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File: 1498406609660.gif (803.73 KB, 500x715, 1461226917276.gif)

No. 196413

People are so alienated.

How do we make sure we don't build a society that celebrates violence anons?

I've just been on 4chan and just seen the most fucking disgusting images of snuff webms and gore. It never used to bother me and in fact I think when I was 18 I used to go there because it was stuff like that that made it 'edgy'. Now I just feel like seeing someone's face ripped off in a car crash changes you forever, it's so horrible.

The posters' attitudes actually manage to be more disturbing than the vile images themselves, there are always women hate threads, with posters reveling at literal decapitated pics of women and saying they deserve it. I think the images are more disturbing now because they are usually framed within a resentment towards minorities. I don't get where Anonymous went and the counter-culture became about turning into an actual fascist racist.

Ironically I'm writing a paper at the moment arguing for a freer and more democratised internet, but you question how we can ever progress as a society when the internet has created such psychopathic and desensitised cunts that fetishize its collapse.

No. 196418

male nerds love feeling victimized by stuff. the woman hate threads are an extension of that. i feel like going on 4chan has made me a worse person. literally every guy i met who is that type are emotionally stunted people. the facism stuff imo is just reactionary. i mean, why would a ""libertarian"" support someone like trump anyways. it's just trying to get a reaction from the mostly female and young sjws, like a high school bully.

No. 196419

>How do we make sure we don't build a society that celebrates violence anons?

We already have a society that accepts violence on many levels, I just don't agree that the gore/snuff videos and images on 4chan are a byproduct of society specifically. In truth, people have always been morbidly curious and voyeuristic about gore and death.
People drive slower and stop around vehicular accidents. Not because most get their jollies from seeing destruction, but because they wanted to see the outcome. There is a curiosity about death and gore that's innate in us. Back before cameras people painted pictures of death, and even wrote about it. Maybe we explore these things because there's a lot of emotional and personal depth.

Ex. You feel bad about seeing someone commit suicide, but you've probably seen a picture or video of it.
But obviously, you didn't disrespect the person in the video by calling them names or saying 'good riddance.'

Now I do know the kind of gore-crazy racists you're referencing (I browse Liveleak a lot), but I think you should study these as niche examples and not as a reflection on society as a whole.

No. 196420

>the internet has created such psychopathic and desensitised cunts

The internet didn't create them - they've always existed.

No. 196422

File: 1498414865512.jpg (42.18 KB, 300x399, tv-shows-ended-in-2004-lizzie-…)

what happens on liveleak?

No. 196425

Trying to sensor the Internet is very dangerous. It stops freedom of speech and expression. It is important to have all aspects of life represent an online. If we monitor and censor the net we will loose All grip and portrayal of views. Yes it is gross to see people's faces ripped of but at least we know it's happening. I don't want to live a sheltered life I want to know the evil that resides on this planet and not let it hide in the shadows.

No. 196429

i think you should take into account being an edgelord on 4chan is much different than witnessing violence at its worst in real life. i have no doubts there are a frightening amount of people who genuinely wish harm on others. i just don't think they're on 4chan.

side note though when i think about violence/terrible shit i usually think about human trafficking and pedophilia

No. 196480

the internet just made all the filth and cunts visible through the safety of anonymity.

No. 196493

File: 1498482909443.png (110.58 KB, 1132x1155, free_speech_2x.png)

another anon posted this in another thread about freedom of speech, and i'd like to second them.

i agree with other anons in that the internet did not make us more vile as a species, it just enabled us to distribute the evidence easier. we've always loved violence as entertainment, don't forget about arena fights and public executions. kicking and punching each other for the hell of it has always been and still is a very legitimate and respected "sport", widely broadcast and viewed by all ages, meanwhile exposing children to sex is seen as a very "scarring" experience. our culture as a whole normalizes and values violence, and our (especially anonymous) behaviour on the internet is just a facet of it.

but also i agree with the OP somewhat, because recording, displaying and reveling in violence had never been easier and i think there'll be repercussions for it.

No. 196517

File: 1498509180346.jpg (27.41 KB, 217x346, 51xfQNPAv6L__SY344_BO1,204,203…)

thanks for the replies,
>because recording, displaying and reveling in violence had never been easier and i think there'll be repercussions for it
I think this was my point, I'm not trying to say we should censor the internet at all.

>we've always loved violence as entertainment

I'm scared about the increased level of this in a world that seems so fragile at the moment, and the normalising potential of it.

I have no doubt a lot of people post ironically as part of 'meme culture' but it still generates an environment in which you can't tell who's serious and who's not, and the seriously degenerate and insidious bigots get a free pass, a pat on the back, and a legitimisation of their worldview.

the whole post-truth thing where you feel like the masses could be manipulated into any state imaginable no matter how vile is just scary tbh.

