that it's ok to let abusive practices go on in our country because we're scared of being seen as racist. There needs to be a stronger point on integration, it's a small price to pay for a free home.

No. 330757

I'm actually reading a book where this is discussed. In areas of high immigration, communities along racial lines form for obvious reasons - if you're leaving your country for a new one, it'd be much easier to get settled amongst people with whom you share a language and culture. Unfortunately that enables one to get stuck in their bubble, and with already a high level of distrust between the native/migrant populations, communities get increasingly insular (which worsens the larger the diaspora). It noted specifially how in England, Muslim women are electing to wear the hijab and other head coverings at a far higher rate in which these are worn in their home countries. It's a grab to something they can identify with, in a land where they feel like the "other". Self perpetuated or not.

If you're interested, the book is Exodus: How Migration Is Changing Our World by Paul Collier.

No. 330797

Yes, because they aren't only in Romania and Bulgaria…

No. 330843

That documentary was interesting af.

No. 330953

>the entirety of Europe hates gypsies.

Saged for rant:
One of the things that annoy me so much about refugees is how much free time they have. Yesterday I nearly missed my train, because they were constantly blocking my way.
Until late afternoon everbody (besides mothers and very old people) is busy and usually in a hurry. Yet these young to middle aged men can afford to stand and stroll around all day long. And because they're always in such large group they constantly block entire pathways. I always have to hop down on the street and pass them like this because they simply don't make way! That's so frustrating.

No. 330993

I always had this feeling that muslim and their kids (even born in my country) have a very "my people - everyone else" view.

Aka they preach and preach about how haram this and that is, and how they can't do that or eat during ramadan (which has been proven to lower productivity for people working while fasting) but give no fuck when it affects other non muslim people.
They usually won't give two fucks if they can fuck you over because often in their eyes, you're a non muslim and deemed different and in the wrong, so honestly who cares.

All the muslims fuckbois I knew where ultra protective of their "sisters" but wouldn't mind fucking and dumping non muslimas. Wouldn't touch pork with a 2m stick but wouln't mind taking MDMA or getting tattoos.

It's annoying to be in a very liberal country because even saying publicly that most religions, but especially islam, are rooted in sexism causes controversy and people to gasp, when it's nothing but plain truth. I guess in the victimhood olympics racism ranks higher so it's alright to look to other way when their holy prophet was legit diddling a little girl.

No. 331004

God this. It's mostly tribes of the women around here during the day with their giant skirts full of stolen goods and they will full on knowingly ram you down with their child's stroller without batting an eyelid.

No. 331019

The entirety of Europe.
The only people who whine about racism against the poor gypsies haven't ever had any contact with them. Often Americans who don't understand Romani bullshit and write gypsy like g*psy because iT's a sLuR. Live next to some for a month and talk to me later. I hate it when this gets compared to racism against black people in the US. There are all kinds of black people, you can't say that about gypsies. A normal gypsy is almost a fairytale. A fucking needle in a haystack. The countries they're in give them so much and spare them from so much responsibility. They respond with violence, child marriages, abuse of women, refusing to let their kids go to school even when programs are in place that bend over backwards to adjust to them, can't read or write, refuse to work, deal with stolen goods instead, lack hygiene and trash everything around them,don't get me started on severe animal abuse that is normal to them(I will never forget the rescue of a starving saint Bernard tied to a car living in trash and mud that I had to witness…and that's normal everyday shit to them) That's absolutely most of them. It's not fucking SOME. These people are not a fucking exception. Idiots need to get it through their thick skulls

No. 331029

Ugh, I hate the gypsies in my city so much. We were all kind of okay with them in the beginning, until they started camping in our local parks, trashing the playgrounds and washing themselves and their clothes in the fountains and hanging everything to dry in the trees.

It gets really cold during winter, so after countless of gypsies complaning to the papers that they were being thrown out of elevator shafts and other "free" places to sleep in the cold, the city invested some money and made a space in an empty,unused building which they could use during the winter months.

They had free toilets, free beds and access to food and sanitary products to help themselves. The whole project had to be stopped within two days because they completely trashed the place once again. I've had no sympathy for them ever since.

This other day one of them stopped me on the street and asked me for money because her sister was "deadly" sick and needed a place to sleep. When I gave her the address for a local homeless shelter she cursed me out and told me I was wasting her time.

Sage for long rant.

No. 331051


This shit sounds horrible. I’m from the US and only kind of knew that gypsies were trashy in general. I find your guises experiences really interesting, and enjoy being an onlooker of the dumpster fire that is the Roma culture.

No. 331133

Since you're from the US I have to ask. When Americans hear the word "gypsy" do they think it's like the people in Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?

No. 331135

I had a similar experience. A man came into my place of work begging for money because "My wife is sick and we haven't eaten in four days." I said I couldn't give him money but I was happy to give him the address to the local soup kitchen, and that I would call ahead to tell them he was coming.

Not good enough. Suddenly his wife was unable to walk for reasons he refused to explain, so he had to take food to her. I said I was sure if he explained and I vouched for him then the soup kitchen would give him a food package that he could take back to his wife so she didn't need to travel.

Still not good enough. He started getting angry and finally said "Fine, WHATEVER. Can you tell me where the local churches are?"

I asked why, and said they would just tell him what I'd told him. He rolled his eyes at me, and said "Just give me the address. Just give it to me."

So I gave him the address to the nearest church. Called them to warn them he'd probably show up. They called me back an hour later to tell me that sure enough, he'd shown up, given them a totally different sob story about having a sick kid who needed medicine, and screamed at them when they refused to give him cash.

No. 331146

this summer in sweden a homeless man of immigrant descent (romani i think) was beaten to death by two teenagers after having been harassed and abused by the group of teenagers his killers belonged to.

i don’t care if he’s swedish romani iraqi or a fucking oompa loompa those kids deserve the shit beaten out of them and to have their lives ruined. fucking monster brats.

this idea that homeless/romani/whatever people are subhuman and you can do whatever the fuck you want to them is so disgusting degenerate and monstrous i still can’t believe something like this happened. literal psychopaths. hopefully people find out all their info, track them down and give them hell in the future.

