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File: 1500903928120.jpg (190.82 KB, 500x336, IMG_1347.JPG)

No. 199666

Let's talk about comfy activities, clothes and hobbies for fall/autumn. Pretty much anything related to these seasons.

No. 199667

The more we talk about fall, the faster summer ends.

No. 199668

>the faster summer ends

Good kek. Summer is only good for people with social lives anyway.

No. 199670

File: 1500906032056.jpg (816.16 KB, 1000x665, 161451260.jpg)

God I hate summer so much. I can handle being cold but being too hot is miserable. My autumn/winter wardrobe tends to be much cuter too. I can't wait for it to come again so I can go outside without melting.

No. 199672

File: 1500906838239.jpg (66.37 KB, 500x567, 545e1858c9246e5137cbe22d3925c4…)

I'm the opposite and prefer heat, but I completely agree that fall/winter fashion is cutest.

No. 199674

I hate summer, the heat makes me sick, but I also hate all the layers of heavy clothing I have to put on in order to keep my arse from freezing. Getting dressed in winter physically exhausts me.
I like living in my little coastal island pisshole, here we get all 4 seasons in one day 365 days a year and I wouldn't have it any other way.

No. 199675

I'm just gonna work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. No relaxing stuff for me, nothing changes.

No. 199680

File: 1500915171016.gif (880.81 KB, 450x253, autumn.gif)

No. 199687

File: 1500920592364.jpeg (298.2 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

i hate summer. i can't be cute & wear all black if i'm sweating my makeup off. as a result all of my summer wardrobe is ugly as sin, since i don't like sweating in nice clothes. any recs for cute fall/winter fashion stores? i'm in love with >>199672

No. 199747

File: 1500956277557.jpg (133.18 KB, 750x600, more.jpg)

Not sure where to buy, but the style is called mori if that helps, anon.

No. 199749

File: 1500959626034.jpg (141.72 KB, 1080x1349, pup.jpg)

Favorite One on rakuten global, thrift stores, or just any hipster store will likely have oversized earth toned cozy mori-appropriate items

No. 199841

File: 1501050947292.jpg (493.57 KB, 985x728, iL7jiXk.jpg)

No. 199898

If you can't be cute in summer dresses and without makeup perhaps you're not as cute as you think you are lmao

No. 199918

Are you really trying to start some petty nonsense in a thread about cute and comfy autumn paraphernalia? Come on now, anon…

No. 199919

File: 1501155762919.jpg (62.65 KB, 559x821, IMG_0345.JPG)

Have a sweater similar to pic and I can't wait to start wearing it again. I wanna move somewhere colder because these sweltering, sticky southern summers can fuck right off.

No. 199925

File: 1501159853724.jpg (404.28 KB, 480x480, HelloSeptember.jpg)

I love autumn so much i had a blog dedicated to autumn and i wish i still had it :( It makes me feel nostalgic and comfy, I always break out a select few books and read them for maximum comfy feelings.

No. 199926

File: 1501159915768.jpg (119.86 KB, 500x750, AutumnFog.jpg)

Im just gonna make a small pic dump of autumn pictures that make me feel cozy

No. 199927

File: 1501159985280.jpg (152.46 KB, 500x334, autumnscarf.jpg)

No. 199928

File: 1501160056232.jpg (77.78 KB, 500x375, AutumnAppleStand.jpg)

No. 199931

File: 1501163126069.jpg (46.06 KB, 640x427, 4396aiaqot55494.jpg)

Ooh this just reminds me that another thing I love about autumn is seasonal baking. I love how it makes the house smell, it's just super comfy. I don't even really eat any myself, I end up giving most of it away.

No. 199941

File: 1501171202072.png (325.26 KB, 483x280, Weasleys.png)

Autumn is so nostalgic. Probably because it reminds me of the Weasley's.

No. 199971

File: 1501179023640.jpg (251.8 KB, 500x546, 5497037628_6df3eb02ef_z_large.…)

Summer around me, autumn in my feels

No. 200053

Maybe someone shouldn't have written a whiny blogpost first. You were basically asking for it.

No. 200075

File: 1501238446370.jpg (697 KB, 500x750, 4nxqFQPl1ssfkpve56.jpg)

No. 200077

I'm not the anon that made the post, I just wanted to point out that this isn't the thread for that sorta stuff, that's all. I don't think she was asking for anything, just weighing in on the topic at hand, albeit somewhat tangentially. I hope you feel better, anon.

No. 200078

File: 1501241922865.jpg (334.43 KB, 1024x683, IMG_0350.JPG)

I can't wait for the return of crisp autumn breezes and to drink hot cider to stave off the chill.

No. 200094

File: 1501252902937.jpg (97.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1472641360034.jpg)

No. 200107

File: 1501260439220.jpg (81.61 KB, 420x560, nad.jpg)

Nadia Esra has my dream fall wardrobe. She always looks so comfy and cute.

No. 200108

File: 1501261041588.jpg (179.25 KB, 1200x1600, 1362938600452.jpg)

She looks stoned.

No. 200109

File: 1501261284355.jpg (78.46 KB, 500x521, nad3.jpg)

I think she's Dutch so she may well be stoned haha! Her older looks were so wonderful. I find her new looks kind of depressing tbh. Lacking whimsicality or something.