No. 196518

File: 1498509904591.gif (935.63 KB, 500x220, saad.gif)

also lets be clear,
we're not talking violence as sport or curiosity in death we're talking
to videos of people begging for their lives before their murder and people clawing blindly at their mangled faces in the midst of a car wreck

No. 196539

Yet the world's more peaceable than it has been in a long, long, time. A quick glance at most of history, since preagrarian times, make all the cartel, faveloid, and ISIS videos I've seen look tranquil.

I think that those have been given lives of relative peace and prosperity - which is more of the world than people realize - feel cheated at not being able to hate anymore. Some part of us needs it. So they vent anonymously and cheaply, which is still better than what people were doing to each other since before the first cities were founded.

1984 shouldn't have been an instruction manual and all.

No. 196545

If you give people the freedom to post and discuss what they want, some of those people are going to post and discuss awful shit. This is part of the human condition. Thousands of years ago people used to pay to watch lions tear people apart, or watch slaves fight to the death. A lot of people, given freedom and anonymity, will act like complete shitheads.

If you take away their freedom to post and discuss what they want, you have to have massive state power in order to enforce that. You have to have a huge bureaucracy of censors and various armed goons to enforce the censorship regime. The best case scenario is East Germany, and the worse case scenario is Maoist China. You still haven't changed people though. They're the same skinny hairless monkeys that cheered when the lions crunched bone. Except now you've got a massive state watching everything you do, which is both willing and able to crack down if you or anyone else steps outside the line. That massive state is starting to reconstitute itself in Germany right now:


Freedom is very uncomfortable. But I'd rather have a bunch of impotent weebs on 4chan posting gore videos than potentially get arrested for posting an illegal opinion.

No. 196547

> there are always women hate threads, with posters reveling at literal decapitated pics of women and saying they deserve it.

Women created these men by denying them sex. If a girl at least pity-fucked them, they wouldn't be saying these things. (Although in the case of race mixing it's different, "you burn the coal you pay the toll". I rejoice when white girls who fuck black guys get what they deserve for destroying civilization)

There is some valid reasons they are mad at women though, have you actually listened to what they have to say? Women are completely out of control in the western world, they have destroyed the family structure, they have destroyed marriage, they have made cheating rampant, they have created the degenerate dating/pickup culture we see (Tindr/PUA), they have voted to import third-world immigrants, they're just out of fucking control.

There's simply more single guys than there is single women, and females are extremely picky, THEY are the ones who select which man gets to have sex.

This leaves a large portion of men unable to get a girlfriend or sex without directly paying for it, usually because these guys are financially disadvantaged and/or ugly.

The reality is that life isn't fair, if they want a girlfriend they have to make more money, and most of these guys wouldn't have a problem with that if society was up front about it, but society wants to pretend that 99% of long-term relationships aren't prostitution.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 196549

Men who post stuff like this (even ironically) should be castrated.

No. 196557

File: 1498539658949.jpg (272.8 KB, 1024x956, girlycard.jpg)

No woman wants to have sex with you because you are hideous, useless, and offer nothing of value to society.

Please do the world a favor and neck yourself. All you do is waste space and resources. Do it. Kill yourself. Do it quickly, you ugly faggot.

No. 196559

File: 1498540800186.png (116.17 KB, 415x334, 748546f2e40e5e4c74.png)

No. 196563

Bless you for this image

No. 196565

You know what's the funniest thing? These guys are demanding that women settle for the ugliest, most awkward, emotionally unstable, genetically inferior men while whining about how modern women are subverting natural law(insert lion graphic) and tainting our bloodlines with mixed babies(which has genetic benefits). Ever stop to think that we are protecting the future of the human race by not settling for you? Pick up a biology book, Elliot.

No. 196566

File: 1498548161500.png (168.12 KB, 517x480, IMG_5179.PNG)

bad post!

No. 201176

When men become abusive with gore videos or whatever, and say they deserve it, its their fucked up coping mechanism. Hardly anyone on 4chan is actually like that. Have you seen people from 4chan in real life? They're biggest wimpy nerds on the planet.

No. 201177

The internet is full of echo chambers of all varities, making it easier for people to find and then inundate themselves with various ideologies.

I like that the internet is so free and the transmission of ideas. I just wish that there was some way of people to not get caught in these antlion-like traps. It's a double-edged sword.

No. 201242

Ehh, most of it is a reaction to the current popular narrative, you tell people they're shit for long enough don't act surprised when they lash out at you.
Same thing goes on in the black community.