No. 331152

the romani people are genuinely a big problem in most european cities. mainly because they destroy public places (unhygienic living standards, littering etc.) and bother random people (very aggressive begging, stealing etc.).

they obviously shouldn't get killed by violent gangs of teens, but the government has to do something. i don't know what the romani ppl are getting out of being in nordic countries during the winter. it's extremely cold during and no one is giving them money (i don't think most people even carry cash).

i feel very sorry for the women who are born into these communities, as they often are forced to prostitute themselves from a young age. it's fucked up and i can't believe they are allowed to go as they please.

No. 331162

>The only people who whine about racism against the poor gypsies haven't ever had any contact with them
Well there's Leighanna Walsh but I suppose he's a special case.

No. 331171

Yeah, no shit. Literally no one thinks you should beat anyone up. Where I live these people are rarely homeless and they're usually the perpetrators of crimes and not the victims so uh…can't relate. Their children will fucking attack you with the ok from their parents. Parents who don't give a shit. They breed like stray cats and exist only to poison the environment around them. It sickens me to see the help they constantly get only to spit in all our faces.

No. 331174

where do you live?

No. 331378

I think you're in the wrong thread. Everybody could name one crime commited by one ethnic group with the victim being from another, so? Doesn't change the grand picture.
Last christmas in Germany a group of young traumatized refugees lit a homeless man on fire. Did they deserve to get beaten and their lifes ruined as well? Seems like no, since they only got 8 months on probation. Are people saying things like "Germans are no subhumans, you can't do whatever you want with them!" as a reaction to that? No. One crime doesn't represent or mean anything.

No. 331386

i’m the anon you’re replying to and what i mean is that those teenagers moved in social circles where viewing homeless/romani people as subhuman was considered acceptable. it’s an attitude that exists even if it’s held by a tiny minority and is shunned and because this is a thread focused on european immigration, and this is the most spoken about topic in the vein of romani immigrants in sweden right now, it seemed relevant to bring up in this thread. not just the crime itself but the attitude in regards to people of that background that allowed for it to happen. the thread simply asks for farmers to share their thoughts and these were mine.

No. 331387

Question out of ignorance, are Romani considered to be immigrants, or are they recent immigrants in your respective countries? In my country most people of Romani descent are long integrated, we don't really have problems with them begging, they don't keep within their communities or anything. You can basically only tell by certain family names and they might have family history.

No. 331390

yes desu… pls no bully

No. 331423

>i don't know what the romani ppl are getting out of being in nordic countries during the winter. it's extremely cold during and no one is giving them money (i don't think most people even carry cash)

They must get enough cash anyway because damn, my city is filled with them. I wish they would fuck off. Everyone is too nice about their aggressive begging. It is like either people here are racists or they act all caring and naive to the poor beggars. I seldom hear moderate views.
A friend gave the local gypsy gang money once and now each time they see her they go 'Ooh my friend!!' Hug and start guilttripping for money. She stopped giving them but they remember and are pissed.

No. 331438

>no one is giving them money
They get welfare from the government


>The Levakovic family first arrived in Denmark in 1972 and most of the 45-member clan have never had jobs and have instead lived off a mix of welfare benefits and crime. Three members of the Levakovic family have previously been sent back to Croatia for their crimes, which include home robberies, violence and rape.

No. 331450

They are not Croats tho. I live in Croatia and so many of them go to steal in other European countries. My aunt works as a hairdresser and has a lot of them as customers. They are so rich from begging and stealing in other countries. They will spend boatload of money on weddings. Some have mansions here, huge houses all from criminal work in other countries. I know Italy is quite popular for them.

No. 331537

by "giving them money" i referred to their begging. i usually see them with like, 0.50€ or something at the end of the day.

the government supporting them is ridiculous though, aren't they basically illegal immigrants..?

i absolutely hate radical leftists who are like "uwu they are an oppressed group we must protect them" like, fuck off. immigrants from other countries tend to have or get a degree/job and actually contribute to society. unlike the gypsies who try to drain the countries they visit.

No. 331555

Great, sent back to Croatia where they don't want them either. What a life when you're iredeemable scum. No one's happy to see your destructive ass. They probably don't even know how to speak croatian properly. That's another thing I've noticed speaking to people from all over. No matter how much a country bends over backwards for them, they always speak some bastardized version of the language, if at all. Even after all of the begging to send their kids to school you still get nothing but them doing whatever the fuck they want and speaking gibberish.

No. 331582

File: 1543528402220.gif (913.64 KB, 200x113, 1502213598585.gif)

>tfw you're an immigrant yourself so can't say anything without sounding hypocritical

No. 331591


its ok anon. we wont judge.

No. 331606

I'm anti immigrantion which I know sounds hypocritical of me but unlike them I didn't get a choice in leaving my home country like a lot of the scum being let in did.

I'll save you my sob story since I hate blogposting and I'm pretty sure a few people I know IRL post here but I'm sick of the kind of people that are being let in who refuse to integrate and end up either leeching off the government or committing crimes.
I hate being lumped in with them and having to worry about getting attacked in public because one of the them decided to commit a terrorist act for their make believe god.
I hate that I had to spend years integrating into society and making something of myself only to be discredited and treated like a poor defenceless snowflake too stupid to understand western society despite spending the majority of my life here.
I'm not against all immigration but I definitely think it should be a lot more regulated

No. 331661

I live in a tiny but very racist town in north Italy,and even though people here really hate gypsies and muslims,no one ever said a word on our small communities of indians.Brits say their indian immigrants are just like others but here they integrated fast and super well a bit everywhere

No. 331771

>Brits say their indian immigrants are just like others
are you sure you're not thinking of pakistanis because British people usually just say "asians" but it means pakistanis because that's who does all the rapes etc.

No. 331791

No. 331848

File: 1543568589181.jpg (14.34 KB, 327x154, images(2).jpg)

Germany pictured

No. 331856

German kids being the minority in schools is just too common for people to care anymore. For years already, way before the refugee crisis. There are many turks and they always have multiple times the amount of children as the natives. All these arab boys are taught to be as macho as possible meanwhile german parents teach you to be as polite and forthcoming as it can get, so of course they don't even defend themselves. Kinda ironic that in america poc or immigrants complain about getting bullied in school, but here it's the complete opposite.
There has been a case of muslims demonstrating outside a school because a teacher was gay as well, so not even they are safe. My mother works in a school and those refugee boys tell her "You're a woman, I don't need to listen to you". At the age of not even 10. What can you do?

