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No. 195805

I want to start a second life.

I've always had a baby face so I can easily look like a 17-year-old again.
I've got a second laptop.
I'm going to get a second phone, a second wallet, start a new tumblr, Facebook, etc.

I've memorized my new name, my new birthday, my new parents names, my new childhood memories.

I'm going to start going to anime conventions out of state where no one will know me and make new groups of friends.

Has anyone ever done this before?
Anyone have advice?
Is there a proper name for this?

No. 195811


No. 195818


I don't have any advice but I'm curious why you want to do this

No. 195819

You do know you can go to anime conventions and make new friends without lying to everyone, right?

No. 195821

I've done something similar, but to a lesser extent. In middle school, I missed so many days (because depression) that they told my parents I couldn't move on to HS and had to repeat a grade. We decided I'd just stop going entirely (I hated that place, so no regrets), I got a false transcript from this other school that listed me as having perfect attendance and good grades, then applied to a HS I actually wanted to go to. I lied about my former school, where I used to live, some parts of my childhood, etc to anyone who asked.
It could've been messy because there were a few people from my old school at the new one, but I got away with it.
OP, if you go through with this, are you just going to cut everyone off, or are there some people who know and will get to "stay"? If you're claiming to be 17, will you tell people that you're being home-schooled, that you dropped out or that you're going to a local high school? What if they ask about your parents (assuming they're not aware of this)? Do you have a reliable way of preparing fake identification? What happens if someone recognizes your face? In the first place, why are you doing this? Is your current life really that bad?

No. 195824

sounds very degenerate tbh

No. 195825

I tried something similar when I moved across the country in highschool. I made up a cool nickname and decided who I would be, but in the end the other kids saw straight through it and I ended up being the same person I always was except with an embarrassing nickname. Behavioral change takes practice and time, or else no depressed person would have to endure all that effort at CBT.

How old are you anon? It's easy enough to pass for 17 when you're 21, but when that age train hits you in a year it will be awkward. Not to mention the uncomfortable topic of befriending and possibly dating people younger than yourself whilst lying about your age.
You can completely change your life and drop toxic people without having to fake your age. Going to completely new places with a fresh outlook is actually very healthy, but faking that you are a different person sounds unhealthy imo. It's saner to just edit or decline to share information about your past than to make up a completely fake one.

No. 195830

so you're either gonna go tana mongoose and claim to be a 17 yr old but somehow always going on trips out of state by yourself or pull some hannah montana but as a cosplayer

it's retarded, unrealistic and everyone will catch on

but some tips are getting a new style, learning to change your face a bit, get a new persona too
try to change your race as well, for example if you're a mediterranean girl, learn an accent, tan a bit and say you're brazilian, don't pull some crazy black face though, if in your "first life" you were shy and quiet, learn to be outgoing and wild party girl, also if you have a way of speaking such as saying certain phrases a lot step out of those and you might can learn a new phrase
example would be if you say "oh my gosh" a lot teach yourself not to say it as much and replace it with a new phrases like "well damn"

No. 195831

do it

No. 195835

I've always fantasized about doing what you are talking about OP.

I'm not sure I can give you any solid advice, but could you share some more on how you are in actuality, why you want to do this, and who you will pretend to be?

It sounds fun so I wish you the best of luck!

No. 195867


your psychiatrist or psychologist will tell you the proper name when they diagnose you. go get help, this is how you get a thread on lolcow.

No. 195869

Onisions delusional pedotrip- time? Just kidding, but seriously don't lie to be an underage. That shit is creepy and will land you in big trouble.

No. 195890

Lol seconding this. This is stupid and unnecessary. Also very snowflakey. I would not be surprised if there's already a thread about you.

If you're trying to escape a bad reputation, just start a new alias and be honest. Otherwise you're gonna open up a whole new can of issues. It's gonna be more trouble than it's worth. People will still find you anyway. Just don't do it. Also probably get some mental help, because that sounds like what you really need.

Reminds me of this case, pretty interesting and worth a read:

No. 195896

This is what I thought when I read the OP.

Kek I look forward to reading your thread anon, "the cow who lied about their entire life" hahaha

No. 195898

As someone who has done something sort of similar to this(I just went by a new name and hung out with people I met online), I can tell you it's definitely not going to go the way you want it to go. I'm assuming you're doing this because you want to essentially irl catfish people and feel like a somebody. If you are, no one is going to treat you any differently than how you're treated now. The only time they'll treat you differently is when they eventually find out that you've lied to them about all this petty shit.

Also as someone who was an actual teenager when I was hanging out with new people under a new name, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR AGE. No one ever fawned over me for being ~kawaii loli jailbait.~ People just treated me the same way they treated everyone else. And if someone did do that, that would be insanely creepy.

If you're just in it for people to treat you like a kawaii loli, just find someone online who is into that shit and keep it in the bedroom.

No. 195906

I have kind of done this (changed my name, moved to a new city, edited my past slightly) to try and escape things I've done in my life. 18 months later and I kind of regret it because it's just not sustainable, so I'm reverting back to my old life.

Tbh it just makes you sound like a freak, and it really doesn't have the life-changing consequences I imagine you're expecting. Put your energy into actually evolving as a person, most people will let your past go eventually if you show them you've truly changed. :)

No. 208076

Why would you ever want to do this? Do you live in a shitty action movie? Are you being hunted down by the mafia?

No. 208077

That is very interesting, it really makes you wonder why someone would go through all of that trouble. I hope they find out her real identity just to see what the circumstances were.

No. 208091

You sound pretty autistic and demented if you think your shitty plan of deception is gonna work

No. 208093

they did turn out, turns out she didnt get on with her parents

No. 208096

find out* even

No. 208106

I've only done stuff like this online. Even then it doesn't end well. Eventually you'll meet someone you actually like and you can never just relax and be yourself without revealing a shitty lie.

No. 208108

Huh…I was sort of hoping for a more interesting reasoning I guess. Not being able to cope with your parents' divorce seems a bit bland. Still really bizarre though, she must have had some sort of mental illness.

No. 208115

yeah i followed the case pretty closely, read theories from her leaving a cult to being a drug runner to being a spy, only for that to be the answer. the general consensus is that she had some other issues (probably mental) going on, to go to the extremes she did

No. 208401

Perhaps there's something omitted by her family? Her mother remarried, perhaps she was unwanted or abused in the new union, or even there was some other unconnected reason and the breakup of her family was the last straw for why she was holding off her escape
I'm just fantasizing to myself to make it more interesting

No. 209087

what about ID anon?

No. 209146

>start a new tumblr, Facebook
the cringe is hard

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