No. 201905

>The internet didn't make these weirdos
I completely disagree, there's already legitimate studies showing that online porn can lead people to seek out harder and harder things than they would originally want and there's plenty of anecdotal evidence even in threads here about how 4chan has led anons to edgier territories.
I myself was as a typical preteen just curious about crime scenes who ended up completely desensitized, looking at snuff and gore for hours by myself just because I could and feeling nothing and trying to get off to guro because that was the norm in those kinds of threads. If I had stayed isolated/NEET then who knows where it could have continued to? Yes, there was a starting point already within me and isolation was an external factor, but it would have never gotten that far without the toxic atmosphere of /b/ etc. I'm now haunted the brutal things that I saw.
It's a complicated subject because I believe in freedom of speech, but just denying the risk of harm that can come with freedom seems too unequivocal as >>196493 and >>201177 say

No. 201960

>there's already legitimate studies showing that online porn can lead people to seek out harder and harder things than they would originally want

I will vouch for this, online porn, manga in particular has ruined me. >standards for both women and men are ruined
>my ability to get visibly excited is diminished
>my need for instant gratification that comes from masturbating to hard porn has leaked over into regular sex so I feel the need imagine worse and worse shit
>i went from reading light masochist stuff to needing intense body modification manga to even get excited
>i will have cravings for particular manga that excited me
>i constantly get off to my boyfriends dick that was disfigured/scarred from his botched childhood circumcision and fantasize about him being circumcised again
>I sometimes will look up disgusting medical videos that highlight the real life procedures for the body modification porn I get off to

Shit is real and I am fucked up for life.

No. 201967

Maybe I'm more well-adjusted than I had thought. I've looked up tons of weird shit before but don't feel any odd urges or anything. Why did it affect you differently, anon?

No. 201970

File: 1502748287951.jpg (516.82 KB, 1400x1050, city-lights-1.jpg)

god bless you anon, finally someone said it

then the second someone is like "you know I really don't want to see someone guts ripped out" they get hate

I believe it has to do with the glorification of psychopaths and people who have violent, bloody, fetishes
men who are psychopaths but are handsome women tend to have a "fix it" complex over, like they want to save and help them
so a lot of men see how much attention male psychopaths get, and start either having their own self induced psychopathy or just pretend to be psychos

for women, with films such as american horror story, artists like emilie autumn and stuff like that, female psychos are seen as ~cute but creepy succubuses who are kinky~ and thus as goes for men, women will pretend to be psychopaths as well

funny how you see this a lot in america, uk and russia, where being a psychopath is seen as a plus if you're average looking and people will often see you as more attractive if you're "crazy" even if you're average looking, people want to make themselves seem interesting, and instead of finding actual interests they want to make themselves become a ~mysterious psycho with hard life~
where as communities or places where psychos are seen as ugly, unattractive, and to stay away from, not as many psychos there who love gore and cutting

No. 201971

I get what you mean, when I was like that, I just stayed away from gore sites, and 4chan

light masochism is fine, but giving your brain a detox can help a lot

No. 201974

sage for samefag but I wanted to add I feel like people become psychopaths subconsciously as well because it's seen as a "forbiddenly attractive" trait

to put it in simpler terms think of when it was seen as "cool, hot, and different" to be a girl gamer, later then there was a huge rise in girls playing video games, as well as video games being much more popular as well and being advertised everywhere

sometimes the girls who followed this trend would subconsciously or consciously condition themselves to enjoy video games, I'm not doubting that they don't enjoy it, but we all know there wouldn't have been a huge spike in video games if it wasn't for the gaming trait being seen as attractive

for men, they see that girls like this and start conditioning themselves to be more interested in video games to attract the girls that like it and they're more open about their own interests

No. 202010

File: 1502829716204.jpg (124.64 KB, 432x431, 1469016498338.jpg)

where's that street anon, in England?

I'm just so scared the world will turn to shit and literal public torture of dissidents will become normalised, even snapchatted.

On really bad days I feel like it's all part of a big plan and that that really is the direction it's going in, intentionally.

(srsly compare buffy I watched as a kid and AHS now)

No. 202011

>I am fucked up for life.

well, maybe to some extent, but i think cutting out porn, fantasies, masturbation, and violent media for a while may normalize your tastes again, or at least bring you closer to normal. i'm not gonna preach nofap because i don't really care for the permanent abstinence attitude, but try 30-40 days and see if at the end you can get off to something tame. like a tolerance break

No. 202032

File: 1502842424022.jpg (36.67 KB, 480x480, 14033625_336846203322789_20865…)

Not sure, it was in my aesthetic folder

and yeah, I believe there is conditioning in the media to make people think that crazy is the new cute and trendy
while the reasons people become psychopaths may differ, we all know that if it wasn't for people like emiliee autumn, nicole dollanganger, columbine fans,ahs, tumblr ~psychopath teehee~ aesthetics, the huge rise in psychopathic behavior with gore, violence, etc wouldn't have rose like crazy

for the different poc communities it's about the same, with rap glorifying violence and being a violent person in general will give you street cred and seen has socially higher, less people mess with you so it's no surprise they have violence as well

