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No. 19920

So, let's talk about the genius behind this cosplay:

It's been reported that several people at the Naruto cosplay meetup/photoshoot at otakon had personally addressed to staff that they didn't want her showing up, as well as people on tumblr "harassing" her. Anyway, below will be the long response that one of her friends had typed out due to her getting "bullied"

Twisted Cosplay thread, I guess.

No. 19921

File: 1438437243093.jpg (217.24 KB, 684x1224, 10609559_670607009684314_72400…)

"Cosplay Bullying
I've decided to speak out about this growing issue in the Cosplay community. There seems to be a problem that's getting more and more intense with Cosplay bullying. I'm speaking out about it because a good friend of mine; she does Narusuke (NarutoXSasuke half and half) Cosplay. She has been for about a year now been getting hate for her Cosplay. Someone has been bullying her and putting her down for it and it is not okay! Her Cosplay is unique and different. It's also super creative and should be praised; not put down. The things people have said about/to her are extremely hateful and rude.

Cosplay is for everyone!!! Stop being an elitist and learn to respect and appreciate someone else's Cosplays. I've made the shirt to my Shikamaru as well as the shirt, screw, and lab coat for my Stein. I've never gotten hate for them; only positive feedback. So why bully someone who decides to put two characters into one costume? Just don't do it! If you don't like the Cosplay or are jealous because you couldn't come up with that kind of idea or don't have the skills to create something like that then keep your thoughts to yourself! You are only hurting someone who is doing something they love. And it's not just her; there are body shamers mixed in with all of this hate. People that put down heavier Cosplayers or thinner Cosplayers."

No. 19922

File: 1438437401310.jpg (78.31 KB, 806x806, 11041539_840900925988254_24128…)

"My friend enjoys Naruto and loves to do Narusuke. She's different yes, but that doesn't mean she's an awful person. It's absolutely the opposite. She's a super cool and fun individual. This Otakon, someone took one of the Naruto photos of the NarutoXSasuke pairing and did an edit; she was blacked out and "Loser" was added above her image. It was then apparently posted to tumblr. This is extremely unacceptable! She's been told prior to Otakon not to show up at the Naruto shoots, that she took the spotlight away from other Naruto Cosplayers, and many other hateful things. I don't know who these individuals are that said/did these things but they obviously have a vendetta against those who are different and more creative than they are. She's been through so much over the past year and this hate has to stop!"

No. 19923

Link to the otakon drama here: although you have to be a part of the group to read it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/otakonforever/1010091612343395/?comment_id=1010275342325022&notif_t=group_comment_reply

No. 19924

aaand might as well throw out links to her pages here:


No. 19925

File: 1438437687527.png (1.56 MB, 1024x1820, narusuke_at_otakon_by_browniew…)

No. 19926

1) why would anyone want to do this particular cosplay

2) why is the community so up in arms that this autist wants to do this particular cosplay

No. 19927

Why do these people make the most unflattering faces? If you want people to look at the picture and be all like "Hey, this is just a kid having fun." then post some god damned good pics.
In other words, if people criticize the cowplay then that's in their right. Limo it looks horrible. To each of their own I guess.
I wouldn't want her in any shoots neither. Probably if I was keeping the pictures, maybe.

No. 19928

Pretty sure this belongs in /b/. If you're trying to defend this person, giving them their own lolcow thread is literally the opposite of what you should be doing.

No. 19929

It's a good idea tbh but the cosplay is of bad quality.

No. 19930

take screenshots im not joining a group for a con across the country

No. 19931

Why are people angry over this? Are they mad about how bad it is or the concept? I don't get it. The cosplay community is and always will be filled with autists. Naruto is serious business you guys.

No. 19932

I went to otakon and attended the Naruto photoshoot to take pictures for my friend, who was also cosplaying from Naruto. I honestly dont understand why this girl is being supposedly bullied because she was not disruptive [at the photoshoot] at all and her cosplay was entertaining. Idk why this is on lolcow

No. 19933

Naruto is sooo 2006-2008

No. 19934

God this place just got interesting today. I think the reason why people are annoyed by her is because she is an attention whore through all of facebook with her believing that she's cosfamous because of that ridiculous cosplay. She would get all butthurt if things don't go her way and even if you try to give her some advice she would get all pissy with you. I believe she's Pixyteri potential.

No. 19935

Plus I look throughout tumblr and not once have I seen any 'bullying' posts about her. So its either deleted or she was crying wolf to grab people's attention.

No. 19938

Okay? Any proof? Screenshots? Come on, give us some milk here

No. 19960

Its the year in our lord 2k15 and people still cosplay Naruto.

No. 272939

To the person who used the long as post in quotations under the screenshot of Twisted Cosplay… I'M the one who wrote the Cosplay Bullying rant and you do NOT have my permission to copy and paste it anywhere.

No. 272942

>bumps post from 2015 to claim copyright of a screencap and quoted text posted on the public internet

I'm more interested in why you're Googling three-year-old drama about your friend

No. 272944

No. 272946

File: 1532742119746.jpg (156.26 KB, 988x809, i_need_to_experiment_by_kashec…)

No. 272947

File: 1532742139658.jpg (95.88 KB, 622x826, 3.jpg)

No. 272948

Yeah, those are both me and that post in quotes came from my public page on Facebook. Why is anyone here hating on a GOOD person in the first place; new or not?

No. 272962

Dude, this is 2 years old. No one gives a fuck about that cringy cosplay anymore. Even 2 years back no one cared.
Learn to sage.

No. 272972

Alright, let me tell you something, Twisted Cosplay is my best friend. This post here shouldn't even exist. Y'all are just jealous because she thought of a half and half Naruto Cosplay and none of you didn't. I will not stand idly by while you insult and bully her name. You got that? What she created is unique and fits to her and her personality. So what that it's an old ass thread? I don't care! You all dragged her through the mud when you clearly have no idea what kind of person she really is. Go get a life and stop trying to ruin the lives of other people; especially someone I care a lot about.(pure autism)

No. 272975

Go the fuck away and quit bumping this ancient thread. No one gives a shit about your friend

No. 272987

Guess we’re just going to have to make a thread for your retarded ass then

No. 273014

>Y'all are just jealous because she thought of a half and half Naruto Cosplay and none of you didn't.

This is exactly it. It's like that with Sonichu's creator too, ppl are just jealous of her.

No. 273017

This thread is 3 years old, no one would know it exists anymore if you didn't bump it. Congratulations.

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