No. 331956

And still we have politically correct Germans who endorse multiculturalism like virtue-signalling nitwits. They don't understand that minorities, whether they're Germans or immigrants, among a majority are often disadvantaged, excluded or don't feel like they'll ever really belong. Heck, I know people with full immigrant backgrounds who wished they'd been raised in their family's homeland because they experience(d) racism and dislike living as ethnic minorities.

No. 332070

Get rid of your pliticians, for starters.

No. 332249

>This thread
Feels good to live in the middle of nowhere

No. 333968

T H I S oh my god, so much.

The thing is, I'm not generally against immigration. I am against muslim/arab/etc immigrants though. Strongly.
Everyone I'd ever bring this up to will be like 'oh but you just need to know their culture, ofc they'll want to bring it with them and their religion means so much to them' bla bla bla. But you know what? So do Koreans, Russians, Indians, Japanese or Chinese people… their cultures differ from ours a lot as well. But still you don't read about Koreans raping and killing women about every second day. Because it doesn't happen. (Not saying rape doesn't happen at all in other countries. Rape happens everywhere, but the frequency…)

It's gotten so out of hand and people still act like there's not a problem. I'm so sick of it.
I live in a big city and I literally can't go out past 8pm on my own without being groped, followed or threatened by a group of muslims (or like, arabs/turks/whatever). Even if it happens with a white guy, it's the ones that are in a group with mainly men of color.
Fuck this shit.

No. 335089

File: 1544077701187.jpg (256.03 KB, 1280x853, yellow.jpg)

what are euro anons opinions on the yellow jackets? i think it's great that people are rioting since europe has been turned to shit but that's just my one cent from an amerifat

No. 335096

File: 1544079723152.jpg (91.62 KB, 698x465, gele hesjes.jpg)

In Belgium most people are angry at them because they block the roads and a lot of people have to spend a lot of extra time in traffic wich I understand is very frustrating, especially when it's a route you have to take every day for work.
I personally think they're right but they're using too much violence to be taken seriously and they annoy the citizens so they don't get their support either, this way the politicians can easily use the excuse "nope we're not listening to those violent people"
The politians here are idiots who don't listen to their people and just do whatever they want, instead of providing a better alternative, they make gas prices higher while they know people still need gas to get to work/the store/family/… meanwhile making the alternatives such as public transport worse (they cancelled A LOT of trains and busses and they're always late) and more expensive. Even if you live close to work, bicycles aren't always a good option either because most of our roads aren't adjusted for bikes.
People are getting more and more angry at the government here, wich is good because Belgians have the tendancy to complain a lot but still dutifully follow the rules.

Same thing about "our" decision at the climate summit, it wasn't the people's choice at all. We demanded a decision that would benefit the environment, there was even a huge and peaceful demonstration but the government did the exact opposite, it was a slap in everyone's face.

Now they're trying to distract everyone with political drama about immigration, wich they know is a sensitive subject for Belgians.

No. 335097

French in Belgium here.
I think most gilet jaune don't really have a reason to riot. They are people with food on the table, jobs and so on.
It's just that most people are deconnected to what it is to be poor that they think they are actually poor if they can't afford a 4k HD TV without saving for a few month.
My two cents are that they are entitled moron who got way too used at how nice the life (and how much governmental help we actually get) in France can be. I can't wait to see this shit die down.

No. 335101

I'm >>335096
So you think our government should just do whatever they want and not listen to their people? Even if they lie only to get more money?
You do realise them raising the gas prices isn't for the environment, right? If they'd really care for the environment, they would've made better alternatives and would've not responded the disgusting way they did at the European summit.

No. 335103

I don't think that they do whatever they want. And I think we've been lucky that gas price have been somewhat "low" for a decade (thank god for troubles in the middle-east, I guess).

I don't care about the prices being for the environnement or not, tbh. We're never going to do the energetic transition if people can just put gas in their car easily (because welp, car is always going to beat bus/train in terms of comfort and speed given how vast France is).

I don't know how to resolve the "car is mandatory in the country", tho. I lived with it growing up and it was shitty. It's a really difficult issue, even harder than it was 30/40 years ago now that most people have to commute to a city to work.
Maybe teleworking will help a little.

No. 335104

The uprising is about gas prices in the same way that the American Revolution was about tea prices. We're just tired of our "democratic" government doing whatever they want instead of doing what the people want.
Don't take this the wrong way but you seem a bit gullible.

>It's a really difficult issue, even harder than it was 30/40 years ago now that most people have to commute to a city to work.

I agree but no solutions besides "lol make all transport more expensive" have been taken. There's so much they could do such as improve public transport or have employers benefit people who carpool and make it easier for people to carpool.

No. 335106

Gullible about what? Because I'm not about to buy the "all french are poor! Nevermind free schooling, better social support than anywhere else, etc…".
It's entitlement no matter how you put it.
Also, letting people get what they want is not always a good idea.
That's how you end up with rising measles infection because people suddenly think it's better not to vaccinate.
Tu m'excuseras mais parler de la fameuse sagesse du peuple, ça me fait marrer.

No. 335108

you keep assuming I am French while I said in the beginning I'm belgian. I don't know much about French politics but I've been talking about Belgian ones this whole time.
You also keep assuming the problem is "the people are poor" while I keep trying to make you understand that that's not why they're rioting.
Ofcourse it's not a good idea to let people decide everything but that doesn't mean the government can just ignore what their people want.
They just lie to get more money from everyone for themselves and you seem to believe them. They tell the people the measurements they take is for the good of the people and for the environment but if you think it through, it's only good for their own pocket.
Yes, we do have a good socialistic system but it's also more than half our paycheck that goes towards that system so it's not as if it's for free and unfortunately a lot of people take advantage of our system.

No. 335110

I don't get why the french are rioting about their fuel prices. There are many (poorer european countries) who have higher prices? What do they expect?

No. 335114

Anon asked about French gilets jaunes, so, yes, that's what I'm talking about.

No. 335115

Its got very little to do with gas prices. The French are sick of their globalist president whos sold out their nation to the EU and allowed in shit loads of unchecked Muslim immigrants. The French are literally a minority in their own nation. Crime is rampant in alot of cities, particularly in the south. France isnt a nation that tolerates poor leaders.