No. 200111

File: 1501261985269.jpg (742.02 KB, 1024x575, 312836852_7617649492_b.jpg)

No. 200142

File: 1501270105653.jpg (364.97 KB, 500x695, 1495167218426.jpg)

She's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I want to color my hair copper when it gets to that length. <3

I love the layering she does with floral dresses. Really inspiring.

Thanks for making this thread, OP. It's helping me de-stress a lot.

No. 200153

File: 1501272516568.png (424.82 KB, 500x397, 37bfb03b-5fa7-47b1-abd6-fa409e…)

You guys are killing me. I can't wait for autumn especially Halloween season. I want to drink hot chocolate and be able to sleep with covers for once.

No. 200155

File: 1501273656085.jpeg (104.4 KB, 672x1008, image.jpeg)

lol thanks for sticking up for me anon, didn't mean to make my post whiny, sorry guys.

No. 200156

File: 1501273676033.jpeg (80.71 KB, 467x700, image.jpeg)

No. 200157

File: 1501273699777.jpeg (168.88 KB, 534x800, image.jpeg)

No. 200158

File: 1501273728595.jpeg (183.16 KB, 554x828, image.jpeg)

No. 200159

File: 1501273741287.jpeg (64.38 KB, 341x640, image.jpeg)

No. 200160

File: 1501273752722.jpeg (212.93 KB, 600x907, image.jpeg)

No. 200161

File: 1501273772744.jpeg (292.78 KB, 800x571, image.jpeg)

No. 200162

File: 1501273787643.jpeg (154.78 KB, 650x975, image.jpeg)

No. 200163

File: 1501273804037.jpeg (319.15 KB, 1800x1200, image.jpeg)

No. 200164

File: 1501273859632.jpeg (116.1 KB, 600x600, image.jpeg)

anyone else like these things?

No. 200167

File: 1501274989421.jpg (131.73 KB, 500x684, fall.jpg)

Ugh, i can't wait. I'm determined to have the comfiest autumn ever.

No. 200169

File: 1501275126414.jpg (79.52 KB, 500x355, fall10.jpg)

I always like to kick off fall with a Harry Potter marathon. Idk why, it just gets me in the mood lol.

No. 200171

File: 1501275364438.jpg (362.27 KB, 683x1024, fall17.jpg)

>tfw no cute ginger gf to snuggle and drink warm apple cider with by a bonfire.
Why even live

No. 200176

File: 1501276522947.jpg (743.12 KB, 990x619, bp1.jpg)

>basic bitch boots

No. 200177

she's a natural blonde and a plastic Paddy to boot. Chased down an Irishman in her rural Pennsylvania and got married a few months later so she could move to NI and parade him around as her "Irishman". Now goes to cheap holiday spots around Europe and never shuts up about Northern Ireland. I used to follow her blog religiously but after she met him it went downhill.

No. 200181

File: 1501277199557.jpg (11.89 KB, 275x183, classic.jpg)

I feel like even the most basic of bitches can look kinda cute in the fall, wheras summer basic bitch fashion is obnoxiously bad. I find myself weirdly nostalgic for large circle scarves, jeans, cheap brown riding boots/uggs, a northface jacket, and the obligatory Starbucks pumpkin spice clutched in an undoubtedly chubby hand. Ah, roll on September!

No. 200183

Come on, now. This image is so 2009. Autumnal basic bitch style has moved on a little…
She absolutely looks the type. I bet Dr Who is her favorite show ever.

No. 200227

File: 1501283292729.jpeg (80.46 KB, 750x375, A2F92671-65E0-4A72-B098-65FBB4…)

Halloween can't come soon enough! I'm already ready. Autumn is my favourite time of year.

No. 200317

>I hope you feel better, anon.
Same here.

No. 200337

File: 1501300460851.jpg (302.98 KB, 1280x1024, fall20.jpg)

No. 200345

fall to do list
>eat raw pumpkin
>decorate donut with pine needles
>spill hot coffee all over bed and art prints

No. 200361

File: 1501330932903.jpg (124.57 KB, 333x500, 1339248625268.jpg)

No. 200401

What depressing for me, is that ive never had any, the best ive ever done was get chased off by the girls dad as a little kid because the dad was paranoid about 12 years old hanging out. Meanwhile my younger brother has had five gfs, whats he doing that im not?

No. 200404

File: 1501355639320.jpg (279.45 KB, 3264x2448, 1484146927205.jpg)

I like this one, sitting there in a cozy back seat with a warm quilt. I replace the sandwich with a nice book, but thats just me.

No. 200412

File: 1501358912635.jpg (95.79 KB, 564x704, 68e24175a0c4.jpg)

Ha, this made me laugh.

No. 200413

File: 1501358946262.png (2.32 MB, 1000x1500, 98887f44382da23f.png)

No. 200414

File: 1501358968360.gif (1.74 MB, 500x694, 0b540eacb66c.gif)

No. 200415

File: 1501359570996.png (1.29 MB, 1280x802, happy_halloween_by_marmaladica…)

To the anon that is dumping tons and tons of autumn goodness, a salute! Unfortunately this is the best I have in terms of autumn, lots of comfy relaxing pictures, but heh.

No. 200419

File: 1501360903547.jpg (229.29 KB, 1280x848, s.jpg)

Bless this thread.