No. 202034

> we all know that if it wasn't for people like emiliee autumn, nicole dollanganger, columbine fans,ahs, tumblr ~psychopath teehee~ aesthetics, the huge rise in psychopathic behavior with gore, violence, etc wouldn't have rose like crazy

i really disagree. mentally ill or not and regardless of upbringing, edgy violent media has been popular for fucking ever, especially for a certain stage in development. Think of classic edgy middle school phases in the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s. They all have their own little distinct tropes with common themes. Many people are interested in violence for one reason or another and while media may exacerbate it, i really don't think that these kids wouldn't come up with being into violent imagery if it wasn't for the famous person of the month.

No. 202038

yeah but the edgy media teens, the most they would do is throw riots and get into fist fights every month or so, but nowadays teens are seeing gore and posting it everywhere, glorifying and fetishizing it, getting into snuff film, talking about how ~teehee so psychotic~ they are, mentally ill is mentally ill, but would people such as columbine fans, the gore girls who think their "love" for gore is cute, etc etc would all be there if it wasn't for the psychopathic behavior being fetishized?

No. 202040

i still think yes, from the dawn of the internet on. it's a big part of growing up/life to process the nastiest parts of existence. many people process it through trying to understand it better via art, some artists cornier than others. It's always been this way but it looks more extreme now because the type of violent imagery kids/people have access to is much more extreme and real because of the internet. But the ideas in the human mind are really from the same place imo. I'm not saying it's healthy to fetishize gore at all but I think it's just a new expression of a very old phenomenon.

No. 202044

Throw in the fact that people are more isolated from direct danger and labor than ever before, and there you go.

No. 202088

How is reducing the IQ of the white race beneficial? Are you that fucking retarded?

No. 202090

I agreed with the first part about how guys are shitty as hell and expect girls to like them but why bring race into this?

No. 202110

A lot of it has to do with age too. People can have very little empathy until they get to something around their mid 20s simply due to lacking life experience and development.

No. 202135

because survival of the fittest doesn't have to do with virility, fertility, physical aptitude, or health. no, it's about your score on a math centered "intelligence" test created in the 20th century. KEK

No. 202146

>the most they would do is throw riots and get into fist fights every month or so

not the same kids. when i was in middle school kids would manage to find and obsess over bestgore and try to show their friends or describe their findings in detail. before that they would find the scariest most violent movies in the video store and do the same or get way too into dissection in science class or something lol. it's not to say that there isn't overlap between kids who got into fights and kids who went onto posting gore, but it's not like the rough housing delinquents of yesteryear have suddenly been replaced with gore enthusiasts all of a sudden

No. 202148

samefag but mixing it with cute and feminine imagery isn't new either. so many girls angelfire pages would have like a cute lolita anime girl covered in blood and guts. or the idea behind scene. even "kiki kannibal" is an example of the cute but psycho thing. it seems like "what if i was kawaii and innocent…but A PSYCHO KILLER?!" is one of the first ideas that pop into many troubled teens' heads. I'm sperging about this but i just don't want people to worry that it's something new to worry about because of nicole dollalanger or whatever

No. 202163

I say new in in around 2010 and growing rapidly, bestgore came out in 2008 and didn't get popular til 2010, but popular as in 1mil, not as popular as it is today

No. 202248

It's "the shambles" in york (uk)

No. 202251

Yeah this. Reminds me of that robot who shot up his school last year and made a post on r9k about it the night before.

No. 202605

I found this kind of appalling.

IQ is a basic estimate of the ability to remember details and recognize patterns. The ability to identify and respond to problems is extremely important in society, and IQ relates pretty strongly with income, a rough proxy for one's ability to make oneself uniquely useful. IQ probably isn't perfect, but it's easily the best estimate of intelligence we have available, and it's pretty ignorant to dismiss it because it was developed in the last century.

Survival of the fittest really doesn't have much of anything to do with virility, fertility, or physical strength anymore- God made men, Sam Colt made them equal. Just about every man with functioning testicles can get a woman pregnant. Health is a more legitimate concern, but medical science does a great deal to obviate that as well. Obviously there are positive traits other than intelligence, but intelligence is still really important.

The Internet and digital entertainment make it easier for people to isolate themselves and grow callous. It definitely seems to hit men harder than women, too.

I think there should be public health measures that baby people into maintaining friendships, at least if they're young. Developing relationships and healthy interactions with the opposite sex should also be encouraged so you don't wind up with as many red pill types.

No. 202620

>which has genetic benefits

Bad science. There's no evidence of this so don't cling to it if you're in an interracial relationship.

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