No. 335116

Immigration is fine aslong as its legal. There should be no open borders of loop holes for families. So example if one person gets through that doesn't automatically men their entire extended family gets to come through. People should have to pass some kind of test to prove they have a basic understanding o the language and culture of the nation they are trying to become a part of. Assimilation is crucial, if someone isnt going to do this then they shouldn't be allowed in.

Europeans shouldn't have to roll over ad hand their countries over foreigners because of things that happened in the passed. Two of my friends have been raped in my city by foreigners from the middle east and the Police did nothing.

No. 335123

File: 1544086965523.gif (239.87 KB, 320x320, HHHMMMMMMM.gif)

>what are euro anons opinions on the yellow jackets? i think it's great that people are rioting since europe has been turned to shit but that's just my one cent from an amerifat
>euro anons

No. 335124

>implying the yellow jackets are only rioting in France

No. 335125

Agree. I don't understand why I gotta jump through hoops and whatnot to live abroad, being a skilled worker, if some third world woman who doesn't speak the language can come with her 15 kids and has no skills, education or plan to learn the language.

I don't mind legal immigrants because they come to study here, or have applicable skills. By all means, they'll become fluent and skilled. They won't sit on their ass and get a 500€ handout every month for doing absolutely jack shit.
If anything they might be even more motivated and grateful than some locals.


True, people act like Macron is the devil incarnate but truth is people just hate the current president more and more. I'm 99% sure it would have been even worse with Fillon, LePen or Melechon. They just remember fondly Chirac and that's it. I think they just blame the current economy on the current president when those things take years to drop or pick up again and have thousands of influences.

No. 335152

Germans aren’t even nice. Refugees do suck here though

-An American living in Germany

No. 335155

Thanks for sharing your great knowledge with us, dear American. I will 100% trust your judgement about other countries.

No. 335164

This is what dumbfounds me. We let in the literal worst from the third world and then are surprised when crime goes up and the welfare state is imploding.
Why is Europe not recruiting skilled workers from Canada, America, Japan, South Korea or any other 1st worlf country? Why would Germany want 3 million workers from Pakistan? Wouldn't Pakistan want to retain these skilled workers so they can better their own country?

Europe keeps increasing the standards and requirements for its native citizens for jobs, so they naturally cannot reach them anymore and you get a labor shortage. So what do they do? Do they realise that asking for 3 years experience for a entry level minimum wage job is outrageous?
No, they just import workers from the third world which have hilariously low standards/skills and expectations, but the minimum wage to them is exponentially higher to them compared to their home countries. Who the fuck does this benefit? It isn't Europe and it's not the third world.

No. 335231

First of all, politicians who describe migrants as male rape-hungry lazy bumbling morons do not depict an accurate situation. They do so because they want your vote, and to access well-paid positions where little to no work is asked of them. That's how the Le Pen family managed to become millionaires while in effect doing absolutely nothing useful to the community, living as parasites.

All clever people emigrate from third world countries. A pakistani doctor has absolutely no reason to stay in a corrupt and unsafe state when he could be waiting tables for three times his salary in Europe, and to an unskilled worker (which Germany needs, being almost no unemployment there) the comparison is even more alluring.

The fertility rate is also decreasing everywhere in Europe, meaning immigration is necessary to keep the economic growth going. The cost of education for a single child in Europe for the state is 18 years of inactivity and hundreds of thousands of euros. A migrant could come to Germany, burn 3 cars, spend two years in jail, then start working, and even there he'd be much more cost-efficient than a German-born citizen.

All in all migrants are economically the best thing that could ever happen to a country, and that's not counting the fact that they work for a pittance and some could even have a worthy diploma

Everything in this post is wrong

No. 335242

File: 1544121521255.jpg (68.13 KB, 505x337, image24.jpg)

In Germany the definition of labor shortage is
>less than 7 people applied for the same job…
So no, there's not "almost no unemployment". Shitty memes like this results in foreigners flooding into out country.

>The fertility rate is also decreasing everywhere in Europe, meaning immigration is necessary to keep the economic growth going. The cost of education for a single child in Europe for the state is 18 years of inactivity and hundreds of thousands of euros. A migrant could come to Germany, burn 3 cars, spend two years in jail, then start working, and even there he'd be much more cost-efficient than a German-born citizen.

Yeah, all those evil lazy children who cost so much money, being all inactive and not working…
Let's rather take in millions of migrants who surely don't come here with the expactation of never having to work…

>All in all migrants are economically the best thing that could ever happen to a country

Just no. The best thing would be no longer having to pay shitloads to poorer euro countries, to have less corrupt politicians who would stop shoving tax money up the ass of banks and the car industry, and so on. I could think of a billion better things than importing illiterates who're over 4 times more likely to rape etc.
>and that's not counting the fact that they work for a pittance and some could even have a worthy diploma
You seem to be completely brainwashed.
None of these refugees have diplomas. Many can't even write their own name. They don't work.
And if they do, they get paid as little as the german workers who're in the same low skill low pay field as they are.

>Look at the pictures I saved on my smartphone of my underaged wives and children which I left back in the war zone I saved myself from. Can't you read what that social worker girl wrote on this board? Why don't you give me more money so that I can uhm… save my children? You are literally killing them!

No. 335248

Doesn’t matter what you think about me being American, Germans aren’t kind people on a superficial level.

No. 335280

File: 1544129553935.jpg (57.92 KB, 850x567, p18 yellow jacket protester pa…)

i'm the anon who posted >>335089
i was asking for any european's opinion on any yellow jackets anywhere since i don't trust how biased mass media is portraying them as terrorists/thugs and i'd rather ask people who actually live in the area. just used gilet jaunes because i loved that pic, wish we could see more here in murica

not sure if you've lived completely cut off from the real world or never lived in a migrant neighborhood. trust me it'll change your view on letting them all in

i can't blame you guys for getting pissed at protests in the roads when i drive for work. do you think the protest in belgium might lead to larger ones across your nation later in the future? also love the chocolate even if it puts a dent in my wallet

No. 335299

you mean that germans aren't fake like americans.