No. 200421

File: 1501361042719.jpg (101.11 KB, 1024x699, coldwinterbreath.jpg)

No. 200422

File: 1501361199332.jpg (129.28 KB, 800x534, 20140226_Ouray-winter-camp.jpg)

No. 200424

File: 1501362166376.jpg (126.04 KB, 735x1102, IMG_0351.JPG)

All the pics in this thread are absolutely darling and have me yearning for autumn even more.

No. 200426

File: 1501362296220.jpg (144.78 KB, 750x877, tumblr_otftdjpFiP1u1dq4so1_128…)

>cold brisk weather
>soothing crackling fire
>comforting forest smoky smell
>warm tasty beverage

No. 200427

File: 1501362354855.jpg (22.11 KB, 564x564, spoop.jpg)

No. 200430

File: 1501362692904.jpg (119.06 KB, 736x736, 12244.jpg)

No. 200434

File: 1501362963527.jpg (176.2 KB, 600x900, soup.jpg)

Ctrl+f "soup"

where's the soup?

soup thread

No. 200458

File: 1501366196316.png (102.31 KB, 557x248, bb02319a-1860-4d8e-80ac-743659…)

Soup is my favorite food in summer, spring, fall, or winter. Soup forever

No. 200462

File: 1501367005716.gif (1.74 MB, 540x750, 8c1161a0-c736-4a9c-a054-978989…)

No. 200463

adding to everything else wonderful about this thread, we could also share fond memories of the season or the holiday its associated with. Example, during October, there's a rundown town about an hour from my home that tries to make money by converting residential homes and rundown buildings into a haunted attraction. The best part is theres only about 20 or so residents so the place is extremely rundown. its beautiful.

No. 200466

One of my personal favorites from the Midwest is the turning of corn before the harvest.

It feels like it is happening earlier and earlier every year, but sometime in August, the corn reaches its apex and starts to brown out. By late September, almost all of it is a light brown, looking almost as if (and it sort of was) charred in the sun.

This time is one of my favorites, where you can walk beside the fields, participate in corn mazes, or for much of my family, set up deer stands on the side of fields for early morning hunts.

Though this one brilliant period of autumn predictably comes to a soggy, sleety end, the last sounds of the nightly orchestra end their final performances, and the corn, now harvested, gives way to muddy fields and decomposing stalks, as far as the eye can see.

I'm going to Texas.

No. 200468

File: 1501370655304.jpg (170.41 KB, 428x640, tumblr_n9hc8151k31rza3wxo1_500…)

As someone living in Texas, all I can imagine is leaving here. We have some nice Autumn activities, but it always ends up being suffocatingly humid and sticky from September-November, and the leaves don't often change into that beautiful range of colors.

Is anyone here from massachusetts or around there? I've heard wonderful things about the autumn in Mass. and also Connecticut.

No. 200475

It's pretty nice. One bad thing is that it gets dark very quickly, as in nearly pitch black out by 5 PM. Any specific questions?

No. 200477

And by that, I mean that evenings feel like they last about 30 seconds, so once the sun starts to set, it's going to be night pretty much instantly.

No. 200485

I've been in the mood for autumn since June. I had the weird thought in my head a few times "It's supposed to be fall already" which I blame on weed and me loving the season and hating the heat.

I'm already breaking out my pumpkin spice chai tea and no one can stop me.

No. 200494

File: 1501375835520.jpg (87.34 KB, 500x333, 7e16f4ea-986e-4839-bb07-2d773d…)

No. 200495

File: 1501375859292.jpg (176.04 KB, 640x640, f8ecfa36-5719-41e9-acd7-87660a…)

No. 200496

File: 1501375873605.png (110.25 KB, 500x375, 7f46d3a2-cc2b-4ac2-ad52-2d373f…)

No. 200497

File: 1501375948524.jpg (501.61 KB, 1224x1224, 9d4f9a74-b627-4344-8242-e824e9…)

For you, anon

No. 200499


I cant wait either anon! I love it too

No. 200502

File: 1501376376419.jpg (3.02 MB, 5152x3864, vermont1.jpg)

Fall is for nerds, summer and winter are where the cool kids hang out.

No. 200503

File: 1501376582132.jpg (92.56 KB, 866x1280, 443ffeefa5be646bb9586b505f9cff…)

No. 200504

File: 1501376673015.jpg (103.47 KB, 517x800, 4ebf6d670c1ebaa8410e7b8ec95e44…)

No. 200505

File: 1501376761596.jpg (85.96 KB, 600x670, 1450854028375.jpg)

No. 200507

The thing I look forward to the most is hot chocolate tbh

No. 200511

File: 1501377300240.jpg (277.17 KB, 785x916, 38d604baa084bd18baa9c744201fc4…)

is that dakota rose number one and dakota rose number two

No. 200518


I know the area up there in the fall gets full of tourists, but is it tolerable? I wanted to move to Salem to find my family's roots but jfc the witch culture scams have ruined it for everyone.
What's the weather like for the rest of the year? Once you get out of the main cities, is there enough countryside for someone to move into or would it not be worth it and just stick to a big city?

I don't want to be like "abloobloo Texas sux the north is so much better it's fall 24/7 & the ppl r so much nicer there!"