No. 335316

Whatever about chatting me up, no one holds a door open for you, people dash to get in front of you at the grocery store check out, and bump into you without apologizing. No consideration for anyone but themselves. Truthfully, refugees are usually kinder in that regard. I’ve had them at least apologize for running into me. It’s not about having a conversation with every stranger you meet; there simply isn’t common courtesy among Germans.

No. 335319

>nobody holds the door open for me…
>why do so many people bump into me???
Stop your whining
To people like you I'd only like to say the probably most 'murican sentence in history: "Go back to there you came from if you don't like it here!"
Seriously, this is a thread about immigration in Europe. So why do you constantly bump it with "uwu the Germans aren't nice to me"?

No. 335323

People were bitching about refugees and how they are so ~*intimidating*~ and omg I cant walk alone at night without fear of rape!!!! meanwhile you Germans stand outside of grocery stores getting drunk for fun and then smashing the bottles. So polite and docile. I’m defending the refugees who immigrated in this situation. I’ll stay here because I want to, but I’ll bitch about shit that annoys me. Stay mad

No. 335330


>comparing rape to public drinking

nta but no one gives a fuck about your dislike for germans, americunt. stfu and stop derailing, this is about immigration in europe.

anyway.. apparently a bunch of men, who happen to be immigrants, have been raping and abusing children in finland. this might affect/change the process of being granted a finnish citizenship, because of this politicians want to make it stricter.


No. 335332

Not my/our fault that you're an easily triggered pussy.
Fact is, that the likelyhood of refugees commiting crime - especially of violent nature - is a lot higher than native Germans commiting them.
You feeling intimidated by our freedom of being allowed to drink wherever and whenever we want doesn't change that kek
That's so typically leftist american, bitching about everything, but being unwilling to change something (in your case your location). The people in your country are getting shot left and right, human rights basically don't exists in the countries refugees come from, but the Germans living in Germany are the real problem here, right… You're simply spoiled and ungrateful.

No. 335336

ahhh yes because getting drunk for fun and being rowdy is totally the same as "refugees" comitting legitimate acts violence and rape.

youre just another americunt getting triggered, because the how dare people not act "docile" and cater to your every whim. oh no, this rando german ill most likely never even meet again who bumped into me and didnt say sorry!

also, can we please speak about anglos immigrating to non english speaking countries. every single one of these people either dont speak the language of said country or speak the language at the level of a brain dead 5 year old. ive met several americans who were outspokenly proud of not being able to speak the local language, and then refer to the locals, usually elderly people, as lazy and stupid for not learning english to cater to them.

sometimes i wish the iron curtain never fell tbh.

No. 335368

I found this video pertaining to the subject at hand, and I was wondering what farmers thought of it.

No. 335386

It's been a while since I've watched this but from what I remember, I more or less agreed with Shaun that the white genocide thing is a crock of shit. However, I do think that there are going to be some negative consequences down the line from so many single men from misogynistic counties coming to Europe. That's not racism, it's just demographics.

No. 335444

Man that pic pisses me off. Male refugees should only be allowed accompanied by a female guardian.

No. 335568

replacement conspiracy nuts go on tirades over idiotic overcomplicated theories when it's really fucking simple:
-if you want more whites, make more children (ironically alrt-righters are the more unwilling to get married and have children)
-arabs and africans have many more children because of an absence of women rights (can't decide when and if have children, has to accept rape pregnancy) and sexual protection (condoms and pills and abortions are unavailable or banned for religious reasons); both things that DO exist in the modern west world.

No. 335686

They shouldn't be allowed at all tbh. The concept of bringing in a large amount of violent makes from a sexist society into a modern liberal one makes zero sense. It's putting us as women directly into dangerous situation. I think only the Women fleeing should be allowed in.

No. 335977

this isn't true. they also have more children because its culturally expected to, whereas white people dont care as much abotu having kids.

No. 336035

People don't know that , any debat about demographic is heavily frowned upon and no media talk about it. Leaving the way open for all the conspiracytard.

No. 336054

It's all related to religion, it's really that simple.
U probably aren't even French writing this, literally everyone I see typing like this with exception of few aren't French for some reason

No. 336080

I mean people in these yellow jacket riots have DIED. Why should we have sympathy? Because they're "the good guys"?

No. 336082

Get this shit out of here

No. 336085

How about actually addressing the content, salty-chan?

No. 337236

Thoughts? This is something I have worried about, but I've heard no one on the left talking about it. I know the truth is generally more nuanced than conservatives make it out to be and I think Elly did a great job exploring some ideas that were floating around in my head, but I couldn't articulate.

Part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81Ef9L43mGA

No. 337262

The most prominent "leftist" who did that would probably be Boris Palmer, and he's hardly left and prone to populism (he's not wrong tho). Pretty sure the magazine Emma takes the same stance as this video, but that's not very mainstream.
Thanks for posting, I will check out her other videos!

No. 337285

File: 1544433003392.png (43.95 KB, 1099x650, 1534343641263.png)

I am certain many anons ITT live in countries that went ahead and signed the migration pact, yet you don't seem to even be aware of what it entails.
Keep dismissing the writing on the wall as "right-wing" narrative. I am sure it's all fear-mongering propaganda of evil nazis, 325000000 middle-easterners and africans by 2020 doesn't sound so bad!

No. 337337

No. 337354

The Sweden rape rate thing gets misrepresented by Americans and racist, paranoid Europeans a lot. You should read up on how Sweden legally defines rape these days before posting that graph (or, if you don't actually care about the truth and just want to spread propaganda, keep doing what you're doing, never try to be correct and just call me a leftist SJW cuck or whatever - this post is more for anons who might be seeing this shit for the first time and are wondering if it's legit).

No. 337360

>You should read up on how Sweden legally defines rape these days before posting that graph (or, if you don't actually care about the truth and just want to spread propaganda, keep doing what you're doing, never try to be correct and just call me a leftist SJW cuck or whatever
…or you could simply tell us non-swedish-speaking people how it really is defined, how about that?

No. 337364

I've been sperged out at by too many dishonest, flailing autists with no actual interest in facts before. I don't really want to bother re-finding sources if I'm just going to be ignored and bitched at for the sake of a narrative.
Google is always free, "Sweden rape definition" is a term anyone can think to search, etc etc. Data is not locked in a vault for only people using it for arguments, I've even researched things on my own before. Typically, those who care about something will look into it out of curiosity, while those who just want to argue their opinion is 100% true will only ever insist on being spoonfed.

No. 337389

when i googled "sweden rape definition" all i got was discussion about immigrants and their crimes….

No. 337435

File: 1544461203659.png (36.48 KB, 1280x362, atlas_B1PF8jjUe@2x.png)


Would you prefer I post the grenade attack statistics?

No. 338395

this post reads autistic male

No. 338435

>All clever people emigrate from third world countries. A pakistani doctor has absolutely no reason to stay in a corrupt and unsafe state when he could be waiting tables for three times his salary in Europe, and to an unskilled worker (which Germany needs, being almost no unemployment there) the comparison is even more alluring.

The thing is, how many actual academics do immigrate compared to the unskilled workers?
And as another anon already stated: the unemployment statistics are skewed. Do you any idea how those statistics work? Because I don’t think so. There’s a bunch of people that have no jobs but aren’t part of the statistics because the goals of job centers is not to make you get a job, but to get you out of the statistics. Anyone that’s part of a job-creation measure or similar is not employed, yet will not be part of the statistic.

Germany’s problem is employers that will ask for unrealistic levels of experience for a ridiculous salary. It’s not a shortage of skilled workers, but a shortage of skilled workers that are willing to work for inhumane payment.
But hey, what great coincidence that we have tons of refugees that are more than willing to go from one temporary job to another that only pays minimum wage because they have to.

>The fertility rate is also decreasing everywhere in Europe, meaning immigration is necessary to keep the economic growth going.

You know what would drastically improve the fertility rate? Family friendly job conditions. People stopped having children because nobody can fucking afford it anymore. There are entire workshops about how to legally avoid giving women permanent positions because they might decide to have children and then you won’t be able to kick them out anymore. Living expenses, especially rent, are increasing, inflation is happening, while the salary stays the same.
But refugees and immigrants will gladly have 4 children that share one room while the parents sleep in the living room with their own parents because that’s what they’re used to.
But is that really a culture you want in this country? Do you want it to be the norm for five people to share a single room apartment? Because that’s actually the direction this country is going for right now.

>All in all migrants are economically the best thing that could ever happen to a country

If you don’t care about Germany becoming a sharia-lead 3rd world country as well then yes. This is totally the way to go.

No. 338507

Germany’s Angela Merkel
France’s Emmanuel Macron
Britain’s Theresa May
Italy’s Paolo Gentilon
Holland’s Mark Rutte
Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon
Sweden’s Stefan Lofven
Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel (a homosexual)
Switzerland’s Simonetta Sommaruga
Ireland’s Leo Varadkar (a homosexual)

All childless. Interesting coincidence.

No. 338560

My mother also says this all the time. Merkel is childless she couldn't care less what kind of future she creates for the younger generations.

No. 342198

You can be childless and care about others. These simply suffer from the usual politician disease.

No. 342199

Kek. Oh no, how could anyone care about the future without kids?
You guys are fresh out from the 30's?

No. 342208

the next generation is going to die out from global warming anyway.

No. 342222

this is the kind of shit they actually sold people on. people really think this now. Go at the economic projection anon, all of the good countries (the ones people are trying to get into not away from) have POSITIVE economic outlook from climate change - longer growing seasons, less winter malaise, means better productivity in everything from agriculture to high tech - don't take my word for it look up the paper in Nature. The desert shit holes that people are already trying to escape from are going to get worse. The world will go along perfectly happily as long as those people don't get their swamping handholds onto the boat and sink us all. Build the wall, stop the boats, live in stable happy population heaven. Or "let them in!", die like plague rats when all the food's eaten

No. 342226

not really, only sub-saharan africa, indian subcontinent, SEA region and probably a lot of chinese population are going to drop drastically due to drought, famine, soil erosion etc.
if EU and north america could stop fucking around with the humanitarian aid and start spending time and resources to prepare for coming changes on their own infrastructure and populations then they might just have a chance, being prepared to adapt is key
also """global warming""" isn't going affect all regions of the earth equally in the first place, if northern hemisphere unless it enters a new ice age from the freezing fresh water entering oceans will have even more arable land to use for food production and benefit from the entire thing, Canada and Russia will be ironically the best places to live without the fear of starvation
of course all of it is speculation and it seems climate scientists are more interested in global consequences than trying to figure out how things are going to work out on localized national scale (though I'm sure the wealthy and the in-the-know are already aware of where to move when things get bad)

No. 342311

You guys do realize that global warming will not stop at desert areas and will keep pushing north, right?
Tecnology is already advancing to let farming be avaible in more cold countries anyway. That's what many gmos are being made for.
Anti-ecologists are retarded

No. 342806

The mankind is like a cockroach. It will survive.

No. 342808

Beautiful words anon.

No. 342827

>Africans literally beheaded 2 women a couple of days ago and filmed it.
>they raped them, stabbed them, beheaded them and proceeded to play with their lifeless heads on camera.
>these are the same people we are letting in our countries
>there have been over 100 grenade attacks in sweden.
>sweden is number one in the whole of the UN with regards to rapes.
>over 4000 children were systematically raped in the UK by pakistani ganks.
>recently a major grooming gang was uncovered in Finland.
>EUROWEEK in poland is rife with allegations of grooming underage girls and instances of sexual assault.
>Mass murder and terrorist attacks have become normalized in western europe.
>Mosques funded by the SA and UAE have been popping up all over europe, where the Imams enforce sharia law that apparently supercedes the rule of law of the host countries.
>child brides are legitimized in germany, polygyny is legitimized in sweden and norway.


No. 342840

Fuck off scrote

No. 342843

How the fuck did you even come to that conclusion you idiot?
Are you completely brainwashed to the point where you can't even formulate critical thought?

No. 342849

Yeah and men are spreading the vids of those two women being killed around on porn sites and on a couple of threads here already anon, getting off on it. The families are being harassed with gore from the vid too from mostly muslims but some western men who just hate women.

This shit is a nightmare.. What countries are safe now to visit? Hungray? Switzerland? Austria?