No. 200520

File: 1501384658643.jpg (3.82 MB, 5152x3864, view.jpg)

Outside of the cities, there is some nice countryside around western mass. There's also Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire which are all top notch. The tourists are tolerable in the fall, but in the winter they cause loads of car accidents due to not being able to deal with mountains and ice. The weather isn't really consistent. Some years, it won't really snow until late December, and then it's all melted by may. Other years, there's a foot of snow on the ground by the end of October and there's still pockets of snow by the end of may. Spring is constantly rainy, but it's really nice. Summer days are usually in the 70s and the 80s, and it rarely gets above 100. It does get humid, but it's not unbearable. Winter is absolutely fantastic, but sometimes it gets REALLY cold, as in 20 below plus wind.

This is all for Vermont, but I imagine that it's pretty similar to NH, north MA, and Maine.

No. 200522

I live in eastern Connecticut where there's a lot of farms and woodland. I think New England is a great region to live in but it has some ups and downs.

It can get pretty hot in the summer but the temperature is cooler in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Fall is a great time to be in New England but it usually gets cold by the end of October. The sun also sets really early in the winter but during the summer there's daylight from around 6am to 8pm. There are some nice cities to visit like Boston, Portland, Mystic and Providence, and there are also a bunch of private schools and good state universities.

No. 200567

File: 1501445836092.jpg (82.62 KB, 483x604, imgg.jpg)

damn you tards shit up a perfectly good image thread

No. 200574


Yeah, the one at crystal.cafe is way better. I think Imma steal your image to post there.

No. 200575

File: 1501464075592.jpg (345.72 KB, 736x1377, 999e084a9cb6e5d04db803bb118419…)

No. 200576

File: 1501464860183.jpg (24.87 KB, 314x314, 52f1401a76a96f0859a6c0ea5d1ac2…)

No. 200577

File: 1501464944101.jpg (121.43 KB, 500x750, 4fc2cc48c438a7352294f200cd69ba…)

No. 200583

File: 1501500488767.jpg (100.41 KB, 372x1000, tigeronesie.jpg)

No. 200587

File: 1501508498989.gif (1.09 MB, 540x225, 508c0d44-b3b7-47e9-b503-ba1f06…)

Anyone else excited to see Coco in November? It comes out the 22nd.

No. 200588

File: 1501508762269.jpg (36.49 KB, 400x264, 68a022b4-e0a2-4ef6-90bd-7ba36d…)

No. 200589

File: 1501508776155.jpg (64.83 KB, 852x480, 2e0a6eb8-480a-45f8-82ab-1b2a34…)

No. 200590

File: 1501508818317.gif (2 MB, 500x281, a95ceeca-e156-4540-a3ce-c2bb5b…)

No. 200610

File: 1501544888066.jpg (98.84 KB, 500x667, a.jpg)

No. 200611

File: 1501544933624.gif (800.12 KB, 460x258, a.gif)

No. 200612

File: 1501547900178.gif (2.6 MB, 640x360, 1388868289e.gif)

>tfw you'll never happily prance around in snow during the winter

I live in the desert, no seasons for me.

No. 200614

File: 1501549576750.jpg (128.44 KB, 564x789, 19bffc2c-078f-4818-a26c-26b29d…)

Same, anon, but I have been places where it's snowed. Shit sucks, we should be glad.

No. 200625


Go up to a nearby mountaintop, anon! The hike won't be too bad, and then you can crunch around in the snow all day.

but like >>200614 said, get snowed on enough and you learn to hate it.

No. 200631

nothing is worse than living in pure heat, at least you can make do with the cold, heat is completely unbearable.

No. 200632

I don't know anon, each has it's problems. My county has terrible alcoholism because we're all suffering from no sunlight

No. 200660

what country, any place without sunlight would be amazing. For example, ive been really looking into buying a house in alaska once I get my psychology degree, because its dark half the year.

No. 200661

I'm guessing Finland. Or, you know, Greenland.

No. 200666

File: 1501640058007.jpg (232.4 KB, 950x534, russianbugtrap.jpg)


stop shittin' up my image thread you candy ass roody poos.

No. 200679

File: 1501659468808.jpg (46.08 KB, 500x476, rsjump.jpg)

No. 200680

File: 1501659767993.jpg (43.36 KB, 540x810, hotpigeon2.jpg)

Can't wait to start wearing my oversized knittwear, I've been thrifting and getting them on sale all year long.

No. 200681

File: 1501659996045.jpg (178.69 KB, 1024x768, FrBNQZ04UvQ.jpg)

Don't underestimate the cold. Its all fun and games until someone gets their fingers amputated.

No. 200686

File: 1501662858088.jpg (110.63 KB, 984x669, mmmm winter.jpg)

>what feels like 50 tonnes of heavy clothing hanging from your body, weighing you down as you attempt to tread through heavy snow, feet struggling to find purchase and sliding around as globs of it fall into your boots, wetting your 7+ pairs of socks. Ye won't be long getting frostbit, you think to yourself.
>suddenly, it starts to rain. what used to be a layer of thick, packed-in snow on busy footpaths melts into sleet and slippery ice, a minefield for feeble geriatrics with artificial hips hobbling around, seeing their life flash before their eyes with each insecure step
>as you struggle to zip your puffer jacket up over your thick jumper, you notice you're late for the morning lecture. But wait! Your bus is delayed due to the weather conditions. Congratulations, you sad gobshite. It's winter. The local radio show host's blasting a particularly annoying Christmas song by Michael Bublé, followed by an interview of an audibly shaken woman as she recounts the story of how she lost her gay autistic Muslim cripple sister to cancer on Christmas Eve five years ago. Followed by a Toyota advert.
I hate winter. The glut of the season is pure, distilled misery.