No. 342852


No. 342857

Time to learn polish now

No. 342867

>grouping N. Africans with the whole Africans
>saying Africans instead of Muslims which is what the actual problem is
>being this retarded and hysterical in general

Hmmm this is an American

No. 342868

no you're just a retarded american

No. 342869

It was muslims, but other than that, you're right on the money. It's sad and it's scary and it makes me angry that extreme leftists want this for the entire western civilization.

No. 342870

Yeah, Poland is one of the few countries voicing against muslim immigration and open borders. I hope they don't give in .

No. 342874

I do not understand the leftist naivety when it comes to men from violent misogynist cultures, and how trans are more important than women as well.
It makes me politically homeless.

No. 342876

We don't claim brown/Caucasoid Muslim people (ie Moroccans), thanks.
As a W. African who's having their country fucked up by extremist Muslims and seeing people in countries like Egypt literally enslave my kind, I'm done with idiots lumping us all together because "hurr africa".

No. 342879

Sorry, I just read they were in africa that's why I wrote it was africans. I don't know about the geopolitics and internal struggle in the african continent.
Regardless, the immigrants are primarily from africa and the middle east and they are all muslim.

No. 342897

Because the left would rather die than be a transphobic racist. I'm reminded of that when I saw them protest against women wanting safer communities from muslim rape gangs, sex trafficking and child grooming circles. I've seen women being harassed by the left for suggesting carrying a gun (in the states) or anything to protect themselves. They'd rather protect men who are autogynephiles and erase the very definition of women because it's triggering. Safe to say the left hates women but hides it under faux naivety

No. 342904

Honestly, the left are just as much trash as the extreme right. At least the Right doesnt hide their openness about certain shit.

The whole 'i dont wanna be seen as racist or transphobe' rather than protecting women and children's safety is disgusting.

No. 342905

Didn't Germany try really hard to support muslim bs and immigration until their women were being raped? i fucking hate how women always suffer when people are being idiots about logic. No one wants violent and sexist men in flooding their countries.

No. 342906

The Left thinks that if you cater to muslims, they'll stop being sexist animals and become normal humans who dont wanna rape women and children.

No. 342921

File: 1545508733934.jpg (124.16 KB, 962x601, 1545503929527.jpg)

pic related.
I can't take it anymore, we are living in a fucking circus.

No. 342927

There doesn't seem to a single female friendly religion, imo they all deserve contempt at this point but Islam is especially bad.

No. 342933

>terrorism has no religion
Lmao okay then

No. 342948

This kind of foot in the mouth mentality is why made up terms like Islamphobe even exist.

No. 342950

And the right openly wishes for their women to be treated almost identically: chained back to the kitchen, perpetually pregnant and without any recognition as a human. No dreams, aspirations or even hobbies. Both the right and the left are just toxic, there's no where to go that doesn't hate women. I fucking hate this

The comments on this vid for example gave me a headache
>take away women's rights and freedom
>force them to have babies whether they like it or not
>force them to stay inside the home whether they like it or not
>that will fix the problem uwu

No. 342962

This is what I don't get about men, particularly right wing men. They hate islam so much - but why? They seem to have the exact same view of women and the exact same desire to subjugate and abuse them. Shouldn't they support Islam then?

It really sucks because although I don't agree with ~open borders uwu all cultures are equal~ that the left promotes, it's not like I can turn to the right either because they want the same fate for me that Islam does. So pretty much the only choice women have is between which group of men they want to be abused and subjugated by. Either way the outcome will be the same - women will have their rights taken away by X group of men and everything will be terrible.

No. 342995

Imagine knowing a group of particular men taped women being raped and murdered (sent it to the grieving families) only to coddle their feelings because it's islamphobic racist bigotry otherwise… Ffs

>do they support islam
Only in their treatment of women, yeah.

No. 343006

File: 1545516053101.jpg (55.36 KB, 500x501, born to die world is a fuck.jp…)

>Having political homes in the first place
Anyways, welcome to the true redpill vote apocalypse 2020

No. 343015

>Only in their treatment of women, yeah.
Can't wait to get fucking raped and murdered by some suburban white dude who joined ISIS for the misogyny. Hell yeah dude, what a future.

It's such bullshit. There truly is no hope for women anywhere and there's next to nothing we can fucking do about it.

No. 343044

Statistically white men rape the least out of any ethnicity and demographics in the entire world. It's also virtually always family members when it does happen.
You don't have to agree with the right-wing but implying you are likely to be raped by a white man is asinine.
Even if you take it to its logical extreme, nazi soldiers accused or proven to have raped during the occupation or wartime skirmishes were given summary executions by their commanding officers. Meanwhile, the russian soldiers raped over 300000 german women preceding and following the battle of berlin.

No. 343049

All I'm saying that the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if 'white men' eventually give in and form an alliance with Islam due to their mutual hatred of and desire to harm and subjugate women.

Seems crazy until you see the way that even white men speak about women and what they would like to see happen to them. Most of them think these two girls who were beheaded 'deserved' it for being women.

No. 343051

Exactly. An unacceptable chunk of men are murderous, rapist trash. What else is new? Islam gives them even more free reign to do as they please, but this decidedly male sickness pervades all cultures. It's insane how so many men are consistently evil across the board, regardless of culture, race and religion. They can all unite on wanting us to die and/or live miserably.

All these huwhite incels are virtue signalling about protecting culture and race, but they're actually really happy about this. Delighted and gleeful. They actually want women to be killed and raped all because "tfw no gf". They're spreading the beheading videos everywhere, jerking off over it and making memes. They just hate women, even "their own" women.
These sorts of killers, and the men all over the world celebrating their deaths (aka would-be killers) should all be rounded up, castrated with no anesthesia and have their hands cut off.

No. 343130

yes because sub-saharan black africans are a very peaceful people, they certainly don't go around raping and butchering people for stupid fucking reasons

not all muslims, the destablisation of Libya has made it easier for black africans to also enter Europe. If you've been to France or Italy you'll see the amount of dark black sub-saharans are there and they're not muslims.

No. 343136

The black ones are mostly Somali, who are Muslim, or Hausa or Fulani, who are also Muslim. Christian and/or atheist sub-saharan Africans don't rape, steal or kill nearly as much as they do. In fact, they thrive in countries like the US. Interesting pattern there. Try again later.