No. 200688

File: 1501668464117.jpg (33.82 KB, 200x199, 6cc0059b-5788-43b8-9a5c-2de4fe…)

Damn, I'm really glad I live somewhere warm. My only lament is that fall clothes are adorable. I get to wear them for like 3 or 4 months before it starts getting hot again. Fall/winter here really only requires a thin jacket and some faux fur lined leggings. Or just some regular thin leggings under jeans/sweat pants. Too bad the constant high humidity makes any cold bone chilling even without the snow.

No. 200697

File: 1501676859101.jpg (131.83 KB, 500x781, 1494204619338.jpg)

>>200681 That much is true, however, at least you cant get heat stroke, and you don't have to worry about all of those nasty outdoor bugs getting into your home and food. I understand both have their downside and are extremely dangerous, but the winter is much better than the summer.

No. 200699

>Not eating a whole pumpkin at 1st September
C'mon anon are you even trying

No. 203994

File: 1505000140690.jpg (104.62 KB, 490x378, c8061b977bcee782305ae88ce2a4c0…)

Good time to bump this thread?

No. 204003

File: 1505008433389.jpg (252.49 KB, 1280x853, 5b767964-56b1-466e-8a9b-8afc81…)

It's never a bad time to bump this thread.

No. 204004

what soup is that anom

No. 204007

File: 1505010043588.png (267.69 KB, 900x506, promo292884444.png)

anyone else put up their halloween decorations already? i put mine up September 1st. i'm too excited

No. 204008

File: 1505012536822.jpg (1.06 MB, 2500x1667, home-family-diy-giant-scarecro…)

I wanted to but the stores here didn't put much fall stuff up until the 8th

I live in the south, I'm still waiting for the orange and yellowing of leaves, what are some good ways to decorate my apartment for fall since a lot of things aren't allowed such as lights, wall hanging with nails, etc

No. 204018

File: 1505035360300.png (289.41 KB, 500x500, ff75f2cc-50a0-4ef6-85db-fc57ee…)

No. 204019

File: 1505035374345.jpg (293.82 KB, 640x799, 944ae5aa-a1eb-4553-bae4-e128d1…)

No. 204020

File: 1505036346871.png (378.95 KB, 619x410, daf7dafe-1488-48ee-980a-e00b4a…)

No. 204021

File: 1505036359517.jpg (153.58 KB, 640x640, b5b2acdc-193d-4a08-8d3b-92713d…)

No. 204023

File: 1505036385533.jpg (254.54 KB, 751x1024, 8ec84806-bb0f-43de-80aa-a7aee3…)

No. 204024

File: 1505037021335.jpg (142.11 KB, 640x700, 743e7bc2-6419-4a9f-a662-eb1721…)

No. 204025

File: 1505037035803.jpg (85.43 KB, 800x800, 0eefd8df-3224-42cb-8b43-e76d2c…)

No. 204026

File: 1505037061565.jpg (682.71 KB, 683x1024, 07756801-dc81-41c6-a5a9-53f23e…)

No. 204027

File: 1505037075605.jpg (32.24 KB, 268x476, d4157148-77e9-4625-90c7-7eeff5…)

No. 204028

File: 1505037091271.jpg (333.02 KB, 608x1080, ba3f3586-d27e-4c32-9c34-5feb9c…)

No. 204029

File: 1505037105672.gif (1.23 MB, 500x667, d9ea890f-4662-4edd-aae0-1f5fca…)

No. 204030

File: 1505037121415.jpg (294.55 KB, 774x1032, 6da082e9-7356-409c-b601-6bb15e…)

No. 204031

File: 1505037138897.jpg (255.25 KB, 900x600, cdeacdc7-c453-4877-ae7b-75ec60…)

No. 204032

File: 1505037152351.jpg (195.39 KB, 555x987, c2d0bdcb-69bd-4f51-9a60-58a1fa…)

No. 204033

File: 1505037167286.jpg (54.44 KB, 500x625, 2c72dc19-05fd-4a70-9b7a-64d942…)

No. 204034

File: 1505037176485.jpg (60.03 KB, 500x375, 1977766c-dced-430f-99c1-50c8be…)

No. 204039

File: 1505041319670.jpg (69.32 KB, 600x900, a0fd593b-beee-480c-9626-5ce7ee…)

No. 204041

File: 1505042870569.jpg (53.1 KB, 564x423, 2349dbd9b096a4c8fcdd98fe42f838…)

I envy you, Americans. I want to have widely-celebrated Halloween, too. In my country, celebrating it is frowned upon because SATAN.
idek, catholics, I guess.

No. 204067

File: 1505073435104.jpg (76.42 KB, 584x658, 3efc623e-dd9e-4972-8c76-8e0c21…)

No. 204068

File: 1505073617438.jpg (233.17 KB, 500x750, 76dfd67f105f02df540c260d8cb5f8…)

No. 204073

My hands bleed consistently in the winter. The only way to prevent my bedsheets from getting stained with blood is to smother my hands in sheep-wool lipids and cover them up with gloves.

Meanwhile I hardly break a sweat at 40C in a tropical climate.

Too bad I don't have skills or the money saved up yet to move south, but even in the Southern US it's only warm enough for me in the Summer.

No. 204077

where do you live if you dont mind me asking? you can still put up halloween decorations that arent too "satany". check out pintrest!

No. 204106

pumpkins, chairs in the porch/balcony if you have one with a fall table that holds candy, bird cage, lamps, if you can a wreath, thats just for outside though

inside put on leafy table runners, cinnamon, pumpkin, or fall candles, pumpkins, use command hanging strips to hang garlands, pics, etc etc


the thrift store also has a lot of nice things to add, pinterest has great DIYs to make with jars, especially if you are trying to save space

No. 204109

File: 1505095431271.jpg (52.8 KB, 880x585, Ox4kT0R.jpg)

No. 204243

can we all agree that the best thing about fall/autumn is being able to walk outside without being a fucking mosquito magnet?

No. 204271

File: 1505261970542.jpg (120.83 KB, 500x667, 72cbaae7-428f-4318-ad12-fdb3c6…)

No. 204272

File: 1505261985381.jpg (97.04 KB, 640x426, 69ecabbd-ad7d-44ae-a7df-846da4…)

No. 204320

File: 1505298830473.jpg (121.7 KB, 600x400, fall07-risonareyatsu.jpg)

as a horse rider, a big yes. It's more difficult to ride because of the rain but holy lolcow, all the blood-sucking flying creatures are gone. Autumn and winter are tough for horse riding, but also very soothing. I love going for a ride to the woods in autumn, and listening to snow crunching under horse's hooves in winter.

No. 204338

File: 1505317219729.jpg (346.97 KB, 1080x1348, 22b33bb2-f42d-4503-843f-3d7906…)

No. 204339

File: 1505317230525.jpg (319.45 KB, 1000x1499, c1ec9543-d63b-425e-b078-d56d11…)

No. 204340

File: 1505317251256.jpg (69 KB, 564x423, 090387cb-4545-4807-848e-c57f1b…)

No. 204341

File: 1505317263033.gif (844.97 KB, 500x204, 475fd55b-796e-47c3-b460-97152e…)

No. 204343

File: 1505317291579.jpg (15.82 KB, 268x188, 400x400_1440594926697-download…)

No. 204354

does anyone have cute autumn/halloween themed phone backgrounds? i cant find any that arent ugly :/

No. 204381

I love the September-October Halloween build up. Everything's so eerie and spooky, and there are haunted houses all over the place.

No. 204385

File: 1505346081690.png (1.3 MB, 1366x768, Pumpkinmen-25902.png)

I wish we celebrated Halloween properly in the UK.

I've always longed for a real halloween experience since I was very young. sigh

No. 204394

Wait. You don't?

No. 204396

Isn't the US the only country that really celebrates it?
At least here in Europe I always had the feeling that we can only watch it from afar.
At least in my country it's not very common to really celebrate it.

No. 204397

It had to come from somewhere. I highly doubt we "invented" it. Probably had a heavy hand in commercialising it though.

No. 204432

You muppets seriously don't know where Halloween came from?! We used to be your colony. We brought the bloody holiday to the US. The American version is just a commercialised, sugar-addled version of the real deal. Smh.

No. 204436

seriously. these comments are painful to read and i'm american. please look up samhain and go from there eurochans. this is why people like varg vikernes whine about pagans being cucked by christians all day

No. 204438

File: 1505379467033.jpg (1.2 MB, 1431x1650, Screenshot_20170914-105524.jpg)

I didn' say that. Please read my comment again. I only said that the US is, as far as as I know, the only country that celebrates it in such a big fashion (also it was more or less a question since I don't know of any other country that celebrates it like the US does).
I know who invented it and what it was for in the beginning.

No. 204439

yes, because we eurochans celebrate Samhain…
I know Halloween's origins, but that does not change the fact that it's America's thing, the Halloween as it is now.
Don't think you're so knowledgable because you've read wikipedia once

No. 204440

File: 1505379948002.jpg (140.82 KB, 800x702, cute-cat-costumes-03.jpg)

Yes, we do sort of, where I live hardly anyone cares about it, as soon as october rolls around its just Christmas talk.

No I personally do know the history of Halloween and its origins. But I wish it was celebrated like they do elsewhere, perhaps it's just where I live in the UK which doesn't seem to really do anything halloween-y.

If you have the same edgy mindset as burzums time to grow up, can't stay 15 forever.

No. 204441

> Don't think you're so knowledgable because you've read wikipedia once.

Exactly, it's actually funny. Everyone and their mom has read up on the origins of Halloween.

No. 204443

>it's America's thing
It's not. I wasn't even the samhain poster, sorry you got called out on your ignorance.

No. 204446

File: 1505386052633.jpg (95.3 KB, 500x375, autumn-coffee-cozy-fall-Favim.…)

I wasn't even the called out anon.
I said AS IT IS NOW. Halloween NOW. The commercialised festival with pumpkins on porches and shit, not widely-celebrated anywhere else. Dear gods the sudden autism in this thread, why can't some of you just stop nitpicking on a person saying they wished they celebrated Halloween? Smile, sometimes.