No. 343139

I looked this up, and in both those countries, there are actually more North African Muslim refugees than West African ones. It really is mostly Muslims. Wyd, anon?

No. 343162

No, it really is all muslims

No. 343229

Another Amerifat piece of shit that dorsn't know what they're talking about

The ones that do the crime sare always muslim. African Christians NEVER do this

No. 343245

Honestly, that makes me sad no matter what. It seems to be a man issue when it comes to rape, but only women suffer because of it.

No. 343258

Of course it's a male issue, not even men are arguing it. Whatever the impetus may be, evolutionary pressures, abuse of physical power, testosterone-driven frenzy, neurological basis, what have you. It's a very real issue that needs to GO AWAY YESTERDAY.
That said, white men by and large do not rape. The rates sit somewhere between 0.7 - 2.0 per 100000.
I sternly believe a)culture b)intelligence c)monogamy backed by societal and religious mores, and d)egalitarian homogeneous societal structures, make it so rape and sexual assault is so rare in white nations.

We need to FOCUS on rape between family members, that's a huge chunk of all rapes and I only see people harping about nonissues like manspreading and sexual harrassment in the workplace. I am sick of it.

Combat family rape and aggravated rape by middle-eastern/african minorities and we will see progress.

No. 343261

Why do you call sexual harrassment in the workplace a non-issue? It can legit drive away women from work. Which is the purpose.

No. 343262

Because they treat it as sexual assault and muddy the waters. The more you dilute something the more normalized it gets and the more people start to dismiss it.
Open your eyes, if you think #metoo helped with sexual assault and rape awareness I've got a bridge to sell you.

No. 343268

Are you the same anon who said "Gang rape isn't in white genes" in a thread like years back?

No. 343271

I wasn't even browsing chans 3 years ago.

No. 343279

Kek. It's such a novel idea that rape is not related to white genes only this one anon from 3 years ago is saying it?
You might want to get some fresh air asap, anon.

No. 343287

The only women men don't normally hate are their own family members. Incels are genetic dead ends so they hate everyone.

No. 343290

>missing context this hard to feign offense
It was in response to a white girl saying she was gang raped by white guys, that anon was trying to discredit her story. No one claimed rape is genetic. Think.

No. 343323

Lmao clearly. Cringe

No. 343518

Any Spain anons here to clear how Vox is doing. They're anti mass immigration but Ive been told they also want to fight against domestic violence laws??

No. 343931


Yeah, they want to derogate laws against domestic violence to make them more "equals", ban any radical feminist organization subsidized by the government and are against abortion (and trannie laws)

No. 344742

2 explosions happened in southern Sweden last night(no one injured). I wonder if it was grenades or fireworks

No. 344765

Statistically there are more grenade attacks than there are fireworks in sweden, so if I were to venture a guess…

No. 349978

lol, yeah right.

No. 349998

I had to look it up because I'm not even sure what >>344765 mean.
The total amount of grenade attacks in Sweden is about the same as the amount of fires caused by fireworks annually

No. 351066


It just makes me really depressed seeing this kind of mentality. Those girls didn’t ask to be murdered, tortured, raped. Taking the rights of women away won’t change a damn thing either.

No. 351456

yeah. right wing men only care about rape and misogyny when it comes from le muslimes. they have more in common with islam than they would like to admit.

No. 357780

File: 1548090948401.jpg (88.19 KB, 942x828, 1547836001684.jpg)

New statistics from Sweden.

>rape resulting in full penetration

No. 357784

File: 1548091091351.jpg (113.22 KB, 1069x1200, 1547830589515.jpg)

All reported rapes (incl. anoreceptive rape), according to the aggregate TheSpectatorIndex.

No. 364283

so many immigrants here in the uk have started getting all smug, acting like they’re better than the native population and that their culture is superior or they deserve special treatment
they always bring up the empire too and i think it’s more of a manipulation tactic than anything else. “you took over our country 100 years ago, so let’s take over yours! wrong + wrong = right!”
i agree that these people deserve reparations back in their own countries but that’s it. they’re just creating more conflict by doing this to us, especially considering that they despise us and want us to become an oppressed minority in our own lands. i think a lot of these people are narcissists who believe they’re above everyone else and liberals just enable them because they’re afraid of being called evil colonizers. sick to death of this shit.

No. 364285

The new wave of immigrants everywhere is weird, if you look back a generation or two the vast majority of immigrants were humble and just wanted to build a better life for themselves and their family

No. 364292

Something that I keep seeing that proofs again and again that our cultures simply aren't compatible is, that they don't follow rules.
I'm not even talking about crimes, but general things that nobody but them is doing, e.g. jaywalking or running across train tracks. This shit gets people in 3rd world countries killed on the daily, here they would no longer have a reason to risk their lifes, so why do they keep doing it? Because they won't listen. They make no effort to blend in.
Everybody buys a ticket, they don't. Everybody on the train or is quiet, refugees enter, blast their arab music loudly. Everybody is talking normally, black refugee women are yelling around, while blocking the the side walk with their strollers.

And all these small things add up, and make the native population resent them more and more.

This disgusts me so much. You probably won't find a single country on earth that hasn't done horrible shit, yet only europeans are held accountable.
Another favourite is
>muh crusades!

No. 364294

i meant reparations from rich families who directly benefited from the empire/were responsible for it like the royal family

No. 364298

>You probably won't find a single country on earth that hasn't done horrible shit, yet only europeans are held accountable

you know what, its fucking weird. no one expects turkey to pay for all the shit the ottoman empire did for several hundred years, even though some of what they did was comparable to or worse than what the british empire did, and yet we have to sit around and listen to how much ~enlightenment~ they brought us. when a european country does it its evil colonialism, but when another country does it they were just enlightening the filthy uncultured europeans uwu.

No. 364316


>Russia will be ironically the best places to live without the fear of starvation


You wish, anon.

No. 364323

>This disgusts me so much. You probably won't find a single country on earth that hasn't done horrible shit, yet only europeans are held accountable.

Europe learned about the concept of empires in the first place from Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Nobody goes after the Mongolians to pay Europeans reparations though, even though it one of the bloodiest and largest empires the world has ever seen.

No. 364346

>Europe learned about the concept of empires in the first place from Genghis Khan and the Mongols
Nigga wut? I hope you're not this stupid.

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