No. 209469

File: 1508485589587.jpg (235.92 KB, 489x725, hC1350761042483.jpg)

No. 209503

File: 1508548550290.jpg (98.98 KB, 564x916, 099f435e14feeb08ce9a2413da8cab…)

No. 209504

File: 1508548565187.jpg (83.88 KB, 417x581, 569e252d89e28fe80d68c04ef615b6…)

No. 209505

File: 1508548582998.jpg (117.25 KB, 428x640, 0635d8544892a5a304180b98e39fde…)

No. 209506

File: 1508548594074.jpg (58.37 KB, 480x720, c369a9c6e06b1fe671a7a3c7529ff6…)

No. 209507

File: 1508548612645.jpg (83.01 KB, 500x750, c4624caa2f18c3d9a5a4a5a78dc96b…)

No. 209510

File: 1508549349338.jpg (95.23 KB, 564x752, 005c387622aa67bb2c043ad860f7b2…)

No. 209511

File: 1508549357984.jpg (108.34 KB, 564x846, 73e5b365353d2fb81f98baf26e2737…)

No. 209512

File: 1508549372595.jpg (157.63 KB, 550x733, add4c085ce4844760a827d16367863…)

No. 210769

What's the best way to wear boots in the fall/winter? I really don't like how it looks when people wear boots that go over the bottom of their pants (except when it's a blizzard of course), are there any guides for what types of clothes to pair with different boot sizes?

No. 211301

File: 1510482718034.jpg (277.64 KB, 1200x859, 1470008133573-2.jpg)

No. 211303

File: 1510488066129.png (504.46 KB, 467x700, Mori Kei 2.png)

No. 211304

File: 1510488074459.jpg (144.48 KB, 500x743, Mori Kei 3.jpg)

No. 291705

File: 1536216084277.jpg (65.26 KB, 1080x720, 41ab4f0c-6a8a-406c-8122-a19860…)

Reviving this thread anons. Fall is almost among us and where I am the leaves are already turning. Post your goodies!

No. 300057

File: 1537891232768.jpg (86.23 KB, 504x674, 7a58c1d8cd222118ce08318f2b1b0b…)

No. 300060

File: 1537891264870.jpg (107.94 KB, 564x797, df81e1427df3520d84fc0760a0659b…)

No. 300170

File: 1537909483884.jpg (100.41 KB, 564x468, 773273e7-6763-44bf-a838-f9cd20…)

No. 300171

File: 1537909496007.jpg (343.81 KB, 1200x1800, 9a951d99-f576-4355-bc03-5fb5a6…)

No. 300172

File: 1537909506813.jpg (73.02 KB, 580x869, 586301b2-3870-4970-a78d-b829b7…)

No. 300173

File: 1537909514864.jpg (389.17 KB, 1080x1350, 25e43be1-3536-4a80-9fca-b5d537…)

No. 300182

File: 1537910728992.jpg (8.26 KB, 264x191, images.jpg)

does anyone have semi-healthy fall recipes? i'm a very seasonal eater but i cant live off of caramel and apples for the next couple of months

No. 300199

i have some japanese recipes. i can dump if you want!

No. 300201

File: 1537913296014.jpg (568.1 KB, 1049x1877, Screenshot_20180925-170726_Sam…)

Maybe not healthy, but I love pears.

No. 300227

i would really appreciate it if you did anon!

No. 300765

File: 1538002651524.jpg (62.93 KB, 540x675, 42573052_483713702106053_44194…)

share your Fall Bucketlists and what you plan on doing the next following months especially if you're a eurofag

No. 300780

sorry, i'm sick and didn't see this. I'll drop a few with easy to get/substitute ingredients.

No. 300787

File: 1538007061875.jpg (96.12 KB, 600x450, 49720358ebb19190b11f2aa20aee81…)

I'm translating a few recipes so it will take a bit to post, but i hope you guys like them!

Simmered Chicken With Chestnuts:
Ingredients (2-3 servings)
Cooked Chestnut 20 pieces
Chicken Thigh 200 g
Leek 1
Snow Peas 10-12
Ginger (grated) 1 tsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Sake 50 ml (can be replaced with dry white wine or water)
Chicken Stock 150 ml )can be reduced salt/salt free
Dark Soy Sauce 2 tbsp (or regular whatever soy sauce you have)
Mirin 1 tbsp (can be omitted)
Oil for sautéing ~1 tbsp

Cut chicken into bite sized piece, cut leek into 3cm pieces (only use the white and light green parts for best flavor), cut chestnuts in half. If using fresh snow peas, prep them by cutting the stem and tearing the out the string from both sides.

Add 1/2 the oil and quickly stirfry the leek for about one minute. Remove and set aside.

Without cleaning the pan, add the rest of the oil and chicken and brown on medium/high heat. Once browned add the chestnuts and all ingredients other than leeks and peas an stir until just just boiling.

Simmer uncovered on low heat for 15-20 minutes or until most of the broth has evaporated, then add snow peas and leek and cook for about 1-2 minutes until peas are tender.

No. 300794

>lots of fairs and halloween parties
>Eat candy apples
>Carve pumpkins
>do fall crafts
>have a picnic
>binge watch horror movies
>make 5 fall recipes

No. 300795

File: 1538008842536.png (20.56 KB, 1038x323, Apples.PNG)

I made this nearly every day last year.
Low carb, low calorie, but filling and hits the autumn food need.

Personally, I didn't use butter and only water to cook the apples but feel free to add butter and more sugar as you need!

No. 300798

This recipe can be made vegan!

Kabocha Tofu Soup:
Kabocha Pumpkin (or american sweet potato) 1 pumpkin or ~500 g
Silken tofu 180 g
Unsweetened Soymilk 700 ml (cow or other milks can be used)
2 tbsp Chicken stock powder (or enough bouillon or paste as directed per 3 cups of liquid) (can use vegetable varieties instead)
1 - 2 tbsp honey or sugar to taste
Dash of salt to taste
Butter ~1 tsp to taste (can be omitted)
You will also need a blender/food processor

For kabocha, remove seeds and then scrape out the meat of the squash. For sweet potatoes, peel and chop into small chunks.

Put in a pan and fill with water, just covering the kabocha/potatoes and bring to a boil. Boil for 10-15 minutes (20 for sweet potatoes) until soft.

Cool then blend the kabocha/potato and remaining water in a blender/food processor until smooth then return to pan. Blend tofu as well and add to kabocha mixture, and stir together. Stir in soymilk until the mixture is smooth and uniformly colored.

On medium/low heat stir until blended together then add stock powder, honey, salt and butter. And cook for another 5-10 minutes or until hot.

A teaspoon of fresh cream can be drizzled on top when serving for a richer taste.

No. 300803

File: 1538010262901.jpg (36.71 KB, 420x420, 9ba3d6a386fdb6d6ca5acc389732d7…)


This is a very nice recipe for fall and is good for snacks or dessert!

Autumn Yogurt Salad

Sweet Potato (can replace with american/western sweet potato) 1 or ~300 g
Apple 1/2 or ~ 50 g
Dark Raisins 20 g
Chopped Walnuts 10 g
Lemon juice 2 tsp
Unsweetened yogurt 4 tbsp (can also use vanilla)
Olive Oil 1 tbsp
Salt and Pepper to taste

Core apple and cut into bite sized pieces, soak in lemon juice, set aside.

Cut sweet potato into 2 cm squares and boil for ~10-15 minutes or until tender. Drain and cool.

Mix together yogurt and olive oil add salt and pepper to taste.

Drain apples and add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix until coated with yogurt mixture. Feel free to add more salt/pepper if desired.

Refrigerate or eat at room temperature.

No. 300810

File: 1538010992515.jpg (51.83 KB, 420x420, 45198f10a3c7e42b10afa79cf2a5cf…)

Very low-cal recipe with no added sugar (or anything)

Stewed Apple and Sweet Potato:
Sweet Potato(can use american/western) 1 or ~300 g
Apple 1/2 or ~50 g
Water 100 ml
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Cinnamon to taste
Raisins as desired

Slice sweet potato into bite sized chunks. Core and slice apple into bite sized chunks.

Add everything to a pan and boil, covered for ~10 minutes (if using western sweet potato add everything but apple and boil 10-15 minutes, then add apple for 10 additional minutes)

Top with cinnamon and raisins as desired and eat hot or chilled.

You can also add chestnuts to this recipe if you like, but it takes away from the sweetness.

No. 300812


TY japan anon! everything sounds/looks really good! super excited to try the kabocha pumpkin soup, my grocery store has them in their international veg section so i'll give it a go.

No. 300815

Thank you anon

No. 305441

File: 1538769503234.jpeg (311.67 KB, 750x934, A51143A7-D6A6-45C8-84A4-239FF2…)

No. 305442

File: 1538769515530.jpeg (367.56 KB, 750x936, 304F6C07-5BCC-4D63-AA3D-51FE50…)

No. 463511

File: 1568823804752.jpg (191.84 KB, 768x1104, basic falll.jpg)

what are your plans for this fall, farmers ? Have any good mushroom recipe to share ? Some special soup? A specific halloween idea ? A fall playlist maybe ??

No. 463512

I created a spooky playlist to play during seances, tarot readings and Ouija board sessions with my friends. We bought pumpkin scented candles and are planning to bake fall desserts like pumpkin pie and scones, with pumpkin lattes from Starbucks. We’re gonna do it at night with the lights off and the windows open to let the spirits in!

No. 463514

File: 1568824207298.jpg (312.08 KB, 3000x1500, hbz-perfume-index-1-1565892620…)

How about some fall fragrances? I bought the Lancôme one spontaneously a couple of weeks ago and it's lovely.

No. 463516

Not many plans yet but some friends and I are hoping to rent an airbnb in our old college town to see some friends and go apple picking! I miss my college town and campus so much- our campus is absolutely beautiful during the fall when the colors change.

No. 463532

Can you share the playlist? I love good additions to my own halloween one.

that sounds so nice!

No. 463546

I’m going with my SO to a haunted corn maze and visiting the pick-your-own-apples farm and make homemade cider.

No. 463601

Man I wish autumn felt as long as the summer. Maybe cause heat is suffering so you just dread it.

No. 465439

Thread seems dead but I really love fall/winter perfumes. Can anyone recommend subtle, yet long lasting ones ? (pls not too expensive also)

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